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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, September 27, 1866, Image 4

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"(Continued from fiiet page.)
life and reliable measure of rtcoai traction,
without which, or something a good, no
minion of the Statei oan be had that will
ot expose our country to another rebellion,
perhaps more warteful and bloody than that
from which, we hue just escaped. By the
first clause in lire constitutional amendment
w e confer civil rights upon all. By the
second clause we propose to apportion Rep
resentatives to Congress among voters so
that a while man in Ohio shall hare the
tane voice in Congress at a white rr.an hta
iu Louisiana, we propose that members of
Coagreta shall represent white men who
vote for them, and not negroes who give
no vote, we propose that hereafter no mem
ber of Congress shull be elected without a
white constituency; we propose to keep out
of Congress thirty members from the South
who represent negroes, and give the South
as we give the North Representatives in
proportion to her voters. By this means
w propose to elevate the Northern white
man to ihe political status of the white
man of the South. By this we propose to
withdraw the negro from Congress and
leave that body exclusively to the white el
ement cutting the ligament thatbindthe ne
gro and (he white man sa the Siamese twins
and elevating the Northern white man above
the contaminations of such a degrading
miscegeufclion. By the thiid clause we say
ii'iuiug gumy re oris gnuu not noia omce un
til we shall be satisfied tbty are truly pen
, iteot and can be trusted safely in the exer
cise of official trusts. . By the fourth and
i last clause we say out loyal debt must be
, htli sacred and paid, every dollar, and that
the rebel debt shall not be paid, end no tax
shall ever bo. 1 upon tur people to pay
the same in any form whatever. Without
these constitutional guarantees we shall be
constantly exposed to dargers that no loyal
'.mail can f il tore, and that every patriof-
i rnan. ought to guard against if he does
not wish to play into '.he bands of 'the trait
ors of the South and give up the Govern
ment to their threatened destruction.
' 'i'Qc 10. Are you in favor ot clothing the
negre with the elective franchise 1 If not,
did you oppose it with yuir voice and vote
. in the DiMrict of Columbia? ' ' .
A . I have never fovored negro voting
io Ohio. Here our awa , provided for the
civil rights of the negro, and lie is not re
garded as "haying no rights which a white
man ia, bound to respect." Ever since the
Democratic party sold out to the Free Soil
ed iu this State, and, as a consideration in
taid sale, Salmon P. Chare went to the
United States Senate. R. P. Spelling
went upon the Supreme bench, and the
black laws were all repealed and
and the negro .advanced to a respectable
statu of liberty and civil rights, the friends
of humanity, and even the Abolitionists,
a (bey were called, have beeu satisfied with
the condition rf things in Ohio, end have
at no time at ten pled to bring forward as a
di stuibipg element the question of universal
suffrage. They do not now propose it, and
it only shows the weakness of your cause
by starling questions not at issue and press
ing them upon the public attention, while
you dodge those that are prominent and that
claim now to be discussed and decided. 1
voted in the District of Columbia that a
loyal negro, who had fought- three years in
the Union army, was as worthy of the ballot
aa a white traitor who had fought three
years in the rebel amy, and I think that
vote not only right, but patriotic, .
Q.j 11. Under what circumstances
would you be willing to admit the Repre
sentatives from' the seceding Statei into
Congress? '. 1
A-'. X would edmit any or all of them
upou'r the. same terms that I voted for the
admission of Representatives from Tennes
see let the States adopt (he constitutional
amendment ind send Representative who
are loyal and could take the oath prescribed
by law, An avowed traitor I would not ad
mit, Iwould consider myself unfaithful to
the country if I should concent to the ad
mission of uorepented rebels to seats in
Congress to pTot afresh the destru ction of
the Government. 7 -
SuCh are my answers,' gentlemen, to your
question's, i d aa you are seeking' knowl
edge, am glad to believe that you leave
here wtscr, and I hope better, than when
yen came.
. i .
New Bounty Bill and Pensions,
As passed : by Congress Jul 27, 1866,
tttves ftlOO sddi'.ionai bounty.
To every honorably discharged soldier
who enlisted in trie army ot the United
States since April 19, 1861, for three years,
and served his term of enlistment, and who
has received or was entitled to recieve but
(100 bounty.
To every such soldier who has been dis
charged oa occount of wounds received in
me imo oi auiy oeiore nis term ui enlist
ment expired.
To the widow, minor children or parents
ir. the order named, of any such soldier who
died while id the service or from wounds
received or disease contracted while in the
service of the United States.
