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W A I A . c E.J. B It A T T p st :
AiBratton's BuHdlrtgi Eait of Uifr ',
oi!J r.r i').Cooi!t-Uuarf.ivo o.i: --x v
One w.'ti'.H W.Vtf.'i ? .!'.; $1 m
lour .months; .y.,. . . M
payment in advance, n all cases. ,
8sv mwiitUxtU
il l McAKTIH It, OHIO:
Keep it before the People
"Silence Gives Consent."
, ! , I (, ;
Some, three) weeks 6inee; we wroto ,an
answ er to H. C. J.rtjelq on"n'grosuf
I'rajro,", and in our; reply to Jonesi w o made'
tho argument, tliat liundy voted to FOUC
uegro Auft'ragc upon the peoplo of tiic
Mrttfct of Cql.uuiblaj and' thd Candidates
oh the It. It. R. ticket endorsed that Vote)
and, that in coriceedliig' to ( thebi honesty
of purpose, wo wvrc bound to conclude
that they believed 'HMo be right that the
negro should vote In the District, and wc
further argued that, If. it warf rlght'for' the
negro to vote In th District of Columbia,
U : would, be equally, right. for,'; tho . .ncl
giQ .in .Ohio j nd.,wj ;clwrged that . tiy
It, Jt.K, candidates w'erclufivvorof letting
the negro, yote in Ohio,. nn'd',palled ' upon
thepi to deny it If they could." But, haVp
they done aV ' Where is thedohiair They
art not deny, it.
lnncc jrlves Consent."' ' Let it be kept' be
fore the people thou,' that' tho 1. 1. tl.
fiididati'4 admit that they lire In favor of
tho negro Voting in Ohio. ' ; ::
..Tltere was qidto a rw.pectjiblc gathering
at thd Rjidleal Uieetli)g on last Friday
The crowd on tho ground., at tho speaking,
Was estimated at from seven to nlno hun
dred, Including tho women, 'who were out
In great force, and a kirgo sprinkling of
.ltemocrntg. ' . ,'. .', . , .,
;!Karlyin tho moruiiig ilvlcgattona from
tjio difl'ercut townships began to arrive.
The most noticeable, one vas delegation
of a hundred and twenty , horsenieuj which
was tatcii In chiirjq by n tlgiire, madecon
plcuoti8 by a few .bros buttons anil con
siderable red sail) , V )vagon load of beau
tiful young ladies, representing the States
.tow riiany we don't know vas ;il luat
toiu'iance. .-. t .. .
: H'aortly after dinner the. crowd coin
meuccd moving to the ground where the
sta nd had been Erected for the speaking
' Tlie ground selected was free from all en
cumbrance' In thcjishapo of trees 'ThU
Vm very well as to space, but 'it gave, the
sun free play. iVlendly parasols protected
about ono-thrd of the audience; the rest
Imbibed loyalty under dilllculty.
The flrsf sjoaker Introducwl, was : '
V ' 116K. is Alt.. iTcKEE, ;
of Kentucky His speech wiwa very fair
. presentation of the Radical position. ' lie
made the, usual defense of the constitution
al amendment, The prinviiial reason for
its adoption seemed to consist in the fear
that ''traitors" would get control of the
Government, but be didn't show wherein
the amendment would provide against it.
The truth Is, it doesn't provide at all
against "traltore" getting Into power.
. Some portions of. tho amendment are
well enough, but It mut be taken or re
jected as a whole. The absurdity of the
; position that "traitors" mvat vote upon It
' In their State Legislatures beforo It ran
become a part of the Constitution, and yet
are not entitled to representation and to
TOte upon it In the Senate and IIoiisc,nccds
no comment. The speaker held out the
amendment as the terms upon which the
South would he admitted to representa
tion, and j et it Is upon record that a reso
lution declaring the Southern' States enti
tled to representation, . upon their passing
the amendment, was voted down. Xew
conditions may bo imposed every day.
