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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, June 28, 1866, Image 3

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Officii. Orgun of Vinton County.
W -4diirtrtiSHf- to appears Thurt
iay morning, mutt be handed in not later
than Tueiiaf evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
M, K. CncscH. -Preaching Sabbath at bulf
pat ten o'clock, A. it., and half-past bix
o'clock, P. M. Stbhath febcol, S P. M.
Pkkbttxrian Cornell. -Fervicesat 11 o'cl'k
A. m., and 6 o'clock r. m. Subbath School at 9
o'clock a. m. every Sabbath. .
Christian Chckcb. Services at 11 o'clock a.
K , every Rahbath.
. .. , .-FOR THE ,
Wawilt furnish the VINTON RECORD
for tbe coning campaign, ( being live months ,)
until after tbe fall election, for the amall sum
We turn been to conslleruble expense re
cently In purchasing now typ and printing ma
terials for tbe Biookd ; therefore, it U n ow
Incumbent upon the Democracy throughout tbe
entire couaiy to give us their united support.
Let every subscriber coos Idor himself aoom
mittee of one, especially appolnttd, to eocure
at lout ONE new subscriber to the pnpor, and
our success will be placed beyond a poradven
ture. . 1 , i
ltlie dutj yon owe the causo of Ocnslitu
Uonal Liberty, that yon should preserve indis
aerainating tbe true doctrine, upon which our
Government waa founded, and which must
preserve ns a united, happy and prorperods
)eople. 'Ihenlut your watchword be
Circulate the Record!
Thanks To Hon. II. S. Bundy,
M. C, fur public documents received.
Hon. John Siierman will accept
our thanks. for favors received. . .
We are now prepared to do Job
work with neotnefseiiu' c!ii atch. Givo us
a Call.
We direct . the attention cf our
readers to the card of Dr. Monroe in snoth.
r column. Every lady in Vinton county
should have this recipe.
"Attention! 100 Dollars Boun-
TT I wish to aay to all Veterans that I can
now got you each e One Hundred-Dollar Bond,
for your credit asVetoran to your respective
Townahine. Attend to thla at onco.
jVJtf K. A. BRATTON, MeArthur, 0.
Attention Koldies 1 1 1 More
Bountixs I By a date law of Congress, all
Soldlors who have not received a bounty equal
to f S.3t per r.-onth during tbe time of service
in th. army or navy, are aw entitled to that
1 will ettend to the collodion of thoso oluims
for all who may favor n e with a call.
jeM''-" K. A. BRATTON, MoAithur, 0.
SMALL-rox in the town of Jack
son is on the decline. Su says the jStand
ard'. Fire. The residence of Mr. John
Pea roe, one mile West of this place, was
partially destroyed by fire on Tuesday even
ing a . His household effects wwe luck
ily all saved.
Ma'soVic Celebration. The Ma
son Celebration, which came off at Wilkes
ville, on Saturday last, we learn, was well
attended and a complete success.
Some malicious person orpersons
destroyed the garden of Air. F. J. Heseltine,
in Zoleski, oje day last week. '
Wk learn that a pic-nic and ball
is to come off at Richmondale, Ross co.,
on the fourth,
; We learn, just as wo go to press,
that a slight skirmish took place on JWain
street, one night this week. No lives were
lost, ttlthotrgh it is said shots were exchang
ed. .
Drunkenness and profanity seem
to'be on the increase in tnis. place. Is there
no remedy for these evils?
. Qcr friend E. D. Dodge started
on a a visit to the far West, on Tu esday
A pleasant "hop" camo offat tho
residence of M'. Isaminger, at Rk Arthur
Station, on Tuesday evening last.
' Horse Steal.no. A man by the
name of Cooper was arrested near Raysville,
in ..this county, charged with stealing a
hone, and lodged iu jail at this place.
-t Attention it called to the notice
ol dissolution of partnership of Messrs.
