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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, September 06, 1866, Image 3

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OfUclal Organ of Vinton Cointy.
tW AdvertUeihentt to appear on Thurs
day morningy mutt fie handed in not later
than Tuesday evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
H. E. Cntacii.'-Prcaching Sabbath atbalf
pait ten o'clock, A. to., and half-past bix
o'clock, P.M. Sabbath School, 2 1'. II.
Phisbytxiimn CnimeH.--Services st 11 o'cl'k
nd 6 o'clock t. m. 6abbath School at 9
o'olock a. every Sabbath. . . "
Christian- CHccH.--Servica8at 11 o'clock a.
h., every frabbath. , - I
Particular Notice.
ing themselves to be indebted to
the firm'of W. E. & A. W. Bratton,
on note or bootlaccdunt, are hereby
notified to call and settle this week,
or their accounts, &c, will be left
in the hands of the proper , officer
ior collection.
Retiring partner of the
firm of E. & A. W. Bratton.
I. O. O. D. A. W. P's.
lliere will be a meeting of the
members of. the above Society,
every Thursday Evening, un
til further notice. Every
body is' invited to attend.
JSo others admitted.
By order of the
I. O. O. D. A. W. P's. T. E. S.
I. O. D. L. F's.
rpilERE wil be a meeting of the
above order being a branch
of the I. 0. O. D. A. W. P's-ev-ery
afternoon, until further notice,
on the prominent and well used
Store boxes on Main street.
No one invited. , ..
Evei'ybody else expected.
By order of the
C. C. D's.
Lost, Strayed or, Stolen.--
From this office, on the 3d inst.,
the -Editor of the Vinton Record,
lie is from three to six feet in height,
has a dark complexion , dark hair
and eyes, i9 of uncertain build, and
may easily be recognized by the
strength of his political convic
tions. ,,.( ;( . i
"No other brands or marks per
ceivable." , , .
Anyone returning him to tins
office, will doubtless be well paid
for his, or her, trouble.
. .
The "Devils" are running this
machine. We make this announce
ment for fear that a discriminating
public would not otherwise observe
any difference between this and
previous issues. The editor left
town on Tuesday. His horse came
back the next morning got hun
gry, we suppose. We can't think
of any other reason. It. was un
kind in the horse; ho oughtn't have
acted so.' If ho didn't refuse at the
start to go with an editor, he has
noone,.to blame, but himself, for
any.. treatment he may"' have re
ceived, lie can't plead ignoiance
as an excuse, for an editor is a
public character. Every one is
supposed, to know him.:. . If the
horse was made to travel twice as
quick as his usual gait if he had
to 6tand longer at one place; than
he was accustomed to -if his
meals were not regular if he be
came better acquainted with a
whip than ever before in his life
still, we say it is "no more than he
could reasonably have expected.
His coming home by himself we
consider an insult to the profession,
and more especially to this office.
We presume our editor 'is now
Jlorse-de-comlat. lie will now
have occasion): fbf all the ; "horse
sense"he possesses. This is our only
consolation! ? An exhibition of this
kind will be gratifying... It will be
something new-fUimsual strange
out of the'-'ordinarys course ol
events, and may make ,develope
merits heretofore never dreamed
of.i io;i ;.:.!' ji . j; ..! i. 'i
WE'fcan'giVe hd other reason for
the improved, appearance , of , this
.week's 'issue,;, ..wcepti 'that "the
"editor & not 'in !t6wli;' -'i li f . .-.
-'i ' '.,,',;'.-..fc t." '
Specimen jWhiskey, and samples
of all other Liquor's, will receive an
. additional puff, if sent in before the
i editor; returns.' i -m .. i r t
' 'A 'Puotoorapu" "Album " is "a
necessity to every lady's parlor.
It .assists :' conversation, relieves
embarassment inspires confi
dence promotes ease does away
with diffidence removes restraint
-chides awkwardness overcomes
reserve gives assurancefrees the
tongue enlivens the talk, and, in.
many other ways; too numerous to
mention, assists .tho hostess in the
sometimes difficult . task of.;, en,
tertaining all kinds of callers.
Every parlor should' have an 'Al
bumand every Album should be
filled. Blank places in an . Album
make awkward pauses. A lady
friend was recently showing1 us her
collection of, .pictures . and the
vacant spaces in one of her Albums
gave rise to some severe com
ment upon the conduct of those of
her many friends who would not
"countenance" her selection. This
incident led to' the' above .reflec
tions. We agreed with her in , all
she said. Nay, more, we even
offered her, as much of our "phiz"
as she wanted. She didn't "take."
