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8tY VinUu Qtttx'L
Official Organ of Vinton County.
tSl Adierttsements to appear on Thurs
day mottling must le handtd in not later
than Tuetduy evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
M. . Chiiich. -Preaching Sabbath athulf
aat teu o'clock. A. M., and half-post six
o'clock, P. M. Sabbath EcLeol, 2 1'. il.
PBXISTTFBIAN Cdcbcii. -fervicesat 11 o'cl'k
A. v., and 6 o'clock p. v. Subbuth School at 9
'clock a. it., every Sabbath.
Christian Ciiiiicu. Services at 11 o'clock a.
at., every Sabbath.
One year, .'. $1 tiO
Eight months, 1 ()
Tour months, 50
l'ayinent In advance in all eases.
One square, ten lines $1 00
Each additional insertion, 40
Cards, ier year, ten lines 8 OO
Notices of Executors. Adiniiiistiu-
tors niul Guardians 2 00
Attachment notices before J. 1, . . 22 OO
LocoJ notices, per line, 10
Yearly odvcrtlsnients will be charged
$00 per column, uud at pornortioiiate
rates for less than a column. Payable in
Thc Yinloii Record"
F015 THE
'Wawill furnish tlio VINTON KE CORD
fbr the con ing campaign, ( buii.g five months,)
until eftor the fall election, for the small sum
We have been to consl.lorablo expense ro
cently in purchasing now tjrp-and printing mu
teriala for the Recoro ; therefore, it ia n ow
Incumbent upon the Democracy throughout the
entire connty to give ug their united support.
Let every subscriberconsidor hlmsolf u com
mittee of one, especially appointed, to aecuro
at least 0.E now subscriber to the pnpor, and
our auccoiib will bo placed beyond a poradvon
ture. ltiaadntj you owe the cause of Ocnstitu
tional Liberty, that you should prosorve in dis
seminating the trno doctrines upon wliich our
Government- was foundod,nnd which must
preserve us a united, happy uud prosperods
people. Thon,lal your wulchword bo
Circulate flic Record!
Thanks To Hon. II. S. Bundy,
M. C, for public documents received.
llojf. John Sherman will accept
our thanks for favors received.
"We arc now prepared to do Job
work with neotnefs and dispatch. Give us
.Wk direct the attention cf our
readers to the card of Dr. Monroe in anoth
er column. : .: Every lady in Vinton county
should have this recipe.
Attention ! 100 Dollars Boun
ty. i wish to any to all Votorane that I can
now get you ench a One Hundred-Dollar Bond,
for your frodits osVotcrans toyeur respective
Townships. Attend to this at once.
je7tf E. A, BRATTON, MoArthur, 0 .
Fruit Trees. -We would say to
our renders that Mr. J. M. Kelley is agent
for the Wolf Creek Nursery, and persons
desiring Fruit Trees, Shrubbery, &c, should
give him a cull.
Attention Soldies 1 ! ! More
BooktiebI By a late law of Ccngrcss, all
Soldlnr who have not received a bounty equal
to 18.33 per r.'onth during the time of service
In thl army or navy, are now entitled to that
I will tttind to the collection of these claims
for all who may favor ire with k call.
Je7t E. A. BRATTON, McAithur, 0.
Masonic Celebaration. We are
informed that the Masons of Vinton and
adjoining Counties, contemplate having a
celebration on Saturdav, June 23d, 1866, at
Wilkesville, Vinton 'County, Ohio. The
McAithur Brass Band has been engaged
and will bo in attendance.
We call attention to the call of
the. Democratic Central Committee for a
Ccdnty Convention to be held at McArthur,
on Monday July 30th lane, candidates
desiring to announce their names, can do to
on the following terms--
Subscribers to the paper, 81.00 All
others, t2.00 ' ' ,
Hay's Champion . Loom. Mr.
Johb Robbins, ss will be seen by reference
to advertisement in another column, is the
manufacturer and sole right agent for this
celebrated flying-shuttle power loom, in
this county. We hear this invention high
ly spoken of by all who have witnessed its
operation. . Every farmer's wife should
bare one.
