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Official Organ of Vinton County.
t"l' Jldrrrlitfmentt tti am far u TAu
day triorning mutt le handed in not later
L m i
t lull ianuuy cvcmny
Religious Services in McArthur.
IT, . Chcicii. -Punching Sabbath at balf-
a t ton orlcck. A. M., and half-rest tlx
pWoek, P. M. Subhatk fccLool, 8 P. JJ.
' Pmibttkbiaii Ciicnoii. -fcrvlceeat 11 o'el'k
A. M., nod 8 o'clock p. v. Subbath School at 9
o'clock a. u., every Sabbath.
CnRtaTiAN Ciicucii. Services at 11 o'clock a
m , every fcabbat k.
"The Vinton Record"
Wiwilt fnrnUh the VINTON" RECORD
for tht con ing campaign (balag live inontha,)
until aitor un run eitioiioo, lor he small turn
We have been to comi lorable expense re
cently in purchasing new typ and printingma
teriaia for the Bxooxo ; therefore, it is now
Incumbent upon the Democracy throughout the
enure county to give at f heir united support.
Let every eubscribiirconsidor bimeelt acorn
mittee of one, especially appointed, to secure
at least cot new auoscnoer ;o ihe pepcr, and
oar succesa win oe piaceu oeyonu a peraaveB'
tare. j
It Is a dutj 'you oie the catiso of Constitu
tional Liberty, that you should preserve in di'
aeiftioatlng too true dcjtrines upon which our
Government was founded, and which must
preaervo us a unhed, happy and prospcrods
r.nU 'I1 1 .. '. ... I I I
ywriv a uou, tub jruur wiuuuwviu ug
Circulate the Record!
Thanks To Hon. IT. S. Bundy,
a. t. lor public documents received.
A ;very considerable amount
of rain fell here during1 the peat week.
Everybody should remember
that the June tuxs are due, ami if nut paid
by the20ih inst., a penalty is addeJ.
We are now prepared to do Job
work w iili neatness and Oisj etth. Give us
a call.
Distinguished Arrival. Prof.
Wystt Graves, the distingue and Eupr.ru
bundantly eloquent orator 'and "almanal"
pedler, was in town lust Tuctdny.
We arc reliably informed that
there were actually ten "loyal' men pres.
enl at the Union Miss County Convent ion
on Saturday last.
Blind Concert. Owing to ill-
heulth, Miss Maggie Merri im did rot fulfil
her t ngaftement at this placo on Tuesday
night last
. We direct the attention cf our
readers to the card of Dr. Monroe in anoth
er column. Every lady in Vinton county
should have litis recipe.
.Atiention! 100 Dollars ISoun-
it - 1 wish to any to all Veterana that I can
ju.w u'ot you, each e One Hundred-Dollar Bond,
f.r jnnr credits as Veterans tc your respective
'fowibblpi.. Attend to this at once.
y, X E. A, BRATTON, McArthur, 0.
Ix Town! The "Infernal1' Eeve-
rut Assessor. D. McFarland, of the Ports
mouth Tfibuke, Is in town. Dan. is a
I retty good fellow, even if he does oppose
tlie policy of "our" President.
Races. The races at Chillicothe,
Ohio, commenced on Tuesday last. We
Ere informed that Ihe M. & C. It. It., will
carry passengers to Chillicothe and return
'during Ihe week at half fare.
', Attsntion is called to the speech
I Hon. C. L. Vellandigham, delivered to
the Demooratic Slate Convention, at Co
lumbus on the 24;h of Slay, 1866. It will
bo found on the fourth page.
. Attention is called to the card
of Captain Homer C. ones, in another en'
iimn of this issue. Captain J. is a perfect
gentleman and will attend promptly to any
business entrusted to his care.
Tuey Make Connection. We are
informed that Isamingir & Lanlz, proprie
tors of the hack line between here and the
Station make the connection now with all
train on iho M. & C. R. K.
Pianos. Any of our ladies wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let the rent
pay for them, can obtain thesame at manu
facturers prices, by calling on me, when I
will explain prices and terms.
Mrs. Kutii C. Brattox.
. Change of Time. By refering to
the advertisement of the Marietta & Cin
cinnati Railroad, you will notice a change
of time, in the running of the mail train,
which leaves McArthur Station an hour
sooner in tbe afternoon.
Piscatory Feat. Messrs Henry
Lantz, Columbus Ward, and others .went on
piscatory excursion to Raccoon creek, or.