It was all we could do at the time,
but we are determined to assist her.
We call upon every one to do as we
did.' Make an offer whenever you
see an Album that is' not filled.
By so doing, you will make grate
ful tho hearts of y.our fair friends,
and, in their , smiles, will reap an.
ample reward. : ' ' i .
, Quite an excitement was occa
sioned on Main street about 3 o'
clock, yesterday afternoon, by the
rapid exit made by a man from G.
W. J. Wooltz's Jewelry Store. Mr.
Wooltz offered him some induce
mentsin fact, gave him "boot" to
leave. The reason for this "falling
out" we did not learn.
Esquire Kaler, on the principle
that luxuries should be taxed,
charged Mr. Wooltz fi.vo dollars and
costs. : '
Some one, whose name we did
not lcarny wa s taken before Esquire
Kaler, yesterday afternoon, and
fined four dollars and costs, for dis
turbing the peace and quiet of our
village, by fast riding. The "au
thorities" deserve great credit fcr
their vigilance. Nothing "fast''
will be allowed under their admin
istration. They "hasten slowly,"
and are never found wanting.
, The county commissioners met
in the auditor'! office, in the court houto,
on Muiulov, and continued in session until
to day. We understand that there wai t
great deal of business befoie the board.
There were many claims and accounts to he
passed upon', and much other business to be
attended to. The commissioners were in
session early and late, and ihe people of
this county may rest assured that their in
terests are in faithful and efficient hands.
Cleaning Up. It isn't often that
WO have noticed an ImnrnvpmPiiU in nnr
streets. We do it now with pleasure,- The
Inrgo space around the court house has been
visited with a spade, and the grass, which
has literally grown up under Our feet, has
been cleared away. This might seem a
f mall thintf if there'were anv other imniove-
ments to compare it with,; as it is, we can
not be too gratelul for 4 mat 1 favors.
- . !
Wk are now prepared to do Job
work w ith neatnefsand dispatch. Give us
a call. i ; i
1 A list of letters remaining in the
P. 0., at Mcrlhur, Ohio, September 1st
Buxton Ellzi Mussey Elmor
Murray Waldo
Craig Phebe ' ' MitchelJ.Q.
i ' i ' JUillerMiss. M. M.
Dvyer David (5) Moore Harrison
Mes;er Rachael C
Ewing Catherine . , (.-( ,
, i . Payne John '
Goodrich Edward Peuquick Stephen
Gustin Cintha A,
Vance Henderson
HeuuVrson ames
Waggoner J. .
Ki.ox George or Tho, Wineman Lizzie
Lacey j. 3. '
J. N. McLAUGHLIN, P. M. Marriages.
HITT-PILCHEIl-On the 30th inst., by
Ret. G..W. Tilcher.Mr. Presley R. Hitt
and Miss Ma Hi Pilcher, both of thi
eonntv. :" ' -'
This thing of hitting Pilcher, un
der ordinary circumstances, we
would not think fair ; but. now we
think it makes aair JTitt. If it
don't now, it will in time I. .Though
Presley E. Ait Miss. Mary; Ve, ex
pect' he had; 'her' consent He
mustn't hit her too much though.
Hittf lik purses, will come' home
to roost! ' 1
inst, by Esq;. Case, at hia loffice in. Mc
Arthur. Mr. Henrv DiMlrxnn nA Hfiu
... u , una iniumy .,
Advertise in the KECOBD. j , -
Administrators' Sale of Itcal Ins
'The State of .Ohio; yintoh co
- I robate Lourt: .
f!ornAl!f1A ITarna and .Tnnita R TTt.tAnt1 AAmr
of C. V. Kaios, dee'd, ts. Eliiuboth Karns,
oi viosr or oaio.
IN pnrsnanct of an order of m1, mada in
tha sbovo eiH by tbt Frobata Court for laid
county of Vintoa, I will effo- for wis, at pub
lio auction, upon tha premium, situated in
8wm township, Viritdn cuunty, Ohio, . - ,
Oil Monday, October 8, 18G0,;
at t o'clock p. m , of id day, tha following
dopdribod real estate, to wit:
Tha taat blf of tha nouth-eaet quarter of
secnon uuraoor wani) -iwu, (TJ,) in tdWD'hi
numoer iweiTO, ( la or range teventom, ( 17
8uid real estate aDDruinol at elcron lniadn
dollars, and must noil for two-thirds of tbut
aum. t .
