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Ofllclal Organ of Vinton County.
gp Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day morning, mvst b handed in not later
than Tuesday evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
U. E. CHOicn.-PrtachiDg Sabbath at half
pat t ten o'clock, A. M., tod talf-raBt tlx
o'clock, P. 11. Pabbalh fcbool, 2 1. M.
Presbttkbian CncRcn.'-Servlcesat 11 oM'k
4. m., nJ 8 o'clock r. u. Sabbath School t 9
o'ulock A. M., every Sabbath.
Ciiristiai Cdoiich. Cervices at 11 o'clock a.
every frabbatb.
"The Yinlon Record "
Wajwlll furnish the VINTON RECORD
for the flowing campaign, ( being five month,)
notfl after the fall election, for the small sum
Wehaveboento const leruble expense re
cently In purchasing now typi and printing ma
terials for the Bxoord; therefore, It la now
Incumbent upon the Democracy throughout the
entire county to give ua (heir united support.
Let every aubecriboroonsider bimaelt a com
mittee of one, especially appointed, toaocure
at leaat ONE new subscriber to the paper, and
our success will be placed beyond a peradven
ture. it la a duty you owe the cause of Constitu
tional Liberty, that yon should preserve In dis
seminating the (me doctrines upon which our
Government waa founded, and which must
preserve us a united, happy and prosperods
people. Then, let your watchword be
Circulate the Record!
Thanks To Hon. II. S. Bundy,
M. C. for public documents received.
Hon. John Sherman will accept
out thanks for favors received.
We are now prepared to do Job
work with neatness and dispatch. Give us
a call.
Three wagons loads of stoneware
passed through this place fo, shipment at
McArthur Station, one day this week,
manufactured at Potter's ri Ige, iu this Co.
Interesting to Tax-payers. The
annual list of Licenses anJ Income Tax,
has been received by Mr. J.J. McDowell,
Revenue Collector, who is jready to receive
the money on the same.
Union County Convention.
Candidates for nomination before the Union
Conuty Convention, to be held on the 6th
of August, can have thcii names announced
in this paper, at the rate of ONE DOLLAR
for each announcement.
Captured. On Monday last,
SheriffShockev, attached the wagon, team
and stock, of the well-known tobacco ped
lar. W. R. Gaddis. We understand lhat it
was taken to satisfy a judgment sgahiBt the
Tobacco company in H'ghland County, 0.
In our notice a few weeks since,
of me aDsence oi air. u.j, muingriursi.
we neglected to state that he had left in
nf lilts rvn T1tf iliipirlf hid nhcnrlPP
Mr. J. M, McGillivray, a gentleman who
has the reputation of being a good artist.
Give him a call and examine specimens of
his work.
Every day affords new proofs of
the peculiar effects of Roback s Stomach
Bitters in cases where a disordered condi
tion of the stomach, liver and bowels, is
combined with great debility, nervous
weakness, and intense melancholy, there can
be no doubt but it is sure panacea.
Trof. Tucker
two ot his
popular entertainments at the Court-house,
in this place, on Saturday and jlondiy eve
nings last. From the fact that the Profes
Bor Is no ordinary performer, we were led
to anticipate a much larger audience than
were in attendance either evening, but, no
doubt, the Intensely warm weather kept
many away who would otherwise have been
ia attendance, we wun the t'rore?sor un
bounded success wherever he may go.
McArthub Nursery.- This flour
ishing nursery; owned and conducted by
Messrs i. rr, uoiu, i now luliy prepar
ed to fill all orders for fruit trees. They
have 60,000 frmt trees and 40,001) grape
cuttings ready for market, of almost everv
variety. The one great advantage to fruit
growers in this section, in purchasing their
trees of this firm, is that thoy are perfectly
adapted to this climate, which is not always
the case with those from the Northern or
Eastern Stiles.
