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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 15, 1866, Image 4

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Bluft-JerpsJ aud VrlaMt'd, fcncklr,. nrul
TlinTgood old bund Is clasping wine ;
I behd bo It, aud looklujf down,; :
I stdr Its aspect line by line.
Thli hand baa tliispi'O a tbonsuud liand
That long kave knowu no answering
Some have mouldered in foreign lauds
State In the graveyard on the It ills -
rv , .-. -...... ; .'
Clasped a mother's h:ind, In the day , .
YTMm it was little and soft ami while 1
Hotter, who kissed it, and went nwajv
To rPitlill the waking in (Jod'a good
- lighe.-' -.. .
Clasped a lover's .Imiid,Iyfaii'ngoiie,
Who sailed away aud luXt her hi Unrs; .
Under Sahara' torrid sun, ; A .
Its bouc.3 have whitened years and years.
Clasped tiie hand of a good ainu'true,
Who Held It softly and fell aMeep;-.
And wefce no more, and never knc.'
llow long that Impress this would ctp.
Clasped so many, so many I so few
That still respond to the llvlm w ill',: T- '
Or can answer .' this pressure ei kind aud
', , -true!
Sroauy, that lie unmoved and still !
Clawed, ot l;i,-t, this hand my own;
ArTdJsriiiic w ill moulder, too, iu'turn,
Will any clasp It w hen I'm gone t
Iii uiil'i 1, study this inmd to learn ?
In a miserable hovel at the bottom of a
hillIwo chlldreu hoVered over a smould
ering' lire. A tempest raged without a
feirlal tctnpVst, against which man aud
beast were alike powerless.
A. poor niUtr, unucli poorer than these
tljiverij)" children, though he had henp3 of
money at, home, drew his ragged cloak
about him and crouched at that miserable
door. Ila dares not enter for fear they
wotild ask pay.for sheltering him, and he
cannot move on account of the storm.
"1 am so hungry, Nettie,'' said one . of
the little ones to the other.
f'So am I; I've been hunting lor a pota
to paring, bat can't iliid any ,"
"What an aw fttl storm."'
fYl'sj.thc old tree has blown down; 1
guess God took care that it didn't fall on
the house. Sec, it certainly would Lave
killed us."
"If he oould do that, couldn't he send us
bread r '
"I guess so. Let ts pray. "Onr Fath
er," and when we get to that part, stop till
we get some bread."
So they began, and the miser, crouching
and shivering, list 'tied. When they paus
ed, expecting, in tin ir childish faith, to see
some miraculous manifestation, a humane
feeliag , stole , over his heart. God sent
sohie angel to'softcn it. He had bought a
loaf at the village, thinking It would last
him a great many days; but the silence
spoke louder to him than the voice of main-
waters. He opened the door softly, threw
lu the loaf, and then listened to tlio wild
and eager ery of delight that, came from
the half-famished little ones.
"It dropped right from heaven, didn't it?
questioned the.youuger.
'Yes; I me.ui to love God always for
giving; us, bread w hen we ask him."
'We'll ask him every day, won't we ?
Why, I never thought Godwas rso good,
did you?"
"Yes, I always thought so, but I never
quite knew it before!'? 1
"Let us ask him to givefatherwork to do
all the time, so w e need not be. hungry
again". He'll do it, I'm sure.'
The S'orra passed on and the miser went
homo. A little flower had srirnng up in
his heart. It wasjio longer barren.
In a few Weeks he died, but not before
he had givei the cottage, which was his
to the poor laboring man. ! '
And the little children ever felt a sweet
and eolemn emotion, when irt their devotions-'
thej came to those trustful words,
"give iis tiiis day; our daily bread.1
- i- r- j
IldwTo Freshen Sait fi6u. Ma
ny person who are in the habit of
freshening mackeral, or oilier salt
fish, never dream that there is a
right and wrong way to do it. Any
person who has seen the process of
evaporation going on at the salt
works knows that the salt falls to
the bottom. Just so itisin the pan
where your mackerel or white fish
lies 6oakinc; and as it lies with the
skin side down, the salt will fall to
the skin and remain there, when, if
placed with thefresh.side down, the
, salt falls to the bottom of the pan,
-and the fish comes out freshened as
it should. In the other case it is
nearly as salt as when put in. If
you do not believe this, test the
matter for yourself.
