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lasted, no longer, than was necessa
- ryfor the interview, and he pave
the officials In question to under
stand that he is acting under the
orders of the War Department.
[From the Baltimore Sun.]
Governor Swann has been here
to-day, and had an interview with
the President in referer.c to the po
litical complications in Maryland.
The subject was also considered in
Cabinet meeting. Under the de
cision of the Supreme Court in the
Dorr case, it is the dutv of the Pros
ident, when called upon by the
Executive of any State for aid in
suppressing tumult or insurrection
within his State which cannot be
suppressed by the force under his
control, to furnish such assistance
This will be done in the- present
instance, siiouJdtno necessity arise,
but it is hoped that it may be
avoided. Tho President has no
right to go behind the call of the
Governor, and will have nothing
to do with t lie matter unless thus
'ailed upon.
$ intent gUf $ tL
ItlcARTUUZt, OI2lfi.:
NOV. 1, 18
Last Monday was n busy day with our
county officers In serving notices for con
testing the offices of Probate Judge, Aud
itor, Trt'iifiirer and Commissioner, elected
at . the annual election, on charges of
illegal voting and frauds of divers kinds.
In the language of the Supreme Court cf
Ohio, which is hotter exprewed than we
could say it: '-The importance, iu a gov
ernment like ours, of preserving the; purity
of elections, and ot ascertaining truly, and
rendering efl'ectlve, the will of the people
as lairly expressed through the ballot-box
needs no comment." In tho accomplish
ment of these purposes, the right of con
testing all elections, is, perhaps, the most
efficient agency provided by law."
Hence, we hope all our citizens, without
respect to party, will aid and assist In car
rying out the provisions of the law in re
gard to these contests, and to have the
questions settled ; and all who are known
to have acted illegally, brought to justice
and punishment.
Our county officers, we believe, ask
nothing but a fair vote, and. on these con
tests, want a lair canvassing of the mat
ters in controversy.
Vinton County. We cannot but attrib
ute the defeat of a portion of our county
ticket in Vinton county to the mistaken
policy of the Record in permitting the
Radicals, for a small compensation, to u.sc
its columns weekly to publish their false
hoods and vile abuse of the Democratic
party. The influence of the paper was
certainly thrown as much upon one side as
the other. We hope the publisher will not
be caught in that trap again. Portsmouth
Not caught in any trap, Bro. Newman;
and your notice Is only the echo of other
like stories that w ere calculated, and did,
damage the ticket In Vinton. But, in sober
earnest, we fd that Scioto county, in
1805. gave Cox a majority over Morgan of
28fl vou-s; and in 180C, your county gave
Su.iUi ;i majority over LeFcver of 488 votes
a grtiu on you of 219 votes in one year.
Was it the influenceof the Times that pro
duced this result?
We liavt no such gains on the Demoera
cv oi Vinton. The fact is, we were all
conscious of the rectitude of our cause,
and, hence, too sanguine of success. We
were well aware of difficulties in our ranks.
We have no regrets for tiic course we took-
State Convention.
We notice that several prominent Dem
ocratic papers in Ohio are favoring the
holding of a State Nominating Conven
tion on the 8th of January. We might a
well organize an army tor a campaign be
fore knowing anything about the number
or character of the troops we are going to
confront. The impending session of Con
gress will be more important in its results
either for the weal or woe of the coiiutry
than any of iu predecessors. We must
wait for its action before we are prepared
for business. The country may be con
vulsed with civil war before the period for
another election. Let us waitand watch,
and act when the time comes.
West Virginia Legislature.
We have not yet received sufficient re
turns to indicate definitely the complexion
of the next Legislature. We have made
several very Important gains. Three mem
bers from this county, and one from Tay
lor and one from Lewis are already cer
tain. We have probably lost one in Jefler
son and one in Tyler. We are looking for
gains in the interior and .southern portions
of the State, and believe that, if we have
not a majority, we have at least elected a
minority strong enough to bailie the Radi
cals and prevent the adoption of some of
their extreme measures. (Wheeling Reg
ister, Oct. 20.
General John C. Breckinridge s
at Versailles, France. General
Toombs, of Georgia, "and Hon. Ja
cob Thompson, of Mississippi, are
at the Grand llotel, Paris .
A Slander and a Falsehood.
David Dudley Fields who did more
than any other man to prevent a
peaceful settlement of the difficul
ties between the North and the
South, before the late civil war,
publicly 6tated last week in Man
chester that the only thing tho
slaveholders asked Was" to extend
the slave line to te Pacific. We
denounce this statement as a false
hood. The South was satisfied with
the "Crittenden Compromise."
