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'wltb chtap feo1utloos! The Feniauifcnow
' this. 01 why diuVt they write allfHigham
or Pugh, or Pendleton, 01 Alexander H.
Stephen , 10 iddreis their frest meeting at
-Chicago, Instead of Intltuif Sen uyler Col
hiAbt Speaker of the House of Re present
ath?iTAh, the? knov who are and who
are not the friends of freedom. They know
that the party led br these great traitoK
"Val." of Ohio and Alex. II. Stephens of
Georgia are now, aa they have ever been
opposed to the poor man rising to a politi-
cal ami social level with the .wealthy.
' Tbiy know that the. great Union party is
the parly that favora universal liberty, anil
. they know, too, that if ever "the fair b-le o
the ocean" rises o that plura among the
natiousof the earth to vhsih the valor and
patriotism of her sons would entitle her,'
it will be done sgaiost am! over butternut
opposition, and by and w ith the aid and
sympathy or the grea t Union party that
party that aaved the life of this Republic in
spite of butternut opposition, and which
to day stands ready to lend a helping hand
to aid Ihe downtrodden and oppres-ed of
every land and every clime.
Ofllcial Organ of Vinton County.
f3" Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day morning, must be handed in not later
than Tuesday evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
M, E. Chvrch. -Preaching Sabbath athalf-
tact ten o'clock, A. to., and Lolf-roet tlx
' o'clock, P. M. Sabbath School, 2 P. V.
Prebbttikian Cucitcn. -fervleesst 11 o'el'k
i. m., and 6 o'clock t. u. 6bbatb School at 9
'clock a. it., every Sabbath.
Christian CnCHcn.SorvlcoR at 11 o'clock a.
m., every Sabbath.
. Thanks To lion. 11. 8. Bundy,
M, C, for public documents received.
A mnn by the name of W. S. Brown killed
Tosifih Wood of Vinton tp. and attempted to
take the life of Henry Asklns of same tp.. on
Saturday evening last. Particulars will bo
given in our next.
We are now prepared to do Job
work with neolue.-s and clii atch. Give us
a call.
In our notice a few weeks since,
of the absence of Mr. C.J Billinglmrsi.
we neglected to stale that he had li ft in
charge of Ms gallery during his aberuce,
Mr. J. M, McGillivray , a gentleman im
has the reputation of being a good artist.
Give him a Cull and exuuiine specim. ns vi
hie vork.
. Do you want to know where to
got everything in the I) nit line, ut Mm very
lowest price t Go to tho Drug Sreo t). W
Slsson, and you will find evervtldt.g 1I1.it y-.u
Leed, IU lakes great care procure piiro Mc'dl
oinea that can be rolied on mid tM bust
.Wines, Brandies, &o , strictly .lor Medical
Tns attention ut Piiysloions, particularly, !
called 'jo a largo assortment of N'ichol's .r. ljUr
.aligns, known to bathe most reliable Medici irs
inatafaotured In 'this ouunty,. which will lie
old to Physicians at 15 per cent, on tho munn
facturei'a prlca . tl. .
May,ii8 in.
UariON County Convention.
Candidates for nomination before the Union
Comity Cjovention, to be held on the 6th
of August, can havetheii names announced
in this paper, at the rate of ONE DOLLAR
tor ich announcement.
TOWNSHIP Meeting.Ou Satur
day last, the Democracy of Elk township
met in the court house for the purpose of
appointing delegates to the County Con
vention, on Monday last. The meeting
rf'aa well attended and ijuiki lively.
.: Celebration.' Tho McArthur
Lodge, I. 0. 0. F., of this place, intend
givii.g a celebration here on the 23d inst.
It is to be hoped that there will be a good at
tendance. The committer of strange
menti ia a good obe, and they will, spare
n6 ps'ins in' making , it , a pleasant Hffair.
Good speakers have been procured for the
occasion. The brethren of the order are
curdially invited to attend,
[For the Record.
Equalization of Bounty, No. 2.
Editor Record and soldiers of Vinton Co.:
I see, by the last issue of the Record,
that the author of the famous circular' to
the 'loyal voters of Vintnii County (late a
Captain in the 18th 0. V. I ) is very much
exercited, because some claim egent in
Cleveland has cheated him out of a fee, by
lying to a soldier about the passage of the
Act to equalize bounties. Now, Mr. Editor.
