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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, October 11, 1866, Image 3

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Sfc i Linton Sand.
Official Organ of Vinton County,
tW Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day morning, must be handed in not later
than luesday evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
11. K. (BCBCH.-PmcLirig PUiUtli at bull
put tea o'clock, A. ).. snd Ulf-iiBt ,ix
O'clock.?. IS. ftbhslb tul.ol.21'. V. .
Pbisbttksun Ciicrcii. -Services t 11 o'cl'k
A. at., and o'clock r v. Subbath tkhool at 9
'dock am., every Sabbath.
CnsiaTuif CncHon. --Services at 11 o'clock a.
M., every fiabbatb.
SEE advertisement
Auction of Dry-Goods!
See notice of sale of Lot in Mc
Arthur, 0., Saturday, Oct. 27th.
Look to your interests and at
tend the sale.
Harnden Express Co. We no
tice that our fellow-townsman, Geo.
L. Will, of the firm of Will & Bros.,
agent for the above company, has
a horse and wagon on the track be
tween here and the Station. Geo.
is a clover fellow, and if you want
anything expressed, do not fail to
call on him.
r Boy Killed. A youhg boy
named Charles Kiser, 6on of John
Kiser, of Vinton Furnace, was
killed last Sunday. The circum
stances are as follows: While out
gunning with two of his compan
ions, he acidentally discharged an
old Enfield rifle, loaded with shot,
the contents lodging in bis fore
head, and causing his immediate
Court of Common Pleas met at
this place on the 25th ult., and is
still in session. A great many
criminal cases have been disposed
of. We have not had time nor
space, during this campaign, to
give the proceedings. We will
give lull report next week.
It will be seen by an advertise
ment in another column, that Dr.
Koback, of Cincinnati, 0., (whose
Stomach Bitters and Scandinavian
Remedies have achieved a world
wide reputation, solely by virtue of
their intrinsic and uneoualei mer
its) has sold out his entire business
to the enterprising firm of Prince,
Walton & Co., who will continue
the business at the old stand, A'os.
56, 58, 60 and 62 East Third street,
Cincinnati, O.
Auction of Dry-Goods! Special Notices.
Marriage and Celibacy.
T10N FOR YOUNG MEN. - Also, Diaesscs
nd Abuses which prematurely Prostrate tlie
Viral Towers, with sure means cf relief. Sent
Free of Charge, in scaled letter envelopes. Ad
dross Dr. J. 8K1U.IN I10UGUTON, Howcrd
Association, Philadelphia, Pa. - agl.S.vl
SQfv A MONTH! Agents wanted for eixon
dJ tirely new article, just out. Address
0. T. Oabet, City I'ttiilding. liiddeford, Mo.
junc7iawrly ' ' .
.lift YKAKl We want agents ev
cri where to sell our In proved ii
Sewing MacMnes. Three now kinds.- Undo
and urper feed. Sent cn trial. Wot runted
flvo years. Abovo Hilary or hirgecotnniissions
paid. TLo onl ' machine cold in tbeUnitid
States for loss than 40 dollars, which are fully
licensed by Howe, W heulo A Wili-on; Uryver
& Baker Birger & Co.. and Baehulder. All
other cheap machines ar iufringitnonts mid
the feller or user are liable to arrest, fine. and
imprisonment: Illustrated ei iculsra sent freo.
Call tipon or ad liess, 6haw & Clurk, at Biddo
ford. Maine, or Chicago, 111. ' ,jttne7 ir-vly
Errors of Ytnilli.
A Gontlemttn who suffered for years from
Nervous Debility, rrcnmturo Decay, and all
theeffeets of youthful imli.-crctlon ,. t ill' for
sake of suffering lun. unity, n-rcl free to all io
need it, the receipt and dim tinns for making
the ni mplu remedy by which ho was c irod.
SnfferorswiBM pg to pilil hj the advertiser's
experience, enn do to lv address ng ;
jell-lv. No, 18 Chutnlers st., N. Y.
