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THURSDAY, - - T JUXKl 1,1800
[Election Day. Tuesday, Oct. 9, 1866.]
For Secretary nf State,
i f fibolby County..
. For Supreme Judge,
. of U.iuiiltu County,
' For Xetnher Board nf FuUic Work),
;., ..; .of jtihlund Comity.
Platform Adopted at the Democratic
State Convention, Held at
Columbus on the 24th Day of
May, 1866.
1. Jtcsoleed, That the Democracy of Ohio
will adhere in (he present nnd in the future,
as in the past, with unfaltering fidelity nnd
limitless to the organization of the lKino
cratic party, and to Its ancient and well
settled principles as enunciated by Thomas
Jefl'erson, the preat A ptwlle of 'American
Democracy, and as acknowledged and ac
cepted by the party from the fnundation of
the Government ; and especially of equal
taxation, and of representation of all States
subject to taxation.
$ Besotted, That the fine great question"
ortheduy Is the Immediate and unconditional
restoration of all the State to the exercise of
all their rights within the Federal Union un
der the Constitution; and that we will cor
dially and actively support Andrew John
Bon, as I'rcfidcnt of the United States, in
all necessary and proper means to carry out
his policy as directed to that cud; and es
pecially in securing immediate representa
tion In the Senate and House of Kepresen
tatives, to the eleven States from which it
Is now unconstitutionally and arbitrarily
withheld, unless on the degrading condition
of inferiority in the Union, and of negro
Folitical and civil equality enforced by the
cderal Government.
3. Resolved, Th at for the purposes above
set forth, w e will cordially co-operate In
public meetings, conventions and nt tho
polls, with all men, without reference to
past party positions, who honestly and by
their acts and votes, as well as by their pro
fessions, support the President in his policy
of restoration as now declared.
The Fenians—President's Proclamation.
We publish in another column
the President's Proclamation to the
Fenians, enforcing the Neutrality
Law. That the President had the
right, and was in somo measure in
duty bound to enforce this law,
none can deny; but in view of the
treacherous manner in which Eng
land ostensibly assumed to enforce
the same law during our late civil
struggle, when she permitted ves
sels to arm nnd equip within her
jurisdiction, for the use of the Con
federate Government, together with
her action in the Semmes' affair,
afford at least sufficient grounds to
establish a precedent of careless
observance of the law under which
the Fenian enterprise has been at
least temporarily suspended, 'to
merit a like observance on the part
of our Government now. It strikes
us that it would have been the bet
ter, if not the more humane, policy
of the President, if he were deter
mined on enforcing the provisions
of this Neutrality Law, when he
first became cognizant of the exist
ence of the Fenian movement, and
ere it had reached its culminating
point, to have then issued his proc
lamation, thereby preventing the
useless effusion of blood.
That our readers may form some
conception of the law under which
the President has Issued his proc
lamation, we subjoin a few extracts
therefrom :
Eic. 1. Be it enae'ed Ao., That ar.y c!tiz:n
ef the United Steles hll, within the lerritoi,
tiT jurisdiction thereof, accost snd excrcii a
commission to serve m foreign prince, Mate. col
ony, district or people, with whom the United
States are at peace, tho person so effendmg
ehtll be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor,
end shell be fined not more than two thousand
dollars, end shall be imprisoned not exceeding
three years.
Sim. 2. That If any person shall, within the
territory orjurisdlctionlof the United 6tates, en
list or eeter himself, or hire or retain another
person to enlist or enter himself, or to eo be
yond the limits or jurisdiction of the United
tiletes with inten'. to be enlisted or e itered In
the aerrice of any foreign prince, state, colony,
district, or people as a soldier, or aa a marine
or seaman, on board of any vcsnel of wnr, letter
ofTnarque, or privateer, every person, eo of
fendinc. shall be deemed guilty of highmis
damanor, and shall be lined not exceeding one
thousand dollars, and be imprisoned not ex
ceeding three jears : Provided, that this act
eball not be construed tu extend to any subject
or citizen of any fordgn prince, state, colony,
district, or people, who shall transiently be
within the United Slates, and shall, on board of
any Teasel ef war, letter of marque, or pri . a
ter. which, at the time ef it arrival withls
th United Etstes, was fitted and equipped as
another subject ei cil:xen of the same foreign
prince, state, colouy , diatriot, or people, o
board uoh vsol of war, letter of ruarnue,
privstcer.ir the United Slates shall then be at
Seaee with each foreign priiae, state, colour,
ixtrict, or people.
