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lit AIM S! I JR, OHIO:
THURSDAY NOV. 22. 1S(!(i,
The Democratic State Central
Committee have called a State
Convention, to meet at Columbus,
on the Sth of Januarv next, to
nominate candidates for State otli
cers, for 1S67. We don't know but
this is a good move, for the reason
that, heretofore, this committee
was too late with their calls. The
fact is, the Sth of January is too
soon, and to put oil' the call until
July and August, is too late. We
prefer the 8th. Would rather be
in lime than too late. Who are
the candidates for G'overnor iu '672
' A Comnriilfre lias been sent to President
Johnson, by the: Lgislw lure of Mississippi,
asking fur the release of JclT.'Duvi.
The Chicago Tiim-a, Democratic, is out
in favor of n"gro suffrage.
The ninibcr of co irg of iIhNrw York
Tri' une piintcJ duiinj the wnk ending
Nov. lOih, was 48G 570.
A terrible famine is ravaging i'l Eriti.-ti
India. Aa many ns twenty thousand
starving people have been seen in the streets
ol Calcutta at one lime. It is climated
that two and a Jmlf mil! ions (if people have
nlft-ady died of sturviition. The. crij have
failed for three years in tuctetsion.
The trials of tin; Fenians art stilt going
on in Canada. Two or (lure mure person?
h;Tc been cod word and sentenced to death.
A Washington di.'palih to the New
Vo.-k Hem Id fays that Hon, Jno. A. Bing
ham is preparing a i tic les ( f in f rod men
against the President, on, I hat cue of the
cfiarge i, that he aided and abetted the as
sassination of President Lincoln.
- A blind fiah, ten inch's in Ir-nglh, hae
been pumped up from a depth of 1000 feet,
in one of the oil wells of West Virginia.
[For the Record.]
Mr. Editob:
An article in your last iveek's is
sue, upon the question of tho "re
moval of the county seat," is enti
tled to not a littlo consideration,
from the important position it
maintains, as well as for its literaiy
merit. Rarely, if ever, ha3 its like
been seen in print. Rarely, if ever,
will it be seen in print. Taking
the bold position that what should
be, ought to be, the wriler main
tains it with a strengh of argument,
an aptness of illustration, and n
precision and accuracy of expres
sion, that needs to be pointed out
to be observed. The virtuous in
dignation over the wrongs of the
poor man, was a little lame, owing,
probably, to its transfer to paper.
There is no original poetry in this
production. Not that the gifted
author is confined to prose; for his
many admirers will remember the
beautiful gems of fancy, w hich set
off with such brilliancy his previous
efforts, and which every one con
ceded were decidedly original.
lie, however, gives us a reminder
that his imaginative faculties are
still in their prime. Think of the
creative power which could see the
people of McArthur sleeping upon
"flowery beds of ase,"because they
"could'nt see" the county seat re
moved to Zaleski. This, too, in
such infernal muddy weather! And
then he warns them in the same
sentence that there is danger, and
that they will have to "stem the
current of opposition." Nothiug
but a dep conviction in the authors
profundity could 3o away with the
impression that the "current of op
position, if there was any, would
come from th'e people of McArthur,
and that consequently they would
not have any intrest in stemming it.
He tells ua the question of removal
will come, and then, rising to the
Bublim proceeds: "Letth question
come, and let the people decide
whether a place ef enterprise and
industry; a place that, is willing to
live and let live, shall have the ben.
efit of the public buildings, and the
citizens of the town the patronage
ol-the public; or shall the town of
I no e,ltelTrise of no industry, no
ben evolence lor the poor iu)joring
man. ho'J a -claim pre-eminent to
all others, and sway the scepter of
malevolence uny longer, over the
"Sway the scepterof malevolence'
is good, we defy competition, and
oiler the usual reward for anything
bet ter. We rather think the people
of McA rthur feel ashamed of them
selves and will quit "swaying the
scepter of malevolence any longer,"
for they have had warning thai if
they don't,the county seat will be re
moved to a town that is "willing to
live.'There is the wholequeslion in a
nutshell. It is a contest between
a town that "sways tho scepter ot
malevolence," and a town that is
"willing to live." Could clearer
statement be medeof the compara
tive claims of the places? Then
follows a pun on "stimulants" which
is decidedly two pungent for repeti
tion, and in counoction with which,
McArthuris told "she will have an
opportunity to show the manner of
her manouvering." Failing to com
prehend, we pass on and lind that
tho wealth of our citizens is in
bonds which tho poor man pays in
terest on, "while tho owner can sit
upon the stool of Do-nothing and
thank himself that he is not like
other men of enterprise and energy
lorhimself and others' Whether the
"for himself and others" qualificea
in any way, or explains what pre
cedes, or has a meaning of its own,
is a nicer question of construction
than we are able to grapple with.
