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'THURSDAY NOV.2J), 1800,
Tuesday, January 8, 1867.
To the Democracy of Ohio:
A State Convention of the De
mocracy cf Ohio will be held at
Columbus, on Tuesday, the 8th day
ol Jantir-ry next, to nominate can
didates for the following offices, and
for tho transaction of sucli other
business as may come before it:
' Lieutenant Governor, ' .
Auditor of Stale
Treasurer of Slate
Supreme Judge;
, Attorney General;
'Memler Board of Public Worfo,
The ratio of representation wil!
be as follows : One delegate for
each county; an additional delegate
for every 500 votes cast for Thomas
M. Key for Supremo Judge at the
i .... .v:.:-..'i t
just tiuctiuii, miu nil auumuiiui ucl
egate lot every traction oi or
more votes so cast.
mi w i
inis ratio gives to Vinton coun
ty four delegates.
, It ia reenjctfully suggested that
as far as it u;ay bo practicable and
convenient, the .ciegat33 be cues-
en on Saturday, tho 29th day of De
We avail ourselves ot this occa
sion to urge upon the Democracy
an immediate organization, and es
pecially township and ward organ
jzation. Now is the time to spread
useful information among the peo
ple; but this cannot be done with
out a thorough and efficient organ
ization. That our principles will
.ultimately triumph we do not
doubt for to do that would be to
doubt the possibility of free gov
ernment but we cannot achieve
success, and avert despotism, with
out labor; and we cannot begin our
labors too soon, or prosecute them
too earnestly and steadfastly.
By order of the Democratic State
Central Committee.
C. J. BEAM, Sec'y.
. A Washington dispatch says
I. -XT 1 It
" .napoleon nas reiuseu to remove
the French troops from Mexico
without a guarantee from the
United States Government for the
French claims. This riled Mr. Sew
ard, and he has demanded redress.
The occupation of Matamoras is by
the order of the Government. Our
troops will advance into Mexico at
once. General Sedgwick has full
powers to move forward at his own
discretion." (
Dispatches over the Atlantic ca
ble, from Europe, state the move
ment of the English Government
against the Fenians continues.
Another regiment of infantry goes
to Belfast immediately. A box ot
uniforms and arms has been seized
sent from the United Stales at
Liverpool. The Daily News de
nounces the fierce threats of its
cotemporaries, and says the rebel
lion must be suppressed in a sol
dier-like manner.
A New York dispatch says:
When, at a late hour last night, the
World's special appeared on the
streets with the exciting news from
Ireland, the effect upon the city
was unequaled since the news of
the great victories over the rebel
lion. Places of amusement were
thinned out, hotels and other places
of congregating were thronged by
anxious and excited persons, who
freely indulged in congratulations
and hopeful expressions, and Fe
nians rushed to the meeting-places
of their circles, hoping to get addi
tional information.
The World's New Orleans special
Bays;- A dispatch ' just received
from Flake's Bulletin, at Galves
ton, announced that the Union
General Sedgwick crossed the Rio
Grande on Thursday last, with a
brigade of United. States troop3,
and occupied Matamoras, assuming
that he did so to protect the inter
ests of American residents in that
towri."' The movement creates
great excitement, as it is not known
whether this ha? been done' or not
withithe 'sanction of the Govern
ment. ,
Next Monday this body of polit
ical doctors, calling itself the Con
gress of tho United States, will as
semble to consult and advise upon
the state of the eonntry,and to give
such prescriptions as, in its wis
dom, seems best for the health and
well doing cf the body politic. An
army will meet its members "in
v asningion 10 give tnem nerve.
If it could furnish them with brains
and patriotism, it would be better.
That they need both is evidenced
by the the effect of previous legis
lation. Their reassembling will
do no more than revive the bad
feeling which it is the policy of
party to inflame, and to embarrass,
by hasty, injudicious and partizan
legislation, the work of reunion
Ihe country coujd very well af
ford to pay each member double
his salary and keep them at home
Representing but a portion of the
States, it is not a Congress in the
light of the Constitution. Most of
its present members were elected
on the pretended issue of the Con
stitutional Amendment. It is clear
now that the amendment can not
receive a two-thirds vote of the
States. The sagacious leaders of
the party saw this all the time, and
only meant, by favoring it, to
bridge the fall elections. They
will now make out of its rejection
an argument for tho further perse
cution of tho South. They see be
foro them the next Presidential
Section, and the almost certain
defeat of their parly, if the South
em States be restored to their
Constitutional rights. Indifferent
as to any question of right, or good
faith, they are bent upon party
success, no matter what the means,
The majority of the members will
obey the crack of their master's
whip. , .
