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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 22, 1866, Image 4

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1e Fenians continue) their pre
parations quietly, but with energy
and a kind of determination that is
made more intense by their queit
ness and caution. Ask them why
they drill so much, and they tell
you "for exercise," while their looks
say plainer then their words, "to
be prepared in tho day coming.''
On tho streets, in tho holds, all
over the city may bo fven plenty of
green rosettes, or some times a lit
tle crescent diamond or round-shaped
bit of green cloth pinned to the
coat or vest. At the armory there
is always a large number of men
going through drill, preparing car
tridges, cleaning guns, cvC Their
armory is by no means open to ev
ery body in fact but very lew are
allowed tho privilege of looking on
but to ono who docs see them
they recall tho opening scenes in
the late war. .Among IhcTat.es one
ofttn sees those which do not be
long to tho Celtic race. Americans
are numerous among them, dark
and swarthy from the batllo fields
of tho South; occasionally a Teuton
is among them to fight, not for Fa
derland, but for Ireland and a cou
ple of Frenchmen whom I noticed
wero working away as drill-ser
geants. The Canadian trails are
helping the Fenian recuiting officers
inoro than almost any thing else
could do. Tell an Irishman that
Kaglandis going to hang a brother
Celt and he is at once on hand for a
rescue, whether ho has to iV.eo a
brace of constables at Wieklow or
a Government in Canada. Among
the noticeable personages of Chica
go are some who truly belong to
that largo and, if wo take every
body's word for it, numerous class
There are in Chicago seven Counts
two Mnrquissps, ono who would
have been a Duke, and a baker's
dozen of German Barons. The lat
ter are not counted in "our set'' by
the others, n3 baronetcies in ,Gei-
manv are common as "colonelcies"
in Virginia, or unfounded military
titles throughout America. Out of
the former ex-noblemen there are
several whose history would be in
teresting, and whoso lives have in
them more romance than is gener
ally vested in the hero of a lirst
class novel. Hungary and Poland
were their homes. Austrian, Kus
sian: , and combined Europcat;
tyranny, are responsible for their
present position'. To ono who has
kept trace of Hungarian and Polish
struggles, are familiar names in
Chicago. Sad it is to contemplate,
and a poor opinion of European
titles and cracked-up nobility It
gives to an American to know (hat
these men could so far forget their
former station, or tho right the
world has to expect better things
of them, as to keep lager-beer sal
oons, as nearly all of them arc dc
iog. In fact, except two who made
sufficient "stamps" to re tiro on,
they are all iu the lager-beer retail
trade. Contrary to my usual ens
torn, I went aroumd the city with
an old Chicagoian who is thorough
ly posted, to see these notabilities.
As a general thing they appear
very much liko the ordinary mor
tals who gain a livedihood in the
same manner, but in one case I saw
a fine looking man, whoso history,
by the way, was not unfamiliar to
me, one of Kossuth's most trusted
friends, a fine-looking commanding
man, who handed out the "swet
lager" with a sort of repulsive- hos
pitable grace very much, I fancy, as
he would, in former days, have ten
dered a glass of wine to nn enemy
whom circumstances might have
thrown beneath his roof, "and thus
made him hospitable from good
breeding. A fine looking woman
ai in a ruuui adjoining, ana hy a
sliding window in thi wall. Her
hair was tinged with silver threads,
and lines drawn by care were on
her face, yet 'twas easy to see that
age had but littlo to do with the
marks upon her face or the silvery
streaks in her jet black hair. Un
fortunately, he could not, like the
most of them, bring his mind down
to his avocation; nor had he used
.his opporiimities in such a way
that he could do any think useful.
His hands knew not tho cunning of
any trade. Wounds received in
, Hungary disabled him from milita-
.xy duty, or he might now bo a hero
of our own late war. Further - of !
them at another time. It's a new
field for a newspaper correspondent
studying European notability as it
appears when shirking for itself, on
its own bottom, in America.
, .,. , ,
Stupid peojde may eat, but
shouldn't talk. Their mouths will
h11 .K ..I i r
w vtcn uuugn as DanKs oi deposit,
but not of issuo.
'" It ia Baitl the doctors can mitigate
the pains of sickness, certainly a
good. many of ,'theni make dying a
verybasy thing. . , ; '
The height of impudence Taking shelter
frdm the raia fu an umbrelli ahop.
The man who lends an umbrella
is a real philanthropist; he sacrifices
himself lor his friends.
"Isn't your bill awfully steep?"
inquired a spendthrift ofjiis tailor.
'You ought to know best, for it was
run up by you," was the reply.
Thad. Stevens' power is said to
be waning. He tends downwards.
