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(Gnirtti!J rrWFint Pgt) V
politics, we claim is political. We
stated last week that he had sworn
men into the order to which he be
lopjivancj wrn them to re
1st orVtfl mrfly from tho "officers,
if drafted. We have this upon the
affidavit of three. good young men.
We state it because we believe it.
Dr. Moore may claim that the
"Sons, of Liberty" are especially
Constitutional in their operations,
but he dare not deny that he was a
leader in the organization. A 'man's
record on great public questions is
public matter, and it is lair, just
and proper that the people should
know what tho record of a man is
whom they are asked to promote.
We stated, further, that Dr. Moure
could not make up his settlement
with the Treasurer. Tho records
in his own oilico show the matter
of 8S0 at tho settlement in 1835
and $5Q nt the settlement, 1S00.
Ho dare not deny those tilings.
Kvery Auditor of the county made
his own settlements, or paid for
them, heretofore; but Moore asks
the county to pay this, in addition
to his large salary.
Now, gentlemen, get over the
lads that stand against your own
I'andidates, hefuro you begin lying
iipoti ours.
N v Ifi unlj Hill ii i! (I Pensions,
At pound by Congress July 127, l8tiG
jjives ilOO Bi!ili:i( iihI bounty.
To cvny luxiurribly ilifiliorjt'il folil'nr
who mli.-ivd in tlie autiv of the .United
Stoles time A ril J9, 1561, fit three jesrs.
mill nerved his term or fiilishnent n ml who.
l;o8 rrrelvd cr wtis eniii.'etl to recicve but
ft! 00 honn'y.
' ' To i wry mii h tuMicr who litis been dis
i liorpi d on ecu unt of ( uiids rereivnl in
t lie liin nl (hit) boluro lii term of etilitfl-ni'-nt
i xjiirt il.
To 1 1 e iilow, minor diiltln n or pnrrnts
ii. the rrihr named, of miy guch' soldier w ho
ilifd vtliilo in the aervinj or from wjiimla
itsi rivcd or diKemie contracted while ill the
smite of the United States.
To all hnnorub'y disclinrgeil soldiers who
have served two yrars under one enlistment
Slid who Have received hut 8100 bounty.
Has ali-o brf n grouted by a recent law
To widows i f Eol(!ie.-i w h hnve died in
the army, or to the ihildien it the widow
hns died or re married 62 per mouth for
each child under 16 year of age.
To soldiers w ho have lost a loot or a hand
or been disabled equal to the Ivss of a hand
or foot, 115 'cr month.
Has been granted every oflicer who was in
comnmshin March 3d. 1S65, and res'igned
or was honorably discharged after A ril 9,
1865, width is promptly collected by
Authorized Military Cluim-Agent,
Aug. 16, If. McArthur, Ohio.
Notice to Bridge Builders.
13 hen-by given, that the Commissioners
of Vinton county unci State of Ohio,
will meet nt the times ami places liei-elimf-ter
described and mentioned, for the jiur
oseol receiving bids, and letting to the
lowest responsible bidder or bidder, the
contract, for tliebuildinjrof certain bridg
es, as hereinafter described and desiif tinted,
nt the follow n' places nud on the follow
ing davs. to-wit :
AT the mouth of the middle Fork of
ltnccoou Creek, in Vinton tow nship, on
Thursday, October lltJi,JS66,
at 10 o'clock, a. m. of said day. Said bridge
to bo built iiM)ii two stone nbutincnts. mif
(iclently high to bo above high-water
At or nenr the residence ol fleorge Speed,
on the Logan I'oad, at Elk Fork Creek, in
F.Ik township, on
Friday, Octoher l'J,A. I. 1800,
nt 10 o'clock n. in. of said day. And said
wcond described bridge to be built upon
one stone abut incut, and stone base.
At or near the residence of Abel Krow it, at
1'iko Kuu, in Eagle township, ou ,
Saturday, October 7.7, 1366,
at in o'clock n. in. ot snirl day. And Mid
third di'M-ribed bridge to be built upon two
ft one abutinenlf, sulllclcntly Jiigh to be
atiovo high-water mark.
Further particulars, specillcnl ions. Ac.,
of said bridges, and the constructing there
of, made known on the respective days of
letting said contracts'.
Ity order of the Commissioners.
11. C. Ml 'ORE,
septl3wl And. V.C.,0.
Elias Dnvis' Instate.
NOT UK U huroby given thtt tho undesigned
lias bocn duly appointed and qualified as
ailtniuitrrlur cf tho etUlo of Kl ins Uaviis,
Wj nf Vinton Co. )., dccousoJ. Doted f
McArflur O. Sctt.Yfli l"M.
LEW 18 A A". WOOD.
Pep. 138 w.
