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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, July 12, 1866, Image 2

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J :v.::.i' 'T.'j.
rs- X iJ
' 4 a aChfe. rf .i.,. Maw
T V r f W ',' eW
I AJ .131 V I
f' "sal-' K": '' '
oIBIcation D: Tuesday. Oct.. i, 1S. ') i
h'' far Secretary 'of Slate,"'' . ' '.
jCJE. BpNJ43liy XeFEVEK,
'''- ' (-Shelby" Connly.' ' '".'.'
I'.uff Jr Supreme- Judo,; i
-''.! 1 . ' . f. UjimiltOB County .i
It :V.
- :!!
r.i i i.utf itrtisnd County;
Platform Adopted at the Democratic
State Convention, Held at
Columbus on the 24th day of
May, 1866.
1. Seiohed, "That the Democracy of Ohio
will adhere in the present nnd in the future,
as in tlie,pftt, with iiiilalt'ring fidelity and
firmness to tilts nn?aniz:itfon'of tha Ik'nio-
settledVinr iplcs. ir nnnnolated iy Thomas
Jefl'enont, tliu great Apostle of Aun'ritan
SHif' V'k,lo;y,ctf,''l,J ao:
ceptedby tlw pArty from the fonh(liitliof
tho Govorrimeat ; and especiaHy; of. -qual;
taxnUoivnd of rcpresentaliou of H States;,
. I . .1 ....1 t ! - .. I L I - .1 .11
r thedait js i)mmieiliU(mlnMMUimd-
rutoratipn of all theH(aU' to the exercise of
all Xjiu&righti within the Federal tiim-
dr thi'Votttitvtion; and that we will cor-
nil nMessamnaproperuieans to carry out
hi pony aa diredtod to1 that end? and.e'j
i w umi ciia?ano.ej
States' frort: wliich it
lion in uie senate unu
tativK to tho eleven 1
it now-niiconsfitoUonaUyraiftl arbttwrily 1
withheld, iinless on the dccrmuliisr condition ,
f inA.;rArtf in iiwi TT..in.n on,r Af
polltleiil and civiteonality enforced or the
jeaerai uovemmenc.
fnfk (a mill nn.11.il1ir nA.AiniMifa tn
pnftiwihectins?, conventions ana at tnc.
polls, with slfmen, without : wferenco to'J
pant .party position, who , honestly and, by
their acts turn votes, as well as dv their pro-
fenslonnnpport tlicirefident in hia policy':
oi reswrouon uanow necjarvu.r
'The Democratic faccutlve . Committee
of tintou County, ili 'piimWof a rc9o-
ty tntisntion'if thja'coinityZ-'Hcld'atlfe-'!
ji'rthur,' bn the 2ist- day -of 'Atit'n'st,' lso?r,;
declarwg- ,; " : " ':'";
Comity Coinentjon, be iuiiiiiM.U( y a
PeCpuyenUo' ( ;
Co hercbv call a DeTrcwte iuuntv Con-.
Vehttfen, to'be beld' at the Court House'j W
MaArthnir,:on ' ,' v ( .-mk:- ftif i -i
'Mcmdfiyi 'iMyr80thl "WSGG
at one o'cloYk Pf., tor the pilriid'e of ae-':
lectins: candidatcs.forthe followiiwrconntvf
office, to be voted for on the second Tues- ;
day of October next; to wit
One Auditor ;-M m -h .'
iVm- Trcmmr, i.-iinj,(;
-..Otit--Clerk f:v ,;;Uh-t u-r.-.
i , t??w Erobate Judge f. ,;
-Qiio Sherifff v: -. n to il-ih'- :
l.Qn& Coroner,. and -.-.i! rf-.-.,.-i
l-iOnd (Jaunty Commissioner,
.. Top Dcmocraoy or tUQiSiiverai
T fc r.
ahW will. therefore meet at the' several .
Pfcc.f 0?inftIO,lVe,")-,;
bettfeen the hours of two and five 'P. M.
and elect delegates to said ConVentioiu 1 1
Morgan,' for (5overnor,. at the last OctobeY
election, and one delegate foreath lractlori ;
oreelwelve votes. . ... .-.: '; v l-v.:.-::
.Tftefollowlnn Is the number of Delegates
ily entitled, vir ' h -.- .... .