B ration 6c itfavo, Attorneys at Law, . ;
The contract for sinking the Ar?
tesian well, in the Court-house yard, in this
place, ss awarded to Mn.Sitts ,of. this
county, at 2.40 per foot.
i The store of Spencer . & Co., in
Berlin, Jackson1 coonty. Ohio, was robbed
on last Friday night. ' What money was
left la the drawer, and several hundred dol
lars worth of goods, was taken, ' ' '
PkofA A. lH. Will, we under
stand, in the absence of Trof. Hill, has gone
into the fine art profession, to-wit bouse
and fence painting, bump-ology, &c. He
can be found at his office pn niarket.it., one
door South Mr. Llllibridge's tailoring estab-
lisbmenUV'Qiva him a call. . For. further
particulars; se Large Bills."
The' : Giloriotj8 : Fourth. No
preparations, as yet, have been made by our
citiiens for celebrating the coming Fourth
of uly. , Wis. hope an effort will be made at
once to. get' op a real old-faahidrfed celebra
tion a regular patriotic jubilee.
.!.!:.: ii. ) : .i .1 v..-r
W. learn that Mr;F; -tj Hesel-
rirSe arrd Layton,;who were Wasted on
a charge e)f petit larceny by 'Mr Leonard
Lawson. wived a trial before Esquire Xlli
son, of Madisoaf township, ttfid entered into
bonds for their sppearance at the next term
of Vinton Common Pleas,
We are sorry to learn that our
friend C.J; Billinghurat, photographist, has
gone td Columbus to remain during the
summer. .We understand that he is to be
engaged in enlarging - photographs to 1 1 . e -aim
in hi nnn field of oneratinim. VV.
can recommead Mr, B. to the citizens of
our Capitol viy as a gentleman in every
way wormy oi weir support anu consiuera
lion." '-'' " . : , - -
The residence of Mr. James H.
Darling, nea, Jackson, was destroyed by
fire one day last week. Mr. Darling lost
nts neaiin in tne army, snd now this mis-
tune leaves huu in destitute circumstances.
A temperence movement is on
foot in U. town of Jjrksnn.' A similar
movement is much needed iu this place.
There aro thirteen iron furnaces
in ackaon county, which, we are informtul,
w ill go into blast the preset t summer.
Tub St. Mary's Academy, in Sum
mersett, Perry county, was destroyed by
tire a short tune sido. Loss O'D OUO'
The Republican Congressional
Convention will be held at Portsmouth)on
the 8th day of A lie net. The basts ol re pre
seutatioii will be one delegate lor each 300
votes ca6t lor Uov. Vox.
Cure for Cholera. The follow
inir storw is at crnrse imnnrtprl
A physician who was not vety familiar
witn tne symptoms or me remedies inr -.the
cholera, wai railed in to prescribe lor a
cobbler who believed himself suffering from
the epidemic He told him to take certain
remedies, and called again next day, when
he was informed that Crispin wa cured ;
in fact so well was he, he had gone to woik.
''Indeed." said the doctor. '-that ia wpII
you see my prescription has answered ad-
"Not so ! "they answered, "he would not
take the medicine.' .
"Indeed; I what (hen did he do V
"Took a bottle of Roback's Stomach Bit
ters !"
Those knowing themselves to be indebted
to the firm of W. E. it A. W. Brotton, for
subscriptions, job work and advertising, are
requested to call at my office, adjoining the
Record office, and settle the same without
delay, otherwise their accounts will he
placed in the hands of an officer for collection.
June 2'.-5w.
Do you want to know, where to
ftot everything In tbe Drug lino, at tho very
owost price? Go to the Drug Store o' U. W
Sifson, and you will find, everything that you
teed, Ho takes great oare o procure puro Medt-cines-that
can bo relied on and tho best
Wines, Brandies, &c , sritroTLY .for Medical
Tne attention of rhysiclBns, part'cnlarty, is
called :o a large assortment of Niehol's prepar
ations, known to bo tho most reliable Medicines
manufactured In this county, which will be
sold to Physicians at 15 per conj. on the manu
facturer prico
An Honest Confession.
In the debate in the Senate on
the Tariff Bill, a Eepublican Unit
ed States Senator from Michigan
said: -
"Mr. Chandler said that the free
list waB made up so as to favor New
England. Fertilizers were exempt
from the tax: they were not used
in the North-west. Thrashing-machines
were taxed : they were not
used in New England.
"Mr. Fessenden said that was a
great mistake.