1 WOULD respectfully Inform thn people that
I am permanently located in .lack son, O II.,
bio, where I can at all times be found fully
prpiralto meet all the demands of my pro
fa .flan. Charges reasonable and work war-rin-.l.
jyJ 8. T. BOGQES8, Dentist.
MeArtJtur, Vinton Counly, Ohio,
WILL attend priSt.t ( Ulneu nt rust
ad to hit i an. oHmU
D 13 Nm'RY,
fir VWAV,.
f Grntnt Irdid firahr
fl CI lrribiiM!
t I al J WFinn- large
letter page for two
tjajs 1 cent stamps.
rror.EuBeRTiJAiksoN, ?bobkt. nr.R.-
UEK r, M.' 1).. Dr IUUENK VELl'EAU, .lr.
The .ntioual Dispensary, established li39.
SIX yean of umi vailed success in tlie euro ol'
every form of priveto disease incidont to
cither ex.
Wo infulliblv cms Syplilllii. Gleet, Conor
rhaa, Impo eiicy . Nocturnal ind DiurnHl Ein
Iscii'iM .cwnpluiuts peculiar to i'biiiuIos, nr.d ev
ery fcrta o( rrivato disease of w Imtevcr nurno
or nntiirfl KiwrmutorrhiKa or Self-bue, thai
enily and upeeilily c'nred und oveiy tmeo of in
lerrlbla ell'ecw erailicited from tlio vyntcin,
withont diteutlon from bMMiieM. Younirnion
oesr t IiIm in minit, lli.it wo aro In posfehion ol
tho Secrot KceeipU und melliod of pruelii'O of
t'uivoi woll. Lnlluniiind, Hunter, Velpean, (ion.,
Kircrd umlotlioi pre at 1 (,'lits in inodurn ineili
cul K'Icnce; for it in a fact of tlie very grcocst
iiiil'ortanc'o, and we would nk any mini of a
omgo eonimon ceiipo how ran tho tlnaiMnJ and
ono shallow proton Jem of tlio dny, with tlioir
feeblo initlicieut rentcdios hopo tuconifute with
Vb unfor'urato, era trusting yonr houlth anj
moni-y to licnrtlo charliti.ns, at least write to
Drs. Juckxun. Iliibtrt & Co., who will at once
ot urn Jen a hind, diicrett r.d ispdcil ni:ivir.
riidics, writo fr Mir ciiouhir.
Dr. Jitc'kimn'ii Feuinlo Monthly Tills, for ir
regularities I'rk-o t pi: r box.
Tlie Mountain nf I.i'jltt or Mvitieal Protector
and Murringo liuido, nnd un expliu t key to
Love and Bonny. I'ontiiiniiii; iii 0 piigcs ami
too plnte. ESTThin is THE book you want;
pr co 5J ccnth; 3 for 1.
tend for itir aplondid circular contniniug
mere in quantity und of fur superior 'imlity to
any of tho sc-callod "paniphluts." Reimtnibcr
that wo aond a writte-i reply to evory letter,
especially adapted to tho uirtlcular case under
consideration, beci u.o in tho nature of things
each case dil!';rn from everv other.
removes all coldness nnd dijahility, and rejuv
cna es orKuns which buvo iuiu dormant for
ninny years.
Dr. Jackson's French Patent Miile'Sqfe,
la perfectly sale and novor fails to gio aininl'au
ticn. It is tho onlv sure and Hiifo provcuativo
against contracting ditenso ever invonleJ.
Price 1 1 each, poi half dtzcu 4, and per u I
on fT.scnl by mail.
Iuebrintcs or Modern Drinkers who ieeire to
reform. but have found it tlillicult to retrain,
can wholly erndioate nil do. in for any k'i d of
liquor, by iit-ing Dr. Ikr belt's Antt-Alcoholio
Coiiipoiinil, mi unfailing remedy for intcnipor
ance; write for particulars.
Medicine and institivtions sont promptly to
any part of tho country. Consulting Rooms of
the Dispensary, No. 167 Syeamoro utroet, Cm
cinnati.O. 1'. O. Box, Vo. 430. Sendfureir
culnr. i juntTjr
Hulbert Cor Opposite Court-house,
Drugs, Medicines,
nnd Chemicals,
MISSES Supporters, and Shoulder Brnccs,
Glass, Putty, 1'uints, Oils, Varnishes, and
Dyo Suit's, etc, Paten: Medicines of every va
riety, Paper, Pencils, Porta Monica. Porte Fo
lios, Envelopes and a general variety ol funcy
articles. ,
J E E L Ii Y .
H. B. Physlcions Prescriptions carofully
compounded and orders correctly answered
r.cs warranted gennine and of the best
qnnlity. April W. '.SMlf
rot id ks n at."