Bxo. 8. That if any person shall, within the
limits of the United States, fit out sad arm. r
attempt to (it o jt and arm, or procure to be fit
ted out an I armed, orshi II knowingly be con
cerned in the furnishing, fitting out or arming,
if any ship or vessel, with Intent that such ship
or vessel shall be employed In the service of sny
foreign prince or stoto. or of sny colony, dis
trtct,or peo In, tooruiseor commit hostilities
svainet tlio snbjents, cititens or property fcf sny
foreign prince or stste,or of sny eoleny, district,
or people, with whom the United States are at
peace, or sb all I"ue a commotion within the
territory or juihuliction of the United States, for
sny ship or vescel, to the intent that she may be
emplojod s afore nid, every porson so oft'nnd
ing rhall be decmod gnilty of a high misde
meanor, and urall bo fined not more than ten
thousand dollars, and imprisoned notmoro than
threo years; and every such ship or vesel, wi'h
fai r tackle, aprmrel arid furniture, tognther with
all material, orms, ammunition and stores
n hich may have been procured for the bnildlng
and equipment thereof, ahull be forfeited; one
hulftJ the nut of the Informer, and the other
htlf to the ose of th. United States.
General Sweeny is 43 years old ; is a wid
ower and has three children.
Snmncr and Stevens are both sick, and
the country is sick of them.
At Chicacro and Cleveland tliere are not
fluids cnongn in tne -j reentry to transport
Fm'ans to tlw front.
The securities of Mr. Itlttenhouse have
refused to make any further payment on
the deficiency, which is 513,000.
The Boston Post says the most popular
act of the Massachusetts Legislature was
the act of its final adjournment.
Fifty Treasury Clerks are to be dismissed
on the 13th of July, because there is noth
ing for them to do.
Col. O'Neill, who commanded the Feni
ans nt Fort Erie, was not in the rebel army,
lie served in the Federal army.
The Fenian ofilccrs that fell into the hands
of United States authorities at Buffalo have
been released on giving bail In sums of
83,000 and 0,000.
It is stated that tho Otterson well at Bur
ning Springs. West Va has just struck oil,
and is running from twelve to eighteen
hundred barrels per day.
The Fenian Canadian enterprise for the
present is at an end. Gen. Sweeny, Commander-in-Chief
of tho Fenian army, has
been arrested and is in the custody of Uni
ted States authorities. President Roberts
is in the same condition.
A Republican Washington coffosboud
cnt says that while the reconstruction prop
osition now under discussion la the Sen-nt-o,
is much the best proposition yet dis
cussed in cither House, it is by "no means
as eood as nolhlne at all would be." Un
questionably this Is true. .
James E. Harvey, U. S. Minister to Por
tugal, an appointee of President Lincoln,
in a letter written the 21th of March, says:
'I would pledge my life on the result, if
the test should be fairly made, that almost
nine per cent, of the whole black popula
tion would vote on the side ot their old
At Chicago, on Thursday morning, the
stenni fire engine Economy, while being
driven fo the lire, in crossing the track of
the Chicago. Burlington and Qnincy rail
road, was run into dv a swttcn engine, kill
ing tlic horses and driver of the steam fire-
engine, severely Injuring two firemen, and
hurting the captain considerably.
There were 2G2 deaths in Cincinnati dur
ing the month of May.
It is stated as a fact, that Dr. Win. Trevitt
has bought the Crisis.
There are 324 Odd Fellow Lodges, and
23,000 Odd Fellows in Ohio.
Large township Democratic meetings are
beihglield in Knox county. A good move
ment, that.
Bryan of the Madison County Democrat
says lie "perfectly adores the Italian Opera,
especially when it's done in German."
A lodge of Free Masons, composed of ne
groes, wag organized la6t Friday night at
.Stephen Goble. Jr., was shot dead by a
mulatto named John Abney. one mile back
of New Richmond, Ohio, last Wednesday.
Dr. A. P. Miller has sold the office ot the
Scioto Gazette to Capt. Thos. D. Fitch, of
Batavla. who has assumed .the editorial
charge of said paper.
There has been a telegraph office estab
lished at Georgetown. Ohio; and the News
snvs they have an experienced and accom
plished opcrator.at that post.