Head the article of Capt. Jones
in this issue. We are of the opinion that
in the end trie soldiers of this community
will regret that they have sent their dis
charges to foreign agents, and we venture
that if they try the experiment they will
find that even now some of those discharges
are beyond their reach. We have claim
agents in town who have done and are
ready to do as much (or the soldiers of this
county as are the a.i, z i refered to by
Capt Jones, and who are as worthy their
a he white Slave. A tale
thi bzicai ekvoltjtioh. The well-known
novelist, bmerson Bennett, has commenced
a new serial story with the above title, in
the Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post,
juiy no. j ma biorr, wougrt aomewha
different, ia said to be fully equal in iu
thrilling romance and absorbing interest
"The Phantom of the Forest" It will
about four months in running through The
Post! The Post is also publishing other
atories of great interest. One. called
"Adruna" will we think interest ladies par
ticularlf. Aa "The White Slave" com.
menced in the first number of July, those
wishing to procure it can do so if they
choose dv simply subscribing for the last
six months of the year. Price tl,35
six months; or for The Post and Lady's
Friend each six months $3,00. Sample
containing the first portion of Mr. Bennetts
story sent on receipt of five cents. Address
H. Peterson 6t Co., 919 Walnut St., Pbila
Aa 1 fVti aa
us savuisl
Do you want to know where to
get everything In the Drag line, at the Tory
lowest price! Go to the Urog Store of G. W
Slrson, and yon will find everything that yon
teed , Ho takes great care to procure pare Medi
cines that can be rolled on and the best
Wines, Brandies, so., amour .for Uedioal
The attention ot Physicians, particularly, Is
called so a large assortment of Nlchol's prepar
ations, known to be the most reliable Modiolnea
manufactured in this county, which will be
sold to Physicians at 15 per cent, on the manu
facturers price,
May ,84 8- m.
[For the Record.
Equalization of Bounty.
Editor liecord and Soldiers nf Vinton Co.:
I am, daily, enquired ot, concerning the
(8,33 per mouth additional allowance of
bounty to soldiers of 1861 and 63. And I
have lately seen some letters written by
nn agents Irom dillereut parts ot the
State, deceiving and misleading soldiers in
relation to this matter. One fellow who
writes from Cleveland, says to a soldier in
this county, that "The Government is not
yet quite ready to act on these claims,"
f lease send me your discharge, etc. flow
this man is mot sufficiently honorable to
do business for a soldier or he would have
told the soldier plainly tnat the bill had not
passed the Senate, lie attempts to deceive
the soldiers by saying "Government is not
quite ready to act on these claims,'' this
thing is false on its face, Government i. e.
the departments are always ready to carry
out, the requirements of Congress, and
be no trouble in the matter. The soldiers
can then Hud men in their own counties
and district responsible in any pariiculai
for their contracts, w ho will undertake to
get these bounties on as lair terms as will
these foreign irresponsible parties who ad
vertise so extensively and deceive so cun
ningly, if the bill does not become a law,
the discharge certificates will be wiihin
your reach, whereas if they are sent to men
whom you know nomine of, it will be
doubtful if you ever gee them.
Swindling is corned on extensively now-
a-days in the claim department, almost
daily, notices are published to the effect
that certain claim aoehts are defaulters,
and that they cannot do further business
in the departments, and yet soldiers seem
always ready to send their discharges to
parts unknown because a, Y, or Z, an un
known firm, advertise that they can do
ceitaiu impossible thing'. , I refered to
this matter some few weeks since, snd still
soldiers come tome to ask about the said
X, Y, or Z, to -vhom they sent their dis
charge some months sgo, and from whom
they have since been unable to hear. I have
not filled newspapers with advertisements,
and false notices, but intend, when the bill
passes, if ever it does, to attend to the col-
ection o these bounties. Beside the dis
charges are worth something, and should
not be sent away, especially to sgents of
whom you know nothing, except that they
am deceiving you and lying to you in their
circulate aim letters. I write lor the bene
fit of thuse concerned, and am respectfully.
H. C. JONES, Late Capt. 18th O. V. I.
[For the Vinton Record.
What air nil the world a cummin too, I
Mould like too know. Ever sense I got
nut my book, Arieemoss nave been in a
konmption fit, and thinks that pee pie will
lav the book too him, h'th it is monstrous
rong in him to paisecute his belter half in
this weigh, as 114 cooiient uo Homing wun-
out his help.
