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8tu intou gftanl.
"White wen shall kui.k America."
It is understood, that Tliad Slo
vens, oi Pennsylvania, will, at tho
meeting of Congress, move to ap
point a committee, to investigate
the official conduct of President
Johnson, and report what action is
required in this case. Tho Presi
dent thus far has acted with dig
nity and prudence. The questions
on the proposed Eadical amend
ments to the Constitution is a ques
tion for the States alone, and he
has done nothing, only to advise.
On the questions of restoring the
Southern States he has only advis
ed and appealed to the people.
The passions engendered by the
late war, have not yet subsided in
the public mind, and hence we
have not had a calm and fair decis
ion by the people. The decision of
the people, in the late election, re
lieves the President from responsi
bility for the action of Congress. It
is useless to speculate on the ac
tion of the President. He under
stands the issues and with his con
firmed views, the country may rest
assured that he will hold a conser
vative course of action. We await
his annual message with interest.
The election which took place on
Tuesday of last week, resulted as
New York. The Radicals elect
ed Gov. Teuton by about 14,000
Illinois gave a Radical majority
of 60,000.
Missouri gives the Radical tick
et a majority of 25,000.
New Jersey went Radical by
some 3,000 majority.
Massachusetts gave about 65,
Q00 Radical majority, returning
her whole Congiessional delega
tion, Radical, and among them, the
thiel Ben. Butler ; also, electing
two negroes to the Legislature of
that State.
Michigan gives an increased Rad
ical majority.
Wisconsin gives the Radical tick-'
et a majority of about 25,000.
Kansas, Minnesota and Nevada
have also gone Radical.
Maryland has gone Democratic
by a majority of about 5,000.
Delaware has also given the
Democratic ticket a majority of 1,-500.
By Jacob D. Cox, Governor of the
state of Ohio.
The year which is nearing its
close has been filed with blessings
from the hand of God. Freedom,
peace prosperity and health have
been given us, and threatened ills
have been turned away, or have on
ly been Buffered to touch us so light
ly as to quicken our sense of the
happiness ot our lot as a people.
Therefore, in accordance with
the good custom of our fathers, I do
appoint TJiursday, the twentyninth
day of November, inst., as the an
nual day ofT7ttnhyiviny &ni Praise
in Ond our Heavenly lather, for all
the manifold mercies and abundant
goodness with which Lie has crown
ed, the year ; and I recommend that
usual business be laid aside upon
that day,and that it be kept through;
out the Slate with grateful worship
as a holy feast.
In testimony whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and
fixed the Great Seal of
the State of Ohio, this
ruth day ol .November,
great in the year of our Lord
SEAL, one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty-six, and
of the Indecendence oi
the United States of A-
merica the ninety-first
Governor of Ohio
WM. H. SMITH, Sec, of State.
Gold closed at 144 3-8.
Campbell and Gen. Sher
man are on their way to Mexico! 1 '
The colored people have been
holding a State convention in In
diana. The Legislature of Georgia have
rejected tho constitutional amend
ment by an almost unanimous vote.
The official vote of Dclaware.for
Governor gives Salisbury 1,212
majority, and for Congress, Nichol
son, Dem., 1,380.
The lates n cws from Europe in
timates that the Emperor will sus
tain tho Pope in his temperal pow
er. Tho World's special from Wash
ington and New Haven report see
ing a few meteors on Tuesday night
through powerful observatory tel
escopes, but there was no great
shower any-wliere.
The trial of tho Fenian prisoners
in Canada is still progressing. It is
said that those convicted will not be
hung, but will be imprisoned for a
term of years.
All restraint is now reniovqd
from JeflV Davis. Ilis rooms are
being fitted up in fine style, and he
and his family will live in splendor
at Fortress Monroe, at the public
Russia is placing her army on a
war footing. A general conscrip
tion of one man in every twenty
five has been ordered through-oilt
her vast confines. This prepara
tion probably look to another move
ment upon Turkey.
The Herald's Washington special
says: "It is said that Hon. John A.
Bingham, who is preparing articles
of impeachment against Mr. John
son, will charge him with aiding
and abetting the assassination of
Mr. Lincoln."