I agree with the 'late' Captain in a hearty
. contempt for a liar, no matter for what
purpose, the lie may be uttered, be it for
gain pecuniarily, or political. (I hope the
famous circular, ol which the 'late' Cap
tain is the author, contains no de.vimions
from truth.)' ,But it, is not the lute l ap
tain thitl.am after in., this article, bit'
some of his partisans, of, appearHntly, moie
elastic conscience viz. the Aristo'Wy of
Cincinnati Furnace. The Captain is' mv
witness to prove 'hey have misri-pte-enied
the facts in the case, and for thut purpose
I refer to his article in the last issue nr il,e
Record. . Put bear what the Furnoce Aris
tocracy have promulgated it is this Both
the principal owner of the Furnace. . and
his Son-inLa w, are, as I am informed by a
soldier, telling the 'Uo) a' . ot that, neighbor -hpocl,:thatthe
sct.ttf equalize bodn ties .has
passed Congress, .but . the Pretidi til would
not sigh the bill; and - tor ihut reus 'ii, t'-e
law must fail. Thus "wekiug to inrluH.rce
and prejudice thasolujers against the Pre.J
ident, and in favor of the Kump Congress '
Now lean not, fofs moment, believe th'it
th'ise ffien are so Ignorant, asuot to know
that (heir sttlemeuta, are false. - here d;d
they get their information T It hWuerrt
been so stated in any public jour nil In the
States. ' If there be any difference io criineb
it does' appear to me, that the . Cleveland
Claim Agent's Is the more ven:al since he
only lied for 'filthy lucre, while tluse men
sees to sap the foundations of the Govern
ment br jneans of their flirty ikltrhooils,
or wire we1 not taught. In the reign of the
Great Lamented' that to oppose tho .Presi
dent.is to oppose the Government? Be
earful, gentlemen, hoar you oppose the
Government,' or it may become a military
necessity to call a commission on your case,
Wl HiVB TgE FBICEUE5T. 1 - ... - At! -
Democratic County Ticket.
The Democracy of Vinton
met on last Monday, and put
in nomination the ticket for the
coming campaign. The ticket
is a good one, and will be elec
ted, if the Democracy does its
duty. , .
Dr. Henry C. Moore,, the
candidate for Auditor, has made
ohp'of the best Auditors that
we have ever had in the coun
ty, and "was nominated hy ac
clamation, without a dissenting
voice, and is worthy of being
elected again.
IIexry Reynolds, the peo
ple's favorite wan,, was put up
on tjie ticket for Treasurer; and
will' be elected by an over
whelming majority.
Geo. Lantz, who has served
the people for several years in
the office of Clerk of the Court
of Common Pleas, was again
put on the ticket. He is one
of the best Clerks in this Ju
dicial District, Further com
ment is unnecessary.
Richard Ceaig, who has
filled the office ably and with
much credit to himself and the
citizens, was nominated for re
election to the office of Probate
Judge. Let the people elect
him again.
John J. Shockey, who has
also performed his official du
ties promptly and lawfully ,was
nominated ibr re-election to
the office of Sheriff. :
Dr. J. A. Monahon, of Ilam
den, was nominated to the of
fice of Coroner.. The doctor
was a surgeon in the army,
where he was highly indorsed,
is a live, tuorJcing Democrat,
and should, by all honorable
means, be elected.
Thomas Magee, an honest
& industrious farmer of Brown
township, was nominated for
Commissioner of the county.
Mr. Magee is a man, in every
way, capable of filling this of
fice to the satisfaction of the
people, in accordance with law.
The above ticket is a good
selection, and should receive
the hearty support of all true
democrats and conservative
men in the county.
Democratic County Convention.
Pursuant to (he call of rhe Demdoratlc
Central Committee of Vinton County, the
Democracy thereof mvt in conventin. in
the Court House, ut McArthur, Ohio, on
M: pday, July SO.h, 1866, at one o'cloi k,
1'. M , for the purpose of mmiaating a
t-'ouiily ticket. . . ' '
The neetii g uas called to order by on
poii.ting James JltGillivriy, Chairman.