'.? I Hk. r. .. .r. . . .i 8 !
to wnicn
Vinton ,
Madison. .
Clinton J.' .
Harrison .
I!' '
- 3
. The Convention will also appoint Dcle
gatea to 'the Congressional, and Judicial
C(jirentions,"TihleH! further notice is given.
' By order of the Committee. . i ! . ;,.':.
D. B. SHIVEL, Sec'y.
r.iThe defeat of i the Italians in Itdr
ly? by the Austrians is said to . be
completel.'i-..i-. u". '; , :: v
-' There are rumors of a revolt' ; in
Cuba to emancipate that country
from: the;. Spanish . rule. Spanish
troops are said to have gone over to
b:J U riaid, that . South American
iiepublics have formed an alliance
to free Cuba from Spain.. I iThe: in,
eiirrection said, to be going pp therp
n probably the fruits of ; ibis: moye-
maHiliJ. hr')?.to-.U Istri J.'.in:;,r
,-b3tneral McClellan -is ! the" only
American officer, or,-, in fact, mili
tary' officer of any,' foreign natioli,
Allowed At the Austrian! Headquar
teil' -.''-' i' inslt lis
1 Brooklyn, oh'the 4th bi July,
aman .'named rVtltz -.-deliherately
fired a musket into'a group of .chil
dren, killing one and wounding two.
Unite for Your Country !
.d..irti6aementPlin,siinpfe andeooml
In all parts of tfie cpiffltrrjUe-
is a perfect union pf thDefflpcra-
cy and Uoageryatm Eepubhcans,
for the purpose of maintaining the
Constitution, and laws in .accord
ance thereto. This is one of the.
bfist'fiigOS.jaf. t)ift times, , .Jjrir-'','r
' We hope. tq. 6e9. our Jrignds ex
tend the right hand of. fellowship
to all citizens who tmiteOwith
us in-'tnamtainin the 'Government;
of 'our Fathers, and who will pledge
themsefyes for . retrenchment and
.reform. At the rate we are-igoing
on in expenditure; the- question of
repudiation of debts will be on' us
: in spite of late. There is hp Ignor
ing tlus fact, to say UQtMjlg of, tfafy
general,, discqutent 'o.the, public
mind at the. course pursued by .the
Rurn Uongress in confiscation! of
thepiroperfcy '(jf our Southern citi
zens' and ge'perat Quality 'laws .in'
regard to tlje races' jn the .Southi-jr
The times., are, discordant out oi
joint- apd unless patriotic men of
all parties wjil uhilie and safe ' vis,1
no'lhJn g short1 of ruin will be ' our
It is. afact,. tjUat in the paatj; thir:;
ty davs manrRepublican . Conven
tions have, broken! up, hot' ! being
able" to 1 nominate: a ticket;!-and
very many have met, and a perfect
union of Democrats and consterva?
tive "mehhaa', (been .formetl, .tmd
they have nominated ! tickets that
are nouhioT tiio field.. iLefc us ;for-
give ' J grievances and; forget
past prejudices, and unite for onr
common;-. gpod;i All: men should
. , . -
COUCltr1 M these, views, asi We . are
all ftjike-interested in a good Govt.
omical. i t.w-. -uw. vi.
Another Radical Manifesto---
Speech of Wendell Phillips.
erea on tiie 4i,n lrist., ceiore an an
i We, pubjish it to, show, exactly wbat"
speech of Ur. Phillips Will vyell re
GfMfdaM'yuhJ, speech of Wendell, rnillips dellV-
ered opi lie,4l,h irist., before An ait-
the' Badicals ar1 ' ai'tnirig at, and
.t.rn.... -l xCij . iu J' lu
wiiiw nicy iiiciiii iv uu ur wiev tun
secure the Entire control
of.' the
doYerh'rnent. And I'hiyinS is'tlie
ne assumes are unauy occupiea pj
his iiarty; ' " Hii:'' main," poinfe,' ah
: a H '.. s.i.Sii
)lnts, are
three.:!". " !'
' ' 1,, Universal iiegro 'suffrage!
