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8tu intou $ttt&.
THURSDAY, - - - OCT. 4, 1800.
DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. [Election Day, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 1866.]
For Secretary of Stole. .
of fcbolby Couuy.
For Supreme Judge.
A JJmuilluu County.
Tnr yietnl Jinanl of Public Works,
Ol ASllluild Cblllilji
For Congressman of Mth District.
Colonel OSl'AK F. MOO ME,
of bciuto comiiy.
For Judy of Ihe Cowl of Common Pleas
id Sub-iiicision of 7th Jiiiliritil J J int.
of Jncksoa county.
Democratic County Ticket.
For Auditor.
Dr. Henry C. Moore.
For Treasurer.
Henry ICeyiiohls.
For Probate Judge,
ltichnrd Craig.
For Clerk of th Court of Common Pita,
George Luntz.
For Sheriff,
John J. Sliockcy.
For Coroner.
Dr. J. A. Monulion.
For Commissioner,
Thonins Mngce.
"NVk give above the correct
names of all the candidates on
our Ticket. Sec to it at the
polls, that all the names on
vour ticket are the same as
tun pat :
Kiironoli Wlntu Soldier,
For i'ch hogro soldier,
For each Member of Conrets,
ftrihe food, clothing ami schooling1 of Negroes,
for the Inmilies of White- Soldiers,
For Coogrcw,
Those desirous of voting this ticket will
cut it out and preserve it, as they icill hard
ly gut on more genuine. . . '
We know, and can prove,
that our opponents have im
ported voters into 'Swan,
Brown, "Wilkcsville and Elk
townships, in order to defeat
our county Ticket. "Vc
charge it as a fact, that a cer
tain citizen of McArthur, went
into Wilkesville, and then and
there, offered a citizen of
Wilkesville $150 if he would
get 13 Democrat votes forFel
ton. Now we dare Mr. Marks
to deny this fact, and to deny
that this $150 was not a part
of the pony purse and funds
left by J. T. Wilson their
candidate for Congress, to buy
up votes. Our citizens will
note these things, and if any
illegal votes are cast see that
the parties are prosecuted for
it. Let us all unite to preserve
the purity of the ballot box.
Look out for all kinds of lies
on the eve of the Election.
Such has been the game at all
of our preceeding elections and
it will be more so, we doubt
not, next Tuesday. Our tick
et is fairly in your hands, and
our candidates are all worthy
of your support. The State is
certain for the Constitution and
Union, if every patriot will
only do Ins duty.
Ex-Gov. Charley Anderson,
one of Ohio's talented sons has
abandoned the Kads. Made
a brilliant speech in Dayton
yesterday, denounced Con
sress and endorsed the Presi
dent. Bully for Anderson.
That Mr. Homer "Cicero' Jonet is running
the Fied-Duuglus-Annt-Dickasou Parly in
this county, and endorses the preterit Con.
gress, who have not done a jingle thing for
the white man, but on the contrary, lias done
wy thing in favoi of the negro.
PtmocrtU, aom of tb Imported votars tre gW
tlf aiok of their bargain, and on yesterday
morning were seen with their " sachet on a
ttarSb," If some other " Liberals" do not
, taMaim inta their Liaiaon, he will not vote in
' "Vinton coonty. Let it be remembered that ha
and All of the in ported voters are only hare
femporarily and lawfullyhave no right to rote.
Mr. his next friend, H.
C. J.—We hurt his feelings—We
retract—He is not a Colt at all; he
is a full-grown "Hoss."
Some zealous friend of Mr. Jones' who
signs himself JI. C. J., has a communica
tion in the last issue of this paper, iu
which he accuses us of trying to insult Mr.
Jones, by calling him the Vinton Colt."
"ow, there was no Intention of insulting
Mr. Jones. We did not know lie was so
sensitive. We had always considered him
ns being rather thick-headed, and as hav
ing the feelings which usually accompany
the same. Besides, like figurative express
ions, nre of common use.
There is a prominent politician in this
State, who, for a long time, was called the
"Butler Poney." Sam. Medury was wide
ly known as the "Whcel-hoss" of the De
mocracy. In such distinguished company,
we thought tho "Vinton Colt" should have
a place. Whether or no, ho w ould ever
arrive ut the full stature of a "hoss," or even
a "pony," w as, w ith us, a very difficult
Xow, a few words, ns a set-off to the
complimentary allusions to the communi
cations of II. V. J. A word as to insulting
In hi speech at Swan Township, Mr.