On motion Joseph Wallace, was chosen
Secretary atid 0. Gunning, Assistant Sec
retary. On motion the chair appointed Vuss Hoff
hirres, L . Sampson, and II. Clark tellers.
On motion the township!) were called
upon to hand in their credentials, and to
vote by township, and by proiy for absent
A motion was passed to have the candi'
dates coming before - the convention pledge
themselves to abide by the decision of the
convention- and that the candidates be bal
loted for iu the same order as announced in
the paper.
Moved that a majority of all the votes
cast bo necessary for a ' choico of candi-
Moved that where (here is no. opposition
to a candidate, that he be nominated by ac
clamation, The balloting for condidates resulted as
follows, i . ,
H. C. Moore, by acclamation.
Henry . Reynolds, ;.. 61 3
David Foreman, 3
George Lantz,...' : ....'44 34
John W. Cooper, 10
Craig, 28 '2
Samuel C. Case, 15
Waldo J Murray, 11
John Shoekey, ;.. 40 26
Morris Albaugh,.. i';. 14
Dr. J. A. Monahon, by acclamation. -
Thomas Magee,. . . .v. . 34 15
Henry HoftTiines, : . '. 19
After' ihe balloting for candidates was
roT c'uded it moved that each township
iii.iko 'election' of one delegate to re pre
lum Vint n County in the Congressional
and Judi. il -'Convention, fo be held at
Porism- ui1'., Ohio, on Thursday, August
9t'j i6t. :': . . -.,.'... . .,, T
The foll) ing persons were chosen.
Brown D.i S. Dana, Eagle Joseph
Wallace, ElkHenry ' .Reynolds, Harri
son 0. T. Gunning, Clinton J. A.
Monahon, ackson H. C. Moore, Madi
son R. A. Constable, Knox W. E,
ftrattors Richland L.' A. A twood, Vin-lon-H.
S. Hamilton Wilksville Va
&) Murray, SwmA. J, Swajm.
1 ITt following resolutions were then read
and adopted.. .
Ml '. Resolved, That the great issue of tne
houris. between Uuion and Disunion, and
that'thf Deini'i rdcy, now, e ever, are the
frieuus ud defenders of the Union of the
Btates, as established by the father of the
9. Resolved, That ihe Government l air-
people stand pledged by trials and suffering
of war waged in the nme of Uniou, to iu
unconditional restoration, at the earliest
possible moment, and that the opposition to
that purpose manifested by the present
Congress, and its supporters, is a counter
revolution, as hostile to the deep-felt Union
sentimeut of the country, as thai Southern
revolution, so lately suppressed.
3. Resolved, That the gallant race of
Irishmen, so aislingutfhed lor Democratic
sentiment, and unfaltering devotion to free
dom, have our heait-felt sympathy In their
aspirations for National Independence, and
that we Shall hail with ijladnees the hour,
when the "Green Isleol the Ocean'' takes
Jhat place among the nations to which the
valor and genius of her sons entitle Iter.
4. Resolved, That the Crittenden Res
olutions of 1861 be and are hereby en
dorsed. ', Moved that the proceedings cS this Con
vention be published in the Columbus Cri
sis, Cincinnati Enquirer, Jacksou Times,
and Vinton Record.
On motion, the Convention adjourned,
AUGUST 14th, 1866.
To the Union Electors of Ohio:
A Mass Convention will asseni
lie at Columbus, O., on Tuesday,
August the 7th, for the purpose of
selecting four Senatorial, with two
Congressional Delegates from each
District, to attend a National Un
ion Convention of Delegates from
all the States and Territories in the
Union, to bo held t Philadelphia,
on the2dTuesday,(thQ 14th) of Au
gust next.