To all honorably discharged soldiers who
tie. astruArl fur vart tin riot nnA anliattmtifi I
and wno Have received put etOO Dounty.
Has also been granted by a recent law
J To widows of soldiers ft hd have died la
the army, or to the children ' if the widow
has died or re-married 13 per month for
e-aen cmia uuuer to years ot age.. .
Tq soldiers who have lost a loot or a hand
er beea disabled equal to the has of a band
ei foot, (15 pet month. y
." TMEI mouths' ejctba pat
Hea bean created every officer who was in
commission March 3d. 1965, and resigned
Ofwu honorably discharged after April 9,
1809, which is promptly collected by
twu V - - E- A. BRATTON,
Authorized Military Claim-Agent,
Aug. 16, tf.,'- , McArthur, Ohio.
Administrator's Sale.
Tho Stala of Ohio, Vinton County, Probat$
4 Covrl." i
George Ho'.dren, admr, of the estate of loader
jM . Jonea, deo'd, vi. J. II. Jones, guardian ot
lha legal and minor heira of laid eaUto. Or
der of btle.
IN pureuance of an order of aala, made In tha
above ease, by (ha Probata Court tor ' aald
conn y of V.ntoa, I will offer for aala, at publio
auction, upon tha prcmiiea hereinafter describ
ed, On;Saturday, October 13, 1866,
at two o'clock p. m., of Mid day, the following
joalettato: Being all of the went half of the
icuth-weri quarter of Motion number rhlrty
five, (85.) townrhip number teu, (10,) range
number fifteen, (li,)exeept land before deed
ed :o Samuel Dirnely by Jamea MeWbarter;
supposed to bo sixy-flve 'acres, be the acme
more or leas. Appraised at fix hnndred aad
fifty dollara, and mueleeU for two thirds of
that sum. Term of tale; One-third cash In
band, one-third In one rear, and the remaining
one-third In two yeare from the day of aela, de
ferred payments (o bear Interest from the day
of eats, and to baeoured by mortgage on said
premises. GEO. HOLDKEN,
sepSwa Admr. of Leander at. Jones, deo'd
Sheriff's Sale.
Simon RatclitT, riaintiff, ' 1 In Court of Com.
va Pleas.
William Dolea and Jamea On Ve idt Order of
Dolea, Defendant.) Sale.; . ,
TCRSUANT ta the command of an order of
JL sale 1c '.he above causa to ma directed from
tot Court of Common Plea of the aforesaid
county of Vinton and Stata of Ohio, I will offer
at pnbllo aala at tha door of the court-hon.e
In the town of Mc Arthur lo aforesaid county
ot Vinton, on
Monday, October 1st, A. D. 1866,
at tha hour of ona o'clock p m" of said day,
the fol. owing landa and tenements, to wit:-
The aoutheast quarter ot tha southwees quar
ter and the southwest quarter of the sontnaait
quarter and the west half of tha northwest
quarter of aeotion number thlrty-stx (381 of
townrtilp nnmbor nine 9 of range number
nineteen 19 containing one hnndred andalxty
flOOj acres more orlesa. Also, the following
real estate leiert upon by Franola Shades sher
iff of aald county by virtue of a writ of execu
tion issued In said csnse dated ' oa tha 20th day
of September 1862, to-wlt: Tha toutheestqnar
ter of the eonthtaat qnarter of aeotion number
thirty-six 36 township number nine 9 range
number nineteen 19 containing forty-two 4'2
cros ruore or loa.
'taken aa tha property of William Dolea and
Jamea Dolea to satisfy a judgment of afoieeaie'
Court, In favor of Simon KatclirT. .
Appraised aa follows to-wit: Tha first de
scribed 160 acres more or less appraised at two
thousand dollars, $2,000, and tne aooond de
scribed 41 aores more or less app'aited at eight
hundred dollars, 1800 and must bring two
thirds of that turn. .-, . !!
Terma of sale, Cash In hand.
D.S. Bundy, Sheriff V.C. 0.
Att'y for plt'rT. ; Aug. tO.wi.
Administrators' Sale of Heal Es
The Stale of Ohio, Vinton co.,
Probate Court:-
Cornelius Karas and Jonas a Heifleld. Admr.
of C. V. Kama, dee'd, vs. Ellaabetb Kama,
et tl.- Older of Sale.