The advertfsr, having been restored t health
In a few weeks hy e very imple remedy, nfUr
having suffered forsoi'crul yfnrs with a severe
lung arVecton,: end that dread disease,. Con
enmption is ui;xious to mako; kovn to his
fullow-fUlTorors the means i f cure, i 'l . ',
To all who dcidro it, he will send a cony of
the prosc.iption used, free of chrge,'ith the
directions i r preparing aud using tho'siime,
which (hey will find sure cure for Onnsump
tion, Asthma. Bronchitis. Coughs, Colds, and
all Throat ana Lung Affections. The only ob
joct of the advertiser In send ng the Preserip-
i.inn la tn hAni.fltthA afflintArl nnrl nraarf mf(,r
mstion which he conceives to be- invaluable,
nd bo hopes every sufferer will try hisromedy,
as it will cost tbetfl nothing and. may prove a
blessing. '
Parties wishing the Prescription,'' jrni, by
retarn mail, will please address, . ' . ,n'-i
... ; : . - . Be. EDWARD A. WIL80N.
William iburgh, Kings. Co., Ni Y.
January 11, 1366-ly.
Published as a benefit and aa a caution to
T0OK nan and others, who suffer from nervous
debility, premature decay' of Manhood, &c,
applying m too same ame ibihbans of hit
com. By one who has cured himself after un
dergoing considerable quackery. Bv snolopini
poet-pud addressed envelope, single copies
free of ohnrge, may be bad of the author, '
NATHANIEL MAYFA1B, Esq., Brooklyn.
jungs ., new xorK. -- leoi-iy
IN rolls reads to be nailed down, adaeted to
1 Houses. Factor!, end buildings of all kinds
construotsd of maUrials that have stood tbe
ntirelv different and Mtter plan than any otb-
. r oomposltlon roofing in use. Secured by pat
ant.. Varv durable and at low crioe. Cirou-
: lara and samples sent free by mail. Liberal
terms to agents. kiadt hijsfixb io,, ,
jaasTy No. 73 Utidea Lens, New Trrk.
fiilieriff's Sale.
. In Court of.' Common Pleat,
Jaoob 1'roWo, P.t'ff, 1 On Vondl
vs. 1 Order of
David Argenbrlght, Deft. J 8 le.
PURSUANT to the command of Vend! or
der of sale In tbe above cause to me di
rected from the Cburt of Comryr n 1 leas, ol the
afurcsaid County of Vinton, I will fftr at pub
lic aale. at the d or of the Cour t-house, Ir tbe
town oraioAriunr, to aioreiBiu county of Vin
ton, on
Monday, Novemler 5M, 1866,
at the hour of one o'clock r.u. of aid isy, tlio
lollowing lands and tenements to wit : The
northwest quarter it the northwest quarter of
section nrmoer one () towiirnip niiiubur
uiue (9) range number nineteen ( 19) in Vinton
county. Ohio, containing thirty nine, acres
more or less. .
Also.tnecortheast half of the northeast ouar-
ter of Motion number two (3)ofrane .'jini.fr
uinoteon u) towi ship number nine (9 in Vin
to i county, Ohio, containing eiirhty (eO ) acres
more or tens. isaenastHe property or Jacob
rronaneo to sutlsty a judgment ol afi-re-uiid
Court In favor of David Avenhright An-
praised as-folluwa to wit : The first doscribL-d
land and tenements at fiSO 00, and the second
described trait s' f 875 CO aud must bring two
thirds of that sum.
Turns or StLK--Cash In hand
Yople 4 Bingl am. JOHN .1 SIIOrKF.Y.
Att'y for P fff. oet.4 vf SlisritT V. Co. 0
P II OT o i: A I II I c .
12. & 11. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
Maiiulacturers of IMiotog-faphic
5t 1 BKOilDiVAY. N. X,
In addition to onrniuin businrasof I'llOTO
(iKAI'IIH' V A'l KHI 1., uio lUsoauiiriots
ior tuo iitow:ng vi;
Stereoscopes cD Stereoscopic Yiev:s
0 f AniLiieiin and 'Kiickn litiu.-, und Land
iicapes, Gioiips, Mutuary, et
Stereoscopic Views of the War,
From nn'iiiiv s iiuniu in Hie vain Us lunn aiL'tn
und inrmiiig ivcomi Idle 1'lloljgrHpliiu history
(f tllO uTOI I I'llllIB
Stereoscopic Views on Class.
A1iinffrl tnr niilmi tlui Miitfio l.iit tprn nr tt
olcrwtuiJU. i ur vuii'kuu nut v Built tu BUT
J r c .
f . l iiia A. U . a.
Photoaravhic Albums.