Do you . want to know where to
get everything' in the Drug lino, at tho very
lowest price I Go to the Drug Store o' G. W
Shwon, and you will find everything that .yon
need. He take greateare to procure pure Medl-
eraea-tthat 1 can be relied on and the boat
Wines, Brandies, Sco , erRiorLT for Medical
The attention ot Physicians, particularly, la
called a largo aaaortmen; or Nichol's prepar
ations, known to be the most reliable Medicines
manufactured in this county,' which will be
sold to Physicians at .16 per cent, on the manu
facturer price.
May4m... if
Costiveness or. habitual consti
patjoo,. From these afflictUns' arise many
oi meanings oi man. , .
'We hear daily." naoole com plain' of head
ache, nervous debility, etc., and generally
ine cause oina complaint can be traced to
their constipated habits. A remedy for the
cure, of Ibis trouble H What the? want. We
recommend Dr. Roback's Sugar Coated
pills as tbe best remedy we know of.; They
contain no mercury, or other mineral pois
on, ana act line a cnarm on ine jiver and in
teslines. : Give ihem a trial. , , iH '
"Wsare 'sorry '.to .learn' that a lit-
. 1 . ti . t .r - T T . .
ue son oi inquire ivkixh. oi iiamaen, nnu
bis arm broken, oue day UiU week, by fall
ing out! an appletree. j -
Editor Record : Thinking the
following statistical information
would be interesting to the stock
growers of Vinton county, I here
with hand you for publication the
aggregate number and value of the
live stock, as returned to me by the
several Township " Assessors . for
May,180C: .
Horses, 3109 head; valued at $ 241830
Cattle, 7950 do, , do. do. 217.577
Mules, 221 do;- do. do 17,890
Shecp.39154 do. do. do 130,382
Hogs, 8053 do. do. do 37.500
Those knowing themselves to be indebted
to the firm of W. E. &. A. W. Button, for
subscriptions, j b work and advertising, are
requested to call at my office, adjoining the
Record office, and settle the same without
delay, otherwise their accounts will le
placed in the tuuds of an officer for collection.
June 2l-5w.
The ; Church ediffce between
this place and Haimlen, known as the
"Snook Meeting house," was destroved by
fire one day this week. It was occasioned
hy the carelessness of some movers who had
camped in the church the tiight previous.
The editor of the Zaleski Her
ald snys that it is unpleasant to be "piched
into" and tongue-lashed by an infuriated
female. We presume he speaks from a
FULL kkovvledok oj the facts. Better keep
aloof from the. presence of the infuriated"
sex, Brother E., if you would wish to shun
those "unpleasant" rencountrcs !
The Lady's Friend, lor July.
The uly number opens with an unusually
handsome and suggestive engraving called,
"The Distressed Bachelor." In the Fashion
riate, tasteful and attractive as usual, is a
charming bridal dress. Then there is a
wood cut of many piquant faces illustrating
"The Hair," "The Pointnlido Veil, "Zou
ave Jacket," and a plate consisting of seven
figures of ladies and children, showing the
newest and prettiest of the Summer Fash
ions. Music "Idora Schottish." Among
the stories are "The Distressed Bachelor,"
"Pauline Berange.-'s Story,' by Una Locke j
the conclusion of 'Svbel Ainswotth,' By
Harris Byrne ; 'The Boy end the Aan,' by
Aunt Alice , and en interesting biographi
cul sketch of Madame Roland, called forth
by some recent discoveries. The poetry is
by Maggie C- Pvburn, Emily LwUer Leigh,
Una Locke, J. f, Tut iler. J. C. T., and
others. The Toilet Novelties and Work
Table are cs usual profusely illustiated , and
in the Editor's Department are Book No
tices, Receipts, meeting the wants of the
season, description of Fashions, &c.
Price 82.50 a year, 2 copies $4.00, 8 cop
ies (and one gratis) $16. Specimen num
bers will be sent for Id cents.
Address Deacon & Peteason, 319 Walnut
Street, Philadelphia.
[Written for the Vinton Record.
Daily Observations.
