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, PfllQlal Organ of Vlntou County.
IS" Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day miming, must It handed in not later
than Tuesday evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
j'U. 1?. CuiBCH.-ricadirfr Ftl.bmJi t ball
j t ten o'clock, A. M., and half-rast ix
o'clock, P. M. Filbath r?clieol, 2 P. V.
1'ltEtBTTKRlAN ClirRCII. -KcrViePB lit 11 o'cl'k
A. at., and ( o'clock p. u. Sabbath School at 9
'clock iM., every Sabbath. -
Christian Ciitcn.--Arviceat 11 oYlock a.
., verv tXahhstb. . .
Put n
Will & Bro's. We have now on
hand double the amount of goods
that we have ever purchased before
Bince ,J1860, which have been
bought, for casli in New York and
Philadelphia, and which we offer
to our customers at the lowest
cash figures. We mean what we
say, and are determined to sell
juu uttigatiiot van .aiiu cauuuiiu
our calicoes, ginghoms, delainf,
clothing:, hats, boots and shoes, and
see for yourselves. '
Sept. 13, 1866.
' I'rof. JAMES, the Funny Show
man, Comic Genius, Ventriloquist
and Magician is coming with his
grana varieties, including runch
and Judy, accompanied with Vocal
and Instrumental Music.
This Exhibition, which has excit
ed the warmest approbation of the
most intelligent audiences,
. . nv
Thursday Evening, Sept. 13, 18G6,
Doors open nt early caiulk'llglit. Peifor-
miimn llnlt Alt KrMiM ..trM
Children under 12 years,
Broke Jail. M alky Thompson,
charged with assisting to blow op
en the county safe in February
last, broke out ot jail on Friday
night, 7th inst., at about half past 7
o'clock, by means of a false key,
escaping by the roof of the kitch
en, attached to the Sheriff's dwel-
i: i : : ii- - i
jiug miu jumping to me gruunu.
More Thieves. Some weeks
ago, Mr. John Kobson, near Vinton
Station, put several fleeces of wool
in the barn. A certain person,
well known, took four fleeces and a
sack, leaving in the barn a linen
sliirt collar, marked II. K. No. 4.
We are requested to inform H. R.
that if he returns the wool and
sack, he caa have his collar, and
no questions asked. If this is not
done, the gentleman will be exposed.
Religious Services.
' 5 Elder A. Turner, of Kentucky
will commence a protracted meet
ing at the Christian Church, in
wviiiuiui, vu uotuiaojr CVCUIIlg,
Kanlsmkniiln1l!f1Ca C :
.commencing Saturday and Sunday
evenings at half pat seven o'clock
1. M. Sunday morning at . half
past ten o'clock A. M.
New and Something
A mean,, low-lived, sneaking
' abolitionist down at McArthur
Station had the cool impudence to
pevform a new feat of the old
tricks, performed by the abolition
negro lovers of that place, by tear
ing ' down the posters for the
DpninnraHii macs moatinn f Ilnm
den, on the 21st inst.
Such a character as this, is too
unworthy to be recognized a9 a
citizen,' but ought to be held as a
public outlaw, and housed with the
burglars, ' in the jail of the coun
ty, until his associates could steal
him out. ...'.
If ' you d.6n't like tlie poster,
don't look at it Let it nl
look at that which does please you,
a ucgru iur insiancec.
i a . I f " - 1 . 1
Choleba. As the question It settled be-
youu aupuie, mat we are to be visited by
that most to be" feared epidemic ' cholera, it
hphnvpn n all tn ..rn .rn.. ...,,.... r .2.. 1.
ourpower to siky Its progress, and tftfy can
v " 'u" cerinm preventative man kq.
books Scandinavian nmolip inn iL
bowels open with the Pills, and inTigorate
the Bjstem by the free use of Roback's
Stomach Bitters, V, if the blood Is thin use
the Purifier. No family should be found
without these remedies. '. Keep the system
in Ail I aini .nJ MAldt.M lA L- r i
from disease or cholera.-, ' . .
That mob of the President of the
United States at "Indianapolis, was
considerable ; of an affair, in (its
way; but it was nothing, compaied
to the great rush of our people to
Dan. Will & Bros.' Original Cheap
Cash Store, since receiving their
stock of new goods for fall trade of
I860," direct from New York and
Thiladeldhia. They have the larg
est stock brought to McArthur in
the past six years. Call and see.
