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Official Organ of Vinton County.
tW Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day morning, must be handed in not later
than Tuesday evening m
Iteligrlous Services In Me Arthur.
If, E. CBVicii. -Treadling Sabbath at half
tat tan o'clock, A. M., nod half-fast six
'clock, F. M. Eklhttb Scbcol, 8 P. M.
Pbiibtthiin Cucxch. -fervlvesst 11 o'cl'k
A. and t o'clock r. m. Babbatn School t 9
o'clock a. at., (vary habhath.
Cbiiitiak Cbuuch. Service at 11 o'clock a..
' M., every Sabbath.
Democratic and Conservative Masses
at Allensville, Vinton Co., O.
There will b a Grand Rally of thoaa who de
In a epeedy restoration of tha Union, and of
Free Gajrarniuenr; and who are opposed to the
radical weasurea of tha lata Congress at Allons
wtlla. In tbli county, an
Saturday, August 25thf 1SGG,
tfome ona and all, and .aar tha trnth I
'Calonel Oroaa 7. Mcobi, cndldaa for Con
greeaman , Lavi Donoan, Esq., oar candidate
for JuJgeof Court Common Pleas, lion. Arch
ibald Mayo and othor speaker a ara expected to
be present Sod address ths people.
Do . you want to know where to
ftet everything In tha Drug line, at the vary
owost price! Go to the Drug Store o' U. W
Blsson, and yon will And everything that yon
reed, He lakes great care o procure pure Medi-clnee-that
can be relied on-and the boat
WlnoSj Brendiee. dto , armoTLT for Medical
The attention of Physician, particularly, Is
ailed a large assortment of Muhol'a prepar
ations, kaowa to bathe most reliable Mcdicinea
mannfao'nred in this county, which will be
told to Phyalcians at 15 per ceo, on the-mauu-
factum's price
. Good News for the Soldiers and
Their Families. We take great
pleasure in .calling the attention of
the soldiers to the advertisement,
in this paper, of Mayo & ShivePs
Claim Agency. Both these gen
tlemen are bo well and favorably
known, for their activity, energy,
, and prompt attention to business,
that it is scarcely necessary for us
to advise all who have claims
against the Government, to call on
, them. Office In Prosecuting At
torney's office, in Court House.
New Bounty Bill and Pensions,
As passed by Congress July 27, 18G6.
gives ftlOO additional bounty.
To every honorably discharged soldier
who en litted in the armv of the United
States since April 19, 1861, for three rears,'
and served bis term of enlistment and who
has received or wes entitled to recieve but
1100 bounty.
' To every such soldier who has been dis
charged on occount of wounds receive J in
the linu of duty before his term of enlist
ment expired.
To the widow, minor children or parents
1l the ordsr named, of any such soldier who
died while in the service or from wjtinde
received'or disease contracted while in the
-service of the United States.
To all honorably discharged soldiers who
have served tivp years under one enlistment
and who havereceived but (100 boynty.
Ha also keen granted by a recent Inv
' To widows of soldiers w h i hove died In
the army, or to the children if the widow
has died or re-married--82 per month fur
eaeh child under 18 years of age.
To soldiers who have lost a loot or a hand
or been disabled equal to the lugs of a hand
or foot, 915 per month.
Has beengranted every, officer who was in
-ommisainn March 3d. 1S65, and resned
or w as honorably discharged after April 9,
.1865, which is promptly collected by
E. A.
Authorized Military Claim-
McArthur, Ohio.
Aug. 16, tf
Declaration of Principles.
- Mr. Cowan again arose and raid on be
half of the committee who were appointed
to prepare resolutions and an addiess : I
have to state after a very careful and elab
orate consideration of the same, lasting all
day and a part of the night, we have agreed
upon the same. I beg have to report the
following Declaration of Principles adopted
unanimously bv the Committee, which the
Secretary of this Convention will read, and
also an Address to the people of the coun
try, which will be read by the Hon. Mr.
Raymond, of New York. I Applause.