The Herald's Washington special
says the best posted parties in
Washington are of opinion that the
present negotiutions will end in the
United States establishing a pro
tectorate over the Mexican terri
tbry. A train on the Louisville and
Nashville railroad was recently
thrown from the track . and dashed
to pieces. It was the work of rob
bers, who robbed the frightened
passengers of what money they
It is understood that Mr. McCt'L-
loch will, in his report, urge upon
Congress the necessity for the pas
sage of law looking toward an early
resumption of specie payment.
The report will be quite volumin
ous, and will be one of the most in
teresting ever issued from that de
partment. Yesterday afternoon, a terrible
accident occured on the Buffalo
and Erie Railroad, through the neg
ligenc of the Company's employees'
50 persons were wounded and five
killed. This is not the first time
that serious accidents have occur
red on this branch of the Lake
Shore road, through the careless
ness of employees.
The Herald's City of Mexico cor
respondent says: "Maximilian's ab
dication was unknown until he was
almost ready to start. On the road
he met General Castelnau, but on
ly made a passing salute,'and wcnild
not admit of a conference. Later
it was thought he would return to
the Capitol, but in that case Mar
shal Bazaine had intended to send
him under guard to Vera Cruz.
Castelnau was being treated very
cavalierly by Bazaine, who is busy
making new contracts for army
supplies, and for a length of time,
which does not look to a speedy de
parture of the troops. As soon as
Maximilian is known to have left
the country, Bazaine will declare
himself Dictator.
The Chicago Times' proposition
to commit the Democratic party to
the support of negro suffrage is un
iversally scouted by the Democrat
ic press. It meets with no second
in any quarter, and the general feel
ing is surprise that such an article
could have found its way into the
Times, and of indignation at the
suggestions it contains.
The official vote in Pennsylvania
shows the following result: Geary
(Ab.) 308,250; Clymeb (Dem.) 290
034 Republican majority 18,216
In 1864 the vote in that State re
sulted for Governor as follows:
Curtin (Ab.) 269,496; Woodward
(Dem.) 254,171.
Removal of the County Seat.
Editor YMon Jfscord: ,
t The question of the removal of
the county seat from McArthur to
Zaleski, has been a matter of con
siderable argument for the last few
days, and many persons who have
hitherto been sleeping upon "flowe
ry beds of ease," and thinking the
question of removal of the county
seal a lanure are . oeginning 10
thjnk now thai there i: ?me dan
ger, and that they will have to
stem the current of opposition.
That the question of the removal
of the county seat, is a moveinjthe
right direction we are well satis
fied, and that it will be submitted
to the people, is a matter of no
more doubt.. Let the question
come, and ' let the people decide,
whether a place of enterprise and
industry ; a place, that is willing to
live and let live, shall have the
benefit 01 the public buildings; and
the citizens of the town, the patro
nage of the public;or shall the town
of no enterprise, of no industry, no
benevolence for the poor laboring
man,hold a claim pre-emient to all
other, and sway the scepter of male
volence any longer, over the peo
ple?'. .
. McArthur has needed something
as a stimulus for many years, al
though she' has been in possession
of much stimulants all the while,
and now she will have an oppor
tunity to show the manner of her
The wealth of her citizens, is
locked up in bonds, ; and the poor
man paying the interest upon them,
while the owner can sit upon the
stool of Do-nothing, and thank him
self that he is not like other men
of interprise'and energy for him
self and others. .
This will be a fine chance for
some of tho "McArthur whit tiers"
to bestir themselves, and move
around and throw out their accu
mulated interest, that is hoarded
up year after year.
The ball is begining to move ;
roll it 'on I Any thing we say, that
will awake McArthur to a sense of
her danger, and make her to 6hake
off this i dull idleness, the stupidity
of enterprise ; something that will
reiriove the stigma and curse, that
she has had the misfortune to be in
possession of ever since she had
an existence. She needs a Physi
cian, one that will administer free
ly, healing balm and cure idleness
indolence and malevolence, ana
beget within her a healthy spirit of
enterprise, and industry, erect her
furnaces; foundries, rolling mills,
and in fact every kind of manufac
turing establishments that will give
inployment to the laborer.
, If she has none of these improve
ments, nor even the material out
of which to make them, let her so
sar. and act. and let her not cen
sure nor rebuke the 'man who has
the manliness of spirit, the actions
of benevolence, sufficient to cast
hi3 ballot and influence in favor of
a town possessing all of these ne
cessary reauisites. for the happiness
and good order of the citizens of
A Snake Story.