IN pursuance of an order of sale, made In
t he above cute by the Probate Court for aald
county of Vinton, I will onV for sale, at pub
lic auction, upon the premleee, aituated in
Swan township, Vinton county, Ohio, .... ,
On Monday, October 8, 1866,
at i o'clock p. m , of said day, the following
described real estate, to wit:
The east half of tha south-east quarter of
aeotion number twentj-two, (21.) In township
number twelve, (IS,) of range seventeen, (17.)
Said real aetata apprulsel at eleven hundred
dollars, and must aell for two-thirds of that
Terms of sale; ne-thlrd caaH in hand, one-
third in six months and one-third In twelve
montha from day of talo, deferred payments ta
be scoured by mortgage noon the premises.
v. aaknb and
J 6. HATFIELD, ' "
Admra. of C. V. Kama, deo'd.
E. A. Brstton, att'y for admra. sept
WILLIAM A, STEEL, whoa place of resi
dence is unknown, la hereby notified that
Eiizabeth K. Steel, did on tha 21st day of Ad
gurtad 1866, file horpetitloi in the office of the
Clerk of ths Court of Commit Pleas, within
and for tho conntv of Vinton and State of Ohio.
charging tha aald William A. Steel, with adul
tery wltn one linanna Livingstons, and asking
that aha may bo divorced from the sali William
A . Steel, and I bat the ouslody of their children
mar be decreed to her and for other reliof,
which petition will bs for hearing at tha next
term or aaia uourt.
Aufl. 21. 66-w6 by JJ. McDowell her alty.
Notice to Bridge Builders.
IS hereby given, that the Commissioners
of Vinton county and State of Ohio,
will meet at the times and places hereinaf
ter described and mentioned, for the pur
pose ol receiving bids, and letting to the
lowest responsible bidder or bidders, the
contracts, for the building of certain bridg
es, as neremaiier aescrioea ana designated,
at the following places and on the follow
ing rTatra tfi-wft.
AT the mouth of the middle Fork of
luccoon Creek, in Vinton township, on
Tliursday, October 11th, 1866,
, - 1 1
at 10 o'clock, a.m., of said day. Said bridge
to bo built upon two stone abutments, suf
ficiently high to be above high-water
At or near the residence ol George Speed,
on the Logan Road, at Elk Fork Creek, In
Elk township, on
Friday, October 12, A. D. 1866,
at 10 o'clock ft. m. of said dav. And said
second described bridge to be built upon
one stone auuiment, ana stone . oase. ,
ALSO. ' ;
At or near the residence of Abel Brown, at
rise nun, in juigie townsnip, on
Saturday, October 13, 1866,
at 10 o'clock a.m. ot said day. And said
third described bridge to be built upon two
stone abutments, sufficiently high to be
aoove nign-waier marK. - ....
Further particulars, specifications.' Ac!
of said brideres, and the constructlnsr there
of, made known on the respective days, of
letting aaiu con traces. .
, JJy order of the jCommissioners. t .
" - ' . ., , 11. C. MOORE, i
septl3w4 . , Aud. V.CO.
Elias Davis' Estate.
XIOT1CK ia hereby ff!ven hai lha nodealirnc1
la baa beea duly appointed and qualified as
uuuniawiior oi ma estate or cues "uavita,
lata of Vinton Co. 0., deceased. Dated at
aicaruor u. Datt.7tb 1?S.
LEwrs a: AT WOOD.
Sept. 13-8 w. r
Igtetejt MmI (ants
ta - e I 1 1 1
Isr hUaMI
(O-rariMn-va tart
UMw as ax two
The National Disptiuary, utablithei 1850.
SIX years of unrivalled auooesain tlie eora ef
every for B.af private disease Incident to
either aex. . t -
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rhota, Impotaney, Kootaraal and Diaanal Eio
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ery form ol jrivate. disease' of whataver name
or natore. . Spermatorrbnus or lelf-ehane, that
easily avt-1 speedily cured and every trace of Its
terrible effect eradicated from tha 'systsra,
without dstantloa from'ballneaa Young men
bear thia In mind, that wa are ia poaaeaslon of
the Secret Kecelpta and .method of practice of
Cnlverwoll, LHemand, Hunter, Vslpeaa, Sen...
Eirord smd othei great lighta in moderp medi
cal science; for it is a fact of the very greaest
importance, an wa would ssk aay . maaof ;
erage common sense how tan tha thndaand and
ono shallow pretendora of the day, with tholr
feeble loefflcieut remedies hope to compete with
Ya unfortunate, ere trusting yoar health and
money to heartlesa' ohxrlitnna, at feast write to
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atnrn you a kind, d't areat and explicit analt er.
redies, write Fol eui oiroular.