.'UorifiscatiOh'.bf the lands'o'f
the South 'And their division aihohg
... seeping tne.opuin unaer mn-
"ary surveillance., until . a new
generation, shall .come, pou: the
stage of action. ." ; ' '
That is . the; real Radical, prb;'
gramme; ana alter tneiaii elections,;
it they are not too adverse, win De
openly advocated . by the , whole
Radical party..; ,' ' ., i;V
, , .There is a mark'ed inconsjstency
in ihe SDeech. .'.'He ' advises, the.
Radicals to'do, the Tvery,, thing he
blames Sumnejr, St'eYens ad! Kelly
fnr rimnV '. "-Thloir nrfi'Vilnimfifl hv
VhiiV' f5n 'ftciJi
AlttliALAJ V4 V V,V I'M. wavu
-i ' ' 1 Jl ' . ' J.J. iL-i.- - J '
Constitutional Amendments instep
of voting I'nq? manfully.' . Their ex-,
cuse w3: they could do no ' better.'
rhillip8 'advises .. the , Radicals ito
support the Republican party, be
cause (My , can ,4o , no . better.' It
will be seen that some of Mr. Phil-.
lips' 9ol,lejigpes dpn't tbink' soj antf,
took .occasion to sav so." ' This
The enthusiasm in Italy. over the
Ot Italy ,to Venetia, is represented
w something amounting to frenzy,
i 1kAnlA tA-tia iHU ,w:
fo take' a position which ' would
as a rt 'of a dead .weight oh" M
?vr "' v -
present efforts 'of Italy," and; the
surprise and delight were I therefore
all the neater. At' Milan hb sncH
madness of enthusiasm had' '.been
seen' since' the ' day . the"Emperof
and Victor EmahueJ ; enteted the;
town alter the;, battle oi-Magenta.
People , eihbraced ' in ,th streets,
threw up their hats, andy even had
faintingfits of jpy. :;Jor 'a'iiy one
who has seen the Italians' hv their
moments 6f joy, Iherr 'present ont;
bursting of patriotisni;fc-r the: war
can well, be imagined, r ,
v,:KoBsuth is in orencej 6timulat:
ing the Hungarian legion and the
Italians to make a descent, on 'the
cpast .'pf, Dalmatiaj .but the "cold
shoulder see.ms .tp, have been turn
ed to him.', V ', . V'"'-' 1 '
"'' Ois. "QtAl&j!1 has' ; declared ' nne
quivocallthai'he.'wiir not- be a
candidate for' thp" Presidency;! ' He
has iiid that, While1 he approves of
,thfl:; CopBtitp'ti'oVial ' iauiendmeints
prodsed ,Bv Coifgress; h ! does 'hot
believe tnktthe amendments'ought
or, pojlpl.be ff&rjKd. tJ "tbe .Spates
for thjf cpneurrerice jintfl j.e
Statea in, the ijnfpn. werej;'eps,ejjr
ed, and acted upon the oiut 'reso
lution making such reference." "
To the People of the United
To the veovle of-flit Vidted States:
W-WWfe S1
Dangers threaten. The Consti
tution, the citadel of our liberties
M diflddtly1'a(syled.. ;Tha future jis;
darkpunlessthe-pe'ople will-oome
to the rescue, In this hour of per-,
il tbe Nati9nl .jUnion.;. sli6uld ;be
the watchword of every true, .roan.,
As essential to National Union we
must maintain, .unimpaired,,1, the
rights, the dignity and the equality
iof the States, including the , right
of representation: in Congress, and
the exclusive. right of each State, to
control, ifs , own; .domestic coneynB,
subject only to the Constitution of
the United f States. . After - a; uni
form construction of the , ConsUtu-
,tion, for, more than,h,alf : ft. , century,
th,e a6s.vmptioift of new anaarbura
ry power's in the .Pederal. 'jQqvern-
inient is, subversive of; ptify system
and destructive ol (liberty., ,. ,. ,
A free interchange of opinion
and kind feelin g. .between the? qi$
zens'of all the States -is necessary
to the (.perpetuity, pf the , Union.
Ai' present ?leyn states are exclu
ded from ' tb.e.jaticmalcbuncil.