The Vicksburg(Miss.) Times tells
the following:
One of the officers of that popu
lar steamer, the Calumet, which, as
every body knows, plies regularly
between this port and Tallahatchie
River, tells us the following, which
we think "lay over the above con
siderable:" "On the Tallahatchie River, not
long since, an enormons rattlesnake
found a setting turkey hen on her
nest, and swallowed her in exactly
two minutes and forty seconds, by
the watch, and then swallowed the
eggs, twenty one in number, three
at a time, without cracking a single
shell; after which he immediately
relapsed into that state of torpidity
peculiar to Tallahatchie snakes af
ter a big dinner.
"Anxious to see the denouement
of this shako affair, the owenei of
the unfortunate fowl allowed his
snakesliip to go unmolested, who,
coiling himself in a fence-corner, re
mained there quietly for nine days,
with his mouth wide open, when the
eggs having finished the process of
incubation, the juvenile turkeys
stepped out of his mouth, one at a
time, but as each one of them put
its feet on terra firma, it was swal
lowed again by this 2:40 snake be
fore it had time to look up at.the
"All this happened about six
weeks ago,and as soon as the last
turkey was disposed of, the rattle
snake was caught and put in a bar
rel of two hundred and ninety-five
per cent, alcohol, and on every
clear day those young turkeys can
yet be heard chirping."
The above reminds us of some
ot the Radical yarns in the Record
preceeding the late election. We
would respectfully call the atten
tion of the Vinton County Radical
to its consideration.
The published official vote of In
diana shows this result! Tbusier
(Ab.) 169,618, Minbon (Dem,) 156,
102- Trusler's majority 14,616.
In 1864, the vote was: Morton ( Ab.)
152,084; McDonald (Dem.) 131,201
Mokton'8 majority 20,883. In
the matter of majority the Aboli
tionists hive fallen off 5,367 since
1864- Tl s Democratic vote is 23,
891 greater then it was at the State
election in 1864, while the Abolition
vote is only 17,534 greatej. On
Congressmen the Radical majority
is only 12,551.
Decision of Judge Bartol—Governor
Swann's action Sustained.
Baltimore, November 13. Judge
Bartol has just rendered his decis
ion in the habeas corpus case, and
sustains'the power of Gov. Swann
to remove the Commissioners ol Po
lice. Great cheering in the court
room on the announcement of the
decision. His decision reviews the
whole case. He says the order of
Judge Bond, of the Criminal Court,
that the parties be held to bail, and
in default to be commited to keep
the peace against the Police Com
missioners, and not to seek to ex
ercise any of the functions of the
Police Commissioners until their
claim to said office should be estab
lished by the courts, was wholly
unwarranted, and that the Judge of
the Criminal Court had no authori
ty to issue such an order.
He reviewed the case in regard
to the Police Commissioners, and
decided that it gave the Governor
entire power in the matter ; that if,
in his judgement, Messrs. Woods
and Hinds had been guilty of official
misconduct,the law gave him power
to remove them and appoint succes
sors; that the time Messrs. Valiant
and Young were arrested, they had
been truly and lawfully appointed
Police Commissioners, and that
clothed with the commission of the
Governor, they were then truly in
office and empowered to rightfully
exercise all the functions of the
same in place of Woods and Hinds,
removed, and who had been official
ly notified of the removal. The ac
tion of the Governor was final, as
much so as if those Commissioners
had been removed by the Legisla
ture, and from his action there
could be no appeal.
The following is from a brilliant lecture
recently delivered In New.Orleans by the
Hon. Charles Gayarre, on the subject of
"Oaths, Amnesties and Kebellion." The
moral pointed out is, that President John
sou may trust without fear these men who
fought to the last for the cause they so
loved, and which claimed their fidelity
may trust the rebels who came to him
with clean hands, after having deposited
the keys of their loyalty on the dead body
of the Southern Confederacy:
Some centuries ago two kings were con
tending for the crown of Castile. I forget
their names lor the present, but to facili
tate the feeling of my story I shall call one
John and the other Alfonso. Alfonso pro
claimed, of course, that John was a usurp
er, a rebel, and John returned the compli
ment. Well, John defeated his rival, horse
and foot, and carried everything triumph
antly before him, with the exception of a
single town, which Alfonso had entrusted
to a stout old knight, called ftuguliar, and
which, after a long siege, still remained
impregnable. "You have done enough for
honor," said King John one day to the'
knight, "surrender and you shall have the
most liberal terms." "If you had read the
history of our country," answered Augu-
li:ir, "you would have known that none of
our race ever capitulated." "I will starve
you, proud and obstinate fool." "Starve
tho eagle if you can." "I will put you and
your whole garrison to the sword." Try 1'
was the laconic reply, and the siege went
One morning, ns tho riving sun was be
ginning to gild with its rays the highest
towers of the leaguered cit3 a parley w as
sounded from the camp of the enemy. The
old knight appeared on the wall and looked
down on the King below.