Jones, we can not always distinguish him
from II. C. J. made use of the following
silly expreslon, in a poor Imitation of the
chaste stylo of Parson Brownlow : "The
Butternut party will stink iu the. nostrils
of honest men long after the name of Ju
das Isoni lot becomes respectable." The
point,as well as the exquisite beauty of this,
Is seen at a glance. The question of It be
ing an "lnsultiug expression" is only made
doubtful by the consideration of Its source
But to return to II. C. J. On the suppo
sition that he has reflected himself in the
Record, under the facetious heading of
Opposition Arguments," we may as well
take a glance at him. If a drag-net could
be cast over his productions they would be
found to consist mostly of low slang ex
pressions, 'coinY'ying charges against men,
better in every respect than himself. There
is, in none of them, even so much as
an attempt at an argument on the Issues
of the campaign. He has shown himself a
political "bushwhacker," entitled to none
of the regulations of political warfare
An Imitator of Parson Brownlow in every
thing but force, he worries the "devil" for
"italics" to lend point to his meaningless
phrases. His only excuse is his want of
capacity. This pica none can gainsay, nor,
for this can we blame him. It is his mis
fortune nud not his fault. But in the name
of fairness, honesty and decency, we charge
him with having violated them, each and
all. We ridicule him, because his every
performance is ridiculous. We hold him
In contempt for that he prefers appeals to
prejudice to appeals to reason ; for that he
slights truth to court falsehood, prefers
slang to sense, revels in abuse and vituper
ation, despises candor, shuns fairness, and
is an avowed enemy to political honesty.
Looking at the reflection of himself, as
seen iu this paper, we say,
"With every feature of a knave complete.
If thou'rt honest, thou'rt a dcvlish cheat."
To the Soldiers of Vinton
County and the State of
It is a fact, and we ask you, fel
low-soldiers, to put it square at the
Radicals, that their Rump Con
gress passed a law exempting about
one-fourth of the entire wealth of
t he country from taxes, and which
makes you poor men, who peiilled
your lives to protect the rich bond
holderssuch men as Mr. Wilson,
the Radical candidate for Congress,
against the gallant Col. Moore,who
bore the heat of the contest with
Soldiers, put it at them, that a
Democrat introduced a law in Con
gress to exempt from taxation the
first 5,000 of the property of eve
ry soldier who lost an arm, or a
leg, or was otherwise crippled in
the service. This was voted down
by the soldier-loving Rads. of Con
gress. Soldiers, put it at them, that a
Democrat moved to exempt !d,UU0
from taxation of the soldiers prop
erty who died and left a widow; and
a like exemption from taxes for the
deceased soldier s orphan children,
until they were old enough to earn
a living; and that these Radical
Rumpers voted all these measures
Soldiers, what say you will you
support the men who want to make
the rich bondholders help to sup
port the war-worn veterans and
cripples, as Col. Moore proposes to
do: or will you support the Kadi
cal, Wilson, who owns 80,000 in
bonds, and who is endorsing this
Congress and their acts, and who
is thus making the war-cripples,
war-widows and war-orphans pay
taxes to support these bondholders
and rich pets of aristocracy.
Fellow-Soldiers, consider these
things they are true as Iloly Writ!
Let it be Remembered
That any charges made by Captain Homer
"Cicero" Jones , (formerly of the 18th O. V,
I., and now command 1115 tht "boys in blue"
who assembled in Mc Arthur on the 28th,
ult.) ere merely statements made by him
and are fab. If these charges, made dur
ing this campaign, were true, the "late cap
tain" wculd prove them by responsible men.
Wa tch this "late captain," be will stoop
anything to elect the Abolition ticket.
Go to the polls.
"Broke Jail."
The Darling Booabas, ho doee op the so
called Argument for the Radical corner of the
Beoord, week before last, takes exceptions to
oar term" Broke Jail," and hu made thsaa
toondlng difeivory, thai, became , Haley
Thcn.pKn did tool ",a brick displace, not a
bar cut, not a lock broken, he ie lermltted
to walk open society a reconstructed Bettor
nut Burglar," then he did not break jail. We
(Imply stated the facts, using the word " broke
jail," and adding " by mean of a false ke)'n
Now, ronl d not arj fool, on reading our nolle,
see thsf it was not necessary to move bricks or
cut bars, to get out, aa a murderer did, when
we nada Republican Sheriff, and that, tov, af
ter he had bee n convicted of murder in (he first
degree. But this wm all a mer pretext to
frame a few Ilea upon, and charge on our Treas
urer and Shariff, for p oli.ical effect.