Further on we lind that the accom
plished writer is in favor of any
thing that will "awake McArthur
to a senso of her danger, and make
her" shako olT this dull idleness,
the stupidity of enterprise, some
thing that will remove the stigma
and curse, that the has had the
misfortune to be in possession of
ever since she had an existence."
Wedontknow whether he would
or not object to her "idleness" if it
wasn't 'dull. "Stupidity of enter
prise" is a pretty expression
wonder what it means? McAithur
in possession of a"stigmaaud curse!'
We have heard of "curses" being
on persons and places, but never
knew of any one, or anything, to
have it in his or its possession. lie
tells us next that McArthur needs
a Physician who will "cure idleness,
indolence and iaafevolence, and be
get within her a healthy spirit of
enterprise and industry, erect her
lurnaces, loundries, &c." is it the
Physician, or the "healthy spirit of
enterprise" that is to erect her fur
naces, Ac? Clearly, the Physician.
Let's secure him.
Next, lie says: 4,lf she lias none of these
improvement.-!, nor even the material out
uf which to make them let liersj any mid
act.'' Act now ? "And let her not cen
sure the man who has the manliness of
spirit, the actions of benevolence. Biillk-ieiit
to cast his ballot .and iutlueiico in l.ivorof
a town possessing all of these necessary
requisites, lor the happiness and good or
der of the citizens of the county." Iteliev
in;;, implicitly, "that Itirnace.-". Ac, are ncc-cs.-ary
lor the "rund order of the citizens
of the county. "' vc would respectfully in
quire how many "actions of benevolence''
are siillicietit for a man to cast Ills ballot
ami inllucnce fur the town with tltc lur
naces? If there w as a correct sentence in the
production, we would jivo it os a set on".
If it contained nny pomt.wlt or sense, we
would gladly give the author credit. Hut
as there is "none of these, and as its ap
pearance recalls former efforts of the same
kind, we insist on wondering why some
kind friend of the whoever he is. does not
take him :iide and tell him. and, if that
wont do. ukat it into his head, that though
he may be ever so line an orator, he is no
writer, and that the less ho appears in print
the better for hi reputation.
The question of the removal of the coun
ty seat will doubtless be submitted to a vote
of the people, and unless; McArthur poes
to a railroad, or a railroad comes to McAr
thur, the rourt-liouse may, within three
years, be turned into a "concert hall," and
the old jail into a "museum." Committal.
Editor Vinton Retard:
Somebody who appears to think
himself "non-committal" on the
county seat question, has written
very vaguely upon it. We regard
this as no time to write unmeaning
phrases about the county seat
question. Tlier is no doubt but
Zaleski folks will make an effort to
have the county s.at moved from
McArthur to that place. Now, I
don't know much law, but it is my
understanding that permission is
granted by the Legislature to tho
people of the county to vote upon
the question of removal, and that
this question, like others, must be
settled by the Democratic rule of
Zaleski has a right to ask that a
vote be had. This we can scarce
ly hope to prevent. What will be
the result of a ballot f It will be
no party question ; politics will
have nothing to do with it; it will
be a vote on personal and general
interest Vinton county alone in
terested. What can we hope for
as a result' Let us look at the
question honestly, and if we have
nothing to fear from the agitation
of the matter, we will rest quiet.
McArthur is one of the oldest
towns in the State. It has no rail
road no telegraph no bank it
has no public hall it has no fac
toryno manufacturing establish-
ment ot any kma. lne improve
ment since I860, during six years,
has hardly kept pase with the nat
ural decay of the buildings and
"wear and tear of property." We
say, it has done little more than
this. Within the past six years,
we do not remember of any single
residence, within the incorporate
limits, that has been built from the
foundation up. Some have been
remodeled and improved, but w'e
remember no new property.