"Mr. Chandler said that he had
traveled all over New England, and
had never seen a thrashing-machine
there. They used the old-fashioned
flail altogether,"
If it suits New England to have
an article on the free-list, it is put
there; and if it is more for her in
terest to have another article heav
ily taxed, it is also done. The
whole policy of the Government is
now fof her benefit. .
An Honest Confession. Commercial.
Cincinnati Wool Market.
For the Month Ending June 1, 1866.
Medium 45 to 50
Fine fiO to 65
Extra -. '55 to 62
' Receipts arc beginning to come 'forward.
Prices very firm. Stocks in the Eastern
markets at flie present time much reduced
Demand active. ' . ....
We would caution our friends making
purchases of wool in the country, not to
be over sanguine as to future prices, basing
their views on the present aspect of the
market; for notwithstanding "wool Is said
to be tho lowest commodity on the market,
other commodities are as likely to come
down to. meet the price ol wool, as it Is to
take an upward turn to meet the prices of
other articles, w ooicn goods are very dull
of sale, stocks of both Imported and do
mestic are heavy and accumulating ; and
while in view of making early sales, the
recent temporary advance in gold ; and
light stocks of wool eastward, are pleasant
to contemplate, they might prove unprofi
table if taken as a basis for purchasing with
a view to selling during the summer and
fall months, after wool has commenced go
ing forward in quantity. ..
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McARTHUR, O., June 21, 1866.
Apples, (dried,) $3 00 , Beeswax 23
Butter ".12al5
Beans 3 00
Chickens..'....-! 65
Ooflee) .v .. 80a85
Cod Fish 1X
Flour.... 14 00
Lard".'.. 20
Onions. 1 00
Fork 8a 20
Cheese 25
Eggs- ... I3jj
Mackerel.. 12
Fe ethers 50a60
Leather BOaS
Molasses 75
Peaches,(dried) CO
Eice UJi
Salt S 25
Sugar IBaSO
Flax v
15' TlrtiOthv....'..:. 8 50
1 SOiTalloir ..v 13
W r
8 00
McArthur Grain Market.
Wheat, old Rod-y.l4j0
Dl Wnite.'"M.. 50
NewKed..i.2 00
Hew White- i 10
Kj e 4m f.y- o
Hny 'U.$00
Shelled Cdrn "i 69 '
0ata'4.....iy j 50
Barley 60
New York Produce Market.
Reported by Fimtom, Fitibibald A Tsioz,
Bincti rorduce commlaaion Merchants, No.
so, n uiteuaii ai. a. I.
New York Produce Market. NEW YORK June 19, 1866.
Flocb, per barrel 7 iOalS 00
Wbia, per bushel 1 75a 3 75
Cobn, per buthel 80a 87
Uat per bushel, SOa 70
Kn, per bushel; t 94a 1 80
Baklit, per bushel 80a 1 -JO
WMsroBK.per bane!, JO J030 9
Lard, per 'pound, ita S3
iJuiTia, per pound, Stfa 40
liiiiaE; per pound, .. " 16a 20
Eooa, per dozen, 17a 2i
New York Produce Market. NEW YORK June 19, 1866. Special Notices.
AURNTS. Pfldlnm. r.r.nnt. Ht,..,. n.,...
gUt, and all aeekingaa honorable and profitable
uubiucbb, ito vj maji ior eo cis.; wnoiesale
(9 per -dor. Canvassers realise fi. toli per
ABBOTT & DOWD. Uannfuc'nrera. 19
Watur-Bt., N" Y. May,2t4w.
- .s mi . i m wm . . . n
forty different styles, adapted to BrtoroJsrid
secular niuatd.' fnr tun tn than v;
Gold and Silver Medals, or othor flint promiunu
uru8u mem. I'inatraied cataioguca ires. Ad-
s UAMLIN.lioaton or MASON
DDiirnir,.-im m . . .
DuuiutM, new lorit. seplf ly
Errors -of Vnmli.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervoua Debility, Tremature Decay, and all
theeffects of youthful Indiscretion, will, for
take of suffering humanity, send free to all who
neeu it, mo receipt ana directions for making
the aiinnla tRmndv hw whtoh 1,a w.a .n..J
--- J J "J VU.VU.
ennurera wiahina ta nvrtSt hi IhA 1vArt;UAa
opviiouug, vaa uvbu uj auureaa ng .. u .
tiutm is. UUUtlN,
Jell-lr. No, 13 Cbambera 6t., N. Y.