The Mammoth Cave in Kentuc
ky is not without its story of love
and romance. Some twenty years
ago a dashing Tennessee girl pro
mised her mother that she would
not marry a certain man "on the
I n . 1 , t m .
iace oi tne eartir sam suitor be
ing particularly objectionable to
the old lady. So there was quiet
in the family for some time. But
one pleasant day the gay girl and
her lover ran away and went into
the cave, to a spot now called the
'Bridal Chamber," and in the pre
sence of a few witnesses were mat
rimonially united, about 325 feet
below the "face of the earth.
. Search thine own heart! With
in thee there is a fountain of good,
which will always flow, provided
Dr. Sehenck's Pulmonic Syrup
the r,dirietor, of I'urrmmarj Consumption,
when it haJ assumed lie m-jet formi liable as
pect . and w nenspeedr deatb appeared to be in
evijable,, Jlif plnsioiana .pronoun cud ii ease
incurable, when lie commenced tlio use of this
simple but powerful remedy. Ilia health was
restored in a very short tint,-arid no return of
the tlisoa liaa bjen apprelionJeJ, for all the
tyn tome quickly disappeared, and his present
wcigtin-' inoru man iwo mimirou.
Hi ice his recovery, he has devoted his atten
tion exclusively to the cure of Consumption',
and the di.'eatoK which are complicated wilb it,
and the cures iffected by his medicines have
been very uamcrousand truly wonderful. Dr.
Schenck niskos prolWioiial visits to tevcrul of
mo luTKt'r cuios -weemy, wnore ne nas a mrfrs
concourM of patient, audit Is truly ajfomshiiiK
to kuc poor consumptivaa that have to be lifted
on , of their carrioles, and in a few months
hcul i by, robust persona. Dr. )chenck's I'ulmo
cio r-yrup. Seaweed Tonic, and SlunJrnke Pills
are geueraily all required in curinjr Consump
tion. Fu.l directions ccompany each, so that
anyone csn titke them without seeing Dr.
clienuk, bnt whru it ia convenient it is best to
fcce Mm. Jle (lives siWieo fice.hut for a tho
re ugh examination with his Kespircmetor his
fee is thrue dollars,
ricuse observe , when purchisinir, thai the two
likcnetuc of . Uie Doctor ono when in tho laH
stutro of Oonktiiiiption, arid the other as he now
ia, in (Hiriecb nei'a are on 1110 uov. swinp,
Sold (iy all Diuirists ami Dealer. 'ricel,SU
per h(.tlli). or 17 10 Ilia hulf dozail. Loiters
tor advice fhoulii always bo dltected to Dr.
Schenek's r-ihcipal Oilico, No. IS. North 67li
reel, riiiiA'lelpuiaj l a.
Uenoml Wholemile Ajrenfs: Dumas Barnes it
Co., N. V., b. S. llnhcu, Bultiinore, Md.; John
1. I'ark, Cincinnati. O.: Walker & Taylor, Chi
cago, III.; Collius Bros., St. Louis, Alo.3Joumy
Scltent'k's Sou weed 1'oiiic;
Tlii. n.mlini.i. InBaiifu.l k t 1 ir .Cr.VUn
. 1 1 10 III.UIIIIIQ III, LI J I.W.IA. Wlll.lUj
of Plulad'lpbia, Is intended to diirolve he food
and nake it into chyme, the firtf nnccss of di
got ion. iiy ckauiiiff tho stomach with
Schenek's Mandrake Tills, the Tonio soon rss-totes-the
appetite, and rood that could not he
eaten before using it will be easily digested.
Consumption canm t ho curod by behenck s
Pulmonio tiyrup uu lei's the stomach and liver is
made healthy and ine appetile restored, hence
the Tonio and hills are required in nearly era--ry
esse of consumption. A half dozen bottler
of tho SKAWEKD TONIC and thre-i'or lour
boxes of the MANDK.JKK TILLS will cure any
ordinary esse of dyspepsia.
Dr. Schenck makes pro'essionnl viit-iln New
York, lio-ton, and ut his prlncipar Otllca in
Thilaileliiliia every -week. See daily papers o
each place, or his pamphlet on coonsumption frf
ins uuys oi viMiaiiou. ;
IV aid observe, when purchanlne. that the
two likcnerscs of tho Doctor, on when 1" the
last stage of courumptiou, and the other as ho
now is, in perfect health,-art on tin Govern
ment tamp.
6utu by all Druggists and Deslers, price 11.50
per bottlo, or tT.&u the half dozon. All letters
for advico should do nddressed to Dr. Sonenik'i
Trincipsl Oilico, No. 15 North 6th it., Philadel
phia, Pa.
Gunerul Wholesale Agonts: Domos Barnes
& Co., N. Y.J S. 8. IlHiioe, Baltimore, Md ; J.
