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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, August 30, 1866, Image 3

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OffltUu Organ of Vinton County.
tW Advertisement Jo appear on Thw
'ay morning, mutt bt hanued in not later
Ann Tuttdau evenijig
Religious Services in McArthur.
V. X. Cmvsch. -Preaching Sabbath at bslt
(I tin o'clock, A. and half-pat tlx
o'clock, P. M. Sabbath fcl to), 8 P. V.
PmtBTTIBUN CnrCH. HFfM'icrsSt 11 o'cl'k
a. ., and I o'clock r. M. Sabbath School t !
'loch a. m., every sabbath. v
CiiiiTiAK Ch cava. Services at 11 o'clock a.
a., (vary Sabbath.
flkMtto Day, Tuesday, Oct. , 15'.J
m ' Jbr Herniary of StaCe,
of Shelby County.'
For Supreme Judge,
. of Hamilton County.
Jtr Member Board of Public Moris,
williaNi L All will,
I Ashland Connty.
i For Congressman of Mth Dittrict, '
Colonel OSCAIt P. MOOSE;
of Scioto connty.
Jbr Judge of the Court of Common Pleat
24 Sub-division of 1th Judicial DM. t
of Jackson, county.
Democratic County Ticket
For Auditor,
Dri Ilejiry C. Moore.
Jbr Trtaturer, ,
Henry Reynold.
Tor Probate Judge,
Hicham! Craig'.
br Clerk of the Court of Common Pleat,
George Lantz.
Fir Sheriff,
John J. Shock 07.
' Fur Coroner,
Dr. J. A. Monulioit.
For Commissioner,
Thomas Ma?ee.
' For Auditor,
For Trtaturer,
For rrdbate Judge,
For Clerk Court Common Phut,
... -Fpr .Sheriff,.., .,
JOHN KdftBlNS.-...'
For Coroner, ,
' ' ' " For . Commissioner,
I. O. O. D. A. W. P's.
There will be a meet ing of the
members of the above Society,
every Thursday Evening, un
til further notice. Every
body is invited to attend:
, ivo others admitted.
By order of the
T. E. S.
Nmt Back Tiacc We uinierstoiid th
the sporting portion of out community, are
preparing rice trick about one and a half
mi li north of our town .
I. 0. 0. F, The celebration on Thurs
day la'., hy the above order, waa a decided
success. Wt are in Formed fnat tlie oration
delivered by Mr. W. C. Earl, was good and
wo are sorr we were nol permitted to at
lend. The crowd in town waa large.
Still They Come. Mr. Jeliicl A. Fel
ton ie receding daily New Goods, which he
Intends ratline at greatly reduced prices
Ourriticene from the country wishing to buy
0001 cheap, anouid not fail to giri Jehiel a
call. . You wil) find his atore on Main
Xreet, and ia known aa the Cheapest Cash
A Maw Killed. A man by the
erne of rfilliam Boueer, waa killed near
tho residence of Mr. John Ward , on the M.
at C. R. R. , on Saturday' night or SuuiUy
norning iaat. we give me uoroncr a iu
ajueat in the case.
We. the 'andenla? ted iurcri. imnaineled
and sworn, on the 36th day of August. A.
P. 186J, at the township of Elk, and the
county of Vinton, by S. C. Case.auatice
of the Peace, in and for the township of
Ala, in saw county, acting as coroner lor
the time being, to inquire into and a true
presentment make, la what manner and by
wnora wuiiam uoussr, wnose ooay was
found at or near John Ward's near the M.
AC. R. R., on the 36th of August, 1866,
who came to his death and the supposition
ie that he came to bis death by sitting on the
rauroao ana was struck oy trie locomotive
and received a wound on the back of the
bead which proved fatal. .
r Given under our handa at the time and
place of said inquisition above mentioned.
. . . " DAVID LANTZ, .
