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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, September 27, 1866, Image 3

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irir ra .tot innUoned itt
. wqucs-oi uongrest, rnung aa
5 la'i Slillioci'v pliilad oit
: tj battt&at is 'that there is nt
approfATati'toay-' soldiers the
lato boijaty; ;Thlj hill ia i part of
,the geiie'ral appropriation' bill, and
the Department at Washington h4
'saiil'tlxUtb4 bonafies -jMll bsj paid
out of - the general appropriatibn.-
As ta niggerj getfiog bounties, we
have only to say that- the 300,000
negroes, who went into the army,
; Uaiou men hadialready volunteer
' edy and if a drafj had been' made
lor 800,000 white -men to take the
place of thoe negroes, nine out of
every ten drafted would have been
butternuts! The nigger who went
to war earned his bounty the but
ternut who went to Canada to avoid
the draft, failed to earn anything
t but the contempt of loyal men.
-. Butternuts complain of the "nig
ger," when, in fact, the niggers
' done the fighting those self-same
Copperheaded - Kn'ights-of-the-Gol-den
Circle - peace-on-any-terms-
oons-of-laberly fellows should have
done, had they not been too' cot1'
rdly. Where is your "Priests of
the Sons of Liberty"? Trot 'em out,
.and let us see their valor and man'
hood t , Where is your man "who
twears men. not- to go to war?
Where is the men who tear . the
Government will pay the "niggers"
what it owes them? ' The Govern
ment will have to yzy premiums on
vvwaraico arm . give oounues 10
"Canada Veterans," before they ge
any bointy I? i-'ivi-i-JJi.
We say the negro soldier is noli
getting an additional bounty. The
bounty the Government is paying
him. to-day,' the1 white veteran and
recruit received when he was dis
charged, apd no. hpnest
show the contrary.
r , -.'.If You Want- -
-To vote for a man who served his countrv
with credit aad who to-day bean the xcars
of wounds received while In action tou
iwHr vote for Cdlonol O. F. Moore.. But
- . IF YOU WAST 1 '.
To "vote for a man who wns tunrked as a
. deserter, and who never rcclcved it mark
"or a scratch while In the aruiy, (with that
"exception) you will vote for Joux ,T.
"Wnjoir. '
rp People's, (Arfumt qo.). Defender -'
l .Vow we-submit' hether that la hot' rath.
era miserable effort of some . low minded
wretch to injure a goal maw, THje frutri is,
CspuiO-VVilsoa jvent, aty the a'tmy honor
ably, an J made a 'good record, sod came, out
.honorably , and the insinuation that he was
deserter is unfounded in fact and is cal
culate! to injure the writer.pfjuth .quibs'.j
far more than Captain Wilion." VVe of the
Union party, do pot like Hon; O, J Moore's
politics -we did Hot tike his vote at Chica
go when he voted that" four vears of bloyd
ahtlhadt ieen four years' of failure" yet
we would see hira elected to Congress before
we wou Id show ourselves to be traducera of
character and villiners of better men thnn
ruirselvts.. If the thing who got up that
low slander, thinks that it U fi i.ig to effect
anything, more than making its writer con
temptible , he is tadly mistaken. O, F
Moore, unless we mistake his character,
would not thank him for his ovetzeolous ef
fort to injure Capt. . VViluon. Such low
things spring from low mind;, tfnd, like
thickens, they come home to roost.
? ,The "late importation" who writes born
.bast blackguardism and abuse for the Cop.
pethead columns of tho Krcoid, in trying
to report something about the Svran towu
hip meeting of the 15th Inst., tried very
bard to insult .Mr. Jones, whom he d'sie,
' utfea as the 'Vinton colt.' W havo only
to sey, that the effort of this stripling is un
called for, inasmuch as Mr. . hat ulwaya
by mistake, H may have bten.) treated the
booby ts a gentlemen. HiaeSur. at ridi
cule exhibits his wont of taste or wit his
misstatement of facts shows his want of
truth; .while hie genera) misrepresentation
of the whole affan ' shows how utterly de
void he is of anything like fair, manly prin
H. C. J.
A Democratic Paper on Dutchmen
—What Butternuts Think of
Union Officers.