As the Woman's rites is setlirtf in New-
york at this time, I hope they'll take up my
kase, and I apcel to (Soozing bee Antiny)
to kum to the requeue ol tier beloved sis
ter huo never perteniled that irteemasshad
anything to do with her book. I should
like to see him put one ot his ugiy pause
onto it. 0 deer, deer Boozy, el u knowed
how much I've sufTurd from his parseque
shuns your tender hart would bust with the
teir of simpatny ; anu you too, mr. &any.
tors. 1 know you air wi.iing lor too enKur-
irdge native talons into the fare sect, and I
hope you'll tell all the public too rise up for
my deliveruns which that they ortlocon-
idder what it is for the wife of his boozim
to be torturd for fear folkes 'II think my
book is hizzen. 1 should think Arteemass
bad had enuff experiunce of my talons too
no 1 could write a book that wonld take the
eye of the publick as well as hizzen, and
noboddy to minx he rit a wun oi it, wtucn
he have noo rite to think he metropolises
awl the talons into the world mor'n me.
The Eood-fur-nothin critter airiellus be-
kaws me and the prezzidunt air all the talk
nowerdaze, but I no I shant be aloud to be
nut down by him as long as thai s enny
natriotism into 'the breast of the edditors
and tne ranniiig nie wiucn iney nave u, iui
... i ; r t i.- l . i , . r
their country. .Arteemass is more wusser
than a jumping tooth ake, and I'd as leaf
he'd goorf amune the Mormons egin as
knot ef he uon t leat me alone. As lor my
book It was all lit by myself, and I newer
purtended how he had a finger into it, and
he'd better knot stick up too put down the
wifeol his boozim in that weigh.
Sew A-now more till deth, and I'm your
humble eaivant, with my respeks,
Author of "Betsey Jane Ward hur Book
The prediction has been made
that the Democrats will carry the
State of New York this fall, with
out doubt.
An Insurance Company has been
organized in Uhilhcothe with
capital of 200,000. Messrs. Em
mitt and Safford, of this place,' are
[Waverly Democrat.
The name ol Judge Nash of Gal
lia County having been suggested
as a probable Republican candidate
for Congres in this District this fall,
the Jackson Standard says it cannot
support him "even if he should
nominated." It favors the nomina
turn of Gen. W. H. Powell, of Iron
ton pronouncing him "a Radical
whom there 11 no euile." vYe
might as well elect Thad. Stevens
as a Radical, and the people of the
District, we opine, are not prepared
for that. ! .". v .
' On Monday morning last Sheriff
Hibbs started for Columbus, via the
Ohio canal, having in charge
prisoners convicted at the last term
of Common Pleas Court, and sen
tenced to the Ohio Penitentiary.
During Monday night,' when near
Waverly, four of them having re
moved their irons, jumped for the
boat, and, though pursued, succeed:
ed in their escape. One of the
number, named Blankenship, and
sentenced for three years, strange
tosay, voluntarily returned. The
other three, named Joseph Morton,
Wm. Johnson and Fisher, have
On Friday of last week, while the
workmen were digging in a sand
bank, on the place formerly owned
by Mr. Edward Ward, about a mile
from the city, on the turnpike, at
the depth of about seven leet, they
discovered two Indian skeletons,
and two tomahawks in a fair state
of preservation. Many and long
years ago, no doubt, these red men,
whose bones have been unearthed,
roamed through the Scioto Valley
when it was an unbroken wilder
ness where tho white man's foot
Tho Tariff Bill passed tho House.
The bill materially differs from that
agreed upon by the Conference
Committee of both houses.
In the Senate, a resolution was
offered, empowering the President
to interpose the good offices of the
United States for the release of the
Fenian prisoners in Canada.
We have further reports of the
insurrection in Cuba against Spain,
fomented by the South American
States who are at war with Spain.
Two iron -clad Peruvian frigates
have destroyed five Spanish vessels
in the neighborhood of Panama on
the Isthmus.