D. Parke, Cincinnati, Ohio: Wulkur & Taylor,
luicHgo in., loiuns uros., m. i,ouis, mo,
(.1st w. ca. mo. octzoyl
Consumption Curable by Dr.
Schenek's MeUicines.
To Cdri Consumption, the system must be
prepared so that the lungs will heal. To ao
complish this, tho liver and stomach must ilrst
Le cleaned and an appetite created for good
w noisome iot u, wnicn oy incso nieuicines will
bodigestod propor !y, and good healthy blood
made; thua building up the constitution.
b'cHBNcis Mandraki Pills cleanse the stomach
of all biliousor mucous accumulations; and, by
using th Sea Wood Tonio in connection) the
appetite is restored.
cuhzscks rcLaomo oi rop is nmricious at
wed as medicinal, and, b, using the three reme
dies, all impurities are expelled fromthliys
tm, and good wbolsomj blood made, w'Ach
will repel all disease. If patients will lake
these medicines according to directions. Con
sumption very frequently in its lui-t stage yields
to their action. Take the pills frequently to
cleanse tbe liver and stomach. It does not fol
low that beeauso tho bowels art) not costive they
are not required, for somtlmca in diarrhoea they
aro necessary. The atemacb mut be kept
healthy, and uo appetite cieatod to allow the
Pulmonic Syrup to act on the respiratory orga i.
properly and allay any irritation. Then al
that is required to preform pormanent cnreil
w (ire vein, ut&mg coin, exercise aoout the
room as much as possible, cat all the richest
foodfat meat, game, and, in fiicS, anything
the appetite craves; but be purticulur and mas
ticatowall. 2d weamly
E. & II. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
Manufacturer of Photographic
In addition to our main business of rilOTO
0KAP1MU MATERIALS, we ure Headqnartors
for tho following, viz :
Stereoscopes & Stereoscopic Views
Of American and Foreign Chios and Land
scapes, Groups, Statuary, eto.
Stereoscopic Views of the War,
From negatives made in the various campaign!
and forming a complete Photographic history
of tho.nroi t contea
Stereoscopic Views -on Glass,
Adapted for cithoi the Magic Lantern or the
Sterescopo. Our Catalogue will be sent to any
address cn roceipt of Stamp.
Photographic Albums.
We manufacture more largely than any other
house, about 200 variotioe trom 60 cents to $50
each. Onr ALBUMS ha. e tho reputation of be
ing snporior in beauty and durability to any
Card Photographs of Generals,
Statesmen, Actors, etc,, etc.
Our Catalogue embraces over FIVE THOUS
AND different subjects. Inc uding rcpronuclions
of the most celcbra'cd Engravings, Paintings,
Sta'nes, do. Catalogues sent on receipt of
Photographers and others ordering goods C.
0. D , will please remit 25 per cent of the
amount with their order.
HTThe prici s and quality of our goods can
not tail to satisfy. June31,'60-ly.
IfROM and alter Sunday the li th day of June
1316, Trains will leave Stations named as
follows :
8 25 a m
1 17 pm
2 30 pra
2 52 p in
3 13 p m
0 45 p in
6 40 a m
10 10 a id
10 33 a in
10 45 a m
12 28 p m
5 00 p in
Ilamden, -
Kight Ex.
12 35 a in
5 10 a m
0 28 a m
C 41 a m
7 01 a n.
10 48 a m
Kight Ex.
7 05 p m
11 00 pm
11 31 p m
11 42 pm
1 20 a m
5 55 a ni
DR. highland's Tonic is a concentrated pre
p ttiono Roots and Herbs, witbanliao
uidd miaitives to strengthen the stomach
ir'ner na system. His a certain remedy for
oDepsi or Indigestion, Nervonsness, Los
it App te, Acidity ofths Stomach, Flatn'ency
tnd Debility. It is not alcoholic, therefore par
icnlsrly suited to Weak. Nervosa and Dys
piptic persons. Forsals br all Druggiitsersry
where at en dollar per bottle.
T CrttM Itdiesl CireiUr
(A CI lm Pabli,W! (A t
& I sTl J "Flfleen-l Urge I I J
5 letter pagM for two V
kaaw 8 oeat itumos.
The Rational Dispentaru, established 1839.
QIX yoar of unrivalled success in the ere of
every Torn of private Uisoase lneidont to
eunor sex.