Tuesday last, and, with the aid of asein.
caught quite a fine lot of fish one, a pike,
weighing fifteen pounds.
r j i . i
Wool Growers. Those wishing
to keep posted in '. regard to ' the prices of
wool will please notice ihe wool circular of
King, Lloyd & McLain, of Cincinnati, for
the month of June; 1866. It will be found
uyder the Commercial head, . :
To. Postmasters. County Post
masters should bear in mind, for their ad
vantage at well as tha t of the local press,
that for every county paper delivered by
them to subscribers they are entitled to re
tain of the ofW funds ten and one
half cents per year. It is lor their interest,
as well as for that' of 1 the publisher, that
the county papers be preferred, since there
if ho trouble in making collections or keep,
iug accounts thereof, as on papers printed
out of the county, the commission on
which will not average more than from six
io eight tents ayear.
Attention Soldits 1 1 ! More
BodntusI By a late law of Congress, all
Soldier who have not received a bounty equal
to 18 33 per I. ontb daring the time of service
in tin army or navy, are sow entitled tc that
amount. . -
I will attend to tha collection of these claims
for all who favor
E. A. BRATTON, McArthur, O.
Bonnets. The latest -Eastern
fashion for a bonnet has appeared -here. It
consists of Uo rye straws, tied together
with a blue ribbon, on the lop of the head,
and red tassels suspended at each of the four
ends of the straws. It is a Jove of bon
net," price only f 19.
Masonic Celebaration. We are
informed that the Masons of Vintnn nd
adjoining Counties, contemplate having a
ceitbration on Saturday, June 33d, 18G6. at
Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. The
McArthur Brass Band has been eneaced
end will bo in attendance.
Large Owl. Mr. P. D. Shriner,
f Richland township, killed an owl. one
duy last week, measuring four feet six
uches from the tin of one wine to the tin
of the other. 'Pink." saya, "'it had a head
on It like an elephant, an Inlaws like pot-
nooKs '. ' vvonderini asimal, that.
Something Nice. We call the
Hunt inn if tlia nnhl! ir tha fnnf Iknt
..U1 J, VUIIK U HV lUVk llJUfc
there is a first-class Saloon in McArthur,
iow, t.anl. Henry Lantz. navina taken
nnflfiPAsinn n( Ini. flalnnn ft nrl Rmi-llni. A I.
I ......
ley formerly owned by Mr. S. V. Dodge, is
now prepared to Wdit n any persou who
may favor him with a call. We must ad
mit (hat the Caotain knows how to keen
Saloon, Give him a call.
To the Democracy. We are in
receipt of a leter from the DemnRratie
State Cenlral Commiitcf, which gives a
general invitation to Candidates, Canvass-e-s,
Editors and Leading Democrats, to at
tend a meeting in Columbus, 0.. on the 26ih
instant. The object of the meeting is to
devise the best means of conducting the
present Campaign.
We sincerely hone little Vinton will ha vx
a good representation.
Removals. We notice the fol
lowing changes iu business houses this
John 11. King's Boot and Shoo shoo will
be found henaiter at Ambrose's Buddie
and Harness shop.
Uenmniin Quick has removed his Butcher
shop in the bdsenient etjry of the building
wiicic j. tooge cc aon sept store.
I). L)odtes .Marble Slum will row be
found fcur dours east of the Court houce.
Do you want to know whcrA to
got everything in the Drug line, at the vory
run aa fit il Dt
Sii-eon, mid you will find evcrvthing that you
iceil. lie takes Great cure f nrnenro niirn
cines that can be relied on and the best
Wines, Brandies, cto , srmoTiT for Medioal
The attention of Fiiysieians, parttoularly, is
called o a )uroo SHHnrtmnn of VlolmP. nnn...
atinna, known tobetlio most reliable MtJIcinfs
manufactured In this county, which will be
sold to Physicians at IS per cent, on the munu-
inmurui h price
May ,21 8 m.
The followine is the list, of Mar-
riaee Licences issued bv the Probate lurW
during the month ol My, 1866.
uenrtis a Wilson to Baran J Barcrofl.
Hugh Malnne lo A.nand J Hutchens.
r I I Tl r-m . . ...
fitimunti tiarris to sxran L vvescoat
John C Dawson In Mnrv Ropvpi.
Robert G Cowden to Elizibeth Heskettr
John S Shurtz to Lucy Rutler.
Lewis M McQimile lo Mary J Denner.
Alanson Johnson to Mary Craig..
Alvan Donahuto Mary Stanton.
Solomen Roe to Lucinda Bowers.
A List of Letters remaining in
the Post Office at McArthur. Ohio. June
1st, 1866.
Ankrom fiimes P
Brya.it Ellen
Allbauph Elzeplia
Dupra John
Gaskill Meines
Howard Thomas
Kennedy J O
Mcjlrley Clnrissa .