Fqr seven, long jnonths tie. present
Congress has persistently denied
any right of representation to the
people of these Stages,. ,; , ,j ,-T
Laws affecting iheir lughestj and
dearest mterests have been passed;
without tleir oonsent, and, -in (lj'sr
regard of tJie fundamental princi
ple of free. , government. : This de
nial of -representation has, been
made to all ;tne. members lrqm. a,
State, aJtJiough the , State,,, in -the
language of the, President,; .J'pre
seuts. itself not onlyt;in an altitude
of loyalty and, harmony, lu in, the
JiersonB ,of) representatives whose
oyaltv: cannot be questioned : unT
der , any, existing Constitutional or
legal test ... ..,,..:.
jXhe, .representatives .,;ipt, nearly
one-thirij of the States have ; not
been consulted with, , reference to
the great questions of , the. day,
Tere has been no -nationality sur
rounding, the , present . Congress.
There fcas bjeen no, intercourse, be
tween the representatives of the
two -sections, producing mutua
confidence and; respect. : . . ;ri,
; In ,th& language, of he distin
guished Lieutenan t-general, "Is. it
to be regretted that, at-, this .time,
there cannot, be a greater com
mingling between, the ' citizens : pf
the two sections, and particularly
of those Entrusted with the Jaw-making
p9wer.",,,Thi8-. state of. things
shojald, be-. lemoved , at, pncer jad
foreverr Therefore, to preserve he
National Union,. tp t vindicate' the
suiHciencyof our, admirable Con
stitution:, to guard the States from
cpyert attempts to deprive them,pf
tneir.true;; posuion w., the, U.wop
and to brig together .thoSe . ho
are 'junhaturally ..'Severed, , anrl ! for
these great natidnaTpurppBes only,
wg cordially.; approve .the call for a
National' Union. Convention,' td be
held :at.$ft city, of Philadelphia on 1
the , pecnd Tuesday,' the th 'of,
August ep, aii.d mdorse tthe, prin
ciple? therein set lorpn,,., -,,v.
"f e th'e,retoi'9 re'sjjectfuJly.but
e'ajfpes tlyj-ujgp.upn. our, feliow-cifc-,
izeus in . ea'9h'S tatp, ' Terrij;wy ,'. and
Conffreesional District in the Uni
ted States, in. the interest, of Unipn.'
and in a,.spirit pt ,-armpny;, ana
w,th a '.direct reference tp the 'prin
ciple's, co.nuh'ed in said calTijo apt
promptly ii'he'.selectiprijjjjt no'4-,
erate. a'nd jpjserya,tive men 'to rep-,
resent themih !said,. Cpnventipp
tp the'end .thai'a'; the States' shall
at once be ijestofed tp. their, prftcti-.
cal relations , tp.., tne.;(yni9n,,1;the
Consiitutip be',. maintained,, and
peace bless the whole country.
! W. E.,iblackiAnthony Thornton,1
nTl' Ir
aUv, Marshall, .Lewis,.
Rose,- Aly r.; Stroiisej Stephen Taher,
Chas. Stitgreaye, JtH, Jlumphrey,
S. E. Ancona " John Hogan, E.'N.
HubbelL B. M. feoyer, B. L Bitter,
T, G. B'exge' '. narding, ','jDhas..
Goodyear, i.'J," Glossbrenner.
Chas. ll. Win & WrigliW
IL.Coffroth, J'Bodgers, IL
RousseauHOullqch,!. Pfilliss;
F. , C- XeBlonhJ-,Jphn'soh, l")Vf',
Fincke, '; X:; S.rimbler,,Chas; A
Eldridge, John L. Dawson; Reverdy
Johnson, Thos. A.-Hendricks, Wm
Wright.- '
Secretary SIaaxok has got ,iato
a snarl with Gerii GranV whosd ior
ders he ; fraqnently I Countermands
and interferes w ith. The President
will soon bp called open to prevent
this interference: i;-,i
. ' ; p wiii is; ruihed,' an'd 'ait 'India
neavilv 'da'maced:'ibv''the' cessation
of . the war 4n America. ,;TheMV'ar
ppurPcLa river or. gold into India.
the edmrtejeiat disttCis0 andT bank
ruptcy areJpVraWd'' ,There is
also a grievous faiiP''in! bengal,
accompanied with gTeat'sufTeririg.'
States. The Future---Forearmed Forewarned.
'''.. ' waruedL,-:-. , A - ...