All Union men are invited to
come who believe that the Union
of the States is indissoluble and
cannot be broken up, either, by
State Secession or Congressional
Action, who desire that loyal Rep
resentatives should be admitted to
their seats in Congress, no matter
from what State they may hail, who
hold that to each State belongs the
regulation of its own elective fran
chise, and who are unwilling to
declare the war for the Union a
practical failure by making its res
toration contingent upon political
issues, independent of obedience
to the United States and submis
sion to the laws made in pursuance
Fellow Citizens: Fearful issues
are upon us, and unless wise coun
sels "prevail a majority in Congress
will perpetuate in our country civ
ilhate and interminable feuds, hop
ing thereby merely to prolong
their own hold on office, regardless
of the publio welfare, or that har
mony and repese now needed by
the Republic after the long tension
of a protracted civil war a war to
which our citizens contributed free
ly their blood and treasure for the
maintenace of the Union, lot hot
to make any part of our free land
a Poland or Ireland, to be held as
conquered provinces by satraps
and bayonets, after resistance to
the Constitution and laws had
Ohio always firmly stood by the
restoration policy of the late la
mented President Lincoln, even
when it was most violently assailed
by one of her own Senators that
policy he bequeathed, as it were a
legacy, to his successor in his fare
well speech to the American peo
ple, April 11th, 1865, three days
before his assassination, which
trust President Johnson has refused
to surrender at the behest of a
Congress which could not have
been elected had they announced
to the people their opposition to
this main feature of President Lin
coln's Administration, which was
emphatically endorsed by his re
election. . President Johnson, in
his North Carolina Proclamation of
May 29th, 1865, and subsequent
Proclamations, only pursued the
well known policy of his predeces
sor, and on the 21st of June, 1865.
the Union State Convention of
Ohio, under the pressure of the
gallant soldier-delegates, fresh
from the field, who repressed the
eagerness of certain stay-at-home
politicians to make negro suffrage
a pretext for a prolonged struggle,
ignored that issue, and resolved
"that President Andrew Johnson,
by his unwavering devotion to the
Union, through years of the sever
est trial, has won our highest con
fidencethat we cheerfully endorse
the policy of his Administration,
looking to the restoration of peace
and civil order in the so-called Se
ceded States, and as Union men of
Umo we will give him our, hearty
and' undivided support." That
pledge was given by many of us in
good, faith, and not for the purpose
of deceiving the people by an elec
tioneering platform, or of mislead
ing the President as to popular
sentiment aud then denouncing
him as" a traitor to the party, be
cause he1 believed . that the politi
cians who passed it were in earnest;
and we intend to abide by that res
olution, which still stands unre.
pealed by any subsequent Union,
State or National Convention.
The ; people of the rebel States
have, with wonderful unanimity,
accepted the situation consequent
upon the war in the abolition of
slavery and the repudiation of the
rebel debt; the other conditions,
now pressed upon them, are mat
ters ot ordinary political action in
the regular working of our Gov
ernment under the Constitution,
and can be settled in due time.
The great immediate issue is,
whether the Union shall be practi
cally dissolved, by the action of a
Congressional majority, in exclud
ing loyal Representatives from the
late rebel btates from seats to
which they have been elected. On
this point the platform of the late
Union State Convention is silent,
bo that even by party usage every
Union man is free to carry out his
own conviction by practical action.
There is no denial of the exclusive
right of Congress to pass on the
return, election and qualification
of its own members, under the
Constitution of the United States,
but the complaint is that they re
fuse to exercise this right.
Ate the State Governments of
the late seceded States any less
republican inlormnow than before
the rebellion, because slavery is
abolished? and what difference
does it make who organizes them
if they are assented to by ilia legal
electors over whom they are to op
erate? The President and his
friends have never asked for the
admission of disloyal men into
Congress, and if treason .is not
punished according to law it is be
cause the Courts do not perform
their duty, a matter over which the
Executive has no more control
than in any other class ot crimes
in time of peace. When this
charge is made it comes with an ill
grace from those who have all
along professed a willingness to
admit all the rebels to political
privileges on tlje principle of uni-1
versal suffrage and universal am
nesty. '
Come up then, Union men, to
the Convention, and see to it that
the best citizens of our Stato are
delegates to the National Union
Convention, to sustain the Presi
dent in his efforts to lestore the
Union of these States. If citizens
belonging to other political organi
zations choose to co-operate with
us upon this our own platform, to
give it practical eiTect, it i3 only
proof that however high partisan
strife may run in ordinary polit
ical contests the issue now before
the country the restoration of the
Union rises above all party feel
ing or sectionalism, and appeals
directly to the patriotism of the
Nation to "take care that the Re
public suffers no detriment."