. We infallibly eu'ie Syphilid. Gluet, Conor
rhiaa, Impo.ency, Noctnruul and Diurnul Em
issions .cimpluints peculiar to feinaloa, and ev
ery form o( private disease of whatevor name
or nature Spcrmatorrhoii or Self-abuse, that
easily and speedily cured and every trace of its
terrible eueets eradicated from tne system,
without detention from business. .Young men
bear this in mind, that we are in possession ol
the Secret kecoipts and methods of practice of
Culverwoll.Lallcmund, Hunter, Velpeau, Sen..
Rirord and othct groat hghts in niodurn medi
cal science; for it is a fact of the very greatest
importance, and we would ask any man of a
eruge common sense how can tho thousand and
one shallow pretenders of the day, with their
feeble inefficient remedies hope to compete with
oaf ' '
Ye unfortunate, ere trusting yoar health and
money to heartless c hrlituns, at least write to
Drs. Jackson, Herbert & Co., who will at once
oturn you a kind, discreet and txpiicit aniwcr.
radies, write for our circular.
; Dr. Jackson's Female Monthly Pills, for Ir
regularities. Price t per box. j
The Mountain Liijht or Medical Protector
and Murrisga Guide, and an explicit koy to
Love and Beanry. Containing SvO pages and
JUO plates, l lus is l l& oooa yuu want;
pr co 53 cents; 8 for ti.
Send for our splendid circular containing
mere in quantity and of fur superior quality to
any of the so-called "pamphlets." Remember
that we Bond a writton reply to every letter,
especially adapted-ti the tmrtioular eia under
consideration, beeouso in the nature if filings
eaoh case ditfera from evorj other. ?
removes all coldness and disability, and rejuv
ena ei organs which have lulu dormant for
many years.
Dr. Jacksoii'i French Patent Male Sqfe,
is perfectly safe and never fails togivesatisl'iio
tlon. It is the only sure and safe preventative
njrainst contracting diseaso ever invented.
Price f 1 each, pe half dozen f 4, and per doz
en T, sent by mail.
Inebriates or Modern Drinkers who ifcslre to
reform, but hare found it difficult to retrain,
ran wholly oradicate nil de.-in for any knd of
liquor, by using Dr. Her bolt's Anti-Alcoholic
Comobund, in unfuiling ronlcdy for lutomper
aneo; write for particulars.
Medicine and instjuctions sont promptly to
any part of the country. : Consulting Rooms of
the Dispensary, No. 167 Sycamore utroot, Cin
cinnati, O. P. 0. Box, No. 436. Send for cir
cular. juneTy
G RAT-HEADED people huva their looks re
stored hy it to the dark, lustrous, silken
tresses of youth, and are happy I
Young people, with light, faded or red hair,
have these unfashionable colors changed to a
beautiful auburn, an-l rejoice I
People whose heads are covered with dand
ruff and humors, use 1:, and have clean coats
aud clear and healthy sculps I
Bald-headed yeterans have their lemsining
looks tightened, and the bare spos covered
with a luxuriant growth of hair, aud dltnco lor
'joy I
Young gontlemen mo it because it is richly
perfumed I
Young ladies use it because it keeps thoii
Lair in place I
Everybody must and will use it, because it is
the cleanest and bcBt article in the murkot I
For Sale by Druggists Generally.
From Hot . Warren Chase, the Ltcturer.
My hair and whiskers have been many years
gray. Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia" has re
atored both to their original color, black, and
covered the baldness oi the top of my head
with a fine growth of black Lair. I have lev
oral friends who have used it with the same
results, and I cordially recommend it as ono of
the few medicines that will do what its labels
and cironlars claim for it.
October, 1865. Wabbin Chase.
E. M Tubbn 6t Co., Proprietors, Peterboro'
New Hampshire. A B Merriam & Co., Whole
solo Agonts, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J 8 Strong
Agent, McArthur, Ohio. may3I-ly
GREikT combined talentot
Europe and America are
the men to consul t : Drs. Bon
aparte & Reynolds, ot ISt
Sycamore street, Cincinnati, is the only office
in the city where a permanent cure of private
Diseases can be had without the use of murcury
or change of diet. We guaranteo to cure Gonr
hosa, Gleet, Syphilis, lmpotency, Nocturnal
Emissions, or 8olf Abuse, Diurnal Emissions,
Female complaints, in short, every possible
form and variety of Sexual Disease. Cures
rapid, th ough and permanent, and foes mode
rate Come ono Come all.
Great medical oiboolab sent for two S cent
Frsncii sates A sure preventative io disease.
Piice, (1 each, or three for 1 2, or 7 per dozen.
Sent by mail, - -
Dr. B. "a Invigorating Linimjnt, Price. 3 00
per' botle.
