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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, July 12, 1866, Image 3

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Official. Organ of Vinton Comity,
Of 'Advertisements to apftar on Thurs
iay morning, mvst be handed in not later
nan juesday evening :.. r.T.r
Religious Services in McArthur.
M, E. Cnsscii.-Preschirg Sabbath athalf-W-t,
ten o'clock, A. to., and balf-Mst aU
'Iaok;P; M. Sabbath School; tt.fy. 'i-i
Pbisbttrbian CBCRCH.e'rvioeiii ll o'cl'k
A. at., and o'clock r. m. Sabbath School at 9
'olock At at., every Sabbath...
Cdbistian Chdkch. --Services at 11 o'clock a.
., every Sabbath.
"The Vinton Record"
"The Vinton Record"-FOR THE-
. J
Wa will furnish the VINTON RECORD
i 'onln" "mpaign, ( being live months,)
m - i.,J. '"" 8,eoonior ineemslleum
We have been to conBlierahl nn. .
wntly to purchasing new typ and printing ma
terials for the Rsoord ; therefore, It Is n ew
Incumbent upon the Democracy throughout the
entire county to give aa their united eGpport.
Let evory BubtorlberoonsideT himself a oom
aaittea of one, especially appointed, to secure
I least ONE new subscriber to the papor, and
wMce8iwillbe, placed beyond a jxpajlysj..
It laa dutj' -yon 'ows'ths cause ofriOcoslitu
Monsl Liberty, that you should preserve in dis
seminating the trua dcctrlnes, upon which our
fiovernment was' founded, and wbloh rnuat
preaerye.ni!! a united, happy and prosperods
'. , T ' , r waicnwora oe , .
Circulate the Record!
Thanks rd"'Ilop;; !H. 8. Bundy,
M. C, for public documents received.
Hon.. . John Sher man will ..accept
1 nM.or(avq'rf feceivei), (Ji4,i.
Wb Girect. , the attention cf our
mders to the oartf 6f Dr.' Monroe in anoth
r coluir.rj. Every lady in Vinton county
hould have 'this recipe: ": ' I
The. absence of the editor.. will
account for the lack bf local matter this
week. In the meantime .we, the "devil."
being promoted, Jn hla absence tp the-'posl-'i
tipn of bub-Iocal, have searched the re
cords hi yain for an item,'lf ire roM en
tlfply Jgnoro'certaln , little 'slanderouslre-'
porta in circulation In referenco to a mat
ter not al together gutted to the delicate em s
of . the reading public.., i,Ve would, say,
however.that if the cosbtable had but done
Ws tlutyj iOl " might npy be 'ulet .on"
Main street.
.The glorioua -EoUrlbJ'ipassed bff
at this place without any demonstralion
Whatever. It would seem from this, that
our. people completely Ignore the necessity!
of celebrating this event. Not so was 1
with the people of our sister village, Zalcs-
kl. Judging from the Herald's
rcport 1
quite a lively and patriotic time was had'
The "lads and lassies'' tripped It on tho
'...'Llfeltt fantastic toe," -1
from early morn till twilight's balmy hoim
at Eflglebuiy's Grovej and frdin''"duk tilf
dawn" at the L'.ndsley house. Those of
our citizenwho;TyercTO fortupato as to
' attend the "hop" at the last named place,
earno home well satisfied, their mouths fill
ed with the praisesof Mine Host and his esti
mabje lady of the !'Lindsley." . ; ; '
Prop. Tucker is still in town,
being detained, we are sorry to learn, on
account of the severe illness of his wife and
child; The Professor1 is a good performer,
arid libi perforinances.are unexceptionable j
. therefore we are surprised to learn that the
Directors who have cha-ge of o'ti School
Jlpuse Hiili) refuse ,hlm Uie.uso of thellail
In which to give one of his t highly entert
tainlng and Instrocfive. exhibitions. . yfi
hope' the Directors, 'uhjder the ' circum'staa
ees, may recbnsiildr their action In tho mdt
tcf, and tender hlm'the'uso p?,thc Ilajl du
ring his stay in our midst. '
plsioni notice, of th'e Jjeniixg out
of a fine art gallery by Prof. IT. Vf'iLL,
in pur issue of a few weeks since, we did
tot Intend M.cast a'njj reflections npod Prof.
Hiix or Lts science...' Far fxom.itj fori Vt
consider thoProfesaor not only, a : gentle
man but a scholar", thproughly conversant
with the science of Phrenology -rft science
that has long since received the' endorse
ment of all eminent, ; scientific- gentlemen.