Well, who will be held responsible for
the neglect in the moral training of our
vDnih f Is it the kAturai perversenes of
chidren, generally, to;'which we must at
tribute the lack ol nwra; culture everywhere
visible all over our fair land? Or, rather.
is not the parent solely and alone the re-
gpoiisib e party T
Kcnireiy a iay, orsn hour, even, passes,
in our towns and cities, that one does not
hear, (Ailing from the lips of little children,
profanity and blasphemy anu even witn
those who are much older and esteem them
selves gentlemen,' and who undoubtedly
know better, do we find this horrible prac
tice indulged in.
The other day we were passing down one
of the principal streets of this village, when
we were astounded oy neanng an urcnin,
not mor than ten summers old, cursing, in
the most disgusting and vigorous manner,
his mother ! And she oh ! poor thing !
what did she do to correct him 1 She re
torted as follows : "You infernal scamp ; if
you don't dry up that 6weoring, and come
in here, I win kill vou !" Did she really
entertain that feeling toward her offspring
thai would have prompted her to tuke his
life t We think not. It was merely a
threat which failed to produce the desired
effect and which was seemingly forgotten
almost as soon as uttered lor the-child
unheeding the wishes of his mother, took
to his heels and was soon, around a corner,
wherewe afterwards observed him incompaoy
with some ragged urchins of about his own
age, engaged in throwing stones tt a cow.
Much need there is for a reform in the
morals of our youth but how and by whom
is i I to be brought about? Can the church
effect this mucn desired object ? Not alone
the assistance of parents is imperatively
necessary. The reform must begin in the
family circle. Strict but kind discipline is
necessary. The pleasures of pursuing
Riehl must be held up to the eyes of our ohild
ren, and contrasted, in as strong light as
possible, with the abject misery entailed
upon those who do wrong. .They should be
sent to the Sabbath School, which has been
appropriately designated as "the nursery
the Church'1 and, together with a uniform
system of jtioral Culture practiced at home,
the vilest youth may be reclaimed. . Though
jour entire family may not all become of
one mind in the fear and love of God and
His laws, and causes of diffeience spring up
amongst you, because ine ungodly and
wicked will object to the strictness and the
principles of the godly and the gracious;
yet what a blessing it fs when they,' who
strive to do well, find that they only suffer
for righteousness' sake ; for they wilt al
ways take care, as much as possible, to pre
vent any real cause of dispute or anger, so
that quarrels or unhappiness, and outright
disobedience, in reierence to otner tnings,
wilueldom happen, ueneraiiy, the exam
ple of love and peace, gentleness and dili
gence, will, in time, by the Lord's brassing,
produce a good enect npon aii ;ne lamny,
But more anon, , .' '.'..'"",'
. i ' ..1 . , -
The Loyal Georgian, a rebl newspaper
at Augusta. Georgia, has been suppressed
by order of.. General TUlson. ackson
Standard J'. j.; .
A slight mistake' . the" paper was pub
lished in the ' interest ' of the Freedmea's
Bureau by a loyalist, attd the editor was ar
rested for stealing money from the negroes,
That will, of course, render tbe act outrage
[Jackson Times.
Advertise lit. the RECORD.1.1
Two Men Killed and Others Wounded.
MEMPHIS, June 15, 1866.
A terrible tragedy took place on the
Pieonroost road last night, resulting in the
killing of two men and wounding two
olhers. A few days since a man named
Paine was murdered there. One E. W.
Bank was arrested a3 one of the murderers
and he pointed out two others as accom
plices. A posse went after them and ar
rested them. Bank, on returning, rode bo
hind the prisoners. Bo)tte and Wingate.
A man uamed Henderson, a relative of
the murdered man, rode up and shotE. W.
B ink through the back, killing him instant
ly, and wounding Boyette, then' continuing
the fire at lllnate and another prisoner
also wounding him, when one of the force
fired on HenJcrsor.killing him. Boyette is
not expected to live" ', ;
A Startling Rumor About the Assassination
of Judge Underword
of Judge Underword---It is Ascertained to be False.
Washington, June-15. A star tling ru
mor prevailed throughout the city this after
noon, and in all the public departments and
in both Houses of Congress, mat Judge Un
derwood had to-day been assassinated, in
Alexandria. Va , by Doctor : iUaddox, but a
telegram from Alexandria, received this
evening in reply to a question, says Judge
Underwood is alive in his bouse. He has
not been shot, and Doctor Maddox is in
Richmond. ,
"Shall not be Questioned."
