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WHlTB HIS. mill Xt'lS 'lAJfiBICA."
ot . .
Til L'USDAY, SEPT. C7, t86.
There will be a crand rally of ihi friends'
of ConsM;tioiiol Liber!;, Mho ant in favor
of lb imnieditite siiwlnion of the Houili
em Snifis (o reprefentuiion i i Copgregj,
ami who ire oppod to Nfgro SuflH,
'L ' h '
jjat unlay Ocluba Gt?t, JSGG.
i . .:.;,!'
. . v
'And " ot li e r.d is ti n 1 1 1 sli cd liien will
tc rcsent,'aiul address) the peoble.
Lei ihc People Turn Out
fcfiTfvbukc the Ditainion Haillca Is and Ref-
)1fl i : olutioiiisti.' . '
, (I I.- Asttu iH be iiuKi-iblc to pro
LU tp? U jvhg at ede J, the people are
'i'i cotCiillj- rf (juecteJ.to biing thoir dinners
j.'iia (lie rp, Bv order .
Township Meetings.
". AtZaleski, on Friday Sept. SSfh,
alright Hon. E. F.' Bingham. '
At Centre School Ilouse, Vinton
Tp., Saturday Sept. 29th, at night
-Archibald Mayo. '
At Uox's School House, Rich
land . Tp., Friday Sept. 2Sth, . at
night O.J. Gunning and Harrison
- At Hope) Furnace School House,
BrOwn Township. Saturday Sept.
29tfV&t Wght pi B. Shivel.
At. .loldren' . Sohool Houso,
Knox tp. Friday Oct. 5th, Hons. E
A. Brat ton and Archibald Mayo. ,
?"X.;Appleman'6 School House,
Jackson tp.. Monday night,' D. B.
- At Frattsville, Wednesday Oct.
M, at night Hon. Archibald Mayo.
i'. Swan tp. Wednesday Oct. 3d, at
night D. B. Shivel.
At-r Millhorn's School House,
Jackson tp. Oct. 4th, at night
Hon'. E. A. Bratton.. .
, It is really astonishing , to hear
of the cool daieing and deceptive
impudence- of Felton, Kaler and
other 'candidates of the "Radical
Bump" t'cket,;(of Vinton County,
pleading with, and begging of Dem
ocrats to vote for them, when we
U recollect that but a few months
ago, these very same men were en
dorsing the motto, that, : "Hemp,
Hell and Canada, wore good enough
for all Democrats;" and were calling
them Butternuts, Copperheads,
Traitors, and every other opprobri
ous' epithet -that they could lay
their vile, slanderous, and mali
cious tongues to; and even now
have their ; posters headed with
"Traitors mu6t take back seats."--Ask
Democrats to vote for thein
If-is sinrnlv outrageous! They
are acting S3 deceitful a9 the Dev
il in Hell,' did,' when he deceived
Eve, in the garden of Eden. Democrats,-beware
of such snakes, they
would imprison you, hang you' if
they dare do It..' They only want
Vour Votes;' after' ;they get them
then yOu will be. the sameTraitorSj
ope'rhea&3;and Butternuts you
wese lielore!, . ' ,. (, -
Some::; of the candidates are
plcadhig the : baby act, by saying
they 'are tob old to "work any more
and a)l iucii stuff. Poor old fellows,
.what, pity, you were constructed
in: accordance with human nature;
asPtyou get reconstructed, then
yc-uHviU never get old, you can al
ways work, and you will never want
tty"office.; - 1 ' '
r HoWbout that OSK HiXDRED
A'0 Jfrfo Dojxabs ,y ou Radical?
ofered0,a ceatain ) gentlemen in
$;ilkejij(le,, towijship if, he would
getypu nine1 votes .Dare Felton
8ndJaj.denyit?,iyou have got
vonreelvei) ;into a. nice scrape, have
you nhtC ,.X ; '
A WARNING IN TIME! A Republican Over-doses
and it Turns his Stomach!
and it Turns his Stomach! THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG!
A Big Swindle About to be Perpetrated
A Big Swindle About to be Perpetrated Upon the Voters of Vinton
Rorbacks and Lies Promised
on Eve of the Election!