ButJ'as" we are" expected to 'Tm faitliful
chroniclers of passing events, we are.under
the necessity ,of i'fiforming the publip'ihat
the room we had supposed to: be occupied
by Prof, Will, is really 1 id 'the possession
br Capt.'TTM. Ju"i.,;Attorheat-Law,
whose cardvill be found on the first page
"WVlWm -'Vi OLIO? .
.THA;SBINaLs,---Have yoij.seen
that ahuigle? r Vhat shingle ? do you ask.
Wnjapt. Bom?k C, JoirtsV It is ' truly
-jf CUrio'ty .'.'AS. work of ar j itl . has . no
superior in this "neck cy woods, V-and so
appropriate, too 1 The artist who designed
and eUdT(ls,miml cf sltnpliclty and
beautcoWnedJW covered "himself all
over with.gjoryj ( n a po be hoped tha.t he
will open tip a' shop fn out town, arid hence
forth follow the business of jntfiW Singles
for.a llvelihl;', woftdrVUL'ofii of
Kt ha(lert rtnek nrj pth'a'cbrheVdf tew
fr S6he oMb, In -vrDrg btiiiding; Market
street, one door South of Capt.,Wm.j)iark'8
Artesian WEijThe' work on
the artofjlarkeU aBibfencommencedi
and, at the present rate of ipeed, will soon
c.??1!.!1' WiJeBthvuo.iKJij: ,
t.jt ,iwr.;.nn t'.'C worn nt.-it
TOlw6nld lootaSuttWetttj'. und
pleasant little village, if the weeds and
o .i. iuvnuuviru VII las
tree'ts and vacant lot.
,i.' rt:
I .i
Tiie Vnion, party, told, their
county ContentWif at Mc Arthur, Monday,
August Cth, to nominate a couuty ticke1
and (id ippoibtilllif atca to the Qopxritl
tonal Conv-duiloif. lMettlffwillbe held
In the several towushlps on Saturday, the
4 A day of ioiit, to appofint left-It gates, to
wo coupty :joiiventioi.. - v-.' i . ,C
tut'; ... j.r;j n -j . t '
'RKUdiots- servicer at- the
Christian' Meeting House, iu McArthur. on
Saturday evening, July 14th, nt ehily can-
uie ugnc, nn,i,oru g aay, itv the mornlntf
... 1. .If ... ... ..... ..!.. 4 ' i 1 . ' .
i. tiuu jiuai, ivh u UIIU at 0 C0K lQ
the evening, by Her. A. ' Turner, of Ken-
y? TOT-!. y ' "':':'V
The attention ' of bur readers, ia
dlrefcteil to the advertlspjiitnt of theClu-
clunatl Fwruaco Couiuany, iii another col-
UflBUv , . ...;.'. v. :r , v;fj. .; .. : :
RdriACR'a Blood : Pills ftrfl tin'
doubtedly.tho most valuable of all the Cai
thartio rUln oll'erud to tlifj public operat.
inirby virtueofagui'cLa alUultv for the
mucous membrane of tho bewclg; being
muyui wutou nn-y arc cBpruiHiiy nuaixea ior
the use ofchllUren andare uunuestlonablv
onn of nrir lunar. aaHsrhtywif atiiiarttn
" 1111, vvl J bHllintUILQ III
omuuiu lto iii vuuauiiii. uoc iu uuuifsiic prac-
-Wit understand that several fights
came off at Pfuttavllle, ou the Fourth. No
doubt these rvero cansed by the parties Im
bibing too strongly of the spirit of our pat
riotic sires of 70, or the spirit) of 'CO, one
or t'other.
. ) ...I!:! ,
See card of Cant. II. O. Jones.
iutorney-ac-mw ana u.unt 'Agut.' Tlic
Capt. lins his shingle out, a, good "oak
shingle," the boys say, nt his jiew office,
Logan street, North of J, K. WiljV resl
dencc. Give lihn a call il you have, any
thing lu the way of law suits, or claims
against the Government
..... . . . . . " '
Attention Dollars Boun-
tt. I wish to, say! ,l all' Veterans that I can
now got you bach a One Hundred-Collar Bond,
for yonr crcdiu as Veterans to your respective
Townahlps. Attend to this at once. '
je7'.f I. A.BEAXTON, Mo Arthur, 0.'
Attention' ' 1 Soldies HI More
BosNTiKsl-rKy. a lata law of Congress, all i
eoiainr wno nave noi received a Donnty equal
to $Si33 per n:onth during the' time of seivioe
in.thi army or navy, are now entitled to that
amount. ' :' i . j
I. will tttondto the collcclinn of thai, olaims
for all who mav favor n.e with a cull.