Dr. J aokeon's Female Monthly Pills, for ir
regularities Price tl per box. .
37 Mountain of Light or Medical Protector
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Love nd-Een. . Containing SvO pagea and
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roue in quantity and of far euperior quality to
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oonsideratlon, ,beoauae In the nature of thinga
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removes all coldness ud disability, and rejuv
ena oa organa which have lain. dormant for
many yearr.
Dr. Jacl(toiC French Patent Malt Safe,
la perfectly aafe and never fails to give aallsfau
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t . i
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N. B. Physiciona Prescriptions carefully
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- nee warranted genuine and of the beat
quality. .' " April 20,-.366tf
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-Jtut Pmuheaina ISeaUcI Antelope.
A LECTURE oa the Nalnre, Treatment, and
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and Pita; Mental end Physical Incapacity, ta
suiting from 8elf-Aboes,&o. By ROBERT A
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Book," io. ' ' ' y 1 4 . ;
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I.j Pest Offica box 4,f. " r iv 1
Legal Notice.
- hum Omar .
Petition tocoxnpUtereal tontraet. '. 1
MAKX PAGE, Lewis Pge, Thomas Leach
Bhoda Mullen, Joseph, B. ilullon, Lewis
W.Laaeh. Lonisa 0 Buokoeri Robert Buokner,
Sarah A.JJyrd and BobaitA. Bvrd all of
Wood con bit, etatt .of "fftit Virginia, George
A . Leach, Jamea 11. Leach.MarJaaTna A. OgierHibeeu
and Nlcholae P. Ogier, ail' ef Vinton cOnoty,
unio, ana Jonn ;jirxocn or. jasper county,
Staterof Iowa; Wrs at law and legal . lapxesen
tatlvea of Willis teach deceased, will take no
tice, that oa tha- 7tb day of September, 186,
Kopert Ducxner admiuiatrator or tne estate oi
Willis Leach deceased, filed i the Probate
Court wlthln aud for the said eoii'air ef Vin
ton, a petition, against (hem aa derenoania ana
allegiiir, that on the 25th day Of Match, 1865, ;
the aajU Willis Leach, then in full lite, entered
into a contract In writing with said Robert A.
Byrd, for the ial of the following described
real estate situate in aald Vinton county, to
wlUiThe east half of tha aortkwetl quarter of
aeotion number plnoteen (19) in township num-
ner ten w ox tango nuraoer aevanteen ( h ),
also . about twelve aorea out of the southwest
eornar of the west half of the northeast quarter
of aforesaid aeotion nineteen (19) township
nrniber ten (10) of-ranee' number seventeen
( 17), laying and being all the larta, ia said half
?uarter,on tho west side of lbs- road leading
rom Hamdento'AlIenaville. 'In consideration
of which tald Robert A, Byjrd agreed to pay to
aald Willie Leach tha sum of fonr thounand
dollara, that two thousand dollars of said con-
atderation was paid b hand, and that there re
mains due and unpaid on naid contract two
thousaud dollara with interest 'on aaiit anm
from the 85th day of il arch 1 895, that t'ie
aid balance so due wss to be paid in six
months from tha aald 25th day of March 1865,
that upon . the. payment of - tha consideration
for said realty beug made iq fall, the rali Wil
lie Leseh agreed to convey to aaid 1 Robert A.
Brd or his assigns by a good general warranty
deed, the aaid real estate) that aald Bobort A.
Byrd paid the two thiusend dollars downto
said Willie Lesoh.ln hia lifetime, that laid
Bebert A; Byrd is toady and willing to pay the
oalanca of purobasa money on aald oontraot, ao
soon aa a valid doed can ba made to lira for
said premises, and that the above named per
sons, defendants- are tha hetra at law and legal
reprcaentativea of aaid Willie Leach deceased.
Tha prayer of kald 'petition ia for authority to
make a deed in Aealropleto aaid Robert A.
Byrd, in behalf of aald belra at law, upon pay.
pent of tha residua of aald purohsie money.
Said petition will be fbr bearing on the 8th day
of October 1866,' or aa soon thereafter aa leave
can ba obtained of tha said court. -
i, admr. of W111U Letch, doc,
' i. a. bbattox, att't. . aep28w.
Legal Notice.