. The leaders of the party are in favor of
further conditious,and consider the amend
ment only as a bridge to the coining elec
tions. The legitimate fruit of the war is
' L'nlon; this was its obj.iet and end, and
yet the rights of conquest, which ob
tained in the.Dark.'Ages, were re-asserted
by the speaker a the "legitimate fruits"
of the war for I'nion. (
We were forcibly reminded, while the
honorable gcutlciiian uaa putting fortli
such views, pf the story told on him in
Congress. Afti-r "making an effort" in the
way of a speech In the House, ho turned to
General Itousseau, whose scat was near
. lilm,and putting bis hand to his head, said,
"General I am w ell-nigh exhausted ; I feel
' as If my brains were going to the dogs."
"Poor dogs," wns the consoling reply.
' Mr. McKce, having concluded, a dapper
, '.' little gentleman, who eats the "bread and
, ; butter", which he complimented another
i.. for refuging, stepped forward and uitro
' duced to the audience-- .
,t) who, further thaii: Illustrating "porrietual
ipotionwltlihla orms,,'and making binw
c lelf generally ridiculous, did or Bald notU
tug, worthy of not'- He retired frequent-
y to the corner of the platform, foe! InspL.
tloh, either: from tbd tumbler Which he
f 'tasedf )SO IfreeTy.or the Inspired coliritcrianee
. which, there" beamed upon him." Tie is
poor specimen, and we wohdejf,at dux Rail-
of ci mentis ror not. endeavoring to keep
' elm quiet, 'i r. (- ;gi ())
" -'VWheii Mr.Mcrknd subsided; tlie littlo
J' g(!nlIeWattatoTerefcrreded,"8galri supped
rl'forwird.'and 'annon'tjeed'ftat there" 'Wbutd
.ot 'lie i", nieetlrt In the"evemnfo at the Court
Mirage, uuicu h oiiu ue auuresseu oy uen
raMVlldes and Mr.Bundy. The crowd,
' -
'- - .u "' ii win'imi.wiim.: i , .vLvjiiAzwxzz: z'Z-zz7zzzzLZZ. .
'. n if ! ' 1 i n j . I ""tt n
thlukiug thfrlhtxw lo6 softn oter called for
both gentlemen. ,Ibey apyparf d, aivl after
being introilnctuby tlie klifiticnl litUegen
tlemarf,'' aforesaid,- 'mad? 1 us far remarks,
w hen the meeting 'broKc1 up.'
In the evening, tho: Court ITonsd Twas
well filled by an assembly of ladles and
gcntlenibni' GcnefaT VuideswW the, first
spcaky.'i Wo llslehcdj to h'lm'about a hart
an wf while,' be deliyercil a, rptiier 'Mry
troaticg on the ;"law of. pppuiatlpn" and cu-J
deavorcd to make some connection between
rtimd tm nnnexatlotrof IVxn, the-Mis-sciA-i
!G6ih)rtniis(' 'its repeal, 'and the late
rebellion, tfe ifld'flot stay to leaf if Wheth
er he got dow h later thus jioo, or not. Ho
was elaboratbig the souievjbat new topic
of the 'aristocracy of i the South" when
we left. ,Tle issues of the canipuign won't
sunVr nuieh(t,roiu his hands'. ' .' , ' J . ,
Mr. Bundy was to Yollo'vy General YV-ildes.
We heard hinijTorjsboiit,. fifteen minutes,
on a previous occasion, w hen he endeavored
to prove, by the "sweat of", lijs brow," that
the position (keu by-'lTjljouMis Ewing, in
Ills Better, wo'iilij have Ulloweil the-, South
ern States, duriiig. tlie war, to have been
represented ill Congress, and to have legis
lated for thciv sect jou dyfeatjiig appropri
ation bills Tind, the like ihrougbtlio win
ters, while they fought us in he summers:
and this from, year to year The recollec
tion of tills brilliant performance, together
with.the fiu;ty tbat'AIrjBuudy, w.asi mere
cypher, bj" Congress; that lie , was never
known outside of his District, and that In
It lie had hot recieved the endorsement of
a re-uomlnation by hi friends drew us to
the door. ' , : ' , -
The. Democracy have nothing to fear
from such demonstrations. 'They will show
by their votes on next Tuesday, that nei
ther appeals to ircjndlce,or. importation of
votes, w ill give Vintqii Cpuury to the Radi
cals, i
A Radical Lie Refuted—The "Truth
and Veracity" of the Rump Corespondent
of the Record Illustrated.