Hut he will tend upwards, when he
gets his deserts.
Sr.bscrilie for tlie lltllCOHI).
Dr. Sclioiuk'H Pulmonic .Syrup.
Tlii. ;rcut moilk-iiioi'iireil Dr. J. II. Micnuk,
tlio rriitur, of 1'uliruiimty CoiiKiiniiitiou,
when it lui'l nMimoil m st formuhililo -pet,iiiid
wlion nciiy death appcurml to bo in
evitable. Ilia pin yiciau's pr niwunc'il )ii ease
InctirnMo, when im ennmurced tho line of this
fimple but powerful remedy. JIih heultli wa
rentorml in a very short linio, ah' n return of
the diaousj lias ljn epprehon Jed, for nil tho
svn. turns quickly diauppi-areii, and Ilia present
weight 1- mure. limn tun hundred.
Si co his recovery, ho has devoted lii. atten
tion cxoitisivuly tu tlio ci.ro of tVni'iimptiiin,
and tho dUea.-a'ii which aro crinpli.ite.l with it,
and llio cures ill'cetcd by Ida mudiciiu's liavo
I'oon very iiiiiiicrntixnnd truly voiidei ful. Dr.
Schcnek makes profe-diiual visits to tevarul i'f
tho larger litiu weekly, whore ho uus a la'fro
coiieouise id' patients, aiul it is truly u-"nihiiif
to fuc pnor eoiiMimptivas (hut liuvo to ho lifted
on . of their carriages, and in a few month
healthy, robust pon-ons. Dr. Pcliiuu-lc'a Pulmo
nic Syrup. Seaweed Tonic, and Maudrako Pills
aio generally all required in curing Consump
tion. Fu.l directions accompany each, to that
any ono can tako them without seeing lr.
Selienjk, but when it ia convenient it is best to
sco him. Ho given udvieo fieo,but for a tho
ri. nc.li ciuiuliiutiti: with Ids lltspiromcter his
fee i tliruodolluis.
I'leui.eob.ervo, wlien rurohisinp, tliat tliotwo
liteenesscs of tlio Doctor ono wlien In tho lust
stag.) of I'onsmiip'.iou, aud tlio other as he now
ia, in perfect lieal'h aro on tlio (iov. stamp.
Bold by all Dnitfisti and Dealer. I'r ire I , oo
per brittle, or fi.MJ tho halt unzon. Loiters
for advieo should alwny bo diiectod !o Dr.
Sehenek's I'-iiieinil Oilico, No. 13 Korlh titli
Slrvet, Philadelphia, Pa.
General Wholesale Agonfs: Dcmns Barnes it
Co.. N. V., N. S. llaneo, Baltimore, Md.; John
I). Park, Cincinnati, I) ; Wull;erfc Taylor, Chi
cago, III.; Collins Bros., St. Louis, .Mo. Sdeamy
.St henck's Seaweed Tonic.
This mcdlcli.e.incnrVd by Dr. J. II. &'iienck,
of I'll. lad Iphia, is intended to dissolve tlio food
and make ii info ehjiiie, flie Wr-t pneesa of di
(region. By chanting tlio stomach with
t-ehetii k's ,Mndrako Pills, rho Tonic soon res
tores tho appetite, and food that could nit bo
eaten before using it will be easily digested.
Connuin prion ciinm t bo Hired by Schenck's
Pii'.monie Syrup unless the stomach unl liver is
made lienltliy and tho appetite restored, doneo
the Tonic and Pills aro required in nearly eve
ry ciisi! of consumption. A half dozen bettlos
of tho SE.WVKF.I) TOXIC and thrci or four
boxta of thoJl ANDK KK PILLS willcure any
ordinary caeo of dyspepsia.
Dr. Sehenck makes pru'ewionnl vi-irVIn Now
York, Bo- ton, mid at his principal OlKcj in
Philadelphia evury week. ISco daily papers o
each place, or his pamphlet on coonsumptieu frf
nis uays oi viMiauoii.
Pltaee obscrvo, when ptirclmsing, that the
two likcnofscs of tho Doctor, ono whon i" tho
last stage of consumption, arid the oth'r as ho
now is, in perfect health, aro on tlio Govorn
niert s'amp.
Sold by all Drupgists and Peelers, prioo 11.50
per botllo, or tl.bi) tho hulf dozen. All letters
for advice should oo nddrcsted to Dr. Soncnck's
Principal Ollice, No. 15 North fih at., Pbiliidcl
,hi.i,Pa. General Wholcsalo Agentn: Domna Barnca
& Co., N. Y.; S. 8. Ilnnco, Balfimoro, Mt ; J.