JeTtf, H'(; A. BRATTON, McAiliiiO.';:'
.iThose knowing the'mseVt'i' lb 'be ndebl'ed
toi. the firm of VV, E. & A. W.i Uratton, for
fubscriptions, pb work and aJvertiseing, are
requested to call at my office, adjoining tho
Record . oflicf.' and settle the 6ame without
delay, . ptliej-wise their accounts ' will le.
placed in the bauds of an officer for col
June 2l-5y.., ', . ' .' " . ; I
, We are now. prepared to do J6H'
work with neatnernd;ilianatch..;.' faive us
fWlL.-.it .s!.!f.-.-f. .i..,.t-?......
i i
Tin . vrvn .. wa.rtf tr. lrnnw.wlavA f
llweeVprffi, KUo to "the rDSi'tSrTo" . !
. .VI . .... TV ..... I
SiKHon, and you will find everything that yon
Leed. Hotakes ereat care d procure pure Mcdi- '
clnea-that can be relied on end the bt
Wines, Brandies. &o , araroTLi for" Medical
pnrpoeoe, ,i i i ;, j . i .. ' I ,
J'ha attention, o Tiiyiuclaiis, partlouiafly, a
oallcdjo a lwge assortniou: of Vjchol's pronnr-f , to
known to be the most 'rollablo Mcdieincs i
mnnuiaoturea in tme oouniy, wnicn win m :
sold to Physicians at 15 per cent, on the manu-.
facturoi's pries ,, . . ,.. ?L
Uay,24oMn. ,.. . , , ; , . t , ,
Jr. 'i , ! . .. - .
One ' of-., the ; earlie3t French
princes being too indolent 'or too
stupid to acquire his .'alphabet'' by
the ordinary "process" twenty-four
servants were placed in attendance
upon him, each with a huge letter
painted tipon his etomah j as he
knew n.ot their nanie Jio wa bb
liged'to call them by their letter
when he wanted: their services,
which in -due time gave him the
requisite degree oa literature for
the exercise of the royal functions.
Pero;"Boliyia arid Ecujido
are said tolisayetprine4a l6agne tb
free,pjiba' from Spain,' and an- a,g
Jlic4tfon , was riiade ' to '. Venezuela
and, Columbia, to join the ; alliance.
The thrdd firtt na"med are tor fur
nish money, and. the . others men,
while hopes are1 entertained of help
frprn the United. States' by the, en
igration of Southerners! through
Florida.' --.! w!? 1 :. -r ..' :
;!,!;feEk' gictiLtf ;)vaf erih,
writ of ' habeas carpus i to bfihg; before-
Judge .Bcys(n,:. at OharlestQn,
Jveys. and others,; convicted for kill
ing be
tyto fcoldiers in the Anderson
ville District, and now in Castla
Pinckney;.,, Gen. Sickles refused to
obey the 'WTityand 'a writ of attach
nient' haiC been issued ; 'afi-airist" tho
!Ge&ejfU for ; contempt'of fcpurt, j'j.
The so-called Liberals in Mexico
are ' talking ''about annexing 'that
ccruntry! to the. Ignited States,- "f
According lito -v Mr, i; Gladstone,
Prussia owes $21 5,000,000;' Holland,
$425,000,000; Au&tria 1,580.000,000;
France, 'SjOOOjOOftOOOlEaly; 760,
000,000; Portugal, 165,000,000; and
the latest census reports,'1 Prussia
nasji8,50g,00p tifedble H6Uanf3;'
50o;f)00;'Rtrssi.'5250;oO(); Austria
30,000,000; Portugal 8,500,QOO;ind
TnrVQy,2,50q,0OA '.That is to say,
the Prtssiani 4 nearly- $12 per
mani-the.EBsiBiAni i20rthe) AuBtri
an'i over 345 tha French over $a3,
the' Portugueie lieariy f40 and tho
iurKs iio per neaa ot tno" entire
lQQ.,ai';H!.-!,in'I :h1 uuuft
.Hi l .JjO'
' "A uopx terrible conflagration oc
curred yesterday in Portland, Me.
It ia estimated that half the city,
of 35,000 people,., is destroyed.
Captain In man has telegraphed for
1,500 tents to accommodate the
homeless families. -The lire was
over an.area of one, and .a half
miles hy a' quarter o7a mile wide".
All the banks and newspaper offic
es were burned.
Tit. ; Superintendent; of: Police
has ihstrucfed'th'e police force 'in
INew York not to make any arrests
for violation of the Excise Law,
until turther orders. f iue yty Ke
corder liM decided the law uncon
stitntiohtili K i . ;
A. W. BRATTON. Commercial.
McArthur Produce Market.
McARTHUR, O., July 12, 1866.