In tho proposed constitutional
amendjneutsvadopted by the Kump
Congress we find the following: -
"Section 4. The validity, of the
public debt of the- United States,
authorized by law, including debts
incurred for the i payment ot pen
sions and bounties for services in
suppressing insurrection or rebel
lion, shall not be questioned ; but
neither the United .States nor any
State shall assume to pay any debt
or obligation incurred in aid of in
surrection or rebellion against the
United States, or any claim lor the
loss or emancipation of any slave ;
but all such debts, obligations and
claims shall be ' held illegal and
void." ' ,
Here it is provided that the debts
authorized by law shall never be
questioned, although" such debts
may be entirelyjllegal in their na
ture and character. It is intended
to give the constitutional sanction
to swindling claims and fraudulent
appropriations , that may be cor
ruptly passed J)y ' Congress.. It is
intended to prevent the Judiciary
Department of the . Government
from passing on them, so that the
people can have no means of pro
tection against the plundering of
the Treasury.
The legality of the public, debt,
present and future, is never to be
questioned. Ia not .this a strong
and sweeping expression? The
proposers of this., section are not
satisfied with" guaranteeing its pay
ment, but they declare that the va
lidity of it is not to be even con
sidered by the, people The lan
guage is as dictatorial "as the in
tent is base. , . . .
Tho remaining clause in the sec
tion, which prohibits "any State
from paying any part of the South-'
em war debt, will simply transler
the whole obligation to the United
States; and if it Is morally right for
any State to pay, the United States,
by preventing it, will itself have
an accountability to the creditors
whom it has despoiled.
Gov. Parsons, of Alabama, ?says
there are 100,000 destitute whites
and blacks in that State.
"Shall not be Questioned." Marriages.
inst , at the residene of JUn John 11. Ring,
by the Rev. H. H. Ferris. Mr. Francis iU-
Davis and Miss Maltha G. Tannyhill, all of
Vinton county, 0, . y
. We wish the happy couple long life and
prosperity, with plenty of those "little to
kens of affection" to sweeten life's'sorrows.
Afay Mattie prove to Frank, a solace and a
joy forever. . ; 7
LLOYD BENTLEY On Tuesday even
ing, June 12th, at the residence of the bride's
father, bv Prof. L. D. McCabe. of the Ohio
Wesleyen University, Mr. Richard M,
Lloyd and Miss Ella Beutley, all of this
May the sunlight, ever ' fall ',.upon tlwir
' '
[Portsmonth Times.
[Portsmonth Times. Commercial.
Cincinnati Wool Market.
For the Month Ending June 1, 1866.
Onio Coarse . , . , 42 to 45
. .'Medium..:....;,... ....45 to 60
Fine.......,.,'...'...... 60,to 55
Extra ..i... 55 to 62
Receints are beginning to come forward,
Prices very firm. . Stocks In the Eastern
markets at the present time much reduced
Demand active.
Wewould cnutlon our friends making
purchases of wool in the country, not to
be over sanguine as to future prices, basing
tholr views on the present aspect of the
market; for notwithstanding wool is said
to be the lowest commodity on the market,
other commodities are as likely to come
down to meet the price ol wool, as it is to
take an upward turn to meet the prices of
otner articles, w ooien gooas are very mm
of sale, stocks of both Imported and do
mestic are heavy and accumulating; nnd
while in view of making early sales, the
recent temporary advance- in gold and
light slocks of wool eastward, are pleasant
to contemplate, they might prove unprofi
table If taken as a basis for purchasing with
a view to selling during the summer and
fall months, after wool has commenced co-
png iorwTO,iu quanuiyt ? ..
- - ', i:. J ": '.' "v! r:;
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S. McARTHUR, O., June 21, 1866.
,).8 00 Ceeswai. ....... I 25
Apples, (dried
nutter ...
White Fiah...
Cod Fish......
Flour 4 .