Terms of sale! one-third earth In linnd, one
third in tlx months and ooo-th nl in twoWe
months from day of aalo , deferred paymonts to
be secured by mortgage upon the promise.
0. KARNS nnd
Admra. of C. V. Karns, doo'd.
E. A. Bratton, att'y for admra. acpS
lli era iotorested, are hereb; uollfled thai tlio
transcript and copies of the rol edule of dehta
owing by, and all property , righta and credits
owned by, Fredoriok Teuuhor, and all otlior
copies required by law to bo returned to the
court of cemmon plcaa, In the matter of the
said Trederick Teucher'a application for the
benefits of the act for tbo relief of Insolvent
debtor, will be by me returned to the clerk of
the court of common pluaa fur Vinton county,
On Saturday, Sept. 22, 18GG,
and the save will be for bearing at tha Scptom
b er term of said court, a. d. I816.
' Maater Oomr. V. Co. 0. P. & Aotlr.g
atjpB Conir. of Inaolventa, V Co. ;
' Administrator's Sale.
The State 0 Ohio, Vinton County, Probate
Goorge Holdron, admr, of the ostate of Ia:indcr
M .Jones, deo'd, vs. J. II. Jones, guardian ot
the legal knd minor heir of aaid estiito. Or
der of Bile.
IN pursuance of an ordor of sale, m ad 1 in tho
aooTa case, by he Probate Court tor raid
coun'.y of Vinton, I will offer for aalo, at publio
auction, upon the promises heroinuflor describ
ed, On Saturday, October 13, 1866,
at two o'clock p. m., of anid doy, the following
realestato: Being all of the wost half of the
fcuth-wer quartor of section number (hirty
fivo, (85,) township number ten, (10,) runga
number fifteen, (lS.)oxcept lands before dooil
ed to Samuol Di.f'nely by Jumos MoWhnrtcrj
supposed to bo slxy-flva acres, bo tha rame
moro or loss. Appraised at six liundred and
fifty dollars, end muatseK for two thirds of
runt sum. Terms of sale: One-third cash In
hand, one-third la one year, and the remaining
one-third in (wo years from the day of euie, de
ferred pnymonts to bear interest from the day
of sale, and to be secured by mortgage on said
promises. . GEO. HOLDKEN,
sopgwl Admr. of Leander M. Jones, dec'J.
Vinton County, Probate Court;
NOTICE. Btiphen Darky, administrator of
the estate of Britain Darby, deo'd, has
filed his accounts and vouchors in the Probate
Inspection and partial aettlemont, and that the
same will b'e for hearing in eakt conrt on S'at
urdsy, tha 20th day of lent., a. d. 1866.
... Aiiuanu viiAiu,
Pnp.-w3. ProhateJnrtgo.
Marriage nnd Celibacy.
TlONl'OR YOUNG MEN. Also, Diseases
and Abuses which prematurely Prostrate tho
Vital Powers, with sure moans cf relief. Sent
Free of Charge, In sealod letter onvolnpos. Ad
dress Dr. J.SK1LL1N HOUGHTON, Howard
Association, 1 (iiiailclohhi, fa. aguyl
QflA A MONTH! Agents wanted for six on
Viu irely now artiolos, just out. Address
O.-T; Gabet, City, ItuilJini, Biddofwd, Ma;'
jnneTiswly ; : j 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' .: '
r r
01 .Kfin rEK YEAK1 We want agents v
"JlatJuU ery where to soli our Improved 2
Sewing Maohines. Three new kinds. Unde
and uppor feed. Bent cn trial. Warranted
five years. Above lalary or large commissions
paid. Tlio onlt machines sold in tho United
Sirtes for less than 40 dollars, which are fully
lioensod by Howe, Whcale.- & WiUon, Grover
fc Baker. Birger & Co., and Bncholdor. All
other cheap niacin nos are lufriugemonta aDd
the roller or user aro liable to arrest, flno and
imprisonment: Illustratod circulars aentfrco.
Call upon or adliess, Shaw 6i Clark, at Bidde
ford, Maine, or Chicago, 111. jtine7 levly
Errors of Vuiiili.
A Gentleman who suffered for yoars from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
thoeffocts of youthful indiscretion, vill, for
sake of suffering humanity, rend free to ail who
need it, the receipt and directions for making
the simple remedy by which ho was curod.
fiifforors wishing to profit b the advortisor'a
exporiauce, can do so by address ng-
jolMv. No, 18 Cbamters Bt., N. T.