The President was seized with a
severe indisposition last Thursday,
and remained closely confined all
day, seeing no one but General
Advices are received of a despe
rate and bloody fight, near Fort
Garry, between Indians, on the 22nd
of June. The Sioux triba were the
We regret to learn that a little
girl, fifteen months old, daughter of
Mr. Jacob Koush, of llamer town
ship, in this county, was so bru
tally beaten by some children,
named Duckwall, ot the same
neighborhood, some days ago, that
of the severe treatment that it had
received. We torbear maKing any
further comment at present, as we
learn there will soon be a legal in
vestigation of the matter. After
that, we shall give the particulars.
Highland Democrat.
Samuel Coovert, the convicted
murderer of the Roosa family, near
Deerfield, was sentenced at Leba
non, Tuesday afternoon, to be exe
cuted on the 2-tth of August.
It has been decided that soldiers
of the Veteran Reserve Corps who
iiave received certificates of merit
are entitled to two dollars a month
additional pay.
A general order has been issued
by direction of the President, that
all deserters from the regular army
who rejoin their regiments at any
regular post or recruiting rendez
vous prior to the 15th of August,
will be returned to duty without
punishment, on condition that they
make up lost time and lorleit pay.
The Rhett murdered a few days
since, near Charleston, S. C, it ap
pears was not R. Barnwell Rhett,
ex-United States Senator, as at first
telegraphed, but his brother, Ben
jamin S. Rhett,' a cotton lactor in
Charleston, and no politician.
Stanton still insists that the
Peace Proclamation of the Presi
dent does not remove the suspen
sion oi tne habeas corpus, it is
Stanton that needs suspension, not
the habeas corpus.
The Waverly Democrat says lhat
the wheat crop m that section
turns out to be much better than
Waverly Republican says that
saw mill belonging to Mr. James
Emmitt ol that place has been
burned, and the loss is about $2000
and no insurance.
Harvesting has commenoed
earnest in this section. We are
informed by farmers that wheat
though generally very thin, is wel
beaded, and of excellent quality.
The following is the -'Union"
Ticket nominated by the Conven
tion in Jackson Co., on the 9th in
s Jant:
Probate Judge, James W, Long
bon: Auditor, Lewis A. Atkinson
Clerk, Charles 0. James ; Sheriff,
Joseph H. Wilson ; Prosecuting At
torney, William K. Hastings ; Com
missioner, Adam Lackey;. Coroner,
reter Irving.
The liquor establishments in al
the west part of this county be
yond Harmar are said to be pre!
ty effectually "cleaned out."-
are told that there is not a "whisky
shanty'? along the line of the rail
road, .till. New;Englandj.'; Athens
county, ia reached. .- There are
about one million " saloons n in Ma
rietta ! Marietta Register.
The Galipolis Dispatch says that
a man named Guy Lewis has been
sent up to the Court of Common
Pleas" by Justice Dameron of that
place on a charge of grand larceny,
for stealing a carpet sack contain
ing $125, the property of C. D. Fil-
We learn that Dr. Corson of
Portsmouth committed suicide a
few days ago, by jumping out of
an window. Ho had the
[Jackson Standard.
The War in Italy.
The last news from Europe re
ports an engagement at Bohemia,
Skalitz, in which the Prussians
were repulsed, and retreated, leav
ing their dead and wounded on the
Prussia has again effected an al
liance with the King of Hanover,
guaranteeing him his throne and
possessions if he will capitulate
with hi3 army and assent to tho
Prussian plan of reorganizing Ger
many. It is noted that, as Austria has
never recognized the Kingdom of
Italy, bo that power, in its declara
tion of war, does not recognize
Austria. Tho proclamation of war
is addressed to the commander-in-chief
of the Austrian army in Ve
netia, not to tho Austrian Govern
ment. The inactivity Benedek is accoun
ted for in Vienna by his desiro to
have tho Federal troops form a
junction with him, or allow tho
Prussians to advance into Bohemia,
so that he can cut off their retreat.