The Secretary then proceeded to read the
Declaration of Principles, each clause of
which was loudly applauded. The Inst one
which indorses the President was greeted
with prolonged cheering, in which the audi
ence and delegates) united :
The National Union Convention, mw as
sembled in the city of Philadelphia, com
; posed ol delegates from every Bute and
. Territory of the Union admoniahed hv ih
solemn lessons which for the past five years
it baa pleased the Supreme Ruler of the
Universe to give the American people, pre
luuuu j graMim lortne return oi peace, de
airouk as are a large moioritv of their fel
low-counlrrmej, in al I. sincerity, to forget
nd to forgive the past, revering the Consti
tution as it comes to us from our ancestors
regarding the Union, in Its restoration, as
more sacred than ever, looking, with anxiety
into the future as of instant importance,
cereoy issues ana proclaims tne following
declaration of principles and purposes, on
which they have with perfect unanimity
agreed : - ,
1. We hail, with gratitude to Almighty
God, the end o f war, and the retoru of peace
to our afflicted -and beloved land.
2. The war just closed has maintained the
uinoruy oi mo iuunuuuuu, win aii toe
powers which it confers, and all the restric
tions which it imposes on the General Gov
ern ment unabridged, and unaltered, and it
haa preserved the Union with the equal
rights, dignity and authority of the States
perfect and unimpaired.
3. Representation in the Congretaof the
uniieci Dimes, mu in iiib cieciurai uuurge,
is a rigjit recognized in the Constitution as
abiding iu eery State, and as a duty impos
ed upon its people fundamental in its na
ture, and essential to the existence of our re
publican institutions and neither Congress
nor the-General Government has sny power
or authority to deny this rig'it to any State,
or to withhold its enjoyment, under the
Constitution, from the people thereof.
4. We call upon the people of the United
Slates to elect to Congress as members
thereof none but men who admit tbisun
damental right of representation, and who
will recommend to seats therein lovsl -representatives
from every State in allegiance
to the United States, subject only to the
Constitutional right of each House to judge
of the election returns and qualifications of
its own members,
5. The Constitution of the United States
and laws made in pursuance thereof, are the
supreme law of the land, any thing in the
Constitution or lawa of any Slate to the
contrary notwithstanding. All powers not
conferred by the Constitution upon the Gen
eral Government, nor prohibited by it to
States, are reserved to the several States rr
to the people thereo', snd among the rights
thus reserved to the States Is the right to
prescribe the qualifications for the elective
franchise therein, which right Congress can
nut interfere with. No State or combina
tion of States has the right to withdraw
from the Union, or to exclude through their
action in Congress, or otherwise, snd other
State or Slates from tire Union. The
Union of these States is perpetual and can
not be dissolved!
6. Such amendments to the Constitution
of the United States may be made by the
people thereof, as they may deem expedient,
in the mode pointed out by its provision,
and In proposing such amendments wheth
er by Congress or by convention, and in rat
ifyingthe same, all 'he States in the Union
have in equal and an indefeasible right to a
voice and vote thereon.
7. Slavery is abolished and forever pro
hibited, There is neither design nor pur
pose, on the part of the Southern States,
that it should ever be je-es'.ablislnd upon
the soil or within the jurisdiction of the Uni
ted Slates, and the enfranchised slaves, in
all the States of the Union, should receive
in common with all their inhabitants, equal
protection, in every right of person and
8. While we regard as' utterly invalid,
and never to be assumed or made of binding
force, any obligation incurred or underta
l en iu making war against the United
Slates, we hold the debt of the nation to be
sacred and inviolable, and we proclaim our
purpose, in discharging this duty as in per
forming all other national obligations, to
maintain unimpaired and unimpeached the
honor and faith of the RepuDlic.
9. it is the duty of the National Govern
ment to recognize the services of the Fed
eral soldiers and sailors in the contest just
closed by meeting promptly and fully all
their just and 'rightful claims fur srvices
they have rendered the nation-, and by ex
tending to those who have survived, aud to
the widows and orphans of those who fell,
the most generous and considerate care.
- 10. In Andrew Johnson, Piesidrnt of the
United States, who iu his great office has
proved steadfast in his devotion to the Con
stitution and the land and the interests of
country, unmoved by persecution aud unde
served reproach, having faith u.itallied in
the people and the principle of free govern
ment,' we recognize a Chief Magistrate who
is worthy of the nation, and equal to the
great crisis upon which his lot is catt, and
we tender to him in the discharge of his
high snd responsible duties our profound
respect, and tho assurance of our cordial
and sinceie support.
The reading of the resolutions was fre
quently in'errupted by burets of applause,
and at the close the audience rose en masse
to give vent to their satisfaction.
After the vote had been taken on the
adoption of the foregoing Declaration of
Principles, it was found that the reading of
the seventh one had been omitted by' acci
dent, and this fact was announced by Sena
tor Doolittle. It was then read and adopt
ed, with great applause and unanimity.