Wn miinn fui'turs more laroi'lv than int ntliav
House, aoout viuu vurtetics irom oo cents to 50
each. Our ALUUMS Laeho reputation of bo
lnt( suporlor iu beauty and durability tc snr
Card Photographs of Generals,
L k A . X A
91UICB1I1VII, ACIOIH, fit,, Clti
Our Calalocrue eiuliruces over FIVE THOUS
AND differeut subjects, ino tiding reproouolions
of the most celebrated Eogravlngs, l'aintines.
Sla'nes, etc. Cvtukeues sent on recoini of
Photographers and otbora ordering goods I'.
O.D , will please remit 2S per cent of the
amount with their Older.
K9The nricis and aualltv of our iroodacsn-
n ot tail to ss'l-fv. f.Inne 21 '6tf-ly.
nod are the bast Tonlo
in (lie world.
CUR 12
Cosureties, and all di
seases of the bowels,
and all disease arising
from impure blood.
4 .
1 Draughts and Dealers In
(Successors to Dr. 0. W. Roback,)
JfOt , 56, 88, 60 ft 62Eaat ThlriJBt,
- CINCINNATI,' bmo,' ' ' -
Notice to Bridge Builders.
TS hereby given, that the Comminsioners
M. . , . . . . . .
l "i mum cuiuiiy aim ntate or. unio,
will meet at the times and places hereinaf
ter described and mentioned, for the pur
pose ol receiving bids, and letting to the
lowest responsible bidder or bidders, the
contracts, for the btilldingof certain bridg
es, as hereinafter described and designated,
at the following place and on the ibllow
tn fir dnvs. to-w t;
AT the mouth of the middle Fork of
Kaccoon Creek, in Viutou township, on .
' ' ' '
Thursday, Octoler 11th 1866,
at 10 o'clock, a.m. of said dnv. Said bridge
to be built upon two stone abutments, suf
ficiently high to be above kigh-wate:
At nr near the residence ol George Speed,
on the Logan Roitd, at Elk Fork Creek, in
Elk township, on
Friday, October 12,A. D.1SG6,
at 10 o'clock a. in. of said dav. And said
second described bridge to be built upon
oue stone abutment, aud stone base.
At nr npflr Hip r(Kiil...i.-P nf KmA Pb n nt
- - - - - " uvaAivnianii
Pike Run, in Eagle township, on
Saturday, Octoler 13, 1S66,
at 10 o'clock a. m. ot said dav. And said
third described hrldee tn he li'nilt I mi in rum
atone abutment, sitllicicntly liigh to be
auovti iiiu-n liter nuirK.
Further liill'tieiibirx. snxi'lflentlnn
Of Said brllfires. mill rlif i-mmf i-m-tlncr tioi-u
of. made known on the respective Hay a of
letting sum contracts.
ny onier or tlie Commissioners.
eptl3w4 Aud. V. C, O.
Elias Davis' Estate.
NOTIl'K is huruhy given (h nu undesigned
llHH been dtll iirnmtiiJ!...! nnuliri ..I Mb
edmini-arslnr of thu b.,h f Klin. , .,;,.
hu of Vinton Co ).. doceusud. Duttd st
Me.rhur 0. tie, t.Th I'M.
Pepfc 18-8 w.
TTis now on hand a very large ssd well se
IX leoted stock of all kinds of Groceries and
Liquors, eonsistiag in part of iea", coffee, au
gur, Tobacco, cigars, white rish, ifackeral, cod
rish, rickles. canned reaches, oove oysters, rep
per sauce, catanp, 11. o. uollasses, cider vinegar,
edcoids, rowder, Lead, shot, caps,
All Kind of Dye-Stuffs,
general assortment of perfumeries, cristodo
ro'aaairdye warranted, to color the hair jet
uiucs wuuoui injury to ine nair orscatp,Boa-
t.ttflr's and BnKu b. ktntnanh .Ui.m MinMi,.
trated Lye, sonp, a gonerul assortment of gen-
.iciiiou b wiuicr gioves nom me nocst nuol to
the common woolen, all kinds of Liquors from
Ihe finest rronch Brandy and old Bourbon whis
ky to common corn whislfv t.ihn onM frnm An.
Tint to one hundred gullons, or any other quan
tity desired, all of whicb he proposes to sell us
lttW. If not InWOr han nthftr linnuM In lU..iin.
y. til kinds of country produce taken ip ex
change fur (ircceries.