It U supposed that the deeceased formerly
.lived ia Pennavlvania. He served three
. Tears in Co. A.olo Va. Vol. Cavalrr. com
manded by Capt. Weat, from which he was
honorably discharged, He a Iter ward a waa
enrolled br Cant JJ. Horon Foster, of Pitta
org, Pa., as a rubs! ilute for Roderick Chris
jty Tho firm of Will & Co., Za-
eski, Ohio, is now represented in
the Eastern markets by ono of its
Their customers may next week
00k for tho largest and cheapest
stock of goods in their line ever
opened in the place.
XSTDan Will, of thoTirm of
Dan Will & Bros., is now in tho
iastern markets laying in a stock
of Fall and Winter goods. We, ad
vise those ' wishing to purchase
goods in this market, to defer pur
chasing until their'stock 'arrives.
ndeed, with Dan's experience,
skill, and tasto in selecting, we
have no hesitation in promising all
the largest, nicest, best and cheap
est stock of goods ever offered in
this market.
The Democratic Meetimg held
at Prattsvillo,last evening, was an
other complete success. The meet
ing was addressed by Hon. E. F.
Isingham, and others. . '
'Thk Cama tho Battle-Held and the Hos
pital" is the title of a haiulxomo volume.
list Issued by S. F. Juxkis A Co.. 173 Itace
Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Tho author has
delved most Industriously amonirat the
masses of curious Incidents which have
marked tho late war. and has trrouned and
clnssltled them under appropriate heads,
aim 111 n very attractive lorin.
mere, is n certain portion or the war Unit
will never co into the recrular histories.
and will not get embodied in romance or
poetry, which is a very real part of Itand
will, if preserved, convey to succeeding
generations a better Idea of the spirit of
tho conflict than many dry reports or
careful narratives of event, aud this part
may bo called gossip, the fun, the pathos
of the war.
These Illustrate tho character of the lead
ers tire humor of tho soldiers, the devo
tion of women, the bravery of men, the
pluck of our heroes, the romance and hard
ships of the service. From tho beginning
of ihc war the author Dr. L. 1. IIkock-
ktt, has been enuaired in collecting all
the anecdotes connected with or illustra
tive of it.
Tho volume Is profusely Illustrated with
over 100 engravings by the rlrst artlntx,
wtiien aro really beautiful: worthy 01 ex
amination as specimens of the art. The
book's contents include reminiscences of
camp, picket, spy, scout, bivouac, siege
and battlcildd adventures: thrill!nr feats
of bravery, wit, drollery, comical and lu
dicrous adventures, etc etc.
Amusement as well as instruction mav be
found in every page, as graphic- detail,
brilliant wit, and authentic history, arc
skillfully interwoven in this work of liter-'
ary art.
It is just such a volume as will find nu
merous .purchasers, and just such a one as
lijAraniia jniiL-lnrr tt nnf aa Hftlf atrntita
should add to their list.
New Itouuty Bill aud Pensions,
As poesrd by Congress JmIv 27. 1866
gives (slOO additional bounty.
To every honorably uischargad soldier
whoenlUled in the army of the United
States since April 19. 1861, for three years.
and served his term of enlistment ami wiio
has received or was entitled to recieve but
fclOO bounty.
To every such soldier who has been rijs-
charged on occnunt of wounds received in
the lino ol duty belore his term of enlist
ment expired.
To the widow, minor children or parents
1 1. the order named, of any such soldier who
died while in the service or from wjunds
received or disease contracted while in the
service of the United Stales.
To all honorably discharged soldiers who
have served two veara under one enlistment
and who have received ut I00 bounty.
Has also been granted by a recent law
To widows of soldiers n h 1 have dred in
the army, or to the children if the widow
has died or re-married S3 per month for
each child under 16 years of age.
To soldiers who have lost a loot or a hand
or been disabled equal to the loss of a hand
or foot, 15 per month.
Has been granted every officer who was in
commission March 3d. 1S65, and resigned
or waa honorably discharged after April 9,
1805, which is promptly collected by
Authorized Military Claim-Agent, .
McArthur, Ohio,
Aug. 18, tf.
Our Nominee for Congress.