The State of OhW. Vinton Co.:
) o'.'T' Ht: ' ''' "'IwPkobati Cov;
- r Petition to cowiow realcontract.'i '
.f ARY PAGE. Lewis Page, Thomas Leaoh,
XTX ' KhodaWullen, Josepn li. Mulltn, Lewis
, W. Leach.; Loaiea C. 'Butkner, Robert BncV-
, "er, Sarah A. Byrd and Rooert A, Byrd,' all of
. l . : . . nr . it i ,. r n
rr ooa county, cisie oi neei v irginia, uoorgs
A. Leach, James H. Leach, Mariamna a. Ogier
and xicnoiasr,ugier,' all or v inton couury,
Ohio, and John B. Leach of Jasper ..county.
' Stat 3 of Iowa, heirs at law and legal represen
tatives of Willie Leaoh deceased,' will tatte no-
.1 ... 1,., An (ha Tl I, J..A fl.ntiinV.. 1 QAJt
Robert Buckner 'administrator of the estate of
Willis Leach deceased, filed in the Probate
Court within and for thesald oouily of Vinton
a petition against them as defendants, and al
leging that oh the 251b day of March 1866, tho
said Willis Leach then in full iHfe, enterod Into
a contract In writing with aald George A. Leach
for the eale of the following dcacrlbed -re&) es
tate) aituated in sal a county or. vintoa to, yrn:
Tho west half of the northeast Quarter of sec
tion nnmber aiaeteeo (19) in township number
ten (10 ) of range aomher aeventeen (17) av a
and except about twelve acres out of the soatb
west aorner .of taid.weat half qnarter, laying
and btlng all the taa-J ia aald half quarter, on
the west side: of the road leading from Ham
den ta -AlUaevflle. In eonai deration of whioh
aaid tiaorga A. Leach agrfad tor pay tha sum
of three tboaasnd .dollars, that two thousand
dollara of aaid consideration waa paid n hand
and that there remains due and unpaid on a'd
contract one thousand dollars. with Intereston
aaid aum from the 23th da of March . ).85,
thit.'ppen the payment ot tha' conalderation
for aald realty, being made Inr full,, the aaid
Willis Leach agreed to convey to' sail George a.
Leaoh or hia aeelgna by a good gonenl warran
ty deed, the said real estuto, that said George
a. Leach paid' trie two thousand dollars down
to said WUiie Leach iu hie lifetime, tho fald
George a.' Loach ia ready and willing to pay
the ballance of purchase monoy on said con
tract, -ao ay n as a Valid deed oan bo made to
blm for aaid premises, and that the above
named persona oTofcndahtK, are heirs at law le
gal repreeeniaflvee iof said Willis Loach de
ceased. The prayer of eaid petition ia for
authority to makea deed in fee simple to said
Georgs A. Leach in behalf of said heirS at law
upon payment of the residua of suid purchase
money. Said petition will be for hearing on
the 8th day of Oolober 1866 .or aa soon therraf
tar as leave can ba obtained of the said Cout?.
-' admr. of Willie Leach deo. 1
BV A. SKATTOW, ATT'tV ; -. Bep)Sw4
Legal Notice.
.tSrIDGET ' FABXEX, (maldeV name
Yj was Bridget ' Dangherty,)' ' Mary
Patigherty, Margaret Datigherty, ahd Con
Daugherty, who reside in the county Of
Dopegall, In Ireland, heirs at law of Micha
el Daugherty, late of the county of Vinton
and State of Ohio, deceased: and James
Daugherty of said county of Vinton, ad
ministrator of the Estate of John Daugher
ty, deceased, late of said eoiinty,' who was
one.of the heirs at law of the said Michael
Daugherty, deceased, will take notice that
Patrick Henry Quinn, administrator of the
eatateof the said Michael Daugherty, de
ceased, on the 13tU day of September, a. .