Richards Frederick
Young Daniel
Wharton James P
ruga ii Joseph
Hedge George W
Leov Sdndon L
McDonald Ella
Probasco Jacob
Stare ID 2
Wharf Wi.liam
Wharton Sarah
E. A. BRATTON, McArthur, O. J. N. McLAUGHLIN, P. M.
Periodicals. We have received
the following Anenzinea and Literaiv Pu.
pers for July 1866
Godev's Ijidv'a Book, published at Phi'la.
delphia, by L- A. Godey & Co., price $3
per annum,
Peterson's Jigazine, published by T. B.
Peterson, Philadelphia, price (2 50 pel an
num. Lady's Friend, published by Peterson &
Deacon, Philadelphia, price 82 50 per an
New York Ledcer. publ ished at Near
Yoik, price (3 50 perannum.
Cincinnati Enquirer. In anoth
er column of this issue will be found the
Prospectus of the above paper, where the
yearly terms may be seen. The terms for
the coming campaign are as follows:
Weekly Enquirer, t0,75
Semi-Weekly Enquirer, 1,50
Daily Enquirer, 4,50
For the use of Clubs, Committees .and
others who may desire ten copies or more
a discount of ten per cent, will be made on
above prices.
Next to vour counlr naner w would n.
commend the Enquirer. , Don't fail to give
il a iriai.
Address.Faian & McLean, Cincinnati. 0.
Union County Convention. The
Union County Convention met In McAr
thur, on last Saturday, the Oth, Inst., and
orgnizej by appointing John Walkr, of
Eagle township, Chairman, and Paris Hor
ton, of Elk township, Secretary.
The object of the Convention is stated
was to appoint delegates to the Union
State Convention to be bolden on the 20th
The delegates appointed were, Colonel
Douglas Putnam Jr., of Brown township,
and Captain Homer C. Jones, of Elk town
ship. Captain Joseph J. McDowell, of Elk
township, and Benjamin F. Johnson Esq.,
of Swan township, were appointed altern
ates. On motion Convention adjourned.
Rumor says the proceedings were very
harmonious. ' " . . '
Advertise In the RECORD.
Dr. Monroe's French Cosmetique!
Will remove TAN, P1MPLE3, BLOTCH
ES, etc. and render the skin as SOFT AS
in Twenty-four hours time. tSTeu cent3
will buy sufllclent material to manufacture
a quart of the preparation enough to sup
ply any lady's toilet for one year.
Send 50 cents to Dr. J. C. MONROE, Box
39, McArthur, 0M and get the Recipe.
Photographic Art Gallery.
A few days since we visited Ihe Photograph
ic Art Ga'lery of C. J. Rillinghurst, on the
coiner of Main and Market ftieets, and ex
amined may specimens of the Art, the pro
duction of Mr. B. Among the many beauti
ful specimens on exhibition, is a portrait in
oil of Aire. Eliza Ply ley, deceased, wifo of
7ud;e J. P Pljley. It Is certainly the
finest, as well as Ihe most life-like and nat
ural work of art ever on exhibition in this
plaee. The friends and acquaintances of
the deceased, who kn:v her but to love her.
can now have the pies sure, for a few dajs,
of gazing upon those treasured features.
Mr. Billinghursthas no superior, as an
Artibt, in Southern Ohio. He has spired
neitheir pains nor money in fitting up a first
class Gallery, and is prepared to take pic
tures in every style ol the art, from an Am
brotypo lo a Life-size Photograph, plain or
in colors. He is also agent fur a beautiful
Engraved Marriage Certificate and Obituary
.Memorial, arranged as frames for pictures.
We are sorry to team, however, that Mt.
B. contemplates looking out a new location ,
and removing from our midst. He is a good
citizen as well as a good artist, and we are
only sorry, that his support is not such as
to justify him in making our town his per
manent home.
Thoa'e '.wirhlng pictures sl.ou'.d call at
once, See advertisement in another column.
Messrs Prince, Walton & Co.,
As you are a-vare I have been
engaged tin to a short time pist as travel
ing agei.t for J. C. Ayer& Co.
I was taken very tici with a billions at
tack while traveling in the State of Indiana.
1 had taken Ayer's pills before for the same
difficulty, hut with no good effect. A
traveling friend who happened to be stop
ping at the fame hotel recommended me lo
try some Robdck's Pills. 1 coufess frankly
that I had no confidence in them at Ihe
time, but through the importunities of my
friend I was persuaded to take them, and
with astonishing effect they entirely re
moved the bile, and operated on the liver so
effectually that in a dy I was as well as
I unhesitatingly recommend them to be
the best pills iu the mmkei.