It ia unnecessary to speak at
length of our excellent nominee
for Congress, Colonel O. F. Moore.
He is well and favorably known
not only to the people "of this coun
ty, but of the district, whom he
represented in Congress from 1855
to 1857. Ilis ability no one will
dispute; his patriotism none dare
gainsay. Three years semco in
the army attests Lis devotion to the
Unon. His earnest opposition to
the Kadicals of the North. in their
efforts "to overthrow the Govern
ment, will win to- him the support
of all the friends of the Constitu
tion and the Union. Believing as
he expressed it, that governments
can be overthrown as readily by
peaceful means as by. the sword,
elected to Congress he will labor
earnestly to rescue the country
from the hands of the Revolution
ists, who, by insidious efforts, are
seeking to pervert anddestioy our
.Republican form of Government.
The Democracy and evef y conserv
ative man in the District who de
sires to' sustain Andrew Johnson
in his contest with the dangerous
men in Congress, will throw their
influence in favor of CoL, Moore.
Something for Germans and Irishmen
to Read.
Old Thad. Stevens, the Infamous head of
the Jacobin wing pt the Republican party,
and just endorsed aud renominated by hi
constltuenti, said : ':,;
"We have been too much governed by
our prejudices: Wc have listened too much
to those who cry 'ur f;ro equality ,'. 'nigger,'
'nigger,' 'nigger !' We are Iniiiieiiceiltoo
liiueli bv those Demons from forelsrn lands.
Vlio, while In searuh of freedom, deny that.
uicKseu Dooit to those wtto are their equals
That is to nay, Negroes are the equals of
our German and IriMi lellow-cltlxuuil
Browxlow has been asked by
some ono in Tennessee' to sit for
his portrait r It is supposed, says
the Dufiuque Herald, that the per
son is engaged in writing a retisod
and illustrated edition of the "Pi
rate's Own Book " or compiling a
history of guerrillas, and is ahxiousl
for a suggestive frontispiece. One
nearly as good'might bo had in al
most any rogues' gallery.
JONE.'. Departed this Ufa on tho Utta tint. ,
at MuArlkur, Uhio, Divio Junk, 'aged 61
WIVDER.-Killedon tha 81th lost., nour Mo-
Artbur, Ohio, John Elt Windim, ifcod about
10 years.
The deceased cams, to his death by fulling
ironi anu ocing ran over nj a can. j n ucreav
ed fundi; liava tbo tympathloa of (ha poop a.
BOUSER Killed pn -.he 25th lint., near the
reitlenco or John wanl, somo 4 niilea fro n
MoArthur, 0., on the U. 0. U.K., Wil
liam Bouii.1. ased about 80 years.
For particulars -e Coroner'a fnqnoat In anoth
er coinmn.
Blarringo aud Celibacy.
and Ahuxes which prematarely Frootrute tho
V11 rowers, with sure nieana cf relief. Sent
i fee of tlmriie, in realed leKer envtlnpe. Ad
dreraDr. J. &K1LLIN UOUGUTON, Uowcrd
Aieociatlun, I liiiadelplna, 1 a. - agloyl
OflA A MONTH!-Agents wanted for six en
3P'v tlrely now articles, jnxt out. Addrera
0. T. Gaukt, City I'.uilJinj, Biddefurd, Me
$1 rnDrliYEAKI Wo want (Kent ev
1 atJWv ery where to sell our Improved 3
8ewinff alaohinee. Three new kinds. Unde-
and upper feed. Bent en trial. Warranted
five years. Abovo lalary or largccommissions
paid. The ONLr machines sold in tho United
States far less than 40 dollars, which are fully
licensed bv Howe, Wheale,- & WiUon, Grover
as Buser birger ds Co., and Bachelder. All
o(ber cheap inaclunes aro lufringemenrs and
tho follor or utor are liable to arrest, fine and
Imprisonment: Illustrated el rcnUrs sent free.
Call npon or adliesc, Shaw & Clark, at liidde-
lord, Aluiue, or Lliicago, III. jnncT4rwly
- Errors of Y0111I1.
A Gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
Hie effects of youthful indiscretion, rill, for
sake of sufluring Immunity, send free to all who
need it, the receipt and directions for making
the simple remedy by which he was cured.
Sufferers wisbirg.to pre fit h) tho advertiser's
experience, can uo so ny address ng
joll-lv. No, 18 Chamters Bt., N. T.
Stiiiiiuo but True.
Every yonng ludy and genxloroan In the
Unild Btatea can hear somethinrr vert much'
t) tbolr advantago by return mail, free of
c .largo, by add r asing the undersigned. Those
naving -any-tears or being humbug ed will
ohligo by not noticing this card. All others
will plonse add rem their obedient sorvant,
jell ly. 831 Broadway, N. T.
l ublishcd as a benefit and as a cautiok to
vouno men and others, who suffer from nervous
debility, premature decay of Manhood, &c,
supplying h( tho same time Tiik means tr hlf
01 kr. By one who has cured himself after un
dergoing considoruble quackery. By enclosing
a post-paid addro8ed envelope, single copies
free of ohurio, may be had ot tho author.
NATHANIEL MAYFA1K, Esq., Brooklyn,
Kings co., Now York. febl-ly
To Consumptive.
The adverliar, having been restored to health
In a few weeks by a very simple remody, after
having suffered for sovoral years with a severe
lung affection, and that dread disease, Con
sumptionis anxious to make known to his
follow-snfforers the moans of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send s enpy of
tho proscription nsed, free of charge, with the'
directions ftr preparing and using the tame,
which they will find a sura cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Tliroa and Lung Affections. The only ob
ject of the advertiser in sand rig the Prescrip
tion is to benefit the afflicted aud spread infor
mation which he conceivos to be Invaluable,
and he hopes every sufferer will try his remedy,
as it will cost thein Buttling and may prove a
Parties wishing the Prescription, mil, by
reinrn man, win pieasc address,
William iburgh, Kings Co , N. V.
January 11, 1866-ly.
The Camp, The Battle Field, and
tne iiospuai,
or, liqiits and shadows of the great
rebellion. '
Heroic, Patriotic, Iiomantic, and Tragical.
Splendidly Illustrated with over 100
fine Portraits and beauti
ful Engravings.
rHIS work lor genial humor, tender pathos ,
startling interest, and attractive beauty,
stands peerless and alone among all it compe
titors. The valiant, and bravo hearted, the
picturesque and dramatie, the witty an I mar
velous, the tender and pathetie. The roll of
fame and story. camp. Dickei. spy, scoot, bl-
.vouao, and selge; atartling surprises; wonder-
mi escapes, ramons words and deeds or wo
man, and the whole panorama of the war are
here thrlHiigly portrayed In a masterly wan
ner, at onee historical and romantlo, rendering
it the most am plot, brilliant and readable book
that the war has called forth. . .
Amusement aa well aa instruction mayl be
found in every page, aa graphio detail, brilliant
wit, and autbentie history are skillfully inter
woven in this work of literary art. .
This work sella itself. The people are tired of
ary details ana paruzan woras, and want some
thing humorous and romantic. We have agents
clearing over two - hundred dollars per
month. 60 ed for circular, and see our terms
andproor 01 tne above assertion. Address.
agSOwa 178 Race Street, Cincinnati, O
Road Notice.
NOTICE ia hereby given that a petition will
ha nreaflntei to the rViTnm(uiiAnva t.f Vin
ton connty Ohio, at their regalar September
aoasion, praying jior ine vacation or all tna;
portion of the Nelsonville road, eomm- ocingjat
auoaa ireo, tuo vuuei 01 ins iuner lane,
and running from thence a tooth weeterlj di
rection, alonff the anrvav of aald mul tn U
termination, attha Logan road, being Ihedli-
. . . 1 1 -1
uanca 01 eooui one mite.
Ang. ,-5w Maht fiTiTieras.
Thomas Cox's Estate.