Cluldreu can get goods as eheap ss their pa
Sept 27-8m. J. G. SWETLANP.
HAS just returtud from Columbjs with sd
ditional facilities for
ou . .
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes,
Photographs, or..
and making them aa PERFECT as pictures
If yon want any kind of plots r l, from
MmiATcai to Lim 8i, go to BUMogbursi'a
Phnogrs h and Fine Ar Gallery In MoArtbur.
Thotograpbs colored in Oil, WatbbColob'
India Ink, and Inisbed in the highest style
art. ,i i '. ,
Plctnrea taken in all kinds of weathsr.
His present stoe of A buma will be sold at
cost. Photographs ef Lincoln, Grant, Bberman
and others; also, Lockets, las Gold fen aad
Finger Kings for sale.
Vt tare of all siset framed to order. ' ' 1
MeArthar, 0ie, Asgart 1, Htl.sT '
J. u. SWETLffl,
f tat I -j
' W 1 ? s S o
3j, I p . 5
MJt mil
Legal Notice.
The State Vinton Co:
Petition to complete real contract.
AKY PAGE. Lewis ft c?e. Thorn aa Leach
Kboda Mullen. Joaenh B. Mnllcn. Lawls
Sarah A. Ityrd.aooV Buber;. A. Byrd all of
nooa oonnty. -state ot wst Virginia, ueorge
a. aeacn, James 11. Leach.atanariina A. Ogier,
and Nichois P. Oirier. all of VinVon conntv.
Ohio, and John B. Leach of Jasper county,
otaie oi lowa, heirs at law and legal represen
tatives of Willie Leach deceased, will take no
tice, that on Lhs Tih ilav of Bsntember. 1886.
Robert Buckner administrator of the estate of
willis Leach decesseu, filed in the Probate
Court within and for the said county ef in
ton, a petition, against (hem aa defendant and
allegintr. ihsl on the 25 h dsy. of Match, 1865,
the said Willis Leach, then in full lite, entered
into a contract in wri ing with said Kohert A.
Byrd, for the rale of the following d .scribed
real ssta'e situate in said Vinton county, to
wii; The cast half of the nurthwerl Quarter o)
section number nineteen ( 19) in township num
ber ten ( lu'. of range number seventeen ( 17),
also about twelve acres out of the southwest
corner of the wet half of the northeast quarter
of aforesaid section nineteen ( 19) township
nil nber ten (!0) ol tange number seventeen
1 17), Isying and being all tlie lima, in said half
quarter, or the wes. side of the road leading
Irom Hsniden to Allenville. Iu consideration
of which ald ItoScrt A. Kyrd emed to pay to
Mid Willis Loach the sun of four thotisund
dollurs, thai two thousand dollars of Said con
sidoration was paid i i hand, and tha' there re
mains due slid unpaid on 'mid contract two
thotisund di.llars with interest an said 'sum
tiotn the 16th da ol March 186 , that tie
sa d balnnco so .duo wus .to be paid in six
men ha from the suidS.Vh day of Murch 1865.
that upon th" pnyn ent of the consi lerition
forui realty hi g niudu in full tin-mid Wil
li Luueh ho rood tu t-onvov tn ssbl Robert A.
n.rn or tin. assigns by n g " d gom ml wnrrnnt)
died, the saiil rest e.-uto thut said B'diert A.
Byrd piil d the two tliniisiunl dollar: ilownto
snid Willis LmucIi In his lifo'iniH, that suid
K"hi-n A llr I U ruxl un 1 willing to pay the
"iilunce of purchase n nney on ruid con'raot, so
soon as a v.,iul dmi.l c-nil te maile to 1 tin tor
hi id preiuN-s, unci thai the ahovu mimed per
sons, di'tumlnnts sru iho hi ir si Ihw and legal
'DiircsclMMtivos of said Willi. Leach deceased.
Tbe priiyerof suid pnitionis fur autlmri y to
iiiskh a iioeu in tee -nnplo to said K t't rt A
Byd, tn behalf id' suid heirs ut lw usn pay
Hunt of the rslilui ol slid pnrchuse money
-aid lotition will be fur heurii g on the Sr.h dy
of Ootohor 1866, or ns ood thereafter aa leave
cau b obtained of ih suid court.