1). Parke, Cincinnati, 0, ir, Wulkor Sc Taylor,
Chicago 111.; Collins Bros., St. Louis, Mo.
1st w. cu. mo. ocUjyl
C'onsiiiiiiilion Curable Iy Dr.
.Sc.'ieiick's Jloditiiit's.
To Cfns Cr.NstiiPTioN, tho ajstem must bo
prepared so that tho lung wiil heal. To oo
complish tliif, tho liver atid htomach must, ilrst
bo cleaned and an appetite created for good
w hr.lsonie fo d, which by theso medicines will
bo digested proper1)', and good healthy blood
made; lima building up tho constitution.
St llBXCKS M ANDRA KE PlL L8 clelinsO the Stolnanh
of all biiious or mucous uccumulaiions; ami, by
using tho Sea Weed Tonic in connection, tho
uppcti'cis restored.
fc-cHi-.NcKe Pulmonic Shut is nntrieiou as
wed as n'eillcinal.nnd, b n.-lna tlio three reme
dies, all impurities are txpolled from tho ivs
tem, and good wholsonij blocd mado, wl.'ieh
will repel all di.-casi. If patients will tako
tlieae ini-diciniR neeordiiig to directions, Con
fiinip'.ion veiy frequently in its lust stage yields
to f heir action. Tako tho pills frequently to
eloanso tlio liver and stomach. It doe not fol
low tliut heeauso tlio bowels aro not costive they
aro not required, for sutntiints in diarrhoea they
aro nccoisjiy. Tho stomach must bo kept
healthy, un I no apputito created to allow the
Pulmonic Trp to act on tho respiratory orgi i.
properly and aliiiy any irritation. Then aU
tlii'tis required to preform a pcrmnnent cure i I
to prevent taking cold. Exorciso about the
room as much as possible, eat all the lichost.
foid-at meat, game, and, in fao:, anything
tho up pel ito craves; but bo particular and inns
tionto well. 2d weamly
i:. A II. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
Manufacturers of Photographic
501 JJIXhADWAY, N. y.
Tn addition lornrmain busineasof Pfrnm
(ilJAPlIlL! M ATKltlALS, wo are Hendquartcrs
Of American and Forehn Citios and
capes, Groups, Stjtwary, ct'.
Stereoscopic Views of the War.
From i.egutivea made in the virious campaign'
hnd forminir a odtiiT.tftt,, i.r... .....
of tho vroi t conlcs '
Stereoscopic Vieivs on Glass,
Aiiapicu inr oiiuei iho Hugio Lantern or tlio
Stercscopo. Our Catalogue will be Bent to any
Addresser, nneniMf r.f -
Photographic Albums.
We manufacture more largely than any otlur
houso, about 2ti0 varietios Irora 5U cants to t.iO
each. Our A LlilfMS ha e tho reputation of bo
in superior iu beauty und durabililr tc anv
otters. " '
Canl Photosrraiihs of Generals,
and di;
oft ho most cclelira'cd Engravings,
a ucs, cic. taiaiogiiea acn5 on
receipt cf
Phutosraphersand otlior ordering goods (!.
O.D, will pleaso remit 85 per cent of tho
amount with their order.
1ST Tho priomand quality cf onr goodscan
n ol fail to satisfy. rjuno gi 64jv.
aid a
HicKLAND'a Tonic ia a conceniiated pre
tiono RooUand Herbs, withantiao
minitives to strengthen theBtomaoh
ua system. His a certain remedy for
or Indigestion,' Aervonanesa, Los8
ifpi m'6' Acidity of'1'8 Stomach, Flatnlency
Debi ity. It i. rot alcoholic, therefore par
icnUrly auited to Weak. Nervous and Dys
piptie persons. Foraala b all Droeeiats verj
whr at one dollar rr .ottla. ,u"'",,"r7
Crnlrst Inliral Cirralv
Ext I'utfchrti!
WFIfiwn'iU terga
Inter km for two
3 cent alaaipa.
The Xoti'Diul Duijiciinary, established ISilh
SIX years of umivallud nuecesa in tho euro of
every form of private disoaee Incident to
either sex.