NOTICE ia hereby given that the andersigatd
has bean dulv aDDOinted and anillflad aa
Administrator of the estate . of Thomas Cos,
laiooi vinion oounty, unio, aeceasea.
Aug. M,i86-w8 US WIS A. AT WOOD.'
An lBTcntlontof HatrA Merit i
aim's riMM
Burns up all aaa and amoka,
never breaks By puUlngoQ
ehaJe ahort, and not lop
heavy t la eaaUy oleanetl by
removiDf topt ia faot, Se
moat perfect ohlmney knwwa
and lafuat auperaediog all
others whore It baa beeuia.
Mo dealer can affbra to bo
Without them.
V3 Wima Bt, Bt. T.
83, nd 8.", Pearl Street, Up Stain,
Cin cis n:a t I, Ohio.
At LowsrT New Yuhk I'bichs.
Wo alsman-
u facto ro
In All the Ntw 1'attirni. Bnrcial attention
will be givon to f'lLLlNU t'UUtUts for persoua
whoesnnot visit the (ity.
E9AnT goods scntoaordoi may bi returned
11 uoi aausmcioiT vu vr uujni .
aglfim 8 88 a IS l'oorl si., up atairi
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
WILL attend promptly to business entrust
ad to hie care. jcHma
back ph. mm m mmn
Will be eollocted promptly by ,
Edward A, Ilratton,
ALL soldiers, who are .by law, entitled to
Buck lYv. Unntv and Pensions, and wid
ows, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters of
deceahed soldiers claims will ba promptly at'
tended to. jyJStf
McArthur, Viuton Comity, Ohio,
XITILL attend promp'lj to all bnslness on-
irusiea 10 inoir care, in Vinun ana A'n
ensoountios. ap!25tr
Pensions & bounty i
IWILLeolloct tin $100 additional Bounty
graulod by Coneresa to canalize bountv:
ali-o, increased pensions to widows and children
of leceasea soldiors, and all other claims.
Call on me at my office over Thos. B. Davis
t oen 's store, inain street, ucArthnr.utiio
augisma jubtfu J. aicDUWULL.
McArthur Vinton County," Ohio,
WILL attend to alt legal business intrusted
to his care in Vinton, Atbers, Jackson,
Ross, 'locking, and adjoinlngcounlies. Partic
nlar attention given to the collection of soldiers
claims for pensions, bounties, arrears of pay,
etp., aguinst the U 8 or Ohio, lnclndi, g 51or
gan raid claims. ... . . juna tS-.
IN rolls ready to be' nailed down, adapted to
-Housc Factories, and bulldincs of all kinds
constructed of materials that have stood the
test of fifteen years, and manufactured on an
entirely different and Dottor plan than any oth
er composition rooting in use. Secured by pat
ent. Very dnrablo anl at low price. Circu
lars and samples sent free by mail. Liberal
terms 10 agents. kkadt k eriNO lo.,
juneTy . Ko. 13 Vaidon Lane, dew Yrrk.
Henry S. Hamilton's Estate.
NOTICE is heiobr given that the subscribers
wererntho 6th day of Augubl, a d 1868,
duly annointod sndaumiflad as administrators
on the estate of Henry 8. Hamilton, late of
Vinton County, Ohio, deceased. All parties
arehoreby notified to present their claims for
allowance, and all parties indebted to said es-
tat e are cotinea to settle immediately.
Aug ls-3w C.SCAR W. OILMAN.
Da. Stkickland's Tonic is a concentrated pre
paration o Roots and Horbs. with antiao-
ir'a and carminitivesto strengthen thostomaoh
and nervous system. It is a certain remedy for
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Nervousness, Lore
ot Appotite. Aciditvoftbe Stomach. Flatnlencv
and Debility. It is not alcoholic, therefore par
ticularly suited to Weak. Nervous and Dyt
p pti parsons. For sale by al 1 Druggists a very
wnera aiona aonar per Dottie.
Sale of Real Estate by Or
der of Probate Court.