Onions.... ....
iioaua 2 ou
, 23 Cbeoee. f 15
K0a85,(ge 1
- MaokereU -" 1'
, iyi : S'e ethers,, v00a80
14 00 Leather ...-60a
, 20. nloluBRoa... 75
. 1 00 Pcacboa, (dried) t 00
,18a20 Bice U
16a20 Bait S 25
, 15 Timoihv 8 0
. 1 60 Tallow 12
.,3 10'
McArthur Grain Market.
Wheat, ol4 Ked....3 40 New Rod.... 2 00
Old White... 2 60 New White- 2 10
Shelled Corn........ ,65 Corn, Ear &!
Outs-..., 50 Kje 80
Barley ,60 Hay 3 00
Cincinnati Produce Market.
CINCINNATI, June 20, 1866.
Flocb, per. barrel, 9 0al2 25
WusAT.ptr buahel, 2 10a 2 15
CosN,por bushel, SO
Oats, per buahel, 60
Pyi, per bushel,.-.- . SO
BaRLur, por bushel, 150
Mass I'obi, porbarrol, ti M
Laud, per pound....... 23
Sdoab, per pound, ............ ..... jj, j
t'orrsE, per pound,-. '? 24a 29
MoLAatia, per gallon, jc 05
Butter, per pound,... 2Ja 27
Ciuesk, per pound,. .-. loa 15
Euus, per dozen,-.. 20
Brooms, por dozen, 2 00a 3 CO
New York Produce Market.
Reported by Kentom, Fitzoerald fc Tracx,
Strictly l'orduce Commission Merchants, No.
88, Whitehall st. N. Y. .
NEW YORK June 19, 1866.
Flocb, per barrel ft 7 20al8 00
Wheat, por bushel, 1 76a 2 75
Corn, per .bushel, 80a S7
Oat por buahel . 50a 70
Kte, per buahel .. . Ha go
B ablet, per buahel, -.. ..". ... 60a 1 10
Mess Pork, per barrel, .......SO 50i3P fi2
Lard, pcrBpound, . 20a 23
Botteb, per pound, 28a 40
Cueeiie; por pound,.. 10 20
Euoa, por dozon, 7a 22
Special Notices.
Dr. Monroe's French Cos
metiqne !
ES, &c, nnd render tho skin as SOFT AS
in Twenty-four hours time. tSPTen cents
will buy su'illciciit material to manufacture
a quart of the preparation enough to sup
ply any lady's toilet for ono year.
Send 50 cents to Dr. J. C. MONROE, Box
39, McArthur, 0, and get the Recipe.
AGENTS, Pedlars, Countiy Stores, Drug
giste, and all Booking an honorable and profitable
business, Free by mail for 85 cts.; wholesale
fOperdoz. Cnnvusscrj roalizo 6to!13p
day profit. - ,
ABBOTT A DOWD, Manufifcturers, 19
Water-at., N Y. fMfty,24 4w.
forty different styles,' adapted to aiicrcd ana
secular music, for $30 to (600 each. Fifty-one
Gold and Silver Medals, or other first prouiiums
awarded them.' l'rnatratnd catalogues free. Ad
dress, MASON & HAMLIN, Boaton or MASON
BROTHEK6, Now York. .:'--'. epH-ly
trroi'9 of Youth.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, Premature' Decay, and al)
theeffeota of youthful Indiscretion, fill, for
sake of suffering humanity, send free to all who
noedlt, the receipt and directions tor making
tne simple remedy by wlucn lie was cured.
Sufferers wishing to profit bv tho advertiser's
experience, can do so by addross ng
jcll-lv. No, 13 Chambers St., N. Y.
Strange but True.'
Evorv young lady and gcntloman in tho
Unitd State can hear aometbinjf vbry mueh
to their advantaeo bv roturn mail, froe of
charge, by addr'ssinglho undorsigned. Those
having any fears ot Deing numbugied will
oblige by not noticing .ints card. AU others
will pleaso' addross their obediont servant,
jell-ly. 831 Broadway, N.. Y.
Published as a boue&t and as a caution to
todno men and others, who suffer from nervous
debility, prematura decay of Manhood, &a.,
supplying ti thoaame time The means or tnr
ocbb. By one who has ourcd himself after un
dergoing considerable quackery. By enclosing
a post-paid addressed envelope, single copies
free of ohargo, may he bad ot the author.
NATHANIEL MAYFA1B, Esq., Brooklyn.