Wa nt'allibly cine Syphillii, Gleet, (ionor
rl:aa, Impo cney, Noctnrual and Diurnal Em
is.sii.ns ,ci m plaints peculiar to females, ar.d ev
ery form ol rrivata disease of whatever namo
or nature Sperinntorrhi: or Solf-abuso, that
easily and snecdily cured and evoiy troeo of its
tcrriblo cll'uets cradicitcd from tho aystcn.
without dstontion from business. Young men
bear this in mind, that wo are in possession ..I
tho Secret luceipts and methods of praetieo of
Cnlvcrwcll. Liillemnnd, Hunter, Velpcau, cn.,
Rirord and othoi great 1 ghts in modem medi
cal scienee; for it ia a fact of the very greatest
iniportfiuco, und wo would ask any man of a i
orago common reuse how eiin tho thousand and
ono shallow protendor of tho day, with thoir
teeblo incliloiunt renicdioa hope to compete with
Yo nnfortur.nto, era trusting yoar health and
money to heartless ch.irlitans, at least write to
I Irs. Jackson, Herbert it Co., who will at onco
ctnrn you a kit d. discreet ai d explicit answer,
radics, write for our citeiilar.
Dr Jackson's Foninlo Monthly Pills, for ir
regularities. Prieo II per box.
The Mountain of IAyhl or Medical Froteetor
and Marriage Oiiule, and an explicit key to
Love diid Beauty. Contai niiijf 3i O pages and
)t)( plates. JSThis U THE book you want;
pr co 50 cents; 8 lor 1.
fcend for our splendid clrcnlnr conlnlning
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especially nduptod lo tho p irtieulor CJSO under
consideration, beei usa in tho nature of things
each ensis dill'i'rs from overv other.
reniovcsall cildness and di 'iibility, and rcjuv
cua es organs which huvo lain dormant for
many yours.
Dr. Jdvksnn's French Fdteut Male Fafe,
is porfectly safe and novor fails to give saiist'ao
tion. Itis the onlv B'.iro and safe preventative
against contracting disease over invented.
Pilcot each, po half dczou f I, and per doz
on (7. soul by mail.
Inebriates or Modern Drinkers who rairo to
reform. but liavo found it Uiilienlt to retrain,
enn wholly oradieitto nil do-iri for any k'nd of
liquor, n using nr. llerbeit's Anti-Alooliolio
Comuound. n unfailing remedy lor iutcinpor
anee; writo for particulars.
Medicine mid instiuctionasent promptly to
any part of tho country. Consulting Rooms of
tho Dispensary, no. 11,7 tycamnro streot, tin
cinnati.O. P. 0. Box, Ko. 430. Send for cir
cular. junoTy
IS I X ' s
GRAY-IIEADF.D pooplo huvo their locks re
atorcd by it to tho dark, lustrous, ailken
trosses of youth, and aro haimv 1
Young pcoplo, with light, laded or red hair,
imvo tneso nniasiiionaoio coiora cliangoi to a
beautiful aubnrn, and rrjoiee I
Pcoplo whoso heads are covered with dand
rutT and humors, 11 so I;, and have eloan coats
nnd clenr nml healthy scalpa I
Unld-headed yeternns have their lemaining
locka tit'litencd, nnd the bare sposcovured
with a luxuiiaut growth of htdr, and dance lor
j.v I
Young gontlcmcn uso it because it ia richly
perfumed !
Young ladies n?e it because it keops thcil
Lair in tiluoo !
Everybody must and will nso it, beeauso it U
tho cleanest and best articlo in the market I
For Sale. by
rists Generally.
From II01 . Warren Chase, tho Licturor.
My hair und whiskers liavo boon many years
gray. ' Ring's Vcgetahlo Ambrosia" has re
stored both lo their original color, black, ano.
covered tho baldness oi the top ef my head
with a Ann growth of black lair. I havo sev
eral frionda who have used it with the samo
results, and I cordially recominond it as ono of
tho few medicines that w ill do what its labels
and ciro nlars claim for it.
October. ISi'.S. Wariien Ciiask.
E. M Tubus & Co.. Proprietors. Petcrbnro'
Xow Hampshire. A 11 Morriam & Co., Whole
sale Agents, Cincinnati, Ohio. l)r J S Strong
Agent, McArthtir, Ohio. mayJI-ly
C01VFI I) F i T I A I, .
jkr-iw-braO RF.n'F combined lalcntof
the men to consul t : Dra. llon
nparto it Eevnolds. or isa
Sycaiiiore streot, Cincinnati, is the only olfico
in rio city where a permanent cure of private
Diseases enn bo had without tho uso of murcury
or change of diet. Wo guarantee to cure Oonor
rcea,, Gleet, Syphilis, Impoteney, Nocturnal
Emissions, or Self Abtiao, Diurnal Emissions,
Fomalo complaints, in abort, every possible
form and variety of Sexual D'seasc. Cures
rapiu, in oiign enn permanent, and fees mode
rate. C01110 ono Come all.