1866, filed his petition in the Probate Court
withlnid for the county of Vinton and
State of Ohio, altering . that there Is no
personal estate of said decedent wherewith
to DR7 his debts ahd the costs of adminis
tration'; that he died seized in fee simple of
the following described . real estate situate
In said county, to-wlt: , , , r
The west half of the. south west quarter
or section1, five' (5) township eight (8)
raBgeaixteerr (16) containing seventy-four
(74) acres, alto the east, half, of the sonth
east- qitarter of aeetliln'' ixi(6V township
eight (8) range sixteen' (16) ' containing
aeventy-lour acres, and" that he left no
widow entitled to dower In said 'premises',
r The prayer' of 'said.' pelitior! is; for the
aala of a portion: of aaid prrrnises to wii
t be' whole' ol the first described fracr, arid
thirty.fnur acres off fke torih end of said
second described tract for' the ' payment of
Said tpaU'ion; wULbe foi bearlnir on
8iturrJaftTie,.3fl.'dsy 6tOcl66er:A. D,
186Pror si soon thereafter as leave cm
bobuinefl"' ?a'aif
'Bebtember )3 A. WmK' S?-
: . Aatnr. ofrMkhael Daugherty dec
i; i Braton & Mayo, Aftorneys. (
1a Stmu Aim's lotao iaacoooawri ataffTffl
tpaaathina Eootaapi Herbal with an tio
iai carmlnttivaato sluagthM yieBtoreacp
anf" nervenaaystero. Itla cerafn aemedj nf
Pipepia' or lndJgeatlon. Kervoaanaea,, Xosf,
of. Appetite' 'Acidity ptth 8toroackrKlatnIenct
and Debility,' If is itot'alcohollo, tberefbrp'pat'T
tlonlkrly, lultcd, M ;Waai,ervoiul afid , Pytf
iha vawoua wwing- machineaf::irorn
fFrom tha New York Herild.i
Promiuent among -the mwhanicat Trif
umphs bf 'this ,mpst Jngenlona afie, com)
mon honesty "compels ns to notice tha Em
pire Sewing Machine, commended aa Just
ly styled peilectiou itself. Useful aa have
time to time preseniea w me puunc,caL
one of them li as, been cursed with some
radical defect, which detracts from general
utility. . ..Warned by .the experience of his
predecessors, the inventor of the Empire
Machine tu produced ta Instrument, com
bining all Ihft advantages fur which others
are vaunteg.aijd Dviatingr every aeien
which con be attnbuteJ to them by the
most fastidious critic i . 'OOC.; i
,,Tbe Empm Macntue is a marvellous com
bination of simplicity, economy and perfect
workmanship, being durable, free froms li
bility tb get out, o( order, qoltelesi, and ea
sy of operatipn. Its. mechanical eontii
ranee is such as to secure Stability, freo
dom from. accident!. and "accuracy ins to
workmanship. . By the ue of the patented
shuttle and straight needle, it makes' a
stitfCh, which can- neither : rip cor ravel.
while, at the same time, .iy .can, .operate
perfectly upon evorr species . of mateilol
from leather to Cambric, with threads of
cotton; linen or silk, fipm the finest to the
coarsest number. 3 : : -1
' At the Empire : Machine is gratlually
supplanting it .more antique rivals,' no
one in want of a: more uselul iestrurrlent
of thia description, be he or she tailor,
coachroaker, dressmaker or seamstress, can
dn otherwise than teeure.of thrse econom.
leal and inimitable machines, suited, alike
for family and manufacturing purposes.
The: office of the Empire Manufacturing
Co. is at No j 530 Broadway, New York
City, where they are now supplying the
Empire Machines at prices far below the
real value of the instruments. New York
Herald. ,; p ,Tfv '
November 30 1865-1 y ,
liinpire Miiitllc iriaciiuie.
,s Salesroom, 636 'Broadway N. Y. 250
irasAiriotort St. Boston. 921 Chutnut St..
PhiladtvUa.r. ; .,r - i . ,. -f
' PHIS MACHINE. Is constructed on entirely
X new principles of toochanibro, possessing
many rare and valuablo Improvementa, having
raoen examined by the most prorouna expeit
.... - . .
ana pronounced to De ' t
It has attralsht noddle. cotDendlcnlaraotlon
makes the "Lock or Shuttle Sticb,' which will
NaiTiisriHip norBtvtL, and ia alike on both
sides; performs perfeot sowing on every dea rip
tlon or material, from Leather to the finest Nan
sook Muallne, with eotton, linen or silk thread,
from the coarsest to tha finest nnmber.
i Having neither Cam nor Coo Want, and the
(east , noasibla friolion.lt runs ai smooth aa
glass, and is emphatically . '
If requirea , Fiitt fib cent, libs fowib lo
drive it then any other machine in the marker,
a girl eleven yoere of age can work it steadily,
without fatltrue or inlurv to health. J 1.
It strength and wokoibisl sikplioiit of
constrnption, renders it almost impossible to
getont of order,1 and Is ooarbantkd by the
aomtaoT to rive entire eatisfaotioti.
i We reepeetfully Invite all thoaa who may da
sire to supply themselves alto a anperlor arti
cle to come and examine thia ckbivalhd 11a-
I chlna. '
One half hoars Instinotlon la snfflclent.
enable any person to work .thia machine U
their en tire satisfaction, .", .