G RF.iT combined talent ot
Eu rone and America aro
lt'-fs-P ma men to consult : Urn. lion
aparta & Reynolds, ot 1S2
Sycninore street, Cincinnati, is the only office
in tlio li'.y where a permanent cure of priv.ite
Dieascs can be had witlout tho use of mnrcury
or change of diet. Wj gunrantco to cure Uonr
loja, Gleet, SyphiliK, Impottncy, Nocturnal
Emissions, or Self Abnso, DiuiLhl Emissions,
Femule complaints, in short, evory possible
form and variety of Scxunl D.'noafC. Cures
rapid, th ough and permanent, and fees mode
rato. Coino ono Come all.
lintAT mkdical cinct'LAii tent for twoSocnt
KiiiNcu safes A sure preventative 'odisoaso.
Plico, 1 each, or three lor f'2, or (7 per dozen.
Sent by mail.
Dr. B.'s Invigorating Linimmt, Price. 2 CO
per botle.
to health, i bentticial to all, innle and fomule
the old and young, should read this book. It
will enlighten tliuwa who grope in durlincs.
l'rice,2uo by mail, mountain of light ono dollar.
N.B. To the ladies. No Ltdy should be
withoutMad. Lozier's Femalo Monthly Pills--a
safe and elleotual remedy tor all irregularities
and obstruction, from whatever causa, l'rioo
one dollar a box; extra fine five dol'ars. Cnm
munications by mail entirely (onfidcntial. No
letters will be answerid unlfs they contain a
roiiiittaiice or a postagj stamp. Call or address.
1S3 Sycamore St .bot. Fifth and Sixth. eat sido
Cincinnai. O. Ollice lours, 6 A. M. to 9 P. M.
l. c . Box if a.
if fcr'. "
Just, Pullishtd, in a Sealed Envelope.
A LECTURE on the Nature, Treatment, ahl
Radical Cure of Spermatorihoe.i, or Somi
nsl Wca'cno, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual
Debility, and Impediments (o Marriage gener
ally. Nervousness, Cnnnunption, Epilep-y ,
and Fit; Mtntal and Pb)sical Incapacity, ro
suiting irom Belf-Abnso, &. By ROBKUT J.
CULVERWELL.M. D., Author of tho "Green
Bnok," Ac. 4
The world-renowned author, in this admira
ble Lecture, clearly proves from bis nwn expe
rience that the awful consequences of Sulf
Abnse may be etfcotn-illy removed without
medicine, and without dangerous surgical op
erations, bougies, instruments, rings, or cordi
als, pointing out mode of euro at once cer
tain and effectual, by which every sufferer, no
maUcr what his condition may be, may cute
himself cheaply, privately and Mdicelly. This
Lecture will prove ft boon to thousands and
- Sent under seal, to any address, in plain
sealed envulope, on receipt of six cents, or
two post stsm ps. Address the publishers,
CIIAS. J. C. KLINE CO., 127 Bowtry, N.
Y., 1'ost Office box 4.H8. .
Legal Notice.
The Stah of Ohio, Vinton Co.'.
: l '.' If.
U Pelltiot tp-toinpktt rial contract, t
MARY PAC;. Lewis l'.ifo.Tln.mua Leneh
Rlmda Mullen, Joseph R. V'.ollcn, Lewis
W. Leucfc, Louisa.. Buakucr,Roli(rrt Uuckusr,
Sarah A. Dyrd and Rorcri A. Byrd all of
Wood cvnniy, state of W'st Virginia, George
A. leach, JainefH Leach, )'aiin,n A., Ogier,
and Kiclio.'aa P. Ogicr. all of Vinton counly,
Oljlp, nnd John B. Leach of Jumper county,
Stnto ol Iowa, Jiairsat law and legal rcproMii
tatlvesof Willis Leoch decoased, will take no
tice, thai on tbo 7iJi day of September, 15C0,
Ruhcrt liuckner administrator of the estate ft
Wjl lis Leach dicenscd, filed in the Probate
Ctinrt within and. fur tlio eaid coi ntv ef Vl'i
ton, a petition, against bom as defcudantc and
alleging, thul or) the 23. h duy of Match, ISM,
tho said Willis Loach, then in full ljto.,entored
into a contract in wri ing with said Robert A.
Byrd,for the rale of tho following d scribed
ioa,l esta'e situate ' in said Vinton connfy, to
wit: Tlio cas-t half of the nnrihworf quart.rjf
section number nineteen ( 111) In township num
ber ten (iO) of range number seventeen (17),
al3 about 'twelvo acres out of the southwest
corner of tbo west half of tho northeast quarter
of aforesaid scotion ninotcen (1'J) towntliip
nil n bo r ten (!0) of iango number seventeen
( 17), liying nnd being all il.o lima, in nid half
quartor, on tbo west side of the road leading
In. m Hnmdcn to Allensvillo. In consideralicn
of which nid Robert A. Hyrd agreed to pay to
mid Willis Leach tho mm of four .thousand
dollars, that two thousand d'dlnrs of said con
sideration was paid ij band, and that there ro
nr.iins duo and unpaid on ".aid contract two
thousand dollars with intores! 'on laid sum
from tin SJth day of March I SS that tho
a:d bifluiico so duo was to bo paid in six
men: lis from the said 25th day of March 1S05,
that upon tho poynitnt of tho consideration,
fbrsnid rcaKy bci. g made In ftill, the sai l Wil
li Leach agreed to convey to said Robert A.