Apples, (r1r,y3 00 'Heewa.....i 25
.laia lleaiu 3 00
. 25 Cbeeae 5
toHeo COs85 Kiga I2l
White Mah 12 Maokerol 12W
Cod Fuih.4...... J pX y there.....60aao
Hour... ..,a..uJ4 .00 Leatber.'.o ....60a
Lard lis MolaKses 60a6 0
"nions 1 00 I'eaclies, (dried) 00
Pork 16a20 Rice....' iU
Sugar-.. UaiO Salt t IS
6trchJv.Vr : ') IV rlmothy.. to
Max 1 60 Tallow.:;.".....-. 12
winaKy 3 uo
McArthur Grain Market.
Wheat.pld iiad.v..2 40 New Rcd-...2 00
oia wiiiii.)v,..y ; s w flew White
Shelled Corn v' 65 Corn,Er..
Oats 50 Rje
2 10
Barley , 40, Hay.
8 00
New York Produce Market.
Reported by Fknton, Fitzoibald t Tbaox,
6trlctlyTordnce Ocrfinfiseion' Worchants, No.
88, Whitehall tt. N. y.
New York Produce Market. NEW YORK June 19, 1866.
rLODH, per barrel,
Whkat, per bushel
Corn, per bubelt... ...
Ua per bunhel, .... .... .
Kte, per buahel;
Baklxt, per bushel,.,...
MKsal'oiiK, per barrel, .
Lard. tcr toi.nd..... Ml
7 20al3 00
1 75a 3 75
......... ,-S0a S7
........ 50a 70
94a 1 20
, 80a 1 10
..... ....80 50a30 62
....!.... -, 20a 28
otter, per pound,.
.... .j..:;. 2tia 40
uhkkk; per pound,
Eooa, per dozen,..
10a 20
17a 22
Cincinnati Wool Market.
For the Month Ending June 1, 1866.
recent temporary advance In gold and
light stocks of wool eastward, are pleasant
jionteniplatft the inlglit prove unprotl
atlons, tublo If taken s a basis forpurcriaSine with
Ouio Coarse 42 to 45
Medium 45 to CO
Fine. ,. ". ... j ........... 50 to 55
Extra;.. ;;...,.!.. .-65 to 02
licccipts are beginning to come forward.
Pricos. very linn.- Stocks in the EastciTr
iravkcts at the present Orhe much reduced.
Demand active.
AVo would caution' our1 friends making
purchases of wool In the country, not to
over sanguine as to future prices, basing
their views on the present aspect of the
market; for notwithstanding, wool Is said
bo the lowest commodity on the market,
oiner commodities are as likely to come
U UlVTb L1113 Ulim V1 WUV1. US lb 18 LU
".P.wurd tun. to meet the prices of
K"" mo vciy uiui
Sill(-N Htocks of both Imported and do-
mestlo are lteavy and accumulating; and
hile In view of making early sales, the
vIpw t.n solllnc flnrinv' thn anmn.Pi- an.l
fall montlis, after wool nas commenced go-
uig lurwuru iu quantity.
KAiu;Ai.s!"iT vit; i.s j
'Below Cincinnati Prices!
By direction of Court, I will tell the
of Thomas A. Martin, Assignor,'in
Lots, JPages & Pieces,
Inventerltd. v ,
Tarrfes wlahlng 'batgains will do well to
CALL SCION, aa these Goods x ,y
M U S T iB & 8 6:17 D .
Tebhs : CaBh or. on large bills, 4 months
credit will be given; If satisfactorily secured.
harness ana ona man's saddle new for sale
, U. U. JVIXH.B. )v
Assignee, Ao. '
1uIj5-w4.1 t
DlHSoIuti'oii of Partnership.
ALL persons will please take notice frcm this
date, that the firm of Biatton & Mayo ha.
eh diBsofved b mutual consent. All indebt
ed to above named firm will please call and set
accounts. . i . r 1 1 '.: t ... i ,
ci m ,v.-".m.j:: e. a. bratton. -
June 15, lgfit-jeiSwS ,K
)'.':. x'f.if si .:?:;..
I v '', 1 : ' 1.1.1 I i
' ' 13
TiHE Trustees of Elk Township Will fueet at
the Court House, MeA-rthut, 0;, on Satnr
day, July 7thi 1866, for the purpose of Issuing
Bonds Wsueh 'Veterans as may be entitled
thereto:. V - 1 . ,-.:;,' m...i- j
"Vsteransln persen,' by :lgiT reprosehta
tlwerj narlll be required to tredore their 'Veter
an Discharge,' accompanied with AdintsntGen
eral's certjfioaU of credit to Elk township; also
aauaiaoiory proor tnat trie applicant hasnot re
ceived aby local bounty as Veteran.- " "
r-iByoraaH v, ,v? i. - ''JAmbs Fossms, '
... . Jakm Johnson,
j 3 .i ::1 i.X An:.'8AKt-B.-Utioil,
June7w3 Trustees Elk Tp., V. C. Oi !