Klrtiniri hut -S'run
Every young lady and gentleman in tho
TTnlffld Rtnt nun nlnniln ir
t? their advantage by roturn mail, froe of
vjargo, uj Buur'Bsing no unacrsigneu. i nose
having any fea.-a of being bumbugied will
oblige by not noticing this card. All othors
will please address their obedient sorvant,
Jell-ly. . 831 Broadway, N. T.
Published aa a benefit and as a caution to
touno hen and others, who suffer from nervous
debility, premature decay of Manhood, &c.,
supplying at tho same time The hkafs or eiLr
ocki. By one who has onred himself after un
dergoing conaiderable quackery. By enclosing
a post-paid addressed envoiope, single copies
free of charge, may be bad of the author.
Aings co., new lore. febl-ly
The Camp, The Battle Field, arid
- - the Hospital, .;
Heroic. Patriotic, RomaMii, and-Ttdokal.
Splendidly Illustrated with over 100
, flno Portraits and beantl' "
. .- ..tul Engraving, i om!
rBIS work ior gonial, humor, tsndor pathos,
startling interest, and attract! v -beauty,
stands peerless and alone among all Its compe
titors. The valiant and brave hearted, the
tneturesana and drumnrtn. tha wlt art l
jelous, the tender and pathetic Tho roll of
iauw uu story, camp, picsei, spy, scour, Di
vouao, and aeige; stoitling surprises; wonder
ful escansa. rsmnn VA..I. an1 4,1. C
man, and the whole panorama, of the war aro
ku. .1 111! I . . .
wiriiuoKiy porirayea in a masieriy man
ner, at ones historical and romantio, rondering
itthe most amnio. hrllllnt n1 n.,l.Kin ki.
. I , ..... I,. H.. U . WUHUI,
that the war haaoalled forth.
.Amusement aa well aa Instruction msyl be
found in every page, aa graphio detail, brilliant
wl and anthentio history are akillfully inter
woven in this work of literary art.
T hia work sells Itself. The people are tired of
dry details and partisan works, and want some
thin ir humorous and romintle. W K.va .mm.
cloanng over two hundred dollars per
montn. Bned for circulars, and aee onr terms
and proof f the above assertion. Address.
,, 8. F. JUNKIN A CO.,
; ag30w6 , l.T8.Baca Street, Cincinnstl.Q.
- To ConsnrnprtTcs.
. The advertlsrJiaTiag been restored to health
In a few weeka by a very simple remedy, after
having suffered or aeveral years with a severe
lung affection, add that dread disease,' Con
sumption la scttou tomako known to his
follow-sufferera the means of cure.
. To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
the proscription dbed, free of chargo, with the
directions fir preparing and using tho tamo,
which they will find a sure eirre for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat and Lung Affections. The only ob
ject of the advertiser in send ng tho I'reserip-t
tion is to benefit the afllicted and spread infor
mation which ho conceives to be invaluable,
and he hopes every sufferer will try hia remedy,
as it will cost tlioui uuthiog snd may prove a
l'artios wishing- the Prescription, max, by
return mail, will please address,
William iburgh, Kinga Co., N.Y.
January 11, IS66-1.. .., ,
Db.Stkicklanu's Tonic is a concen'iatcd pre
paration q Kootaaiid Herbs, with antian
id'nnl' cafrminttivos to strcngthoti' tho stomach
on norveus system. Itis'a certain remedv for
Dyrpepsia or Irdlgoation, Nervousness, Lots
ot Appetite, Aoidity of the Stomach, Flatuleacy
and Debility. t ia pot alcoholic, thcrcriro par
ticularly auitod to Woak. Norvpua and Dye
piptio persona. For aals by all Druggists every
where at one dollar per bottle.
An Invention of Rare Merit!
Burns up all ea and anioka,
novo breaks by puttingon a
ahade j ahort, nnd nof ton
heavy l ia easily cleaned by
removing topLi ia fact, tho
' """" KUUWQ
ana is fast aupeneoUtng all
others whoro it hoaijgou in
troduced. No dealer oan affbra to be
without thorn.
13 Warren St., K. Y,
K I IV G ' S
G HAY-HEADED peoplo have thoir locks re
stored by it to the dnrk, lustrous, silken
trosaes of youth, and are happy 1
Young peoplo, with light, faded or red hair,
have these tin fa hionublo colors changod to a
boantiful anburn, and rejoice I 1
People whose heads aro ooverod with dand
rnff and humors, nse is. and havo cleun coats
and clear and healthy soalps t
iiaia-neaded jetorans have their lamaining
locks tightened, and tho bare spo's covered
with a luxuriunt irrowtb ef hair, and danca tor
joy I
Xonflg gontlomon nse it because it Is richly
perfumed 1
Youne ladies uso it because it keons thnti
Lair in placet . ..