Field and his fellow-Iiads opposed
it. Hence the great war and the
breaking up of the Union. Cos
The 'Tribune's Chicago special
says: '-Evidences of a wide-spread
troubles on the Indian frontier
have accumulated more rapidly
than usual within the past few day3,
A general war is really imminent
General Sherman has ceased to dis
credit alarming reports, and is tax
ing every energy to throw troops
into imperiled districts. 15,000
warriors are declared by the latest
advices to be actually on the war
A dispatch has passed over the
wires from Europe to Vera Cruz,
from Jiaron Dencke and the Emper
or of Austria, summoning Maximil
ian to Vera Cruz, where he will
take passage in an Austria war
steamer for Trieste, to watch the
dying Empress, his wife.
The Herald's Washington special
says: "General Averill, Consul
general of the United States in
Canada, has been fn the city sever
days, and alter interviews with
the President, has left Washington
to assume the performance of his
official duties. Matters in Canada
are becoming of grave importance,
and it is the wish of the President
that the representative of the Gov
ernment should be there at the ear-
liest'nracticable period."
A large meeting, estimated at
fifty thousand, was held on Sunday
Jones' Wood, N. Y. It was ad
dressed by James Stephens. It was
understood to be-his ' last speech
previous to departing for Ireland,
where he said he would 6trike a
blow for Ireland before the dawn
ing of the New Year. He remark
ed: "Much had been already done
Ireland. An army of 50?000 men
had been organized; the aristocra
tic tendency ot her people republi
canized, and the nation taught to
reject the political dictation of her
Catholic clergy. This latter he
urged upon the crowd assembled,
while advising them to respect
their spiritual adviser is all that
appertains to their spiritual call
ing. Efforts in the cause of Ire
land have failed heretofore, he said,
because of a want of sympathy and
aid in America." A disturbance
occured at the close of the meeting
the supposed discovery of a
British spy, who M as badly cut and
beaten before he was rescued by
policemen, and proved to be inno
cent of the charge.
It is rumored that the Canadian
Government intends to order out
the military to patrol the frontier
until after the execution of the
Fenian prisoners.
It is said that our Government
will send an army of twenty thous
and men, under General Grant or
some other distinguished General
Mexico, to preserve order after
the French, under Maximilian,
leave tho country.
The Herald's Montreal special
says there is but one feeling among
the Canadians concerning the coiw
victed Fenians, and that is, the law
must take its course.
The Herald's Toronto says: The
Episcopal Church in Bradlbid was
entered by a party of Fenians im
mediately after the receipt of the
news that Colonel Lynch and Kev.
McMahon' were sentenced to be
hanged. The windows were smash
ed and tho pulit demolished, while
party of men promended the
streets, cheering for President
Robests and General Sweeney. If
the Fenian prisoners are released
the GovernmenLiu consequence
the threats made by the Fenians
the United States,
a'strong an-
nexation party will be
throughout the province.
Great excitment continues in the
city of New York and vicinity.
Meetings all over town are passing
resolutions of indignation, and de
claring threats of vengeance
against the Canadians if the prison
in their hands be harmed.
It is reported that secret expedi
tions are preparing to release
Lynch, and that anumber of Fen
ians have already gone toward the
An Albany dispatch says: "A
rapid survey of the Fenian situa
tion from Albany to the frontier,
enables me to report the greatest
activity every-whe're' prevailing
among the circles."
- The Common Council of Albany.
in. l., have adopted resolutions
looking to nractical aid tothn Fpn
ians, and tne Common Council of
Troy, with the entire approbation
Mayor Flagg, will follow suit to
morrow night
The Fenian Rifle Association
held a most important meeting in
iroy, JN. i ..on Monday,and were in
session again yesterday. Every
where the Circles of the organiza
tion exhibit more of pratical mean
ing in their attitude, in view of the
approaching possible executions in
Canada, than ever known before.
Arms are scattered in great quan
titles all a long from Whitehall to
Burlineton. and a larce nuanlilv
are, and have been for a long time,
secreted ou Canadian sou, at a
point not far distant from St. Al
bans, Vermont.