'.'" '
. In thy issue'iof tho Record, pn
the'. Oth; of Sdptember, .1866,;, the
Rtniip correspondent of this paper,
has. an ( atjcje,. barging 'Andrew
Johnson- with ,! keeping back; the
soldiefs bounty; He . said, "Truth
is, Andrew, the great," has decided
that the soldiers shall have noth
ing, and be and bis clan, are do
ing everything ttey 'can to teep
the, .Bpldiers from , getting, any
bounty;"... !i ' t-.. ,
We give below a circular issued
from the War Department, 'giving
the lie to tho charge. . It is by
such ", base fabrications, as the
charge we refer to, that .the Radi
cals endeavor to secure votes.
Read tho circular. . .
WASHINGTON, Sept. 29, '66.
In order to correct misrepresen
tation in respect to the payment of
tho bounties authorized at the last
session of Congress, the Secretary
of .War directs the following state
ment to be published:
' The pavment of bounties to sol
diers under tho act of Congress has
not been delayed by any action or
interference of the 1'resident.
Soon aAer. the ail journment of Con
gress, a board, witli General Canby
as. l'residcnt, was organized to
prepare rules and regulations lor
the payment of tho authorized
bounty. This duty involved in it
the consideration of numerous acts
of Congress, and the regulations
and practice of several bureaus,
and upon which depended the prop
er disbursement of our fifty mill
ions of dollars among more than a
million, claimants.. The body de
voted themselves to their work,
and when it was completed, made
a report to the Secretary of War.
That oflicer revised the regulations,
arid having doubts in respect .to
some legal points determined by
the Board, referred their report to
the Attorney-Uenerah who,1 after
cbnsidefation, advised . certain
changes. ' The matter was again re
ferred to the Beard, with mstruc
tions to revise and amend the reg
' This was done, and the amended
regulations, being approved by the
Attorney-General, were promptly
published, and orders issued to
carry '-them into' effect..' ; In the
W hole procedure there was rib in
,terference by the President or the
Secretary of the Treasury. -The
report was not suppressed nor seen
by either of them.' The; reguki
tions were? prepared under' the di
rection qt, he Secretary or , war
-witht asu.niuch diligence : aa-, the
difficulties of the subject' and 'the
magnitude f' the disbursements
ttould admit " '"" ' "
, . in respcii to, me oraer.,tempora:
rilv susnendenc Davnaent-nf .hnnn
ties to colored troopsf Coagtess had
manifested an anxious desire, by
amendnients,. Qf, h$ iact, to , secyfp
the bounties 4o , (.ool9red , jkolUie?,
and' to 'protect him against frau'dy.
lent',' agents ''arid assignees'.' Tlie
amount of these 'bounties is esit
mated at' nearly twenty millions of
dollarit -. J , ! T, . ,''.:.);ii
tThe Secretary of . War felt jt.his
provide any additional
checks th'nt might'secure tho boiin
ty to colored soldiers, and. piotect
the treasury. against fraud. ,.The
subject was, therefore, .referred, to
General Canby's board and .upon
their report being made, payment
of : thsse' bounties Was !ordered.--i
For the; temporary! suspension, of
payment -neither the President nor
the Secretary of the Treasury js re;
sponsible. AH the itinie" taken up
was required by justice to tho col
ored soldiers and' fhe-public treas
ury, : and fo carry outf'fh! manifest
purpose f Congress; ao.As tO pro-
tett thy soldier, as fa,r, as ,migh bQ
done ,by. carefully, prepared, regula
dons against being cheated ' but of
hfs' bounty'. " ' '
uuty to nave, tne regulations, o tlie
so" as to
, ,
By 6Tder of he Secrefary of War:
Guard the Ballot Box.
We publish below,' . teferences to
the laws, arid apart of the acts to
preserve tho purity of elections in
Ohio, to which we cal' the special
attention of our friends at tho polls,
at the ensuing election:
sec. 10 ot act ol Jlitcli 3U, 1811-Kwnn
Slat uet; 332-. " i; . .. ?
Be it enacied. That, any person . who
eliall procure, aid, assist, counselor advise
nilo'fier to go or coin into any county, for
the purpose of giving his vote in such conn.
ty, knoaing ihut the person is not duly
qualified to rote in such county,' shull on
conviction thereof be imprioned ;in the
I'enieiiiiarv tnd k'ut t . hurd abor, not
more than five years udr less than one yea'r.