Every oody must and will use it, beoause it ia
the clo nest and beat article in the market I
For Sale by Drnggists Generally.
. From Ilor. Warren Chaso, tha Lccturor.
My hair and whiskers have been many ycara
gray. "King's Vegetable Ambroaia" hoe re
stored both lo their original color, black, and
ooverad the baldnesa oa the top of my head
with a fine growth of black Lair. I have sev
eral frionda who have usod It with the same
results, and I cordially recommend it aa one of
the fow medicines that will do what its lsbols
and tiro liars claim for it.
October, 1865. WaHren Chas.
M Tubbs & Co., Tropriotors, retorboro'
rew Hampshire. A B Morrium & Co., Whole
sale Agonw, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J S Strong,
Agent, MoArtlmr, Ohio. maySI-ly
E. & II. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
Manufacturers of Photographic
6t)l BKO AD WAY, N. Y.
In addition to our main business of rnOTO
GRAP1I1U MATEKULS, we are Headquartors
for the following, viz :
Stereoscopes c6 'Stereoscopic : Views
0 f Americnn and Foreign Citioa and Land
scapes, Groups, Statuary, oto. -' '' - '
Stereoscopic Views of the War,
From negatives made in tlio various campaigns
and forming a comploto I'hotographio history
of tho groi.t contos
Stereoscopic Views on Glass,
Adapted for either tho Ihgic Lantern or tho
Stcroscopo. Our Catalogue will bo sont to any
address cn reeoipt of .Stamp.
Photographic Albums.
We manufacture more largely than any other
house, about 200 varieties from 59 cents to (50
each. Our ALBUMS haethe reputation of be
ing superior in beauty and durability to any
Card Photographs of Generals,
Statesmen, Actors, et etc.
Our Catalogue embraces ovor FI VK THOUS
AND different subjects. including reproductions
of the most eclobrated Engravings, Paintings,
Sta'nes, oto. Catalogues sent on rccoipt cf
&amp. ' , -.
1'hotographors and others ordering goods C.
O.D., will please remit 25 per oent of the
amount with their ordor.
I5T"Tho pricta and quality of our good scan
not fail to satisfy . Juno21,'G6-ly.
Sale of Real Estate by Or
dcr of Probate Court.
State of ' Ohio Belmont County: '
i. H. Collins admr of Joieph L. 1
Uammontree dee'd. pltff'a! In Probate
va Conrt .
Eliza both Ha nmontroo ct al d'a J .
BY virtue of an order of eafo to mo directed
in the above case , from tho Probate Conrt
of Belmont County, Ohio, I will offer for sale at
the front door of the court-houso, in McArthur
Vinton county Ohio, on, j T
Wednesday, September 26th, 1866;
between the hours o f 10 o'clock a m and 4 o'
clock p m tho following real estato situate in
Vinton county, Ohio, to-wit : Tho south half of
the southeast quarter of section number eloven
township number nine and range number eigh
teen containing eighty acres.
Tsbus o Sals : One , third down'on day of
sale; one third in oni.nnd one tnlrd in two
j ears with interest on deferred payments.
Appraiaed at tlCOO. J. H.COLLIN8, '
.' Aug 28, 4 w .' admr of J. L. Eammontroe. '
Thdmas Cox's Estate.
NOTICE ia hereby given that the undersigned
has been dnlv appointed and qualified aa
Administrator of the estate of Thomas Cox,
late of Vintort county, Ohio, deceased.
Aug. S3, i886.-w8 LEWIS A. ATWOOD.
LNKS of every tlrtriptto . for talc
at mit oince.
3 ? g es
f l l I .E
W 3 ,r
t . J. I?II,M A1-iUl KM'
HAS just rcttiriod from Columbia with ad
dilioual faeillllcs for '
' 11 . . ' ,1 I , :
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes,
., , holographs,' or ...
and making thorn as TEKFECT fts pictures
taken FttOM LIFE.
If you Wftut any kind of a pieturo, from
.Miniature to Lirs Size, go to Uillinglmrst's
Photograph and Kino An (fiillcry in McArthur.
Photpgruplis colored in Oa, watkr Coloiis,
India Ink, and finished in' tho highest stylo
of art.