Zaleski, on the other hand, has
grown, within little more than that
time, from farm residences, into a
respectable village. McArthur is
three miles from the railroad, and,
for years, we have." hauled " pass
engers and goods through the mud,
with no respectable effort to put
ourselves even in respectable. com
municating distance of the rail
road. Zaleski has u depot on the
main railroad within her incorpor
ate limits. Zaleski has more pub
lic spirit than McArthur. We have
the means the capital, but too
many of our most influential (!)
and wealthy citizens have no dis
position to take hold of any public
improvement. We labored for
years to get, by vote, a tax to build
a respectable school house in our
There is nothing about our town
to command the respect of stran
gers, or to encourage people to
come here to settle. From Novem
ber to May it is a serious task to
attempt to get to town, or away
from it. The "old hack," it is true,
plunges through the mud and mire
twice a day to the station, but it is
a doleful trip to undertake, at best.
The age of improvement is up
on us. Time is money. Will we
put ourselves in communication
with the outer world, or will we re
main as we have for ten years
spending as much time, patience,
labor and money to get to the Sta
tion and back, as it would take to
go fifty miles if we were at a de
pot? The Scioto and Hocking Val
ley Road to McArthur is almost
graded. A very little outlay will
prepare it for the iron. The Ports
mouth train lays by nearly four
hours at Hamden every day. It
the road wao built to McArthur
from McArthur Station, that train
could run up here and remain the
time that it lays at Hamden. Have
we the nerve and money to build,
or aid in building, that road? Let
some of the men of our town, who
are interested thousands in the
county seat question.answer wheth
er they are willing to do something
tor the public and their own good
I have looked over the grotnd,
A show of public spirit can alone
save us, it the question comes up
on us, as it certainly will.
Madison, Brown and Knox town
ships are interested in the removal
to Zaleski : Vinton and Wilkesville
and Swan are hugely interested,
directly ; Clinton, south part of
Richland and Harrison are interes
ted by tho railroad convenience.
Jackson and Eagle will not be
greatly discommoded or benefitted,
and will care but little about the
matter. The public buildings will
be but a small item with the Zales
ki people, and the matter of taxa
tion will not be a question.
Many people will vote for the county
seat to remain here. If they see a proper
public spirit inanifeFted by the people of
McArthur, and n disposition to do some
thing to command respect. While those
very people will vote for the removal If
we remain idle and sleep away our day of
grace. Sonn old fogy may think I ani an
alarmist, and am trying to frighten the
people of McArthur into putting money
into a railroad scheme. I have only to
say that I am baiely awake to tho inter
ests of my town and vicinity, ' Prompt
measures may save us; but nothing short
of that will. Tho people of McArthur
flatter themselves that some of the Zaleski
Company said at one time that thev did
not w ant tne county seat. Albnv me to
suggest that the people of Zaleski are
wideawake to their interests; they have
bought lots and built houses, store-rooms,
shops. Ac. and to-day the trade of McAr
thur is suffering from the sales at Zaleski.
They are opening roads, and making ev
erything draw that can draw the crowd to
their place. The original proprietor! of
Zaleski may or may hot wish the county
seat-we know nothing and care nothing
about that. The people of Zaleski consult
their oiri intereits full v as much as they
do the interests of the original company, or
the people of McAi thur ; and their interests
will be best subserved by making Zaleski
rptllE undersigned, administrators of the
X estate of David Jones, deceased, will
sell at public vendue, at ilcArthur, Vinton
county, Ohio, on
Friday, November 30, 1866:
COO head of feeding Wethers;
175 do do flue Spanish Merino Ewes;
100 do do medium Ewes:
120 do do Spanish Merino Lambs;
20 do do extra line Span. Merino Bucks
10 do do do do do Buck
Pales to the highest bidder.
Tekjiu of Salb: Sums less than $30
cash. Reasonable time given on larger
sums, if properly secured.
(Owing to the Inclemency of the weath
er, the sale of this stock, heretofore ad
vertised for the 15th Inst., was postponed,
and will positively take place as above
mentioned.) II. C.JONES.
nov22w2 - : Admrs., Ac.
Advert fti the IvCORI.