The Declaration of Principles was then
adopted as airhole, with enthusiastic cheers.
Alter the adoption, three cheeis were
cailed for and given in the most enthusiastic
manner for Senator Cowan, of Penn.
Senator Cowan acknowledged. the. com
pliment, but said that as he considered
himself the host of the Convention, one of
his distinguished guests would tddretr it by
virtue of authority unanimously derived
from the Committee on Resolutions and
Address, namely, the Hon. Henry J. Ray.
mond, of New York.
Mr. Raymond thereupon proceeded to read
the Address, which had been written by
himself, as had also been the Declaration of
Principles. He was so frequently interrupt
ed by applause that the Chairman. appealed
to the Convention to restrain from such
manifestations until the reading of the Ad
dress should be coucludod.
- Nevertheless at the close of tire one sen-
ten re declaring that no people subjected to
such treatment as that to which the South
was now subjected could long remain loyal,
cneer alter cneer resounded through the
Senator Johnson asked that the sentence
be repealed. The seuteuce was again read
ss follows. ,
No people has ever yet existed whose
loyalty and faith, under such treatment long
continued, would not alienate and impair,
and the ten millions of Americans who live
in the South would be unworthy citizens of
a free country-degenerate sons of a heroic
ancestry unfit ever to become the guar
dians of the rights and liberties bequeathed
to us by the fathers and founders of this Re
public if they could accept with uncom
plaining submissiveness the humiliation
thus sought to be imposed upon them."
This sentiment- was again cheered with
the greatest enthusiasm, at the elose of the
reading of the Address ex-Governor Perry,
of South Carolina, rose and moved its adop
. Tle motion was declared cartiel unani
mously, amid prolonged.cheering.
Mr. Samuel J. Tilderr, of New York,
then rose and proposed, on behalf of the
New Yoik delegation, three cheers for Hon.
Henry J. Raymond, who had prepared the
j.i j. '..j
nuuires just icau.
Mr. Patton, on behalf of the Pennfjlra
nia delegation, seconded tne call.
The cheers were then enthusiastically
Three address contain! about 8.000 words,
ana will make not far from four solid col
umns in the New York morninir papers. It
demands the universal acknowledgment of
the legitimate consequences of the war,
which are the perpetual maintenance of the
Union and the destruction of slavery.
It asserts next, that the Government ac
quired no new rights or powers by the war,
that It acted only on the defensive.
' Congress had passed a resolution, that
when the war closed, all the powers and dig
nity of the Statea should remain unimpair
ed snd intact. . . , .
- The power assumed by the Government in
the States aince the war closed was in viola
tion of the Constitution,
The Constitution declares that no State
shall, without iu own consent, be deprived
oi us equal representation In the Senate. .
The action of Congress denvine reore
sentation to the Southern States, appears
as great an effort to overthrow the Govern
ment as was that by armed rebellion. If
one Congress can exclude other S'ates on
another. There is no warrant for this in
the Constitution. Not only can not repre
sentatives be excluded from Congress, but
no State, without its own consent, can be
deprived of equal representation in the Sen
ate, even by an amendment to the Consti
tution, ... . . " ...
The only pretext for the action of Con
gress' is that the States lately in rebellion
have left their right-to representation, which
the supreme Government alone can restore.
But it is a principle that no right can be for
feited; nor can the rightior duty of a State
to be represented in Congress be impaired
by rebellion; only its 'enjoyment of that
privilege can be obttructed,
The address further inserts that the posi
tion of Congress iu thi matter is not war
rhnted by the Constitution, and Is not com
patible with the public safety.
It is also argued that three-fourths of the
loyal States can not change the fundamental
law affecting the others, and that w.e have
no right to pass judgment upon the motives
of any citizens of the United States when
his acts are loyal. No where are the laws
obeyed better than in the States lately in
rebellion. The disturbances that have oc
curred, were dueas much to injudicious po
liiical movements as any purpose hostile to
the Government.
If the people of Ihe South ahow less dis
position tha n formerly to sequiesce in the
new order of affairs, il is because Congress
has withheld their rights Iromlhem. If
they felt otherwise, they would be degener
ated sons of their sires. No people ever,
exisjed whose loyalty would not have Is a
imp'aired by such treatment. The people of
the South would not be worthy to be trust;
ed in the exercise of tbeir rights if they
were willing to submit to such humiliation.