Relying on the indorsement ol
the late elections, in which success
was obtained by keeping alive the
hate and ill-feeling engendered by
the war, they will not 6cruple at
anything. The Democratic party
has made a gallant fight in defense
of the Constitution and the rights
of the States. It has stood nobly
by' its guns. It is to-day a majori
ty in the country, but is made al
most powerless by a usurping min
ority. Though everything looks
black, it will not despond. It has
stood the test of defeat after de
feat; unsubdued, unshaken, unter
rifled, it stands by its principles,
and will fight it out on that line.
Success will, in the end, crown its
constancy, its energy, and the
right. ;
There will be an .attempt, by a
lew ol the nighty members of this
so-called Congress, to impeach the
President. The effort will amount
to nothing. We look with consid
erable curiosity for the President's
Message. We have confidence that
lie will stand firmly by the position
le has taken. In a few davs we
will have the message, and
peruse the daily record ot
body's proceedings.
We hear some talk on the streets
of a bank that is soon to be start
ed in our village. A woolen fac
tory has also assumed proportions
in the minds of some of our prom
inent citizens. Railroad stock is
till below par. but some have
hopes of a rise in the market.
What all this talk will amount to,
remains to be seen. We sincere
ly hope some of these projects will
be carried into execution. The
Fenian Government is perfect and
complete, in all its proportions ; it
has an army some say, a navy ; it
has a President and all minor offi
cers ; also, what 6eems an inex
haustible treasury ; and, yet, it is
not a recognized, government.
Will it ever be? The ' enterprises
we have mentioned, as talked of on
our streets, resemble,, to a certain
extent, this Fenian Government
They are not so finished in their
outlines, nor so complete in their
details ; but they; are, as yet mere
talk. There are no such obstacles
overcome for their accomplish
ment, as oppose the Fenians in the
location of. their complete and per
fectly finished government. ; Those
interested in the advancement and
progress of . McArthur, have the
necessary fandff to' pu6h -forward to
completion the enterprises we have
mentioned. There is nothing to
prevent, except a too "abundant
The question of the removal of
the' county seat is, as yet,' taere
talk, butlt is of serious import.
There is a powerful interest in fa
vor of its removal to Zaleski. The
people there are alive to their in
terest. In the agitation of the
question, they have, at present
every aavantage. meir town is
alive and growing. McArthur can
point to no progress, no improve
menls, no enterprise, to back her
claims. There must be some show
of life and movement, or the coun
ty seat will be lost to us. : Those
most interested, are the monied
men among us. They are the men
to set the ball in motion. Prompt
action from them is needed. They
must do something to combat the
apathy which is in their midst, and
which they will find to be a dan
gerous enemy. Let them show
live, working interest in their town
and tho county seat will not be
moved. Let them show apathy in
the matter, and " trust to luck,'
and they will soon have to go to
Zaleski to pay their taxes. I ' ;
More than usual interest is man
ifested in the forthcoming message
ol the rresident, and to allay this
anxiety the newspaper correspond
ents have indulged in manyspecu
lations as to the measures to be
recommended by Mr. Johnson; but
save to members of the Cabinet, it
may be safely asserted that the
President .has not communicated
the points embraced in the message.
Nevertheless,enough has been made
known through persons who have
had. recent confidential convoca
tions with Mr. Johnson' to enable
us to anticipate the character of
the official document, and to state,
with almost absolute certainty,
few of the measures that will be
recommended to Congress. First,
its tone is (for the message is al
ready written) conciliatory, or more
properly it may be said to tefair,
yet firm and free from the defiant
temper which some have supposed
Mr. Johnson could indulge in, and
again, those who are under the lm
pression that the President is de
termined to carry out what is term
ed "my policy," will be deceived if
they expect in the message propo
sitions JooKing to the further pros
edition of that policy, for Mr. John
son does not admit that any part of
his policy of restoring the South
ern fetates remains to be done so
lar as the Executive has the power
to act. lie claims that all that re
mains unfinished of his plan is the
admission of the legally elected
loyal Representatives, and, that
work belongs solely to Congress.
bince Mr. Johnson has occupied
the Presidential chair he has not
deemed any further amendments
to the Constitution necessary; but
in the lorthcoming message, in
view of the exigences of the day.
Mr. Johnson will recommend sever
al matters as subjects to be em
braced in proposed amendments to
that instrument. Among them
may be mentioned the abolishment
of the electoral college, and the
election of President and Vice-
President directly by the voters at
large, without regard to State
Another amendment suggested
is the. election of United States
Senators by the voters at large, in
the several States, instead of elect
ing them by the State Legislatures;
and still another amendment named
is the appointment of Judges of the
United fctates supreme Court ior a
term ol twelve years each, one
third of the entire number to be
appointed every four years. These
amendments were suggested some
years ago in the United States Sen
ate, by Mr. Johnson, while he was
member of that body.