Brd or his assigns by a good gonernl warrant)
deed, tlie said roal et-tato, that said Robert A.
Byrd paid tho (wo Otausaud dollari down to
said Willis Loach In his lifetime, thatj snid
Robert A. Byr I is roody and willing to pay the
ralanco of purchase moticy on said contract, so
eoon as a valid deed can ho made to lim for
aid premises, and that the above mimed per
sons, defendants are tho heirs at law and legal
'epresontatives of said Willis Leach duceased.
The prayer of suid petition is for authorpy to
make a deed in fcoi-imploto saidRi bertA.
Byrd, in hohalf of said hoirs nt law, upon pay
ment of Mio rosidno of said purchase money,
faid petition will be for bearing on theSthdny
of .Oc(ob';r ISO'!, eras toon thereafter asj leave
can be obtained of tho said ceurt. '.
admr. of Willis Leach, dec.
E. A. buatton, att'v. S6 28w4.
Legal Notice.
The State of Ohio, Vinton Co.:
Ilf PRonATK COf.tT.
relit ion to complete real contract.
MAltY PAliE, Lewis Pngc, Thomas Leach,
Rhodn Mullen Joseph B. Mallnu, Lowis
W. Leach, LouUaC. Bnckner, Robert 13 uck
'er, Sarah A. Byrd and Hnosrt A . Byrd. till of
Wood county, State of West Virginia, George
a . Leach, Jumes II. Leach, Mariummt a. Ogicr
and Nicholas V. Ogir, ail of Vinton conny,
Ohio, and John B. Leach of Jasper county,
Stat of Iowa, heirs at law and legal represen
tatives of Willis Loteli deceased, wi'l take no
tice rhat on tho Uh day of September I860,
Robert Buckncr administrator of tho estatoof
Willis Loach deceased, filed in lie Probato
Court within and for he snlil eon ify of Vinton
a petition ngalust them as defendants, and al
leging that on the 85th day of March 1665, thi
laid Willis I.enehthcn in full life, entered into
a contract in writing with said Georgo A. Leach
for tho sale of the following described real es
tutfl situated In said county of Vinton to wit:
The west half of the northeast quarter of sec
tion number nineteen (19) in township number
ten (10) of rungo number seventeen (17) save
and excopt about twelve acres out of the south
wont eornor of wid wes! half quirtor, laying
and bung all bo land In said half quarter, on
the Ket sido of (ho road leading from Ham
den fo Allensvillo, in consideration of which
said George A. Leach agreed to pay tho sum
of hrce thousand dollars, ha wo houiand
dollars of said consideration was paid in hand
and (lint here remains duo nnd unpaid on fea'd
contract ono thousand dollars with Interest on
said sum from tho 25th daj of March 1883,
(lirt upon the payment ot tho consideration
for said realty, being made in full the said
Willis Leach agreed to convoy M sail Georgo a.
Leach or his assigns by a good generd warran
ty deed, the said real erti'te, that said George
a. Leach paid the two thousand dollars down
tc said Willis Leach in his lifetime, that raid
Georgo a. Loach is ready and willing to pny
tbo ballanca of purchase money on aid con
tract, bo so' n as a valid deed can bo mtrdo to
him for said premises, snd that tho above
named persons dulendant., iro heirs nt law le
gal representatives ot said Willis Leach do
csascd. The prayer of said petition is for
authority to make a doed in fee simpletosaid
Georgo a. Leach in bohalf of said heirs at law
upon pnymont of tho residuoof said purchase
money. 'Said potitlon will be fur hearing on
the Sth day of Octobor lSGtl.or as Koon thcrraf
tcr as leave can be obtained of tlio said Court.
admr. of Willis Leach dec.
I. 4, JUTK'N, ATT'V'. Ppl3w4
Legal Notice.
BRIDGET FA UN EN, (iiiiiiilin name
wns 15riilrot Oatiftlierty.) Mary
Ikiuirliertv, Mnrtraret Dauirhrny, and (.'on
Daujrjierty, who rositlu in the county of
Domtgall, in Iiflantl, heirs at law of Mii'ha
cl Daiighcrty, late of the comity of Vinton
nud State of Ohio, deceased ; and James
Daiiglicrty of said county of Vinton, ad-niinh-trator
of the Estate of John Dnitgher
ty, deceased, late of said con nty, who was
one of the heirs at law of the said Michael
Datijjhertv, deceased, will take notice that
Patrick llenry Qui tin, administrator of the
estate of the said Michael Daiifrherty, de
ceased, on the 13th day of September! a.d.