Master Commissioner's Sale
Iron Valley Furnace Irop'
the undersigned Special Master Com-
missioner, appointed bv the court of com
mon plena, within and 'or Vinton count,
Ulm, in a cause penning in caul court.
herein Hiram U. Dome I and William P
Ratlibiim. partners, doing buairess under
the name and stvle of Daniel & Rathburn
ore plaintiffs, and tho Iron Valley Furnace
Company end otheit, me defendants, will,
by virtun ol an UK.DKK OF SALE, issued
Iroin said court, in laid cause, and to him
directed ps such Special Master Commis
sioner, at one o'clock 1 . M. on the
3 d day of January, A. D. 1SC7,
offer for tale, at public auction, at i lie door
ol the Court House, in tin town (f McAr
thur, in laid Vmion county, theWollowing
rea1 estate
"The east half, and the east half of the
west -half, and the north- weit quar
.er of the north west quarter of Sec
tion Number One (1), the east half of the
northwest quarter of Section Number Two
(2), the southwest qumter uf the northeast
quarter of Section Number Three (3), the
aouth half of the southwest quarter of Sec
tion Number tour ()), tlie south half of the
southeast quarter, the east half of the
southwest quarter of Section Number Five
(5), the northeaat quarter of the northwest
quarter, the north half and iuult.ea.st quar
ter of the northeast quarter and the north
east quarter of the southeast quarter of Sec
tion Number uight (8), the northwest quar
ter, tne norm nan of me aoutnwett quarter,
the north half of the southeast -quarter, and
the south half ol the nothens', quarter of
Section Number Nir.e;(9), tne north half of
tfi? southwrst quarter, the southeast quarter
of tho southwest quarter, the south half of
tne northwest, tne nyrtneasi quatter of the
ncriheaet quarter, the no-lhwest quarter of
the northeast quaiter of Section Number
Ten (10), the northeast quarter of the
nonheast quarter and the northeast nuarter
of the southeast quarter of Section Number
Eleven (11). the north half of the noitn
half, ami the southwest quarter of the south
west quarter of Section dumber Twelve
(12), all in Townbhip Number Nine (9) and
Range Number Seventeen The north
east quarter of Section Number Thirty-four
(34), the northwest quarter, the southeast
quarter, the eaff ha.f ol the south west quar
ter and twenty.fi, -o acies off of the south
side of the southwest quarter of the north
east quarter ol Section Number Tliirtyfive
3D1. the west he!f of the snuthwest quar-
.LI. if r . i
ler, uic scum nan or me nortliwest qtmrter,
the southeast quarter of the northeast quar
ter, and the northeast quarter of the south
east quarter ol sestion Number Thirty-nx
(36), and all in Township Number Ten ( 10)
i.nrl Itunrr M. ...).. C . .. . r1 . II .
iiuiuvtrr uc'ciiit-eu IIJ, all Ol
the fop going described luniis sifuuted in
Jackson county, in the Stule of Ohio.
And also the following premises, situated
in said county uf Vinton, in the Siute of
Ohio, and bounded and described as follows,
to wit,
"Tre west half and the soath half of the
southeusi quarter of Section Number Thir
ty-une 1 31 , the west half ol Section Num
ber Tuentyfive (25), Township Number
Nine 9) and "Range Number Bixteen (16).
the west half ol Section Number Thirty
(30, the uortheait quarter and the north
hall of lis southeast quarter ol Section
Numbor Thirty-six (36J, the undivided iwo
thirds of me northeast quarter ot Section
Number Thirty 30J, ihe undivided two
ihirds of the west half of. Section Number
Thiilvsix (36). ol Township Nm.br Eight
18. Range Number Sixteen 16.
Also the follow inj tract, Beginning at
the, northwest corner ol the northeast q uar
ter of Sectiou Number Twentjfive )2i,
Township Nine 9, and Range Number
Sixteen 16, thence east forty ruds, thence
south one hundred and sixty rodf, thence
west forty rods, thence north ono hundred
and sixty reds, to the beginning.
Also the southeast quarter of the north-
east quarter and the northeast quar ter of die
southeast quarter of Section Number Tweu
tysix (2(j), the snuthwest quarter of the
suutheusl qunter of Section Number Twen
typcven (27), of Township Number Ten
L 1 0 J ai.d Kuuge Number Seventeen (17).