Prisoner Escaped. On Thurs
day night last, a man entered sev
eral dwellings in town, and helped
himself to divers pies and other
eatables, and stole a shawl from
Mr. Redd'8 house. The last place
he entered before leaving town was
Hulburt's Hotel. Ho took Mr.
Hulburt's overcoat from under his
head whilst asleep, and put it on.
He . then commenced examining
Mr. Hulburt's pockets, which
awakened him, when he very cooly
bid Mr. II. good evening; whereup
on Mr. II. "made for him," as he
took a leap out of the window,
getting a good tall on the pave
ment, succeeding, however, in ma
king his escape. On Saturday
evening, in the western part of the
county, Marshal Barnes, Jacob
Cook, and B. F. Redd, caught the
same man while on the hunt of Ma
ley Thompson. Barnes and Redd
started home with him. Just be
yond llatliffsburg, Mr. Redd left
Marshal Barnes and the prisoner,
and went to the residence of a Mr.
Clark to obtain a horse for the pris
oner to ride. When he returned
to where he left Barnes and the
prisoner, he found Barnes disarm
ed, badly beaten, severely injured
and senseless, the prisoner having
attacked him and taking his pistol,
made his escape. These are the
facts, as near as . we can gather
This same man is said to have
escaped from Athens jail.
CftucAoo Musical Review The Sep.
timber number of this new monthly, being
No. 1, Vol. 1 , id before us. This initial
number shows it to be a work of merit and
destrves to be liberally patronized by th"
lovers of music throughout ilio West. One
piece of music In this number, is worth a
half ear's fubecription. It is entitled
Prayer in Affliction. A Metrical Char.t.
Armnged and tan be sung with Que effect
by four voices or as a Chorus. The Editor
promises to present monthly a concise and
interesting summary of musical news, both
at home and abroad. Each number will
also contbin three or four peices of new
and original music
Terms 75 cents per annum in advance.
Six copies for 83,71. Eleven copies and
81 worth of new music for $7 50. Twenty
cue copies and &4 worth of-new music for
$15 00. Address, H. M. Higgins, 177
Randolph street Clilongn.
Dyspepsia. Da not suffer with dyspep
sia when relief is so close at hand. Twen
ty thnusand people hive been cured of this
terrible disease in the last year by the use of
Roback's Stomach Bittern.
Model Patriots.
The Radical Congress voted its
members each 4,000 extra pay,
and took good care to see that they
get it.
The Radical Congress voted the
soldiers from $50 to $100 each,
extra bounty, but took no care to
see that they got it..
The Radical Congress voted the
black soldiers each 300, extra
bounty,, and took good care that
they got it.
The Radical Congress voted the
white soldiers each only from $50
to , 100, extra bounty, although
they were in service longer than
the blacks, and calls it equalizing
the bounties. Even then, the Con
gress managed so that the white
soldier can not get the little bounty
voted him.
Model, patriots, these Radical
The Vermont State elections
came off on the 4th inst. The Abo
lition ticket was elected, of course.
It was not expected that the De
mocracy would carry that State,
for the reason that its people can
not hear to anything but the "im
mortal nigger." :
er, of Kentucky, Mr. Jonathan Clark,
of Missouri, and Miss Fhineta Robdins,
of this county;
The printers of the Record office Join in
wishing the happy couple a long and pros
perous life; May their journey through
lift grow brighter and brighter until the
close of their earthly voyage, when, safely
anchored beyond this"uvfje of tears," they
shall enter upon a "new life" with the Sun
of Eternal Happiness to gild and gladden
their way. ! . ; dan.
SPRAGUE GILL September 11th, at
the M. E. Church, by the Rev. H. H. Ferris,
Mr. Van Rensalaer Spragueand Mls3
Uattie H. GUI; all of McArQmr. . :
Legal Notice.
Tfo Stati r Ohio Vinton Cdi .1
.... , ..'. . . 1" TuoBATk ocr.
Petition to complete real contract.
AKY PAGE, Lewis Pig, Thomas Leach,
Khoda Mullen. Joseph B. Million. Lewis'
nijjMco, iioutsa v jJuoKner, JUi'jert isuoaner,
Sarsh A. Byrd and &ber; A., BjrJ all ol
Wood cooniy, euta of W't Virginia, George
A. Leaoh, JimeiH. Leach, ItarUn.n A. Ogier,
and Nicliolui t. Ogier. all of Vinton county,
Ohio, and John Ii. Loach, of Jasper county,
8ute of Iowa, heirs at law and UgRl reprpaen
laflvta of. WUTte leach deeoaiwd, will uko no
tioe, that on the 7 h day of September, 863.