We are authorized lo rifera reward .of
9100 for the conviction of each person, who
shall violate the above act. " '
The following provisions will bo
found on page 83, of Laws of .1864,
Vol. 61, Ohio Laws:' . t
hKCTiox 4. Any person who shall wil
fully vote in any township or waitl In
which he has not actually resided for twen
ty days next preceding the election, (unless
authorizod to do so by law,) shall, on con
viction thereof, ' be Itnprisouod In the jail
of the proper countyv not more thiui six
months nor less than one mouth.
Sec. 5. Any person belnnr a resident of
tnu state, w no snau go or conic mto. an.v
county, and vote' in such county, not be-
lnjr an actual resident thereof lor thirty
uays next prcccdlnK; the election, (unless
authorized to do so by law.) shall, oh con
viction thereof, bo imprisoned in the peni
tential'', and kept at hard labor, not more
than three years, nor less than one year.
And thelollowing will be iounu
on page 17 of Laws, of 18G1, .Vol.
58, Ohio Laws: . .. (
Skc. 0. ,iothinK in this art contained, so
far as the sahio - rotates to the length or
time required of the voter to reside in the
township of ward where he offers to vote.
shall be held, taken, or construed, to ripply
to luiy voter who is the head ot a lainiiy,
who shall bona ride remove with his fam
ily from one ward to another within the
corporate limits of anv city within this
State, or shall remove, from one township
to another within the same county.orshnll
remove from a ward of a city to a town
ship within the same county, or shall re
move iroin a township to a ward or a city
within the same county : Provided that
a voter, tlie head of a fa mil v. re.
niuvinj' from any township in this State'
to any ward within the corporate limits of
a city in the same countv. shall not have
the right to vote at a municipal election in
such city unless he shall have resided in.
such city twenty days prior to such elcc-
Above are tho laws now in force,
and as we know of attempts to vi
olate these acts, we urge our friends
to be vigilant and bring the par
ties to punishment.
The Proceedings of the Rump Congress.
The Romp Congress, wliii h we are asked
to sustain in the person of J ihn T. WiUnn.
sat seven mohtbs, and il.is is about all ihe
woik it did
l. It passed a bill for negro w.flrage in
the District of Columbia.
O ll ofu1ad nB.n .i,A',n,.a Iaa !..'
2. It exfemiecl neirro stiffince to all the
Territories cgainst the will of their people,
o well as those of the Disirict.
3. It pasMfd a " Civil-r'tfhu Bill." by
H.ich a minister is punished for not uniting
whi'.et and blacks in marriage, tnd it fines
and imprisons hotel keepers, if hey do not
allow negroes to sit at tlie first lutie with
their guests. :. ' '
4. It passed one amendment to the Con
stitution making the negro. s citizens of the
United States, and another punishing States
(hat will. not allow negroes to vote, by de
priving them of representation in Con
grew. . 5. If passed a bill giving twelve millions
of dollars to the negroes of he South ii
support then thrrugh the year. -They called
this the Freedmen's Bureau Bill.
Having thus worked for the negro, we
turn to see whs K did for (he ivhito man
and we firid thlrfyeeoh). - '
. . 1. 1(;: voted the vhite loldier. wto had
served In (he army twd yearB fifty dollars,
bounty; and for three years, one hundred dol
lars bounty. ' J - U 1 ". ..i ,
' 2: U voted to themselves two : (housand
dollars. as bak.psy donation,' and it in
creased their sarj .for lbs fti(ure two thou
sand dollars yeai! . .... 1
. This is rta legislation for the white ma.i'.'
If. uVttRump. passed any other important'
tawty ine lari nas not transpired. Jt took
telyes! That m all".
cafe of the negroes, and it took ce of them-
Keep the Ballot-Box Pure.
i See that uo Imported vofes . are cast,
without atdnillenge and have the. oath ad
miukA red; read the law. in (his paper on
this subject. Let all parie see that no
Illegal voes are casf. . ! -.,
Our County Ticket
ArS all pien In whorn the people can put
their trust vvlth safety. Our candidates
iniist'and shall do rTght. " 'We uphold . no
man knowingly,' for office, who doea not
conie.up to hc.Jelrersouian requirement,
tQ Avit; They aro honest, qualilied itndac;
comuiodatlng oflicer.. We will be the first
to chm go a breach of .confidence and hon
est conduct, against any officer we lielp (o
decH who betrays the trust the people puts
In thtm. Then, let (is all rally to their sup
port '! . ; !'