In the Darke county District there are
no less than fourteen persons spoken of as
probable candidates for a Congressional
nomination by the Abolition party.
Aa exchange paper says "there is a man
living In Wayne county who is the father
of thirty-three tbildrcn. all living but one.
Verily, he has a little army of bis own I
Col. John M. Conncl. of Lancaster, a
supporter of the President, has been ap
pointed Assessor of the 12th District in
the place of Charles F. Shaffer, removed.
Captain Mentcr, leader of the famous mu
sical band by that name, is dead. He died
from the wounds inflcted by a burglar. To
the musical world, this is a great loss.
John 31. Hudson announces his determi
nation to cross the Atlantic in a metalic
life-boat, twenty-six feet long, and full
ship-rigged. lie's foolish.
A Democratic exchange says now is the
time to organize. Never was there a better
time, nor is there a more effective way of
organizing than in giving extended circu
lation to Democratic journals.
We regret to learn that Eli Johnson, (son
of our ancient mend, John Lynch John
son, formerly of this county,) wag killed
by lightning on the 20th ult, near .his
house, In I ayette county Highland Dem
The Ripley Bee charges that the editor
of the Brown County ews was geen by
colored man in Ripley last week. The edi
tor of the News retorts by saying, "That
may be, for we understand that the editor
of the Bee had his eye upon us, on that oc
casion. The editor of the St. Clalrsville Gazette
acknowledges the receipt of $25 from Judge
Tburman, 23 from John G. Thompson,
$10 from John G. Dun, and SI0 from Geo.
L. Converse, contributed to repair the loss
he sustained in the destruction of bis office
recently by lire.
From the Zanesville Signal ire learn that
Mrs. llerron, of Caldwell, Noble county,
was safely delivered of K tir children (three
girls and one boy), on Thursday last. The
boy died, but the girls are all living. Mrs.
II. is thirty-four years old, and Is the moth
er of sixteen children. She. bids fair to
have a family.
The Advocate says that Allen Trimble
Thompson, who hag been traveling the
State lecturing on Temperance, on his way,
week before lust, to lecture on that subject
at Mt. Vernon, stopped off at Newark,
where he, "in compauy with a number of
his loyal brethren," got so drunk that he
could not keep bis engagement. He is an
The Jeff. Davis.
and Others—Startling Developments
—False Testimony—Horace
Greeley's Position.
New York, June 11. lite mor
ning papers have the following
specials from Washington: ...
A New Yorker by the name of
Campbell has just given . to tho
World some queer revelations" con
cerning the testimony lately ad
duced by the Judiciary Committee
of the flotiso, tending to implicato
JelT. Davis in' the assassination
plot. He shows that a ; gross sys
tem of fraud and perjury has been
resorted to prove Davis and others
conspirators in the matter, and
backs up his assertion by facts that
6tartle all who are familiar with
the testimony. It seems that many
of the witnesses testified under as
sumed names, and that no such
persons as the ostensible and re
corded witnesses exist. In addi
tion to this, he states that when
Mr. Conney, who was the principal
witness and detective in the case,
was asked to proceed to .New York
and procure some corroborative ev
idence of his own stateraents,which
he had previously volunteered to
furnish, that he gave the otucer
who was sent with him the slip in
New York, has actually ran away,
as is supposed, to avoid a prosect
tion for perjury, and hag not been
heard from by the officer or com
mittee for several weeks. Other
witnesses have come forward and
confessed to having sworn falsely.
It being understood that Mr.
Greeley, who is in Washington, is
in favor of the release of Jeff. Da
vis, he was asked by a Radical if
the report was true, when he re
torted by asking the interrogator
if he was in indefinite imprison
ment of tho representatives of five
millions of people without convic-
I on e? trial. Mr, Ureeley was in
consultation with Senators Chand
ler, Wilson and others on tho sub
ject of Davis' liberation on bail,
and favored it to the extent ol alar
ming, if not displeasing, some of
his party associates.' He left for
New York this evening.
Mr. O'Conor is still here, but has
thus iar made little or no progress
in the matter. The presumption is
that he expected to obtain some
favorable consideration of the case,
or he would not have devoted so
much time to it. A day or two
more is expected to decide the
Proclamation by the President.