Kobert Bncknor administrator of the estate of
Willis Leach deceased, filed in the Probate
Court within and for the a aid count ef in
ton, a petition, against (hem aa defendant! and
alleging, that on the VJh duy of Match, 1S65,
tboaaid Willie Liaeb, then iu full lite, entered
Into a contract in wri'ing with said Kobert A.
Byrd, for the tale of the following djoribed
real estate situate in paid Vinton eouuy, to
wit: Theoant half of the northwe quarter vf
section nnnibur nineteen (19) in township num
ber ten (10) of range number eevontoen ( 17),
also abont twelve acros out of the southwest
corner of the west balf of the northeast quartor
of uforoxttid hoc lion niuetoeu (19) township '
nu nber ton (!0) of range number soventuen
(17), laying and being all the luna.ln said half
quarter, on the west side of the road leading
Item H linden to Allensville. Iu consideration
of which. aid Bohcrt A. Byrd agreed to pay to
said Willis Leach the inn of four thousand
dollars, that two thousand dollars of laid con
sideration was paid U hand, sod thalthare re
mains due and unpaid on rmid contract two
thousand dollars with Interest on said sum
from the 5th day of March 1 866, that tho
aid balance ao due was to bo paid in elk
months from the aaid 25th day of March 1863,
that upon the payment ef the consideration
for aaid reaUy bei g made in full, the paid Wil-,
1W Leaoh agreed to convey to said Hubert A.
B rd or bis assigns by a good goneral war runty
deed, the said real estate, that said Robert A.
Byrd paid the (wo theuaand dollnn down to
said Willi Leaoh i u his lifetime, that said
Egbert A. Byrd is roady and willing to pay the
oalaoca of purchase money on raid vontraut, so
booh as a valid deed caa he mude to Hm for
taid premises, and that tbe above named per
sons, da'endaate are the heirs at liw and lugal
representatives of aaid Willis Leuvh duceaseJ.
The prayer of said petition is lor authority to
make, a deed In fee simple to said obrt A.
Byrd, In behalf of aaid heirs atlawupon pay
ment of l he residua of said purohase money.
r?aid petition will be for. bearing on the 3th day
of October I860, or aa foon thereafter as loave
can be obtained of tho enid oonrt.
admr. of Willis Letch, dee.
I, A. MUTTON, arr'r. . eei'SSwt. .
Legal Notice.
The State'of Ohio, Vinton Co.:
In Paomrt CoO.it.
I'etition to complete realcontract.
MARY PAGE, Lewis Page. Thomas Leach,
Khoda Mullen Joseph 11. Mullen, Lewis
W. Leach, Lonlta C. Buckner, Bobcrt Buck
ler, Sarah A. Byrd and Hopert A. Byrd, all of
Wood county, Slate of West Virgiuia, George
a . Leach, Jawee II. 1eacb, Mariamna a. Ogier
and Nicholas P. Ogier, all of Vinton conuiy,
Ohio, and John B. Loach of Jasper county
Stall of Iowa, heirs at law and logal represen
tatives of Willi Le:tch deceased, will take no
tice (hat on tbe 7(h day of September 1866,
Kobert Buckner administrator of the estate of
Willis Leach deceased, filed in (lie Probato
Court within and for (he said oouity of Vinton
a petition against them as defendants, and al
leging that on the 85th day of March 1665, tho
laid Willie Leach then in full life, entered into
a contraet In writing with said George A. Leach
for the sale of tbe following described real es
tate situated In said eonnty of Vinton to wit:
The. west half of th northeast quartor of aeo
tion number nineteen (19) in township number
ton (10 ) of range number seventeen UTfeave
and except about twelve acres out of the south
west corner of said wes hulf quarter, laying
and being all (he land fn said half quarter, on
the wo?( aide of (ho road leading from Ham
den to Allensville, in consideration of which
said George A. Leach agreed to pay (he sum
of (hrce (honaani 'dollars (ba( 16 (liomand
dollars ef said consideration was paid In hand
and (hn( (Here remains dtie.iiBd'nbpaid on ea'd
confruct one (houeand dollars wi'.h ii.(ereston
si.id sum from (he,25(h da) of March .1865,
(hrluporrthe psyinen( !or; (be consider niion
for said roald, being rrjado in full, (he' laid
Willis Lcacb agreed (o convey (o eaHOoorfrB.