"Hell, Hemp or Canada for Traitors!"
i .. tor ! . .
Tie above was the-motto of the
Federal Officers of Vinton county,
andjyhich the Oracle ot the"'Vin:
ton,)ads. attempts to deny was ap
plied ? to Democrats. For ' whom
was it put up above the Federal
office's in. "He Arthur? ...There .were
no Southern Rebs. here.. , Jfo I but
Democrats were called, out, and
brajing Rads. would stand and grin
'arid 'point up to the above motto,
and indicate that the motto Was
their portion if they attempted to
say a word against Jfr. Lincoln, his
Cabinet, .or the Government, as
they called the officials, who were,
in fact, only :the servants of the
peopTe. i; Don't lie out of it, gents.
It won't win I ' ' .
That'pol. lloore is' opposed, to De
grees iyoting, and that John T. Wil
son i8 in favor of negroes voting.
Choo'se'Vwhiclij'ou, will,, stippbrt
next.Tuesday. c : ::.,' ; .,. ,
And vote the" National Union Dem
ocratic, .picket," upon which, yoit
will find good and - true, uncondi
tional Union men-men who are
in favor ''. of ermal." taxation find
equal . rights. . . .i ,
Not Contradicted, except by H.
C. Jones.
Some three weeks ago, tho Peo
ple's Defender, a newspaper pub
lished in Wilson's own county, the
man Jones asks you to voto for as
your next Congressman, charged
said Wilson with being a deserter,
and said Wilson has not dared to
deny ij;. ,But II.' QV Jones, cpietto
the rescue and calls; the. charge.
VLow Mean Conteniptible."
Nowj we submit to you, reader, if
this. is tho way to . answer ' a direct
charge before an intelligent com
munity? Col. Hooi-e was in ; the
service, at the front, was wounded
and honorably discharged. If any
such charge was laid to him, ;it
would bo met at once. ,
Is it true that Wilson dare not
deny it? '.'"
Soldiers—No Taxes for
; Keep it before the people, that
the War Department, at Washing
ton, have estitriated that the negro
troops provided for by the1 Rump
Congress, in - bounties . alone,
amounts to 820,000,000,! tnd that
this same Rump Congress has tax
ed the crippled soldier, soldiers'
widows and orphans to pay these
bounties, and lets tho Rad.. candi-
date for Congress in this District,
Wilson, go untaxed On 8S0.000 of
. 7 0 "7
his property in bonds.
Keep it beforo the Soldiers, that
the Radicals of McArthur have in
their hands, at this very hour, over
$75,000 bonds that are exempt
from taxation, while every dollar
of the soldier and poor man is tax
ed, and this to pay white men 100
of a bounty and a nigger, $300
bounty, and, further, to pay these
same bondholders the interest on
their bonds. -..-:
[For the Record.
Cheap Boarding.
Record: Persons having
business in McArthur, during this
ter.m of Court, would do , well to
stop at5Kaler Uotel. . The(iSquire
is uncommonly, clever '.aboiit this
time; some person's he only charges
half price, and others', nothirig at all.
Wonder if be' will do safter" the
" do to'tue olls ablV,! see to It
that every Democrat And Conservative man
votes In your township ' "
.frepaitd ly omf their xumhr.
' ' " Remember, '
That at the September Settlement,
18(55, j-our County Treasnrer was a
DEFAULTER to tho amount of
81,000 That a dishonored draft
for the .amount of 4,000 had' to be
counted as money to make up that
deficit. ...:.,,, .... . ,r , ! . .
liememler, that this matter has
been beforo the public for trix
months, and yet the Court House
Clique dare not venture an explan
ation of that 'which, by the statute
of Ohio, is embezzlement.1 V
Rkmember,' : ,:! :
That' at the September settlement,
18G5, the' County Commissioners
allowed an attorney $80.00 for
making, the'. Auditor's' (It." C
Moore's) settlement with tho, Treas:
urer.. . , . . . " ',. '
., Jie?nemher , that at the settlement
September, 18C6, tjiey allowed
$50.00 for making the Auditor's
settlement with the Treasurer.