These men acted as they did, either from a
eonvirtion of right or they were tibdef
compulsion. For this they havt suffered
tenfold more than those who have remkinrtj
in allegiance. . . .
The, Addrass pledges their 'future obedt
enee to the ihe laws. The war has swept
sway slavery, the cause of sectional va
riance and- hostilities, and haa revealed
arid decipled our power. The' Address di
reefs a mention to (he (act that 'a-new
Congress is soon . fo be elected, and "adds
that if he present policy be' pursued civil
war may be renewed, and calls upon ere-
ry congressional uisinci 10 return onry
members who are favorable lot be policy
f reforafion. J. : '
The several committees appointed by ihe
Chair were Chen announced. . . , . i
COWGILL VVYMAN Aug. 19, 1866, by
ReV. A. Turner, Mr. James K. Cowgril
and Miss Florluda Wyman. i
'I have given my heart to thee,
And thou hast given thine to me i I
Lol we have locked them up together,
And thrown away the key.'' i
Special Notices.
Marriage and Celibacy.
TION FOB YOUNG MEti. Also, Ciseasea
and Abuses which nrematnrelv Prostrate the
Vital Powers, with sure mesne of relief. Sent
Free of Charge, in sealed letter envelopes. Ad
dress Dr. J. 8KILLIN HOUGHTON. Howard
Association, Philadelphia, Pa. agltyl
tf!flA A MONT HI A ironts wanted for uteri
fflJU tiruly new artioles, just out. Address
O. T. Gabit, City linilding, Biddeford, Me.
juno7iswly . .
Errors of Yomii.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility. Premature Decay, and all
the effects of youthfnl indiscretion, rill, foV
hn or aunoring Humanity, lend ireo to an who
need it, the receipt and directions for making
the simple remedy by which he was cured;
Sufferers wishing to profit bj the advertised
experience, .can do so by address ns
Jell-lv. No, 18 Chambers St., N. Y.
OI mn PEK YEAEI Wo want aaanta av-
jpli)vU ery where to sell onr Improved 120
hewing Mtohlnea. Throe new kinds. TJadar
and npper feed. Sent cn trial. Warranted
five years. Above i alary or large eommlaetona
paid. The omlv machines sold in the United
Slates for less than 40 dollars, which are fully
licenses by Howe, W healer & Wilron, Orover
& Baker, Sirger & Co., and Baoheldar. All
other cheap machines are infringements and
tha seller or oser are liable to antxt, fine and
imprisonment: Illustrated ci rearers sent free.
Call upon or adfrese, Shaw & Clark, at Bidde
ford, Maine, or Chioago, 111. jnneT.-iswiy
Strange bat True.
-Every young lady and gentleman in tha
United Statea can hear somethin vert roach
to their advantage by return .mail, free of
onarge, Dy aaaroaing lie undersigned. Tnose
having any fears ofrbelng humbngied will
Oblige by not noticing this card. AU others
will pieaae sadresa tneir obedient servant, .
jel My. 831 Broadway, N. T
M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE.
T7"KOM and alter Bandar the li'th day of June
X 1866, Trains will leave BUtiona named as
Stations. Mail. . Night E
Cincinnati, 8 25 a m 12 (o'a m
Chilllcothe, 1 17 p m - 5 10 s in
Hamden, a 30 -p m 6 28 a m
McArthur, 3 63 p in 6 41 a m
Zaleski, , 3 13pm ' 7 01 a n.
Harrietts, - 46 p m 10 43 a m
Stations. . Mail. yight Ef.
jMarnetta, o w a-m 7 os p m
Zaleskl, 10 10 a m 11 06 p m
McArthur, . 10 33 a m 11 31 p m
iiamaen, ju a m 11 4a p m
Chilllcothe, 13 23 pm 120am
Cincinnati, 600pm. 55aaia
awcijor INTAL1D.
Published aa a benefit and aa oactiom to
rocua kin and others, whoaoffer from narvoua
debility, prematura decay of Manhood, Ac,
aSpplying ai tho same time Tbs miams or aiLf
iu, By on who has enrad himself after un
dergoing' sopaiderable quackery. By eooloiing
a post-paid addrataad envelope, single oopiea
free of eharga, may be had or the author.