Piotures taken in nil kinds of wcathnr.
His present stnc of Albums will ho sold n
cost, t'botograplis of Lincoln, Orant, Shorman
and ethers; ulsu, Lockets, lino Cold Pens mi l
Finger Kings for sale.
Pictures of nil sizes frnl.icl to order.
McArthur, Ohio, August 10, lSHil.tf
Claim Aijrcnts.
k ; : 4 t !
A. Mayo and D. B. Stivcl, will
PENSIONS and all claims against
tha Government.
OFFICES At tho Prosecuting
Attorney's) OHico in the Court
House, McArthur, O. njratltf
Sherilf'8 Sale.
Simon Htttoliir, riuintiff, "I In Court of Com.
' vs ... .. ; ! Plena.
William Doles nnd James I On Voidi Order of
Doles, Defendants. J Sale
PURSUANT to tho command "fan ordor of
soloir. '.he above enttso tonio directed from
the Conrt of Common Picas of the aforesaid
county of Vinton un:l Stato of Ohio, I will offer
at publio sulo at tlio door of tlio eomt-hou.-o
in tho town of McArthur iu aforesaid county
ol Vinton, on
Monday, October tst, A. D. 18CG,
at tha hour of one o'clock p m of said dny,
tho following lands and tenements, to wit:
The southeast quarter ot the southwest quar
ter and the sonthwont quarter of tbo southeast
quarter and the west half of the northwest
quartor of section number thirty-six 1 3(3 1 of
towntblp number nine 9 of range niimbor
nineteon 19J containing one hundred and sixty
fl60j acres moro or less. Also, the following
roal estate lex led upon by Francis Shades sher
iff of said county by virtue of a writ of execu
tion iasued in said cause dated on the 20ih duy J
nt SnKt.U. 1 act, . rni,. . , r
I I. U
lllITI! Mil!
v. wuiiiuuiuor icii., wwn,. x iiu Tuubiiuasi quar
ter of the sonthtast quarter of section number
thirty-six 36 township number nir.o tanve
number nineteen 10J containing forty two 12
crca r.:oro or less. , -,
Taken as the property of V'illlsm Doles and
James Doles to satisfy a judgmout vf uioicsuit'
Court, In favor of Simon Katcliff.
Appraised oa follows to-wit: Tho first do
scribed 180 seres more or less appraised at two
thousand dollars, 12,000, and tlio second de
scribed 41 acres more or loss app'aisod ut eight
hundred dollars, (sSOOJ and inu.it bring two
thirds of. that sum. ;
Terms o? sale Cash in hand. .'
II. S. Bundy, . Sheriff V.C. 0.
Att'y for plt'ff. - Aug. 80,w5.
FROM and alter Sunday tho 1 th day of J it" e
13iiG, Trains will lcavo Statiors named as
follows :
coixa EAST.
Station. Miil. Xiyht Ex.
Cincinnati; ' ( 8 25 a in 12 J5 a m
Chillicotho, 1 17 p m 5 10 a ni
Hauidon, ,' ' . 2 30 p ut a 28 a m
McArthur, 2 52 p m 0 41 a m
Zale.sk U' a 13 pin 7 Ol a n.
ALarriutta, 0 45 pro. . 10 48 a in
'!-. GOINO V-E8T,
Statiimsi Mail. ' Right Ex.
Marrietta, 6 40 am 7 OS p in
Znleskl, 10 10 a m 11 OC p in
McArthur, - 10 83 a' m ' '11 31 n m
Hamdon,' 10 45 a m IP 42 p"m
Chillicotho, 12 23 pm , 120am
Cincinnati, ' 5 00 p m ' 5 53 a ui
Stole' of 'Oh io; ffntoh Co. 1 ' "
In CVi-f Common l'ltat.
Ciurissa Dowd laintitfj 1
. vs. . . V Ordi rof SaUNoI
ErvinE.Dod dct-ndabt.)
IN piirfdiiiieoof.tlroomiOi'inl'if an ordjr of
sale in the aboira , ciu-o to mo 'directed
from the Court of Common Ploys ,.t the afore
said county of Viuton and S:to;f Ohio, I will
ff.ir Btpuld'a ra'o, attr.o ilaor of tne ' eourt
honso in tho town of ileArtliurj n uforesuil
county of Vir.top, on
Ta&'day; September 2, 1SC0;
a" fhn hour of ouo o'eluck p.' m.'of sai l d y,
tho li.lki' ijiif dcscriliil prncisuii to wit: lio
cintiiug for ho suine uIuvdu cji'iiiix aad twontv
lirks wcst ol (ie nnr'h-eait tlr.a'i' of section
nnmbcr thirty two; (S2) In t'rtwusliip number
tvnvlc) of muco miiuber biKtoin: ( '.6) Ohio
l'nmpBiiy'K''Urcl:ap;. tlienoo" smiili f;rty ont
eh tiius and Sxcnty H vi lii.k.l 1 liencxi west thir.