You are at liberty lo publish this, S3 I
deem it duly I own to th public to give
testimony in their favor,
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S. McARTHUR, O., June 14 1866.
Apples, (driol,)-3 00 lloeswsx t 25
li utter urn 5 Beans 3 00
Chi.'kcns 23 Cheose 25
Coffee S0a83 Ejrza HU
White Fish 12X Mackerel.. 12
Cod Fish l'- i'eath)M 5JaG3
Flour.. 14 00 Leather 50a6
Lard 20 Molasses 75
Onions 1 CO Peaches, (dried) I 00
Pork Iii20 Rio WA
Sugar 16U20 Suit t 23
Starch 15 Timothv g so
Flax 1 60 Tallow.- ,. 12
Whiaky 3 00
McArthur Grain Market.
Wheat, old "Bed 2 40 New K.:d-.2 00
Old White 3 60 New White- 2 10
Shelled Corn 05 Corn, Ear ii
Oats 50 Hje 80
Barley ' 00 Hoy 3 00
Cincinnati Produce Market.
CINCINNATI, June 13, 1866.
Flour, per barrel,-. $ 9 iOaU S5
WniAT,ptr bushel, 2 lOu 3 15
CoHN.por bushel, SO
Oats, per bushel, 60
Fri, per bushel, 90
Barlxt, perbuahel, 1 50
Miss Pobk, per barrel tl 60
f.Ano, por pound,.. 2j
Buoar, per pound, ija 1
CoirKE, per pound, "4 29
Molasjis, per gallon, gca 95
B utter, er pound, 25a 27
Cuicse, per pound, io 15
Fobs, por dozen, jo
Brooks, por dczon 3 00a 3 CO
New York Produce Market.
Roported by Fikton, Fitzoeraid Sc Tbacx,
Strictly Porduca Commission Merchants. No.
NEW YORK, June 5, 1866.
Flour, per barrel, 7 20al8 00
What, per bushel, 1 75a 3 75
Corn, per buthel, fOa 7
Oat por bushel, 50a 70
Kti, per bushel; 94a 1 20
uARizr, per bushel, 80a 1 10
MxesPoRX.per barrel, 10 503P 62
Lard, per 'pound, 20a 23
Buitxr, per pound, - 28a 40
Cmeesx; per pound, 1 30
Eoof, per dozen, 17a 22
Cincinnati Wool Market.
For the Month Ending June 1, 1866.
.42 to 45
Medium...... 45 to 50
Fine 50 to 55
. xtra 65 to 62
Receipts are beginning to come forward.
Prices very firm. Stocks in the Eastern
markets at the present time much reduced.
Demand active.
Wo would caution our friends making
Eurchases of wool in the country, not to
e over sanguine as to future prices, basing
their views on the present aspect of the
market; for notwithstanding wool Is said
to be the lowest commodity on the market,
other commodities are as likely to come
down to meet the price ol wool, as it is to
take an upward turn to meet the prices of
other articles. Woolen goods are very dull
of sale, stocks of both Imported and do
mestic are heavy and accumulating; and
while in view of making early sales, the
recent temporary advance in gold and
light stocks of wool eastward, are pleasant
to contemplate, they might prove unprofi
table if taken as a basis for purchasing with
a view to selling during the summer and
fall months, after wool nas commenced go
ng forward in quantity.
TOR rRINTINO .,ni. -l.u ....
- -. WVHWVV .l.u IHVUtOB
and dispatch at tha Bxoord office, Brat
ton'a Building, on door east of Conn House,
(upstairs.) '. . .
NOTICE. Any person obtaining ten sub
scribers, and sending as the money, nr
Tisw dollars, shall rfceivs the Vixtoh Rxfono
ene year gratis.
Special Notices.
AGENTS, Pedlars, Uuntiy Stores, Irug-
BlM, and all aoelt ing au honorable and profitable
Easiness, Free by mail fur 85 els.; wholesale
32 per dor. bnvaaaers roalize 4 j to iU pu
ay profit.
ABBOTT & DOWD, Manufacturers, 194
Water-at., N Y. May,2w.
teTTlie Maaon & U.mlin Cabinet Ogans,
forty different styles, adapted to snored and
secular manic, for 30 to ItiuO each. Fifty-one
Gold and Silver Medala, or other first premiums
a-varded them. I'luatrated catalogues free. Ad
dress, MASON fc HAMLIN, Boton or MASON
BRuTUtKB, New York. sepU ly
Errors of Y0111I1.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
tha effects of youthful indircretion, rill, for
sake of suffering hnmanity, rend free to all who
seed it, the receipt and directiona for making
the ii in pie remedy by which he waa cured.