Read the following Letter from
a Prominent Citizen!
We call the attention of the vo
ters of Vinton county to the letter
of a Republican, herewith' pub
lished. BEAD IT! It speaks for
itself. "Forewarned, forearmed!"
is an old adage, and if the voters
of Vinton allow themselves to be
duped by any of the lies which
these wire-working and unscrupu
lous politicians may print oi speak
just qn the eve of the election, the
people will have to blame : them
selves for their folly. This honest
old man has, in his letter, disclosed
their intentions and plans. Will
you listen to their lies? . Will, you
be deceived by, their stories, told
at a time whon they know the per?
sons they slander can have no op
portunity to deny their assertions,
and prove them to be as false as
the hearts that conceive themf-
Do not be deceived by the lying
clan; that they did not have the
evidence before, Ac. They: lie
when they say so, and you a!l know
it.".;Thc Democratic candidates' are
all men well known to every voter
in tho county, and every act of their
lives, publio and private, is to you
well known. How absurd, tnen,
for these sneake to get up "cock
and bull stories" and ask you to
believe them at this late day,' and
as to "Knight's of the Golden Cir
cle," there never was any such or
eranization in the State of Ohio.-
Have these wireiworkers forgotten
that, even in the days of military
commissions, they failed to estab
li6h the existence of any such or
ganization in this State f Did they
not try ? Did they not have Val
landigham up as a witness before
their military,, commission in . the
city of Cincinnati, in an effort to
convict, some men from -Noble
county, upon a j charge of being
"Knights"? But even this csnrL ot
which Henry Winter Davis said,
"It is ordered to try, and organised
to ' convict," were asnanaed ana
afraid to find a verdict of guilty,
because there was not one particle
or scrap, of evidence of the .exist
ence of any such organization.-
Yet, forsooth, these, pot-house pol
iticians have discovered the "mouse
in the meal tub." They know it
all. Bau! It is. sickening, . and,
too, it comes with a bad grace, from
men who belong to, and are organ
izing at this time, all: over the
Northern States, a : treasonable
cret society, known as UG. A.
the object of which is to hoodwink
the soidiers, and hold the govern
ment by means of the ballot-box,
if they can; but, if they fail in that,
to resort to revolution and arms,
hoping to have their army fully or
ganized lor tnat purpose, tsui
"The best lalu schemes of mice and men,
Gan? aft nglee."
We have no fears of the soldiers.
When once they know their duty,
they will do it, and in their patn
otism we have all confidence. But
read the letter:
[For the Vinton Record.
Mb. Editor: &V, I have never
taken an active part in county pol
itics, because I have always con
sidered that the candidates, on
either side, cared more for the pay
they would receive, if elected, than
they did for the "dear people"
whom thev'were to serve. I have
alwavs felt that it was a matter of
small moment which might be elec
ted, and. so, generally voted for my
personal friends, there being no
principle involved in the election
of county officers. .- But, sir, when
men seek to elevate themselves to
place and power by means of fraud
and lying, defaming the charaeten
of good citizens-1 say, sir, ' when
such means are deemed necessary,
I conclude there is something "ot
ten in Denmark." It is not neces
sary for me to tell you, or the peo
ple of this count-, that I am,' and
always have been, a Republican.
But I do feel it to be my duty now,
to say thatl cannot support' the
Republican county ticket this, fall;
and, in saying this much, I deem
a duty to go further and .give my
reasons. Both parties have placed
in nomination the names of good
and trne men, to fill the various of
fices; and were they left to run the
rate fairly, I should probably hare
voted as heretofore.' . But, sir, the
managers and -wire-work ers." confix
dent thatl could stomach anything
and would go the ticket regardlcts
fairness and hontsty. have let me
imp meir, secrets 100 i&& vna
here let toe say, I act guilt? 4f no
breach of confidence, and, Was as
sorry to hear of such plans, ai they
will be to see them made public.