Whereas, It has become known
to me that certain evil disposed
persons have, within the territory
and jurisdiction of the United
States, began and ,6et on foot, and
have provided and prepared, and
are still engaged in providing and
preparing, means for such a milita
ry expedition and enterpriae, which
expedition and enterprise is to bo
carried on from the territory and
jurisdiction of the United States,
against the colonies, districts and
people of British North America,
within the domain of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire
land, with which said colonies, dis
tricts and people and Kingdom the
United States are at peace.
Whereas, The proceedings afore
said constitute a high misdemeanor,
forbidden by the laws of the Unit
ed States as well as by the laws
Now, therefore, lor the purpose
of preventing the carrying on of
the unlawful expedition and enter
prise aforesaid from the territory
and jurisdiction of the United
States, and to maintain the public
peace as well as the national hon
or, and enforce obedience and res
pect to the laws of the United
I, Andrew Johnson, President of
the United States, do admonish and
warn all good citizens of the Unit
ed States against taking part, or in
any wise aiding, countenancing or
abetting said unlawful proceedings;
and I do exhort all judges, magis
trates, marshals and officers in the
service of the United States to em
ploy all their lawful authority and
power to prevent and defeat the
aforesaid, unlawful proceedings,and
to arrest and bring to justice all
persons who may be engaged there
in, and in pursuance to the. act of
Congress in such cases made and
provided, I do furthermore author
ize and empower Major General
George S. Meade, Commander of
the Military Division of the Atlan
tic, to employ the land and naval
forces of the United States and the
militia thereof, to arrest and pre
vent the setting on foot and carry
ing on the expedition and enter
prise aforesaid!.
In testimony whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and caused
the seal of the United States to be
Done at the eity of Washington,
this 6th day of June, in the yeaf of
our Lord one thousand eight hund
red and sixty-six, and of the inde-.:
pendence of the United States the
ninetieth. ' : . .
By the President: -
WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Sec. of State.
Congress Outdone.
A branch of the "Church Milit
ant," which mustmend its ways if it
ever becomes a part of the "Church
Triumphant," has been in session
at bt. Louis for some time past.
It is styled "an Old School Presby
terian General Assembly." Jrom
the reports ot the proceedings which
we have read, we should stylo it "a
New Fangled Concern for propo-
gating sin and disseminating the
works of the Devil." If tliere is
any Christianity pertaining to the
majority of the body, our dictionary
is at fault in its definition of the
term. Instead of charity, concilia
tion, brotherly love and forbear
ance, the daily record has been one
of recrimination, backbiting per
sonal abuse, lying accusations, ex
hibitions of malice and a spirit of
revenge. It seems to be actuated
by no higher motive than to earn
and receive the plaudits of all the
Radical infidels in the country lor
its prostitution of the church to
serve the aims and purposes of un
scrupulous and insane Abolition
ism. Sam. Galloway, who is desig
nated in one of the reports as the
Reverend Mr. Galloway, represents
the Cojumbus Synod. When such
a political mountebank and harle
quin a3 Sam. Galloway, who never
was inoculated with enough Chris
tianity to fill the eye of amusquito,
if it could be reduced to a quantity,
represents a wealthy and influen
tial Synod in a church conventicle,
christian men may remain at home,
assured that he will turn it into a
partisan kusking, and disgra:e
Some person writing through the
Gazette iu relation to the new
bounty law which has just passed
the lower House of Congress says
"It is a well known fact that the
Copperheads were opposed to the
bill, but the mass of them voted
with the Union members, 1st, be
cause they could not defeat it ; 2d,
beause the record would be too
damning on them. The negative
voters were two Copperheads,
Nicholson, of Delaware, and Trim
ble, of Kentucky. The Union mem
bers who urged this bill to ft pass
age deserve the greatest credit.
Let the returned patriots keep -a
watch out, and spot their and their
country's enemies."
It is a well-known fact to every
posted individual in the country,
that the above is purely a tissue
falsehood. Ihe Democratic party
in Congress, and in the State Leg
islatures have invariably, as a body
voted bounties to the soldiers. Du
ring the war, Democratic members
of Congress made several efforts
to increase the pay and bounties
soldiers, and failed in the attempt,
and in the last Legislature in Ohio,
a bounty bill was brought forward
and supported by Democrats and
defeated by Republicans, and the
bill which eventually became
law was originally introduced by
Democrat, and could not havo been
passed without the aid ot Demo
Chil. Advertiser.
Tax-Payers, Think of This!