SuH'urere wishirg to profit bj the ad vei timer's
experience, can Uoao t' addross ng
JelMv. Vo, 18 Chamlera (St., N. Y.
Strange but True.
Every young lady and gentleman in the
rjnltAfl Hratf. ini, linnr ftnmAtfiln,- vara mmh
tl their advantage by return mail, free of
ejargo, Dy aaur -amng ne unocrsignea. inose
having any fears of being humbug ed will
oblige by not noticing this card. All others
wlil please add rent their obedient servant,
jell-ly. 831 Broadway, N. Y.
Published as a benefit and as a caciionto
tocno men and others, who suffer from nervous
debility, premature decay of Manhood, etc.,
supplying a tho same tinio Tux means or iilf
oi ri. By one who has cured himself after un
dergoing considerable quackery. By enclocing
a post-paid addressed envelopo, ainglo copies
free of chnrge, may be hid of the author.
Kinga co., New York. fcbl-ly
To CoiiMimpNveS.
The advertisr, having beon restored to health
In a few weeks by a vory simple remedy, after
having suffered forscvorul years with a severe
lung affection, and that dread disease, Consumption-is
acxlons to make known to Ida
follow-sufferero tho moans of cure.
To all who desire it, ho will send a ewy of
the prosc.intion ued, free of charge, with the
directiona f r preparing and using the same,
which hey will find a sure cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat ami Lung Affections." The only ob
joetof the advertiser in send ng the Prescrip
tion is to bent fit the afllicted and spread infor
mation which he conceives to be invaluable,
and ho hopes every sufferer will try his remedy,
as it will cost thotn nothing and may pravo a
blessing. ,
Parties wishing the Trefoription, mz, by
return mail, will please address,
William iburgh, Kings Co., N. Y,
January 11, 136A-ly.
Order of Probate Court.
I.t Proiiatx Court:
James (ribbons, administrator 1 Petition
or ttio estuto or Arteriggie-i
ston, doceaaod, pluiutiff, 't to
vs 1
S C Eggleeton et al defendants. J Bell Land.
TlL'libUANr toan order of snla made In the
Jf above caurte on tho 24th day of May, 1 3 - j 0 ,
grnnied by ilia said 1'rohate court within rnd
lor the said county of Vinton, 1 will offer for
sato as tncii adnunietrctor as arorcsuid to tbe
higbeat bidder at public auction, c li
Saturday, July 7th, 1860,
Atone o'clock in the afternoon at the door of
the Cf'Urt-honao, in McArthur, the following
described real estate as 'he property of Arter
EeKleston, decenseu, situated ir. the county of
Vinton, and Stno of Ohio, to-wit :
Boing the uortL west corner of tha coat half
of tha southwest quarter ot Seotion Number
f 89 ihirty six; Township Number (11) eleven,
Range Number (1J) sixteen, in the Ohio Com
pn Purenafo, bounded as follows: Begicning
at tha northwest corner of the said land and
running aoulh forty-eight rods; tlionce east for
ty rods; thonco north forty-oipht rods; thence
west forty rods to Iho beginning corner; con
taining 121 twelve acres.
AlfO In-iot No. (1) one in the village of New
Plymouth, as he same is numbered und detig
nated on the original recorded plat of Baid vil
lage. Appraised first desci bod tract, or 12 acres,
at 1500,00; second do. do. or In-lot No. 1, at
Terns of SjiIo : Ono third cash in hand on
day of saZi; one-third in six mo iths, with in
terest, and remaining third In twolve months,
with interest, and mortgago on premises. So d
to secure deferred payment.
o I tne estate of Artcr Eggloston.
Joseph J. McDowell, att'y for petitioner.
June 7, 1S60. w5
THE Trustees of Elk Township will meot at
the Court House. McArthur, O., on Satur
day, July 7th, 1865, for the purpose of hailing
Bonds to such Veterans as may be entitled
Veterans in person, or by legul representa
tive, will be required loprodnro their 'Veter
an Diaoharga.' accompanied with Adjutant Gen
oral'e certificate of credit to Elk township; alao
satisfaetory proof that tho applicant has not re
ceived any local bounty as Veteran.
BJ ruer James Fodbin-s,
Jasiss JonssoN,
. ' SaH'I- B. I'lLOM,
juiwwJ .Trustees Elk Tp., V. C. O.
4H tnA PER YEARI We want airents v.
1P 1 a UuU ery where to sell onr Improved 20
Bowing Machines. Three new kinds. Under
ana uppor feed. Bent en trial. .Warranted
flvo years. Above ralary or lnrgecommissions
paid. The owlt machines sold in the United
8iates for less than 40 dollars, which are fully
licenses' by Howe, Whcale.1 & WiUon, Grover
& Baker, Sirger & Co., and Bacholder. All
other cheap machines are infringements and
the seller or aeer are liable to arreat, fine and
imprisonment: Illustrated circulars sent free.