This is the game they propose to
play: To have printed an Extra,
filled with all kinds of stories about
the Democratic candidates, among
which are to .be "a great a-po"
about "frwdt in th$ Sreasurer't of-
fine," implicating the Auditor . and
Probate Juaae - a great cry about
the escape of a prisoner from the
county jail) and a big story about
"Knight's of : tho Golden Circle"
Ac, fcc which they expect te sup
port oy amaavits or aeserters.
And, as my friend said, in speaking
of the plan, wagging his head in
his peculiar manner: "Wi CJOf put
BAY." : ' :'. ; ' ! . ' :'(' '
Their plan is to publish this latch
of lies just on the eve of the elec
tion. .Now, if any honest man can
support such a plan of electioneer
ing, he may do so--7 can not: I
have nothing against our. candi
dates, except this one thing: they
know of this fraud tha,t is aboutto
be perpetrated, and will do nothibg
to stop the outrage. Their silence
makes them guilty also. I Cannot
support them oh this account, .put
whether I shall vote for the Demo
crats,' I will take further time to
McARTHUR, Sept. 24, 1866.
.' . V
; The above sentlmeot appears In the
cull for the assetablinr of the "loyal" peo
ple of Southern Ohio, which the Radicals
have, for the last two weeks, kept standing
in the dark corner of Record. White men
bball rule America I Is it a Joke, or is It
for the purpose of securiugtheatCondanctj
of Democrats? , Have the Radicals of this
place consulted with the speakers : who
have promised to bo in attendance, and
have they agreed that the people are igno
rant of their records, and can be made to
believe that they are in favor of white
men ruling America. True, none ot those
announced in their posters, have achieved
such distinction as to make their names and
deeds verv familiar to the oeoDle. Thev
are but Insignificant Mowers of the Rad-1
icals, who are plotting the ruin of the
Republic. The trumpet of fame baa not
sounded their names in our ears.. A stu
dent of National politics would misanoth-'
Ingby ignoring theirexistenee. Kentucky
is represented by one of whom she has no
reason to be pronOv This District Is rep
resented bjf one, from bis noted Incapacity,!
was a disgrace to the people -who sent btsn
to CongreM. : Hi servicer were not appre
ciated and he was made to reUfe. to pri rate
life. Others are announced, whose suffi
cient shield from all they can' dp, is their
utter Insignificance. . . ;
, Are they in, favor of white men, on a
basis of wblte representation, ruling Amer
ica? Their' records give answer to the
rjuestlon. Bow about white men ruling in
tbe District of Columbia? How about the
white basis there? But, baj-s Mr. Bundy,
the overwhllming vote against negro suff
rage was1 given by rebels, antl the Insignif
icant vote of one hundred and fifty in fa
vor of the black man ruling, was given by
"loyal" people. Is that all 'he explanation
of your record you can glve.Mr.Bundy. Mow
about tht nine Territories that will soon hi
Stptetl How about a white basis of rep
resentation there ? Bow about white men
ruling America I Why did you force ne
gro suffrage upon the people of Colarado
against their expressed with? Why did
you vote to force negro suffrage upon tbe
other Territories which will soon be States
In the Union I T7ere the people of the
Territories disloyal t Did they rebel again4
the Government ? Bundy, HcRee, and the
Radicals, whose lead they .. followed, have
not evert , that flimsy pretence to conceal
the meaning of thelrvotes.' Thelanguage
of their Sets h plain and unequivocal.
They bluster loudly about rebels in the
District of Columbia, but upon their votes,
forcing negro suffrage upon the people of
the Territories, - they are: silent as the
grave. - ; '
They dare not face their own muitc.
They shuffle, evade, equivocate, whenever
that part of their reqord is touched.
Fred Douglass and Anna Diokln-
son were tbe leading men la their late
Convention at Philadelphia. Are they the
white meu that are to rule America, or do
they form the white basis of representa
tion? . ,
It is not only their skirmishers, such as
Phillips, Tiltqn and Garrison, who openly
proclaim that they are In favor'6f making
this a mongrel Government. The leaders
of tbe party Sumner 'In the Senate and
Stevens in the House, have taken the same
ground. iVllson, Mftfe, Xundy, and the
likemen of small capacity' and no purpose
follow In thei? fodtstept. And yet they
Will speak here under a iafi for the assem
bling of men who believe that "White Men
upon a white basis of white representation
should Tule America." Will thev avoid
their records, or the call ? They mutt do
one or tbe other. We shall Bee.