Colonol John H Conn ell; M A Dnngharty;
John A Hunter; 0 E Davin; John (Jarraghty,
CMS Wlxernan; Killini Frlller of Fairfield
county; Samnel 0 Harrin; Colonel C 8 Cot
ter; R A Gillefe: A l'olcej K O Kussell;
William Ward; 8 D Norton; C B Bishop;
Goorjo Sommervllle of Portage county; L D
Campbell; J B Millikin; Jnmen 8 Wflson;
David V Brown; William H Wilcox; I'eter
Black; A C Campbell; ,Wm Largaldo; J M
Amsden; Edward l'attoi; FerJ Van Dorver;
Nathaniel li seder, John Finder of Butler
county, J Wm Baldwin: If L Kaboi; Sol
8 Henklc; John Geary; G W Cnxhman; Jo
seph H GeiKor; i W Dolaon; Colonol II B
Hooter; J B Coffroth; B Gwjnne; Colonel II
B Wilson; H S Miller; J Blount; Colonol
O 8 Innit of Franklin conuty; A T Bendy
of Tuacnrawai county; Moae Kelly; J A
Vincent; E A Scovill, 0 C Boovill; Looncrd
Case; B K Window; B White; Benj A Stan
nard of Cuyahoga county; John Hurlo ird of
Summit county; M M Seymour; J I' Axtetl
ot Lake county; I Cunningham; Sholby
Tayrcr; W H Harper; Matthias Kidenour of
Allen county; General John Cnmminit; M
C Halo of Bhalby county; E C Kroider; L 8
Bort; WMBowen;JL Collins; Jno W Work
of Hocking conr.ty; Colonol II II 8ag C F
Bilzer; Major Eraaaual Gelbart; Jam- Ruber;
General J Taylor; John Walker; O A Show
er; M Shower of Pickaway county; F J An
derson; GUbort Brady of licking count y; G
B Arnold; G B Potwin; G K Norton; A Wolf
of Knox county; Colonel T B Hunt; W M
Murphy, Theo Cook; Thos Sherlock; J J
Qninn; LDevinney; Colonel Wm H Gill; Jas
Bradford; H Grotenkentper; W R Patterson;
8 M. Murphy; Geo Hafer; W P Vamlml'i'on;
0 H Marshall; Colonel W B Cawillj ; Yf Van
Ham; W. T Taliaferro; II C Yonnir; II W
Biown; M F Gaddis; Gen E Baiaett Lir.g
don; J H Buokner; Frank Phelps: K J Gu--rette;
Andrew i Ward, General 8 A Strick
land of Hamilton eounty; Major David Gor
don of Warren oounty.
AUGUST 14th, 1866. A Diabolical Outrage at Wabash--
A White Woman is Forced to
Yield to the Lust of a Negro
Yield to the Lust of a Negro Monster--Four White Men Hold
While He Violates Her Person.
One of the most atrocious out
rages that we ever heard of was
perpetratedon the person of a
white woman at the loyal and holy
city ot "Wabash, Indiana, last week.
A party of loyal young men, of the
M F. F. '8,' decoyed a woman Into
the river bottom, and while they
had her, there, threw her down,
stripped her, and holding her by
her arms and legs, induced a negro
to ravish her. The tears, entreat
ies and protestations "of the poor
woman had no effect upon the ruf
fians who held her. She was a wo
man of easy, virtue, we are told,
but that can not be taken in miti
gation of the criminal and fiendish
offense. She protested against
having carnal intercourse, with the
negro, and screamed and struggled
to free herself from the fiends that
held her until nature was exhaust
The morning following tho out
rage, she sought legal advice; but
as the crime was so hideous, and
the amalgamationists who perpe
trated it of the " first families," (the
negro is of tho family of Colonel
Cowgill) she was told that she
could not identify the parties suf
ficiently to make a case, and a
fiutse of four hundred and fifty dol
ars was raised for her, and she
sent out of the State. The utmost
anxiety exists to keep the aflair
quiet; but "a duel's among 'em
takin' notes, and faith he'll prent
'em." We have the names of the
amalgamationists who perpetrated
tho infernal, diabolical crime. The
name of the woman so grossly out
raged h Mag Swoflbrd. She is Ihe
daughter of a Wabash County far
Tersmisnf either pnrtycan hare their unmet
announced for USE llOLLAll, layalU in
Editob Rfcom). Please announce the
name of EDWARD A. BRATTON, as a
candidate for Judge ul the Court of Com
mon Fleas, ubject to the decision of the
Democratic Conservative Convention of the
Judicial District, to meet at Portsmouth,
Monday, August 6th, 1866.