Kings co., New York. - k) ' febl-ly
To Consumptives.
The advorlfsr. having been res tor od to health
In a fbw weokB nv a verv simple remedv. after
having suffered, for several years with a sevote
lung affection, 'and that dread disease, Con
sumptionis anxiona to make known to his
fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
me proscription tibcd, tree or cnargo, with tne
directious fcr preparing and usintr the same.
which they will find a sure cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, JJroncnma, uougns, colds, and
all Throat and Lung Affections. Theonlv ob
ject of the advertiser in sending tho Prescrip
tion is to nenent tne amtctcd and spread infor
mation which he conceives to be invaluable,
and he hopes every sufferer will try aiaremedy,
as it will cost them nothing and . may pro ve a
blessing; -" " ' - -
Parties wishing the Prescription, tree, by
reborn mull, win iuime nuurvse, 3
. i J Rev. EDWARD WTL80N, '
WilliamAur gh, Kings Co., N.Y.
January 11, 1366-ly. . ,
rpHE Trustees of Elk Township will meot at
X the Oonrt Hooso, McArthur, 0., on Satur
day; July 7th, 186S, ror the purpose of Issuing
Bonds to such Veterans as may bo entitled
Veterans In person, or' by learal representa
tive, will be required toprodnro their 'Veter
an lhechanrey' acoompanied Witn Adjutant boa
eral's certificate of credit to Elk township; alao
sati6faetory proor that the applicant has not re
ceived any local bounty as Veteran.
By order James Bobbins,
James Johnson,
Sam'l B. Ullom, '
june7w3 Trustees Elk Tp-.V. C. 0.
$1 Kfirt FEK YEAR! ;We want agents ev
VleOUU erywhere to 'sell our Improved (20
Sewing Maobines. -Three new kinds. Under
and opper feed. .Sent cn trial. Warranted
five years. . Above salary or largo commissions
paid. Theojar machines sold in the United
States for'' less than 40 dollars, which are fully
license bT Howe, W healer & Wilson, Grover
& Baker.' Sirger & Co., and Bachelder. All
other cheap machines are infringements and
the seller or aser are liable to arrest, fine and
imprisonment: Illustrated circulars sent free,
if Call upon or adirees, Sbaw & Clark, at Bidde
h ford, Maine, or Chicago, 111.- - inn7-iswl3r
.Admiuisjtrator'sj sale.
IN aceordonce with and under powor vested
by the las will acd tealamentof Alexander
McUrefcor,lteof llergart county,, but nor de
ceased, I will effer for sale on the premises ia
Vintoa county, Ohio, on , ' '
Friday, 6th day of July, ISGG;
atone o'clock P. M., tne following desoribed
real estate, the property of the slid Alexander
McGregor, deceased, to wit:
AU of Section No. Twenty three (S3), in
Township No. Eight (S), of Uauge No. Sixtoen
nS)whuhlios on tbe west aide of Raccoon
Creek, containing 256 acres, more or less.
Poeaenrion given on day of sale.
Terras cash. ENOCH llOUGn,
Admr. de bonis non, euro test, annex, of Al
exander MoGrogor, duu'd. juo7l5
ftli(i S-
GBAY-I1F.ADED people liava thoir locks re
stored hy it to tho dark, lustrous, ailkeu
tresses of youth, and are happy 1
Young people, with light, laded or red hair,
have these unfashionable colors changed to a
beautiful auburn, aad rejoice 1
People whose heads are covered with a" and
ruff and humors, use is, and have clean coats
and clear and healthy Bcalpa !
Bald-headed yeterans havo their remaining
lock tightened, and the bare spo'a covered
with a luxuriunt growth of hkir, and dance lor
joy I
loung gentlemen tieo it because it Is richly
porfumed I
Young ladies tiso- It because it keops tLeii
Lair In idaco 1
Everybody must and will UN It, because It is
tho clonest and best article in tho market 1
Tor Sale by Druggists Generally.
From Hor . Wairon Chano, tho Ltcluror.