Great work ow private diseases, the ouidi
to health, is beneficial to all, male and female
the old and younr. should read this book. It
will enlighten those who grope in durkness.
Price,25c hy mail, mountain or light one dollar.
N. B. To the ladies. No Lady should be
without Mad. Loziurw Female Monthly Fills
a safe and effectual remedy tor all irregularities
and obstruction, from whatever cause. Prioe
one dollar a box; extra fine five dollars. Cum
municutions by mail entirely lonfl Jontial. No
letters will be anawered unlnss they contain a
remittance or a pontage stamp. Call or a'idress.
1S2 Syeamore St ,bat. Fifth and 61xth. east side
Cincinnul. Q. Office hours, A. M. to 9 P. M.
P. C . Box 182.
An Invention of Hare Merit I
Brw Fatal
Burns up all pas and amok
never breaks by puttinaon.
i. , v nuu not ton
heavy i ia easUy oleaned b
rempvint; top; ia fact, the
most perfect chimney known
-Bnd is fast superseding all
others where it has beeuiui
troduoed. u
without them, "
T3 Warren St., n, jt
Vintou Probate Court.
M'OTICE.-Samuel I. Darby, Guardian of
A: .n'""-"? iiuereua Fry legal
heirs of Henrv Frv .liwwaui t... fli-.i 'v
w - J v. , . i a u,OU UlS H-
pnnt and Touchers in the Probate Court of
. u iuucouoiy, vnio, lor inspection and final
settlement, and that the same will be tor hear
ing in said Conrt on (he 17th day of November
. d. 1866, at 11 o'clook of said day. Dated
November 1st a J 1866.
novlwl BI CHARD CBAIG, Pro Judgo.
IB.nm K.b Vvrlr Tt.inlrt 1 .
Prominent among , 'ilia mcinicar tri
umphs ol tntr liion- ingenious sge, com
mon honesty cornfield ut to notice tlif Em
pire Sewing JUinine, commemled as just
ly styled pei fectiou itself. Useful as nave
been the yarioua sewing .ma.hiur, nom
time to time presented to the public, each
one of.tliein has been 'ctirsed with ome
radical defect, Mhiob -detracts from general
utility: Warned by the experiente of his
predecessors', the inventor ol the Empire
Machine has produced an instrument, com
bining all the advantages for whrtli others
Bte.vsunted. arid obviating every ' defect
whYih dan be attributed to them by the
most fotlidiouR rritief. ... t- n . !
The Einpir Macntne is s marvellous com
bitia'tioti of simplcity;econoihy and perfect
workmanship, being durable', free froma li
biliiy to get out of orde.r, nolselesi, and ea
sy o( operation; It mechanical ..contii
vsnre is such as to secure stability, free
dom fiom' accident, and accuracy . as to
workmanship. Uv' the u6 of the patented
shuttle ann straight - needle,' it makes a
stitch, which can neither rip nor ravel
while, at the same me, it Can operate
perfectly upon every , species of material
Irom li-s.ther to cambric; - with threads of
cottbiv, linen or silk, fiom the finest to the
coarsest number.
its the Empire Machine - is gradually
3uprluntinfl its - more . antique rivals, no
ono in .want of. a' more useful iestrument
of this desCriirtion, be he or 6he tailor,
coachmaker, dressmaker or seamstress, can
dn otherwise than teeuie of thrse econom
ical and inimitable machines, suited alike
for family and manufacturing purposes.
The office ol tlif Empire Manufacturing
Co. is at No. 536 Broadway, New York
City, where they are how supplying these
Empire Machines at prices lar below the
real value of the instiuinents. New York
flerald. '
November 30 1865-lf
Grovesteeh & Co., .
. , MAN-UKACTlMEKaf, '
409 Ilroathvaj', Xcv York.'
Trk attention of the Public and the trade
is invited to our Ne Scale 7 OCTAVE
for volume and puritv of tone are unrivall
ed, by any hitherto itoered fn this market.
They contain all the modern improvements
French, Grand Action, Harp Pedul, Iron
Frame overstrung Bass etc. nnd each instru
nient being made the personal supervision
of Mr. J. II. Grovcsteem who has has a
practical experience of over 3" years in their
manufacture is fully warranted in every par
ticuur. ,
Tho ''Grorc6tflen Piano Fortes" ro
ceived tho award of merit over all
others at tho celebrated Worlds
Where were exhibited instruments frsm
the best makers of London. Paris. Germany
Philadelphia. Baltimore. Boston and New
York: and also at the American Instutute
for five successive years, the gold and silver
medals from both of which can be seen at
our ware-room,
By the interoduclionof improvements we
make a still more perlect Piano Forte, and
by manufacturing largely,- with a stricly
cash system, are enabled io offer these in
struments at a price which will preclude all
Pbice-No. l.Severt Octave, round corners
Koewood plain case $275.
