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OfflelAl Organ o Vinton County.
" l
. Vintn County, 0., 4ug. 9, 1S68; f
7a the. Qualified Electors tf. Vinton County:
You are hereby notified (o meet at the usual
pieces of holding elections, in the several town
enips in Mid oonnty, for the State, District and
County Officers, in accordance with the itatute
in enoh ease p.ade and provided, pasted'April
1'J, lto3,oii ,
Tuesday, October 0, 1SGG,
and proeeed to elect the following officers, to
i One Secretary of 6 late j
One Supreme Judge; ''
One Momber Board pt Publio Work;
One Uepresentaiivein Congroaa, fi,r the Elov
eath Congressional District, compoeed of the
counties of Adami, Suloto, Lawrence, Gailla,
Jackson and Viuton;
One Judge of the Crnrt of Common Pleae,
for the Second Sub Division of the Povouth
Judicial District, composed of tho couutiw of
Soioto, Lawrence, Pike . Jackson and Vinton;
Ono Auditor for Vinton County;
One Treasurer for Vinton County;
One Clerk Common Pleas Court tor Vinton
County; '
One Probate Judge for Vlnfon Co antj " -
One Sheriff for Vinton County;
One Coroner for Vinton County; and -
One Commierlonerfor Vinton County.
. Apportionment of Grand and Petit Jurors to
Wh township for the year 1807:
Clihs's Offick Vision CoiMir, Q,
To the Sheriff of $aiJ County: 4 ' '
In accordance with the law making it the du
ty of the Clerks of the Courts of Common
Pleat of the several counties in this State to
present to their respective Sheriffs, cn the first
Monday of September of each year, a statement
of the number of Jurors to be selactod by the
Trustees of the several Townships fur each
year. I hereby certify that tho amounts placed
opposite each townahlp, is the nu rubor for tho
tear commencing in lstis for raid county:
Eagle S I Wilkcsville 10 Swan 10
Harrison. .5 Madison 6 Knox .... 3
Vinton. ...71 Jackson, . . .10 Richland 14
Brown. . . . 8 I Clinton ... 10 Elk 20
Witness my hand and soul of office this 9th
as Of August A. D. 1360.
' PEO. LANTZ, Clork.
Given under my hand at my office, sic Arthur,
Vinton county, Ohio, ibis 9th day of August,
1890, J. J.SliOCKEY, Sheriff V. O. O.
' aneJwB
"We learn that Dr. Kxapp, of N.
Y., the distinguished and ' experi
enced Oculist and Aurist, Opera
tor on the Eye and Ear, will make
six visits to Hamden and Athens,
once a week. At Hamden each
Wednesday afternoon at the Ham
den House; -at. Athens each Thurs
day forenoon at the Steenrod
HVuse,'. 'being 'half a day at pack
place, once a' week, for six weeks.
S3T To begin at Hamden, Wednes
day afternoon.August 15, 1886. jgg
Serious cases of deafness or
blindness should present them
6elves early, in order to have suf
ficient time to cure them.
From a number of extracts be
fore us, we select the following:
Deafness An 1 Extraordinary
Case. We learn from undoubted
authority that James Falls, of No
ble county, O., aged 40, has been
deaf and dumb from infancy; could
not hear any sound, not even a can
non, nor, the loudest thunder, He
was placed under Doctor Knapp's
treatment for deafness on the 26th
of September last, and now he can
hear so faint a sound as the tick of
his own watch, and of course is in
troduced to a new world of sounds.
Columbus Daily Journal.
' Sight Restored. DivKnapp has
Tiiserted an artificial eye for a gen
tleman residing in Delaware, that
moves like a natural eye; also, re
stored to 'sight a young lady resiT
ding five miles from here, who, in'
a recent letter, says: 'I can now see
to.read.with both my eyes; some
thing which I can never remember
of doing since my earliest recollec-tion.-rDelaware
(O.) Gazetted
) 'ArAested. We , are .
that two men named. Mitchell
: informed
end James
Lock ard, -were arrested by detectives Baker,
ana yuiun.at Aliensville In ttius County qn ,
last Vyidnesday.'rilghti They were, charged
with dealing in Counterfeit ."Greenbacks.''
The officers took tnem to Cincinnati, for'
examination on Thursday last. 1
Good Tobacco. Those wishing
a firstiate article of chewing tobacco will
always find it at J. A. Felton's cheap cash
store. . fHinJs a clever fellow, and persona
calling on him will find a large stock of
goods, yeayally; founijrra eajuntry store.