Kiiitot IUoord: P1(ako announco JOHN If.
McLAUGHLIN, of McArthur, as a enndiduto for
I'ruhuls uJiro, ulijcct to tli dici.-ion of the
Ed R.-oiu: I'Lbbo nonnc .IOHNROB
BINS, as nuiublo car.didnto for tho ullleo of
Kh riff ot Vintia county, nulijovt to tha iIocIh
I n t f tho Unicn Convention on the 6;h lnt.
Mr. Kubldns huf liocn a fuithftil oldiur, serv
ing ocr tlireo yonrH in tho 1 1th Ohio Hattcrv,
Ho nerved in (lie I'nllowiiiK prominent unirnge
menu: ut New Mudrlj, Ll"d No. 10, Iuk,
Corinth, v kkalmrir, etc.. and U do icrvitig tho
ujpurt of lha rriuuda of the soluior.
EuiToh Record: FIosm announce the name
of Ctain 11KNKY LANTZ , ns a Ki-.ltiihlo can
didate for lua oilier of tliorilT ftubjdnt to th
dec nion of tuo Union Cotivontiou. on the 3th
Editor or Vintux Fecciio. rleose say
to he loval voters in Vinton County, tlmt
ROLE at SAGE, will be n mndidute foi
nomination to the oflire of Sheriff, ruined
lo the decision of the. Union Convention on
Special Notices.
CQf A MONTH! Agent wantod for nxeu.
OtJv tiruly now articles, junt out. Address
0. T. Oakkt, City lluildin;, liiddeford, Mo.
Errors of Youili.
A Gentloman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
the effects of youthful indiscretion, vill, for
sake of suffering humanity , send free to all who
need it, the receipt and directions for making
the timple remedy by which he was cured.
fnfforerH wiehirg to profit by the advertiser's
experience, can do so bv addreBs'ng
jell-lv. No, 13 Chambers St., N. Y.
Published as a benefit and as a caitioh to
toono mkn and othors, who suffor from nervous
debility, promatnre decay of Manhood, &c,
supplying a tho nanio time Tiik mians or txLr
guhk. By one who has cured himcelf after un
dergoing considerable quackory. By enclosing
a p iBt-paid addressed envelope, single copies
freo of churgo, may be had or the author.
Kings eo., Now York. fobl-ly-
Stritnge but True. '
Every young lady and gentloman in tlie
United SlateB can hear somethinr vory much
ti their advantage by, ratarn mail, free of
chargo, by addr 'Ming the undersigned, Thoxe
having any foars of being humbugi'ed will
oblige by not noticing this card. AIL' others
will please add reus their obodient eorvknt, ,
jell-ly. S31 Broadway, N. Y.
tfjft PEU YEARI Wo want agents ov
OUU ery whero to soil our Improved 20
dewing Mdchinci. Three now kinds. Under
and upper feed. Sent cn trial. Warranted
five years. Above i alary or large commissions
paid. Thu 0Ni.r machines sold In tho United
States for loss than 40 dollars, which are fully
lieen-ed by Howe, Wheale Ai Wilfon, Grovor
& linker Sirgerifc Co., and Bscheldur. All
olhor cheap machines are infringement and
the seller orukcr are liable to urreiit, lino and
itnprinonniont: Illustrated circulars sent free.
Call upon or adiioos, Shaw & Clark, at Bidde
ford, Malno, or ChloagQ, III. juncT-lswly
To Consumptives.
The advertisr. having bcon restored to health
In a few weeks by a vory siioplo remedy, after
having sufferod for Bcvoral years with a severe
lung alfection, and that dread disease, Con
sumptionis anxious to make known to his
fjllow-Buflerem the means of cure.