[For the Record.
Cheap Boarding.
' Eiitor Record Persons having
business in Arthur, during . thu
term.' of .uourt, W0U14 do well to
stop at Kaler Hotel. : The Squire
is uncommonly clever about this
time: some tenon's he only chances
half price, and others, nothing at U,
Wonder if h iwiU 4o bo after the
A certain yonpg gentlemen Of uo notoriety,
and possessed of but little of that knowl
edge calculattd to make, a ma notorious
In anything except extrenje' ignorance,
and a Teryva!ntural appetty fr that
flowing fountain, very improperly called
"Paddy's eyewater," baa been placed upon
tbe tffjuui'on Ponuty Ueket fbf the ofjkt
pf SherUT bf jTlbton , C)uty., Jt h cjen;
taluly strange U hear hie leetioncrig
argumenur. lie' start out in- the" begin
nlngof the campttgn' tlpen-Af platform,
(and w guess from present Indications,
tbe platform; of the entire tlckrtf.and
quotes from some very wise author this
text, Wiijsit ' antlIg50Uacf, Is aUhe
Union party have ; to con tend - against.
From this text be hat seen stamping .tbe
County from oeuUr to post, and when last
heard from, was still preaching yhirty
and tgnorance, 'with such pbWer and 'mas
terly eloquence and oratory, that trie hear
er thought, really,, the mas Wat Intoxica
ted as to ignorance, they bad always been
satisfied, that he possessed it in the highest
degree. '. : " - 1 ;
"The people are beginning to' think, that
If the Butternut platform s Whhiky and
Ignorance,",, then Rqbblns,' tapda. upon
that platform, 'and consequently they cad
not support him while he stauds'on it.
They fnrtlicr say, that from .the. manner
In which he Indulges in both of the prop
erties of his opposition, that they can't go
snch hypocrlcy. That nis rtvED otrrt
CaST flo itl -i , tc. : . ... i:.:u
' ' W Wonder hovf I many, more stand on
the same platform, that, call themselves
Union men, , and are 'on tho ticket' with
Brother Robbius. Is there anyt Not one?
Don't yon all stand with hlra? cfoeWtth
hlm? cjrink with him? And how matrj- of
you upon the1 same ticket' haVe with him
Indhlged In1 wMtkrf and iynomncea'ni
rolled It finder and over your i touguos ai a
tweet morsel, until you ' have become en
tirely savoried of It, and look' and atnetl
as a "sweet incense upon.the ltef', ready
to be made a sacrlfioe, of, for "Breadrand
butter' (Bread-a'nd-outterr we mentlou
from the fiict, that Robbius said he exped
ted to lay up about one thousand dollars,
kud. wished the Democrat to assist In elec
ting hlmj , . ., 'j
" .We'are Very credibly' Informed that Mr,
Kaler stands pretty veil npon the text, 'es
pecially when he took his jlybig trip down
to Vinton Station, and Furnace, and talked
Tidier as krout. . Taw, yawr yqtr, nnd.nfx
cum arovst. &C- if And as he thinks has
secured the tote of 'folir'te'mocrnts, but
as he .says "that is played o.ut.'i But this
Is hot all, ho -with all the ticket flock to
the Magnolia Saldon) just eppositef the
'Hotel.'': ;"The WasTEnn,; for ' limtaiice.
And againj Judgd Kaler Is asking Demo-
crata to vote for him, aftermaklng a charge
4f not only half fare for tavern Jiilhv nud
the4.wtth. iverjf. kind .'ialra'.aud jiollfe
rnannors, aoliciu bis jfOtej ;or that he wljl
not do anything aguiust him. i T)'(s1 very
kind, and, polite in yo,u,,jj; :SMd oil
very proper, you ,ivere-duly. iotft when;
you. act thus. I But- your deception is too
owrtn to escape tue gnze or tnc puoue
rt will out, nke murrfw: But not content
with thU ' manner pf electioneering, you
yet have the tool,' daring and, satanlc ini-
pnuence to oner m compromise wijn iraii
ors To lay down the 'Hell, Hemp and
Canada" motto, and ask some of the same
boys who went to Canada to vote foryoul
Bah!; Bahll r: Where Is thy shame.