Bmt9ARir-T-lwo stores, were en
tered rjrTXewtf Plymouth thfrr county,- on
Friday night' last, and robbed of about six
hundred dollars worth of goods.1 1
Mr. Brigg's residence, about eight miles
north east of McArtbur, was entered one
night last week,' and 1160 takeo aut6f
Mf, BJs pocket. ,yyt ,. ..,
Oa Saturday nigfit last,1 Dr; Garcelohi of
HamdoD, bad a very . fine horse stol eb.
On Sunday .night W. Bysn bad also one
tolen bom bis stable at Vinton Station;
B.'-o.r. Brown,- arrested for " tie
murder of Joshua Woods, had his trial b
fore Esq.-Allison pt MadUon.and was bound
orei under .bonds of $ 1600, and, in default
of ball wu committed. ' iii xq -'"
Hpi Q. F. JIopreoI l?cjoto tTquri
ty, wks dominated by Acclamation'' for
Congressman irom this ubtriot, and Levi
DtaaM, of jackeon, fer Judge of' this
Judicial District. I ? rr :
Thi following matter ) contributes by
member of Jjia opposition party.
ViutoA County Union Convention.
Pursuant to call, tb(T trnlonCoaveatlon
of Vinton county met t McArtbur, on the
6th Ins.. , t : ,(- ,-, ,.r
On motion, A. lg Bvwd, T.i(U of Cifriton,
was called to the chair, and MesBrs. I. H.
Mct'ormick ajul P, F. Sljrlntjr, appointed
After the credentials of the different del
egations had beon exiirnined and reported
ti)on mid Delegates selected for such town
Bliips' m were, not regularly represented,
the Conveutlou proceeded to ballot for can
didates. ' V. .
For 4!Mor-Wllllam F. Feltorm of Elk,
wiw nominated on the llrst ballot.
i'r Ircoturer John F. Duuklc was also
nomlpaeed bn first ballot. n
Foi Clerk of Court-R. S. "Banilitn,- of
Ricldaud,, waji putiu nomituitio on second
Ibr Probate Jurfje Joseph Kalcr, nomi
nated on llrt ballot. 1 .V..- .'.
for MrUf John Bobbin of Elk, was
put in nomination on second ballot.
thr Coroner Daniel Digging, of Madi
son, ;W.na' nominated by acelamation.1 f )
Frr X,ommfMoerw0oLpougli Ptitnam,
of Brown, nominated on first ballot.
The following gentlemen were .then ap
pointed as Delegates to the Congressional
Convention to be bolden at Portsmouth, on
the Sth day of Aug.: J. J. McDowell, It.
K. Phillips, John p. Sands, W. F. Felton,
James Gunning and B. F.Johnson.
The following gentlemen were appointed
as Alternates : Wm. Mark, 1V.1I.B. Sands,
M. Burdenshaw, Geo. 1$. WilL.John Fee,
On motion, the Convention proceeded to
appoint members ot the Union Central
Committee to servo for the ensuing year.
i lie jouowing gentlemen were appointed:
Wm.Mark,JehIel Felton, Johu 11. King,
Dan. Will, James Yeley.
The lollowinc irentlcmcn were nrmolnted
as Advisory Committeemen, being . one
iium cuen luwiiHinpin mccouniv:
Eagle-Miles Ratcllff; . .
Ilarrison-M. U. Walker; r ' . '
Jacknon David A. Lawrence:
Utchland William Hays; "
Swan Georgo W. Johnson j
Elk II, C. Jones; .... ...
Clinton J. B. Koyer: , v'
Brown-oloncl D. Putnam ; 1 ' .. ,
Madisou William Baughmau ;
Knox K. A. Slartin ;
Vinton S.CEakin;
Wilkesvllle Q. A. Davis.
The annointment of Delcoratcs to attend
the Judicial Convention, when tbe time
and place whoro it U to be li olden is made
known, -was How moved, and resulted in
the appointment of the following gentle
men : .11. C. Jones. Wm.Bauahruau. tioorge
Jackson,. A. L. Bearil, C. W. Gist, J. J. Mc
Dowell, W.tr. Felton, and Col. Iouglas
After which the following resolutions
wercuuaniinously adopted:
Eitolved, That we heartily approve tho
course of lion. II, S. Bundi', in Congress.
Jieaoived, Tnat we enaorae the itesolu
tluiis passed by the Union State Conven
tion. lleiolted, That this Convention cordially
support the ticket put in, nomination this
dav. ' - .t-...
Moved that the Convention now adjourn,
i "..-,' i -f A.L. BfAKD, 'CAatrmaN.
D. F. SumxKR, j &cretam.
[For the Record.
Elegant Extracts, No. 2.