Call upon or adliese, Shaw & Clark, at Bidde
ford, Maine, or Chicago, 111. june7-iawly
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Com
missioners of Vinton County, Ohio,
will meet at the Court House in McArthur,
on Thursday, the 28th day of June, at one
o'clock P. for the purpose of receiving
sealed proposals for the sinking of a.t AR
TESIAN WELL, to be sunk at or near the
northwest comer of the Court House lot.
Bids may be handed in to II. C. Moore,
Auditor of said County, up to the 27th day
of said month, Inclusive. The said Com
missioners are to have the above described
well sunk in coniunction with the Council
of the Incorporated village of McArthur,
of which the said Commissioners agree to
pay three-fifths of the expense of said
well, and the Couucil of the incorporated
village of McArthur agree to pay the other
two-ftAhs of the expense of said well.
jiiun?-w3 Per. order jf Com.
Administrator'. Sale
IN accordenc with and under power vested
by the last will atd tes'ament of Alexander
McGregor, late of Morgan county, 'bnt now de
ceased, 1 will offjr for sale on tbe premises In
Vinton county, Ohio, on .
Friday, Gth day of July, 1860,
at ona o'clock P. M., tna tollowiag desoribod
real estate, the property of the a lid Alexander
MvOrojor, dcceaed, to wit:
All of Section No. Twenty three (23), In
Township No. Kigbt (8), or Bauge No. f ix'een
(16), whi.blics on tha wost side of Raccoon
Creek, containing 258 acrei, mora or less.
. - IWestdon given on day of sale.
Termncash. ENOCU HOUGH,
Admr. rie bonis con, enm test, annex, of Al
exander McGregor, doc'J. jui7;5
GRAY-HEADED people have their locks re
stored by it to the dark, lustrous, silken
trenacs of youth, and are happy I
Ycuog people, wi'.h ligbt, laded or red hair,
have these unluhlonuble color' change J to a
beautiful anburn, aLl rejoice I
People whose beads are covered with dand
ruff and humor, use 1;, and have clout coats
and clear and healthy sculps I
Bald-headed jeterana have their lemaiuing
looks tightened, and tho bare spon covered
with a luxmiunt growth of hilr, aud dance tor
joy I
Young gentlemen uss it beciuse It Is richly
perfumed 1
Young ladies ueo it becnuie it keeps thcii
Lairiu place!
Evctybody must and will nto It, because It is
the clenest und best article in tho market 1
Tor Sale Ly Druggists Generally.
Ft cm Hor .Warren Class, tLe Lictursr.
My hair and whiskers have been many years
gruy. Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia" hue re
stored both lo their original coli r, black, and
covered iho baldness oi tho top of my head
with a fine growth of black Lair. I have sev
eral friends who have used it with thesame
results, and I cordially recommend it as one of
the fow medicines that will do what its labels
and clronlurH claim for it.
October. 1805. Warrex Cha?z.
E. M Tubbs & Co.. Tropriotorj, Peterboro'
Now Hampjhiru. A 11 Merrium & Co., Whole
sale AgontB, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J S Strong,
Agent, McArthur, Old). inaySI-ly
Empire Shuttle Sewing: Machines
Aro superior to ail olherB for
POSKS. CONTAIN all tho latest improvements; aie
spcody : noUclefeU ; durable: and entv to
Illustrated Circulars froc. Agents wanted.
Liberal discount ullowed. No consignee Lt'
Addro.-a. EMPItlE S. M. CO.. 5?6 Tti'hn.lwntr.
New York. aaco mav31y
Manhood; how Lost, how Restored
J5v "T UST published, a new editior o(
fM v tl Dr. Culverwoll'a Celebrated Es
8uy " tlie ladlcsl cure (without
AauikauiAniedicine) ol hprrmutorrl'oca, or
seminal Weakness, Involuntary Sominel L' sacs
Impotentey, Mental Jand Physical Incapacity,
'mpoduncnts to marriago, cto. ; also.Consump
tion, Epiiopsy, and Fits, induced by self indul
gonco or'scctttnl extravagance.
lf I ice in a aoulcd envelope, only 6 cents.
Tiiecclobrnted uuthoi iu this admirable esuny
clonrly dtmonntratcs, from a Uiiity yer suc
cessful practice, that tho alrrming consequences
of self nbuae may be radically cured without
the dangorons use of intornal medicine or the
application of thf knife pointing outamole
of euro ntoEcosin'plo,cortHin, and effectual, by
means of which every suffcror, no matter what
hiscondi'jon-may be, may cure himself cheaply
privately and radically.
l-f" 'I his lect ire should be in the hands of
every youth and every man in tho land.