It is stated as a singular fact that
the counterfeiting of the United
States currency has reached such
perfection that the counterfeit cur
rency is regulary redeemed at the
Treasury, canceled and destroyed,
with the rest of the mutilated cur
rency. It is reported that, at the Cabi
net meeting held yesterday morn
ing, it was determined to gradual
ly occupy Mexico and guarantee to
each State a republican form of
Mayor Hoffman has received a
letter from President Johnson, in
reply to the letter of the former
transmitting the resolutions of the
Common Councils concerning the
Fenians. The President, referring
to the action already taken thro'
the Secretary of the State, says:
"These prompt proceedings will
convince vou of the ceeD interest
felt by the Government of the Un
ited States in the cases of these cit
izens, and of its determination to
take all the steps that mav be nec
essary and proper for the protec
tion oi all citizens, wheresoever
they may be."
Ihe lexas papers report the ar
rival of several hundred cases of
Belgian rifles at Corpus Christi, for
use, as is supposed, in the Liberal
New York. Ost..l. Gold clos
ed at 146 5-8.
Boom not Dead. "Brick Tome-
roy," m speaking of the mooted
Suestion m 'regard to whether
ooth was the man killed in the
' ' - - ..... 1 . ... . . v. ... luc I
barn, and u-rmo Vindv n-na cn TmraJL.
says that he was alive on the 13th I
of July last. He says: i
"Ihe papers now are having i
much to say about Booth, whether
he be dead or not, Jxdin Wilkes
liooth was alive on tha 13th nf
July, 1866. The man who was
killed was not Booth, but another
person murdered in order to .obtain
the reward offered for his capture.
Time will unravel a ball ot mvs-
tery now connected with this affair,
and show up the beauties of Stan
ton's detective system. Again we
repeat earnestly and certainly that
John Wilkes Booth never was ta
ken to Washington either wound
ed or dead, and that he was alive
in July of this year."
Awful Taxation! Tha forth.
coming report of Mr. McCulloch.
Secretary of the Treasury, will
show that the amount of taxes ex
acted from the American nennl
during the last fiscal year, foots up
io tne enormous aggregate of live
hundred and hfty-six millions thirty-nine
thousand one hundred and
thirty-five dollars. The heaviest
annual expenditure during the ad
ministration of Mr. Buchanan was
only sixty-eight millions 1
One hundred and seventy-nine
millions of dollars were collected
in taxes from tho American people
last year in duties on imports 1
Three hundred and nine millions
two hundred and twenty-six thous
and dollars were collected as in
ternal revenue from the American
people during the last year!
Not long will the people be able
to sustain this burden.
It is a fact not generally known
perhaps that a negro by the name
of Payne and a white (?) man by
the name of Hines walked to the
polls arm in arm, a la Douglas and
Tilton, and deposited their votes
side by side, at the late election in
Manchester. This is the fact, dear
reader, but then it is wrong to ac
cuse the Union party of being in
favor of
Who Can impeach?
the President is impeached, what? He
must be tried by the Senate. What it the
Senate? Iti that branch of the national
legislature which is composed of two Sen
atorg from every State in the Union. This
is the jury before whom th President is to
be arraigned incase of impeachment, and
he may demand that every juror present,
and cornmaiided by the law to act as eucb,
shall so B.':t it the trial.
Jty.The " Republicans are the
most diligent propagandists on
earth. There are no opinions, po
litical or relicious. entertained bv
any class of mqn, in any quarter of
the globe, that are disseminated so
industriously as those of the lie
publican party in the United
states, livery Republican, in.
whatever position he mav be. nee
lects no opportunity to enunciate
the dogmas oi his. party. Aside
from the ordinary media and in.
strumentalities of political opinion,
such as newspapers. stumD ara-
tory, and the usual conversation of
neighbors, we meet the virus of
abolition in every department of
literature, in every phase of intel
lectual endeavor, andin all tho mul
tifarious organizations which the
needs or desires of society institute.
In this way they have contrived.
... .
and still contrive, to enthrall the
public mind, and betray it into the
w - -
most stupendous and criminal error
oi which civilized mankind hav
Victory 1 Vic-tohy t Ti, mturna fw.
the Cleetlnnil liclll 111 Wnat Vlrirlulo nil tho
25th 111(1 cate th elertinn nf tho TTiiIai.
ticket by rouslnsr majorities and increased
tenuis, uov. Dorcman is re-eiecteu dv 7,
000 majority and Hubbard and Kitchen,
Union, are elected to Congress. Gazette.
A Radical ticket could be elected In Mis
sissippi by the same process. Just exclude
everybody from voting but those who will
vote for the ltadical candidates. Just as
easy as the boy knew his mother. (Chllll
cothe Advertiser.
General Grant's pay is 818.678
per year, and Lieutenant-General
Sherman's $13,518. Each is allow
ed fifty horses. A Maior General
gets $5,800 per year, and is allot
ted five horses. The nav of a Bn-
adier is allowed 3,940 50.