Strange but True.
Evorr ronrnr lad and arentleman in the
Unitd States can hear somethinir ver mueh
t their advantaee br return mail, free of
cjarge, ny addr'SHing lie undersigned. Those
naving auy loars or Delng numbugied will
bilge by not noticing this oard. All othora
will plonte address their obedient servant,
luun r . ,ua ru AW,
jell-ly. 831 Broadway, N. Y
JL XNCK of an invalid.
Published as a benefit and a a caution to
V A T vf f 1 uvu A A,iM aulin ..4n t-.
debility, premature decay of Manhood, dec,
Bttpplying at tboaame time The veani of L-
finuV Ittf n.. .1,11 ,na n.. .. I .A
dorgoingeonaiderable quackery. By enclosing
vw v. vua.Nu, III., VD ll.U VI .UOUlUUr.
Kings 00., Now York. febl-ly
To ConsuruptivA.
The sdverlisr. hnvlnir been restored to haal tb
In a few weeks by a very simple remedy, after
having suffered for several years with a severe
lung alfectlon. and that dread disease. Con-
nnmptiou Is anxious to make known to hit
uuow-eutlorers the means or cure.
To all who dotire it, he will " s copy of
the proscilptton Ubod, free of cuarge, with the
directions fi r preparing and using tbe tame,
which ihey will find a sure cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, CougJis, Adda, and
nil Throat and Luna Affections. The onlv ob
ject of the advertiser in send ng the Prescrlp-
! . - I .111' . 1 1 . ..
nun m to ucnouv vuo amieiea ana rpreaa inror
mation which he conceives to be invaluable,
and he hoper every sufferer will try hieremedy,
as it will cost them nothing and may prove a
rartios wishing tne I nscription, tttii,by
return mail, will please address,
, K6V. tUWAtlJ A. W'.LBON,
William iburph, Kings Co., N.Y.
January 11, 1366-ly.
Sewing Maoh
PEK -YEARI We Want agenta ev
ervwhere to sell our Imoroved 120
g Machines. Three new kinds. Under
and urper food. Sent en trial. Warranted
five yenf. - Above salary or large oom missions
paid. TIioonlt machines sold in the United
mates for less than 40 dollars, which are fully
Ireenpel by Howe, Whealer & Wilron, Qrover
& Bakor Singer & Co., and Baohelder. All
olher cheap machines are Infringements and
the seller or iter are liable to arrest, fine and
imprisonment: Illustrated circulars sent free.
Call upon or ad lie, 8haw & Clark, at Bidds
ford, Maine, or Chicago, III. jnne7-lswly
Manufacturers of Photographic
In addition to our main business of PHOTO
GRAPHIC MATERIALS, we are Headquarters
for the following, viz :
Stereoscopes & Stereoscopic ,Yiews
Of American and . Foreign Cities and Land
scapes, Groups, Statuary, oto.
Stereoscopic Views of the War,
From negatives made In tbe various campaign?
and forming a complete Photographic history
of the grei.t contes
Stereoscopic Views on Glass,
Adapted for oithor the Magic Lantern or the
Bteroscope. Our Catalogue will be sent to any
address on receipt of Stamp.
Photographic All u ms.
. We manufacture more largely than any other
house, about 200 varieties from 50 cents to $50
onch. Our ALBUMS haie he reputation of Do
ing superior la beauty and durability to any
Card Photographs of Generals,
w Statesmen, Actors, etc,, etc.
OufCalalogae embraces over FIVE TIIOUS
AN Different subjects, including reproductions
of the most celebrated Engravings, Paintings.
Sta'ues, cto. Catalogues sent on receipt of
Stamp, f " '
.Photographers and others ordering goods' C.
O.D., will please remit 25 per eent of the
amount with their order. ' -
9Tbe prioia and quality of our goodscan
n ot fail to satisfy. x, . Juneai,'66-ly.
To the
People of
.. County!
Loom Complete for $50.