Prince Napoleon and the Italian
Minister in Paris have had togeth
er a long audience of the Emperor,
at the Tuileries. The Italians are
pursuaded that if ultimately defea
ted, the Emperor will have no choice
lutto come to their succor. "Lorn
bardy," says Lu Presse, "is Italian
teiritory. Its independence is
guaranteed by treaties of which we
are the sureties "before Europe; and
no victory of the Austrians shall
ever again bring it under German
domination. This policy is placed
beyond the chances of war. Il it
has not fulfilled all the wishes of
the Italians, it is sufficient lor the
honor of France, and France will
know how to enforce it if neces
sary." The King of Italy has requested
the assistance of France against
Austria, offering in return to cede
the island of Sardinia.
The King of Italy denies that the
battle on the 24th was either lost
or .won, but, on the contrary, says
his army is in excellent spirits, and
that ho has ordered the concentra
tion of all the armies to resume the
The Federal Diet at Franklort-
on-the Main, on the 27th June, ap
pointed Prince Charles, of Bavaria,
Commander-in-chief of the Federal
Army with instructions to conduct
operations under directions of Ben
Prussia has replaced the princi
pal functionaries in Saxony and tho
electorate of Hesse and Hanover.
Austria has proposed to her con
federate allies that all their pleni
potentiaries at the district should
be recalled, and a committee of
military plenipotentiaries appoint
ed in their place under the presi
dency of Austria, this committee
to have power to decide upon mat
ters without reference to their Gov
ernments. This proposition has
not yet been agreed to.
The War in Italy. Deaths.
McDOWELL On July 4th, Mary AVil-
hklmina, infant daughter of Joseph J. and
Mary A. McDowell.
"l take theso lambs, said lie
And lay them in my breast;
Protection they shall find in me,
In me bo ever blest."
BO WEN On the 22d ult, Mrs. Marga
ret, wife of G. W. Bowen, of Prattsvule,
Vinton county, Ohio; aged 36 years, one
month and nine days.
Departed from McArthur, Tuesday
morning, May 2!), Wm, for the summer
landg of heaven, Mr. PEESLEY Ii. HUT;
aired 82 years, one month and 23 days.
mere was not a link m the chain broken,
nor a thread displaced, until the bright
Death Angels came down and breathed un.
on his heart, and drew him awav from
life's trials and sorrows which for years lie
had patiently borne, enduring sickness anil
distress, which all the care and affection tf
his devoted wife and children, and kind
friends, could not alleviate. His sweet
faith in the relit ion of Eternal Progress,
made him strong to endure. lie felt that
Death is a welcome servant, who, with
noiseless hands, unlocks the flowery gates
of lift and shows us the faces of those we
love. .
Life to him is just beginning
Death is past and he is free,
Free to roam where'er he listeth
In the vast Eternity.
But again we know we'll greet him
Just beyond the eternal shore,
Where no pain or anguish comes
Where we'll rest forevermore !
McArthur Produce Market.
Wheat, old Bed 3 40 New Bed-.. 13
Old White 3 60 New White- S
BhelledCorn ' Mi Com,Xar.
Oats a-- 50 Bje .
Barley 60 Uty-... ....... 8
McArthur Produce Market.
McArthur Produce Market. CORRECTED WEEKLY, BY D. WILL & BRO'S.
McARTHUR, O., July 12, 1866.
.pples,(drIol,) t' 00
Butter 12u!5
Chickens 25
Cofleo 80W
White Kih 12
Cod Fish 1H
Flour 14 00
Lard IS
Onions 1 00
Beeswax f
Boani 8 oo
CheeM 25
Kirgs li'f
Mnckerol IliX
Ve kthcrs C0uu
Leather 50a8
WoIhkms 608
I'vavhes, (dried) 00
Pork 120
t IS
S 60
-15a 20
Flax.." Whisky.
1 60
3 00
Special Notices.
AGENTS, rodlurs, Wuut.y SWrn, Uruir
gUU, mil all roeking au liouorablo mid prulltublu
busiucsit, Froo by mull fur 85 cU.; wholesale
9 pt-r doi. c'ltavtiiuHjrs roulizj (OtotUpM
day profit.