Aito the feiiuwing, to wit. Beginning on
ths section line dividing Section No. 51
anil Section .o. 25, of Township N j. 9 and
Ratine No. 16. aloresaid, where the State
road crotses said line, thence soutn fourteen
chains and lt) two links, thence west 20
chains and thirtyfour links, thence north b
chains and six links to the State road, thence
wit.i f tie btate roait north seventy three de
grees, east twenty clianu and seventy two
links to the beginning, and also all other
anus belonsinif to Hie said Iron Valiev
Furnace Company, situated in said Vinton
and Jackson counties, by which said gener
al description are included, in addition to
the In i:dd herein be lure particularly de3cribed,
the I'ollo'ving lands, to wit, The n-orthuest
quarter of ti.e southwest quaiter of Section
Number Tuelve (1),. Township Number
Nine, ol R nge Number Seventeen, con
taining forty acres, and the southeast quar
ter ol ihe northwest quaiter ot Section No.
Eight (b), of Township N0. Nine, ol Range
No. Seventeen, containing tony acres, mure
or less, situated in the said coun'.y of Jack
son, and also the no.ih half ol the noith
west quarter of Section Number Tuirtyfuur,
Towualiip Number Ten, ol Range Number
Seventeen, containing eighty acres, more or
lets, situated in said county ol Vinou.
The said premises, so described as afore
said, to be sold as au entirety, but subject
a lease given-by said Iron Valley Furnace
Company to William McGliee, and expir
ing May 1st. a. d. 1867, with the privilege
to the purchaser, at any Jime after lne sale,
to enter upon the premisss tor the purpo&e
of cutung wood and digging ore, or doing
any other thing necessary to provide the
raw material preparatory to operating laid
lurnace lor the blast next following said
May 1st, 1867, but such entry and the par
tial possession of said premises for said pur
poses shall be so made and held as uot to
interfere with the possession and beneficial
use of said premises by the said lessee dur
ing the continuance of said lease, and shall
be subject to the contingency of a confirm
ation of said sale by said court, but, ia the
event of said sale not being confirmed, then
the saii wood or other raw material so pro
vided by sach purchaser, shall inure to the
benefit of said Iron Valley Furnace -Company,
and be disposed of under ' the order
and direction of said court, but said purch
aser shall have a lien thereon prior to ail
others for his actual cits and expenses in
curred in the procurement ind preparation
of sai I wood, ore and other material, with
interest thereon from the time of incurring
the same.
Said premises are appraised as an entirety
at tne sum oi Mxty-two Thousand and Ml
ty dollars 863,050 00, nnd must bring
iwo-tinrus ol that su-n.
Terms of Sale, cash.
josehi j. McDowell,
Special Master Commissioner
Robert Buckior, Jrar. of) In Vinton county
Willia Leach, dec'd.ulff., I Ohio.I'robate Court
va. U-etition (okII land
Mary Loach, wlJow.et ls I to pav dokta.