The Deficiency Bill now before
the Rump Congress at Washing
ton, contains some curious items,
which will be interesting to the
tax-payers of the country.
Among the items is THIRTY
Next there is an item ot ONE
LARS for the purchase of Ford's
Theatre at Washington where Mr.
Lincoln was assassinated.
Then we have an item of SEV
to refurnish the President's house,
nearly everything valuable in
having been stolen by some "loyal"
thief at the time of Lincoln's death.
Then again we have an item of
DOLLARS to be presented to some
loyal young lady, who collected
some statistics in regard to the
army as a matter of pastime.
The tay-payeis of the country,
whether Republicans or Democrats,
think of these things. If they .wish
a continuance of such extravagance
and plunder, they have only to
keep the Disunion-Abolition party
in office, but if they desire to Bee
honesty and economy prevail in
public places, they must drive the
Vernon Banner.
George Francis Train is stump
ing Nebraska in su pport of Presi
dent Johnson's restoration policy.
An Andrew Johnson State Con
vention for Wisconsin will meet
Madison on the 20th of June.
To the Democratic County Central
Committees of Ohio.
COLUMBUS, O., June 7,1866.
Gentlemen: At your late State
Convention the following resolu
tion wa9 passed : " .
"Un motion of Mr. Putnam, u
was resolved that the State Cen
tral Committee be instructed to re
quest the County Central Commit
tees to raise funds towaid the erec
tion of the monument to the mem
ory of the late Samuel Medary." .
' The . State Central Committee,
fully concurring in this resolution,
earnestly request your aid in car
rying out its purpose. The mode
you may adopt to raise funds, you
will of course determine for your
selves; but permit us. to suggest
that you respectively appoint a
Treasurer of the fund for your coun
ty, and as many collectors as you
may think proper. Then,all funds
collected in your county might be
paid to such county Treasurer, who
would remit the same to Dr. Wil
liam Trevitt, Columbus, Ohio, who
is the General Treasurer of the
Let us earnestly appeal to you
to act. without delay. That the ob
ject is a noble one, and well worthy
of the patriotic and generous party
to which we belong, every one
feels ; and that it can bo success
fully accomplished by a little active
exertion, is quite certain. Tho
trustees do, not expect to waste
money in ostentatious display, but
they wish to erect a monument
that will bo an honor to our de
ceased friend and creditable to the
Democracy. And every cent con
tributed will be applied to that
purpose, for the Trustees and their
agents all act gratuitously. Tho
amount raised so far is less than
Sl,200. This is not enough to au
thonze the Trustees to enter into
any engagements. Let us at once
raiso the proper amount. To do so
would not require a large contribu
tion lrom any individual, and we
are confident that there is no Dem
ocrat who would not contribute
his mite. Please correspond with
Dr. William Trevitt, Columbus, O..
on the subject. ,
By order ot the Democratic Stale
Central Committe.
C. J. BEAM, Sec'y.
Any Other Name but That.
Call Satan a saint; call sunshine a
shadow; call a mule a canary; call
Brownlow a christian; call Brigham
Young a bachelor; call Anna Dick
inson a woman; call Himayli a
;niQle-,i,hiHf , call the moon a fat
cheese and the stars tallow dips;
call a bantam a shanghai; call a
niggQr a blonde; call an eagle
dunghill or the Phoenix a crow; but
don't insult common sense and de
form mother tongue by calling the
political organization which con
tains all the secessionists and dis
unionists in the country, and which
is violently endeavoring to disrupt
and break up the Federal Govern
ment, "a Union Party-"
An exchange 6ays that wo
men require more sleep than men,
and farmers less than those en
gaged in any occupation. Editors,
reporters, printers and telegraph
operators require no sleep at all.
Lawyers can sleep as much as they
choose, as they will thus be kept
out of mischief. Clergymen are
allowed to sleep twenty-four hours
ani to put their parishes to sleep
once a week.
Somebody truly says it is human
nature to love and be loved.
This is fine growing weather, and
we may yet expect good crops.
The Xew York Times (Republican) don't
want any more Feedmcn's Bureau. Neith
er do the people.
Four-fifths of the clerks dismiss
ed from tho Treasury Department
last week were Radicals. Good.
C. J. BEAM, Sec'y. New Advertisements.
McArthur, ' Vinton County, Ohio,
WILL attend promptly to business entrust
ed to hie care. jel4ra
M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE.