ABBOTT & DOWD, Manufuclurcri, 19
Water-iit.. N- Y. May,2Uw.
Ivl T0I 8 Of YOlllll.
A Gontloman who differed for yfars from
Norvous Debility, l'reftkturo Decay, and all
theofTccU of youthful indUcrctiun, vill, for
aaka of differing humanity , rond free to all who
noed it, the reciiit and directions for making
the aimple remedy by which ho wan cured.
Siiffurora wishing to profit b) thoaJvcitbcr'b
experiouco, cun do bo by address tiff
jolI-lT. No, 18 ChamtoM 6t., N. Y.
Strunge but True.
Every young lady and gentleman In the
United States cau hear ometlm,(j very much
f their advantago by return mail, froo of
chargo, by addr'tst-ing l'io uudcrDigncd. Those
having any fears of being bumbugtod will
oblige by not noticing this card. All others
wiil plonso address thoir obedient servant,
joll-ly. 831 Broadway, N. Y.
Published as a benofit and aa a caution to
todnq kin and others, who eullor from nervous
debility, premature docay of Manhood, &o.,
supplying at thosamo time Tiik means cf hlf
ocbk. By one who has onred himsolf after un
dergoing conuidcrublo quackery. By enclosing
a post-paid addressed cnvelopo, tingle copies
free of ohnriro, may bo kid ot the author.
NATHANIEL MAYFAIli, tq., Brooklyn.
Kings eo., New York. fobl-ly
EH YKAlil We want agents ov-
crywhore to soil our Improved 20
towing Machines. Three new kinds. Under
and upper feed. Sent cn trial. Warranted
five years. Above ralary or large comniUsions
paid. TbooNLr machines sold in the United
States fur less than 40 dollars, which aro fully
licenced by II owe, Whcalo & WiUon, Grovor
& Bakor Sirger & Co., and Bachcldur. All
othor cheap machines are Infringement and
the poller or nrar are liable to arrest, fine and
Imprisonment: Illustrated circulars sent froe.
Call upon or adliose, Shaw & Clark, ut Bidde
ford,Muino, or Chicago, III. junc7-lfly
To Consumptives.
The advertisr, having boon restored to health
In a few weeks by a vory simple remedy, a flcr
having sull'urod for sovoral years with a sevoro
lung alTect'.on, and that dread dfconpo, Con
sumption la ar.xinua to make known to his
toliow-iuoerors tlio means ot cure.
To all who dc.-iro it, lie will send a copy of
rintion used, trco or ctmrgo, with tho
directions fi r proparing and using tho fame.
which (hey will And a sura cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Concha, Colds, and
all Throat and Lung AU'ections. The nnlv ob-
joct of the advertiser in send ng tho Trend ip
tion 1b to bentfit tho afflicted and spread infor
mation which ho conceives to be invaluable,
anu ne nopes every miioror win try nis remedy
as it win cust mom nuiuing ana may provo a
1 arties wishing tho 1 roncrintion. hue. bv
roiuni man, win picnso niidrcss,
William iburgli, Kings Co., N. Y,
January 11, lS66-ly.
Rich Ore Lands lor Sale!
rllE following described tract of land Is of
fered fur sale, and will bo sold on reason-
able terms.
Illcli Veins of Iron Ore,
(Limestone) aro to be fourd upon said lands in
almost incxlinustible qnuntilics.
J lie lamis aro situalo in tlio county or Vin
ton, Stato of Ohio, and doscribed as follows:
The northwest quarter of Section No. 14, Town
ship No. 10, Hanffo No. 17. Also tho north
east quarter of sculhwcft quarter. Section No.
14, Townsinpno. to, or liango No. 17; con
turning, in all, (200) two hnndrid acres, moro
or lo 's.
For particulars, adJrons
Cincinnati Furnace C'o..
jttlyl2w4 Agatha, Jackson county, O.
Below Cincinnati Prices!