Giikat medical cmct'LAn sent for two 3 cent
FitiNcir pafes A aurc preventative "odiscaso
Piico. 1 each, or three for J2, or 7 per dozen.
Sent hy mail.
Dr. B.'b Invigorating Linimmt, Trico. 2 CO
per botlo.
Cheat work cm piuvatis diseases, tiik ouidk
to health, h heiH-ficlul to all, male and female
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182 Sycamore St ,bot. Fifth and Sixth, east aide
Oncinniii. O. Ollice hours, 6 A. M. to 9 I. M.
An Invention or Hure Merit I
Bums up all crtt3 anrl mnv.
never breaks by puttiS?25
shade 1 short" arid not8?!
heavy, is easily cleaned br
rempvn top; iri laet tha
most parfaot chimney known
-and is fast aupersedinaflll
3 Warren St., jr. t.
Vintou Probate Court.
N0!1---1 ll Darhy,GBardl,n of
i.1 Britain D. Vrv nnrf T .,:.
heirnof Henry Frv JcceaiwH. hi.j .
eonnts and vouchors in tho Probate Court of
i ton county, Ohio, for Inspection and final
settlcmcnr, and that the ame will be lor bear-
...k ... rn.u K.n.j on rne win day of November,
f,d. 1866, at 11 o'elook offaidday. Datej
Iovcmber ltta i 1866. f
novlw KHHAHDCBAIG.rro Judge.
From tho New York Her ild.
Prominent among the nwhanicol tri
umphs of this must iogonious age, com
mon honesty compels us to notice lli( Em
pire Sewing JLu liiiie, toiiimeiiileil aa just
ly Btylt'd pei fertioii itself. Useful asliuve
been the vaiious sewing macliims, from
lime to time presented to the public, each
one of them hts been cursed with some
radical defect, which detracts from general
utility. Wurncd hy the experience of his
predecessors, the inventor of the Empire
Machine h.is produced an instrument, com
billing all the advantages for which others
a re vaunted, and obviating every dclert
width can bo atlnbutej to ilii-m by the
most fastidious critic.
The Etupir" Macniue h a marvellous com
bination of simi'liciiv, economy and perfect
workmanship, being durable, Iroe frflm.n Ii
bility to get nut of order, noise lesi, and en
By of operation. Its mechanical contii
Ydiice 'a such Hi to secure stability, free
dum fioni accident, and ucruracy aa to
workmanship. By the use of t lie patented
shuttle ami straight needlo it makes a
stitch, which cun neither rip nor ravel
while, at the same time, it cun operate
perfectly upon every sj.ecics of material
Ironi lc9tlier lo ciimbrie, with thieads of
cotton, linen or silk, fumi the finest to the
coarsest number,
j4s the E.npiie Machine is gradually
stipplunting il3 more antique rivaU, no
one iu want of a moie uselnl icslrttment
of this description, be lie or slio tailor,
toacliinaker. (Iref smaker or soainstiess, can
dn otherwise than leeure of these econom
ical and inimitable machines, suited alike
for family and manufacturing purposes.
The ollice of the Empire Manufacturing
Co. is at No. 63G Uroodway, New York
Cily,wherH they are now supplying these
Empire Machines at prices lur below tho
re.il value of the instiumeuts. New York
November 30 lS65-Iy
Grovesteen & Co.,
199 Iiao;i(lirnr. .ow York.
Tire attention of the Public ami the trade
is invited lo our Nr. Sc.u.b 7 OCTAVE
for volume and purity of tone are un rivall
ed, bv anv hitherto iTuer.'il in this nmrlcl.
They contain all the modern improvements
riencn, uruiiu ilciion, ll.irp I'edal, iron
Frame overstrung Bass etc. and each iiutru
inent being ;,inde the personal supervision
of Mr. J. II. Grovesteen who has has a
practical experience ofover 3 years 111 their
manufacture is fully warranted in every par
Tlio ''Gri'VvPtoen Tiiuio Fortes" rr
ceivtd llio awHrd of nwrit over al
otliera nt tho celebrated Worlds
Where were exhibited instruments fram
the best makers of Loudon, Paris, Germany
Philadelphia. Baltimore. Boston and New
York: and also at the Ampriimn Inttiitmo
for five successive years, 'lie gold and silver
mednls from both of width can bo seen &t
our ware-room,
Itv the iuterodtictinnnf imnrnvcmpnUna
make a still more perfect Tiuno Forte, nnd
ny manutm lurmi? largely, with a Btiicly
cah system, arc enabled io nfl'pr Hip.m in.
Biruments at a price which will preclude all
Pkice-No. 1, Seven Octave, round corners
rio'ewood plum case 8275.