FROM and alter 8onday tbe li th day of June
1866, Trains will leave Station named aa
follows :
Station. Mail, . Xight Ex.
Cincinnati, 825am 12 35 a m
Chillicothe, ; 1 17 p m 5 10 a ra
Hamden, - 336pm 6 23am
McArthur, 2 52 p m 8 41 a. m
Zaleskl, 3 13 p m 7 01 a n.
Harrietts, tt 45 p m 10 48 a m
Station. ilait. Night Ex.
Marrletta, 6 40 a m 7 05 p m
Zaleskl, 10 10 a m 11 06 p m
McArthur, 10 33 a m 11 31 p m
Hamden, 10 45 a m 11 42 p m
Chillicothe, 12 28 p m 120am
Cincinnati, 500pm 6 55am
Train connect at Hamden with Mall train
to and from Portsmouth 0.
Not. Trains on Port mouth Branch w'll
hereafter be governed by thla time table, 'both
aa to lime and lule. Both rnall and aocommo
iatioa will be rejaxded as passenger trains jH
v. j. hilling mitsiy
W19F1E3 to Inform ih clitou of VIotoa
couuty that hs Intend to Mmtlo in Uo'
Arthur bill few mouth lunnr. ind all ui.
son j deal ring pictures of an kind or alio, will
do well to itoaro them toon. - '
II U mill In poisei'lon of all the modern fa
cllitioi fur producing FboiogMpbt at ,
having all tin accuracy and )orfac(loa of care!
ploturea. Bpoclul atteuthn will be given to
mall Daguerreotypci, Ambrotvpes, Photo
graph! or any other picturea, to any reqnlred
aiie mitable for framing, arid colored in oil or
water colore, if desired.
Don't wait ti I it ia too lte, but come now I
No one eli-e In this part of the State will ever
to to the trouble and e reuse of preparing,
himself for making all kihd of picturea, and
enlarging them to 'any aize. Hie present (took
of albume and gold p.na will ha fold very low.
Peath niotnoiUle and Marriage certificates
with placea for Photograph In them for tale,
riotnre of all kinds framed to older, at the
Photographic Kooms of
-cr in
Devoted to Constitutional Liberty.
AND - .
General Welfare of tho Whole
Equal Rights and Sovereignly of the States,
nd the Personal liberty ofthe cltiui
sgulust attack from any and
all quarters.
fTTEtlull orpore all U'urpution of powor,
V end shall ever insist upon the entire sub
o.diuotiou of Uii mliiury to tho civil author.
Itles. Wo me opposed to nogro suffrage, and
the R.vilicul Uc.uolicn dojign oi creating no
gro States In the Suuth, with negro Governor
and negro Congressmen, &o. We are in favor
of all '.no States being in the future, as in the
pa9t, exclusively under white direcUon and
oontrol, and are opposed to any admixture wi(b
inferior and subordinate races
We are in favor of a liboral and goncroui
policy towards tho States with whom the fad
oral Government has been at war, since It I
only in that manner that the troubles of the
past can be effaced, the Union restored, and.
tho suctions ever truly fratoruize together.
As A Family Journal.
The Enquirer is surpassed by none, aruHhcu'd
be a welcome, visitor to t!iu ( mil) of llieM r
chaut, tho Fmmer, and tlio eubanio, oiitniu
ing a it does tho Latest and moat Uel'nble In
telligence, Uuneral News, and liter siirij lead
ing matter.
Finano'iul and Coiintrwial Dep't
Vt tho Enquirer, as will be seen, is not its leaat
recommendation to public favor. An unusual
largo space is devotod to full and reliable re
port of tho ruling prices of tbis and
oth'r markets, making tt an invaluable frlond
to Farmer and Mercbuutd.
One year, payublo In advance, $12,00
Six mouths, payable in advance, t.ui)
riiroe nouths, payable in advance, 8,2
One month payable in advance, 1,SJ
One copy, one year, 14,00
One copy, six months, 3,04
Single copy, ono yoar, JO0
Single copy, six month 1,23
Ten copies ou year, (with an addit
ional copy to getter up of Club,). .20,00
Money muy bo sent at our risk by Express,
( prepaid.) or in registered letters by mail, Kor
Kiimo over ten dollars sent by mail, drafts or P.
O. money orders should be procured. Address,
Epecimon conies aen on application. jel4t(

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