No. 2, Seven Octave, round corner,
Rosewood heavy moulding $300
No, 3, Seven Octave round corners
Kosev ood Louis XIV style 8325
Term: N-t CnsU In Ciirren Emitls,
Dec. 7th ISfi5--yr . A.irc,
....- IN
sewing machines
l;mpir: Miutlle Itlnchine.
Salesroom, 636 Broadway A. Y. 250
Waahingto?i St. Boston. 921 Chestnut St..
1MII3 MACHINE, a constructed on entirely
. new prinvijilet of moehanium, pofscsalng
u any rare nul vuluablo improveniems, having
oeen examined by the most profound expeita,
and pronounned to bo
It has a straight needle, por pellicular net lor,
makeit the "Lock or Shuttle Stich,' which will
Neither Kip nor Ravil, and in aliko on both
tidoi; performs perfect, sewing on every do rip
tion or material, from Leather to the finest Nan
rook Mualino, with ootton, linen or Bilk thread,
from the coarsest to the finest number. '
Having neithor Cam nor Coo Wheel, and the
least poKsible friction, it runs u smooth as
glass, and i emphatically a '
I requires Fiftt jek cent, less power to
drive it then any other machine in the marker,
a girl jleven years of age can work it eteudliy,
without fatisue or ininrv to health. -
its sirontn and wondektol smPLicrrT of
construction, renuorait almost impossible to
get out of order, and is guakkanted by the
company to give entire NitiHl'aotiou.--
We respectfully Invite all those who may do
wreto supply tliemselvcs Kith a superior arti
cle to come and examine this unrivalled Ma
chine. One half hours instruction Is snfflclent, to
enable any person to work this machine tc
thtirentire satisfaction.
. Bemoiocs and Charitable institutions will
be liberally dealt with .
cents Wanted for all towns in the United
States where Agents are not already established
also, for Cu ja. Mexico, Central and South
America, to whom a liberal discount will be
v No consignments mH at all. AA.1ri.ua
Empire Sewing Machine ,Mi'g
' . company,
rrincipla gencies Established: Piitsbure:
ji B-uw.n, uHiumui9t inos. sinanafl!
Wheeling. W. Va. W. DiSawkell Br.' Cii
cinnati, O. Mather & Wilson
November 80th 1365 lyr
HAS enred thnusanda of the worst oases
Blind and Bleedins Pil
It ffivRM inimAtatA ,.i;.r --..i AA-aAfn .
r -- .v . .u i , quuvw vvriua
nent onre. Try it direotly It ia wirranUd to
vuio. xvi m uy au wruggistsat w cents per
irviM va
January 18, 1SS. j.
LANK3 of eyesr
Hj jE ,L ;M ! B O L D , j5 ;
The Only Known Remedy
::-!F0R-pii:i -
" URIN4T1NG. -
FOR these diseases I'.U truly a soTereign rem
edy, and loo much can not be said in its
praise. A single dose hai boon known to re
lieve the mos urgont symtorsi, . ? ;. , .
1 Are yon troubled with that, distrenslng puin In
the small of tbe back and through the hips!' A
toaspoonful a day of llolmbold' lluchu wilUi
lieveyou .r r.i . ,
I . J.. . j.
. I make no socret ef ingredlen's. Ilolmbold'i
Extract Buchu is composed of Buehu Cubebs,
and Juniper Berries, selected with great care,
propared lu vacuo and according to ruleaef ,
it.. , , ,
Thexe logridiontf are know a m the no val
uable Diuretics affjrdod
, hi . :
Is that whioh take upos the kidneys
- i
Is pleaatat In taate and odor, froe from all hija
rioui aropsrtlis, and immediate ia its actieu.
ii. -
See Medical properties contained In Dispense
toiy of the U. 8., of w hlch the following ia a cor
rect ocpy : ,
'Bdouu. Its odor is Strong, diffusive nd
somewhat aromatic, its tastd bitterish and anal
ogous t that of mint. It ii given, choifly in
complaints of the Urinary Organs, such as
Gravel, Chronio Catarrh of the bli dder and
Urethra; Diseases of the prostrate: and reten
tion or he Incontinence of Urine, from a loss
of tone in tbe parts concerned in itsevocnation.