My hair and whiskers have been many years
gray. ''Ring's Vcgotablo Ambrosia" has re
stored both to their original color, blaok.anj
covered tho bald newt oi the top of my head
with a fine growth of block Lair. I havo ov
oral friends who have used it with the tame
results, and I cordially- rocominoud it as one of
the few medicines that will do what its labols
and ciro liars claim for it.
October. 1865. Warren Chase.
E. M Tubbs & Co., Proprietors, Peterboro'
Now Hampshire.. A B Merriam & Co., Whole
sale Agents, Ciuclnniiti, Ohio. Dr J 8 Strong,
Agont, McArthur, Ohio. ' mnySl-ly
Empire Shuttle Sewing Machines
Are superior to all others for
, ... PDSES.
CONTAIN all the latest improvements; are
spocdy ; noiseless ; durable; and cavy to
Illustrated Circulars free. Agents wanted.
Liberal' discount allowed. No consignment
Address, EMPIRE S. M. CO., 588 Broadway,
New York. aacq may31y -
'; . by
Order of Frobate Court.
In Pbodats Oocktj
James Cibboni, administrator 1 ' Petition
of tho estate of Artor Eggle-1
ston, deceosod, plaintiff, to
va - .
S C Eggleston ot al defendants. J fc'ell , Land.
PURSUANT to an ordorofsale made in th
above eauso on the 24th iay of May, 1866,
granted by the said Probate court within and
for the said county of Vinton, I will offer for
sale as ench administrator as aforesaid to tbe
highest bi dder at public auction, on '
Saturday, Jnly 7th, I860, -
At one o'clock In the afternoon at the door of
tho Court-house, in MoArthur, the following
described real estate as he property of Arter
Eergleston, deceased, situated ir. the county of
Vinton, and State of Ohio, to-wit :
Being the northwest comer of the east half
of the aoutnwest quarter ot Koonon Number
86 thirty-six; Township Numbor (11) eioven,
Range Number (13) sixteen, In the Ohio Com
pany Purchase, bounded as follows: Beginning
at the northwest corner of the said laud and
running south forty-oight rods; thence east for
ty rods; thence north forty-eight rods; thence
west forty rods to the beginning corner; con
taining F 1 21 twelve acfeB.
Also la-lot No. (1) one in tho village of New
1' jymontn , as tne same is numbered and desig
nated on the original recorded plat of said vil
lage.' ' ' '
Appraised first dssci bed tract, or 12 acm,'
at $500,00; second do. do. or Iu-lot No. l,at
f JW,W. 1 .
Terns of Sale : One third cash la hand on
day of sale; one-third in six months, with In
terest, ana remaining third in twelve months,
with interest, and mortgage on premises. So .d
to secure deferred payment. ,
'. . el tne estate of Alter Eggleston,
' Joseph J. McDowell, att'y for petitioner.
June 7, 1866. w5 . '
Pianos. Any of ottf ladies wish
ing to buy or rent pianos, and let the rent
pay lor tnetnv can oDiam me same at manu
facturers prices, by calling on me, when I
will ex nLilu urioes and terms.
' , . M.K8r Rutu C. Brattok.
S" ;.
WISHES to Inform the citizens of Vintoa
county that he intend to remain In Mo
Arthur but a few month longer, and all per
sens desiring pictures of an kind or else, will
do well to scoerw them soon. . i
He iaalillln possession of all tbe modern fa
cilities for producing Photogrtphs a . ,
-. .. '
having all the accuracy and perfection of card
picture. Syecial atleutbn will be given to
small Daguerreotypes. Air.brotvpes, . Photo
graphs or any other pictures, to any reqnired
size suitable tor framing, and colored in oil or
wator culors, if dtsirod.
Don't wait ti l It is too lute, but come wow I
No ono eli-o in this part - of the State will ever
po to the trouble anderpense of preparing '
himself for making all kinds of pictures, and
enlarging them to 'any size. Ilia prei nt stock . .
of albums and gold p lis will be solo, very low.
Death, memorial and Marriage certificates
with places for Photographs in them for sale.
Pictures of all kinds framed to otdor, at the
Photographic Rooms of
j14tf , C. J. BILLINUUUK8T.
. . -i ' . j
t OI Til ,
Devoted to Constitutional Liberty.
--AND- ...
General Welfare of. the Whole
Country, .