Hubert buckner,
dm. of WilIU Le ch, doc.
b. a. marrow, stt't. n 23w
Legal Notice.
The State of Ohio, Vinton Co.:
Petition to complete realcontract.
MAKY PAGE, Lewis l'uge, Thomas Leaoh,
lihnda Mullen J( soih B. Miillen, Lewis
W. Leach. LottifS C. Buckner, Bobert Buck
ler, Sarah A. Byrd and Hiioert A.Byid. all of
Woo-1 county, Slate of West Virginia, George
a. Lescn, James II. Leach. Mariumna A.Ogior
and Nicholas P. Oglr, all of Vinton county,
Ohio, und John U. Leach of Jasper county
Stats of Iowa, heirs at law and legal represen
tatives of Willis Le toh deceased, wl'l take no
tice that on :he 7th da v of Sontembor 1866.
Itobert Buokner administrator of the estate of
Willis Lench deceased, fi'ed in the Probate
Court within and for the said oonnty of Vinton
a petition against them, as dofcndanls, and al
leging that on the 89th day of March 1865, th
said Willis Leach then in full life, entered into
a contract in writing with said George A. Leach
for tbe aale of the following described real es
tate situated in said county of Vinton to wit:
The west half ot tha northeast quarter of sec
tion number nineteen (19) In township number
ten ( 10 ) of range number seventeen (17) save
snd except about twelve seres out of the south
west corner of taid wes' half quarter, laying
and bting all the land In said half quarter, oo
the weft side of Iho road leading from Ham
den to Allenavllle, in consideration of which
said tieorga A. Leach agreed to pay the sum
of three !i4sand dollars, that two' thousand
dollars of said consideration was paid in hand
snd that there remains due und unpaid on sa'd
contract one thousand dollars with interest on
said sum from the 25th daj of March 1863,
thrt upen the payment ot the consideration
for said realfi, being made in full the said
Willis Lcaeh agreed to convey to sail George a.
Leach or his assigns by a good gonerd warran
ty d ed, the said real eslufe, (hat said George
a. Leach paid the two thousand dollars down
t- said Willis Leach iu bis lifetime, that raid
George a. Loach is resdy and willing to pay
the ballance of purchase money on said con
tract, so soi n as a valid deed cun bo made tn
him for suid premises, and that the above
named persons detendunti, tre heirs ut law le
gal representatives ot ssid Willis Leach de
castd. The prayer of said petition is for
authority to makes devd in fee simple to said
liuorge a. Leach in behalf of said heirs at law
upon puymont of the resldueof suid purchsse
nmtiey. Suid potltlnn will he for hearing on
he Sili dsy of October 1366. or as oon therraf
ter as leave can be ohtuined of the snid Court
admr. ef Willis Lench dec.
. A. BMTTt N. att'i rcpl3w4
Legal Notice.
T3RIDGET FARNEX. (maiden name
Jj was Bridget Duuglierty.) Mary
Lhlllffliprtv. Murimrpr riniiulinrrr. nnrl f'nn
Datihi-rty, who reside in the: county of
rt, ........ .ii i.. i in u.
'nivalin, ill JIUI.IIIU, IIOI1S UllltWUI .1I1LIHI-
el Ditiiilierty, lute of the county of Vinton
mid Statu of Ohio, deceased ; nnd James
Damrherty of said county of Vinton, ad
ministrator of the. Estate of John I aiifrlicr-
tv. di'fe:lsed: Into nf mild i,nnnri- ulin vw
one of the heirs at law of the said Michael
Dniiirlicrty, deceased, will take notice that
Patrick Henry (Jttliin. administrator of the
estate of the said Michael Dauolici'ty, de
ceased, on the 1.1th (lay of September; a.d.
I,S(i(l. liKd his pi-tition'iii the I'rnliate Court
w itliin ;n..cl for the county of Vinton and
State of Ohio, nllcjriuir that there is no
personal estate of said decedent wherewith
to n.v Ills debts and the costs of adminis
tration ; that he died seized in fee simple of
the follow iiijr described real estate situate
In said county, to-tvit:
'Ihe hisi hu it ol ihe south west quarter
of sec ion fne (f) tciwns!iii pight (8)'
r-i'gu sixteen cniurtining sev-nt-r,mr
(74) aires, bUu ihsesst ImI: of tie Bonth
east quarter or cUn six (6) township
eight (8) range sixlern (16) conniniog
reveiii-lour actes. end that lie left no
widow entitled lo ilier in s-,'id premises
.The prayer of suid petition is lor ihe
sole of a portion of sxid premises to wit
ihe whole ol ihe fir-t described tract, ami
thirtr-fntir acres off ti e nmih end of ci.1
second described Iracl lor tbe payment ol
tne neon and charges aforesair,.