Democrats and Com ervatlve men ol Vinton
(whom you call Traitors,) undoratand these ok)
tricke a '.be eve of elections to catch votes.
Before Thompson was arrested you made a
hovl, becauao the targlara were not arrester1.
Now you howl because the Commissioners
ruado an effort to rrrest, and spent some money
to make the arrotts, and indlit, not as you
say, at a coat of 41,500, but only rooh a was
What do you meant Pi J yon expect tbi
Treasurer and Sheriff to bear all the expoa se of
arretlUag these criminal I If so, why no
make your officers pay for ai Testing all crim
inals I Oh, what loaiol What a Solomon thon
art. What legal conclusions from tUs Doctor
of Laws.
But that if not all. Tou know that ths jail
door waa locked, and that all tbe necessary cau
tion was used to secure Thompson, that hss
been uudever since we had a jail. Iti strong
ly hinted that Rads. furnished Thompson with
a key to g'. out with, in order to make capital
to dofeit Sheriff Shocksy this fall. How sbout
that, Mr. Oracle of the opposition I Do yoa
deny that there is not strotig elrcumstantia) ev
idence of Oils I Thompson waa furnished a key
by somebody, as it I believed by our best men.
Who swore, on tbe examination if Mills, that
our Treasurer furnished opportunity to burglars
to examine onr safe dto., asyou say aWnesses
swore," Thl job waa well plp dl" What wlt
noaa swore a single word about cur Treatnrer
being connected with " piping the job I" Mot
a alcgle witness, and you know It, and knew
you were sUtlrg a falaehood when you so said.
Again, you charge tba( Thompson wont out
of jail a "reconstructed Butternut," Ac
Now, you know that ia not so, that Maley
Thompson came to this town a prisoner, and
an officer of tn Radical party in Congress,
holdiog an appointment, under the Govern
ment, aa a secret detective of the U. S. Treas
ury, that he had been appointed by the direct
influence of the heads of tho Treasury Depart
ment and their officials wh held a conference
with him at "Washington a few months be fore
he waa arrested, that he was getting from these
same Radio al officials three dollar a per day and
all expenses paid, that, too, while he was
piping .the job ot blowing our county safe, as
you say. rhoae thiogs were all aworntoby
cffii-ors of the Government, on the examination
f Oailord before Esq. Caw, which yotr, Mr.
Oracle, reduced to writing at the Instance of
Erq. Case, and consequently you mut have
known theae facta. Thompson waa a Lour.
LaaovEa,and,we are informed that you, Mr.
Oracle, gave aid received the grip from him,
on one occasion. Do you deny (his t Come
out and let the people hear from you fully, and
not go round through the county insinuating
and printing these lies to honst men, and
thereby injuring your neighbors and honest
officera, against whose offioial duty not one
word can be truthfully ssid. Why don't you
meet the Democracy oc the stump, and with
the pen, in fair and honorable discussion.
Your party dare not do it.
E yox, Presiding J utlge, de
livered an opinion in Schuylkill
County, Pennsylvania, and has
decided that a charge ol deser
tion, from the Army of the
United States, does not pre
vent a citizen from voting at
State and County elections.
He holds the act of the Legis
lator unconstitutional and void.
The Trustees of the Township
were indicted and convicted,
for refusing to let two deserters
vote. A number have been
kept from the polls in this
county on this account. Let
every man offer his vote and if
the Trustees rcluse your vote
have witnesses whom you can
prove this refusal by, and our
word for it, the question will
be settled.
Buying Votes.
Some of the Radical or "Dead
Duck" party leaders are trying to
buy up votes enough to carry this
county at the election next Tues
day. We would, just remind all
those, having money to expend in
this way, that those who aid, assist,
or advise men to come into any
county, for the purpose of voting,
when such person is not qualified
to vote in any such county, are
liable to imprisonment in - the
Penitentiary, and that the Peniten
tiary in this State can hold any
"shrewd fellow," even if he has
been in any other Penitentiary.
Let our Democratic friends in the
several townships see that none
the hired men vote. Preserve the
purity of the elections. Keep your
eye on the Radicals I A number
of their leaders in this town ought
to be "reconstructed," and then we
think they would cease hiring men,
at twenty-two dollars per month,
to come into Vinton county to get
their washing done.
The people of Vinton county
should not place the least confi
dence in the stories got up by
IlomerJ ones, (who expects to be
assistant Auditor if Felton is elec
ted,) and published in the two pa
pers in this county, about the
"Court House Clique," "County
Treasury," "Dishonored Drafts,"
"Court House Rats," &c, &c, as
there is no truth in such stories.