"What has this Con cress done?'
John Sherman. '
An uncommon amount of steal.
ing, sir, if you please.
Great Sale of Fine Sheep.
faHIIE undftrsiirned. AdmlnUtrntni-a ni
J. the estate of David Jones, deceased,
will sell at public vendue, at ilcArthur,
Vinton county, Oon .
Thursday, November 15th, 18C6,
600 head of Feeding Wethers; 175 flue
Spanish Merino Ewes; 100 medium Ewes;
4U yearling Wethers, fine wool; 120 Span
ish Merino Lambs; 20 e:tra lino Spanish
Merino Rucks; 10 extra fine Merino Ruck
Lambs. Sales to the highest bidder.
Terms of Sale Hums less than $100 cash ;
on larger sums, reasonable time allowed,
n H1 juupt;i Ol'llll llv
" . W - ' 1 . . T,
Tovlw2 A.l,,,,.,.
Just opened by
WflEtB will'oe constantly kept, nUston
ishinriy low prices, a complete assort
ment of
Nails, Files. Rasps, Locks, Hatchets, Ham
niars,Axes, Hand saws, Wood saws, Augers,
Hiisels, Draw-knives, Rutts, Screws,
Vi renehes, Bolts. Curry combs. Paint and
Wall brushes, Butcher's knives. Table and
l'ockct cutlery. Gun locks, Tubes, Powder,
Lead, Gun caps, Shot, etc etc.
Also, Coal and Wood Cooking Stoves, Heating
Stoves and Graf.B, Together with a lull as
wrtmentof T 1 N - W A It E !
ill of which ill be sold vcrj lov for cnnh.
Toconvicce the peo).lo hut we aoll cheiper
ban any other teiiibliahmunt iu town we atk
them to give an a call.
Room oue door eautof Hi, D. Dodges store and
tpt'oeite Brattona block.
Vinton Probate Court.
J0TICE.-Sair.u8l It. Durby, ticardian of
11 Britain D. Fry and Lncretia Fry legal
heiraof Henry Fry doeeaoed, has tiled h, a ac
counts and Touchers iu the 1'robato Court of
Vir ton county, Ohio, for Inspection and final
uttlcmetri, and that the name will be tor hear
ing in said Court on (ha 17th day of November,
a. d. 1SH6, at 11 o'clock ofsaidday. Dated
N'jvomber ltt a d 1S68.
novlw8 BI.1UBD CRAIO, roJndgo.
Administrator's Sale
PURSUANT to an order of sale from tha Pro
bate Court, of (ha county of Vinton, I will
offer for aale, at publlo auction, on
Monday, December 3d, 1800, '
atoneo'click P.M., upon the prem ana, the
following described real eelale, situated In the
eonnty of Via ton and Stata of Ubio.wit:
The west half of the south west quarter of
section flve(5) townahip eight (S) range sixteen
(18) containing aaren(y four ( 74 ) acres more or
let. Aluo.thirty four (84) acres oft the north
end of the following described premises situ
ated in the county and state aforesaid, to-wit:
The east half of the southeast quarter of sec
tion eix(6) township (8) range sixteen (16)
containing eeventy-iuur acres.
Appraised a( Eleven hundred dollars. Terms
of sale: One-third in hand, one-lhird-ln ona
year, and ono-third in two yean from the day
of aale, with InJorcst. The payments to be se
cured by mortgage upon tha premises sold.
Administrator of the estate of
Michael Daugherty, deceased,
Bratton Mayo, Utorceya. novlwS
II!" J J i
Smiths', Carpenters', ITIji-
cmncsis' ana coo
pers' Tools.
A toll Supply of '
Also, agents for all kinds of .
WE are now receiving a largo stock of all
goods usually kept in Hardware Store,
which we will sell at the lowest possible prices,
tSTSpecial Atttntion Paid to Ordtrh.-St
I ;
J. Doddridge & Son,
Main Street, (opposite Hawks Btere,)
Mc Arthur, O.
November 1, 1388-8m.
liEV CLUI IlliG SlUltE
In WHV -Building,- room formerly occupied
;', : by J. P. Dtinkle.
THE qndersiiied wishes tossy, to the people
of Vinton eonnty and the public generally
that he has opened out ' i
'" i'i t TT l r"
Ready - Made CLbTinNC,
- -Vents Furnishing 'Goods,
. . of every description t . '.'
Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes
. ,' for Ladles and Gents; m '
which ho is determined to sell at tha - -
Before Purchasing Elsc
. Avhcrel.T
oct2oni3h IIENIiy JRlicilMAN".
V - Jr. Op'maIU & LOCUST STS.
' McAUTninVo.,
" t y
Has now on hanl a very large and wall a
lcctod stock of ull kinds of (iroceiien and
Liquors, oonxistivg in part of Teai, soffoe, su
gar, toducco, oigars, win to rinb, Muekerul, ood
rish, rickles. canned reaches. cove ovstars. ao.
per sauce, catsup, K. o. uolluxsoa, cljof vinegar,
cricoids, rowdor, t.oad,ahdt, cupa, -
All Kinds of Dye-Stuffi
1 - . . -
a gonTiil assortment of perfiinieTics.'onstodo
ro's Huirdya warranted to colar the lmlr a jet
black without injury to tho hair or ccalp.Hos
tetterV and Roba.k's stomach Bitters, concen
trated Lye, soap, a goncrul aisortmet.t of gen
tlemen's winter gloves from the flpiKthuclto
trio common woolen, all kinds of Liquors from
tho finest rrench Brandy and old Bourbon whis
ky to common corn whisky tube sold from one
pint to ono. hundred gallons, or any other quan
tity donired. all of which lie propose to mi a
low, if not lower than other houte in the coun
ty, ill kinds of oountrv Droduce taken la ex
change for Urcoerioa. . ...
l lnMren csn get goods aa elieap a thtlr pa-
. Stipt 27-m. J. G. BVVr.l'LANll.
HA9 just returned from Colarabjs with ad
dilioual facilities for
old "
Daguerreotypes, Arabrotypou,
rhotogjaphs, or . .
and mnktm? tliom u PFPrFPT tltr.
tak6n KKOM LIFE.
If yon wnt any kind of a phlnre. front
Phniogmrh and Fine Art Gallery In Mo Arthur.
A uvii'raiip uuiurvu IU Oik, VT ATIR I OLOK,
India Ink. and finished in tha MuWt It1
of art. . , 't . . . : . v i
Pictures taken in ail kinds of weather.
His present stoox of A'bums will be sold at
cost. Photographs ef Lincoln, Grant, Sherman
and ctlierx; also, Lockets, line Gold Teas aid
Finger Kings for sale. ' t . .. ;
rictnresor all sizes frai.iod to order.'
MeArlhar, Okie, August II, lSdi-tf
Db. Bthicklaitd's Tonic is a concentrated pre
paration o Roots nd Herbs, with anliac.
aidd carm'mtlvesto strengthen the stomach
anncrveus system. Itis a cortam remedy for
anrncrveuBsyatom. Itis a conam remed
oDepai eti or Indigestion, KervouaneK,
! App to, Acidity of the Stomach, Flatu
tnd Debility. II is not alcoholic, therefore
i, IiOfli
therefore rar-
icularty suited to Weak. Nervous and Dvs-
pptio persons. For aale by all Druggists every
when at ano dollar per bottle.
Sheriff's Sule.
In Court of Common PUa:
Jacob Probaaoo, P.t'fl, 1 Ou Vondi
Order of
David Argccbiight, Deft. J . S le.
PURSUANT to the command of a Vend! or
der of salu In the above cause to me di
rected from the CWt of Common J leas, of the
afure-aid County of Vinton, I will off tr at pub
lic sale, at Hit d or of thk Oour t-house. In tha
town of Mo Arthur, in aforetaid county of Vin
ton, on ' .
Monday. November oth. 18C6.
at the hour of one o'clock r.u! of said aay, tha
following land and tenements to wit : Tha
northwest quarter ol the northwest quarter of
section nrmber one (1) township comber
nine (9) range number nineteen (1) in Vinton
county. Ohio, containing thirty-nine aorea
more or leas.
Alito, tiie cortheast half of the northeast Quar
ter of motion number two (2) of rane t.umber
nineteen (19) towishi p number nine ( 9 ) in Vin
toi county, Ohio, containing eighty (80) aorea
more or leas. Taken aa the proporty of Jacob
Frobasco to satisfy a judgment of 'aforesaid
Court in favor of David Arganbright. 'Ap
praised aa follows, to-wit : The flrnt described
lands anditonaments at M 00, anaV the aeeond
described rract at 875 00 and must bring two
thirds of that sum.
Tibms o Saii Caen In hind. ' .
Yaple & Bingham, JOHN J SflOCKET.
Airynor rnir. loct.,wij onenn VriO.u
LAJfKS of erery dripiien. for sale

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