To all who dei-ire it, he will send a eopy of
the presciiption mod, free of charge, with tho
directions f r proparing and ttsing tho tame,
which (hey will find a sure care for Consump
tion. Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat and Lr.ng Affections. The only ob
ject of the advertiser in pend ng tho Prescrip
tion is to benefit the tfllicted aud spread infor
mation which ho coneelvos to he invaluablo,
aud ho hope; every sufferer will try hit remedy,
as it will oust them nothing and may prove "a
blessing. .
Parties wishing the Proscription, rXEE, by
return mail, will please address,
William lbnrgh, Kings Co., N.Y. ,
January 11, lSfl8-ly;
Road Notice.
NQTICE U hereby given that a pUlfnn wdl
be presents t to the Commis.-ioncrs of Vin
ton ci;nn(y-Ohio, at tlntr' regvlsr Pepfembor
MsIon, praying lor lha TacHtion'tf all that
portiou of the Ncliiouvillo road, comm uclngnt
uu oak tree, at the outlet of lha Oonl'er lane,
nu running irom vnenee a soutn wo-tonj di
rection, along the survny of raid ma I to its
termination-, at the Logan road, being (liedis
tancaof about one mile
Aug. 2,-5 MaNT I'triTlOKIBS.
Vinton Probate Court.
TOTICE ia hereby civen that Grore L.
i.1 Shurts executor of 'lha estate of Phii!ip
Miurtx UUe of suict eouuty deceased, bsa filed
his accounts and vouchers in the Probuio Court
of said Vinton conuly and state of Ohio, for
Inspection and final settlement, and there the
same will be for hearing on the 13th day of Au
gust ad i88S, in eaideenrt.' Dated Mc Arthur,
sugS-Svr Probata Judge.
Road Notice.
r'piTKr.E will be a pe.'itlori prcsente.J to the
X Cinmissiocers of Vinton ocarity,0!.'o at,
thai session iu September, a d Wt, prsyicg
foi tho laying out of eonnty road In Brown
township of said oounty, commencing east of
Wm. Herrela h'Usa near th bridge serosa Rao
coon creek at the mouth of Two-mile run, run
ning along on or near the old trull, near (he
houses of Qeoreo and Iar.e Keeton to intersect
lha Zndotkl road nt-ar whore t ho ILpe Knrnoce
road starU from tho Z-Je:Li road and there
terminate. aug2w; A I'ititioh
An InvcutTon of llare Merit t
i a tin At M ii , .
a L v r ,n nflNh y
- " "')
THAT IU1II llftY Mnu i
yi I OKI niLLUUI B.1UH ,
DY I! EAT, 1
Burns np all bm and smoko.
never broakaby puttinKona!
atudei abort, and not top
heavy : is easily cleaned by
J&a rnoatportact chimney known
r m itrtri ia four r.nn .i;
AH others where It hat been in.
No doalor can aflfbra to b
( i wnauut lueni.
is " ai.t n, i.
Sew Harbor Shop.
I WISH to inform the citlssns of MoArtl.nr,
and vicinity, tb.it 1 have npsned a Barber
Shop in the rear of Mr. John Lillibridge's tail r
shop, an l will bo open evirr Wednesday and
Saturday. I'rSo-: Single shave, 10 cents;
shaving per month, 50 cunts, hair cut'lng, iO
cents, 1 will also pay throe at d oue-half cents
per pound for good rags, In cash.1 '
n n
Attachment Notice.
David Crow,) Before B. W. Reich. J. P. of
vs Clintoa township, Vinton oo..
S.M.Jones. Obl.-.
ON ihe 15th duyof Jnty.s d l?06,sald Jus
tice of the t'cace Issued an ore'er of attach
ment In the above action, for rhe sum of twen
ty five dollars debt, and probable amount of
costs twenty dollius. DAVID CUOW.
Hamdon, Jn!y 8i, 1Sti(l-3w
Guardian's Sale.
I il pltriiuunco of un crd r nf tho Probate
Court of Jackson con n'y, Ohio, made on tho
'.'Otli day of July, a d lSI'i, in the ae of Sarah
C. Powers, guardian of Mary Powors, ot al
aira'nt hor wards, the undersigned will, on the
81st day of August, a d lb'i, at ono o'clock, p
m, on the prumisns. oiler ut puMie sale, the foi
l"wing described real cs'ato, si tut to in Vinton
county. Ohio, to wir: "The west half of tho
northwest quarter of sortion five, township
eight, nnd rsni-'o sixteen."