It has also heen i ended in Dyspepsia,
Chronio Kheumatiam, CuUneua atfoctions, and
Fee Professor Dewees' feluable work a
praotioe of physio.
Bei the remarks made hy the celebrated Br.
Physic, of Philadelphia.
Ses ary and all standard werki ea Mediciae,
1 R Gil S T
I am acquainted with H. T. Uelmhold : ha
occupied the druir store ODDOsite mv lesidonce.
and was successful in conducting the business
wnereorners baa not heen equally so before
him. I have been favorably impressed with bis
character and enterprise.
VM. weioiitmax, '
(Firm of Powers A Woiuhtman,) '
Manufacturing Chemists,
' Ninth and Brown St.. I'hila.
From the Phils. Even'g Bnlletin, March 10th. j
We are gratified to hear of the continued suc
cess In New York, of our townsman, Mr. II. T.
neimDoiu, druggists, ins store, noxt to the
Metropolitan Ik-tel. is 23 feet front. 230 feat
deep, and five stories in height. It is certainly
a granu estaousnmeni, ana speaKs lavoraoiy oi
the rfiorils of his articles. lie returns his otHce
and laboratory to thiBcltv. which are also model
establishments of thoir class.
The proprietor has been induced to rh&ke this
statement from the fact that his remedies, al-
.1 I. , , . '
uiougn aaverusoa, are
i t '
An A Itnnwtntv f li At tliA t ntollt rrnnt w-AVatn
froranslng any thing pertaininff to quaokery ftr
vuo i atom iTitiuiuiuo orqer moss oi wnicn are
prepared by Mlf-siyled Doctors, who aro to g-
Tinr&nfc til TO id & TiVivatoirin'a dimnlAof t.ac,A.in
f'J - uniij'ivov yi iovi I y
tiou, mnch 188 competont to pr&paie pLarma-
to ysrious means of effecting sails, such as cop
ying parte of advertisements of popular rem
edies, and flnish'ntr with certificates.
iht bcience of Meuicin.- stands simple, pare,
and majestio, having fact for its basis, lndi-.-.in
for Hb pillar, truth alone for its capital-
HsMth Is most Important, and the afflicted
should not nse sn advertised medicine, or my
remedy, unless its contents or ingredients are
known to ethors beside the manufactnrnr. r
until they are satisfied oi the qualifications of
bus party ao onenng.
Establshed upwards of 16 years.
Prepared by H.T. HELMBOLD.
WAREHOUSE. 694 Broadwav. N.Y
104 South Teutn St. Philadelphia Pa.
. Nevemkei ll,l6My. :
.1 ) i "? Jr
Horse anflGatllB
ii-'.' Ji;.itt)
V ,1 MVA M - -
Tbli preparation,,
long anil farormbly -known-,
- will tbo
eushly rtlDTlgorSta ., ,,
lovuirlted hone,. , .
by1 ' itreDgthenlnf ' l
nd claaniiig thei.l
tqmacli as4 tatas .,
Sillei. . ...
Illil aura fr.
vntlTVf an la'i
laoMmi la
... i - trrvn TCVl n t . i . .... -
YBLLOW WA. . ySa. u., 7, VT-u
ENERGY, 4o. Its
ih improvei the'
w i n a , increase
the sppetlte-glvel !
glos.y Vlod.5VX
nUerable skeleteo Into a fide-looking; and tnu-iUeV
kone..,;, ; ., ,.,
To keepers of Cowl this preparation li taralirabla,!
It increawi tbe quanUty auil Improvei the quality
oimemim. jibs
been proves by a.
tual experiment te
Increase the quia-"
tity ot milk ana; :
cream twenty par
cent, and nuke tbe ,
butter firm aseV'1
let. Ih fiUWnlog'
cattle.it glvei then
an sppeiits, loowu "J
r. a weir 11 1 u m , au
3 - make! Ihcm thrift . ,
la all ibeasei of Swine, luch as Coaghi, Vleers tn
Ihi Lungs, Liver.
Ae., thU article PV
sj vuiuug irom
one-half a paper
to a paper In a
barrel of swill the
abor diseases
will be eradicated
er entirely prevented. If given in tine, a certain
preventive and cure for the Hog Cholera.
Price 25 Cents per Paper, or 8 Papers for IX
BABBD BY ' -:r. .
S. A. FOUT Sc 13RO.,
! AT THEIR ' i i .
No. 116 Franklin St.. Baltimore, Ml . ,
For Sale by Druirgisti and Storekeepers threugV ''
at the United Statu, i w 1'
For Salt hy ' i .i
J. S. STKONG, URrooisT,
" Mo Arthvb, Ome.