"Surrender !" said John again, "my rival
Alfonso Is dead, and tho whole of Castile
recognizes my s n ay as that of its legiti
mate sovereign.
"Sir, I believe yon; but I must see my
dead master.' "Go, then, to Seville, where
his dead body lies; you have my royal
word that I shall attempt nothing against
the city during your absence.'
The knight came out with banners flying
and a small escort of grim-visaged warri
ors. Behind him the gate closed; before
him the dense battalions of the enemy
opened their ranks, and as he passed along
slowly riding Lis war-horse, shouts of ad
miration burst wide and far from the whole
host who had so often witnessed his deeds
of valor, and the echoes of the loud and
enthusiastic greeting followed him until
the red plume, which waved over his hel
met, was oat of sight. He arrived at Se
ville and went straight to the Cathedral,
where he found the tomb of his late sov
ereign. He opened it and after gazing
awhile with moist eyes at the pale face
which met his look, he thus addressed the
dead monarch :
"Sire, I had sworn never to deliver to
anybody but yourself the keys of the town
which you had entrusted to my care.
Here they are. I have kept my oath," and
he deposited them on the breast of King
Then bestriding his steed he galloped
back to his post. As soon as he approached
again the ranks of the enemy opened, and
l i n rr Tnhn tnnfrtntor film KWntl II -..!.!
vvu.a vuiuivuvLU mill. T'CH, BMIU
the King, "are you satisfied, and do you
give up tho contest?" "Yes, sire."
"Where are the kys of the city ? ". 'On
the King Alfonso's breatt: pro "and get
them; we meet no more." "By heaven,
we shall never part," exclaimed the King.
"Get the keys bacKyourseii anu remain in
command of the town in my name." The
followers of tho King murmured and com
plained of his rewardlug a rebel. "lie is
no longer one," said King John; "such
rebels, When w on. become the best of subjects."
H. B. & A. MAYO,
M Arthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
VI ILL attend promptly to all legal bnsfn em
W entrusted to bin). Oflloe in Court House,
UeA . tbar, Ohio. rjune,28-tf.
Comer of Front . and Madison Streets,
Portsmouth, Ohio.
UT all kind of Country Produce.
To Owners of Horses !
r!IE nndorslgned would late this method of
informing owners ol barseiand (he publio
generally that he la prepared to remove
Any Enlargement on a Horse,
In from
Six lo Nine Days.
He can be consulted at all timet In MoArthur,
where he will be pleased to have (hose wishing
hit lerviocs. to call upon him.
A Positive Cure or no Charge.
novl5rnl J. O. STBINUUM.
Slicrifl's Sale.
The Statt of Ohio, Vinton Co.:
Thomas P.Brown, rit'ff) In Court of Com.
against Pleas.
Thomas A. Martin, Del ',) On Execution.
PURSUANT to the command of an execoliou
in the above cause to me dirootod from the
Court of Cemmon Fleas of the aforesaid Coun
ty of Vinlon, 1 will offer at pnblio sale, at the
stable occupied by James Lantz and Jaoob
Shockey in the town of Mo Arthur, in aforesaid
county of Vinton on
Monday, November 20th, 18GG,
At the hour of one o'clock p. m. of said day
the following goods and chattels, to-wit:
The undivided one-half of three sets double
harness; two bay mares; one cheslnat roan mare'
one bay horse; one nmbuiance; one sack;twa
(no-horse wagons snd one set buggy hat nets.
Taken as the pyperty of Thomas A.' Martin,
to satisfy an execution of aforesaid court, in la
vor of Thomas P. Brown.
Terms of sale.cash in hand.