'. Mr. Fcltou, would like very much just
now to get some Democrats to vote for
bim. Yet Mr. Felton calls yon a "Traitor,"
won than Jeff Davis, and we wonder If
he would n'ot like to have some of the Irish
vote, the men that he said would Ue,.and
ought not to be allowed to vote. i Would
you not like to have borne of tbe , sons of
the Emerald Jslc" to cast their nee small
ballot for you.
Remember, every Irishman, thai ; it is
known to be a fact, that Mr. . Felton said
that every one of you would fie, aud that
'you onght hot to be allowed to vote ' ,
. With Buch Infamy upon your brow, how
dare you approach a Democrat And then
hear him again; in his hippo, hysteric it tor y.
Too old to attend to the farm. "Have
served in that behalf," Pity for you I
If you could only be-reconstructed, and
made a good Union man; you could have
had the Assessor or Coltaotor's office; and
assisted your frail nature somewhat in the
matter.' But so It goes; "man that is born
of woman Is of few days and full of trouble.'
But, here ia something again. Every
man upon tjie VVnioa ticket" is now, and
have been attempting to bribe Democrats,
and buy their" Votes. And again, every
oae of them, are attempting to trade votes
with Democrats.1 And then, again, every
oae of them ' arc aiding and abetting in
colonizing illegal voters by bringing men
from adjoining counties. Remember gen
tlemen these facts are known and will be
made public. And remc mbcr further, yon
will ll uouiuugut w juhicci .
iDemocrata. remember . vou are dealiuff
-11 1 , Li i. lull'
with the Devil aud will be lied out of your
liberty and rights. Remember that men,
tblt used you, as. this party has done, will
now ao anytmng luoruer to Keep you "as
under the hollow of their hand." And
when Ahey have secured your' vote, thev
vhT call you 'Traitor" with tho . same
hellish impudence as they have formerly
done. They are as deceitful as serpents In
the grass, and have' only wallowed about
in ihejilth and limeot their own infamy,
until they have turned so black that .the
darkness of Hell blushes before them..
V . , : ; : n
,. Thi question before the public, If, wheth
er the Rope Walker, who Is advertised for
this plate to-morrow, made his appoint
meat on the day of the Radical gathering
In order to secure himself an audience, or
whether the Radicals appointed their meet
ing on the day thy knew ho would be
here, fn .order to take advantage of, the
crowd he was sure to draw; There Is a
Very decided difference of views upon 1 the
subject- - The current of opinion, however,
is that the Rope-walker would draw a large
trowd without the Radical gathertug, and
that the Radicals- would'nt -draw' much
without the Rope-walktr. The latter win
balance himself on a ropt; tbe political
BlondSnswiil fry to balance themselves on
(heir record. t8uc$m to youj&ofh. ' -
Prepared o$i oJ
their nvmber,
President) Johnson : made the
above declaration, in his great
speech of June 94 1864. Ana ne
added: " -; - 'f " '
I fcShall the man mho acta .Kit
flvenct and Kifmonry todettroy the
Uoxernment, participate tn the great
work of re-orgmieettionf Shall he
...1 - 1 - . A .1 Jl.
wno oraugif mis misery -upon me
State he perm itted to control its des
tiniest If-thii It so. tAenSall this
precious tlooi of ,4u? brave solijrs
and officere, so freely poured otlt,vnll
havelecn WllfTdLT 'spilled I
All the glorious victor iee von ly our
noble armies will go for 'nought
and all the battle fields, xohioh have
been soicn'vfith dead heroes during
the rebellion, will have -been maae
memorable in vain. Therefore, I
work 6? Recosstructios.," j
- i Hear Johnson as he was. ?Now,
when loyal men use the language
of JohnBOri,' mewling politicians
say we are calling Democrats trait
ors, that we are trying to arouse
prejudice, L feeling, 'Ac, &c.' .'No
pnion man has charged 0. F. Moore
or the rnen who support, him , with
being traitors. 'If the editor of the
butternnt columns of .the Record
sees proper to so claiiiy ' them, - we
cannot help it... If, any Democrat
sees nt to array himself under the
banner of. treason if any:: Demo
crat sees fit to call himself a trait
tt it is'" none of our. business.