the hoira at law of doe'd
defts. I
fABY LEACH, widow of Willis Leach, late
Lix or v imun county, Uhio, doceasad, Mary
intermarried wih Lewia I'jffi. Thomas Tjianh
Rhada, intermarried with Joseph B. Mullen
l.e wu W. Leach, Loiisn C, intormarrled with
Kooermuc&uar, and Baruh A., Intermarried
with Robert A. Byrd all renidinir In Wood
county, West V irgiaia; Uoorca A. Leich, Jan
II. Leaoii, ilarumua A . Intermarried with
Nicholas P. Oaier, all reni.lioc in Vinton coun
ty , Ohio; a id Lorinda C LoaoE, widow of John
B. Leaeb, doctaeed. lute of Jaanar oount. Iowa.
and the unknown heir at law of said John B
iwoucti, deccatted:
Tha Robort Buckner, administrator of said
Willis Leach, deceased, on tho 17th da of No
vamber, a. d. 1S6S, filed hi petition in the said
1'robato Court, withir, and tor tho said county
of Vinton, alleging that the personal osUtouud
enecisrr nam Utcedent are innjlllcicni r-o pay
hia debts and the chareoi of administering liia
eglato; that lis died itized In fee simple of the
ioiiowingaeicriDea real estate, aituurein said
oounty of Vinton, Ohio, to wit :
The north-east quarter of the south-west
quarter of Section Nnraber Kinotecn (19), in
township number ton (10) of raneo number
seventeen (17) contoiuiug forly-eislit acres
more or los, subject tosalu at tiillhcothe land
Also, In-lo'a mimhor fi urtcen Hi and nnm
ber thirty sercn (87) in the town of llitniden
iiinn county, unio; tmil ai. stnry Leacli tis
wiuow 01 sum dccodeiif ia emit od tm oiver In
said premises and tluil above named heirs at
taw bold the next estate of inheritance therein
- mo prayor ot said rot tionls for the assdim
ment ot dower to euiJ Slarv 1 eich widow an
alorosiiid, an for tto sulo of said piomiso
snojecno siicn uower cotHto, lor the payments
uio utumuuu cnarges aiorei-aid.
nalillAH III I. . 1 ., .
i'uhhuh wui ua lor murine on VI 10 IOII1
. r i .....
uny ui isareniDor. a. a. lSBH. or aa annn nor.i
after as counsel can ho heard.
. of Willis Leach, dcoeaeod.
it- A.Hratton.atty. for ptt'r. iioH-Jw4
State of Ohio, Vinton County:
Harvey N. Dowd, plaintiff,
vs. -
Ervin E. Powd , defendant.
In Court of Common Pleas, in Voudl.
PURSUANT to thocoamond of Vend!, with
a Fi. Fa. clause, in the nbova caue to mo
directed from tbe court of common plena, of
mo aiorosuiu county or v niton, i will i Her at
pnhlio salu, at thu farm of Ervin E. Dowd. in
the township of Mudieon,in aforesaid county of
Monday, December 3, 1SG6,
tho hour of 11 o'clock a m of mid day, tho
1 , , , , . ... . . '
luiiuHinjt gooanana ermines, to wit:
The undivided one- third of two Holds of Corn
the Shock, aud two Hay Slacks.
Taken n tha rropvty of Ervin E. Dowd tj
cr.tisfy a judgment of at'eroeaid court lu favoj
iinrvty r. jjowa
Terms of S:ilo Cash In hand.
Juhn Dowd, eiioriu V. C. O.
for plaintiff. nov22wi
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terms and proof of the Bbove assertion.
Address, S. F. JUNKIN 6c CO..
nov22 173 Rice Street, Cincinnati, O.
Legal Notice.
State of Ohio, Vinton Co.:
Franklin Il.Chitlester.) Before S.C. Case,
Exparte.j Coin, of Insolve'ts
NOTICE is hereby riven, that Franklin
H. Chidester of said Vinton cnnnjty,
applied to me, S. C. Cue. Commissioner
Insolvents for said Vinton county, for
benefit of the Insolvent laws, nnd that
has complied with the requirements ot
statutes in such made and provided ;
I will file in the Court of Common
Pleas for said county, on or before the first
of the next term ot said court, the
schedules. Inventory, oath and other nec
essary papers In said application.
A. Huattox, S. C. CASE,
Att'y for appl't. Coin, of Insolvents.
22, 180C-3w. Vinton Co. O
REMAINING in the Post Office at Mc
Arthur, O., October 31, 1866,
Blodgeft Capt L L Israel F M
DonJe V A Lewellan J W ,
Dyers David McCourt Catharine
Hok Mrs Elizabeth Shaw William C
Hunt Mrs A N Vanhook Mrs Hannah
Hardesly Nelson Vanhook Mr M C
H. REDD, P. M.
David Jones' Estate.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the un
dersigned have been appointed and
qualified as administrator's of the es
tate of David Jones, deceased, late of Vin
ton county, O. H. C. JONES,
Nov. 22-3w, J. W. IUNNELLS.
fjA A MONTHI-Agenta wanted for six en
dpUKJ tirely new artiolea, just out. Address
T. Gabit, City lluildinjr, Biddaford, Me.
Wb are now prepared to do Job
work with aatatw a4 dispatch.. Givouf
AS an inducement to Mannfncturera, Me
chanics and Store-keepers to settle ia Za
leski, and to dupply tha daily increasing da
mai d for artlcloa uf domestic mamifactnra and
consumption, the undi-rsigned offura to those
purchai-inj lots of thi Company (for the pur
pose of erecting biuinoM Iiocms) tho following
material nt greaily reduced rices, and upon
time to ruit purcliasora :
Oaka'-d IVplur Lumber $12 00 per M.