Maj. Gen. Carl Schiiu, who is a German,
and was one of our best Generals in the Un
ion army, re marked 4ht "the freedmen of
the South celebrated thaath of July, while
.reconstructed rebels rtfusvd it the least ob
servance." A Democratic paper thereupon
ays, "Is it any of your businecs, you squasli
headed, ConeAred, beer swilling, garlic eat
ing, negrO loving, fierman convicit What
do you know about the South or the 4th of
JulTither?.'' .!s-'-- c ' : i :
v We submitto our German friends wheihor
Democratic speech is not "free epeech"?-i
Bow theyoie for and with tho men who
call them fiich lovely names, we cannot un
H. C. J.
H. C. J. Read!
How about your motto of the Federal
offiwi, vbioh these men endorsed,, ef ,'Hell,
Hemp' brl Canada ffar1 ilrDemocrai,,,
(Vinton Record.
The "smart, boy who writes' squibV tot
tbebiilerautcalointls' of the rVoord, ap
feart to hkta no regard whatever for the
truth. No Federal officer ever displayed
auch a motto as f'Hellk Hemp and Canada
for all Democrats,' and the puppyism of the
thiagboattempU, by impudence on his
own part, and by falsifying the actions,
words and,WdDgs, o( the Union - men of
this community, to get up prejudice and bad
freljn&.IRj, local diftcultje is ahead of al
tbepappywii we have ever yet aeen.hese
JfclKwIfekrfaTthat we1 will yiot abuieeve
jybodyyaBa insolt everybody1 iq'thfr cVuhtv
who it opposed lo as; go so far as ' to mis.
construe everuhing thst can be tortured in
to an jfesul(. Wa latins no personal in
tuits, and it is a very miserable practice in
tfaett fellows to belie us in th manner they
C. J.
Official t)raji.of Vtoton.Connty.
LOCAL -matters.1
ty 4tverU$ment$ to tppttr on 7ur
day morning, mvit be' handed in not later
than ivetaay even my
A 111 to Jo geiiorel homework iq a small
'family. ' Oa who vadentaad sawing
would-be preferred. ' For Information, apply at
Duttkle & Wakd are in re
ceipt 0 a, very ibe selection pf
i all ixoods, hats,- caps, boots,
shoes1 and clothing, at; reduced
prices.. That they, will sell
as low as the same goods can
be bought in the county, .'call
and see for yourselves. . !.
We take great pleasure la calling the at
tention of our readers to the advertisement
of J. G. SwETLA!r, which 'appears In an
other column of our paper. He has en
hand a very large and select assortment of
Groceries ; and oners thein at lower rates
taan any house In the County.. As will be
seen by the advertisement; bis stock con
tains every variety of Groceries. He has
also on hand a very1' superior stock of
Liquors, comprising every variety lrom the
finest French Brandy 'to commod Corn
Whisky, Ko house In the County offers
such inducements both In the way of prices,
and in the quality and quantity of the Gro
ceries, and Liquors which he offers to the
public. ' " ' 1
Kew Gopps. The great
rush for New, G(oods of every
deficr iption,.4 is nmt made to J,
A. Felton's Emporium. Mr
i'eltdn has a ! large-:; andVcll
fielected stock of articles in tho
Goods line, which he offers at
the very lowest cash figures.
As he. is detennined ' hot to be
undersold in this ' jnarket,f he
deems this all that is necessa
ry to say at this time to have
the public call and see.
For the Vinton Record.
Notice to Foreigners.
Mn. Editor: I request you to say to
our unnaturalized neighbors of Vinton, to
have their papers out immediately. Now
la no time to neplecl this matter. Call on
the Probate- Judge and demand the evi
dence of your citizenship, at no.
Sepl 20-0$. i J. C, DOUGHERTY.
[For the Record.