Snid petition will he lot hearing on
S turdav the 13ih dsy of October A. D,
186P, or a soon therenller ai leave can
b obtained. . .
September 13 A. D 1866.
Admr. of Michael Dauglierly dec.
Breton Si Majo, Attorneys.
Da. StaicKiAND's '1 OHIO is a ooncen'iaud pre
paration o BooUand Herbs, witbantiao
id and oarrhlnitives to strengtbea tbestomacb
n( OdrvenaaTatxm. It is a ear.ain rsrosdv for
D Ipepsia or fndinstion. Nervousness. Lot
ol Appetlta, Acidity of the Stomach, Flatulency
and Debitity.i; It is not alcoholic therefore par-
ucuianj-anitea. to n ess:, nervous ana vys
piptie persons. For sals brail Dm ggisua very
where at M 4c41sr pw brttls.
Create, leaal Cirtihr
M CI l' rsUuM!
I I aTl J sWVifUn-M large
yfM letter pss for two
SBBBW oant siampa.
Tror. tuBKRT Jat Ksi'N, RhEi.t IIER
The National Ditptniary, established 1869,
C IX years of nntivalled success in tbe ere of
Cj every forn of private disease incident to
either aex.
W ynfallibly erne Syphilid Gleet, Gonor
rheca, Impo.eriry, Noctnrual and Diurnal Kia
Issinna , oim laints peculiar to females, and ev
ery form ol private disease of whatever name
or nature tspermatorrhora or Belt-abuse, that
easily and speedily cured and eveiy trace of its
terrible effects eradicated from the system,
without detention from basinesa. Young men
bear this in mind, that we ate in post en-ion ol
the Secret l-eceipls and methods of practice of
('ulverwoll.Lallemnnd, Hunter, Volpeau, r-en.
Rirord and otliai ereat 1 ghts in modern medi
cal science; lor it is a fact of the very greatest
unportanco, and we would ask any man or a
erage common sense how can the thousand and
one shallow pretenders of tbe day, with their
leeble inefficient reuiedioe hope lo compete with
Ye unfortunate, ere trusting yoar health and
money to heartless chsrlitans, at least write to
Drs. Jackson, Herbert & Co., who will at once
elnrn jou a Kind, discreet at,d explicit abater.
rauiea, write lor our citeutar.
Dr Jackson's Female Monthly Pills, for ir
regularities. Price tl per box.
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Love and Besnv- Containing 8i'0 pages and
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rcna lor . our splendid circular containing
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any of the so-called "pamphlets." Remember
thut we setid a written reply to every letter,
especially adapted lo the particular case nndor
conxuluratinn, becuuse In tne nature of things
eacn case uiiiers irom evory otnor.
removes all oldncssand di-ahility, aud rejuv
ens ea organs which have lain dormant for
many years.
Dr. Jackson's French Patent Male Safe,
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tion. It is the only sure sod safe preventative
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en tl.senl by mull.
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reform. but hare found it difficult to retrain,
ran Wholly eradicate all da iri for any kcd of
liquor, by using Dr. Herbert's Anti-Alcoholio
Comuound. n unfailing remedy for Inlcmper
anee; write for purticuiur.
Medicine and instiuctions sent promptly to
any part of the country. Consulting Rooms of
the Dispensary, No. 167 Sycamore atroet, Cm
cinnati, 0. P. O. Box, Ko. 438. Send for clr
cnlar. jun7y
Ilalbcrts Cor wpposite Court-house,
Drugs, Medicines,
and Chemicals,
MISSES Supporters, aid Shoulder Braces,
Glass, Puttv, Paints. Oils, Varnishes, and
Dye Stuffs, eto., Paten; Medicines of overy va
riety, Pupor, Pencils, Porte Monies. Porte Fo
lios, Envelopes and a genoral variety ol fancy
N. B. Physiclons Proscriptions carefully
compounded and orders correctly nnswered.