Bidrglcs 8 00 per M.
La'l 3 00 peril.
Brick I" qnnntit.es of 25,000.. 1 50 per H.
Lota of ii'ilSO ft, sold at f 100 and upwards.
Also, a number of nicely finished, romforU
ble outtaciji', with every convenience attached,
with eni'lcccd lot .'.0x150, at S750 and upwards.
no8m3 Managing Director Zaleski Co.
J.W.Brnillcy's Celebrated Tatent
(or Donblo Spring)
T Ilo Wondorfnl FIcxibili'y and groat comfort
nnd pleasure to any lady wearing the D
plex Ellptio Skirt will ho exporlonccd parti. n
buly in all crowded A womhlios, Opera, Carria
ges, Itallroad cars, Church rows, Arm chairs,
for I'romenvle and llouso dress, aa the Ski't,
cun be folded while in nao to occupy a email
spaco as euxily and conveniently as a silk or
muslin drcKx, an invaloublo quality in ciino
lino, not f und in any Sir.gle Sprira Skirt.
A lady having enjojeJ the plcasnre, emfort
and great eonvui.icm-e of wearing the Duplex
Ellcptio Steel Sprirg Skirt for a single day. will
never afterward willingly dl'pr-rise with tbair
use. Fr cl ildren, Miai-cs and Young 1 Ladlos
they aro superior to all Wlier.
flicy will not bond or break like tho Single
Spring, but wl.l preset vo thoir perfect and grnco
ful al.itpo wliur, thrco or fuur ordinary sklrta
wilt l.uvu been thrown aaido a.t ujolefs Tha
hoi'p aru cover d with douhld nnd twisted
thrnr.d.aiid I ho h'ttmu rodsare notouly donblo
s piii)', but twice (or double )coveicd: preven
ting Ilium from wearing out when dragging
down at'ops, hti.irs. otc.
Thu Duplex Klliptid is a great favorito with
all Indies and in universally ricom men-led by
tin Knsliiou Mugi.zinos ns the Standurd Skirt of
tho Fn-l.ior.nMo AVorhl.
To onjoy tbo fulliirting inefimahlo advan
tages in crinoline, viz: Superior Juuflty,,Fe.
feet Mnuuf'aettiro, Stylish Shape and Faish,flex
ibility durability .comfort nnd economy, enquire
forJ W Hiadlf)' Duplex Klllptie;orl)cnb1eKV
Skirt, and lo auioyuii get the genn'ne artfcle.
Caution. To guard against ImpoititionTio
particular to notice that skirta offered aa 'Du
plex have tho red ink stump, vlz:;j. W. Brad
ley's Elliptic Steel Spring,' upon the waiat
bund Rone othora are gonuino. Also notlco
that ovcry hoop will admit a pin boing paaaed
through the centra, tints revealing tltn Iff) ( nr
doiililo) springs braided togethor therein, whioh
ia tho secret uf their flexibility and strongth.and
a combination not to be found in any otherskirt.
Fon Sale in all stores where flra ol'a.is skirts
nrosold throughout tho U. 8. and elsewhere.
JUaDutacM hy tho solo owners of the patent.
8u8 DT Chambors a 1'J 81 Koadesta. N. V.
Shei lir's Sale.
In Court of Common Ritas
Samuel Carter, riiii-itiff.) In Conrt of
uguiost Com. Pleas.
Robort Ca'ter, ot nl Defendants, J Order orculo
1)UI!SUANT to tha command of an or
dor of sale in tho above cannn o nn
reeled from tho Court of Comnir n I I mm .,riti
nforesuid County of Vinton. I will fffir at nnh.
lie sule, nt the d or of the Court-house. In tin
town of McArthur, In uforcv.id county of v lu
tein, on
Wednesday, Deceinher 12tli, I8, ;
at tho hour of one o'clock r.ii. of snitl usy',- the
f'ollowintr discribod lands und tenements to wit:
Tho southwest quarter of seeion nnmher twon
ty-i,ine No. 9J of township number ten No.