D. 8 Dana, Plt'ff At'v. SheriiT V. C. O.
November 1 5, 186S-2wpf 525
The old, the young, the middle aged unite to praise
It is an entirely new scientific discovery, combining
many of the roost powerful and restorative agents
la me) vegetaoie mnruom.
We have such confidence In its merits, snd nre
o sure it will do all we claim Tor It, mat we oner
$1,000 Reward
If the Sicilian Hair Resewkr does not give sat
isfaction in nil cases when usetl lu strict accoru
tnce with our instructions.
Vegetable Sicilian, Jlalr Itcnetvcr
has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation
for tne Uair ever ouerea to tno public.
It is a vegetable compound, and contains no
injurious properties wuatover.
It is not ti Dye, it strikes st the Hoots and fills
tne glands witn new mo ana coloring mauer.
It iclrt keep the Hair from falling out.
Xt eleantet Vie Scalp, and mnhet the Hair
No person, old or yonne should fail to use it.
It it recommended ana uted ly tltt FIRST MED
1ST Ask for Hail's Vegetable Siciuah
Ham Eenewib, and take no other.
The Proprietors offer the Sicilian Haib Be
vewer to the public, entirely confident that it will
bring back the hair to its original color, promote its
growth, and in nearly all cases where it has fallen
off will restore it unless the person is very aged.
It. P. HALL St CO. Proprietors,
Jfcuhua, N. E
ly Sold by all Druggists.
AS an inducement to Manufacturers, Me
chanics snd Store-keepers to settle in Zs
leski, and to supply the daily increasing de
mar d for articles of domeatio manufacture and
consumption, the undersigned offers to those
purchasing lots of the Company (for the pur
pose of erecting business houses) tho following
materials at greatly reduced prices, snd upon
time to suit purchasers :
Oak ard Poplar Lumber $12 00 per M. .
Buingles b 00 per M.
Lath 3O0perM.
Brick in qnsntit.es of 25,000.. T 50 per M.
Lou of 50il 50 ft, sold st 10O snd upwards.
Also, s number of nicely finlxhed, romforU
ble cottages, with every convenience attached,
wib enclosed lots 80x150, at 750 and npwards.
novfms Managing Director Zaleski Co. .
ITflTTl t. TT 1 H ITIT I TW atfenMM
IN '
Jnfti open! br .'
WUE1E will be constantly kept, ataston'
ishinf iy low prices, complete assort-
meat of
,: '
fii'cii :
Nails, Flics. Hasps, Locks, Iliitchcts, Hnui. -
Chisels, - Draw-knives, Butts, Screws!
Wrenches. IJolts, Curry combs, Pnint ituil
Wall brushes, Butchers knives. Tsbln nn.l
Pocket t'utlery. Gun locks, Tubes, Towiler,
Lead, Gun caps. Shot, etc., etc.
Also, Jom and wood Cooking Stoves, Hearing
Stoves and Orai-s, Together wtth a full ..
sortment of
All of which will be sold very lor for cash.
To convince IliA wnnlit f).tt aH .l.
han any other etablihment in town, we ask
them topive naa call.
Honm mie door east of E. D. Dodges store snd
opposite Mrnltons block.
noviyni S1KUNU & GIBBOXS.,
J.W.llradlej 'n Celebrated Patent
(or Double Spring)
S K I R T .
Tile Wonderful Flexibility and great comfort
and nleasitre to rniv Inrfv t.rin .u r,..
plox Eliptlo $kir', will be experienced parti.-u- .
m "ii uruwuuu awimoiiesperat, tnrria
i,uiivhu cm, vnnrcn pews, Arm chair,
for Promentda and linns il.... .k. nuJ
can be folded while in use to ocoapy a small
np.Ko bo comij uu conveniently- as a silk or .
muslin dress, an invaluable quality in crino
line, not found in any Single Spring 8kirt.
A lady having enjoyed the ploasure, comfort,
and great convenience of wearing the Duplex'
Ellcptio Steel Spring Skirt for asingle duy. will
never afterwards willingly dispense with their
use. For children, Misses and Young Ladies
they are superior to all cfher.
They will not bend or break like the Single)
Spring, but will preserve heir perfecand graee
ful shape whet, three or four ordinary skirts
will have bees thrown aside as usalesa. Tho
hoops are cover d with double and Iwistetf
th lead, and the bottom rods are notonly double)
springs, but twice (or double) eoveied: pro ven
ting them from wearing out when dragging
down stoops, snirs, eto.