Tho fiigbtful contortions of the "caged
Democrat writhing ii chains' at the 'head
of the column in the erand entree of tbe
Richland delegation, to the great Vuilandig
ham ovation in 1863, are not to be compar
ed to the .contortions of the Hon. Gentle
man who writes butternut editorial for the
RfcoVd;' in trying to get himself out of his
fiut expression about the 'stale cry of Uni
on.' He wishes-us to; excuse Davis, Vai-
aniMgham& CbanJ aliowfirnT'to make an
unheard-of application of our 'buncombe.
His party has been, since the clow of the
war, trying to steal the thunder of the Uu
party, and lias gone so fur in some cases as
to claim that they done the whole work of
Unioo darlng, &c, but this ' proposition to
borrow our buncombe, is a new thing. We
would prefer, however, thai he take it, and
use it till he is done with it, than that he
should make buncombe of his own, and, by
putting it in quotations, try to palm it off as
a part of Tlud, Stephens' Congressional
speech. He says, ' ; ; ,
,';(See Thad Stephens' .'Congressional
speeches. By first irritating the South in
to a fight, and then crying out 'Union' to
get patriots to help us whip them, we got
them just where we wanted them," Sic.
"Ibbitatihq the South into a fight L-'
Why, sir, that is your old Democratic hob
by. You made that your excuse, the first
years of the war, for not doing your duty to
your country, in her hour of need jet,
don't you know that the Voorheseites, in
Indiana, took it all back the other day?
They passed resolutions, saying that 'the
war was just and necessary to prevent a
disruption of the Union and tbe overthrow
of the Constitution,' and ventured to thank
the Union army for their efforts, and now
you 'playing mou'li-piece for some Union
man, try to make him reiterate your explod
ed falsehoods of years ago, that we ot the
North irritated the South! You'ena blowed
that so m.ich, that you; Southern brethren
got holdV of it, ' and they' used to- say,
YOu'ens done come down he a to fight we
'ens, fo' we'ens done went up thai to fight
you'ena.' '
'To get patriots to help whip them 1
Who were the patriots who helped whip
them? -You can excuse the great butternut
party of Ohio from ranks, before you call
the roll of patriots they wero 'absent with
out leave.' This will let out tbe Canadian
gentlemen the bounty-jumpers the was-abjut-to-be
door-yard martyrs to ,'personaj
liberty' the gory. locked gentlemen who
played 'Golden Circle1 in ' babns and bt
ways the peace-on any-terms orators the
not-aman-or-a-dollar-for-the-war ' Con
gressmen the fellows who antied a dime
apiece to aid the great secession hero to
look respectable while looking over tbe bor
der. W hen you eicuse these, aud the fol
lowers ef the 'caged Democrat,' then you
can call the roll of patriots who 'helped
whip them.' But where, Mr. Sub-Editor,
would be you and yours in that day, when
patriots and soldiers should be sorted out
from rebels? in that day of roll-call and
reckoning? Where would be your butter
nut ticket? - Where your caiididate who de
clared butt, few days since, that if be 'bad
been young enough to be subject to the draft,1
h would hare gone to Canada rather than
to an 'Abolition warl Where your candi
date ho declared - thai he 'respected the
Stars wd Stripes, on the 4th .of July last,
for the just time in manjrvearst' Where
yonr leader of the Golden Circle, who asks
soldiers to vote for him! 'Where your men
whohave conscientious scruple , against
administering tbe oath of tiiegitnce't-3
They, with the admirers of the 'illustrious
pnsuirr of Fortress Monroe and the fol
lowers of tbe 'caged Democrat,' with tbe
factions tbit forget Liitcorn, - wilt take up
tbe Bialasthoiy wail, 'Tin rebel)kur is past,
tk war is ended-, sad I hate no lot nor part
with those who stand in the phalanx of tbe
Union!' Your only hope now lies in err
ing 'Union' unceasingly. Say frequently
that you, were always for the Union, deur
ybur record, praise the gallantry of the sol
diers, call Congress a ramp shout 'nigger'
TetometfUy.'tetlValtandlghanno tend you
back your tlime', say tbat the Golden Circle
was Sons of Ma(ta;call the 'caged Demo
crat wriibjng in chains' an animal, or .deny
that hi tret cs'me to toSrn, aay that the nig
ger kept you out of the army, say that you
urvat thought Lincoln a tyrant, that you
were joking when- you called tLa soldirr
vandals, tint )Otf didnt think- the soldiers
would need anything when you refuted them
supplies, say mat the war ' wav jun arid
necessary, aay that you didnt vote for Val.
alter Jhe proposed to dlride the nation into
four Confederacies say,
.'Here, Lord, I give myself away;
..i 'TiaaU that lean do!" .
. . . . ,
A New Link in the Chain of Events
A New Link in the Chain of Events---A New Chapter in History By
A New Link in the Chain of Events---A New Chapter in History By the "Record Man."