lies warranted genuine and of the best
qnahty. April 'Srt. ;StS6lf
C REdT combined talent ot
OT Europe aud lincricn aro
the men to consult : Drs. Bon
aparte & Reynolds, ot 192
bycAiiiuru street, Cincinnati, is the only office
in the .ity where a jirmanent cure of private
Diseases can bo had without the uso of murcury
or change of diet. W guaruntco to cure Uonr
I oca, Glci-t, Syphilis, lmpottncy, Nocturnal
Kniissions, or Self Abuse, Diumt.1 Emissions,
Kemale complaints, in short, evory possible
form and variety of Sexual D'senso. Cures
rapid, th ough snd permuncnt, and fees nio.lo
rate Come ono Come all.
Great eoical circular sent for tiro S cont
Kkikcii i-ArES A sure preventative n disease
I'tico. 41 each, or three for f 2, or $7 par dozen.
Sent by mnil.
I tr. B 's Invigorating Linimint, Priuo. 2 CO
per boilo.
Ghkat work o; private diseases, the ouide
to iiealtu. is huiitficiul to all, innlo and feinule
thu nld ond j oune. should read this bock. It
vill enlighten those who grope in darkness.
iM.... o , h. m.ii ....... ..:.. ,.rif..u. jn..
N. II. To the ladies. No Lady should bo
will. mil Mul. L izk-r'H Fomule Monthly Pills--a
snfo and eflcctuid remedy lor all Irregularities
mid nhKiriifij.in, from whatever causo. Price
ant ('.Hilar a box; extra fino five dolors. Cum
inunicutinns by mnil entirely (OiiHJentinl. No
lettois will be answered unless they contain a
remittance or a postneaetamp. Call or aifdrcss.
1S2 Syeamore St .hot. Fifth and Sixth. eat side
' incinniii.O Office hours, 6 A. U. to 9 1. M.
P.( .Boxl?2.
i . . ..vu "j .ail, ii. lll"Ulll,ai'l VI UUIIbVUU uuiiur
Just Published, in a Sealed Envelope.
A LECTURE on the Nature, Treatment, ard
Radical Cure of Spermaton Iiom, or Semi
nal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual
Debility, snd Impediments to Marriage gener
ally. Nervousness. Cnnsnmptinn, Epilepsy,
snd Fit,' Mental and Phaical Incapacity re
suiting 'rom 8df. Abnse, fec By ROBERT J.
CULVER WELL, M. D., Authorof the "Green
Bnok," &o.
The world-renowned author, In this admira
ble Lecture, clearly proves from bis own expe
rience that the awful consequences of Solf
Abuse may be effectually removed without
medicine, and without dangerous surgical op
erations, bougies, instruments, rings, or cordi
als, pointing out a mode of cure st once cer
tain and effectual, by whicb every sufferer, no
matter what his condition may be, may cuie
himself cheaply, privately and radically. This
Lecture will prove a boon to thousanda and
thonsands. .
Sent under seal, to any address, In a plain
sealed envelope, on receipt of six cents, or
two poet stamps. Address the publishers,
CUA8. J. C. KLINE CO., m Bswsrr. K.
T.y Test Wlea Vrt ;Jil.
(From tbo New York Her dd.
Prominent among the mechanical tri
umphs ol this most ingenious age, com
mon honed compels us to notice the Em
pire Sewing Mac nine, commended ai just
ly atylet pei If et ion itself. Useful as have
been the various sewing machines, iirom
lime to time presented to the public each
one of ihem has been cursed with soma
radical defect, which detracts from general
utility. Wurncd by the experience of bis
predecessors, the inventor of the Empire
Machine has produced an instrument, com
bining all the advantages fur which other
ate va tinted, end obviating every detect
which con be attributed lo them by the
most fastidious critic
The Empir" Macnine it a marvellous com
bination of simplicity, economy and perfect
woikmanship, being durable, free fronts li
hility to get out of order, noiseless, and ea
sy of operation. Its mechanical contit
vanre is such as tu secure stability, free
(loin front accident, and accuracy as to
workmanship Kv the tee of the patented
shuttle ami straight needle it makes a
stitch, which can neither rip nor ravel
while, at the same time, it can operate
perfectly upon every species of material
Irom h-nther lo cambric, . with Ihteatlg of
cotton, linen or silk, fiom the finest to the
coarst et number.