I AM exornsive owner of the right to manu1
faoture and sell the above Loom in Vinton
County. Specimens can be seen at all times st
the residenoe of James Bobbins, one mile east
of MeArthur. I purchased this loom in Maroh
las and Trn mediately oonstruoted one, which
has given the moat oomprete satisfaction. Per
sons having weaving to do, will eonsnlt their
own interests by calling and seeing this loom,
and examining spooimeus of Its production.
- It will weave Satlnetts, Casslmsrs, Ridged
Cassimers, Four-leaf Jeans, Blanket Twills,
Plain Cloth, Seamless Sacks, ao,
The cspaoity of this loom, for ease of opera
tion, speed, ch is equal, if not superio'to any
yet invented, f It oaljr needs to be seen to rec
ommend itself. - n25w5 JOHN JtOBBlNS.
a i-.1 r l..
IlW-flft-.n-M larga I J T
Miter pure ior iw wj
I oent Itaoir.
TheXationoX Lispentary, established 1859.
SIX years of unrivalled aucccis in the etre of
svsry forn of private disoaee incldont to
either sex.
- We nfallibly cuie 8yphillis, Gleet, Gonor
rhasa, Impotency, Nocturnal and Dinrnal Em
Lwions .ccmplainU peculiar to females, and ev
ery form ol rrlvate disease of whatever namo
or nature. Spermatorrhois or Self-abuse, that
easily and speedily enred and every trace of ila
terrible effects eradicated from the system,
without detention from bisiness. - Young men
bear this in mind, that we are in possession ol
the Secret Receipts und methods of practice of
Cnlverwell.Lallomand, Utinter, Volpeao, Son.
KirOrd ft.n.1 fttlmi rvrtfat 1 irtita In It
cal science; for it is a fact of the vory greatest
iiuiiui-ouca, ana we woniu asx any man or a
erarra commnn una. Thnw ... tl.a ilu.nun.i i
one shallow pretenders of the day, with their
iov'jio nmuwioni rcmeuios nppo locorapeto witJi
ust '
Ye uufortuuate, ere trusting yoar health and
money to hoartlops eharlltans, at loBt write to
via. uaciaon, uqroeride t;o.,wiio win at once
return yon a kind, discreet and explicit answer.
Ladles, write for our circular.
Dr. Jackson's Female Monthly Pills,' for Ir
regularities. Price tl porbox.
The Mountain of Light or Medical Trotector
and Marriage Guido, and an explicit koy to
Love And Beantv. Cnntsinlnir nun
100 plates. rWThU Is THE book you want:
pr:ce 30 cents; 8 tor II.
Send for our splendid; circular containing
mtra In nnsnttt.v rnid nf r- m..!.. -
any of the so-called "pamphlots." Rernombor
fruit --a a mtVA aTA I A .
Afinflslall BtflnfrtI in Yia r.ln,. ..... 1.1
consideration, bootuse in tha natore of things
cuuu cin uiners ironi evorr omor
romovw all caUinesa &nd disability, and rejuv
ona.B organs which bavo laia dormant for
many years.
Dr. .fttt'L'fiMi'it T-Anr7i Vntt yr.,i. .c.s
' - units UUIU (H'Cj
is perfectly safe and never fails to ffive sniiitYue-
svssa 4tn tug viuy DUIU HUU BttIO PrOVOQCUUTQ
ntrnfriftf nnrtf vntln fltaAnnA t. . j
a. va i ci K)mcj VVVS 1 U V Oil IVU
Frice l each, per half dozen ft, and nor doz
en T. sent by mail.
Inebriates or Modorn Drinkors who desire to
reform, bnt hftrA ftninrl t. rlt-tti...-. n
j . . aw uuuuu l W JUttniU,
can wholly eradicate all ddriri for any k'nd of
tmuur, uj imng ur iicroeri '4 Anti-AIooljolio
Com DOU nd . an unfiiilfntr tamaAv
once; write for particulars.
meuicine anu instiuctions sent promptly to
anv nart rif ths rnnntv Pn.nh:n.. t.... .r
.no viBfrouimiv, u. ioi cyonraoro street, Cin
cinnati, O. r. 0. Box, Ko. 4SU. ' Send for cir
cular. iuncTv
V.. Tt XT. e
Dr. J. 3. STRONG,
Hnjberts Cor Opposite Court-house,
Drugs, jMeclicincs, "
''-' ' ' ' and Chemicals,
FINi5, TOIL T 60Ar8,
MISSES Snpportets, and 8honlder Braces,
Glass, Putty, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, and
Dye Stuffs, etc, Patent Medicines of every va
riety. Paper, Pencils, Porte Monies. Porta Fo
lios, Envelopes and a general variety ol funcy
J Ef E LEY .