ISOfi. filed his petition in the Probate Court
within Jiii.d for the county of Vinton ami
State of Ohio, nlleiitK that there is no
personal estateof said decedent wherewith
to pay his debts and the costs of adminis
tration ; that he died seized in fee simple of
the following described real estate situate
in said county, to-wit :
The west hull of the south west quarter
of section five (5) township eight (8)
range sixteen (lfi) containing (evnt)-four
(74) ai res, also the east hdlf of the son'li
east quarter of section fix (6,1 township
eight (8) range sixlern (10) ennui ni'inr
seventy-lour acres, and that he left n
widow entitled to dower in said premises.
The prayer of said petition is for the
sale of a porl'tm of said premises to wit
the whole ol the first described tract, and
thirty-four acres off the norilr end of said
tecond described tract for the payment of
the debts and charges aforesaic. ,
Snid petition will be foi hearing on
S turday;tho 13h day of October A. D,
1 86 P, or as soou thereafter 'ds' leave can
b obtained.. , . ,
September 13 A.D. 1866. " - t
Admr. of Michael Dattgherty dec.
1 Bratton & Mayo, Attorneys. : l '
Dn, Btkicklakd' Tohio ja a ooncentut'ed pre
paration o Rootaand Herbs, with anliao
idarnl carrainitivesto atrengthen thestomncb
tn nerveueryatem. His certain remedy for
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Kervonenesa, hof
ot Appetite, Acidity of the Stomach, Flatulency
nd Debility. 1 it not alcoholic, therefore par
ticularly eaited to Weak. Nervous and Oys
piptie persons. Forsale bj all Druggists every
when at ono dollar per bottle.
' THE " u
f , tFrom the New York Her Ud.J
' Prominent among "the' mechanical tri
iimhs Of this most ingenious' age, com
mon Ittinesiy compels us o notice ihe Em
pire Sewing Machine, commended as just
ly styled pei lection itself. Useful as have
been the various sewing machines, from
time to tiine presented to the public, each
one of them has been ' cursed with some
radical defect, which detracts from general
utility. Wurned by. the experience of his
predecessors, the iu renter ol the Empire
Machine has produced an instrument, com
bining all the advantages fur which others
ate vaunted, und obviating every defert
which con be attributed to them, by the
most fastitligus critic ,
The Einpirj'Mcicii'iie is a marvellous com
bination of simplicity, economy and perfect
workmanship, being durable,, frcefrcma li
bility to get out ol order, noise lesv, and ea
sy of operation. Its mechanicul contii
vance is such as to secure stability, free
(loin ftom accident, and accuracy aa to
workmunahip - II y the ate of the patented
shuttle and straight needle it makes a
stitch, which can neither rip r.or ravel
while, at the same time, it can operate
perfectly upon every species of material
from leather to cambric, with threads of
cotton, linen or silk, ficm the finest lo the
coarsest number.
As the Empire . Machine is gradually
supplanting its more antique rivals, no
one in want of a moie useful iestriiment
of this description, be he or the tailor,
coachmuker. dressmaker or seamstiess, can
dn otherwise thun seeure of thrse econom
ical and inimitable machines-, suited alike
for family mid manufacturing purposes.
The ollice ol the Empire Manufacturing
Co. is at No. 536 Broadway, New York
City, where Ihey are now supplying- thes
Empire Machines at prices lar below th.
real value of the instiuinenU. New Yor
November 30 1865-1 y
sewing machines
i;niMi't; Hi ill lie Machine.
Salesroom, 636 Broadway N. Y. 250
Washington St. Boston. 921 Chestnut St.,
i'UIS MACHINE, laconstructcd on entirely
now principles of mechanism, pomcusiiijr
nnny rare, iiul valuable iinprovcmenip, having
jccii examined by tbo moat profound cxpuitx,
and proiiutui'iud to bo
It has n straight needle, poipondiculnr ccllor.
makes tho ''Luck or Shuttle f'tioh,' which will
Nkitiihh Kit' nor ItvtL, and ia alike on both
cidee; performa porl'ou. towing on over; dcs rip
tion of mutoiiitl.from Leather to tho linostNiin
took M amino, with cotton, linen or silk thread,
from the coaruect to the finest number.
Having neither Cam nor Coo Wheel, and .he
leact roiblo friction, it runs u tmooih ns
glass, and ii emphatically a
I' requires Fiftt tin cixT. ittt power o
diive it thou tiny othor machine in the murlto",
a girl jlcvcn ycurs of ago can work it atead lij,
w'thont futigne nr injury to hcullh.