TERMS OK SALE:-Cash In hand on the day
of pale. Appraised at Eight hundred dollars.
, SARAH C. POWERS, Guardian.
of Mary Powers, et als.
bv Dungsn & Du Ilidwny, her atys.
July SStb 180ti-3w.
i he
iiSSSTrS, JULV 1, 1866.
Cash on hand, in bank and with
Aeents,. 267.20 09
United States Stock 812 177 Si
Keul estuto.unincumbored 90.359 05
Slate Stocks 497,69u) 00
New York Bank Stocks 734,170 0
Hartford Bunk Stocks 2YU,8I0 00
Miscellaneous Rank Sfocls 129,000 CO
Ruilroad Stocks, eto 1)78,087 CO
Mortgage Bonds, City, County a ad ;
Railroad 1.011,18 6i
Total f t ,075,330 55
Losnes nnsdjuatod and not due,.. 231,284 85
2Tet, 3,854,594 20.
Income for last year (net)-.. $2,933,399 9
Or a daily iuco ne of say 9 00.
Losses and Expense for same time 1,541,294 80
Total Losses paid in 47 years.... It, 127 ,410 81
Viz: Firo, 17,213,000 99 Inland, 1,884,409.07
tiovernmout and Atate taxos paid. 179,173 84
!: ts oTs .. '
By Portiaml Fire, July 4tli, 180fl.
The total amount eov cred by Aitnt, policies
on property dohtroyod or dnmaged is 'M,8H,
ou which salvage will bo about 5 per cent. Our
total loss wiil not vary much from 200,000, and
it hoing promptly adjusted and paid. This sum
is 5 per cent, upon tho assets, a 'figure but
slightly exceeding onr government and State
taxes pnid last year, or a ptopor tion equal to a
5,400 lobs for a company of 100,000 assets.
The noccssity for insurance and tne value of
wealthy, strong corporations, is forcibly illus
trated by this firo. Scwral weak Insurance
Companies are destroyed, 'orfland hs a pop
ulation of 35,000 ; was handaomoiy built,
mostly lino brick or stone structures protected
snd screened with upwards of 3,000 shade
trees boundoi on three sides by water Indeed
literally, almost rising ' from the ocean and
with a good (team fire department yet It has
lO.OOO.i'OO of property consumed la a few horns
upon a holiday when its people are least oo-
cup.ed from tho very iu.-iguintfaat cause of a
jcontiinpible fire craoker.
Keruombci the trifling origin of fires that
swoop away iu a few hours the earnings of
years. Consider your best interests and give
the iEtua agent a call if you need proper In
euraLC security. Policies Usjed at iair terms.
jy23 McArthur, Ohio.
Itich Ore Lands for Sale!
rllE following described tract of land Is ofv
fared for sale, and will bo sold ou reason;
ublii tcims. '
. 'o. l.
Kith Veins of Iron Ore,
(Limcstono,) sro to be found upon said lands a
almost InexhanslibJe qnantifiesk , -
The lands aro'aituate In the. conntyof; Vin
ton, 8tate of Ohio,' and described as follows:
The northwest quarter of Pec tion So. 14, Town
ship Ko 10, Hange No. IT. Also the north
east quarter of southwest quarter. Paction No.
14, Township No. 10, Kange No. 17 J con
taining, in ail, (200) two fcnndrtd acres, nioro
or los. -
T? -j! ... t , 1 . "
Cincinnati Furuace Co., ' '
uiji.w Afaiaa, jocks, on county, v.
1 -i 1 1 1
Vinton Probate Court.
NOTICE is hereby riven that A. W. Shuok,
guardian of Ilirvey . Johnson, a minor
heir of AN illiam E. Johnson, deceusea, ba filed
his Kooonnta uid vouohara in the Probate Court
of Vinton County, Chio, for inspeo'ion and
that the samo will be for , bearing in said four
on Saturday, Augr.st 4th, a. d. le$6. . . - :
B CHARD CBAlti, Probate Judge. .
jnly!9. 166-3r.
Advertise in tho llECOHD.

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