By direction of Court, I will fell tho
Ac, &c, &c, &c.t
of Thomas A. Martin, Aa3lgnor,'in
Lots, Packages & Pieces,
as InvenUrUd.
l'artic wishing bargains will do well to
CALL 6O0N, aa those Goods
Tr.nua : Cash or, on laree bills, 4 months
credit will be given, if satisfactorily secured.
harness and one man's saddle now for salo
july 5- w4 Assignee, &o.
Just rullished, in a Sealed Envelope.
ALECTUBE on tho Nature, Treatment, ard
Kadical Cure of Bntrmatorihoci, or Semi
nal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexnal
Debility, and Impedimenta to Marriage (rener
ally. Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsy,
and l its; Mental ana Physical incapacity, re
suiting trom 8elf-Abise. Ac By ROBERT J
CULV ERWELL, M. D., Authorof the "Green
unos:," sc.
The world-renowned author, In this ad mi r a
bio Lecture, clearly proves from bis own expe
rience that the awful conrequonoes of Self
Abuse mat bo eu"ootunllT removed without
medicine, and without dangorons surgloal op
erations, bougies, instruments, rings, or cordi
als, pointing oat mode of cure at ones cer
tain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
matter what his condition may be, may cure
himself o'ueaply, privately and rtdioelly . This
Lecture will provo a boon to thousands and
Bent under seal, to any address, ia a plain
sealed envelope, ot reoeipt of six cents,
two post stamps. Address the publishers,
CIIAS. J. C. KLINE CO., 127 Bowery, N
Y., l'ost Offlco box
. -j
I'flK 1' it ATT tfe BL TCUER'H
Wanauttd la cum ut Rli-nmalUm, Wtortljla, BruiM
c l'slu.
The Best and Chcapr-gt Hone and CattI
Medicine In the World!
Uild tirouih,ut tt Un.'rtt Slalei amtt Cum
mill itui init Ikt tint 93 jrtart.
For the cure of tlie various Dlatanea lo which
linrHvt) am! (':illl nn stihtivt; such aa
1'ouiulrr, MMi'Iimmt, lllritt liouud, loss ol
Apwtite, In wur.l Htruliis. Yellow Water,
FIkIiiIo, Toll Kvll, Horntclicit or
OreONd, .Mnniry, Iiilliiinmntloii of tho
Ky, niul Kulittne from Hard Ijilwr;
also, Hli'iiiiiutlnin, (iniiiiiuiuly called
Hllir minpliiint), wlilt'h proves fatal to
so mitny viiluulilo Morses lu this couutry
Mrii tliu lurMt Rule nf miy Home mid CuUlt UhlfclM
In tlila country. It in mihhuI ut lierb rtnd rouU, to4
for hiilihiiw, Nitf' ty. rcrtultily utul th'WrtiglinnM, ituda
priM-miiHiiitly ut tl.u lietk -f ttiu list of IIuth Mi
VUUU MMiantt.
It ciinU iinT ull UT" Immnrn, frcvrnti ItoniM from
becoming HtlfT of rtinTi rliix. nt men the LtnodJoosMM
the iklii, tiii itlvrti It k tin till hih! gUway iiprW
clutiidi the wttT niwl ulrvittiH'ii vxory fiurt of thai
Uly. It In I -mi h wife niul CiTlitin trmtily fur 00 U (hi
ftuJ cvltK w Ilk.- ui-uuruR iu muny fului tluewef.
Tho 0w roiilrm to tx'tiipi Hi.) wtllmti MiumlRncflof,
Ibod nut to innkn lu-r l.a U nt Jclrnbloi Lmt t
lerp up n uiilur nicrotioti of milk, ami till uwittrt of
eowa will flnJ ly giving them
twice n wt-ck, a lira incmmti in qunntlty and qimllt
of milk ntitl crown. It cttrili .;fT nil fi ver tod (in
tmrltltf of thr IiIohL Tin efTWt lg mmii llimiigliout th
loiuon by a i Kh ntid Hl'iimliutt ftuw uf milk.
The fir ni r In I'rKlmihitf to lv nwnrc ut (lie Tnttmlil
proper tU1 i f Shnm'g Vitntlttion lmvdTt in pro
motlriK tlio ootnlllUm uf lilai bhuvpund prurotitlng UMnf
of tliv dlHvuci uf all tht dutuiMtlottvU ftuluiuli.