Warranted la cases of KheiinistUni, Neuralgia,
or 1'ulus.
Tho Dost nnd Clirnpesl Horse and Cattle
Medicine in tho World t ,
Unt throughout the ITiiittit States and Oeatm ' '
aitas tin lint the last US j tars.. ... , i
For tliocnre of the vnrlima llsfc!mm to wliKta.
Hoi-Ncs iiiul C'nll'iP nru sulijwti sncli as
founder, UlNli-niiior, lllili, lion ml. Ixinh vt
AjiiM'tlte, lnvtiicii Klriilns, Yi'llow Water, i
t'lstulu, I'iiII Kvll, Ki'mtchi'H or
UreiiKO, Miiiiko, Iiilliiniiiiiiiloii of the 1 .'
Kyes, Hint r'uilKiio frmn llanl Ijiltor;, '
- also, Klii'inniillKiii, (cniiiiiioiily culleMst-'
Htitr coniplii lut ). wlitcli provt-H faUil wa .
So ninny vuluuhlo Horses In litis vuuntrjk j
Hm tlio lurk:nt Halt if iiuv ll.r auJ CHo MmUdrnd
In lliin nmittry. Ii U tiiiHMcl of hn Im mi1 rnoU,Mt4-
for mililiii-xH. Hitfi ty, certainty Mini tliorviiKlm'. aiwMlv .
prf.Miiii.viitlv ut lliu IikuI uf tin lit uf Hurt om4
Valth. Muii'f. 1
It cairii'K n(l nil tfnn linmnrx. prevfiili (rririM ft flu '
tiectuiifiiK Ntilf ur fiiunilt'riiiK, Miilfiwi tin tUu"t Itoma
tlio nkiii. iiiul ttH it it xmtxitli Htnl k,uwv Hipnriik
cU'KtiieM (he whU'T uml Ntictiiitliciiii iviy uirt of ttj '
body. It is iiUti ii eiiifi' Hittl irrl 4I11 rMiirtly fur vumfik
ftutl culib, MrliiLv' gt ihmtc io ttmuj fatal UieireWM.
Tho Cw rMiilroN tn teimpplti'd wltlitu ultini(-i.i4
HkhI not tn iiuku licr fut tl.U f imt Uilralirt lt
keep up rvgnliir MtM-rtjiiun uf milk, ami nil uw.rt ti
Cowi will (hiii Uy Ki"C tiivm
twlcp ft witk, n lar i;p him-itxc In qimnllly an quMltf
of milk iiml crriuu. It curt It oil all fern and ln ,
purltifM of tin lilotttL Thfeirit-t it kwn tliri'ibuut Um
etuon by n rkh uml nlxiiMlitut Anw ut milk
. Tlie fnrinrr i l"rt(ttHiiiijr tn In ftwJiri-Mf tu. TKliwblt
propel tic f SltHUt's VtntiUtbtn I'oiVit -r, In pr
Bioll 1 IX Uie iitiKllllttii ol Mm hlii'i'p mill trfVnittiMg i
rrr ,Tiv-ai,.-i .tk . " rM- . uis . i i :
nA (irijf ct-nt imckK ef Nln:'( CondUt
Puwittr put lnti a barrel uf swill is ttler tbsn tmt
bushels of coru to tlittun a Imp, anil a mrtala pr
Tentlte of Hcik Chulurit, llliuJ Staggers, uid otliet
diseftHos cuiiinioH auiong lings.
CAVTIOX-To protect ourselves nrl tlis pubtte
from being itiipisl npiiii by worthless mlutlous, tba
genuiiH) will bonr tlie fuc sitiuie ilguuti'.i of the Pro
prietors ou the wrapper.
for wli br Droggiiti and MerchaoU n i7whire
Soli Proprietors, Oinng Qb
t. . Drawn M3S.
Sold Wholesale by .
Cincinnati, Ohlau
At Retail by . . ,
Dr. J. S STRONG, ,
18 warranted to be tbe only preparation
known to care Coughs, Colds, Hoarswneee, .
Asthma, Whooping Coogh, Chronio . Coifths,
Consumption, Bronchitis and .Croup. .iin(
prepar-d from Honey and Herts itia healinf ,
softening, and expectorating, an 1 particularly
suitable for all affeotlons of the Throat and
Lunge. For sale by all DrefcyU STWrt
mnr if.titt'ir. -
He--JI .XT' 1TT7I
touch raster. '

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