Leach or his ensigns by a good goner 1 warran
(y deed, tbe said real eMo, (bat said George
a. Leach paid (he (wo thousand dollars down
aaid Willis Leech iu bis lifetime, (ha( raid
George x. Leach is ready and willing to pny
(be bullance of purchase money on'eaid con
tr ac(, so so- n as a valid,, deed cun be made (o
him for said premises,1 end tlnit:'tho above
named persons dufendaBM are helra a( lew le
gal ropreserifsCives ol suid Willis Leach de
ceased. Tbe prayer of said pe(i(ion Ib for
authori(;(o niakea deed iu fee simple to said
Georgo a. Leach in behalf of said heirs a( law
upon paymen( of (he residue of said purchase
money. Said petition will be for hearing on
tbe 8th day of October 1806, or as oon (hereaf
ter as loave can be ohtained'of (he aaid Conr(.
admr. of Willis Leaob dee.
. A. DSATTON, ATT'l. S0pl3w4
Notice to Bridge Builders.
IS hereby given, that the Commissioners
of Vinton county and State of Ohio,
will meet at the times and places hereinaf
ter described and. mentioned, for the pur
pose ol receiving bids, and letting to the
lowest responsible bidder or bidders, the
contracts, for the building of certain bridg
es, as hereinafter described and designated,
nt ine wuowing places ana on tne loiiow
ing days,to-wlt:
AT the mouth of the middle Fork of
Itaccoon Greek, in Viuton township, on
Thursday, Octobef 11th, 1$66,
at 10 o'clock, A.M., of said day. Said bridge
to be built urjon two atone nhntnipnt. snf-
flcicntly high to be above high-water
uiaia. . ,
t . . . - i , . .
At or near the residence ot George Speed,
on the Logan Road, at Elk Fork Creek, in
ia tuvi UHliip, on ; - -w
second described bridge to be built upon
uuc Huui, ouuiujc uo, ami stone case.
i .... .
. , ALSO,
At or near the residence of Abel Brown, at
rise nun, in jagie townsnip, on
Saturday, October 13, 1866,
at 10 o'clock a. m. ot said W. And anld
third .described bridge to be built upon two
siuno nuuuuenw, suiitctentiy niga to be
auuvc ui(u-wuier marx.. - r
Further particulars, speciflcations, &c
of said bridtres, andtheconstmetlnffthPi-
of, made known on the respective days of
Wtln .U .At...t.
By order of the Commissioner ;
' ' .' II. C. MOORE, ,
sentl3w4 - ' Aud.V.C,0-
Mlcbacl Daugbertj's Estate.
NVii,vriiPndemgQei " Been an-4.iDteiT-ana-n.nalifled
ldmlnijor ofhe
ett&t of iirehael Doogheiry, lata ofVir
Oeuu(i Vhio dobeased. i . Si;
!' H r ? " " PATRICK HENnyuIn.
rJnftrO; Beptefnbet, 13. 18M. S-e
$100 REWARD !
fTIIE above reward will he given for the
I nrrestt and . npprcheusion of MA LEY
TUOMPSON, who i scaped, on the H.ftlit
of the 6th inst. ffom the Vinton Coiintr
Jail, at McArtlviT Ohio. Ho is five feet
ten inches high, fteir complexion, dark hair,
blue eyes, nud wor a mlr of Kentucky
Jeans pants. JOHN" J. SHO KEY'.
sepl3w3 Slreriir V. i O.
.,: .... lia IaviM' Estate..-..
NOTICE Is hereby given (ha( (he undesigned
hatbesn duly-appointed and qualified as
edminl'trsroY of tho efate of Kllui. Oaviis.
l(a of Vinton Co. O., deceased. Da(od a(
MoArthnr O. 8ei t.7(h Tel.
Pep(. 188 w.
Atrial Unties.
Marriajre ami Celibacy.