Special Notices.
AGENTS, Pedlars; fconnhy .Stores, Drug
gists, and all seeking an honorahleand proflubie
business Tree by mall for 85 ots wholesale
ti per doi.'j canvajsere.-realixe U ail per
day. profit.' v! ii li-.r. ! - s-i.
i ABBOTT OWl,.MamifabtnTSrs, 198
Water-s., N Ts. r5-.. - .j t i f ktay,i4 4w.
GaTThe Mason .A H.ralln Cabinet Ogans,
fbrty..diffori) styles, adapted to aacred and
secular muaio, for 1 30 to $600 saoh. Fifty-one
Gold and. 811m Medals, or other first premiums
wsde4 them Ulnstrated catalogues ftaev Ad
dress, MASON HAMLIN, Boston or MA60N
: BPTBjSSSi Hew York. sepU-ly i
z . Errors of Youili. .
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, Premktore Decay, and all
the effects of youthful Indiscretion, will, for
sake of suffering humanity, tend free to all who
need it, the reoeiptand directions for rauking
hum niupie reueay yj wnico ne was enreu.
Sufferers wishing to' profit b) the advertiser's
experience, can aoso by address ng
JelMr. ' : No, 18 Chambers 8t N. T.
Mruiige but True.' ., r
Every jovtnt ladv and gentleman la the
?nitd States can hear something very muefi
t their advantage by return mail, free of
oaarge, by addressing fie nndoraigned. ThoM
naving any fears or being humbugi ed will
blige by not noticing this card. All others
will please a ddrem their obedient servant. -TI10S.
Jell-ly. 831 Broadway, N. T.
Publiahod as a benefit and as a caution o
tocnq meh and others, whoauffer from nervous
aeoiuty, premature decay or Manhood, 4c,
supplying tt tho same time Tux m bans of ttLr
ourb. By one who has cured himself after un
dergoing conaidorablo quackery. By .enclosing
a post-paid addre&sed envelope, single copies
free of ohnrfte, may be had or the author.
Kings oo., Now York. febl-ly
. To Consumptives.
The adverlisr, having been restored to health
In a few weeks by a very simple remedy, after
having enffeted for several years with a severe
lung affection, and that dread disease, Con
sumption is anxious to make known- to his
fellow-snfferers the means of eure.
To all who dotire it, he. will send a cony of
the prescription nsed. freo of charm, with tha
directions fir preparing and using tho same,
which (hey will find a euro core for Conaunip-
.1 . .1 ,1 ... m . . .
lion, Aimmi, vroncume, uwgns, oulds.and
all Throat and Lnniz Affections. The on I v. oh.
ject of the advertiser In Bonding the Prescrip
tion Is to benefit the afflicted and spread infor
mation wmuu ne conceives to oe invaluable,
and he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy.
a ii. win uob i tuom ugimng ana may prove
bleaslng.' . ' l it ..
rurties wishing the Presort ntlon. ran. bv
... i, ..ii-1 ...
(uturn wan, win pieane anaroBS,
' - William ibuigh, Kings Co., N.Y.
January 11, 1886-ly.
$1 CnnPEUYEAR! Wo want sgonta ev-
Kowiog Machines. Three hew kinds. ' Under
ana upper reea. Bent on trial Warranted
flva o A Kaii. . .. 1 1 I...1
-wjwt.io. iiwvi, .nini j vi inigfl uuiillllinniuun
paid. -The ONI. r machines sold , In tha United
Siates for less than 40 dollars, which are fully
lioenret br Howe, Wheale.' dt Wil.on, Grover
& BoJer; Birger & Co., and Bacheldur. All
other cheap macluncs are Infringements and
the seller or user are llabla tn nrrnui. Una )
Iniprlsonmont: Illustrated circulars unt frna.
Call npon or ad liens, Shaw & Clark, at Bidde
ford, Maine, or Chicago, III. june7-lswly
E. & II. T. . ANTHONY & CO.,
Manufacture of Photographic
' 501 BROADWAY, N. Y.
In adilltion to onrmaIn business of PnOTO-
GKAPI11C MATE IAL8, we are Headquarters
for tha following, vis i .' ; ,' ,
Sicreoecopes & Stereoscopic , Views
Of American and Foreign Cities and Land
scapes, Groups, Statuary, etc.
St&'ed8Copic Vieio$of the War,
From negatives made In the various campaign
and forming oomptete l'Uotographio history
of the grei.t contos
stereoscopic Vieios on Glass.
Adapted for cithor the Magic Lantern orthe
Sterosoope. Our Catalogue will be sent to any
aaarem cn recoipi oi oiamp. -
Photographic r Albums. ....