Tne man who communicates the "Uulon
aud Nigger Rump Rhyme" for the amuso
nient of the readers of the Record, suggests
that we "nut our foot in it" when we said
"the pardoned Democrats and amnestied
Johngohltcs, with others, were preventing
the peoplo of tho Southern States from re
turning to their allegiance to the Govern
ment;" and he says that "Lincoln prepared
tho way to a speedy restoration of all the
States to their proper relations," and that
"Johnsou steadily carried out bis plan."
How about it? What part of Lincoln's
plan was It to give back to rebels all their
property? Gen. Howard reports (April 23,
I8C0,) that by special order of Joiinson,
made lh tbe case of one B. B. Leak, and
"all slmilar cases," that he turned over to
pardoned LebeU, whom Johnton said f'were
restored to all their tightt of property ex
cept slaves," 430,104 acres of abandoned
land, which had been taken by Lincoln's
order, and was being held by the "Frccd
nien's Bureau" for the benefit of the Unit
ed 8tates.v '' '
What part of Lincoln's policy Is It to de
ny the negro protection under the laws of
the land, or to reAiso him a right to life,
liberty aud property, and the protection in
them under the law, as Johnson did when
he vetoed tho Civil Rights Bill? What
part of Lincoln's policy was it to veto the
Frecdmen's Bureau BUI, which was to car
ry out Lincoln's pledges to the colored men,
that if they would come into the war, (and
do the butternuts' share of the' fighting,)
they should be protected when tho war
was over? ,
Johnson carrying out Lincoln's policy 1
why, the thing's absurd I What part - of
Lincoln's policy Is Johnson carrying out In
his 22d of February speech, w hen, In a
drunken liarrangue, he abused . Lincoln's
best friends, ahd disgraced himself? What
part of Lincoln's policy is It to direct n
peaceable, loyal Convention, originally pr-
ganizeu under Mr. Lincoln's adminlstfa
tlon,'to be dispersed at the point of the
bayonet and by the hand of mob ? What
part of Llncoln'sjpolley Is It to come down
from tho dignity of a President to.controj
lugthe petty politics in school districts ?
Editor of Vinxos Record. Some
weeks since, I inserted a card .in yoqr col
umns, in relation to soldiers seodinz their
discharges to unknown, flafm, agents, and I
then remaritKU, that tne dim, in relation to
bounty, which-, sfias since passed,
had not become ' a ' law.' I certainly
had a right ta say what I did in that , card;
vet I see, in your last issue, some 'low fel
low' attempts to fling mean insinuations at
me, about my business transactions, and
mixing me up with the Cincinnati Furnace
Company, whom he calls 'the aristocracy.'
He manages to say some very low things
about some. of us; lor whom it)4 'hit,'. i(
there was any 'hit,' was intended. I hardly
know his 'English,' like his brains, is to
bsdly "muddled'. 1 wish to say, that if I
have ever done the fellow a wrong in any
business matter, I am ready to right it, if
I owe him a farthing. I am ready to pay it,
if I have ever swindled any soldier, i or
charged him exhorbitant fees. vr deceived
him sbout his legal rights, l stands ready to
remunerate him, but if the'purp' who wrote
that article, wished merely to drag my bus
iness matters into politics, or my politics in
to business, he cant do it. i am hot low
enough down . in the filth of partizaniBm,
to allow my political reelings to enter Into
business. I know of no man of the oppo
site party who can say that I aver treated
him unlnendly or ungentlemanly in busi
ness,, merely from political differences.
When I get so low as that, oi low. enouih
to try to injure the legitimate business of
my neighbor,' merely because we differ in
politics, then, and not till then, I will be
low enough to allow such contemptible fel
low as tbie 'Allies. Fuer' to write personal
abuse of me for county papers. If the
writer of the lo'v-flung stuff has anything
to say about the 'Cincinnati Furnace Com
pany .'.let him say it like a man. They are
responsible lor thur actions, but I sm not
employed to defend ihem.they have a general
reputation for truth and veracity equal, 1
hope, to that of their abuser, .-----j,
Nbw Mr. Editor, I trust yo wilt "tee
that this matter ends where it ii." If the
vote for j me.; If he baa any private .feeling
towards - me,' he can see me at ml ',ffiks.
I shall pay oo farther attention to him . nor
willl stoop to reply to another communica
tion, containing as :- much person&fV'fccKng
and. 'bad English' ss did bis. I irn.-vlth
little respect, bis obedient servant, -..
The brave Soldiers and the Gallant
Generals who led on.