When he so classifies Himself, then
we say he, too, must take a back
seat.' "' The classification is, their
own. The verdancy of the imper
tinent youth who wrote the non
sense in last Record, must excuse
his indiscretion: but he, and he
alone, charges Democrats with be
ins traitors. Let those who don't
like our posters, quarrel with him
not with: tos. 1 He knows his oWn
heart best 5 - if . he . feels . that : he
should take a: back seat, let him
take it j if he puts himself and
iriends within the rule, it's none of.
owr.,fight.v Vheu. be . says we yare
tryihg tt et up bad feeling and
prejudice, .and local difficulties, he
is simply exhibiting his own ignor
ance, of , the, facts, or his predisposi-
.rablejVf Jboth..
V 5 .
iff) 5
:10r 0 tl AWmj'. V ' '. 'Mite i ! ( f
That gt the September Settlement,
1865, your County Treasurer was a
DEFAULTER to the amount: of
$1,600 ! That a dishonored draft
for the amount of $4,600 had to be
counted as money to make up that
deficit.1'' . '
liememler. ik&t this matter has
been before the publio for six
months, and yet the Court House
Clique daro not venturo an explan
ation of that which, by tho statute
of Ohio, is embezzlement.
Remember, ... : ',
That at the September settlement,
185, the County Commissioners
allowed an attorney $80.00 for
making ; the , Auditor's (H. ' C.
Moore's) settlement with the Treas
urer... ; . ,
Itemember, that at the settlement
September, 1866, they allowed
$50.00 .for making the Auditor's
settlement with the Treasurer.-.
.. Iiemember, that . this &130.00
came out of the County Treasury,
in addition tp Moore's present large
salary. 1 ' '' v ' : ; ' ,;
1 Remembor, that this 0130.00
ib paid for Mr,' Moore's inability to
do the legitimate business of . his
office.. r ......
. Remember, that the records.of the
county (commissioners' 'proceed
ing) 6how this allowance, and that
they dare not deny the facts. '
. Remember,
That Judge Craig has never caused
an examination 01 .toe Uounty
Treasury to be made since he came
into office as Probate Judge.' -
Remember. . : , .?.
That $2,700 of your county money
is now loaned out to individuals,
this in violation of tbe law of the
State. .-".T .: ! ':! 1:. .1". !
' c . ' Remember, i'i -That
the election is one week from
next Tuesday.; ; c :'..'.: ; h -'
r Remember', to vote fox loyal, hon
est, competent inenL -.rn
: , Remember, f
That the candidate for Auditor on
the . butternut ticket,! wasHigh
Priest in the; "Sons f Liberty" or
"Knights 6f the Golden. Circle;"
that, as such, he administered oaths
to men and boys, ' swearing- them
to RUN . AWAY," or RESIST, . if
drafted l; -. Iliis it i Richland i town
ship, Yintoh fcounty,' Ohio.", c l;
' j-.nj -jememberi icf ! !-!-$
That the .affidavits .'o three good
men on file to this effect and he
dare not deny it L!; tii
-.: Lffs '. Remember,.ni,rtpL'iU'r7r
That Onr county finances hive beet
deranged; onr phbli 3 moneys have
been draggled about the county in
privateJeafpmd personal?,specf hi;'
tf6rf:vthrf -tunti rbf tiecommoh
Treiiufy ha been' .thfowarinto r
the beckets of faroritea in reckless
land trades;1 all this, rf gardlesf of
the Interests ot nonest-tax-payers
of'the bounty,' ahd'in1 defiance Jof
this just indignation of the . labor
ing people. Those men who f'holi
the Keys," wins at tne- iniquity -of
each other, orioin in. the common
spolt.nJ: IpecolatjQnfdj yet
they will again ask your support.