Equal Rights and Sovereignty ef the States,
. and tho Personal liberty of tho citizes.
against attacks from any and
all qnartorH. ,, ,
17E dull oppoto all Uburpation of power,
V V and shall over insist upon the ontire sub
ordination of the military to the civil author '
itios. We aie opposed to nogro suffrage, and
tho Radical Republican design oi creating ne
gro Slates in the South, with nogro Governors
and negro Congressmen, &a. We are in favor
of all .ho Statos boing in tho future, as in the
past, exclusively under white direction and
control, and are opposed to any admixture with
Inferior and subordinate races -
We are in favor of a liberal and genorous '
policy towards the States with whom the Fed
eral Government has been at war. since It Is '
only In that manner that the troubles of the
past tan be effaced, the Union restated, and
the neoliouscver tiuly fraternize togotber.
As A Family Journal,
The Enquirer Is surpassed by nono, and should
bo a welcome visitor to the family of the Mer .
chaut, tbeFaimer, aid thf Mechaalc, contain-
ing as it dooB the Latest and moat Reliable In
telligence, Gondral News, acdinteresting read
ing mattor.
. the- 1 ;'; '
Financial and Commercial Det
Of the Enquirer, as wilTbeseon, isnot Ita least
rucuiumunaauon to puano favor. An unusual
othrr markets, making It an invaluable friend
ijw f uiiuuidmuu -uorvuanii
One venr. navabla In mAtwnA ..M Art -
Six mouths, payable In advance..' ('.SO 1
uio mdui iwjaoie in advance, ,
Oae month payable in advanoe,.... ...... 1,85 '
Ono copy, one year...... ....t4,00
Oue copy, six moBihs,. 100
Single copy, one year,-.' .... .3,00
Single copy, six months --i 1,25
Ten copies, oue year, (with- an addit
ional copy to getter up of Club,)-.20,00 '
Money may be sent at onr risk by Express, .
( prepaid,) or In registered letters by mall. Por
sums over ton dollars sent by mail, drafts or P.
0. money orders ahonld be procured. Address,
""Specimen copies sent on application. jeI4tt ('
SOA A MONTUl-Agents wanted for aixen
JJ tirely new artiolee, just ouU Address .
0. T. Gabet, City Buildinj, Biddeford, Me. .
InneTiawl v '
9Innhood;how Lost, how Restored '
jlfcj. "I P8T published, a new edition of
fj Dr. Culverweli's Celebrated Ea
Sfev"3tsay on the radical cure (without '
ftfmiiisiiial medicine) of Spermatorrhoea," or '
seminal Weakness, Involnatary Semlnel Loasea '
Impotontcy, Montal land . Physical Incapacity,
Impediments to m&rnage oto.; alae.Conaump.
tion, Epilepsy, and Fits, induced by . seif-lndul-.
gence orVectual extravagance. ".;''"
l Pric In a sealed envelope, only ( centai !
The celebrated author in this admirable essay
elearly demonstratesv from a thirty years sue-
cessful practice, that tbe alrrming consequenoea.
of self-abuse may be radically eared without ,
the dangerous use of Internal medicine or the '
application of the knife pointing out a mode'
of cure at once simple, certain, and effectual, by '
mean of which every sufferer, no matter what '
his condition may be, may ear himself cheaply .
privately and radically.
BT This lecture should be in the hands ef
every youth and every man in tbe land.
Sent, undor seal, In a plain envelope, to any ,
address, poet pold, on receipt of six oents, or
two post stamps. Address the publishers,
CllAS. J.C. KLINE a, CO., 187 Bowery, K.
Y., Post Office bx 4, 586. ' '
County Examinations, i ' '
THE Board of School Examiners of Vintoa''
Ceunty will hold bat one meeting in each of!
the summer months, vlx: npon the first 8tur
dayin Jane.-July and August. ' Meetings at ,
union ecoooi nouse, MOArtnnr.
'J.j. McDowell, cierk.
JOB PRINTING executed i with tsatrMsa:
and dispatch at the Bxcobv effloe, ' BnW '
ton' Building, one door east of Court Hoars
(rp stairs.). - - - '
. . rt.. . .. . : . I ,. 1.,- !i I

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