V: Eoiroat-t-I1 wlh, tbroqgh yoari eol-i
amn, to stata a fcw facfa conneclad wltk the
Kcap of JJaloy Thompson, uIimi Um lab
rloatlon of mlMtaWtmaata Jn the laat iw f
ha JUootd, under tba hd of " Broki Jail."
Maley Thompson was kept n , the only and
rafott piece I fOuM put him In the jell.M I
was ordered to keep htm aad Mills separate.
Thompson was kept up stairs la day rime, and
MilU below. At night both wcm lo;kd np lu
different olla. On (he 6ih of Sept. I wee, an
dor theoleer of the Probate Court, sent to
Columbna with a lunatic ; on the morning of
the 8th I returned. Before I left, I left the
koya of the jell ineharge of a aworn deputy,
rhornpeon tvwt beve got oat botweonTand
1)4 o'clock on Friday evening the 7th Inst.-, by
means of a falne koy, out of the front door
abov, and paused through the bell above and
south room up ttein, ont ol a back window, on
kitchen roof, and jumped come 13 feet to the
groundleaving merke of hie feet where he
jumped. The doora were locked, as lean
prove. .
The " wicket" in tho door la a small hols cnt
In the door to paai in provUlvna fcc. 1 have
nover closed it, for (ha reason, that I eoald not
hear hK( uas going on In tba jail, if It were
'doted, aa when shut Tip, all sound fron. the jell
is cults, and in the dwelling partof the build
ing we oould hear nothing. , Anether reaeon
war, protec tion against fire. It i well known to
onr citizens that (bie being open seve'd the Jail
laat winter from being burnt down- Another
reason waa no man eoald get through this hole,
as It la only fear or fire by eU inchee, oblong
sqnsre, and it could no way' aid hie escape
without a key. Soma peraon mast have given
him ke, as we" have no key mining from
the jail. Tba writer In ' (he Becoid, (.ays,
'Nothing was done, worth calling an effort to
This is abeotntely false, aa the writer knows,
for several man and horses were Parted Imme
diately, on hie eaospe being known, which
waa before eight o'clock (hat evening. Us eoald
not have been ont over fifteen or twenty raln-
ntea before It wis diaoovered. It was tele
graphed, and (be rewa met ma at Chillicothe,
and 1 etarted dttectivee in pursuit. I, with
othcrs.roda over (his Conntyi Hocking, Picka
way and Boea, and oonldnot find any trace of
tho priaoner.'and expended over fifty dollars of
my own; while others said let him go, and
tome made the declaration that they would not
giveacent toarreat hl3,fto. I kept the Jail
with snoh locks and bars aa th a Jil ! Aimt.l,
with, and aacloaely waiv bed sa any man oould,
Guard the Ballot Box.
We publish below, refferences to
the laws, an da part 'of the acts to
preserve thd parity of, elections' In
Ohio, to which we call the special
attentwn of our friends at the polls,
at tne ensuing election:
Sec 10 of act of Hatch '20. lflll.Raian
Statoes,'3o2- .-- '- - . -' r
Bet it enacted. That anv narann arhn
aba II procure, aid, assist; counsel or advise
anoher to go or come Into any county, for
the pdrpoM of jiving his vote in such. conn
ty, knowing that the- person ia-aot duly
h...mi, w .uiq iu auca county, snsu an
conviction thereof be imprisoned in Hbe
Pemfentiarr and hot t h ant " aW rm
more than jive vears not tea than one year.
we ere auiaoriwd to offer a reward of
100 for the eonnction of each jwriba, who
hilNiolata the tore set.' 1 " ' 'CI
Guard the Ballot Box. IMPORTING VOTES!!
Startling Disclosures!!
Men Hired to come into Vinton
County and stay until after the
Election, for the purpose of Defeating
the Democratic Ticket—
Men of Vinton read for Your
selves—Dare Radicals
the Charge?
- Tbe following letter ira sent
us for .' publication ty one ; of Um
inost tesponsiblc and truthful. . men:
in : Meigs county. He does not
speak from hersay, but, as is shown
from his. letter is in a position to'
kttow concerning wha t h e 'cWges.
No words can describe the depravi
ty ..which this letter discloses.