The Duplex Elliptio fs great favorite with
all Indies and is unlvorsally recommended by
the Faebloa Magazines as the Standard Skirt Jf .
the Fashionable World.
Te enjoy the following IneHirrwble advan
tages in oricolino, vis : Superior QnsJity, Per
fect Manufacture, Siyilsh Shape and Fnii.li .flex
ibility durability .comfort and economy, eiquiro
for J W Bradley's Duplex Elliptic,orDonbleSi'j
Skirt, and be sure you got the gonuino article.
Caution To guard against impooifion le
particular to notice that skirts offered as 'Du
plex' have the red ink stamp, vis; 'J . W. Brad
ley's Elliptio Steel 8prings, upon the waist
bandcone others are genuine. Also notico
that every hoop will admit spin being panned
through the centre, thus revealing the two (or
double) springs braided together thercin.whluh
is the aecrct of their ftexibilltv
a combination not to be found in any other skirt.
'For Sah in all stores vfhere first claw skirts
are sold throughout the TJ. 8. snd elsewhere.,
ManufueM by the sole owners of the pat'on'i
8n8 97 Chambers 79 81 Reads sta. N Y.
Sheriff's Sale.
In Court of Conmm I'ltas
Samuel Carter, Plaintiff,) In Court of
against Com. I'loa.
Robert Ca'ter, et al Defendants.) Order of title
PURSUANT to the command of an or
der of sale in the above oause to me di
rected fmm the Cburt of Common I leas, of the
aforcxaid County of Vinton. I will offer al pub
lic sale, at lh df or of the Cour t-hnuse, In the
town of McArthur, in aforesaid county of Vin
ton, on
Wednesday, December 12tli, 18CC,
at tho hour of ono o'olock r .u. of said uay, the
following dcribed lands and tenements to wit:
The southwest quarter of section number twen
ty-niiie No. 29 of township number ten No.
10 of range number nineteen No. 19 contain
ing one hundred and sixty 160 acres, situated
in the county of Vinton ' and State of Ohfo.
The same to be sr.ld free of all incumbrances.
Appraised as follows, to-wit : Eight thous
and dollars 43,000 and must bring twe-tbirds
of that sum.
Tims or San-One thir.l cash in hand :
one-third in one yoar, and om. third In two
years with interest ou the deferred paimcnts
from day of sale, with tho privilego of the
purchaser to p :y said deferred psymonts at onv
A. Yuplo, snd others, Sheriff V. Co. O
AU'yforP,t'ff. Kpy. 8, 6w, pf 1 no
Great Sale of Fine Sheep.
rpiIE jmclwsljrned, Administrators ol
J. the estnte of David Jones, decrnseil,
will sell at public vendue, at McArthur,
Vinton county, O, on
Thursday, November Uh,' 1866,
600 head of Feeding Wethers: 175 fine
Spanish Merino Ewes : 100 medium Ewe
40 yearling Wethers, flue wool; 120 Span
ish Merino Lambs; 20 extra flno Spanish
Merino Bucks; 10 extra line Merino Buck
Lambs. Sales to the highest bidder.
Terms of Sale Sums less than $100 cash ?
on larger sums, reasonable time allowed,
with proper security.
novlw2 Admrs, Ac.
Extensive Haniifacaivrs & Importersof
American.Enlish & Swiss Watches,
And Evwy description of
Fancy Goods and Yankee Notions,
ESPECIALLY adapted and designed for
SouTHiBif and Wistibh Tbaoi. Circu
lars snd full descriptive Fries Lists sent free .
Agents wanted everywhere. Address,
nov8ml SI Dorrsnce St., Prevfdenoe, B. L
Vinton Probate Court.
N OTICE H. C.oTsT. W. Bobbins, Xxeeu
tora of the estate) of John Bobbins, dee'd,
have filed their accounts and vouchers in th
Probate Court of Vinton County, Ohio, for in
spection and final settlement, and that the same
will be for hearing in said Court, on 8nrday,
the Slth day of November, a d 18Bt, a 11 o'
clock, a m ef said day. Dated November Mb.
sdl66. BICIIAECBAIO, Pro. Judge.

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