State of Ohio Belmont Countyt
J. II. Collins admr of Joseph L.1
Earomontree deo'd. pltff s I Ia Probakj
va I Court
Elizabeth Ilanmontreeet aid's J -
BT virtue of aa order of eafo to me directad
in the above case . from the Probata Oourt
of Belmont County, Ohio, I will effor for sale at
the front door or the conrt-nouse, in aioAriaur
Vinton county Ohio, on
Wednesday. September 26, 1866,
between the hours o f 10 o'clock a m and o'
clock p m tba following real estate situate in
v inton county, unto, i-wii : i ne sonin uair or
the southeast quarter of seotion number eleven
township number nine and range number eigh
teen eoniainiag eiahtv seres.
Tibms or Sals: One third down on day of
sale ; one third in cm, end one tnird in two
years with interest on deferred payments.
Appraised at $1100. J. II. COLLINS,
Aug SJ, 4w admr of J. L. Hsmmontree.
M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE.
T?ROM and alter Sunday the li'th day of June
i 1866, Trains will leave Stationa named aa
follows :
Stations. Mail. ' Night Ex.
Cincinnati, ' 825am l3 35am
ChiUlcothe, 1 17 p m 5 10 a m
Hamden, 2 30pm 6 28am
McArthur, 2 62 p m 6 41 a m
Zaleskh . 3 13 p m 7 01 a u.
Marrletta, B 45 p m 10 48 a m
nnivrt wtjit. .
Stations. Mail. Night Ex.
Marrlotta, ' 640am 7Uopra
ZaleakL . 10 10 am 1106 pm
McArthur, 10 33 a m 11 81 p m
Hamden, 10 45 a m ii4jpm
ChUlicothc. 12 28pm 120am
Cincinnati, - -6 00 pm -5 Warn
HI 2 2
'.'' lgS o
mm mm,
HAS just returned from Colnmbjs with ad
ditioual facilities for
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypcs,
I liotographs, or
and making them as TEHFECT as pictures
tsKen ( bum Lirii
If yon wnt any kind of a olcturo. from
Miniatcrb to LrrK Siza, go to billinghnrsi's
fhotograph and Fine Art Gallery In Mo Arthur,
Photographs colored in Oil. Water Coloik,
India Ink, and finished in the highest stylo
of art.
Piotnrcs taken in all kinds of weathnr.
His present stooK of Albums will be sold at
cost. 1'botoerarhs of Lincoln, Orant, Sherman
and ethers: also, Lookats, fine Gold Tens and
Finger Kings for sale,
l'ictures of all sizes frai.icd to order.
McArthur, Ohio, August 18. lS8H-tf
Glial iu Age lit.
A. Mayo and D. B. hivel, will
PENSIONS and all claim against
the Government,
OFFICE- At tho Prowoontlng
Attornors) Ofllco In tbo Court
House, McArthur, O. ag'JGtf
I 'WOULD respectfully Inform thirpeople that
I am permanently located in.iackson, 6 II.,
t hio, where I can at all times be found fully
pr eparod to meet all the demands of my pro
foisfon. Charges reasonable and work war
ranted. jySmS 8..T.B0QGES8. Dentist.
Back-Fay, Bounty & Tensions.
h. cTjoTnes
Attends promptly to the collection
street, North of J, K. Will's residence
MoAr'.hur, O. July 12,6 mo.
McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
WILL attend! promptly to all legal business
entrust! to lain. Offloe in Court II on so,
McArthur, Ohio.
june, 88-tf.
a a. const sls, a. a. cokstrli.
Athens, ot McArthur, 0.
Constable and Constable,
McArthur, ' - - - Ohio,
WILL, attend promptly to all Duslness in
trusted to their care. In Vinton and Ath
ens counties, or any of the courts of the 7th
Judicial dist., and in the Circuit courts of the
0. 8. for the Soathera district of Ohio. Claims
a (rain it the Government, pensions, bounty and
knok pay oolleoted. janUf
Dzaua in and airAixaa of
( Musical Instnunents,
McAHTUUlt, ... - Ohio.