- Rbuqiocs and Cu abiYablb institdtioks will
ba liberally lsaf(with -
- oints Wantid for all towna in the United
States where Agents are not already asub.'lshed
Also, for Cn'ja. Mexico. Central and South
' merles to whom a liberal disoonnt will be
given. , ! ' '' -
No eonsiffntiientB made stall. Address
Empire Sewing Machine Mi'g
Company, '
. Prin oipla eencles Established: Pittsburg
Ernest atnolm Bsltiraore, ,Ihoa.' f banks
Wheeling, W. Va. W. D:8awkell Bre. Cii
cinnall, O. Mather & Wilson , ,
i November 80th IS86 lvr
'i ; M ANUlJ'AOl'UltEtti',
490 Jiroadway, ew lork.
"The attention of the Public and tho trade
is invited to our Ni,v Scale 7 OCTAVE
for volume and purity of tone are unrivall
ed. by any hrther'.o ffoeMd in this .market
They contain all the modern improvements
t rench; Brand Action, Harp Pedal, Iron
Frame overstrung Bass etc. and earh instrn
ment being irfaJe the personal supervision
of Mr. J. H. Oboveetbbh who has has
practical experience of over" g5 years iu their
manufacture is fully warranted in. every par
iicuiar. . .,,. , . . , .
Tho "GroyeBfeeD Piano Fortep'! ,jr&
, . ceived tljo awari of merit , over al
, otliera. at the celebrated Worlds
'Fair, res' '
. Vbaro were exhibited instruments fram
the best makers of London, Paris. Germany
Philadelphia. Baltimore. Boston and New
York: and also at the .American Instutute
for five successive rears, lbs cold and silver
medals from both, of which . can be seen at
pur ware-room, , .i i i -..
. By the tnteroductlonof improvements we
make a still'niore perfect Piano Forte, and
by manufacturing ' largely ' with a strict 1
cash system, are enabled lo'offer these in
struments at a price which will preclude all
competition.' -
Pbice-No j I, Seven Octave, round corners
Koiewood platn-aaee 937a.
Ho. 3, SoenfOcuVe,h round corner,
Rosewood heavv mouldlne 8300:;
0) ?)
No, S, Seven Octave round corners
itosenood Louis XIV style 335- -'
Terms; Net Cash lo Curren Eisn1e
aTTABetira4Vhotiaaadaaf tba worst aaaea' of
XI Blind amd Bleedlnt Pllea.-. ; ( - " -
1 gives immediate relief, apd effeota a perma4
nent Mre. ..Try it directly., J l warraaatad to,
cure. Tor aaia oy an urnggista at av oenis pa;
tattliM a l f ) La; u :i
yanaarylS.lSIVill.'vnoi ,!? io1
tiANKS of every; 3oaripttoa, tjr sale
at this offlet.
. ; HELMB OLD'8 BUCHU. -..;
.. A ..... .v .. ...
The Only Known Remedy
" ' VitOftt-."--
- '- ' - URINATING'.' '-' '
'. rr - :t y ;i .MbaViJU::
TjM)R these diaessea It la truly a ; sovereign reni
Jj eJy, and too .rauoh can nt. N-atrid tn IU
pralae. A single dose has be kuooq jj re
lieve the mos' urgent symtoms." f'.--
Are you tronblcd itith that mutresalnrf palnln
the small ef the back and through tha Jbivs I iA
teaspoon fnl a day of UolmboldV Bucliu.wUl re
lieve you. 4', ; ill t-ivtlf
pny si oi a n s and" ot h KRa
.vn.t - PLEiSfi N0T1CK.0 ;
v i - . . i ' " -' :
Ixtract Buchn la composed ef Buehti C&bebe,
ana juniper xsernee, seicoto4' witn great vara,
proparod in vaoo o and aooordlng t rotas C , ;
Theta Inaredlontr are knows as tha most vet-
nablDiureUcaff.rded. ,1 '-- .
s't ' r .! ;.' Mi'i '.; ") '
....... . ,ADIURITLC ;vr
; " U that blch sots a pon the kvdners ..
" .. '' r o..' 'v.j oV;
T ,'; ACTS GENTLY. u'::i
- , t . r '?( ' v ' ' v t :i i. ''
Ia pleasant In taste and odor, free from alt itaja
rlona properties, and Immediate ia Ita action.