.0 of rango number nineteen No. 19 contain
ing ono hundred and sixtv (ltio!
iii the county of Vinton -and Siato of Ohio.
l uo saino to be sMd troe or all incninbrancos.
Appr&istd as follows, lo-wit : Eioht ihnoi-
and dollars 8,f0u and must bring Us-thirds
of that snm.
Terms of Sir.K-Ono il.iri cash In linnrl;
one-third in oi; year, and oiu third in two
years Willi interest on tho deferred pat nienta
trom duy of sale, with tho privilege of the
purehuser to p ,y said deferred payments at any
timo. JOHN J SllO KEY.
A. Xapte, and others, Sheriff V. t'o. O
Ati'ysfor P fff. Kov. 8, Sw. pf 1 17(1
AdEiiiiiistrntor's Sale
11 KAL
PUnSUANT to an order of sale from the Fro
bftttl (Nilirl. of I a finnnl. txf V..I..M 1 ...11
olfur for sale, at ptiblio auction, on
Monday, December loth, tsmt.
at OnO o'cll.i-tf P. Xf um.n fl.a
rt.llowing riescrlocd reul ocate, situated in tho
county of Vinton and State of Ohio, o-wit:
Thu Wftttt hull r.f Hi c.itl. ...... .
section fivc(5) township eight (S) range sixteou
(ID) containing Bcvoniy four (7) acies more or
lu."B. AUo, thirty four (84) acros off the north
end of tho full: wing described premises situ
ated in the county and state aforesaid, to-wit:
j uu cui-i mm oi ins romueasi quarter pf sec
tion six f i) townshiD Y 8
containing tovonry-iour acres. - -
rtppruitea m tieven imr.rirctl dollars. Terms
Of ulo:-.Ofif!-thiril tn liun.l 1. 1.1 i- .1.
months, and ono-third In twelvo months from
iio in itt.-,wini nucresi. j no paymcnta to
besccured by mortirasro upon the preniisassold.
, iAiaiia IH-.JM4V yuiKN,
( Adn-inistrutor of the estato of
ilichael Daugherty, decoasod,
Bratton A Mayo, i.ttomey. novlwS
Miorill s Sale.
The Sldtb of Ohio, Vinton Co.:
Thomas P. Brown, Plfff ) In Court of Com.
against J. pleas.
Thomas A. Martin, Def'l.l On Execution.
PURSUANT to tho command of an execuliou
in the above cause to me directed from tha
Court of Csmmon Pleai, of the aforesaid L'duo
tv of Vin.on, I will offer at piiblio aale.at tho
B'ublo occupied by James Lantx aud Jacob
Shrxkoy in the town of McArthur. in aforesaid
county of Vinton on
Monday, November 26th, I860,'
At the hour of one o'clock p. m. of aaid day
the following goods and chattels, to-wlt:
' Tha Undivided one-half of throa nrl donbla
harness; two bay mares; one chestnut roan mare'
ona bay horse; ona unbalance; one jack; two
(wo-horea wnirona and one set buggy harness.
Taken as the property of Thomaa A. Martin,
to satisfy an oxecntton of aforesaid court, in la-
ror or i noma f. Brown.
Terms of slj,cahin hand.
D. S Dana, PIt'ffs AK'y. Sheriff Y. C. O.
novemDerio, 1866 Zwpf525. .
Vinton Probata Court. .
N'OTICE.-H. C. & T. W. Bobb n, Execu
tors of tha estate of John Bobbina.deo'd,
have filed their ac;ouDt and vouchers In the
Probata IVtnr nf v.M..n. rAnn.. : ,
- -. . v. . IUWu vuuu.j, viiuu, lur in
spection and final settlement, and that tha same
will h tnr 1. malA n a n .
the 21th day of November, a d 1868, at 11 o'
clock, a m of said day . Dated November Sth.
adl88., . B1CHABD CBAIO. Pre. JuLV. '
Vinton Probatn Court
rvi " v-aery, guaraian oi
Tila aceounta and vouoheTa for Inspection and
'"""""t in me rrooate corn or vinion coun
ty, Ohio, and that tbe same will befor Hearing;
in aaid court on Saturday tha 4h day of Nov.
ember, a d 186. D-sted November 8(h, a d 1880.
- lw vriii iDn id iin t . ,
- AiviMnt yAU) rtii v u u ge ,

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