IX. T I ON FOR TOUNG MEM. Also, Diseases
and Abuses nhieh prematurely Prostrate tho
Vi(al Powers, with sura means if rolief. Sent
Free of Chnrge. in sealed le'or envelopes Ad
dress Dr. J. KKILL1N IIOI'GHTON, Howard
Association, PhiiadultiliU, Pa. agliyl
QOA A JIONTIIt-Agents wantod for six en
tPU tlrely new articles, just out. Address
O. T. Caret, City litiildinj, Biddcford, Me.
51 E(C PEKTEARI Wo want eg
V I 0JJ erywhere to sell our In prt
Sewing Machines, 'lht-oe new kind.
gonte cv
roved 2
. Und.
and tipper feed. Sent en trial. Warranted
five years. . Above lelary or largecc-mmlssions
paid. . TbooNLr machines aold In the United
States for Ions than 40 dollars, which are fully
licensed bv Howe, healo.- A Wibon, Grovor
& Baker. Sirger & Co., end Bneheliler. All
other cheap machines ar. iufrtngemon(s mid.
the sellor or utcr ere liable to nrreHt, fine and
imprisonment: Illustrated cironiurs sent free.
Call npon or ad liosi, Shaw 6c Clark, nt Bldde
ford.Maliio, or Chicago, 111. jnnc7 iewly
i Errors f Vomli.
A Gcntlcrnsn who pu Hired for years from
NervtiuK Dtbility, Premature Decay, and all
t.hs effects of youthful indiscretion, vill, for
sake of suffering humanity, fond free to all who
need it, the ructi'it and directions for making
the slinplo remedy by which bo vas cured.
Puffdrers wishing to j rcfit bj tho advertiser's
eipeilence, cun do eo bv addross ng
jell-lv. Ko, 18 Chambers St., N. Y.
To Consumptives. .
The adverlier, having been restored to health
In rt ftw weeks by a Very simple romedy, after
having KutTurod for scvoral years with a sovore
luna atfect'.on, and that dread disease, Con-siinfption-ls
ur.xioun to make known to his
follow-ulTeron) the means of cure.-
To all who dcidre it, ho will send a copy of
the prosc.intion ued, free of chargo, with tbe
directions f r ' preparing and nalng the eame,
which (hoy will find a suro cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throa( and Lung Affections. Tbe only ob
ject of the advertiser In pond ng tho Prescrip
tion Is to bent fit the afflicted and i.preud infor
mation which ho conceives to be invaluable,
and be hopep every tufftrcr will try his romedy,
as it will cost them nothing and may pro vo a
Parties wishing the Prescription, thee, by
return mail, vill please addross,
William iburgh, Kings Co., N. Y.
January II, lS66-ly.
- j '. Strange but Tine. -
Ever? Tonntf ladv and rrontleman in tbe
United Blates can hear something vor maoh
tlielr advantasre bv teturrl mail, frne of
oaargo, ny addr sting lie nndorsignod. Those
having any fears of being humbug cd will
oblige by not noticing this card. All othors
will please addross their obedient servant.
fn.t.n .i, .... . '
;, i I num. r. KtiA rM A i ,
Jell-ly. 831 Broadway, N. Y. .
Published as a benefit and as a caution to
todno men and others, who nitle from nervous
debility, premature decay of Manhood. &o..
supplying a( tho same timo Tun iiians or isli
cnut. By ono who has cured himself after un
dergoing considorable qmckory. By enclorine
- . . j ...ii i i i " . . . p
u jjuBi-(iaiu uuurusuu envoiojio, single Copies
froe of eh .ran. may be hid of the author.
Kings Co., New York. febl-ly
Tho CnniiW The Battle Field, and
me Hospital,
Heroic, ratrhtic. Romantic, and JS'agkal.
opipimuuv illustrated with overlUO
... line -i'orttaits and Ueautl-
I'til Engravings. v
rUlS work tor genial hnmw, tender pathos,
s(urtling interest, and attractive bcautv.
stands peerless and alone among ail i(s compe
titors. The valiant and brave hearled, the
picturesque and dramatio, the witty an.l mar
velous, tne tender and patriotic The roll or
fame and story, camp, picket, spy, scout, bi
vouac, and selge; staitliug surprises; wonder
ful escapes.' Famous words and deeds of wo
man, and the whole panorama of the war are
Jiore thriungiy portrayed in a masterly man
nor, at once historical and romantic, rendering
it the most ample, brilliant and readable book
that the war has callod forth.