.'":.' i.'.'f:; -'('.J .-
See Medical properties contained In Dispensa
tory of the U. 8., of whioh lha following la oor-
rect copy ;
"Urjonc Its odor Is strong, difTusive and
aomew hat aromatlo, Its tasU bitterish and aaat
ogona t that of mint. It ta given, cbelfly la
complaints of tha Urinary Organs i sach. aa
uravei, unronio catarrh or mo pii.auetana
Urethra; Diseases of tha prostrate: and Reten
tion or be Incontinence of Urinu, fronva loaa
of tone in the parte concerned initaevocuatlon.
It has also been r ecomended In ' Dyspepsia.
Chronic hheumatbm, Cutunena affeotiona, ana
wrr7-' ' .,,4,. ,v
Pea Profesadr Dowees valuable wok; aalha
practloe of phyoio. , . ',:. )
See the remarks mads by tin celabratad Dr.
Pbyalo, of Philadelphia. ' . . , ;
cee ary ana auaiandara woraa Heeuoiae,
in ; ' L , .:' ' .. . ' :. a. :.-!
..4 :: .'.:. 1 '.. ',." I'':.'-'
- ' . r; :'.'' - Iu-jw
I am acquainted with R. T. Eelmbuld ; ha
ocenpied tha drng store opposite my residence,
and was successful in conducting tba boalnaaa
where others had not been equally ao before)
him. 1 have been favorably impressed with hia
character and enterprise. ; ,.
Vfu. WarbnTami,' 1
1 (i'irmof PoweraA Weightman;) '" :
Manafactnrlng Chemists,
Kinth aad Brown St., Pbila.' 1
From the Phils. Iven'g Bulletin, Marob 10th.)
We are gratified to hear of tha continued suc
cess in New York, of our townsman, Mr. H. T.
Helmbold, Druggists. Bis store, next to the
Metropolitan Hotel, la 23 feet front, 280 feat
deep, and five stories in height.' It ia cartalhly
a grand establishment, and apeaka favorably sf
the morita of hia articles. He returns biaofnoa
and laboratory to thia city, which are also medal
establishments of their class, f,, ...
Tho proprietor has beWindnced tb make thia
statement fram tho fact that hia remedies, al
though advertised, are i . ' Vii' ,';i u:
- : 'I 1 " ! . . n ' . :..''.'
. vk . '! ' '' 1 :! ! - ij.'!' '
. And knowing that tha. Sntelligcat rafraiw
from using anything pertaining to qaaoksry er
the Patent Illedicino order mo$ or whioh ar
propared by ielf-syled Doctors, whe ara to; j
norant'to'reid a pbyaioianVaimpIost preeorlp
tiou, much less-competent to prpaia fbarrai.
(jeaaprcparaaonari.1,.., .., rnI(J y.
lo jf.-LfT f iri'.in-;J ".Miff-
-n 1 ! ' - i .'..V J.tr.'d ''.
to various tneansof effecting.ssil, aaoh as cap.
ying parts ef advertisements of popular raaw
edioa, and 'flnish'nt with oertificaian.. : '
.. Tht Science of iledicine stands aimple.parw,
and majestic, having faot for ita basie lodeaeej
for Its pillar, tiuth alone fotlte osjilr!,- . ( kJ
.1 .. , . ,
:- ,:i 1. iuo'.f " r.o
Ilailth ia moat Important, and " tha aflUelai
ibonld sot use an . advertised medklne,TMnr
remedy, unltfs Ita contents or iogredlanUan
known to othors beside tha manufacturer, or
ttntil they are aatlafled of tha qualidoationa rf
tha party so offering. .1 vjc ; ... n..:i
.1 11 . ..-i.'Eiij
S, -!S mi 5--'.-,?,' l'ol cZ - .r!:jt;
S r. Eelablshed ujiward'cf't'yrst.
. ri.m.q-. r. -:.Um ,aiaOni ..a lot
; Preparedty JT.T.! jUIMBOLB.''
VrWAREHOUSE. 594 BroadwalrN.l
IM&ulh 'uthPejWiil? It odv
ni hw- f r '-. r! "iHi iav tiila.io
-3i SOUiBYAlLiDRUfleBTaX oa 0;
r.; -i;3Ar; sijsinioi ttw at a tit,al.
.. aaaanbaTlaVig6tyi; c: t"r'li t:r
Advertise in tha) RECORD.

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