NATHANIEL MAYfAlB, Eaq., Brooklyn,
Kings ao., New York. fobl-ly
4 To Consumptives.
' The advertlar, having been restored to health
la few weeks by s vary simple remedy, after
having Buffered for several yaara with a severe
Inng affection, and that dread d iaeaae, Con
sumption ia sexton to make known to hia
follow-sufferera the means of cur.
To all who desire it, he will aond a enny of
the prescription ued, free of charge, with tha
directiona fir preparing and uaing the tame,
which they will fiod a sure cure for Consump
tion, Aethma. Bronchitis, Coughs, Colda. aud
all Throai and Lnng Affections. The only ob
ject of the advertiser in sending the Prescrip
tion ia to benefit the afflicted and spread infor
mation which he oonceivea to be invaluable,
and ha hope every sufferer will try hia remedy,
aa it will voat them nothing and may prove a
bleaoing. ' . . . ,
Parties wishing the Prescription, vbik, by
return mail, wilT please address, . .
William iborgh, Kings Co., N.Y.
January '11, lS86-ly.
'WOULD respectfully Inform the people tha'
I am permanently located in Jackson, 0 II.,
t 'bio, where I can at all times be found fully
. I.. . . . . . , .
repareu w meet me aomanus or my pro
jjslQn. Charges 'reasonable and work war-
ranfvd. jym 8. T.BOGGES8, Dentist.
I WILLcolloot the $100 additional Bounty
'granted by Congress to equalize bounty;
al, increased pensions to widows and children
of tfeoeaaeA aoldiers.and all other claims.
'Call on me at my otnoe over Thos. B. Davis
A Son's store, Main street, McArthnr. Ohio.
1 . ....
HA 8 last returned from Colambjs with ad
ditional faoililiea for
fjaguerreotypes, Ambrotypcs,
Photographs, or
and making them aa TEKFECT aa pictures
taken FtfOM LIFE.
'"If you want any kind of a pictnro, from
MiNuTuaato Livs Size, go to Billinghursl's
Photograph and Fine AnOallorvin Mo Arthur.
Photographs colorod in Oil, -W Aran Colors,
Ihdia Ink, and finished in the highest stylo
of art.
Piotures takann all kinds of weather.
Hia present atnoa of Albums will be sold at
cost. Photographs of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman
and others; also, Lockets, fine .Gold Pena and
Finger Kings for sale.
Piotures of all sizes framed to order.
McArthnr, Ohio, August 16, 1368-tf
:: ! si e
Legal Notice.
THOMAS MANN and Elizabeth Burgess, of
,ln the Stateof New York, Sarah
Wademan, Temperance Hoover, Charlotte
Jackseny the heirs at law of Mercy Hoovor
names unknown of the State of Pennsylvania,
Senat Hoover, of the county of Perry, in the
State .of Ohio, thJ hoira at law of Ablab and
Abrarri Decker, of the county of Delenaro and
State of Ohio, and Jeremiah Mann of the State
of Indlana.'will take notice that Margret Mann
of tho county of Vinton and State of Ohio, did
on thai 3th day of August, a d 18C6, file her
petition in the Court of Common Pleas within
and for the county of Vinton, in said State ol
Ohio, against the said Thomas Mann, Elizcbeth
Bnrgeee, Sarah Wademan, Temperance Hoo
ver, Charlotte Jackson, the heirs at law of
Nabcy Hoover, namoa unknown, Sena Hoover
the heirs at law of Abiah and Abram Decker,
Shd Jeremiah Mann, tha heir at law of the said
Cyrus Mann, defendant, sotting forth that one
Cyrus Mann, died seized of the fellowlng de
scribed real estate, to-wlt: About eighty f0
ores more or leas lying and being in the said
county of Vinton and Stale of Ohio, and de
scribed aa being the Boatheast quarter of the
northwest quarter and the noMheart qnarter of
the aouthwes; quarter of section number 11
twenty-one, of town number 10 ten of range
number IT seventeen, that ona William Cat
lin administrator of tha e state of the said Cy
rus Mann, pursuance, -o an order ofaid CJbort
sold said land to pay debt agalnat said estate,
and executed a deed therefor to Daniel Van
tyle, the purchaser, which laid deed waa do
feotive;0kt aaid Daniel Vantylo after wards
died, and that said lands descended toRanhel
Shall and Elizabeth Kelly and that ahe aaid Ra
chel Shall and ElizaUth Kellv conveyed aaid
laaas to the said Margaret Mann, by deed of
doqts be ordered to execute a sood ana anffi
elent deed or deeds to the aaid Margaret Mann
far aaid lauds and in default thereof that tha
order of the aaid Conn in the premisea operate
. a auuu need or aeeas,
v-Aog. 18, ewS by D B Bhivol , her" ett'y .