Amnscuen'j as well as Instruction may be
found In every page, as graphio detail, brilliant
wit, and authentic history are skillfully inter
woven in this work of literary art.
This work sellsitsctf. Tho peopleare tired of
ury ao'uiis anu pnruzan worse, and want some
thing humorous and romantic. We have agents
oloarmg. over two . hundred dollars per
month. Sned for circulars, and see our terms
aud proof of the above assertion. Address.
8. F. JUNKIN b CO.,
agS0w6 178 Race Street, Cincinnati, O
Administrator's Sale.
The State of Ohio, Vinton County, Probate
. Court: .
George Holdren, ndmr, of the esteto of Ieander
J. Jones. deed, vs. .1. il. Jones, guardian oi
tne legal and minor noirs or said estate Or
der of Bile.
IN pursuance of sn order of sale, mad a In the
above naso, by (be Probate Court for said
coun'.y of V.nton, I will offer for sale, a( publie
auction, npon the premiers hereinafter describ-
, . ......
On Saturday, October 13, 1866,
af two o'clock p. m., of said day, the following
1 .......... . T , ,i . ... , 1M . ..
isBiDDwiiu. auiuk an ui wio west nan or tne
fcuth-wes( Quarter of section number )iiriv.
five, (85,) township cumber ten, (10,) range
number fifteen, (15,) except lands before deed
ed :o Samuel Durnely by James MeWbarter;
sapposnd to ba six(y-five acres, be the seme
more or lees. Appraised at six hundred aad
fifty dollars, and must eel', for two thirds of
(bat sum. Terms or sale: Ono-third cash in
hand, one-third in one year, and the remaining
one-third la (wo years from the day of sale, de
ferred tavments (o bear interest from ths d
of sale, and to be secured by morlgaee on said
premises. . uno. jiuiiDliUfl . .
aep6w4 Admr. of Leander at. Jones, deo'd
Vinton County, Probate Court:
"VTOTICE, Stephen Darby, administrator of
ma estate of .Britain larhy,' deo'd, bas
niea nut acecmnta and.veuoners in tbe rrobate
Court of Vinton countv. and State of Ohio, for
Inspection and partial settlement, and that tbe
same will be for hearing in said court on at
nrday, tbe 89th day of Dept., a. d. 1896.
Sep. -w3. . ; ' Frobate Judge
ere interested, are btreb r notified thai the i
tranaciipt and copies of the schedule of deMsi
ABln!,. -..J.I. . I..I j ... . i
vw.up uj , uu sir jTujuri, lJui uiiu vrr.iun
owned by, Frederick Teucher, sad all other
copiee required by law to be returned to the.
court of cemfiion picas, in 'ho matter of tliu
said Frederick Teucber's application for. the
benefits of the act for tbe relief of inMlvi nt
debtors, will be by mo returned to the elorn ol
tho court of common, pluas fur Vinton eormy,
On Saturday, Sept. k22,
and the fame will be fdrfbiarlng at the Septi ra
ber term of au;d court, and. Id t.
Master Oomr.'V. Co. V. P.ic Ao,'irg
' . CorHr. of Inv.lvm , V. IV.
AdininiKtratorH Halo of ltoal IIs
: tat.
The State of Ohio, Vinton, vo.,
. Probate Court:
CornelinsTftrns and Jonas 8. HuilbM, Admrs.
of C. V. Kaius. dee'd, vs. Eliiahctb Karns,
ot al.- Older if Falo.
IN purhujince of an order of sale, made in
the uhovacsee by the Prnba'e Court for said
county of Vinton, I will liffo- for sale, at pub
lie auction, upon the premises, actuated in
.Swan township, Vinton c .unly , Ohio,
On Monday, October 8, 18GG,
at 1 o'clock p. m , of suid day, tbo following
described rest estuto. to wit:
The east half, of the south-east quarter of
section number tweiitj-twu, (24 ) In township
number tweive.f IB. of rsnira sevantnrn. tVt
Suid rual estate appraise I at cloven hundred j
dollars, aud must sell for two-thirds of that i
sum. ,
Terms of sale: eno-tbird cash in hand, ono
third in t-ix months aud one-th rd in twulve
montlis from day of 'sale, deferred psymonts to
bo secured by mortgage upon ths premisee.
. , , O. KAKNS and
Admrs. of C, V. Krtis, deo'd,.