They are lies manufactured to
order, and are mere electioneering
inventions. Jones and three or
four other half-starved office-seeking
followers of Old John Brown,
who are anxious to get their hands
into the public money, delight in
circulating such 6tories, just before
every election, in order to make the
hard-working men of Vinton coun
ty think that the Democratic
officers steal every cent of money
that they lay their hands upon, and
that if they (the people) will only
elect a few Abolition-Gibsonites to
the county offices then everything
will be right. They want some
thing to howl about just before an
election in this county. No Demo
cratic county officer has ever stolen
one cent of the people's money
but that makes no difference they
want to howl about something.
They are not satisfied with plunder
ing tho county for the last five
years; they are determined to raise
the "stop thief" cry. It is a great
wonder that Jones &Co. do not
have something to say about
the theives and treasury seekers in
their own party, and not continue
to make false charges against
Democratic officials a few days
before an election. Jones 6ent his
lying twaddle, which appeared in
last week's Record, under the head
ing of "Tax-payers and voters of
Vinton County," to the Zalcski
Herald last week, and the editor
was manly enough" to decline pub
lishing it.
Vote the Democratic Ticket
Jones & Co's lies to the contrary,
Look Out for Spurious Tickets!
Let all our Democratic friends be
'on the look-out for spurious tickets.
A party that will hire men to come
into this county and remain until
after the election, for the purpose
of voting the Radical Abolition
ticket, (as it has been discovered
that the Radicals of this county are
trying to do so,) is mean enough to
have fraudulent tickets printed and
circulated. Read your ticket care
fully before you vote, and see that
the names of all the Democratic
cadidates are on it. Get to the
polls early, and examine all the
Democratic tickets before voting.
Don't Scratch.
Kvery Democrat should vote mi wboli
ticset. Don't erase a name. A Democrat who
would advlso Ton to do so, has some personal
sploen to gratify at tie expense of the party.
Kvoiy nan upon the tickot was fairly nomin
ated according to the usuge of the party, end is
entittrd to their undivided support, lou
miy have been personally aggrieve J by some
candi lute upon the ticket, but tins 1 not the
time to gratify your malice. By defeating the
candidate you mcasorely defeat yourself uud the
par'y to which yon are attached. By his noin
(nation, tbe candidate becomes the rcpretcnta
tive of tho party, an you caa not bill one
without bolting the other.
Vote the whole ticket, and don't erase a
Domoorata, that the man who haa been ergsg
ed in'importlng votea Into this cotm'y, IsJ also
organizing the eoldiers, and Initiating tbem in
to some kind of a secret organ's ition. lleof-
fored a ao dier, (If he would only go into it and
vote vi 1th them,) hia uniform, ll it had to be
purcliasod and paid for by the organization.
Thin ia a pretty move for a young lawyer
lately coming among us, and looking to tliecil
izons for his support in the way of his profos
kion. Men guilty of such low and Immoral
practice will bear watching, and especially in
tho dark.
If You Want
To vote for a man who served his conntry
with credit and who to-day bears the scars
of wounds received while in action you
w ill vote for Colonel O. F. Moork. But
To vote for a man who was marked as a
deserter, and who never recleved a mark
or a scratch while in the army, (with that
exception) you wUl vote for John x
People's (Adams Co.) Defender.
For the Vinton Record.
Notice to Foreigners.
Mr. Editor: I request you to say, to
our unnaturalized neighbors of Vinton, to
have their papers out immediately. Now
is no time to neglect this matter. Call on
the Probate Judge and demand the evi
dence of your citizenship, at once.
Bept 20-69. J. C.IX)UGHEBTY.
Vote Against Him.
Joseph Ealer, who ia' begging Democratte
votes, declared last tall that Democrats ought to
have" Bell, Hemp,' or Canada." Ge to the
polls and vote against him I II 0 Is aot fit to be
rrooate judge 1
Prepared by one of their number.
Vinton, Jackson, Athens, Koss,
Galia, aud Meigs fjouuues,
Saturday, October 6th, 1S66,
Hon. Den. "Wade,
General William Powell,
General Clins. II. Grosvenor,
llou. John T. Wilson,
( Our candidate for. Congress,)
Hon. T. A. Plants,
Hon. II. H. Bumly,
Hon. Job E. Stephenson,
w ill be present and address the meetings.
day and evening. "Uosinuiue in pro
cession! Good music! In short, grand
old time! Come everybody Bring your
Baskets I
That next Tuesday is Election day.