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
It will be remembered by the
readers of the -' Enquirer, that we
published 'some time ago a state
ment from Southern sources, that
tberp were secret organizations be
ing gotten up'among.the blacks of
the South, under the -promptings
of Northern Radicals and that the
purposes of these organizations,
were to secure civil and , political
rights to the blacks, as also a divis
ion of the cultivated lands.' of the
South among that class.; -The Rad
ical presses made light of the state-:
ment, without, however, denying
its truth. i;.;,i .! '.'
! Byireferehce to one: of the .spe
cial Washington dispatches, it: will
be seen that a display was- made,
on the Fourth; at, Richmond, Va.,
by-v some ! of these organizations,
much to the surprise of most of the
whites, who did not .believe any
such organizations existed.:.
The existence Pf, these organiza
tions was : known to a few,! who
were ilot, however,- the i less sur
prised at this open demonstration
of their existence and power. : .
The ( Richmond ! Times was .of
those that hadsomo knowledge :of
these negro organizations. - Jn its
issue Of the 2d instant, it sailed at
tention to the fact that "several
hundred young negrd men meet
every night in that quarter of the
city known fts Navy Hill, for. the
purpose of drilling," andaddB : ,! ;
"Though the exercises which are,
in many 'instances,' especially ' on
Saturday nights, prolonged
throughout the night, are conduct
ed on foot.' the officers, are. in all
1 cases, artned with cavalry swords,
Their evolutions and exercises ''are
so accompanied by yells, shouting
and profane and obscene language
as to make the neighborhood' of
their musters almost uninhabitable
to respectable neOple. ' We aw In
formed that qnite ah equal number
oi negroes ussemuiw iuf tuo- duiuo
purpose nightly somewhere' in the
. . a j , "il l i . : . TT . -;i
viciniiy oi me tjnimourazo nwspn
al firounds. There have1 been no
complaints 'of the disturbance ere
ated by these negroes, for there is
amomr our :TePple a feeling' that
the l ; proceedings havi ' the
sanction of the United States mili
tary authorities." C! :.. j -.i
What does all that - mean t ' To
us; who have; been "watching the
utterances of the pulpit and ol anniversary
negro celebrations, : the
answer is easy. Another civil war
is the meaning, and which-civil
war will spring from a Varof races;
Our readers will call to mind the
extracts tve have published from
sermons delivered, here and' there'
over ' the 1 Norths ; 'and resolutions
adopted by 'religiDnssO'called-i--:
and anti-slavery bodies,' to1 the ' ef
fect 'that flnless Oivil and fhlitical
rights "WeTer award td the freedmen,
theythe freedmen should assert
the right by force. ' : ' ' 1 '
1 Any body of the least reflection
khbwa;that' these ' secret Military
ofganlza:tion6 of the blacks of the
South cannot exist without produc
ing bloodshed The whites cannot
allow' them :to 'exist 'Their'0wii'
safety demands 'that; such' 'organi-'
zations'be suppressed. -: The whites,
in self-defense, will be compelled
to arm and drill; ana nobody .can
doubt that the result will - be arm
ed colliBsiori.' 'That is - what the
Radicals of the North want. 'And
to bring that about is their' 'great
strategic point ' i -l lr.f
'f Forewarned is forearmed. If the
Radicals -can-' overpower the Presi
dent, and carry; the elections i this
fallj Oivil war, will followyjust bo
sure 'as the sun rises in the morn'-:
ing and bets in the evening. : And
civil : war -will be brought about by
thefce military 'organizations of the
blacks, organized and inspirited by
Thad. Stevens, Sumner, Wade & Co.
In view of this state of ; affairs, ' we
advise the people of the South 1'to
repare for the contingency.! . Their
ives'" and their property. '.-are1' at
stake:' "'Both will be sacrificed if
theRadical8 are successful. -n;
ft- Ahd,:to!th'e people-of the North,
we' will Bzyip'eadeai hbmirienirre&
that the i. Radicals. ':le Ipntt-down.