Hemembm that this $130.00
came out of the County Tieaeur,
in addition to Moore's present large
salary. '
' Remember, that this $130.00
is paid for Mr. MooreV inability to
do the legitimate business of his
office. '., : . '
Iicmembert that the records of the
couuty (commissioners' : proceed
ing) show this allowance, and that
they dare not deny the facts.
: . Remember, ;
That Judge Craig has never caused
an : examination : of tho County
Treasury to be made since he came
into' office as Probato Judge.
' ' " ! ' : Remember, ;
That ?2,700 of your county money
is now loaned out. to individuals,
this in violation' of the law of tlie
. .,' ' ' . . Remember, , .'.'
That the election is one- week from
. Eememhry M vte. loro "QS-.
est, competent men. . .
' Remember, i
That the candidate for Auditor on
'tho,rbutteriibt" ticket, 'was High
Vn&it in thd "Sons' of Liberty" or
"Knights of the Golden' Circle ;"
that, as such, he administered oaths
to men and boys, swearing them
to RUN AWAY, or . RESIST, if
uriuieui 1111s at xuquianu town
ship, Vinton count', Ohio. 1
' ' lif member, '.'
That the. allidavits of three good
men on file to this effect and he
ciaro not aeny it : .
. Remember, . j
That our county finances have been .
deranged; our public moneys have
been draggled about tho county in
private loan and personal ppecula-
Hon; the funds of the common
Treasury have been thrown into (
the pockets of favorites in reckless i
land trades; all this, regardless of j
the interests of honest tax-payers j
of the county, and in' defiance of;
just indignation of the labor-!
ing people. Those men who "hold ;
the keys," wink at the iniquity of
each other, or join in the common'
spoil and speculation. And yet ,
they will again ask your support, j
to it that they are routed, and ,
that competent, honest, intelligent1
and loyal men are elected on' the 1
2d Tuesday of October. If we i
come up to the fight like men, we i
march to victory like veterans; j
. . ' .
$300 to "Niggers"—$100
Bounty to White Soldiers.
The biggest falsehood of the j
campaign was peddled around the
country by Andy Johnson in his
Northern raid, and has been re- j
by all the small fry of but-
ternut stumpers and papers until I
of them really believe there
is something in it.
Every soldier of 18G1-2. who was
properly on the rolls, received S100
bounty. Every
three year soldier,
that enlisted; after October, 18G3,
got $300, if he was a recruit, and
400, if he was a veteran. Soldiers
all know this fact
'' The paymasters, under old: laws,
refused to payawy bounty to color
ed troops. Congress directed that
colored soldiers have the same bounty
as white- soldiers. . The colored sol
diers are not getting any addition
Ah BocJiXT and the contemptible
effort of the copperheads to make
it appear that they are, is , mis
statement of facts, a, libel upon
Congress an effort of Andy John
son and his party to mislead the
honest people
Kaffimwi'L'.o,'1?; '.'.'. 23
t'inls, per year, U'tt lim-ji, . ,, & OO
X y tices of , K wnub i AdwiinLitra-
7 tow anilGuaAlinns. '2'flO
Attaelniient notiees Mttve J. 1't.- - 'Z M
Loc:d tftieHl Uii ii l U. l It 1U
Yearly ndvcrtl-nnefttl win he charged
$! jxV coliimrt.- and at' SoilK)HrJiUff
rate for less than a Tormrm. riyable a
advance r -T' TT J o ,n . 1 q
Negroes are not ; mentioned; in
the act of Congress, granting ad
dftioual bounties, r''t v i
' A n'o'th'er falsehood '.peddled out
by butternuts is that there is no
appropriation to pay,.fildiers the
late bountyl , The bill is' a1 part of
the general appropriation bill, and
the Department at.Washintpn has
said that the bounties will be paid
out of the general appropriation.