Its Htrcngfh and -wonueiifcl simplicity of
construction, renders it almost imposaible tc
gos out of order, and is ovarbamtco by the
company to give entire uitial'aetiot,.
We rcspsoll'iilly Invite all thoso who may do
Mroto supply tlitmselvm Kith a sui erior arti
cle to couio und examine thia CNIilVALI-tU Mtt
chino. One half hours instruction is sufllciont, t
enuble any person to work this machine U
tilt ir en lire eiitisfncliun.
liELictoun and Charitable institctioxs will
be liborully dealt with
ciNTu Wanted for all towns in tho United
States where Agents are not ulrcudy established
Also, for Cu'ja. Mexico, Central and South
1 mcrich, to whom a liberal diacouut will be
No consignments mndo at all. Addrcns
Empire Sewing Machine Mi'g
a. Ac. BKOaUWAY N.Y;:
Prin ciple gencius Estnblihod: PiMbburg;
Krneat atno'm Baltimore, Thos. t?banka.
Wheeling, W. Va. W. l):Sawkoll A Ero. C'ii
cinnuti, 0. Mather A Wilnjn
Novtmbor 30th TdOA lyr
Grovesteen & Co.,
49! liro.-ulnny, JX'cw Yrk.
Th a Men t Ion of the Public and the t ri!f
in invited toonr Nr.,v Scale 7 0LTAVK
fur volume und purity of tone are in) rivall
ed, by tuiv hitherto fiueril in this niurk't.
They cuiimiii hII the riiudern iinpruveini'iit.
I'Vndi, firaiid Aetion, Iliirp Pel 1, Ir. n
Frame nveiMimiir fiusseto. andeurh iiulru
ment In-ill!' iiunle the persminl oupp. vi.-iim
(if Air. J. H- Grove?TEES who Ims has ii
pmt'tical experience of over 3l years in their
iiianiifaciure W fully warmnted in'evvry par
Tlio ' (irovi6toen Piano ForteB" re
cuivid tho luviird of merit over nil
ftlura at tlio celibruteJ Vir!dt?
vVherc were exhibited instninv iiU Ir: m
;he best makers of Lmidun. Pnii. (J imiv
Philadelphia. Iialliinore. Bosiiui ami New
York: and also at the Amerieim lii-tu'iiie
lor live fut.cessive yeir, the gold nnd iher
iiiedi.U from both of which cun be seen at
our witro-runm,
lly the iuteroductionof improvrmt-nts we
make Hill more per:ect Tiano Forte, nnd
try irianulai turinjj lurgely, with h stiirfly
rash system, are tnnbled to ofTer tlieae in
siriiinenU at a price which will preclude all
com) etition.
Fhice-No. l.Saveu Octave, round corners
Koewod plain Cjjse $275.
No. 2, Seven Octave, round corner,
Rosewood heavy ntouldlnr. $300
No, 3, Seven Oct-ive round corners
Ko?ev ood Louis XIV style ft325
Term! Net rnsh hil'tiiieii Emuls,
, Dec. 7th 1865-tlyr a, o,
TJASonredthonsandaof the worst easea of
Ii Blind and Bleeding Piles. '
It gives immediate relief, and effects a perma-
ndllt pirn - Tr It rtlvanllv . ff 1m hhi.J a
- - - ' J ' X. . . ..J . IB " I I.UW
cure. For tale by all Druggists at SO cents per
hnttls . . . .
. January 18, 1366. lj. . .. .
T1LANKS of every description, for sale
M nil viuw viuK.
,.;1L)L )I B 0 L D! S :
. " :ilELJJBOLD:S liUCIlU.
TK Oulf Kn6)viFllcmc(iy
It'OK thepo diseases I'.In truly a sovoroitrn rem
. edy, snd loo much can not be raid In its
praise. A single dose has bocu known lo re
lieve the nus urgent nymtoms.
Are yon troubled with that distrosclng pain in
,bo email of tho buck snd through tho hips ( A
teanpoonfuladuy of Uolmbold's liuchu ill re
lievo you.
I maho no secret ef ingredion's. . Ilulmbold's
Fx I rue t Dnehtl is composed of Jluehu Cubebti,
und Juniper Berries, stlocted with groat cars,
prepared lu vucuo and according to rulOBof
Tlio-o higrcdicntr arc known as tho moat vat
table Diuretics ulTurdcd
Is that which nets upon tho kidnoys -
Is plcnnnnt In tate and'odor, froo from a'.l Inju
rious properties, and immediate In its action.