Sunt, under seal, in a piain envelope, to any
address, post paid, on receipt of six cents, or
two post stamps. Addross the prblinhcrB,
CIIA8. J. C. KLINE a CO., 127 Bowery, N.
Y., Post Oilico box 4 588.
A MONTHI-Agents wantod for sixen-
tjJVJ tirelv new artiolca. inst nut. A,IHr..u
O. T. Garet, City lluiljinz, Biddcford, Me.
I Pi rolls ready to be nailed down, adapted to
1 Huusei, Factories, end buildings ol all kinds
constructed of materials that havo stood tho
tost of fifteen yoars, and manufactured on an
eutirely different and oetter plon than any oth
er composition roofing in use. Socurod by pat
ent. Very durable and at low price. Circu
lars and samples sent free bv mail. Liberal
terms to agents. Eeadt K eriMO Co.,
junc7y No. 73 Maiden Lane, New Yi r!c.
HAS enred thousands of tho worst easos of
Blind and Bleeding Piles.
It gives immediate nliuf. and effects a perma
nent euro. Try it directly. It is wrrantcd to
cure. For sale by all Druggists at 50 cents rer
January IS, 1388. ly.
1 8 warranted to Ywt tVi ahIv
known to euro Coughs, Colda, Hoarseness,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chronio Coughs,
Lonsumption, Bronchitis and Croup. Bidng
prepar ed from Honey and Horbs it is healing,
softening, and expeetorating. an 1 particularly
suitable for all affections of the Throat and
Lungs. For sale by all Drugjists everywhere.
January 13, 1866, ly.
Dr. Sthicxlakd's Tonic is a concentrated pre
paration o Boots and Herbs, with inli ac
ids and carminitivesto strengthen the stomach
and norveus system. It is1 a conain remedy for
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Nervousness, Lofa
ot Appetite, Aoidity of the Stomach, Flatulency
ani? Debility. It is not alcoholic, therefor p'
ticnlarly suited for Weak. Nervous and 7"'"
P iptio pereons. For sals by all Drugg" " ,r7
where at one dollar per bottle-.
January 18, 1866, ly. . "
fOB PRINTING e.'!? an J I
0 dispatch at.f'.t if "rft . Tr" Br,T"
Building, one r eMt of cu' "", (f .'
ymra of tipenenc and Uial, baf
vniira 10 09 1119 uo railway uaui
lor sll coqiplinU) where a umio aad
ilimulanl are required. Tbay oerer
uul lo ttrengihta weak, impart
tigor to the atrong,and In all retpccti
restore shattered scd brokea-don
constitution.. Mo remedy has been
received with in much favor as P.o
a tea's Siomacm BiTraaa. la Cluergo
VER 50,000 bodies were io.d ly one
drug-house in the "t)er. It 19 ad
milted by our most learned plivsici.ns
Hint Pr. KOftACK'S 81'OMAC'U HIT
'i'EK.4 combine the proprues ot a
gentle laxative, an efficient anti-bilious
agent, and tlie best stomachic known to
tha world. ROUACK'3 BITTERS should
be used bjt convalescents lo strengthen
the prostration which always fellows acute
disease. In Ihe
IUOt'l districts of the West and
South there has, for a loni time, nen
nini'h needed an article or b'l'O.MACIt
blTTKUS, which, it taken in proper
quantities, and al the proper Uine, are
a sura preventive ot llilious Fever,
Fever and Ague, Liver Complaint, Pye
pepiin, Indigestion, Jaundice, Ki'liK-y
Complaint, and all diseases of similar
nature; and are belter as a preveetiva
for bilious derangement, regul.iting
ND s'.renjiheninir t,.e vslem. and i.
ing tone to Ihe digestive orgsns, than
any other knoun remedy. Now tlmt
the war is over, there will he thousands
seeking homes in the South. No r-
sou vruo rallies lus me should go tlwre
f. illnut having conntnntly at li.md the
1(11 1 EliS, as a anlet;uaid Rau;t .
demic and nial.idies enpenderei by tni.
asma and polluted wnter. Tmvelers
and all tesideuls of the rank mer-bot-loin
OUSTIE8 of the Wet ami South, and
the vnlley of the )Iiiiiimi ami IM
nhiihines, ehould provide llienisolies
with the IIIT'I EIIS. There is nroUbly
no one (linens with lihicll llmukind sr
atllicted which is the source of so ninny
ailments as drspepila, eras il Is mora
commonly called Sour Stomach, aud
there is no more certain remedy than
Roback's Stomach lli Iters. They aro
never known to rail.