The party which claims to itself all
the morality, religion and decency
in the Country, here Bhows its
hand - Made . desperate by the
signs of their sure OTerthrow they
are resorting to every means to
perpetuate their power and rain
the country. ;. -I ! V' .
' Let every Democrat giveh,the
letter a careful persual and be pre
pared to foil' the infamous fraud,
which the letter discloses; ' 1
EDITOR SEUOJID:. ' ' ' ' j
.: 1 wish to give you some facts
concerning the Radicals in your
county, which I know, to be true.
They are importing votes from this
county into yours in order to beat
your county ticket I know all
about what I tell ' you,' and can
nrove it all. I will five vou the
facts and you can make any use of
them that you think right. On or
about the 27 th l day of August,
William Marks 'who practices law
in your 'county,' and who I knew
ever since he; was, a ,cbd, came
over into thia county, and came to
my house and wanted my sori to go
eyei' into Vinton jcounty td work.
He offered him two dollars and a
half a day.. My son wanted tokno
what kind of work he wanted him
to do, and Mr. Marks told him it
didn't matter, what kind of work so.
as he had his washing dohe there.
He also made the .same offer to
Braden McClnfe, who was at , my
nouso attno time. -They both. re-
fused. They could not be ibonght.
I have dlso heard from good authori
ty, that be also went to a man by
the tame of David "Wood 'whoni
he offered $22 a month if ,he would
go into vinmn county1 and have
his washing . doneMhere. He got
Wood td go over, and be .i.'nowtIn;
your county. -lie. leafed, arouud
your town.come there supported by1
these . Radicals. I dort know
whether they have got him any
work yet or not.
These Radicals dare not deny
what I tell. you. I can prove all I
The Proceedings of the Rump Congress.
The Bump Congress, which we are asked
to snstaln in theperrori bf John T. Wilson,
sat seven months, and (hit is about all the
work it did.
1, It passed a bill ibr negro suffrage in
the District or Columbia ,
3. It extended negro suffrage to all the
Territories sgainst the wilt of their people,
as well as those of the District.
3. U passed a " Civil-rights Bill." by
which a minister is punished for not uniting
whites and blacks in marriage and it fines
and imprisons bote) keepers, if they da not
allow negroes to ait at tbe Dm table with
their guests. ;
; 4. It psssed one amendment to the Con
stitution making the negroes citizens of the
United States, and another punishing States
(hat will not allow negroea to vote, by de
priving them of representation in Con
gress. 5. It passed a bill giving twelve millions
of dollars to the 1 negroes of the South to
upport then through the year. They called
this the Freedmen'a Bureau Bill.
Having thus worked for the negro, we
turn to see what it did for the white man.
and we find this record.
1. It voted the white soldier, v. l,o had
tervrd in the army two years, fifty dollars
bounty, and for thtee years, one hundred dol
lars bounty. ,
2. .If voted to themselves two thousand
dollars as back-pay donation, and. it in
creased their salary for lha future two thou
sand dollars, a year! , , , ,
Tbia ia its legislation for the white ma.i.
If tbe Rump passed any other important
laws,, tbe fact baa not transpired.. It took
care of the negroes, and it took care of them
selves! Thalia all.
Strange bat True-; w- t
Every young lady and gentlemen in. the
United States ean hear somatbine 'art too eh
I their advantace by rettrt mail, free of
aarge, by addrvainglHaandonhrntd. Thou
having any fears of betag nnmbag ad will
oblige by notaotloing this eard. All others
wilt pleas sddrem their Obedient servant. '
jall-ly.vAi v: 831 Broadway, K. T.