E. A. Brat ton, att'y for adrrra. sepil
Dr. Ktuicklano's Tonio is a concuniiatcd pre
paration o Roots and Herbs, with un lino
id and carminitivos to strengthen tho stomach
iinr1 nervous y stein, ltie'a certain remedy for
Dyrpepsia or Indigestion, Kervunsness, Lois
ot Appetite, Acidity of the Stomach, Flatulency
vnd Debility.' I( ie not alcoholic, tlierefnre par
ticularly suited to Woak. Nervons and Iyi
piptiu persons. For sale by all Druggists every
where at one dollar per bottle.
i ! eiiwi-wi ii ain iiuiii,,iiiiihi
GRAY-HEADED people hnvn their locls re
stored by i( to tho dark, lustrous, silken
tronscs of youth, end are happy I
Young people, with light, tudod or red hair,
have these unfashionable colors changed to a
boaiiii fill auburn, ud 1 rejoice I
People whose heuds are covered nlth dand
ruff and humors, use 1;, and have clour, coats
and elenr and healthy sculps I
Bald-headed voterans huvo their lemoiiiing
locks tightened, and the biiro sposcovured
with a luxiiiiunt growth of hair, and dunce lor
joy I
Young gontlcmcn use it because it is richly
perfumed I
Young ladies u?e it because It keops theii
Lair in jdace I .
Everybody must and will nso It, because It is
the clesaest and best article in the market 1
For Sale by Druggists Generally.
Fiom Hot .Warren Chaso.the Lictnror.
My hair and whiskers have been many years
gray. ' inngs vegutaoie AnuiroMii" lias re
stored both to their original color, black, and
covered tho baldness oi tho top of my head
with a flue growth of black Luir. I have sev
eral frionds who liavo used it with tho mi mo
results, and I cordially recommend it ne one of
(tie tew medicines that will dj what its lubols
and ciro nlars claim for it.
October, 18S5. Warren Cuahe.
E. M Tubbs oi Co.. TroDriutors. Puterboro'
Kow Hampsliira. A B Meirium & Co., Whole
aale Agents, Cincinnati, Ohio. l)t J 8 Strong,
Agent, jiOAUiiiir, unio. . inay31-ly
A3 pnst returned from Columbus with ad
ditional f acilities for
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypcs,
Photographs, or .'.
and. malting them as TEUFECT as pictures
taken FKOM LIFE, i
' If yon want any kind of a picture, from
Miniatefi to, Lira Sue, gn to Billinghnrst's
Phr(ogfnph and Fine Art Gallery in McArthur.
-' Photographs colored in Oil, witib Colors,
India Ink, and finished in the highest style
of art."
- Pictures taken' In all kinds of weather.
His present etoo of Album will be aold at
cost. Photographs of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman
and others; also, Lockets, fine Gold Pens and
Finger Kings for tale.
Pictures ef all sixes fraued to order. "''
. McArthur, Olio,-August 16, ISSo.tf '
h 5 S g n
Blood Purifier!
rca cueise '
Sci'ofuht, Siphill, Skin DUi
ca.se, Old Sows, Salt ltheitm,
Dyspepsia or Indigent ion,
Liver Comidainta, Rheumatism,
Fever (tnd Ague. at. An-
thony's Ttre, ,
Erysipelas, Tumors, Eruptions,
Fits, Scrofulous Con
sumption, etc.
M 1 H H f P
ONI person writes, her ilnugliter tins cured
of Kits ofnlna.ve.ua' tUudmg, uud St. Vitus'
dance of two ypHrs.
ANUTIIKlt writes, his son waa cured alter
bia Heah had nlmoat wasted ninny.
The doctors pronnuneed the ease incurable.
ANUTUKllwiis cured uf Fever and Ague af.
ter Irving every medicine in hi reneli.
ANOTilICK ; cured offerer Bore which
Iinti existed fuiirtcen vears.
ANIIT1I Kit or Hlisiiimitiam of etght years.
Canes innunieraUe of fijupopiuii an.l l.ner
Comi.lniDt could be nietilimicif, in which the
Purifier and Tills worlt like a charm.
Ar"e the most active and thorough pills thnt
hareerer been iniroiluecil. Tlicy set so di
rectly upon the Liver, exciting Mint organ to
such an extent as Unit the Byii in (18 uot re
lapse into its former conilition, w hieti is too S
to be the case with simply a purgative pill.