Henry 8. Hamilton's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given that the aubecribcrs
warn cn tho Stb day of August, a d 1864,
duly appointed and qualified as administrators
on the aetata of Henry S. Hamilton, lass of
Vinton Conntv. Ohio, deceased. All parties
are hereby notified to present their claims for
allowance, and all parlies indebted to aaid ea
tateare notified to aettle Immediately.
Aug l-3w OCAB W. OILMAN.
- "Willis Leach's Estate.
NOTICE ia hereby given, that the undor
signed baa been appointed and duly qual
ified aa administrator of tie estate of Willis
Leaoh, deceated, Ule of Vinton connty, Ohio.
augl-8 ROBERT Bl't'Kl
Will be collected j-romptly by
. Edward A'. Ilratton,
ALL sohliors, who are by law, entitleJ to
Buck Pay, Bounty ami Punion, and wij
ows, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters of
deceased soldiers claims will bo promptly at
tended to. jyi'M
Back-Pay, Bounty.& Petitions.
h. oTjoTnes
LateCuptain 18th O. V. 11
Attends prunijitly to tho collection
J. si root, North of J, K. Will's residance
MoAr-hur, O. july lifi mo.
McArthur, Vinton Caunty, Ohio,
WILL attottd" promptly to nil Ugal bnslncsa
entrusted to him. Utiles U Court llotiso,
MoArthnr,Ohlo. jnna, 28-tf.
Athens, o McArthur, O.
Constable and Constable,
IrlcArthnr, - - Ohio,
WlLLattona promptly to all businuss in
trusted to their euro. In Vinton and Ath
ens counties, or any of the courts of the 7th
Judioial diet., and in the Circuit courtr of the
U. B. for the Southern district ofOnio. Claims
againrt the Government, pensions, bounty and
back pay eollocted. jan4tf
$3, and 85, Pearl Street, Up Stairs,
Cincinnati, Ohio."
an unusually rich avuortment of
At LowrtoT Nsw Yoas Paiois. Wo alsi man-
nfacture , .
In all the Niw Pattirns. Snocial attontion
jrill be given to FILLING t'KDEUS for persona
wlroeanuot visit me city.
f"Any goods sent on ordor maybe returned
If not satisfactory to the buyoi . - .
agl6m8 83 a ?5 Pearl at., up stain.
JToArthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
ILL attond promptly to business entrust
ed to nia care. jcums
Vinton County, 0., tug. 9, 1S60. )
To the Qualified Electors of Vinton County:
Yon are hereby notified to raeot at the usual
placea of holding eloctlonB, in the several town
ships in said county, for the State, District snd
County Officers, in accordance with the statute
in such case aade and provided, passed April
i3, 1863, on
. Tuesday, October 9, 1SGG,
and procoea to elect cue luiiovring; olucers, to
One Secretary of Stato;
One Supreme Judge;
One Member Board ot Publio Works:
One Kopresoutativoin Congross, fur the Elev
enth Qougroesional district, composed of the
countioe of Adams, Scioto, Lawronce, Gallia,
Jackson and Vinton;
One Judge of the Crurt of Common Pleas,
for the Second Sub Division of the Sovonth
Judicial District, compered of the counties of
Scioto, Lawrence, Pike, Jackson and Vintsn;
Ono Auditor for Vinton County;
One Treasurer for Vinton County;
One Clerk Common Pleas Court tor Vinton
One Probate Judge for Vinton Cojnty;
One ShorifT for Vinton County;
One Coroner for Vinton County; and
Ono Commissioner for Vinton County.
Apportionaent of Grand and Potit Jurors to
each township for the year 1807:
Curb's Omen v'inton Cormr, 0.
To the Sheriff of said County:
In accordance with tho law making it the du
ty of tho Clerks of the Courts of Common
Pleas of the soveral conntioa in this 6tnte to
& resent to their respective Sheriffs, cn the first
londay of September of each year, a statement
of the number of Jurors to bo selocted by the
Trustees of the several Townships for caoh
year. 1 hereby certify that the amounts placed
opposite each township, ia he numborforthu
year commencing in 1806 for said county:
Eagle 5 I Wilkesvllle 11) Swan 10
Harrison. .5 Madison. :. . .0 Knox 3
Vinton.... 7 I Jackson.;.. 10 liidiland 14
Brown. ... 8 I Clinton ... 10 Elk 20
Witness hand and seal of olllco this 9th
day of August A. D. 1366.