: oioo jRBtrinrn
rpHK above reward will be given for the
JL arrest and apprehension ef MALtT
THOMPSON, who scaped, on the gjrht
ef the 6th Inst; from the Vinton Connty
Jail, at McArthnr. Ohio. Be is Ave feet
ten Inchea high, fair complexion, dark hair,
bine eyes, and wore a pair of Kentucky
Jeans panti. . JOHN jTsHOCKEY,
iepw3 , . Sheriff Yf C, Q.;
iJtttd . Jackson, J Atliefts, Itoss,
MMaUa:9ad MtJgM ijoautleM,
. - KII.L AV1t AGIA5D BaLlV AT J 1
tfaWittv; Octotor m, 1866.
ohi Betti "Wade.
tiered William Powell,
eneral Chas. If, Orosveuor,
M i.41Q.Joun T. Wilson,
ih'' A (Uwr canautote for Conjees,) '
; - Hoa. II. S.-Bundy,
. '.lion. Job E, Stephenson, .
wJlJ.be preiehv aKd''sddr','as the ir.eetuigs,
aa and evening. :"Bojs In Blue" in pro
eeaaiont . GoT mueit I Iu abort, a grand
oM timet Ccrrn everybodjr Brin your
BssaetM .' ' ,
: IffcARTIItR) o.,
Has now o hand a very large sad well se
leoted stack of all kinda of Groeerlee and
Lienora, eoaaiatlag In part of vea,- ooffee, eu
far, vobaece, olgara, whit tiah, nackeral, ood
ritb, vkklea, oaanad Maohee, cove oysters, rep.
paao,oUap, h. . Nollaeeee, cider vinegar,
sedceide, rowder, Lead, shot, cape,
'Alt Kind of Dye-Stufs,
T ,' '. ' ' . -
a general aaaortment of perfumeries, crietodo
ro'eaalrdye warranted to oolor the hair a jet
black without lujury to ibe hair oreolp,Bos
tetler'i and aoba.k'a etomaeh sitters, oonoen
trated iya, aosp, a generul aaaortment of gen
tlemen'a winter glovee from th lloeet baci to
the common woolfn, all kinds of Liquor from
th Uneat rrench Brandy and old Bourbon whis
ky to common corn whisky ube sold from one
l (nt to one hundred galtoosi ar any other quan
tity dealred. all of which he propoees io aell as
lew, if not lower tbanotherhouaa intheoeun
.. IU kind of oonntry produce taken in ex
change for GiLoerlaa.
. Children can get go4 as cheap m their pa
rwts.' CQltlE ONEt COiriH ALL!
ifcfet.'T-6m. ' ' J. fJi'BWITLArJn!
$8,000 Worth of Goods;
;i ji?;..i.uniTo x uu.n'j .i j-.
TjTJRSUANT to an order of sal from the Pro
r bat Coif t, Bt tl county if Vaiton, I will
t , . i . ; .'y . i '
Thursday, October 25th, 1866,
Tbe Urge Block of Dry Good and Qrocorioi as
eignd-ton by T. A. Martin. "
Dry Ooo.li, Meu and WMnen's wear, flotha,
CasalmeH, 9atltiea, Jeana, Twoeda. ero. etc,
French Merinss, Alpacae, Lustres, Calicos, etc.
n.l ... .
Balmorals and Hoop Skirts,
. : ' '. i .... -I.
Fall and Winter Clothing,
Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery, Notions.
.. Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, To-"
', bacco; Sugar, Coffee, Tea,
and Spices
' '' ;i ' '':.' ;,
These good mtut be sold. Sale to continue
from day to day until to atock la cloeod oat.
For aaleon Satardty, October 27th, at th stops
of th Ceurt-houee, (S feet rff the north rnd
of la-lot nottber 83 in he town of Moartbnr,
Ohio, appraised at 300 00.
,'.:'V.- - - ALSO, .., ,
One eoverad buggy, one set harness (single,)
one man' saddle (new.)
That you can bry fall and witter gooCt at
this sals at much lower figures than at any
oa i
. ' ' H. C. JONES, .
Assignee of T. a-Martin,
Micltael Daugherty 's Estate. :
VTOTICE-Tbe snderaifrned ha been ar
11 1 infod and qualified Jdmloia(raof of (he
fa( Of Michael Dougherty, lata of Vintob
Couaty, Ohiodeoeaaed..
MoArtnarO. tVptombct, IS. 186ft. 3w.