1NO C1IOT.KRA his nl.v.m been
mueli diemled ly the pulilic, ami
people lme resorted to all mnnnor
of medicines to arrest the process,
but with little success. A sure euro
and preventive is lo be found in the
use of Pr. nonACK'9 8CANDJNA
Vl.l.N RKMEU1E.S. Keep the bowels
open wiiit 1110 run, sun invigorate In
sytein by free me of Iho Stoinurl
Hitlers, or, if the blood be Ihin, use tin
I'CH an iiivnlualite rcmcJy should L
kept in every family. Keep Ihe system
In lull vigor and nothing is lo be feared
Snm disease or cholera. THE OI.P
BF.UABI.K. Po not be deceived by
purchasing any of Ihe quack noatrume
under the various names of Bitters.
Tiirchase none other but Dr. F.ODACK'9
STOMACH TtlTTErtA. onion .r. nm.
pounded of tha purest druji, and in L
which the afllicted can relv.
(Soccemers to 0. W. Soltek,)
Ko. BO, SS, 00 and 63 East Third Strttt,
Are Sold by all Druggists ind
Dealers in Patent Medicines
Grain! Bfiirtl firttlir .k.
Greatest Itdini CireoLv
iA CI Ever HUtil A ELI
& I aJ-lfln"W "g I tljJ
f letter paee for two V VJ
letter pages for two
8 CfDt sumj,
The Rational Dispensary, cttablighed 1359.
C IX yoars of unrivalled buccuss in tho e-re of
O every form of privato disease incident ta
either sex.
Yv"a nfulliblr cuie Syphillii, Gleot, Gonor
rhoea, Impo:cney, Noeturual and Diurnul Ein
Issions ,cimplnints peculiar to fomales, and ev
ery form ol privuta disease of whatever name
or nature bpc-rmatorrhmn or Self-abue, that
easily and apcodily cured and every traoe of its
terrible effects oradicited from the system,
without detention from bsins. Youugmou
boar this in mind, that we nro in possession of
the Secret keceipts and mothoils of practije of
Culverwoli.Lallomand, Hunter, Velpeau, Son.
Rirord nndothci great 1 gh's iu modern medi
cal science; for it is a fact of the very greatest
itnportsr.oo, and we would nsk any man of a
erac ccnitr.on sense how eaa the thousand and
one shallow protendors of tha day, with their
feeble incillcicnt remedies hope to compete with
Vo cnfor'.uLat, ere trn ii'.ng yotir health an J
money to heartless cbArlit&ns, at leal write to
Dm. Jackson, HerbsrtdE Co., who will at onca
return yon a kind, disoreet and exp.icit answer.
Ladies, write for onr circular.
Dr. Jackson's Female Monthly Pills, for ir
regularities. Price 1 per box.
The Mountain of Light or Medical Protector
and Marriage Guide, and an oiplio t key to
Love aud Boaufv. Containing 8l'0 pagoa and
100 plates. 13" This Is THE book yoa want;
pr'ce 53 cent; 8 for SI.
Send for our splondid circular containing
mere in quantity and of far superior quality to
any of the so-called "pamphlets." Kemnmber
that we send a writtou reply to every letter,
especially adapted to the particular ease uader
consideration, because in tha natnre of things
each case differa from every other.
removes all coldness and disability, and rejuv
eua es organs which have lain dormant for
many years.
Dr. Jackson' $ French Patent Male Safe:
is perfectly safe and nover faila to give satisfac
tion. It is the onlv sure and safe preventative
against contracting disease ever invauted.
Price $1 each, pa half dexon 4, and per dos
en $7, sent by mail. ' - .:
loebriatee or Madera Drinkers who rfeaire to
reform, but hava found it difflanlt to retrain,
can wholly eradicate all da-iri for any kind of
liquor, b; nsing Dr. Herbert's Anti-Aleoholio
Comir-,,rjd, ,n unfailing rtmedy for iulemper.
once; write for Kartieniara. p;
VI .j:. ; , - .
'THE Board of 8chool Examiners of Vt.'tl
1 County will hold but one m ". fa' JokS
tha sumrnar months, vi,: npon tha "it btnr
day In Jnna. July and Angnit" Mtt .1
Ualon SthoaVHoni, lf0ArtCur'
JntVraS J.J.McDOWELa.,15:
Medicine and instruction promptly to
any part of the o? "J- Consulting Rooraa of
eiSr ' BX' Ko 484' S" tor elu
: . -. , : Jone7y j

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