N.B. rhysioions Prescriptions carefully
compounded and orders correctly answered: '
Medicines warranted genuine and of the best
quality. April 26, ".S8Ctf
WE coll the attention of tha citixsns o
Yinton county, to the
: N E Wt' F.I It.M ',
" -bp- ;
Wyckoff 8c Kaler's
'. U VAt tBB.OU STASD'OF .'.
Sprague & Wyckoff, MeArthur, O.
Where hey kocp on hand every vsrioty cf fur
niture, consisting tt
Chairs, t ' ' ' "
Crib$ "'
r ,. ; Safes,
. ' ' - Stands.
, ' '''' Tables,
' And every thing in the furniture line.
Which they will sell cheaper than tho cheap
est. Coffins always on hand and sold twenty
five per oent cheaper than any other estaoliih
men tin the Stat of Ohio. Also, window Sash
oa hand for salt lew for cash. ' Jan. 18-6m
AdTcrtis hi th KFX'ORI. ;
Administrator's Kale
- r
IN accordence with and under powar vested
1 by the last will and teaUment of Alexander
UcUrc)Or,Iate of llorgan oounty, but now de
ceased, I will off.tr for sale on the prbmlsea la
Vinton county, Ohio, on
Fridaij,(Jth day of July, 1SG6,
at one o'clock P. M., the Vdiowing desorihod
real estate, the property of the Siid Alexander
McGregor, deceased, to wit:
All of Seouon No. Twenty three (S3), in
Township No. Eight (S); of'Uairga.No. Stxteen
(14), whr.h lies on the west aide of Raoceon
Creek, containing 25t acre, more or loss.
l'ussestdon given on day of sale.
Terms ciu-h. ENOCH I10UGTT,
Admr. He bonis non.cum tost, annex, of Al
exander McGregor, dee'd. junT'.S
k i iv a s
GRAY'-IIEADED people have their lockn re
stured by it to tho dArk, lustrous, nlken
tresses of youth, and are happy I
Young people, with light, hided or rod liair,
have these unfashionable ooli.ra changod to a
beautiful auburn, ab-1 rejoice 1 - -
Peoplo whoso heads are covered v.-Ilh dand
ruff and humors, use I;, and have clean coats
and clear and healthy sculps I
Bald-headed yoterana havo thoir lemaining
locks tightened, nnd tho bare apo a covurod
with a luxuriant growth of hair, aud duneo tor
Young gentlemen uso it because it is richly
perfumed 1
Y'oungladios uso it because lt-koona thcli
hair in place I
Everybody mustand will hfo il, boccusc it is
the cluncst und best srtiilo in thu.mrltct !
For Sale by Druggists Generally.
Fiojix Ho' . Warren Cham, the Lecturer.
My hair ami whiskers Imvo been many years
gray. ' King's Vcgi'tiiblo Ambrosia" has re
stored boih in their original color, black, and
covered tho baldness oi tho top of my head
with a film growth of black l air. -1 havo sev
eral frionds who havo usod it with tha s.mo
results, and I cordially ruconirnvnd it as ono of
mo tow mcuicinoa tht will - Jo what its lube Is
and tiro ilars oluim for it.
October. H63. Waeri; Tiiasi!.
E. M Tubbs t Co., Proprietors, -fetorboro'
Sow llampshiro. A B Morrium A Co., Whole
sale Agonts, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J S Strong,
Agont, McAtthurj Ohio. ' ' . - nuiy3I-ly
. .
Empire Shuttle Sewing Machines
Are superior to all othr3ra'fr
POSES. COKTAlNnll tholatost improvements; ere
speedy ; noiseless ; durablo; and en.y to
Illustrated Circulars freo. Agents wanted.