. w ,,.,,.( .....v. ..,,, .I1VIIVW UUI.ll,
1'i.rty-orio chains an I twenty- fiv6 links; thonco
ca.l tliirty-i ochulnaaiil seventy links to the
,.i.i..n ...I.;..:... i
tV tlVIl l, .1 ! lid II ...1 t.ll.,.IV 1 1 - l- tli..,.n n.,r'tt
iiit'l thirty-tlvu ( ',:) ncres nion or lrss.
Tiil-eii us the prop-in rl Krvn E.1 l)owd to
s:vtify an ordor and .divriw of aforasuid Oourt,
in fiivi r ol t'ljri.! Dowd. ',
Appraised J fnown to wit: ' Tnty-six
Imnciriul dolliirs and niust bring to-tlilriUof
that Mini. . r
Tonus of sulo, cuh i" land.' ' ' ' ''
, . JOHN .1. SlIOrKKV.
cuorm v . ;..(. ,
Br.ittmi A Mayo nttysfoi plff. ang'JwSpfH
PRnni AM&TinrJ!!
Vinton f'umity, ()., rg. !), l?fiil.
T the Qtutlijietl Kltrirs of Viutmi County:
lon.uru ueruny nniuea lo men at tlio Usual
places of huMing elections, in the several town
fhips In siillcc nnty, for tbo Stftto, District snd
County Orticers, iu accordance with (ho stuluto
iu sueli caso n ude and provided, puaccd April
i3. 1603. on .. . ....
Tuesdity, October ! ), . 1S60,
and proceed! tj qloot tho fallowing1 lilu-crs, to
wit: .
Onb Secretary of tttnti- ' ,
One Supremo Judge; : .,
Ono Muuhor Hoard oJ PuUio Works;
Ouo Keprcscnti-.iivcin Congress, tVr the Elev
enth Congressional District, coniposod of li :
eonntios of Adiiiu, Scioto, Laivrciico, Oal a,'
Jackson ami Vinton; -
Ono Juil.io of tho Cf n rt of Common Pioa,
for tho t'eooiid (sub Divisinn of tlio ISovcntli
Judicial Dittiict, competed of tl.o coiuities of
Scioto, Lawiuneo, Pik.i. Jurksoa und Vinton;
- One Auditor for Vinton County;
Ono Treasurer for Vinton County;
One Clorl: Coiuikoh Pkua Cot-rt tor Vinton
. Ono l rubAto Jn.Jjru for Vinson Coanty;
One Sheriff fur Vmt.m County;
One Coroner fur Vinton Connty; and
Ona Coniinis-i inerl'iir Vinton Ooiirity.
Apportionn.cnt cf (irund and Petit Jurors lo
each township for the yunr 1Sij7:
Ci.hik's Okfick v'ixion County. O.
To tha bhei'ij)' of tdid tnunty:
In nccordnnco with thu law making it tho du
ly of tho floiks of the Courts of Common
I'loas of tlio suvcriil cnuntiea in this State to
nroscnt to tlioir respec'ivo Shoriffs, cn the first
Monday of Scptomborof each year, a statement
of the number of Jurors lo bo. solucted by the
Trustees of tho several Townships for each
year. I hereby certify that tho amounts placed
opposito each township, is the 'number for tlw
year coiiinienciiiir in iswi lor said county:
Kaglo 5 1 Wilkesvillc 10
Harrison. .5 Madison. . ... fi
Swan 10
Knox 11
Richland 14
Elk 20
Viutou. ... 7 I Jackson in
Brown 8 I Clinton in
Witness in, hand and Soul nf nfflco Vi,'i Ofi.
day of Aiignst Ai D. 1866.
Given undor my hand at my oftlco, McArthur,
Vinton county, Ohio, ibis Oth iay of August,
180J. , J, J.SUUCKEY, Sheriff V.C. 0.
, iingOwS - '
Legal Notice.
rriIOMAS MANN and Elizabeth Burgess, of
, in tho State of Now York, Sarah
Wadoman. Temncranca llnnvnr. (thnrintt..