The Sub-Editor of the Butternut
columns of the Eecord, becomes
enthasiasticn his last, iasue. In
speaking of the Union party,, he,
terms it the "self-Btyled Union par
ty,' aridj.1inigim'ng, it9 immediate
rain; he" compares ill, to a 'sinking
hip." We have nothing to' say of
. - ' -. -:i A-M -vw ' ei"i .
his figure, but are. amazed to hear
Aim, "a-peaco-on-ahy-ternisButter-nut,"
geUftthe followingh
"Th brave eoldiers-who won our
victories, and tho gallant Generals
Vho.IeHt&M'iJzS IAv quit the
sinKing 8mp."
: !n'it efty peaj aJfot(r
ous, "peace-on-any-terms man,i
come, in , at this ay , and. talk oil
"brave soldiers" wining "our victo
ries! " Why", he irtietihis-foUti-
eat record and that of party. Itj
hasn't been two years ?ince they
were calling " these 8ame"(ifhe
means Union) soldiers "Vandals,' ,
"tiircoln hirelings," "Ilell-hounds,''
4'c, &c, and loudly .claimed the:
Southern ( army as, theirrethren-l
Let1 this' sentence of his read as it
should: . ' ;
"The brave (rebel) soldiers who
won 'our ( rebel) victories, and the
gallant . (Confederate) Generals
who led them on, have quit , the
sinking ship." lie certainly means
that; for he ha3 been on that side
too long to- come oyer now; and,
with this explanation, wo agree
thib-they are.'oppdseLlb t,he Union
S- arty. We hear that Generals Lee,
ohnston, Forest, Mosby, McGow
an, and many' other of the "illus-
. . , .1 3 i t t
- ... ...
the Sub-Editor, will say wo .Hie-
coniounaeaiy unuer a mistake as
to his meaning;" that he meant the
Union armyN Then, let him speak
as of old; -let' hiffi ls'e ihJ terms we
have long been accustomed to, in
ioa.army, and,Unioi iQenerak,
he means tlie'Unwn Voters led to
victory by Union Generals, let him
give it tho butternut finish, and say
wkaV any of ''eny would have said
two years ago, 'to-witS ' t
"The blood-thirsty 'vandals the
hirelings under tho Tyrant Lincoln
who have desecrated, Southern soil,
and killed their Southern brethren,
and the shoulder-strapped beastly
brutes, who led them ,on to blood
shed, rapine; lust and plunder, have
quitted the sinking ship ; ", the Un-j
ion party-. ' f f
. This is what he would have
, . . -.
compelled to say, in referring toll
me union army ana union uener-ra
als, in the common phrase of hi.sH
l S. T ' v a yt
party; and I appeal to the records
ot his party ana to. tne memories
of the readers Of this - article,' ifj
those terms are now verbatim, the
butternut phrases of 62-3-4 1. Notf,
we ask did he mean that the rebel
army was leaving the Union party?
or does he mean to. stultify him
self? Has he tbe irijudenco, after
five vears of abuse toward the ar-
my -to' come 'over how", and 1 try to
flatter the soldiers into ' believinp:
that, for five years, his party lie
billed 4t3elff,'. fin
Wei care nothiag about the gen
tleman's playing flunkey to the
soldiers and Gefiorals: and we think
that if; there is .any, bqdy who has a
nghi to-vote -'as they piease.it' is
the army; yet it looks flat; it sounds!
weakly, to hear those who, two
years ago, , smiled, at , our "defeats
and were' sad 'over our victories,
come out now and blow about
what the army has done. ' '
, When these butternuts thought
our "four years of bloodshed had
been four years ; of failure," they
publicly, by their presses, and in
Speeches, ' proclaimed their Icon-
tempt for the soldier and spurned
from them as they. would a
Whan historV tfrfV thelie:fo the
perched upon our banners they
come around, like curs whining to
be .spoken to,, aad cot down in the
dirt nd- play'flunky,'.'! and yet
boast that, Irom the beginning, they
have' been the firmest, warmest,
truest friends of the Union or the
Union army., i Away with such
boasting and flattery and fawning!:
The . soldiers want none .of your
hollow mockery 1 '; .,.
ticket put in
by the,' tJnion . .Convention at
thi91c6unty, :on4 'Monday ,HKe
6th m&t., is obe i (if the v bist
tickets5 ever; presented- tg!v,ihe
people of this county, ' for the
trath of which'! statement, we
appeal to the thinkinq: unpre-
iudiced veonte ot the countv.
.. For. Auditor, Wm F. Eel-
ton.' 5 Mr. Felton is .one of pur
most substantial men, entirely
competent to discharge the du
ties of the office"' to which' he
will be elected He has stood
a firm Union man a friend to!
the soldiers-Touring the' entire
war,' ; His ;lpyalty, honesty and'
integrity are above suspicion.'