O-A nrtjr ri'itt pm kuRg of Sloan' ContlUU
Fomtrf put Into a Unul uf tw ill la baior than !
biiHliels OT cnni to'filten a lioir, nnd Is a ertnln pr
Tsntlre of 11,-k I lioler, Ulliid Btoggert, and oilier
dljeiaos cummtiH aiuung lus.
CAVTIOK.Ta prntrtt oiinalTM ami thspnblle
from t.eligTj liri-.l niuu l.y wurlhlew lliiltntloiu, the
diuiw will lnar Oia fut ilmilt slgiiaturt of Ills t ft
prletors ou lha wruptior.
lor salt by Druggists sad Mtrdiauts srorywhert.
Buls froprlolori, Cbloaio, HU
t. 0. Brswsr IBM. . . : r .
Sold at Wholcsalo by
Cincinnati, Ohio.
A I IMail by
Ir. .t. a. STKONO,
ii. XV. S1SSON,
jy5yl MoArthur, Ohio.
e: i iv s
GKAY-IIEADED people have their locks re
stored by it to the dark, lustrous, silkon
trosses of youth, and aro happy I
loung people, witn iignc, tadod or rcu Hair,
have those unfahhionnbio colurn changol to
beuiitiful auburn, ui, t rejoice I
l'ooplo whose beads are covered with dand
ruff and humors, uso 1;, and have clear, coats
and clear anil healthy scalps I
JSnld-headed jotorans bave their temaining
locks tichtancd, and the bare spo's covered
with a luxuiiant growth of hair, aud danootor
iyj . .. .
xonnff (rontlomon use it because it is richly
perfumed I
Young ladies uso It bocau90 it keops their
Lair in place !
Kvorybody must and will use It, because It is
tho eleouest and best articlo In tho murket 1
For Sale by Druggists Generally.
Fi oni Hot . 'Warren Chaso, tho Ltcturor.
My hair and whlskors have been many years
pray. "King's Vcgotablo Ambrosiu" has re
stored both lo their original color, black, and
coveroJ tho baUnofa oi tho top of my head
with a finn irrowth of black l air. I have sev
eral frionds who have used it with the same)
results, anu I cordially recommend it aa one of
(lie fow medicines that will do what its lebola
and ciro ilars claim for it . ' '
October, 1SG5. Wabrin Cnasi.
E.ll Tubbj & Co., Proprietors, Peterboro'
'n . ir..m,ii,;,. a ti u.m a
salo Agents, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J S Strong,
a gun t, oioAiuiur,uiiio. maysi-iy
Divorce Notice.
ELIZABETH BURR, whoso ploco of rcaf
donca Is unknown, is notified lhat David
Burr did on tho 80th day of Juno, ad 136C,
file hex petition In tho office of tho Clork of tho
Cc urt of Oommon Hons, within and for tho
coun'.y of Viutou and Btato of Ohio, charging
tho said Elizabeth Bnrr with willful absence
for more than throo years and asking- that ho
may ho divorced from the suid Elizaboth Burr,
which potiiUn will bo for hearing at the "text
tero or Bnid Court, to-wit: Sojtombor 25th,
1803. Dated this 30th day of Juno, 1868.
by Constable & Cunstablo'
jj5w Attys for Plaintiff.
I WOULD respectfully Inform the people that
I am permanently located in .lackson, 0 II.,
I 'bio, where I can at all limes be found fully
prepared to mcot all the demands of my pro
foiston. Charges reasonable and work war
rantud. jy5mS - 8. T. BOGGESS, Dentist.
Empire Shuttle Sewing Machines
Are superior to all others for '
i'OSES. . , i .
CONTAIN al) the latest Improvements; are
speedy ; nolaelsks ; durable; and easy to
work. - - -
Illustrated Circulars free. Agents' wanted
Liberal discount allowed. Mo oonslgncont
made. -
Address, IMPIEE 8. M.CO., 5t Broadray
New York. co my31y

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