See ta ifthat.they ire. fonted, and
that competent, honest, intelligent
and loyal men are' elected -:'en the
come tip to the fight like, men, we
wdll march to yjctory like veterans:
He Favors the Emigration of Negroes
to Ohio—His Vote on the
Black Laws.
Inasmuch, as the Copperheads
are determined to force the peopo
into the .belief that; Jfegro Erot'
gration, is one Sf the questions' to .
be settled in .October, we propose
to show1 thaf their leader, 0. F.
Moore, has done more to encour
age it than any other man running
on either, ticket. We Tecolleet
something about the repeal ;of (the1
BLACK LAWS.: In House Jour
nal pf the' Ohio ,' LegislattoreTfbr
1850-1, we find a portion or the
Blai JLaws, regulating,2Zac and
ihhldtlo persons,' passed had
been repealed inj84V The bill
was now (Fehruary, 1651,)' before
the House to revive this portion of
the Black Xaw,s. By reference to
statutes,1 180t, we find:ther h'evthe
substance of.which we give below.
It will be remembered that OA F.
Moore was a Representative from
Scioto county. We find that, on
tho (yate"' to .revive, the ' .act,, ,M?.
Moore; in thi HonSe,-' helped tote
the bill down: " " . , .
"That act provided that no nerro
or mulatto should settle' in this
State without giving bond in the
sum of five hundred dollars for his
good behavior and as security, that
he would not become a township
charge. XarMoore Voted 'against
' That act provided that if any
negro or mulatto i settled in1 this
State without giving such bond, ho
was to be removed forth with
jCMoore voted against itLjy
That act provided that if an v- per
$on employed, arboBedjrjioin;
cealei any negro or niuHttp Deibre
said iiegrc prmuJaUa44,-iven
suchb'ondi'said ersb'ri should bo
fined' nolJ exceeding one hundred
dollars. arMoore toted.against pi
. ;J That act provided that no black
or mulatto person should per
mitted to be sworn or give evidence
in any court 'of record, where eith
er party in tho controversy was ' a
1 . A. ' i - - . .
against itl - - - ,
In the face of this record Moore
now implores men not to vote the
Republican ticket, because he says
the Republicans are in favor of el
evating the negroes, and encourag
ing them to settle in Ohio! After
voting himself to remove every res
triction and permit them to.fi.warm
to Ohio; and testify in our Courts
and swear against white persons,
and become a public charge .upon
us, without demanding a particle of
bond or security,, he becomes so
fearful of the Republicans doing
what he has already done that he
unites with the copperheads to
avert the calamity! Portsmouth
Tribune,- ,' ... J i . ;
'.Wobope, -the people of -Vinton
will understand Mf. Mo6re' -when
they vote for him. He may. have
changed, however, as he does some
times change radically. " Tou who
don't like negroes, can - think: ;If.
Moore for one vete to put thpm in
the witness ftand and one 'to allow
them to Remain among us ;' and, if
ever'negroes get a vote in Ohio', it
will be through the influence ,'and
votes of ju8tsuchinen.j
$300 Bounty to "Niggers"—$100
$300 Bounty to "Niggers"—$100 Bounty to White Soldiers.
The higgest, falsehoed of the
campaign was 'peddled around the
country by Andy 1 J ohnson,' in his
Northern raid, and his been Re
peated by all the small fry of but
ternut stumpers and papers .until
some of them really believe "there
is sontethine h it. r' r t CC
Every ioldief of 1861-2, who was
properly on the Tolls, received 5100
bounty. ' Every three year soldier,
that unlisted after , October, -1863,
got $300, if he was a recruit; and
$400, if he was a veteran; Soldiers
all knowjtbis fact, V"
The paymasters, - unde"r ,old Jaws,
refused to pay any bounty to coloi
id troops. Congress directed that
colored soldiers have the same bounty
as whits soldiers The colored sol
mere are muitowmijjj. jujr uivuwa
as BftuiTT'Aand.tha "contemptible
eflort fjtiiecoppfrheadsjtcjm
it Appear .that thy. axe,' .asr a vnus
stitementiof facts,"n41helTjnT)n
Congre88-r''cv ot!An4"y ohh
soa ind his party to " mislead the
honest jjftiple. ? ' v ; " "'I ." '

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