DuiTKLT:,'',; ; Mr JptknM like
Mr. Feltonifl ah upright; tem-
perate substantial man. He
ha bcji for sbme timTfcas
iirer of Elk township', id & thy,
rough accountant, a loyal mxri
niccr ; was up to time m cvciy-
llf w n i -uT
beenlJT.!1 sh& f-
Hot the s)2u Ohio, w f
, , , . ' ., .
F.oreSJierilf, .PitnrATE "J 6nx
Robbie latc' of the 11th Ohio?
Battery, . Mr. Kobbms is "oHc
of I, the most efficient youra'
men in our county. His abili
ty is npt questioned, . nor hie
loyalty uoubteu. i?or three
yeamha f5stdotP.by.iiAe yuhis;"
at JukQ, sJorfnthf jickabury.
ana on otlier bloody liekls, he
liroved his valor and Ids man
hood. He worked for "Uncle
Sara" at S13 per month ; we
piWOSQ Id raisdhU wa?e9, il
tne c-nerin s oincc pays anvii
1.11 St 1 1 m m .
ucucr tnan iintui";: anu, u it
don't, tho boy. who sacrificed
home and home comforts, and
time, for three years, to servo
thciajLiqn, caii stand it to Hac-l-ific'e
something to bc 'Shc'rlfl"
of ;Tintoa county: :''..
( ..tor fjlerh', wc present the
name of .Lieut. Barnhill. lie
PSl tAttaviib mail ci vvxii uv"
kf nl li 1 1 f n rrA f f a llin
is an excellent man a compc'
Btcd, lie will be a credit to the
party who elects him.
For Probate Judge, Joseph
Kalcr. Judsre Kaler Bervcd:
bhe'term in' the' olficc'of Tro-
bate He made-an excellent
thing was guilty of no neglect
of duty, either from careless
ness or political fa voritcism.
For Coroner, we present D.
Uiggins, late Hospital Steward
Hof the d Va. Vet.. . y,pl.. ..Uav
fiMr. Iliggin's'is at present Jus-
Btice of tho Peace in -Madison
lie ts a staunch man,loyal and.
For Comm issioner.., Colonel
Dotla8''Putn'am,', of' " Brbuhr
rtttnam', late
a man of I
ability and integrity; compe
tent to look mto the operation?
of Qur county ofllccrs, lc will
not be under the "necessity oi'
calling in outside men in theii
matterof Treasury settlements,
Arc. Uol. V. has held Higher
positions, sthan ; Commissioner,
but we need, now, if ever, a
thorouqh 1 business '.'man an
Vionest maivf-a, responsible man
lur vonmiissioiiei . vc ex
pect to take-charge of some, of
the county offices next year.
alid, 'before tyc. receipt for prop
erty as "on hand, we want to
ycrtoio that it is th ere I
DIE1V-At Kaler's Ilotel, MoArtlnir, Ohio.
ot uioiera, on tne 4tu inst alter sonit
three Iioum' siL-kness, dipt. HENKY H
HAMILTON, of Eaglo Furnace, in thisgj
county; agail ju TeafiS r t
Cant. Ifmnilt'mi vaj''a ilhtiv of XcwSi
t .i.i : ,i a i ; . . .. .
icrsuy : rKsiuctisonju iiniL" nut uct-iiiiir, v u
botorw ho tooU 9 Ai Miiilencei la V-tutbn
ouiijyt iWlUM, Ih-jJ lvKttit'if.
Uluguarh, Esq and waii jilliurttpil to flu
wirattne hcptiiitcr xena. WM) ot tin1
District Court for Yintou county :. contin
ued tlte practice of av:S tilt April,' 186L
lleiuif a warm anttv ar&nt ? Democrat, .lu
opposed coercion of our ,&Wtlierit States.
and enuorscd ail pence pcjotiatiorts :v( Dc-
merlin trim nniicv nt rniu (iovcriniicnt
Tliis i'a'ilinjr, and Wns. opposed (o roliel-
non, imcT'tho nnng -.on &umter ana trji
war opened, taut. .Hamilton,, in April.
18G1, aaslstoil in raisin? a: company for tut j
t8th lleg. O. V. 1 three mouth's men, and'
was coininissioned First ll(,iteunut.
When lisehargeel, (term of service having
expired,; the C'aptaht came home, and, inl
less thau one week, raised Co. D, for the
Second West Virginia Cavalry, and wa!
I'ommissloued Captain of said comitany, !