Liberal discount allowed. lSo consipni:.out
Address, EMPIRE S..M. CO., 5S6 Broadway,
Kcw York. aaco muy31y
Order of Frobatc Court.
James Gibbons, sJministrator 1 Peritlo'rr
ot tho cstute of A rtor tgglo
ston, decoused, pluiutif
of tho cstute of ArtorEgglo-l
vs I
S C Eggletton et al defendants. J "Sell Land.
PDRbUA-NT to an order of side made iu tb
above cause on the 24th Any of Mny, IS66,
granted by the said Probate contt within end
tor the said county of Yinton, I will offer for
solo as such administrator as aforesaid to Clio
highest bidder at publio auction, on - - - - -f
: , Saturday, July 7tli 1800,
At one o'clock iu the attornoon at thi door of
tha CYnrt-house. la McArtimr, tlie) following
dexcribed real eMat a he propsrty of Artcr
Kirgleston;:docaseu. i tested in the oounty of
Vinton, and 8rf of Ohio, to-wit ! . v -
Boing the nortLwost corner of the east half
of the southwest quarter ot Seolion Numbor
136 hirty six; 't'owuship humbor(ll) eleven,
Kangc Number (13) sixteen, in the Ohio Com
pany Pnrcrinfo, bounded as follows: Boginnina
at tne northwest corner of the said laud and
rnnning south forty-eight rods; thence east for
ty rods; thopce north forty-eigbt rods; tbenoe
west forty rods to tbo beginning corner; con
taining 12 twelve acres.
Also In-lot No. ( I ) one in (ho village of New
PI) month, as the same Is numbered and desig
nated on the original recorded plat of said vil
lage. .... .
Appraised first desci bed tract, or 12 aero-.,
at f 500,00; second do. do. or In-lot Nd.l, at
fSTOjW. i ' '
Ter ns of S,U : One third cash in hand on
day of sale; one-third In six months, with in
terest, and remaining tnird in twelve months,
wroi interest, and mortgage on premises.. Bo-.d
to secure deferred payment. - . -.
' the estate of Artor Egglcston. :
Joseph J. McDowell, att'y for petitioner.
. Jnne 1, 13uS. ' w3
Pianos. Any of our ladies wish
ing to bny or rent nlnno; nntl lot tho irnt
my for them, can obtnin the ?nmc nt mantH
faoturers prloes. lij'TftlHnji onnic, when I
will explain pTlees and terms.
Mn. Kith C. Brattox.
S . ft ; Lrrwt
" tfr a. 9 io
- 'JJ : .0
s w ' H
9 ,
WISI1E3 to Inform the citiaeni of Vinton
county that he intends to remain in Mo
Arthur but a few months longer, and allper
rens desiring pictures of any kind or size, will
do well to won re them soon. . . , .,. .
L'e ia still in possession of al) the modern fa
cilities for produoing Plio;ogrpLs as , .
' . . . . s
having all the anracy and perfection of card
pictures. Special aticntbu will be given (0
- , -AKD-; . '
smnll Dii'gncrreotjrpjs. An.broUpes, Pboto
ginplu or any othor pictures, to auy . required
rti miti.blo lor framing, and colored iu oil or
water (nlors.'if desired.
Don't v. uit ti I it Is (00 lite, hut come now I
No one else In this part of the State will over
so to tho trotihlo and e) pens of preparing
himself for making all kinds of pictures, and
enlsririiiir them to any sizn. Hie present stock
of albums sad gold p ns will be sold very low.
Dcsth memorials and Marrlago- certificates
with places fir Photographs in them for sale. '
I'btnresof all kinds framod to oiilor, at tW
Phntoirruphio Kooms of
jollif C. J. BILLINGllUr.ST.
-cr tiie
a ro pul An
JOL11XAL, 1 ,. j
Devoted to Constitutional Liberty
General "WelAiro of the Whole
' Country, . 'I
l , ' : -: . 'ur ' ' ti i
Equal Hights snd Soveroigny of ' the Suios-,'
4 nd tho Personal libnrty ol tho citii'; , 1
Muiubt nttucks from any srut , . ;
nil qr.artgrs. , ,
VTJEsluil oppero sll usurpation' of power,
V V and shall over insist upon the entire sub
ordination of the military to the civil author
ities. Wo are opposed to nogro euffrug, snd.
tho Radical Kepublican design ot creating net
gro States In tl.o South, with nogro Govornors
nnd r.ogro Congressman, &c. We sre In favor
of all :lio States being In the future, ns In tho
past, exclusively nnJor white direction and
control, snd are opposed to any admixture with
Interior und subordinate races . . . ...