Civil war at the North is not more
sure than is a war bf races at the
6outh,'if tlie Radicals can get con
trol of the' Federal Government. !
i f The Deniocratic party is for.oonr
ciliation, ' pacificaUon-and unity;
Such they also understand is Pies
ideht J ohnson's posi tion. Th at is
the only grounds: upon.: which all
can standi .who wan.t to avert civil
-war at the -Northland; Unite .both
North and South in bonds .of fra
ternal unity. . .. .w.-'.dc i!'f."i
9':H6ir.':B. 'Rhstt,' 'a -,weil:;knon
politician pf South Carolina,1 aid
distinguished member of Oongreds,
veks, shot oh the1 4th 'bf J nlvy while
goihg'to' his plantatibh 'at ChaHes
tOni Hfe vas killed bra disdhirte
It iff iuifposed the ' murderer' wis
negro, hb'' had v nlad f'thteats
against his family." r?!..fii?-ii
Another Governor in Trouble.
The Madison ( Wisconsin Journal
(Rep.) has a c'o and: hull story
about a'r0cent Ittenipt assassi
nate Governor "Fairchild of that
State. It is reported that he was
attacked while walkingin the back:
yard of his grounds about midnigfytj
and that the wouia-be assassin ex
cIaim"ed,'"dn""hT,aking his "attack:
t.Ymi rl YRnlrftnl" Singular
that the assassin should know that
the Goyernpij wouldj be- walking in
in me DacK-yaru ... oi uis gruuuuo
about midnight; but not singular
that his partisans' 'sh6uld want to
inake the Qpvernor out a martyr to
Southern malice, vvnen the trutn
of the affair comes to be ''known', a
woman wui ne iouuu ai uu uuuuw
nf it These high-moral-idea Gov
ornnr-i Qfn -nif flvafTv 'tarlia f ' 1 til
ir,l tn n n-nn'o.!," aru
Mprtoh are examples; and we are
informed Governor Fairchild is hot,
by any means, above suspicion.,
It Governors would stick to their
own, and let others alone, we should
hear much seldomer than, we do ol'
their dying .with rottenness, while
living, and of attempted assassina
tions upon them,
'fi i.:
A New York dispatcK says:' . !
'"Surrogate Tucker, having sum
moned Gen. Benj. F. Butler to ac
count for his administration of the
estate of the late Colonel Andrew1
J. Butler, . the General,, yesterday
obtained an . extension of time to
the 22d instant, when : his .account
of receipts and disbursements is to
be rendered. Among the, .claims)
filed in the Surrogate's ofnce. js one
for $75,000 for cotton, sugar, carri-i
ages, &C, 10 that amount,; alleged
to have been Seized by Colonel.
Butler from one Robt W. . Rayne.'
-T , . . i .x.. :
Of New Orleans, during the tnillta-
ry occupation of that city; ' Other
claims are awaiting, the rendering
of lien. Uutler's account on the
22d insf.i the
is. expected t
eating questions.! . r i-- . -1
Tni' New York' ' Times' ; ( Republi-'
can says .vme jiepuDiican;.. party
cannot exist an houruplpn its uhi;
versal hegro suffrage1 pltform."
Still Maine, , "Vermont and Iowa
have declared for universal 'negro
suffrage.'ii!) n 1-:; . i.' -n.
'adjustment Of Which
o involve soirie",i.nt,:
'i . . ' j .
Tenant of either party can hare their names
announced fot ONE UOlLAli, payable 1n
advance. . , . . ,- .
.i' j:.-: hfil ' !' '
Editob 'Vinton ! Rtcottb :-Pleane su
noyuce Waldo Murray aa a ciiiJidale ,for
the dffic of Probate uilge'. iBubjet t to the
decision of the Democratic Conveiuinn.
DfHoCKaTSor Wilkes' and Viktor Tfj
. . i . : . . . 'u I".' '(.! ; . ..:
Mr. Editor .'Please announce the name
oi SAMUEL C. GASB. Eq. aiaauiiable
Candidate for Probata Jadfffi. subject to ihn
tlpcision of the Democratic County Conven
tion. Mr. Case is a gentleman every 'war
qualified for the position, a 'reliable Demol
crat, and will perform the Biriiea of the of
fice with ability and to 'the satisfaction of
(he people. DEMOCRATS OF ELK.
' EotToa-' Vinton Record, Please' an
niMiiir the. name if RICHARD1 CRAIG ai
candidate before the Democratic County
Contention, for .re-election to the office of
Probate Jude, subject "to tba decision of
the Convention, to be held on the 80th day
of 1866. f "": '''' "'hi-i
'.Mr Editor Please announce .the name
of HENRY C. MOORE aa a suitable can
didate for re election for. County Auditor,
subject to the decision ol the Democratic
County Convention. DEMOCRATS'.