Mcirthui Vin'toin. Connty, Ohloj
Wit t attend to' all legal InnIneeetnUnated
tohr ear Id Vinton,Athera,Jaa' -n,
Koaa, Hocking, aad sdjoiBiogoouoUe. Partio
nlar attention a'vea to tha'collecilon ofaoldiar
elalrns fbr panaiens. boantie, arrears of pay,
ate., aaslnat tl
in u nor vote, inuuaig ator
gsn raid c!a.ims.
Notiee to Tax-Pavers of Vinton County, Ohio.
IN pursuance of law. 1, DAVID FOREJIAX, Treasurer of Vinton
county, Ohio, hereby notify the Tax-Payers ol said coiinty that the
rate of taxation for I860, ia correctly estimated in the following table,
shpwing the number of cent3 levied on each' one hundred dollar valu
ation of the taxable property in each township and incorporated ril-
iage in saiu coaniy.
' '
' '
Eagle, ';.' -V
Swan, V ;
Jackson, '
Elk,".; .
t .t
Part of Elk attached to MeAf thur,
McArthnr, ... ::. t -
Vinton, '
Clinton, .
Knox,.'.-.. -' '
m i i
f .0
.3Iarrlage arid Celibacy. ..
and AbUHes which prematurely 1 r.mtnito tlio
v i(al Powers, with uru meaua cf rolief. Bunt
rrea or tnarpa.in wuled lo'or cnvclnpoa. AJ
dreas Dr. J. SKILL N UOt'GllTyN.-lIowtrd
Aaeooiatiun, Philadelphia, - agWyl
OCf A MONTHT Agonts vaatej for six en
t&Uj tirujy nw Srtietcs. Just. .nut. Address
O. T. Gabky, City lUiilJinj, Biddoford, Me.
' joneTisly
P 1 OUU erjwhere to sell cu
went scents ev
our Imnrovcd 12
ovwiug aiwi.meii. jure new Kinrta. unde
and upper feoJ. Bent cn trial. Wai runted
live years. Abovo ralary or large com niiwionn
Said. The OML7 liiachiui-s told in the United
tatea for lose than 40 dollars, which are fully
lioenced by Howe, Whcalcv A Wil.on, Grover
& Baker Sirger & Co., and Hncliel.lur. All
other ohoap matlunes ro lufringemoiiii and
th seller or oser are liable to arrent, flu and
impriHonmeiit: Illustrated ciieulars sent free.
Call upon or adiie, 6how & Clurk, nt Bidde
ford, Maine, or Chicago, III. jmie7-irvl.y
Errors ol Yotuli. .
A Gentleman WtlA MlfflerAT ttew tain frnrr,
avoua Debility. Premktnre Decay, and all
theeffueta of youthful indiscretion, v.lll, for
sake of suffering bumnnity, send free to all who
need it, the receipt and directions for raakinjr
the simple remedy by which he was cured.
Suffurera wishing to profit lj the advertiser's
!pciioi.-o) cao oo so or saarcss ng
jell-lv. No, 13 Chamters St., N. Y
To CoiisiiHiDiivrs.
The adverlisr, having been restored to health
in few weeks by very simple remedy, after
having suffered for several years with severe
lung affection, and that dread .disease, Coo
sumption la ar.xioua to make known to hh
follow-sufferer the mesne of cure.
To all who dolre it, he will send a copy of
idb preaciipuon uxeci, iree or charge, witb tho
directiouo f r preparing and using tho same,
which (hey will find a sure cur for Consump
tion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat and Lung Affections. Tbe only ob
ject of tba advertiser In solid ng the Prescrip
tion Is to benefit tho afflicted andrpread infor
mation which be conceives to be invaluable,
and he hopes every sufferer will try hia remedy,
as it wiU coat thein nothing sad may prove a
DiesKwe;. ; , . i .
FartissT wishing the Prescription, rnss, by
roturn mail, will please address,
" William tburgh, Kinga Co., N. Y.
January II, lSa-ly.