As to .niggers getting bounties, we
have only to say that i the ' 300,000
negroes, who went into the annv,
SAXD C01TERHEADS ; for, the
Union ineii had already yoTunteer
edv ond if .aylraft bad ,beeu,,ad?
lor 300.000 'white men to "take the
place of those negroes; nine out of
every ten drafted would hhVo been
butternuts. Tho nigger who, went
to war earned his'botiiity-the but
ternut who went to Canada to avoid'
the draft, failed to. earn, anything
but the contempt of loyal men.
Butternuts coniplain,;.of. the "''nig
ger," when, in fact, th6 niggers
dono the. fighting .those rself-samo
Copperheaded' Knights-bf-the-Gol-den
Circle - peace-on-anyrterms-Sons-of-Liberty
felliwhdrild have
done, had they not been too cow
ardly. Where-Is -vouri Priests of
the Sons of Liberty''?. TroVeiriur,
a,nd let us seo their .valor and maiy
hood I . Where, is your man who
siri'ars men not to go to , war ? '
Where' is the men who' leaf th4
Goverriment Will pay the "niggers"
what it owes thein? The Govern
ment will have to pay premticmron
cowardice and give bounties to
"Canada Veterans" before they get
any bountyl , . , , ' . ,
We say the negro 'soldier is not
getting an additional bounty. Tho
bounty the Government is paying
him to-day, the white veteran and,
recruit received when ho was dis
charged, and no honest man' can
show tho contrary. . , ,.
That Column of Abuse!
haVc gone to hard: drinking-even
Jdgo Kaler, it is insinuated, has
formed the habit, of "frequenting
the flowing bowl." Now, Kaler is
well known in this county, and tho
malice of the villain who will come
down to tho insinuation that, he,
like Andy Johnson, is buying votes
with bread and butter- and bad
whisky, or that he is in tho habit
of drinking, is apparent to every
the body at first sight.' !
We have made no such pitiful
charges against his om)onent,Judgo
Craig, and will not. - Wo have said
that he (Judgo Craig) failed in the
discharge of hisduv, as to the ex
See amiuation of the County Treasury?
Judge C. has' not disputed our
charge. We have no little, 'mean
lies to tell about him, and ther poor
cuss who tries to lie on Judge. Ka
will ier, in the manner he, has,: is: only
injuring his own , character,, if lie
lia.anY ! , ; ;J
. I hen ho has a great fish story
about Jlr- l'elton: that ho rFelton
saiJ Irishmen would .lie, - &c? that
F. had said he was too. old to
W0l k ,lis farnV wanted the Au
peated UHtoi's office on. that accbunt, Ac;
ail(1 then,, n lot of 'miserable abus
some. ve stuff, that would', disgrace; ;tbe
mouth of a, lishwoman. ,:.,, .
The fellow who lied so shamo-
iiiny auout jonn uouduis, seems
to ha"lJriinia''f)raTRWboofl' He
pitches into Judge .Kaletf Teause
he (Iv.) don't charge largo enougji
hotel.bills ; and says that "he, (K.,)
with all the ticket,', flock to1 tho
'Magnolia Saloon," just rjpposito
the hotel." Well, what of it? Doe's
Kaler owo the', "boobv"' anything
hfor nro vision?
If not, it is none of
his business if he gives it; , away.
iias llio "noo n" anv liitprrst in
the "Magnolia Saloon?" ' If not, it's
none of his business if everybody
goes there, or if they don't. 1 But
ho has been lookinR through dr'unk-
en ovo. and cvorvhndv Ki'pniR .to
e liavp never said that Dr
0,ore was a gooa bad, of mdifler-
r111 pysician.- it s none orfur
Dusiness. we naye nearu veniavKs
made by the Doctor, Jhat were of a
personal riatureau'd'yet far moro
of public -interest' than anything
they claim to refer to Mr. rY Have
we ever repeated them?"' It's c'on
temptiblerit's'mean'f famrweliave
not dragged nien's privatri Charac
ters or business before the 'public,
and we shallVno't do it. We have
said that Dr. jifoore was ,a.a , .active
opposer of the. Admin is tratioju and
the war. .. He: was n "Son ctiLiber
ty"ot a "Knight of the Golden Cir
cle" we do not khowf h'6f rjjre'ex
actlyvhlch: f What he.aso'tte in
(Continued on Fourth Pg )

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