They are really a
' and. In conjunction with tbe
Will cure all the nforementiosed diaenses, aoJ,
of themselves, will relieve and cure
Headache, Costiveness, Colio
Pains, Cholera Morbus,
Indigestion, Fain in the Bowels,
Dizziness, dec, dec.
Stomacli Bitters I
Should be used by convnloaeente to strengthen
the prostration which always follows acute
, disease. - . . .
Try Uiese medlcinos, and yon will novef re
gret II. Ask your nerglibora who have used
them, and ttiey will sav they nre GOOD
MEDICINES, ami you mould try them be
ore going tor n physician.
(Successors to Dr. C. W. Roback,)
Nob. 58, 58, 80 & 63 E. Third St.
Are Sold by all Druggists and
Dealers in Patent Medicines
SIu'iill '8 Sale. . ..
Simon Ratclitr, FfitintifT, 1 In Court of Coin.
v ! ; I'loas. '
William Dolce nn 1 Jomee On Ve idi Order of
..Doles, DefonJunts. J Sale.
IDRSUANT to tho command of an order of
snlein Mir above ennse tome dlrcetod from
Ue Court of Common I'Ioom 'r.f the aforesaid
countv of Vinton iind State of Ohio, I will offwr
at public sale at, the door of the court-hou.e
in tbo town of Muduhur in aforesaid county
d Vinton, on
JTonrtay, '.Octoler 1st, A. D. 1SCG,
at tbe hour of. one o'clock p m of aaid day,
tho fol. owing lnnds and tenements, to wit:
The eoutheiist quarter ot the southwest quar
ter and the southwest quarter of the southeast
qnartor and the wot hulf of tho northwest
quartor of section number thirty-six 36 of
townthip number nine 9 of range number
nineteen 19 containing one hnndrtd and eixty
fl60j aerea more or less. Also, the following
real estate leiied rpon by Francis Shades sher
iff of aaid county by virtue of a writ of. execu
tion issued in said cause dated on tho 20th day
of September lp8J, to-wit: Thl lontheaet quar
ter of the smithiast quarter of section number
thirty-six 38 wvnship numbor nlr.e 91 range
number nineteen 119 containing forty two 42
cres r.'ore or lese.
Taken as tbo property of Viliiani Poles and
James Doles to satisfy a judgment of afotosaid
Court, In favor of Simon Batcliff. . ' .
Appraised as follows to-wit: Tlie first de
scribed 180 aeros more or leas appraised at two
thousand dollars, (1,000, and tne second de
scribed 41 acres nmre or less npp'aise-i at eight
hnndred dollars, bM)J and iniMt bring two
thirds of that rum. ,
.Terms of eale, Cash in band. '
U.S. Bnndy,' BheriffV.C. O.
Att'y for plt'ff. , . Ang. 80,w5.
Sale of Real Ustalc 1y Or
dcr or Frobate Court.
State of Oliid Btlmont Count):
J. II. Collins admr of Joseph L.l
UammontrcedecU. plttl 's In I robato
' ' ' 1 : Cnrt
Elizabeth Han men tree et aid's j i ' ' ..
BT virtue of an order of safe to me directed
in the above cse , from tlie Probate Oonrt
of Belmont Conuiy , Ohio, I will offer for sale at
the frost door of the court-house, iu MoArtliur
Vinton county OUlo, ou .
; Wednesday September 2Gth, 18C6,
between the boors ef lOo'clocl am and to'
crock pm tho following rfal estate situate in
Vinton tsinnty. Ohio, to-wit: The sooth half of
tbe southeast quarter of Motion number eleven
towuship number nine) and range number eigh
teen containing eighty acres.' t ,
Trine or Saii v Oue third' down ok daw of
ale ; one third in on, and ene . tnlrd in. two
years with intcresil on deferred pavmenta.
: Appraised at UO0. . J. II.COLX1NS,'
. Ang 28, 4 w , admr of J.1 Hemmontrte.
' Thomas CoxV Estate; : '
NOTICE is hereby given tbat the undersigned
baa been duly appointed and qualified aa
Administrator of the estate of Thomas Cox,
Into of Vinton couaty; Ohio, deceased. i
Aug. 2 y8Hd-w LEWIS A-ATWOOD.
BLANKS of evvry clerrtpo. for sole
t tiiis ofliee.,- .cn-dlw v-, -vs
Advertise In tbe RECORD. '

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