Jackson, tho heirs nt law of Mercy Hoover
mimes unxnown oi tno stato or l'cnnsjivnnia,
Sona Hoovor, of tho county of Perry, in the
Stale of Ohio, th J hoira at law of Ablah and
Abram Decker, of tho county of Doloraro and
State of Ohio, and Jeremiah Mann of tha Stato
of ludiana.will eaUe notice that Margret Mann
of the county of Vinton nnd Stato of Ohio, did
ontheKlUi day of Angmt, ad 130t), llln her
petition in tho Court of Common Pleas within
nnd for tho o-Minty of Vinton, in tnid State ol
Ohio, against tho said Thomas Mann, Hizuhctli
Uurgoss, Sarah Wadoman, fomperaneo Hoo
ver, Charlotte Jaokson, tho heirs at liw of
Niiney I'oover, namos unknown. Sana Hoover
tho heir at law of ANuh and Abram Decker,
and Jeremiah Mann, tho hoir at law of tho sai l
Cyrus Mann, dolcnJunts, setting forth that ono
Cyrus iMuiin, died seized of tlio following de
scribed reul cstuto, to-,vit: Abiut eighty Mj
aces moro or less Iiii and being In tho said
county of Vinton uiul State of Ohio, and de
scribed us being tha soiithea.-t 'rjniirtor of tho
northwost quarter and tho nortlier.rl quarter of
tho poiithivcs' quiirier of section numhor
twenfy-ono, of town number 10 ten of rnngu
nnmbcr 171 seventeen, that ono William Cat
lin administrator of tlio estato of tho said Cy
riH Mann, p.irsunnco to an order of auid C'ourt
sold said lands to pny debt against Said estate,
and executed a deed tharefor to Dat.iel Vau
tyle, tho purclinr, which said deed was do
Icctho.tbut sni.l Dimiol Wntjlc afterwards
died, and Hint sni'! lands descended to Kiiol.cl
Slnill nnd KlizulKjth Kelly snd that slid 'said Ks
ehcl Shnll and Klizbeth Kelly convcyoil said
hrti is to tha said M:nearet Mann, bv deed of
quit claim snd pruying that Ihp said dufrn-
(ima no nruerei! ex ii uto n eood una sufli
i-icnt donl or deeds to tho said Margaret Mu
for said Isitids nnd in default tin-ran' tlml i
ordtr of the aaid Court in tho premises operato
no anvii uceu ui uee.is,
by D H Shivol, lior att'y.
Aug. 11, HJitwfl
1JICIIAKI) COALTEU whoso iduoo of nA -1
1 dsnro is iiuknown is hereby notified that
l'iicbo Coal'.cr did', on the Hth day of August,
aO lsrii,filo hor pclltion in tho ollico oftho
Clerk of the Court of Common I'loas witniu
and for the county of Vinton, and; Stato of
Ohio, charging that Ileitis hocn wilfully abfont
from her for moro thar.Jlhrco years last past,
&c., and sskl ig'thut sho mny bo divorced frohi
thosuiil Kii lmrd t'oaltcr and that the custody 01
their uliild, Almary, decreed to hor,. and alio ho
restored to her former iiamc, Phcbo Dailcyk
which petition ill stand for hearing et . tho
licx', term of said Court.
5y Joseph J. McDowell her att'y.
Aupnotll, USO. . auglflws
WILLIAM A, STEED, w how. plr.ca of rcsi
doneo is unknown, is herubv boticd that
Eiizaboth K. Steel, did on the 2ist day of An
gnrtad ISo'iJ, fllo hcrro'itior in tkeotlico Of the
v-'lcrk of tin 6uirt of Commj-i Picas,, within
anJ fur tho county of Vinton and Stato of Ohio,
charging the said William A. Steel, with adnl-
,lory with one Lnanna Livingstono, and asking
ivit.auu iuajr uo uivorcca irom ino saH William
A. Steel, snd that tho eustodifH!' tbnir eliil.lron
may bb dcorecd to her and fpi-i other roliof,
wu:cn petition will ba for hearing at the next
term of aaid Conrt.' ' . -
Aufl. 81. 'flti wG by J.I.MeDowel) h9r atty.
' 'i . County. Examinations 'Hi-
TUB Board of Sobool Examiners ot Tieton
' Connty will hold but one meeting in each oi
the summar months, vis: upon the Srst Satur
day in Juno. July and August. Mootiogs at
Uaion School House, McArthur. , ' .
jnnc7m'5 J. JMcDOWELL, Cterk.

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