Go go early look to your inter
estallow only legal voters to vote
at the election.
That Butterxvts are offering 55
apiece for votes.
That they are importing men into
the county, from all quarters, to
stuff the ballot-boxes.
That they have practiced frauds up
on the Government for live years,
and they will do it next Tuesday,
if possible.
The Butternuts are in favor of NE
The Butternuts are in favor of RE
PUDIATING tie National Debt!
They are in favor of taking the
Pensions from the widows and or
phans Of the FALLEN HEROES of the
Union army.
To vote the Loyal White Man's
Ticket. Vote for Capt Wilson and
Hon. John P. Plyley.
0. F. Moore says that an Irishman
should live in Ameriia TWENTY
ONE YEARS beiore being allow
ed a vote.
0. F. Moore left the army when the
days were darkest came home
played Butternut and voted your
efforts to whip the rebels a jour
years failure!
That when a Butternut says that
Negroes are getting an additional
bounty of 300, they are falsely
slandering their Government, as
they did in 1861-2-3-4.
When Butternuts say that there is
no appropriation to pay additional
bounty to white soldiers, tney are
lying against the nation's uon
O. F. Moore was a Vallandigham
Butternut, and, at Chicago, voted
that the "war was a four-years fail
0. F. Moore voted for Negroes to
come to Ohio. He voted for them
to testify against a white man!
Read This—Then Go and Hear
General George A. Custer.
The posters for a Butternut meet-
m 1 me i ii
ing, to do neiu m jncArtnur, on
the 6th, contains the name of Uen.
Custer. We do not suppose Uus
ter will be here ; but, to show how
fully he has sold himself to John
son and the ConDerheads. we will
give a little extract from his ex
March 10, 1866.
General Geo. A. Custer, Sworn:
Question State fullv as you are able ths
condition, sentiment and disposition of the
people of Tews toward (he General uov
Answer I think their opposition to the
Government and DISLOYALTY, is as
openly risible ami as plainly manifest now
as it was In 1161. Ism speaking ol the
Qestion Slate your opinion as to whelh
er the lenient policy which has been pur
sued to'vards the rrbels hus been beneficial
to that country, or otherwise?
Answer In my opinion it hna been VERY
DETRIMENTAL, not only tn that portion
of the country, but to the ENTIRE coun
try, and more immediately to the interests
of the Union, and Union men in the South
It has led the people of the South to forget
the ENORMITY ol the CRIME they com
mitted by engaging in rebellion and they
tre now endeavoring to school ihemsclvea
to the belief that they are the party aggriev
ed, and the General Government the aggres
sors. fry I have no doubt, had they the
power, they would arraign the Government
for suppressing the lebelhon.jJJ
Question What, in your opinion, is the
best policy for the Government to pursue
reference to those Darts of the South as
whicn vou have teatifiedT
Answer I do not regard the people in
that part of ihe Southern country in which
I have been as in a proper condition, or as
manifesting a proper stafe of feeling, to be
restored 10 ineir lormcr ngnis ana prunrg
es under the General Government. 1 thin!
the Government ought te maintain control
ol those Slates that were in rebellion until
it is thoroughly satisfied that a loyal senti
ment prevails in at least a majority of tbe
inhabitants' that certainly does not now
Histand when allowed representation,
none but loyal men should he admitted
representatives. ;
. frjch, ray;, felloW'Cjtize ni and ief
low-soldiers, is a part of the evi
dence of General (Jjusjer before the.
Committee on Reconstruction.' It
was the evidence of men in the
South the evidence of Union men
and Union Generals,including Sher
man, Sheridan, Thomas, Logan,
Palmer and Custer that made
Congress take the course it, did.
Custer, alone, has taken ft courae
which condemns his own sworn
statement , he, alone, of all the
Union Generals that testified be--fore
that committee, has taken a
political course condemned by his
own sworn testimony. The Butter
nuts published a letter, upon'.-Geni,'
George Crook, but Gen. G. denoun
ced them as FOXQEIlFItS, -and
they have not boasted much about
him lately. . ' v
When General Custer conies here,
if ever, let him account for his affi
davit, or else for the bargain and
sale by which he became a Butter
mtt. Soldiers, mark him! lie is ths
only Union General that SWEAIiS
for one Policy, and makes Stump
Speeches jor another. .,
A Card.
Editor liecord: I have seen . .1
)aracr&T)h in vour naner. headed.