He servadnvtl'ii poaitimi faithlully . for
belnir, iri liis trpiuion, AnfrncS into a pblltt-
eai; . anti-slavery waf.t e., he resigned.
ajfalnst the. wishes of his comrades In (irmb
Captain came home, resumed the
of tho law, and, some two vears njro, eop-M-
ncctcd himself with the fca-rle Kflmcll
ICompany. i- ' ... .. t
x no ueeesseu was one or our most enter
prising citizens, pwaossed of a mathemati
cal mind) was cool and calculating rindcii
Alt ciremnstanccs .. possessing 'executiWj
nhint.v in t.hn hiirhest' dfiBTrc' :thc noor
Imau'a friend iu all cases,, aud VfuJ 4(H
courteous to all with whom lift bad liiter-
conrse. He lenve9 a wife And two children)
to mourn their loos, and hosts Of fhertrW
who regret his suddeu death..-: May' lis rtstj
fftnn A MONTH A rents wanted TaraizerK
5&tAf tiwly'-Bew artilei jn'et 'ouS.-' Addjv!
O. T. Oaset, City llnildlnz, Biddefofd. Ma.-'
Frrnra nf Varilli
AtfahllsmiQ wo.' eiffere-Yof vers fVoM
Nervous Debility, Prent'bthto Pccay. undall
'.he eflecU"of' jfiutHuf .Ifa d 1M tf il f : 4;iVir to
aag.xi srawnuf aumstncyiainiiirtata.4ii.wni
noeq it, tho receipt and. dweatioca for maklne
the simple remedy by which he was en red.
Snfforcrs wishing to profit b the advertiser
uzperience, can do so by address rift .
.Vor 18 Chambers St., N, Y.
1 '' ' tiJci'or a' Wviiitf .-" 7
Poblished aa a benefit and as a oitrfioNTo
ro ono rat end ethers, who suffer from nervouri
debility; prematara i decay or Juannood, So.,
lurrolvlnir ni the samti time Tnt mans or ecLr-
'oemi ' Jly one -who baa eared himself after ftn-l
darmine eonstderablo qnaekery. By enclosing
ivpoav-paail adiiresBea envelope) single copiet-
iree or enariro, may dv ma oi me aainor.'
Kingt co., riew xors. reoi-iy
mowing -Mjtl.iuci. ,1 LrM na kSiiSw,Usdr
mJ urpcr feed. Ecnt ca trial.. Wlrnlcd
rivo jrtora. Above itlury or UrgacommimlODS
I'M. Tlio oifc.r nitohinct sold itbCiiu4
-t4tu for Uf thu 40 doirM, which M full
icenreJ by Howa, Wheal A Wiiron, OrV
v. Uakar. irger A Co., and BicheJOar. All
irhef cheap mclune r iDfrinfftmeurt sf
tha Kller or ner re lUble to trrat, tins a4
iaiprlxonraiit; , Iiluilritod oircaUrs mdiOos
iVInLnnoraiHiau Rh. .b ru.l. M. u:.i.1a
Cl . r " - - - . WMMf w blU, mm H. ...IfU V.
tln,orChic(ro, ill. jnneT-lly
Road Notice.
TIIEElwiU b pc.'Itlon prssenteJ to "lh
CnimimioEer of Vinton ocmty, Ohio; it '
hei-fee.iion Id kiiptcmbr. 1 1868, prsiif
i'oi the Inyin? cut of oountj tad In Brown
lownttlilp of said counttoonmmaing MM of
Vm. llarrcl boii4 nor tha bridge across 1U
oon creek at Ihu mouth of Two-mil run, run
ilng alorip on of nr the old trail, ntsr ins
Iwuxei of 'Jor(to sud Inao Keelonjo intereeet
ho Zulcakl road uear whore tbe Hope Kuruaca
road utar'jt from the Zalcskl road and thera
orminato. aug3w. A Psrrrioxn .'
An InvcnUoo of Bare BXcrift ,
Sran-i TUmt ,
metal aaj-p.
infli wiu HUf BHEJU
: BY BBAT, ' '
IBurns ut) all eaa and rmoks,
nver breaks By puttinaon a
shade short, and n of too.
toeniry i is eaaUy oleaned b?
rompvln topi, la fact, th
moatperleot ohimnay known
and ia faat auporaodlna all
others whorw it haa been la.
troduoed. .
Io doaler can tffota ta bi
without thojaT W "J "
. TJ Warren Si., Ut :
New Ilarbcr Shop.-, :
I WISH to Inform the oitizons of.McArtbur
and vicinity, tbat I havo nponed a Barber
Shop In tbe rear of Mr. John Lillibridffe'a tails?
hop, an I will be open evtr Wed net lay aad
Saturday, l'rlca: fiinglo abave, W centaj
shaving per month. 50 cents, hair culling, to
cents, i will aiao pay area ard one-halfcento
per pnnnd tor good rags, m casir.
Attachment Notice.
Uavij Crow, Coi'ore B. W. Kelob, J. P, cf
va V i'liutoatcwrahip, V'latoa co.
M.onon. Ohio.
ON (be 18th day of July, ad 1848 , aal jus.
tico of the I'eaco iatuod an order of attach
ment i.i the above action, for tho anm of twon.