Editor Record, "Please announce the
name ol J. .J,, SH0C1EY as a suable .can,
didate fdr re-nominatibn foV'thi Office of
Sheriff of Vinton County,' suhjeciWihe de
cision of the Democratic Cone;iilioni .7
,vtf,. iDEMCRAC Y;,OF, . VINTO;
Mr. EwT0H.-4Please announce the name
of; ORIS, ALBA UGH,,' as suitable
candidate oi Sheriff, subject to the decision
of the DeinocrBtlc County' Convention." "
l Vmi :it f'l'r .fy.'i "MA'disoN'.' ''
. Mr . Editor. Please annbunce the Tiojfne
bf OHN W;' COOPER1, as a suitable 'can
didate !iU County Clerk," stibjebt te the de
cision of rthe'.DemocfaUq; Couniy Conveo,-)
.1- i -: oifi -i.) vmrwrc-
Mr. Britton. Pleaw iairowice,olie
nani" , of GEORGE LANTZ. m a paai
date for the office of County Clera, subject
to the decision of the ;&emdcTte Cdunty
Con Ven tion; '", i,' ;'i f. 1 Dtuocii-r.
-Plean adbounrje (he ha me
of HENRY REYNOLDS as a suitable cant
didate, for (Vinton) County Treasurarj; sub
ject to tjie deoision of the Democratic Coun
ty Convftntioo'. .""'MANY' VOTERS. u
: - - .i -'.'J".
Editor Record. Please , announce . the
name of DAVID FOREMANVas a suitabl
candidate for1' re-election to1 the office of
Treasurer of VurtoD County, gubjKt to the
decision ot tit;, tDemOcra. io . Countv ) Cob-
! ' T 'VxttBi RicoRDf.-Please annouo ce
tbp naaiif;Hnrv Uoff bines, fprj.porosnit
sipper.subjept to the decisipn oftnei Demo
cratic Count Convention, to b"h'eld.bi
McArthur the 30th of Ju I), 1866.' ifiuJ
f -3dJ luii a JiCtfattWlDjUloomiAr.
-'EDifoai-TratOBtt RacDtPftMa-)M-
ef Brown township, as a fuUblercandidate
ior uummisa tuner, lusject ur lum fiwuieion
f tia rimn.ratl r?Anvnltnn ' ' ' '; k
--'''"' ': " i'-'MaiT PtltbClATB.
i'.t iff f 1.!T
Stktion. all Drtie dMlrloc ta :
cootraoU for Ors or Llmufena. will ' -
oitber call upon or iddress ci at oar offlc. tl
t'haTurhao-:"--" ""'.' " -
.' Agatha, HiMion Co. 0.
3nj !8, im. .. .
COMMISSIONER. NOTICE! Rich Ore Lands for Sale!
i.T,W6DLDM.p.o'tfuil, inform tliopeopla that ;'
1 lam permanently looatedin.lackBon. C'U,, .
! htota 1 J".1!1 ! j.raT-.rS,:
't prepared to meet all (be demands of my pro- .
; aoton. Ohargea reasonable' and work war
t ' T ??qQE83; 3p.i3.
7 A.I 1
'f'A Y.'A "TT h
"'.i'Y ,n;n' nf-.tV
HBI fnllowinv daurlbed tract of land I
A la 1.1.
I ' tnrtA for ula. and will ba aold on'Vdtsrm-.
able terma.
f r
(Limestone,) ra ttobaTouUct opOB
almoHt lD6ihauBlib" qnantltiei.
Tb lands are situate in tba conqty of VJn -ton,
State of Ohio, and doserlUed as fcllorwi-
The nortbweet quarter of Section No. H, Town-
thip No. 10, itange Ko. IT. AIM tba Aartt-I
eut t narter of southwest ouartor. SootloaNatf
U, Township No. 10. of Rapre No. 17 eon
'taininffi all C0')." JJWrii aera'a, mor
or oh.
For ,parlcular, addreea . ., .... , .