Soe Modlitil properties contained in Dispensa
tory of the U. S.,ol'wl.i:h tho tullowing Its cor
rect ccpy i
'Iltcne. Its odor Is strong, dilTui-ivo anj
somewhat aromntio, I's tnsto bitteriirhand anul
ogous t) that of mint. It id given, ohoirly iu
complaints of tho Urinary Org.iu. hiivIi as
Orr.vel, Chronlo Catarrh of the bhdderand
Urethra; Diseases of the proitrato: and ltuten
tion or (lie Incontinence of Urine, from a loss
of tono in the parts concerned in Itsevoettution.
It has alpo been im ended In Dypepin,
Chronic hliciima:isni, Cui.iiietu affect o.is, und
fee Professor Dowecs' valuable work on the
pruelica of phyi-io.
Soe tlio renmrks made kr the cnlubratod Dr.
Physic, of Philadelphia.
See m y and all standard works on Midieino,
h A K G E S T
I am acquainted with Hj T. Helmbuld ; ho
occupied the drug store oppohite my residocco,
and wassucce.Hful in conducting tho business
whsra odiera bud not been cqnully so boforo
hiui. I have been favorably impressed with hit
character and outorprisc. -
Wn. Weioiituan;
(Firm of Powers A Weightmun,)
Manufacturing Chomits,'
Ninth and Iirown st., Phlla. -From
the Philn. Even'g Bnllotin, March lOlh.j
We aro gratified to hear of the continued sun
cess in Now York.nf our townsman, Mr. II. T.
llelmbold, Ditiggists. Ilia storo, next to tho
Metropolitan lk-tcl, Is 23 feet front, SJ30 feet
doep, and five stories in height. It is certainly
a grund establishment, and spoalts favorably of
the moi its of liu articles. He returns bis ollice
and lobora'dry to this city, which aro ulso model
establishments of their class.
The proprietor has ben induced to make this
utotement from tho fuct that his remedies, ol
thongh udvertisod, aro
Atd Inowing that tho intelligent refrain
from using anything pertaining to quackery or
tho Patent Medicine orli-r oust of which are
prepared by fclf-sijled Doctors, wlm-are to g
norant to re id a phyaiciau'ai Mmplcst prcstrip
tion, much Uss competent to prcpaie phaima
ceutial preparations,
to vnili.tis means of cfTec log fai's, such as cop
ying psrts of ndverti.iniin!s of popular rem
edies, snd fiuich'iig i h fertifi''utcs.
Tin Science of Mnlk'Iii Htnnds blmnlfl. burn.
and majestic, having fuel fur iu basis, iodc.'Jjn
for its pillar, truth alone fur its cpital-
HoMlh Is most imp' rfiint, und the afflicted
bhould not use an nilvirit.fl init!fi,,n n,
remedy, unites its conUutx or ingredients are
aiiuwu iu oinurs nest. 10 tlie manufacturer, or
until they are satisfied of tho qualifications of
tbo purty so offering.
' '' 'it ' : . '(
Establshed upwards of 1 6 years. ,
- r ,.. i' . ..... ...
Prepared by H.T. HELMBOLD. .
. r . j i; .. .. . ..
. - WAREHOUSE. 694 Broadway. N.Y
104 South Tenth St. Philadelphia Pa.
NuVembei 18, 1865- Ij.
Advertise in the RECORD.
ITsrrtulcil la cum of Rlirumittbiii, Senraljl, Braine
or Cuius.
The Best and Cheapest Horse and Caltl
. Blediejne iu tho lVortd! , ' '
L'ttd ihrnufkoMt It Unit til MaUl auU Cam.
. , ,itln$ lUtriuy Mi lull 3f j(tart, (
For Iho cure nf tliovnrlnua DIkphscs towfiicri
Jlones umi Culllo urn sul.Jivt; such
JmiuiiiIit, DlKti iniior, lliilo IIiiIiiiiI, Iuts o(
ApiH'illi-.lnwiiii) Hiriilnx, Vi-lliiw Waler, j
Flsttilii. I'iiII Kvil. Mfinli-lii-M or
tirt'tiNe, .Miiimo, Iiilliimiiinilon of tlie . '
. Kytn, mill I'lilluuo Irmii Hunt lnbnr;
also, Itlicimiiii ism, (iiiiiiiiiiiiily rullwf ,
' Bit If riiiiiil,iliit), wlilrli iriivi'i filial Ui ..
so many Viiluulilu lluiscn Iu this country '
Il n tin' l:n -..l .t il,. .4 imiv llnri"iiiil ChMIm Mllrlu
In III in rt'llitll y. It h ri.lnh..i....f ImmImkihI riaitK, au4
. for liitliliiv-n. il i. r-i iniiii v i.. I ilior.iiitdtiHn,
iri'('tiiii,iuill.v ill Un IiimiI nt the lint i.' thru fid
Vault X'ftltati'-i. ' , , . . , .,
It cull if! nil i.'rnv. Iiitiimr. ri'vti,tii Imriin frma '
tiiruniliiK kII:I nr l'.u Inn. HIm Hip ,W, Iihokhs
tlio Mkin. ui.il i;Ih 11 ii Mitn.iili umi ttlin.tr iii.iiriiiiro, '
ctl'IIMHl'S llll W.iliT mill ntllMlllirllt vvurv ltllt of Uiei
biHly. It In Un ii rt.ili iiii.l i'1-it.iiii ii-iiiiil.t fur tiiutit
uJ ci'ti)4, nhic gfiirniti An in. my fiitul ili.fo.iDti.