Xs'o. 2, Seven OcUive, round corner,
Kosewood heavy mould !n S30&-
No. 3, Seven Octnvn round corners
Ko.-evood Louis XIV style ft!)23-
Terms: Nci Citsli in Cun n Cnuds,
u c.ilui l'Ti v K C I KUULA KS SEN 1
Dec. 7th IS65 lyr a.c,
- IN
sewing Machines
uisipiiM: ftinilllf .Tl.'ichitir.
Salesroom, 53G Broadway A. Y. 250
Washington St. Bonton. 921 Chulnut St..
1IUS MAt'iUN'E, laconstructcd on entirely
new prineiples of ineehnnibtn, pofsesnini?
ti nny rare ind vuluublo iiriprovemenis, having
cn cxttmined by the mout profound expeiU.,
y "ii'iii.i'tcu in oe
it has a straight noodlo. poipemlienlar aelior,
ninl;c the "Lock or Shuttle Kiieh,' which will
Akitiiek Kip nor Kvkl, and in aliko on hoth
perfcu. owiiir on evoryde. rip
tion or innteriil,lrom Leather. to tho f.iieKt Nan
wok Muwino, with cotton, linen or Bilk thread,
"" mo uuiimeH 10 1110 uncut nuniher.
Having neither Cam nor Coo Wheel, and tho
lut rossihle frietion.it rune n smooih an
glusp, andiM emplmicnlly a
I reqniros Fiptt peb cent, uiifoweii'o
driyo it then any other niavhine in the marke',
A girl jlcvcn ycurs of ago can work it stcudiiy,
w'thout fatigue or injury to health.
Ita strength nnd wonueiiful bimplicitt of
construction, renders it nlmoKt inipo.ible tc
pes out of order, and i ocahranted by the
comjrnny to givo entire patisfactioi..
We respectfully invito all those who may do
ciro to supply tlitmselvm kith 11 1111 prior arti
clo to come and examine this unrivalled Ma
chine. One half hours Instruction In snfllcicnt, tr
enublo any pernon to work this machine tc
tluirentiro sutinfaci.n.
IiKi.ioioLsand Cuaiutablk institciions will
00 lihf.rally dealt with
cent Wanted for all towns In the United
fctiitcn where Agonts are not iilroudj established
also, for Cu ra. Mexico, Central and 8011th
America, to whom a liberal discount will be
No consignments made at all. Address
Empire Sewing Machine . Mi'g
': Company,
a. 40. ' bHOADWAY N,Y;
1 nnoipla goniies Entablishedi-rituburg;
Ernest h-q o!m Baltimore, Thos. Shanks
Wheel ng, W. Va. W. l):Sawkel Bre. Ci, .
oinnati. O. Mather & Wilson
Novembor SOth 1365 lyr
H AS enred thousands of the worst eases e
Blind and Bleeding Piles.
gives immediate relief, and effects a perma
nent coj;e. Try it direoily It is w mated to
bottfe by " 'S'818 ' 50 cent PO'
January 18, 188. ly.
LANKS of erecy hmlrs. . l.
The On'y Known Rewcdj
I70R these discuses l'.is truly s sovereign rem
. ody, and loo nmcli can not bo said In lu
prniso. A single done hus boon known lo re
lievo the "io urgent nymtoma.
Are yon trcublod with that, distressing pninln
M10 sinull of the bL'k and through the hipi I A
teaspoon ful a dny of Uelmbuld's Buchu will re
lievo you.
i,MT.n,ni 1 tin . , r . rinnn
1'idlCltiIAiNO A 1 II UltJI!.Ua
I mul:o no secret ef ingreirlon's. Ilolmbold's
Kxtraot Bucliu is composed of Bueha CabebH,
and Juniper Berries, selcoted with grout care,
prcparod 111 vacuo und according to rules ef
Thce lagrcdicnN arc known as tho ntitt vul-
cablc Diuretics ulFirdud
It t!iat whioh aets tipo tin kidneys
Is pleasant In tnsts and odor, froe from all Inju
rious properties, nud inimudiutc ia its actieu.
See Medical properties contnineil In Dispensn
toiyofthe U. S.,ef which tho following is a cor
rect ccpy :
'lluoiiu Its odor Is strong, diffusive and
somewhat aromatic, -g taste bittcrishand anal
ogous ti that of mint, his given, choiflr in
complaints of ths Urinary UrgAiis. sucii as
(Irr.vol, Chronic Catarrh of tha hlidderand
Uriltllru! llUl'fluOU r.f t,a m.MiImIu ...I I.. Inn
tiouorho lncoiitinciico of Urine, from n loss
01 lono in uiepiirts concerned in Itsovocuution.