"Startling Disclosure." The writ
er of that "squib" would have the
people of Vinton county think that
William iuurK. iius ueeu trying 10
buv votes and have them in tho
county lor the purpose of beating
the Rebel County licket this fall.
All I have to say, is, that Adam
Bratton whose name appears at
the bottom of that "squib," knew
tie was having a lie penned when
he had that "paragraph" written.
The editor says he (Bratton) is pno
of the "most responsible and truth
tul men in Meigs county." , Well,
ie has been, and can be, at any
time, impeached on the witness-
stand. The citizens of McArthur,
who have seen him staggering
around the doggeries in this place,
for the last few days, will say the
Butternut, who wrote that "squib,
has no regard for truth.
I am, respectfully,
GALLIPOLIS, O., Sept. 26, 1866.
II. C. Jours, Esq., Dear Sir, I under.
Hand it has betn slated and also published
in snme of the rebel papers of this District
that I am, rr fas, a deserter. 1 lane tma
method of saying, publicly, that ANY MAN
who says I am, or ever waa, deserter, is
an INFAMOUS LIAR, and I am prepared
to prove it 1
You are at liberty, if disposed, to puonan
this card. Re sped fully,
GALLIPOLIS, O., Sept. 26, 1866. J. T. WILSON.
"Hefty" Practice—A Butternut
"Hefty" Practice—A Butternut Tries to do Something Very Smart
—The Lion Skin Blows Off and
Ears of the Ass become Visible!
A butternut wrote a letter last week and
sicri.ed it " Republican," and had it publish
ed in the Record. That waa a very big
thin?, sure ! He sent tht letter to the edi-
tor in a clandestine manner, and, for a time.
fooled the unsuspecting gnius who buys
the ink and paper for the Record . but we
learned all the facts, and, if ths fellow
amounted to a ' hill of beans," we would
give his name. He don't amount to quite
that, and we pssF! He said we were going
to publish en extra just before the election.
in which we were going to mow up ine
Tensury matters. Why. ffnilemen, last
week we ai-keit you to REMEMBER that
the I reosurer was t defaulter at tne orp.
temher settlement, 1865. We have been
blowing" that for six month". . They (the
Court House Clique) dared not deny it.
They may deny it this week, but thev have
never tried to deny it beforo. We have
said, time and again, that $4,(100 of Ihe
county money was wanting at fhal settle
ment. Why wait until the last week lo
make a statement, 'vhick the Auditor, Hen
ry C. Moore, or the Treasurer, Henry Rey
nolds, have not dared, in the past six
months, to deny or explain!
Then, we were to EXrOSE Mt. Moore,
the candidate for iurikor. Why, Mr. But
ternut, you are out of it strain! -Two
months ago we published the. Taw in rela
tion to the Auditor's duties, and showed .
them that he had signally failed to do hi
duty. We asked him then tn explain the
dishonored draft for 41,600. Has he done
it? Not a bit of it! Then we said that,
on account of Moore's incompetency, we.
the tax payers, had to pay an attorney f 80
for nuking H. C. Woore'a settlement with
the Treasurer. Again, in 1866, $50 waa
paid. Did we wail till the last week and
issue an exira? Mr. Moore may come out
the last week in denials, but the record is
againat him. and he will be proven in error,
if he does deny that $130.00, ovT or the
Coustt Treasury, was paid for doing
what he, aa Auditor, should have done. We
wait till the last week "not muchly !'
We have charged that Dr.. Moore was a
"Knight of the Golden Circle," he denies it.
We said, however, that we were not Sure
whether it waa "Golden Circle" or Bona
of Liberty." Now.'mark you, voters of
Vinton county, he. Henry C. Moore, candi
date for' Auditor, dare not deny being a
"Son of Libertv " but he claima that it was
a constitutions! institution. He say a Abra
ham Lincoln was violating the constitution
and that the "Sons of Liberty" was to pro
tect and defend the'eonstifution.
He. H. C. Moore, was high priest in
the order, and he swore men to run sway
from. or resist the officers, if drafted. Now
this was charged long ago, and bu never
betn denied. He dare not deny It, it's
part of hit history.
Mr. Butternut, tsyt that in our extra, we
were to raise great err about the prison
are escaping from jail. We said, two weeks
ago, our say about that. : We propoaa to
add in this issue raerelv that tbe great ef
fort the sheriff talks about, only, added to
the countv expenses, and done nothing to
I . ' m SV11 IJSSHA
wards tne capture 01 nompion.

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