. raoluhed aa a benefit and as a CArrion to
voow msn and others, who suffer from nervous
. . .... . . ... .
oeoiuiy, prematura oei-ay oi mannood, cvo.
suDDlrlng at th as mo time Tna mians o mci -
oib. By on who has cured himself after nn
durtfoing sonsldorabl quackery. 'Byenclosiur
m pv-paiu iwiivraau .u.uiutig, stoglQ copies
free of eharao, may be had or the author. - -
NAToAIlr.ii alAlf AIR, Esq., Brooklyn,
Kingii ce.. New York. . ftbl-ly
I! ,ni
tit AT K TAX.,
1 .
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13:85 20
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(1210,18 320
113,10113 351 20
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il2ilQ1335 20
112,10,13,35 201 a 20,50
20. fii20 60
1210:13!35 20
j I will attend at the. TroasureVa Office, to receive Taxes, from the
first day of October, 1666, until tha 20h 'day of December, lSGGy.by
which time one-half, including delinquent taxes, must bo paid. , , ,
'.'A failure to pay one-hall-of the taxes 'charged cn Chattel Property,
on or belore the 20th day" of December, 1866, renders the whole duo
and subject to collection,-ai in caso of delinquent taxes.
Mc Arthur, Sept. 20, JS6G,. 40 . DAVID FOREMAN, Treas.' V. C.
: ..... '.. t,w : : '
Notiee to Tax-Pavers of Vinton County, Ohio. SEMI-ANNUAL STATEMENT
OF the Treasurer and Auditor of . Vinton countyy.Ohio, for the hajf
year ending August 31st, i860, in compliance .with an act patsed
April 6th, 1859, to prori.de for the better regulation of the. receipts dis
bursements and safe' keeping of the public revenue: ". ' . i
;' ' . "Karnes of fund,. ! ' . ' ' ' " '
. .
' root .... .. .
School a.nd Sflhooulause Fund
"'Township and Township Poor Fund
, Infirmary Fuiid,:.f ;
Pinncy note i nv.'.
r Section No Wyumt.r r.i.T-.T-r-
i',Rod Fund !. . .. , ...n.j..i... ..; . ,,
.Bounty .;
' Total balance in Trrastiry. 1
The uhders?gfietl TrQasurer and Auditor of Vinton county, Ohio,4 do
hereby certify that the foregoing statemont is a full and complete ex
hibit of the condition of the Treasury oft Vinton countv, Ohio, on the
last business day of August, 1S6C, showing the exact amount of monev
in the Treasury belonging to each particular fund. ' '
. Given under our hands officially this 20th day of September, 1866.
. H. C. MOORE, Auditor V. C. O. "
Sept. 27, '56-3, , ' ' DAVID FOREMAN. Trcaa. V. C. O.
i i u.
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, ' A,nou)tl.
. S10W 77 'i
. rf(tn lis l:
l,j, 78 6.r( t
118 Ml...
!-..': 283 63 &'''
. .. : im 00 4' '
...,.Ti70O.OO 0,-.,
13T. 23 ' .,
' r274J8'J
.... 408 794-iK
10325 22 0
V J. BlL,LH(iIIt'R$T
-:t:. : r:." : . . '. - ' ' '
HAS jnst returned from Columbja with adi
ditioual faclliUesfor ,'- !'
OLD i"'.'. '
I ' V " '''.' ' ' t f ' f
DagueiTeotypes, Ambrotypcs,
- Photographs, or
If you wtnt any klod of a pioUiral from
MiNiArcaa to Lmt 8n, go fiiDlng'nursi'a
Phonograph and Fin A Gallery is MoArthur."
fhotographe colored in Oit, Watasi Coioaa,
India Ins:, and fiaiahod . in th Jighaa atjl
of art. . ' ' ' : . .
Pletflfe taken ia all kinds of weatbr;'Trai,:;
Ilia present aaoos of Album will be sold i
cost. FhotograBba of Lincoln, Great, 8brvoa&
and there; alsu, Lookau. fine Gold Pan and
Finger Rings for (ale.- '. ..... , .
Picture of all slzea fraued to order. '
UcAfthOT, Otio, August la, l!titf ' 1
I 5 a o a" C-j
,. r 3 p p "w

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