It hus ulso been mended In Dyspqiin,
Chronic Khciiiiialism, Cut.mous uffuetious, and
Pee Trofessor Dewoos' rtluabla werk 01
praolise of physio.
Ues the rumurks mads y the eslebrated Br.
l'liysle, of Philadelphia.
bee ary aud allslundard werks ea Modiciso,
I am acquainted with II. T. Ilelmbol.l ; lie
occupied the drug Htoro opposito my residei.ee,
and wan successful in conducting tho business
where others had not hcen equally so rielbre
Mm. I have been favorably impressed with hie
character and enterprise.
Wir. WuroiiTMAN,
(B'irra of Powers fe Woiirhtmun,)
Miinufuctnring Chcniii-ts,
Ninth and Brown St., I'hiln.
From the Phila. Evcn'g Ilullotin, March 10th. J
Wo aro eratifled to hear of tho continued suo
cess in Now York, of our townsman, Mr. II. T.
Ilelmbotd, Druggists. His store, next to tho
Mutronolitan ll. rpl.U oa fnnt. fr,. ono iv,A
, ... ..-v ....IIV, V
deep, and nvo Btorios in height. It is certainly
Kinun cniuililTilllllUQb, HIIU spoSKS ISVOrUUly Ol
the moi i's of his artieloa. lie roturns his ollice
and Inhnru'nrv rn this nlrv. wlill, nm ..ten
establishments of tlieir class.
I ho proprietor has ben induced to mnko this
Htatenient from tho fact that his remedies, al
though advertised, aro
And knowing that the intelligent refrain
from using anvthini? nortuiiiinir tn niiu..fcirv
the Patent SItdicine order movt of which aro
prepared by sclf-sijled Doctors, who aro to a-
norant tore id a physician's simplest prescrip
tion, much less coninetcnt to nrcnnio i.l.nm.M.
ccutial preparations,
to various rnontio f.fTi.ri;nT Bll;in nM.
yiiitf rts of 8lvcrti.-enicntK of popular rum
tdif'8, and flnbh'njr wiih vertifloaton.
Till SctOriC tit MfuWl'lTt tttfLt1li4 .ilnnlsi .
and majemie, having fact for its bai, in5f ;;an
frr itu rkillitF tvntU nInn r..!.. ii .1
Hiilth Is most im
- Hu lliv.llllbiuu
slionid not nse an advertised mcdicino, or iny
remedy, unless its contents or ingredients are
known to others b?side the manufacturer, or
until they aro satisfied of the qualifications ef
the party so offering.
Establshed upwards of 16 years.
Prepared by H.T. HELMBOLD.
. a
WAREHOUSE.-694 Broadway. N.Y
104 South Truth St. Philadelphia Pa.
N.vembei II, 186My.
l inn prcprnu,
, long and favorably
.. :il
oiiRhly wlnvlforate
broken down and
low-fpirlUU liortea,
by ctrcn(thcnlng
and cleannlni tbe
tomach and ioUt
tion. 1
It la a aura re-
fc3g& Uv. of .11 dl
this anlm.l, such as LUNO FEVER, CI.NUEBS,
ia.j-r" a iiiivi-iiv u
COCOH9, 1113
use Improves the
wind. Increases
the appetite-gives
a smooth anil
glossy l'indSS?fziKS:1
transforms t a e -irji6r,V-,KS. '
miserable skeleton Into a Hue-looking aail iplrlttd
horse. . 1
To keepers ef Coirs this preparation Is Invaluable.
It Increases the quantity and improves the quality
oiinemiin. iius
been proven by se
tual experiment lo
IncrtUDU Hie iiuatv
tity of milk and
cream twenty par
ecnt. and make the
butter Ann and
sweet. In futtcnlng
cattle. It Rives them
an appetite, loosens
ineir it 1 u s , ana
makes them thrive
In all diseases of Swine, such as Coughs, Ulcers In
the Lungs, Liver,
lie., this articlo
acts as a spcclUc.
By putting from (
onc-hiuf a paper '
to a paper in a WV.'i,'
barrel of swill tho Vjl
will be eradicated c --i4Kr?i
or entirely prevented. If given In time, a certain
preventive anil euro for the Hog Cholera.
Price 25 Cents per Paper, or 8 Papers for $L
S. A. FOTJTZ; &; BBO.,
irnoics.UK nmo a medicinb depot,
No. 116 Franklin St., Baltimore, Md.
For Sale by Dma-glsts and Storekeepers tlireugb
eut ths United States.