'Sheriff's- Sale; -
State of Ohio, Vinton Co. j
-1 In Court of 'Common Jlstsr.
fluriwta Dowd plaintitf, I
vs. r uruxr 01 cam n ,
Rrvin E. Doad dcfumlant.) ;
IN pursuance of the coiom m l of an ordir of
sale in the abova c-iu.-a to me directed
from the Court of Common 1'leastit the a fore-
Mid county or viuton annotate or unto, 1 win
i.ff.ir utpuM'o sale, at tiie door of the court
house in the town ef McArthur in aforesaid
county of Vitton, on . r
Tuesday, September 25, 1SGG,
at the boi.r of veto o'clock p. m. ot salY d'y,
the following described prorJH to wit: Be
ginning for the same eleven chvus and twenty
licks wesol tne nor'n-eat corner or section
number thirty two; (ii) in township number
ten; (10) of range number. aixtern; ( IS 1 Ohio
Company's purchase; thence south, firty en
vhuins and twenty-five liuKi-; thence weat thir
t'v two chains and ninety links; tbenca aorta
forty-one chain aud twenty-five links; thence
east thirty-two chains an I seventy link loth
place of beginning; containing one hundred
and thirty-tivo( 135) acres more or less. ' -
Taken as the- property of Krvin E. DowJ to
satisfy an order and decree of aforesaid- Court,
in favor ol Clarissa Dowd.
Appraised aa follows to wit: Twenty-sll
hundred dollars and mast bring Uo-thlrds of
that rum.
Terms of sale, cash in hand.
SherifT V. C. 0.
Brat ton a Mavo attysfoi plff. aug9wpri1
s in: icings
. A'intnn Cntity,0., lug. 9, 1S88. i
To the Qualified Klectort of I'iulon County:
You are hereby Lotidcd to meet at the usual
places of holding elections, in the several town
ships in said eonnty, for the State, District ead
County Ollicers, in accordance with the statute
in such case aade and' provided, passed Apri
i3, 1863. on
Tuesday, October 9, 1SC6,
and proceed to elect the following officers, to
une ciccretary 01 state ,
One Supreme Judge;
One Member Board ol Public Works;
Ono licpresontBtivein Congress, fcr the Elev
enth CongrefsiouakDiatrict, oompoaed ofua
counties of Adams, Scioto, Lawrence, Ual a,
Jackson and Viuton;
One Judge of the d nrt cf Common Tleaa,
for the Soeond Sub Division of the Seventh
Judicial Dixtrict, competed of the counties of
Scioto, Lawrence, i'ike. Jacksoa and Viuton;
One Auditor for Vinton County;
-One Treueurer for Vinton County;
One Clerk Common l'leoa Court tor Vinton
One r'robate Judgo for Vinton Cointy;
One Slioriir for Vinton County;
One Coroner fur Vinton County; and
One CommiB bncrfor Vinton County.
Apporlionn ent cf Grand and i'etU Jurors to
each township for the year 1867: "
Clkuk's OrricB v'ixtom Coostt, 0.
To the Sheriff of taid County:
In accordance with the law making it the du
ty of tho Clot kit of the Courts 'of Common
Pleas of the several counties in this State to
present to their respective Sheritfs, cn the first
Monday of Seploiuberof each year, s statement
of the number of Jurors to bo selocted by the
Trustees of the several Townships for eaoh
year. 1 hereby certify that the amounts placed
opposite each township, ia the number for tho
..... .......
year commencing in isoa rorsaid county:
Juigic..-. .,o
Harrison. .5
WllkfsvlUe 10
Swan 10
MadUoii G
Jackson.... 10
( 'llatou ... 10
Knox .... 3
Highland 11
Elk 20
Vlntou. . .
Witness m, hand and seal of office this 9th
day of August A. D. 1366.