'Cincinnati Furnace Co., 1
Julyl2w Autha, Jackson oounty.O,
Back'Pay, Bounty ' tt Pensions.
il i: i."t i . ,.!' ' ''.
v'E';ic.::' j.o n b,b:
! M -llato CapUto MUiO. y'. I.) ' ', V,
Attends promptly to the collection
' ; of ''" ' '
Teems' KgisdNABtE.-orricE-Logan
vwet, North of J, K.'Will'umldenoe-'-1 "
MoAr'iinr, O. f ) ;.r, .., july 13,8 mo;, y
Divorce Notice.
1 lid dence la unknown, la notified that David
tl XLJtM 1
ccari.oi uommon rieaa, wiinin ana rer, t-m r
county of Vintoa and State of Ohio, charging
the ald Elijabetli Burr with willful abaeneo ,
for more than three yeare and asking that ha. ,
may he divorced from the aaid Elizabeth Burr,
which petiiian will be for hearing at the next'
term of aaid Court, to-wltl 'Bejtember 8th,
1866. Dated thli 90th day of .Tone, 1866.
. br Constable & Cbnitable
' ' Attya for Plaintiff.
Ul UDI IU tl WUIVW V tu Viwi m va
rs r. i''-...
BiiTcnsa's ' "
WarraoUd la
of Bluram&Uui, Ktaraiala, BrulaM
or Paine. .
The Best and ChMpfst'orse and Cattle
- Medicine la the World!
' Vd UtfoHffhoul ' PMIttf eiuttt am Cmn i
V atlai during th tali 3jmri. j.i : ;t
For the cure of tlieVnrlmili DlaenaM'to irhioh "
Horeea and Cnttla aw atililertj' anclt aa:
Founder, blstempor, HlUe llound, Loas o(
Appetite, lnrnrjT HVfkUa, follow Water,
Flstulm Poll TA'tr,1 Berntcliea or
. Greaae, Mange, lutlainmnllnn of the
" Kye, anil Katlnne rom Hani tabor;
so many vahialile Horses
BtlfT oomplalnl),
ilh- 'iimTrrf Tntirt
111. till".
n tha largmt mU ofany IIurM ami Cattla MtdUlaa
i. In lliia couutry. I( Ii ciimkmI of hnla and roota,aa4
. for mlldriMa, Mlem, wrumljrana tliorougnaeaa, IU
' pr-uiliianliy al Ilia lioad of tha lLat of Ham I
bttitiMfcAm..'' .Vi.tr:
lit It earrloa off all uom hnmor, pratrola borMalroaii
. bMOMilngiitln tr foundering, fmrMei tha L1cm, IwMoa,
lb ikUi, and (Wm II a Miiootli and ljr,lrn
' clMiiMalh water altl triiKlliina nary (iairt of tba'
aody. II to aim a aife and amain mat4j for saah
Ibod aal lo imli ar ka-thii la au4 daalraUts Ww
fcMp p a rnnlar tKratlon or aillk, aud all vaars af
aowa will Sim by giving Uiont ,
twk a week, a large increaae In otunllly and quality
af milk and.crtnln. It-earrlM off all IWar and tmr
fwrltlea of the blood, Tke effect ll awn tb ronflnvt Sht
' aeuoa br a rick and abandaul Sow of milk.
Tne farmer la beginning lo be aware of tha Talnabta .
proper! Ire of Sloan' Condition Powder, In pro
moling the condition of ktaaheepaaa prerenlini many
af the diaaaaot of all Uie doniMtlcated aoimala.
. eTA Mi MrJ packaga of BlounTf Cwf4WdM
JWtW.pa' iDto a barrel of twirl k belter than twa
baiheri at sra to fctt, a;ho, and a eertala fta
fentlra ef Hog, faolera, BUad. VtagJatJL aad ofbeT
liaaaiat ownnoxamtig aaga. .-.. L. :l
,iii , ,
OA VTIOtr-To protect OTrrnrTta aad Ihi paMa
freea betna kspoaed npoa by worthleai Inltatieaa, a
Maine wbi bear Uie at timOt aifaatara of tba fatt
yrteeota aa e wrapper.-"
or eale bt Draolita aad Itarchaali aroTTwaara. '
.73mW J'l ftil'iJ.Vi !jieWf
loU Froprietora, OWeafa, O,
-..IJ0I4 af wllala by .r- Tii.' 5i
CincionaUiOni9'. k
-At BzrzrrTaor
MoArthnr, Jwo. .

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