We manufacture more largely than any other
house, about 200 varieties from 50 cents to $50
each. Our ALBUMShatethe reputation of bo
lrjy snporiorin beauty and durability to any
others. ' " "''
Card riiotograplis of CrOJierals,
htatcsnlcn, Actors, etc., etc.
OurCaialogueembraoes ovor FIV THOUS
AND different subjects, including reproductions
of the most celebrated Engravings, l'aintings,
Sta'nes, etc Catalogues sent on receipt of
Stamp. ' i - ',' ."1'.'3
rhotographersanA othors ordering goods C.
O.D., will ploaso remit. 25 per. cent of the
amount with their order. ' t . , . v .
tSTThe priot-s and cjuality of oW goods can
not fail to sutiefy. - ... . JuneSlj'ea-ly.
To. the People, or; Vinton
-:V- County!- ,
:1 A
Loom Complete ' for $50.
I AM exclusive owner of the right to manu
facture and sell the above Loom in Vinton
County. Specimens oan be seen at all times' at
the residence of James Robbins, one mile east
of McArthur. . I pnrch.eod this loom In March
last and im meduuely constructed one, whioh
has given the most complete satisfaction, per
sons having weaving to do, wiU consult thoir
Owe; interests by calling and seeing this loom)
and examining specimens of its production,
It will weave Satlnetts,. Cassini3TS, Ridged
Cassimers. Four-leaf Jeans, Blanket Twills,
Plain. Cloth, Seamless Sacksj o '
The Capacity of this loom, for ease of opera
tion, sp-ed, ac, is equal, If not superio to any
invented. It only needs to be seen to -reo-omaend
itself. t26wS . JOHN BOBBINS'
Vinton Probate ;Coiirt;
NOTICE.Zimrf Hold,ren, administrator of
the estate of Wlinam Dudley,, lata of the
county, of Vinton and State of Ohio, deceased,
bss filed his accounts and vouchers in Probate
Vinton county. Ohio, for Inspection and par
tial settlement, and that the same will be for
hearing In said Court on
g in said Court on .,.' ,
hour of 10 o'clock a.m. 01 said day. -r-'i
tha hour
' ' -.Tiii: :.. ..: RICHARD CRI1G.
june28-3w. .c! ; Ti ; i, Probate Judge .
Dr. Monroe's French Cos
; a i't ; metiqueh ---.,
E3, &c, and render the skin as SOFT AS
Twenty-fonr hours time.. fJTTen cents
will buy sufficient material to manufacture
quart of the' preparation enough to sup
ply any lady's' toilet for one year. . .1, j
Send 60 cents to. Dr. J. C. MONROE, 3oi
39, McArthur, O, and get the Recipe, r
.;,',.. Hoofing. -
IN rolls read to ba nailed down, adapted to
House, Factories, and buildings of ail kinds
of materials that have stood the
test of fifteen years, and manufactured "on an
entirely different and Detter plan than any oth
er composition roofing in use. Sooured by pat
ent. . Very durable and at low price.- Circu
lars and samples sent free hy mail.' Liberal
tarns egents.'- - -Rsadt Roern Co., i
jumeTy Ko. 3-Miiden Ltne,"Neir York.
'Administrator's Sale
5 1.
IN aocoideiioa .with and under power Tested
by the lart will acd testament of Alexander
Mc(ireor,lteof Morgan county, but now de
ceased, I wLU offor for asla on the premises in
Vinton county, uiilo, on
Friday itith day of July, 1866,
at one o'cluok P. M the following described
real eatale, the property of tho M Alexander
McGregor, deceaaed, to wit:
All of beotion No. Twenty three (23), In
Towothip'No. ight (S), of Bauge No. 8izteeo
(16), which lios on the wost aide of Kaooovn
Creek, containing 254 acres, more or less.
Puaseaaion glvuu on day of aalo.
Termsciu.h. EN'UCU HOUGH,
Admr. de bonis n on, cum tost, annex, of Al
i.exandur McGregor, deo'd. juu7t5
It I IV s
GRAT-IIEADED people have their locks re
stored by M to 'the dark, luatrous, silken
tresses of youth, apd are happy I
Young people, with light, raded or red hair,
have these unfashionable colors chaniraJ tn a
boa ui ful auburn, at l rejoice. I
I'eoDle whose heads are covered kb iland
ruff and humors, use is, and have clean couts
and clear and healthy scalps I
Bald-huade4 veterans have their lemaining
looks tightened, and the bare apo soovered
with a luxuriant growth of hair, aud dauoe tor
joy l,, .. ..
Young gentlomen use it beoauso it is richly
pcrfamed 1
Young ladies u?o it beoausa It keeps thtii
hair In pla! -Everybody
must and will mil, because It Is
iue oieanost ana best article In the markot 1
For Sale by Druggists Generally.