As the Empire Machine is gradually
supplanting its more antique rivals, no
one in want of a more use I'll iestrument
of this description, be he or she tailor,
loaclimaker, dressmaker or seamstress, can
dn otherwise than seeure of these econom
ical and inimitable machines, suited alike
for family and manufacturing purposes.
The office of the Empire Manufaciuring
Co. is at No. 536 Broadway, New York
City, where they are now supplying thes
Empire Machines at prices tar below th
leal value of the instruments. New York
November 30 1865-lr
- IN
Lmpm: Mi ii I lie Machine.
Salesroom, 536 Broadway A Y. 250
Washington St. Boston. 921 CArafnuf St.,
i'HlS MACHINE, is constructed on entirely
new principles of mccbauiam, possessing
n-any rare and valuublo Improvements, having
een examined by tbe most profound expeits,
and pronounced to bo
It has a straight ncodlo. poipendianlnr act lor.
makes the "Lock or Shuttle Stich,' which will
Neither Kip nor RtrtL, and is alike on both
sides; performs perfeu. towing on evory desi rip
tion of material, from Leather to the finest Nan
sook Musiitio, withcotton, linen or silk tbrcsd,
from the coarsest to the finest number.
Having neither Cam nor Coo Wuiel, and the
least possible friction, It runs u smooib as
glass, nnd is emphatically a
I requires Fiftt fir cent, iiss rowm to
drive it then any other machine iu the market,
a girl jloven years of age can work it steadily,
w;thout fatigue or injury to health;
Its strength and woKDEnrrjL smrtioiTY of
construction, renders it almost impossible to
get out of order, aud is ouariuntid by the
company to give Miire satisfaction.
We respectfully invite all thoae who may do
sire to supply themselvi-s aith a superior arti
cle to como and examine this CNBivALLkD Ma
chine. One half hours instruction Is sufficient, U
enable any person to work this machine to
thcirentire satisfaction.
KzLisioosand 1h aritabls ikstitctiosts will
be liberally doaltwith
quits Wantid for all towns in the United
Stales where Agents are not already established
Also, for Cuia. Mexico, Central and South
merich, to whom a hboral discount will ba
No consittnmrnts made at all. Address
Empire Sewing Machine Mi'g
a. 4c. hKOAOW AY N. Y:
Priu tijlc gendoa Established: Pittsburg',
Ernest stnelin Bnltimoro, Thos. thanks.
Wheeling, W. Va. W. I): Sawkell Bro. Ci
cinnati, O. Mather At Wilson
Novembor SOth lsS-lyr
Grovesteen & Co.,
490 nroad way, iew York.
The attention or the Public and the trade
is invited to our Near Scale 7 OCTAVE
for volume and uritv of tone are unrivall
ed, by any hitherto ffberd in this market.
They contain all tlie modern improvements
French, Grand Action, Harp Pedal, Iron
Frame overstiunjr. Buss etc. and each instru
mcnt being mnde tlie personal supervision
of Mr. J. II. Grovesteen who has has a
practical experience of over 31 years in their
manufacture U fully warranted in every par
Tliu 'Grnv(8tecn I'inno Fortes" rs
ceived (ho award of rnciit over all
others at Iho celtbrated Worlds
Where were exhibited instruments fram
the best makers of London. Paris. Germany
Philadelphia. Baltimore. Boston and New
York: and also at the American Instutute
for Ave successive years, the gold and ailver
medals from both of which can be seen at
our ware-room,
By the interoduclion of improvements we
make a still more perlecl Piano Forte, and
by manufai turintr largely, with a -strictly
cash system, areennbled to oiler these in
struments at a price which will preclude all
Phice-No.. I.Ssven Octave, round corners"
Koevocd plain case $275.
No. 2, Seven Octave, round corner,
Rosewood heavy moulding $300
No. 3, Seven Octave round corners
Kopev ood Louis XIV style $325
TcrmvINVi Cash iiiCurren Funds,
Dec. 7th 1865 lyr a,"c,
HAS cured thousands of the worst easca af
Blind and Bleeding Piles.
It gives immediate relief, and effects a perma
nent cure. Try it direatly It is wTranUd to
cure. For sale by ail Druggists at 90 cents per
January 18,131s. ly.'. '' ; ' '
LANKS of eTety Hisertftiem . ftrr sale

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