. GEO.LANTZ, Clerk.
Givon tinder my hand at my olllco, McArthur,
Vinton county, Ohio, ibis 9th day of August,
1868. J. J.SHOCKEY.ShcriffV. C. O.
Road Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that a petition w 11
be prosentst to the Commissioners of Vin
ton county Ohio, at their regalar Seprembor
fcossion, praying for the vacation of all that
portion of the Nelsonville road, corrm ncingjat
an oak tree, at the outlet cf the Coul'er lane,
and running from thence a south westerl) di
rection, along the survey of said road to ita
termination, at (he Logan road, being the dis
tance of about one mile
Aug. 8,-5 w 'Mart. Tstitionibs.
RICHARD CO ALTER whose place of resi
dence is unknown ia hereby notified that
Phebe Coalter did, on the 14th day of August,
a i 1368, file her petition in the office of the
Clerk of the Court of Common Pleaa wltnin
and for the county ef Vinton, and State of
Vtno, c Barging taat he baa been wilfully absent
from her for more than three years laat.paat,
Ao., and aakiirthat ahe may be divorced from
the aaid Richard Coalter and that the custody of
ineir enna, Airaary, aeoreea to ner, and abo be
restored to ber former name, Phebe Dailoy,
which petition 'will stand f hearing at the
next term of aaid Court.
by Joseph J . McDowell her att'y.
August 1 1, 18. angltwl
Advertise in the RECORD.
It is the most liheral Utft Enterprin eter
ffered to the American People!
T le dutnbuted amowj. 'Itcktt Holders.
One Gift z$15,000i GrcinlctcU.
First Class Business Property, -
Splendid r.isidence$. Jtiamond Jlings, Via'
mond J'ins, (fraud Pianos, Ladies' and
lent's Gold Watches. ISitevr bets,
Every Ticket Uoldor en'ltled to a (lift.
Tickets, $ leach.
be distribution will take place at the
33ranb WitsUm tjift gajaar,
No 170 Weal Fourth Struct,
CX IV V X ?i ATI, O II I$P .
Ono Gift in Greenbacks llS.tfO )0
Ono Brick Dwelling llon-e, No.33S
rooms, good oollar, buth, iko. J, WO DO
Fo nrtccn Years' Ixrascuf three Throe
a'.ory n'one-front hnildings, Nos.
164. mid i8 Klin street, Cin
cinnati, Ohio, with lha improve
muuta, (this Icate will net 3,
0 0)
Two Grand Ronnd, bonitlifully car
ved Pianos l,OC0 00
50 Gens' Guld Watches, bost manu-
fnelrres, STS to f 13.1 4,825 00
6,000 Gifts of various kinds, vulued
M from one to Ave do'lars T,31&0
25 SilK Dross Patterns; vulued from
75 to 100 dollar 2,125 00
2t,9liG.tsofvariou-i kiuds 2,5'J 01) .
iO Sewing Machines; valued from 50
to lDO dol'ars 1,2;h) 00
50 sols Silver-plutod Tuble Spoons... . 4u0 00
5C fcilvor Waluhes, ten to 25 dullirs-. "25 00
6 000 Gifts, various kinds, 1 to 5doK T 254 00
100 silvor-platad Castors 60U 00
2rt,S18 Cifts of various kinds 2,600 00
100 ettB of .adioa' Jewelry, 4 tn ten
dollars 525 00
50 LudifB Gold Watches, euiimoled
Hid set with diamonds, vuiuud
from one hnndred to one hund
red and fifty dollars 11,500 00
4,500 0 Silver I'u'ko Baskot, Tea and
Table Fpot.ns, heavy platod
Forks, Call Bells and Albums.. 5,345 00
20 Silk and Velvet Mantles and .
Cloaks, valued at 50 and 150.. 1,250 OJ
0 At-ttd seta ladies' Jewelry,
valncd at from 8 tn A dolltrs-. .. ' 4fla 00
25,000 Gifts, various kinds 2.5S0 00
81,0.12 ttiRs, various Ktna i 4j
4 ,600 Gifts, nd
s. S,T35
125 000 Gifts, Total value $120,303 00
The Distribution will take place at our Iluzaar
170 Went fourth Street, on tho 27th duy of
September, 1366.