' 1 i i . . . ..v. '
Tbo Cw rcNin-ji t liffiippliiil Mlthun iihtfn'lfitiof
too -iiul lo in.tki hrr f;tl ll.t. h tvn itrtiruMv, Uit I
krep up a ri'iilur himtH ion o) milk, it ml nil uwitwi of
Cowa will rtml I') tf'.li'U tin-in --!
SLOAN'S commTieu rowssaa
twice a I, o turi' i n-rii hi 'ii'Hiliiy mul
of milk n hI nititn. It viiuli- 'ill till ft-rur umi Im
iiiritliHiof th'' l'jt'l. 'LUv rrtVit Ihvccii Hiroiij;liuUl lh
fiiftoii by a riili rtii'l iil iiiiUiiiit ll.iw nf milk.
Tlio fiUim r It ln'niniiinK tn l-f nwiiri' oi lti vittiiftbU
pntpci tii H nf Affiu' Cointition i'otvdvr In pro1'
Diotiii); the cutnliiinti of liif sIh-i-h timl pn'Tctillug itiuij
of thti db vaatu uf nil UuiiitcticutcU uulumU.
J- tiny rent nitrkngt of Mtmn'f Conditio
iVncifi-i' put lnt u Urml nf swill It bultnr limn t
buxliolii (if cum lu ftilioii a lion, suit It s curtnln pr
tnntlro nf 1 1 Clmlorii, Uliiiil StgJr, suit alhtr
diwsmu cuuimoii nmnnit luigt.
CAVT10X.T irtitMt oiimolvot tnil lutpaUts
from btiriK linieil iimi lijr wnrtlilmi ImlUllaiit, U
gonuhn will hour tlie fut limift nlgnulurtof III fi
prlelor vu tlio wmpiier. t -. , !
- f er tut lij Dnipljts tuj Mordmuti tTorjrwbtre. .
8ol Fropriotoni, Ckitnt, Illf
0. Drswor 6629. ...-...' -
Soiy S Wliolomle hy ' : '
Ciiuinnati, Ohio. .., r
At Retail by ... ;
G. W. tr;SON.
This prepsratloa,.
long snd favorably
known, will thor
oughly reimrlgoratt
broken-down mil
low ipirlted borMt,
by itrengtbeolng
and cleansing tko
stomach and Utei
tines. It li a lure pre-
wnll nf all rli.-
i.r'l " r met Incident to
this animal, such as LCNO FEVEH, GLAMDEB3,
use improves the
wind, increases
the appetite-gives
a smooth and
glossy skin and
transforms the
miserable skeleton Into a fine-looking and spirited
none. x. ,
To keepers of Coirs this preparation Is Invaluable.
It increases the quantity and im proves the duality
or tut mint, itnas
been proven by ac
tual experfsnent to
increase the quan
tity of milk and
eresm twenty per
cent, and make the.
butter firm and
sweet. In rationing
cattle, It gives them
an appetite, loosens
. tneir Iliac, ana
, r j i-M.-tlr? - ma.es inem uuni
much faster. ,
In all diseases of Swine, inch as Coughs, Ulcers la
the Lungs, Liver,
4c, this article
acts as a specific.
By putting from i
one-half a paper 1
to a paper in a
barrel of swIU the
above diseases
Will be eradicated
or entirely prevented. If given in time, a certain
preventive and cure for the Hog Cholera. ' ;
Price 25 Cents per Paper, or 8 Papen for It,
No. 116 Franklin St., Baltimore, Kd.
. For Sale by DrugglsU and Slorckeeperi through,
eul the United 8tatei. . t . i 0
'i i ' For Sale ly ; r.j: '
;.T. S. STRONG, URpqam,;
jyMy i. : , ,'. . MoAbthpb,MUIO.
IS warranted to bo the only trrinlation
. known to eura Sought. ldaHoarjeneeB,
Asthma, Whooping Cough, Ctironie ngli,
Consumption; Bronchnis end Croup. Being
prepar'd from Honey and ilorba it U healing,
softening, and expectorating, an I partioularly
suitable for all . affeotlcns of the Threat and
Lungs. Fot sale by all Druggists everjwbere.
Jannsry 13,1866,ly.

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