From Hor .Warren Chase, the Lroturor. ' '
! My hair and whlskors have beea many years
grsy. Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia" las re
stored both to their original color, black, and
covorod the baldness 01 the top of my head
with a fine growth of black Lair, I have sov
oralfrlonds who have usod.lt with the same
results, and I cordially recommend it as one of
the few medicines that will de what its labels
and ciro ilars claim for it. .
October, 185S. . Warren Cnasi.
E, M Tubba & Vo.i Tropriotors, Potorboro'
New Hampshire;' A B Merriam & Co., Whole
sale Agents, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J 8 Strong,
Agent, MoArthur, Ohio. may8I-ly
H '
Empire Shuttle Sewing 3Iachiues
'Are 8Derlotd airolhors for !'
CONTAIN al) the latost Improvements; are
speedy ; noiseless; durable; and easy to
Illustrated Ciraiilars-free, Aeonts wanted
Liberal' discotrnt allowed. 'No coosignn.eLt
Address. EMPIRE 8. CO.. 53$ Broadwav.
Now York. . . aaco may31y
Order of Probate Court.
In Pbobati Codbt:
James Gibbons, administrator
of the estate-of ArterEggle-
ston. doceasod. .. . plaiutiff,
S'EggUstanetaldofondsnU.J tell Land.
PURSUANT to an order of sale made in th
above cause en the 24th 4ay of May, 1 8tB ,
granted by the said Probata court within and
for the said county of Vinton, I will offer for
sale aa such administrator as aforesaid to the
highest biddef; at public auction, on .
. Saturday, July 7th, 18G6,
At one o'clock in tha afternoon at the door of
the Court-house, in MoArthur, the following
described real estate as he propeity of Arter
Egglejstofu deceased, situated lr, tha Wunty of
Vioton.iad State of Ohro.lo-witt. 1
Being the northwest corner of the east half
tho. southwest 'quarter ot Section Number
i86 lhirty-six;Township Numbdr (11) eleven,
tange Number (18) sixteen, in the Ohio Com
pany Furobsse bounded as. follows: Beginning
the northwest corner of the said laud and
running, youth forty-eight rods; thence east for
ty rods; thoncK horWi forty-eiht rods; thence
west forty rods to- the beginning corner; con
taining 12 twelve acres. 0
Also In-lot No. (I) one-in the village of New
Plymouth, a? the same is numbered and desig
nated on the original recorded plat of said vil
lage. .- ., . i.
Appraised first described tract, or 12 acres,
$500,00; seoond do.-do. or ln-lot No.l.at
Ter ns of Bala : One third cash in hand on
day of sale; one-third, in six months, with In'
terest, and remaining tnird in twoIvS months,
with intereiVand mortgage on premises, bo A
secure deferred payment.
'' ! ''.'. ! the estate of Arter Eggleston. ';
Joseph J. McDowell, att'y for petitioner.
June 7, 1866. wS '
PiAjroSi-Any of our ladies wish
ihg to buy or rent pianos, arid let the rent
pay for thcm,,cah obtain the same at manu
factnrers mlces, by calling on me when I
Will explain prices and terms;. .'-1 L
I 1-"I
2 ' -'ta
j' 'W
0 I 3
; - 'f'S;
WISHES to Inform the citizens of Vinton
county that he Intends to remain In Me
Arthnr but a few mouths longer, and all per-" f
sons dot! ring pictures of an kind or aiie, will
do well to atoure themsoon. . ,1 . uVf
He is still In possession of all the modern fa
cilities fur producing "holographs as ; . . , .
. 1 . t t . , i
having all the aeouracy and er faction of Card -pictures.
Speuial atleutiin will be given 10 ,
v - )1J"
small Dagnerreotypes. Ambrotvpes, Photo- t
graphs or any other pictures, to any reqnlred
size suitable rot framing, and colored ia loll or f
water colors, if desired. . , : ..1 (
Don't wait ti'l it ia too l.ta. but com tn. I
No one olse in this part of tha State will ever '
so to the trouble and opens of preparing
himielf for making ail kinds of clotures, and .
enlarging them to (any aize. His present stook
of albums and gold p.na will be sold very low.
Death memorials and Marriage certlflcates
wlrh placca for l'hotograpts in them for sale..,
I'iotures of all kinds framed to order, at tha -
Photographic Rooms of
-0 THK-
''' A' fo'ruLXR J
Devoted to Constitutional Liberty
' AND-. '!
.-.i.l : l ' r :'.r-
General Welfare of the
Whole 1
Equal HI Lts and Sovereignty of ' the States,
and t),a Ptirsonal liberty of the citizen
. ' ainst attacks from any an -..