For Fule ly '
S. ST HON G, Dri-ogist.
.VSK I'll AT t ni'TCIIEIfM
Warruiiteil In cimes of niioiuunltiini, Neunilg h,
ur I'nius.
The Ilrst nnil Clirnpost Horse and CntQ
McmIIiIiio In the AVorM !
Cteil Ihrnnah'iut Hit 1'nint .S,rfft nml Caw
otitis ttttriiw the l.i'l V.VjHrt
For IIm euro cf llio various lH-mnsns tn whk'fc
JInrsiH mi'l 'si 1 1 : ntv Mil.Ji'it; hui'Ii
Kmiiiilir, I ii-t nil it, lllilc llniinil, I.ohi o
iijiilili-.Iiiwiiiii Html us, Vi-lliiw Wuti-r,
r'lstiiln, 1'i.il Kvil. SenitilicH or
(Irrasc, Mnnr:i, liillnmiiiiilliiti of the '
Kyes, mill Kul iv'i" H'mn llnnl l.ulior)
nlso, tllH iiniiil Isai, rfohitiioiily rnlled
HUH ciuiiiliiliil. wlilrii .iiivm mi ill t
Bo iiimiy vnliiiililu Iliiisc.i In tills country
h tin ln!;'et h ilf T m: y Ili'tsif nii.l ChMIi Mwltrtr
lit IIih ri:ih1rv. l h rump mcl ..f I in !, mimI Milrf, mhI
fi r fit i I 1 f r;tfVl. i t rl tinlviiml tit i iiiim sut, mUjkW
pre 'ii ii.t uilv nt (lie 1,. i. f i lie Imi of Hart and
Vuttl. X'r.tirilh-t.
It pa i riiH itfi nil itm'' riuui' ir. prcvf'nti ltnrif frtMB
liociiiiii! uii!) i-r i ii. J i inn, .milif lit I)h, ImMansj
llll' skill, mill iMvt'H i( :( sitihx.tli mi'l ;. -y MilHnilLr,
cleniHt'H ilie MMter nml NiriMictln tii hmj uirl nf tte
bialy. It 1st sUt n M.tff nml i it t!u tHiir.1v fur ciHtui
Mlitl Ct'I'li, wtiic.' jjriMiriiti hii liirii.j fahtl diitrtwr.
TlioC.itr rrnln it In W Hiipplil '.villi nn HliiiniHtiMot
RmmI not In in ihn tin f;il--ll:!.- U u ili-Hirahlu, ' ul to
kopi i rt'-.'!-'ir Mi'iTtiitii f milk, uml all vt
CtiUN Wiil llll i l id Will tllflll
twkff ii w.'i k, n Im ;c ii;t ic ts- In ijiuniti-y nn ' iialltf
Of mllli Htl'l CI-'Mlil. It Catllrrt 'ti Illi f.-Vv. nml InaV
purlti. H nf tin- lilncnt. Tin -;T.-.i U kith thru iihuiit tb
lenwn liy a i ! Ii mi-l dI-ickI n.t tl.-'.v nf miik
Tlic fu nit f I ,.ii;iiitiK t Im- aw irr- f Hi, vntiiabhft
pnipn tit i f SIohh'm fttnl ition I'otvt -r lit pr
moling tin miiilit jr!i of 111- ItiMf nnil irt'Vintiiig iluu'
of the dihrunt'4 uf nil U.u 'iuinustlcatoU uiijuml.
M j flpy ri'iit nnck-ige of AfD '. CondUUm
Pinrttre put tutu n Imrrul of In pttrr OiMl tw
turthcU i.f corn to fiitti'ii a linKt Rfnl n crtaln ir
entlvo nf k t in. lent, IllinJ Btivcru, Bud othf
ditt'OHi's coniitiuu union ft liogi.
CA VTIOXv To protect onwlvw jnd tlitpublto
from lu-ini: iinM( il njMiti hy worthlepf mitntloM, tim
genuine will hear tha fuc it mi It Hltmli of tl Pro
prietor on tho wrnpjter.
for sal by Drupjista antf Merchants "ywhtrv 1
Sols Proprlolors, C.'jij,
. Drjlwsr M2t. :. '
Solii Wholesale by
Cincinnati, Ohi. .
At Retail by
tha only
Vmawh t - n. i i frn....
Asthma. WhAAninff (nnn . Phrnllia CVarKa
Consarr ptlon, Bronchitis and Cronp. Bnng
prepared from Honey arid Herbs it is healing,
aoftening, and zpeetoratiogv an J particularly
suitable. for. all affections of the Throat and
Lnnga. For sale by all DnsgjUra evenrwliere.
Horse aii Cattle Pirers
'tnuch faster. .

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