Given under my hand at my office, MoArlhnr,
Vinton eouuty, Ohio, this 9th day of August,
r August,
: v. c. c
loss. j.j. Buuc&EX , bheriu i
Legal Notice.
rpiI0MAS MANN and Eliiabeth Burgess, of
X , In the State ef New York, 8arah
Wademan, Temperance Hoover'. Charlotte
Jackson, the heirs at law ef Maroy Hoover
names unknown ol the Stato of 1 ennsylvania,
Sena Hoover, of the county of Ferry, ia tbe
state ot Uhio, thi heirs at law or Abtauand
A brain Decker, of the county of Delotare and
Statu of Ohio, aud Jeremiuli Mann of the State
of Indiana, will take notice that Msrgret Mann
of the county of Vinton and State ef Uhio, did
.... , It. .1- .V A J .tin Ht. I
uu tna io.li uaj ui Augunb, a a jdoo, uia ner
petition in the Court of Common fleas within
and for Iheo-mntyof Vinton, in said Stated
Ohio, against tho said Thomas Mann, Klizebeth
uurgess, earali wa'lomnn, lemporance Hoo
ver, Charlotte Jaokson, the heirs at law of
Nancy Hoover, names unknown. Sons Hoover
the heir at law of AMah and Abram Decker,
and Jeremiah Mann, the heir at law of the said
Cyrus Mann, defendants, setting forth that one
Cyrus Mann, died seised of the fellowinv de
scribed real estate, to-wit: About eighty SO
aces more or less lying and being in. the said
county of Vinton and State of Ohio, and de
scribed aa being the- sontheaatlqasrUr of the
northwest quarter aa-l tbe northeart quarter of
the southwes quarter of section number 11
twenty-one, of town number 10 ten of range
number 171 seventeen, that one William Cat
lin administrator of the estate of the said Cy
rus Mann, pursuance to an order of said Cfcnrt
sold said lands to pay debt against said estate,
ana executed a uied iherolur to uatiei Van
tylc, the purchaser, which said dead was de
t'octite, that said Daniel V.ntylo afterwards
died, and that said lands descendod toRanbel
Shull and Elizabeth Kelly and that she said Ba
chel Shull snd Elizabeth Kelly conveyed said
lanus to the said Margaret Mann, by deed of
3 nit claim, and praying that the said defen
onts be ordered to execute a good and suffl.
cient deed or deeds to the said Murgetxt Mana
for said laud and in default thereof that the
order of the aaid Court In the premises operate
aa such deed or deods.
Aug. 18, 'Mwf by D B 6hivel, her att'y.
RICHARD CO ALTER whose place of real
dense is nnknown is hereby notified that
fhebe Coulter did, on the Uth day of August,
a d 1665, file her petition in the office of the
Clork of the Court of Common .Flea witaio
and fcr the county ef Vinton, and State of
Ohio, charging that hejhas been wilfully absent
from her for more thaclhrce years last paat,
&c, and aski igthat she may be divoroed from
the said Richard Coal tor and that the custody ef
their child, Aimary, decreed to her, and she ba
restored to her former name, Phebe Dallcy,
wbioh petition 'will stand for hearing at tha
next term of aaid Court.
by Joseph J. McDowell her att'y.
August II, 18W. augllwl
WILLIAM A. STEEL, whost plaos of resi
dent is unknown, is hereby notifled that
Eiizabeth K. Steel, did on tbe list day of An
rurtad 1869, file herpetitior in the office of th
Clerk of thi Court of CommDn Iteas, -within
and for the county of Vinton and State ef Obie,
charging the said William A. Steel, with adul
tery with one Lusnna Livingstone, and asking
that she may be divorced from the sal 4 William
A, Steel, and that the custody of their children
may be decreed to her and for other relief,
which petition will ba for hearing at the mis
term of aaifl Court.
Aufl. Sl.'66-w byJ.S.McDowellhertty. '
County Examinations.
TnE Board of Sohool Examiner at Vintoa
Couuty will bold bat on meeting in each ol
tbesnmnwr months, via: opon'the first Satur
day in June, July and August. Meetings at
Union School Hovue, McArthur. . .
juneTu) J. J. McDOWELL, Clerk.

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