We are in favor of a liberal nnd gonoroni
poli(7 towards the States with whemtheFod
crul Government has been ' at war, sines it is
only iu that mannor that the troubles of the
past can bo educed, the Union restored, sud
tho soctionsevcr twJy fratornuo together. .
As A Family Journal,
The Enquirer is surpassod by nono, snd should
be a welcome visitor to tbe family of the Mer
chant, tho Fuimer, and th Mochuaio, contain
ing as it does the Latest and most KelSablo In
tolllgenoe, General Nows, and interesting read-'
ing matter. . . .. . , . a
Financial and Conmmial Deyt
Of the Enquirer, as will bo seen, Is not its loast
rocommendAtion to publio favor. An unusual
large space is dovotod to full and rallsblo re
ports of tho rnlino lirlnna nt ,1,1. nn.l
. - . .. 9 ...vu. v. ..us L ijt
otlKT mftrkets. making It an irtvnable' friend
w ittiiutts huu aiorciiftuia.
One year, pnyublo in advnnco, 112,00
Six niontbs, payahlo In advance,.. '. .... ,00
riirco Bontiis, payable in advance,' 8,25
Oue rnouth psyutile in advance,..-
One copy, one year. , ....$4,00
One copy, six months, fii)
Singlo copy, ono . yosr,. ....... .. .... ....3.00
Sinla copy, six niontbs l',2j
Ten copies, oue ycnr (with an addit-
ionul copy to gcttor up of Club,).. 20,00
Money may bo sent at our risk by Express,
( prepaid,) or In Tcgijtercd letters b7 rr,aiU . For
sums over ton dollars sent by mail, drafts or P.
0. money orders should be procured. Address,
. i'AltAX cV; McLEAX, '
SpeoImea oopics sent on application. ' Jel4tt5
Q(f MONTill-Agcnto wanted fqr six en-
'V.v mcij urbiuico, jasb uut. AuurCSn
0. T. Gabet, City pitiilJinz. BidJoford, Ms.
junoTiswIy . n . : a
5Iaiihooa,'ltow Lost, how Restored
V;. T TST published, a now'edition of
it i tl Dr. Culverwell's Celobrated Es
Sjfasay oa thairadloal cure, (without
Oirm ii famodicine) of Spermstorrbo.fr,. i or
lion,- Kpilopsy, and Fits, induced by sdf-indal.
genee or'sectual extravagance. ; i' :i
lif Prico in s, seeled, eitvolope, only ft cents. .
The celebrated author In this admirable essay
oloarly dtmonstrates, from a -Ujiity years sue
cossful practice, that the alrrming consequences
of self--.buss may be radically cured' withrtit
the dangerous use of internal. madUdneo the
application of the .knife pointing Outa.niadB
of euro at once simple, certain, and offootual, by
means of which every sulteref, no matter whs.t
bis condition may be, may cure himself cheaply
privately and radically. i-
. W This lecture should be in the -sanus of
every yonth and every man in tne Uvsd, ': t jn
Sent, under seal, in a plain envolope, to aiiy
address, post paid, on rocoint of six cents, or
two post stamps. - Address the publishers;-
CrlAS. J.C. KLINE a -CO, 137 BowsrV,.
Y., 'ost Office box 4,tS6. I
County Examinations ' ',
rTHE Board of School Examiners p(,;Vjnton
av vouuiy win ooia ont one meeting in eaea of
the immnni tnbntbs, viz: upon the first Sstur
dsv in Juno. July and August. i. Meetings at
Umoti School Douse,' MeArthur. nr.t i,ikit
.june7mS . J.J. MaDOWELXjClrk.
JOB TRINT1NG executed' with 'reatnsss
and dispatch at tbe KiooTtn ofuci,'' Brat
ton'aHuildicgjjOne duorsait otsCcrrrt jllrufc.

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