W-flve dplluralilobt, and probable amoutitof
nm twenty uouura. jJAViU tJllUW,
Hamden, July 2J, 1808-Sw
''r. l0JL
Guardian's Sale.
Court of Jackson conntT.OLlo. madaon flm
:0th day of July, s d 188K. in the cose of Surah
iO. Powers, onirdUn of Urr Poflrers. at al
cMnn( hor vrds. tba nndoreiunod will, on thai
JUtdny Of Anjriat,adI8il6,at one o'clock, p
n, ou tlis pramimi. offer at publio nlo, the fol
lowing dotcribod raal sttate, eituata In Vinton
onnty.Uhio, to-w: "The went half of tho
tinrttiwsst anarter ofteetlon five. townaMn
oijrlit. nnd range sixteen." - ,
TERMS OF 2.ALE:-Cash In hand on tho -dir
of sale. Appraised at Eijrht lmndrad dollars.
8AKAH C POWERS, Guardian , .
of Mary Powers, et aid. ...
by Pnnpin & Du Hadway, her stjs.
July 8Uh 36i-3y . .
IHE ; u
iE T N A : .
: -yETNA :'';:i
ASSSTig. JULY 1. 1863.
task on Land, In 'bank and with
United Stales Stock
1257.820 09
812 ITT ii
90,359 05
497,690 00
731,170 00
270,810 00
. 129,000 CO
278,007 5D
Xoul ostato,uainonmbored
tuto Stocks
Now York Hank Stocks
Uurtford Bank Stocks-. '
Mircelluuoous Bank Biool a......
liuilroad Stocks, etc
Mortmips liordn, Cit", County and
1,011,1(1 64;
Total....... 4,075,B80 55,
Lossos nnadjusted and not duo,.. 221,!M 83
v-Ket; $3fi5494 20.
Income for last yoar (not)- $2,933,339 9A
, Or a daily incone of say 9.800,. , v
Los'ds and Expenses for same timo 8,541,234 80
Total Lofsos paid is 477ears... 19,127,410 M
Viz: liro, 17,2 1 3,000: M9 Inland, 1,884,10 0?
Oovernmont aud $tatotaxas paid.- 179,173 H
. ' os"s . ; , !,
By piortlaud Fire, July 4th, 1806.
Tho tital amount covered by toa policies
on property dewtroyed or damaged is 208,654,'
n which Hlvae will be about 9 por cont. Oar
total loss will not vary much from 800,000, and .
il being promptly adjusted and paid. This sum
5 per cont, apon the-assets, s tgure bat!
exceeding our government and St a to .
itui year, or a piopor tion equal to
for a company of 100,000 assets. -1 '
f he necessitr roHmnrsnee- and tne rains of
weaUbyistronK corpemtions-, is forcibly-illusr
iratcd ' by this; pre. fNtorall weak Iulurancs i
Companies aro destroyed. Portland has s pop.
ulation or Js.uuu ; was nandsomoly built,
mostly lino brick or stone structures protoctei
md acrooucd with upwards of 3,000 sbads
treos boundci on three hides by water indeed
literally, almost rising from the oeoan-and
with a good ateam ftie department ret It has
10 ,000,100 of property consumed in s few bonis
upon a holiday when its people aro leant oo
copied from the. very Insigninesnt eansoof S
contemptible lire oracttcr.
licmembot the trilling origin of fires that
sweep sway In a few tiorint the earnings of
vear. (Jon sxler your Met Inreresls ana give
he itua agent a eall if you need proper la
urar.ee sevnrity. Policies issued at fair terms.
' WILLIAM B. DAMS, Ag't, .
jy203 .- : ., Mo Arthur, 0hio-i'
r. u
Road Notice.
be presente.l to tie Cornmissionere of Vin
ton county Ohio, at their regular rjegiember
moo, praying ror ine vacauon si an vnai
portion of the luelaonviile road, comm vctngt
un oak troa, at the-outlot tt lh Conluriane,
mid rnonlrrjr from HhMcS S feeuth wetorI di
rection, along the surver of said nod toWa
termination, at the Logan road, bcinff ihvdlaV
' Vinton Probata Court.
N OTICE W -hereby given that Georgsli
Sbnrtz executor of the estate of PhiiUnr
shorts late of said connty deceased, has filed'
ms accounts ana vouchers iu tbe f robale Court
of said Vinton county aud stab . of Ohio, for -inspection
and final settlement, Jid tiers th-',
same will bs for hearing on the lgthday of An-
(rust a d i86, in eaideoort. Dated MeAilhmr. '
O., Aug. 8, a d 1S6I. FICUARD CR 10. .
ngu-5w Trobate Judge.

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