' ' . . all quarters. - ,,! ,)
.1 i.iii...) i
TTf E shall oppota all nsurPali.11 of ddhit'
VV and shall over Insist upon tKe entire sub
Ordination of th4 military to the olvfl. author
ities. We aie opposed to- negro suffrage,' and
the Radical Republican dosign of creating ne
gro States in Lto South, with negro Governors
and nogro Congressmen, feo. We are in favor
of aU the States boing in the future, as in the .
past, exclusively undor white diroctiou and ',
control, and are opposed toany admixture with
Inferior and snboraiaoto races . .. -
We are in favor of a liberal and generous
policy .towards the States with whem the Fed
eral Government has been at war, sines It Is
only in that manner that the troubles of the ''
past can be effaced, the Union restored, and'
tho seotiena aver truly fraternize together.
As A Family Journal, '
The Enquirer Is Surpassed by' none, and should
N a welcome visitor to the family of tha Mer
chant, tho Faimor, and tho Mechanic, contain
ing aa it does the Latest and most Reliable In
tolligenco, Goneral Nowa, and interesting rcsd-'
ing matter.
' ' ' THE--;. .(.'; .:
1 1
Financial and Commercial
.1 . ... . ... . .. 1 , .J
Oflhs EHqnircr. as will be seen, Is not Its least
retommendation to pub Ho favor. Antinnsusl
lar space is devoted to full and reliable report-
of tlio . ruling prices of this 1 and
oth-r .markets, making itan iuvaluabrsriend
to Fanners ana Merchants. ' ' "'- ' J
. '' ... u, -..;:..
tlV,t .'.;! i .- u -1, , . ... ,
v' ;, pA!LY;;&tfQjmER.: ' 1
Ono year, payabIo tn advanca,.'...'..'....lf,09
Slrnimiths; payable lu advance,. .... $.00
Thrw nontns.psyablo in advance,. ,$,
Oae month payable in advance, .. 1,25
One copy, one year ......... ...f4,00
One oopysix months,-,.. t,00
BiO(?Te copy, one year,.... .... ...J..-...$,00
Single copy, six. months .,..,,; 1,2$
Tea copies,' one. year, (with . an addit- -
.. ipqal copy to getter. Hp, pf Clnb.) 20,00
Monoy may be , sent at our risk by Express,
(prepaid,) or In registered letters by mail. For
sums over ton dollars sent by mail, drafts or P.
O. meney orders sbonld be procured. ; Address,
, ... oiv. ' CINCINNATI, O.I
'Pp'oclmsn copies sent on application. jel'4t8
. -i ,.f i. ; -. , 1 1.
(5Qfi A MONTHl-Agonts wanted br siren -nptU
tirely new articles, just out.. Address
O. T. Garit, City l!uildinj, Biddeford. Me. r
jube7iswly.'. , . , ' , .
llanhood;how Lost, how Restored
t ",'n .rti t i
JUST published, a new edition of
:Dr. Culver well's Celebrated Es
say on the radical, cure (without
medicine') of Snerm&torrfira.' ftr
seminal Weakness, InvolnntSry Somihel Losses
Impotentoyk. Mental and Physical Iricapaoity,
ImpedunenU te-marnayo, to.;. also. Consump
tion, Epilepsy, and Eits.induoed by self-lndul.
gen ce orjsectual extravagance r .
VW Price In a sealed envelops, 'only $ cents.
The celebrated "author Jn this admirable essay
clearly dftnorattra.es,, from thirty year suc
cessful practice, ibat the alrrmlng oonseqnences
of aelf-sbuse may be radically 0X1 red without
the dangerous use of Internal mecU'Ine or the
application of tho knife pointing out a mode
or cure atonce simple, ceruln, and effooMial,.by
means of which every sufferer, no matter what
his condition may bo, may cure hlmsolf cheaply
privately and radically. .: ,) ... , ,-r
t2T This lecture should be in tha hands of
every youth and every man In the land. , :
.Sent, pndersealjln, a plain1 envelope', to any
address, poet paid; on receipt" of six cents, or
tw poe. stamps. . Address the publisher,
CUA8. J.C. KLINE CO., 127 Bowery, K.
Post Offloe box 486 , vrrfr .
County Examinations.''
TnE Board' pT Sohool Sxaminora , of. ,yintoa
Connty will hold but one meeting in each of
tnoisvnrmar Months; vis: upon tH first Satur
day in Jane. July and Augusti -.Meetings at
Union Sohool House, McArthur. .,
june7m J. J. McDOWELL; Clsrki-
BLANKS 0 every, dwortpUaa, fir salt '
, si thia offloci.vf-., f,ii j 1 .-,,;!-
; Admtlse In A BBc?okd, ..b

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