A Committee appolntod by tho Ticket Hold
ers wilt superintend the distribution.
Ticket holdors who cannot be present at the
Distribution, will be supplied with a list of the
numbers, showing what they arc entitled to, on
receipt of which the) curisbipphigtheir Tick
ets with full dir ot 'ns for ontiilo the goods
or money to whiuu they are ( J.
In lending ill roc ' r to write
plainly the Name, d State.
to tdeTltblic.
It is with feelings of satisfaction that we pre
sent this Enterprise for your consideration, in
the fullost aisurance that we shall receive yonr
confidence and liberjl support.
This Is ne wild scheme to got your money
without a fair consideration. It is a legttiranto
business enterprise, to be conducted on a legit
imate, liberal and fair basis. We give in the
distribution, the full vi.luo for all we receive
Of couno, thero Ib a profit on most of the goods
but no more tnan is received in ordinary trado.
Buying iu large quantities, for cash, wehuy our
goods at the lowest figures. Some will receive
a good deal more for thuir monov than others,
simply because they are mora lucky, but all will
bo treated with the ntmoat fairness and impar
tiality. An examination will make it plain to
all that the Enterprise is exceedingly liberal,
and the chances for a handsome furUine better
than in any similar oujurpnse.
We present the me t attractive and truly gen
erous list of Gifts ever ofiered to (he people.
Only one hundred and twenty-five thousand
tickets are to be issued, and Kotwitlutta.ding
thoro are no blanks, acme one will get for One
GREENBACKS; another lucky one will got a
Lease of Valuable Business Property, that will
secure, at the present rate of rents, a yearly in
come of Three Thousand Dollars for Fourteen
Years, making in the terra of tho louso, Forty
two Thousand d? liars; two lucky ones will got
each an elegant Kosidenc.0 in lee simple, free
from all encumbrances. Num roue others will
get other .valuable girls. Nothing shall be
wanting on our part to give full satisfaction to
To dm'. To pa ea formt ng clubs wo will
furnirh as follows:
5 Tickets for $ 4 CO
10 do do 0 00
20 do do 17 50
50 do tlo 43 00
100 da do , 84 00
Good, reliablo agouts are wanted in every
town iu the West, to whom liberal inducements
will be given.
All orders fbrTigkoU,nr communications, ad
dressed (enclosing stamp) to
Xo. 170 Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O,
Will receive prompt attention.
t37Persons from the country, visiting th
city, are cordial ly invi cd to call on us, and we
will take pleasure in rliowiug them any goods
in the Grand Lit t of Oifui. 1 aug9w J
Sheriff's Sale.
Stateof Ohio, Vinton Co. :
In Court of Common Pleat.
Clarissa Dowd plaintiff, 1 --- .
vs. V Order of Salo No 8
ErvinE. Do-sd defendant.) j
IN pursuance of the command of an nrferof
sale in the above ciuse to me dTectcd
from the Court of Common l'loas ot the afore
said county of Viuton and Stato of Ohio, I will
offur atpuhl'o sale, at tno door of the court
house in tho town of McArthur la aforesaid
county of Vic ton, on
Tuesday, -September 25, '1SGG,'
a', tho hour of one o'clock p. m. of said dry,
the following described promises to wit: Be
ginning for the same eleven chains and twenty
licks wesor the or'h-cait corner of section
numher thirty-two; (32) in township numbor
len(10) of rang number sixteen; ( !) Ohio
Company's purchase; thence-south forty oni
chuina and twenty-five links; thonce west thir
ty two chaina aud ninety links; thence north
forty-one chains and twenty-five links; tbenoe
east thirty-two chains an i seventy links to the
place of beginning; containing one hundred
and thi rty-five (185) aorea more or loaa.
. Taken aa the property of Ervin E. Dowd to
satisfy an order ami dtcree of aforesaid Court,
in favor ol Clarissa Dowd.-
Appraised aa follows to wit: Twenty-aii
handred dollars and must bring two-thirds ef
that sum.
Terms of sale, cash In kui.
Sheriff V. C. O.
Bratton Mayo attya for ptff. ang9w5pfl3
CountyfrC Examinations.
THE Board of Soboot Examiners of Vinton
County will hold bnt one meeting in each of
the summr months, via: npon the first Satur
day in June, July and August. Meetings at
Union School Hotuer McArthur
june7m J.J. MoDO WELL, Clerk.

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