The amendment proposing the
election of President by the voters
at large, in the opinion of Mr. John
son, will effectually regulate the
question of suffrage within the
States, by making it of imperative
interest that each State includes as
many voters as possible, and thus,
in proper time, the franchise will
be extended to the colored people.
The Human Hair.
recent has said that no nation
bestows less atteation on the humon hair,
than the Americans. If this ba said in re
gard to the oils and greases that are used,
(hen nerer was greater mistake made. We
are pleased to know a Remedial Medicinkl
F reparation is now offfeied In the market.-
t is not one of those clear colored liquids;,
whose only merit consists in their beauty,
but of intrinsic worth, wh ich cures all dis.
eases of the scalp, restores the hair to its
natural color, when gray, and causes new
hair to grow where it has fallen out, This
ia Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair. Renewer.
Ws speak of its virtues from actual use.
[Northern Gazette.
Eliza Redd' Ertatn.
rOTICE is hereby given, that the nn-
j. l uersigneo nas oeeu appointed aua du
ly qimlilled as administrator on the estate
of Eliza Redd, late of Clay county.Illlnols,
uwcascu. ah persons inueDtea to tne es
tate are requested to make immediate pay.
merit; and those having claims airainst
tne samo will present them, duly authentl
cated, to the undersigned for allowance.
nov29,,66-3w ' HORACE REDD.
Vinton Probate Court.
"VTOTICE. EU Hili, administrator of the
I 1 estate of Joseph E. Hill, deceased,
has filed bis accounts and vouchers for in
spection and final settlement, and that the
same will be for hearing in the Probate
Court of Vinton county, Ohio, on Satur-
uay, the istu uay or J December, a. d. isoo,
at li o clock h. of sulci day.
nov29 Richard CJuia,JProbate Judge.
Book Store,
(Hulbert's car. opposite Court-house, )
and VAimrrr articles.
JT'To TnE People of Mo
Arthur and Vicinity.
TTAVING onened tin a shon In Mn.
FX lone's builtllllff. on Main strppt for
me purpose oi manufacturing
of all
' Sizes,
Kinds and
And engaging in the Upholstery business,
take this method of calling the attention
of the people of McArthur and surround
ing country to my stock.
rriccs to suit the times.
Repairing done to order.
Respectfully, JAS. HENDERSON.
III!. . 5. Ml
THE undersigned, administrators of the
estate of David Jones, dccnnseil. will
sell at public vendue, at McArthur, Vinton
uounty, vino, on
Friday, November 30, 1866:
COO head of feeding AVethere;
175 do do flue Spanish Merino Ewes;
100 do do medium Ewes:
120 do do Spanish Merino Lambs;
20 do do extra fine Span. Merino Bucks;
10 do do do do do Buck
Sales to the highest bidder.
Tkhms of Sam: Bums less than $50
cash. Reasonable time given on larger
sums, if properly secured. .
(Owing to the inclemency of the weath
er, the salo of this stock, heretofore ad
vertised for the 15th Inst, was postponed,
and will positively take place as above
mentioned.) It. C. JONES,
"ov22wa AdmrsAc.
State of Ohio, Vinton County:: ,
. Harvey N. Dowd, plaintiff,
: . vs.
Erv in E. Dowd , defendant.
In Court of Common Pleas, on Vendl.
PUB8UANT to the corrmand of Vend!, with
a Fl. J. oIsum, in the above can to me
directed from tbe con it of oeramon pleas, of
aforennlcl connty of Vinton, I will offer at
pahlio tale, at (he farm of Irvia E. Dodrln
township of Madison, in aforesaid oonntj of
Vinton, on
Monday, DeeemUr 3;; 1866,
the hoar of 11 o'clock a of raid day, the
following ioodendchatUe, to wit:
Thenndivided one-lbird of two fields of Corn
the Shock, and two Hay Stack.
Taken as he property of Ervln E. Dowd to
satisfy a judgment af, sibrosaid oo art in favor
Urey N. Dowl
Terms of Sale-Cash in band.
tv' V .i ' JOHN J BHOCKET,'
John Dowd. , Sheriff V. CO.,
for plaintiff. nov22wi
. David Jones' '.Estate. ,
VTOTICE Is hereby given that the nV
J.1 dereigned have been appointed, and
duly qualified as administrator's of the es
tate or David Jones, deceased, lata of Yin
NOV. 22-3jv, ,
Master Commissioner's Sale
Iron Yalley Furnace Prop
i. 1 the undersigned Special Master Com
miasioner, appointed by the court of com
mon pleas, within and for Vinton county
Ohio, in a cause pending in said court,
wherein Hiram G. Daniel and William P
Rathburn. partners, doing business under
the name and style of Daniel & Rathburn
are plaintiffs, and the Iron Valley Furnace
Company and others, are defendants, will
by virtue of an ORDER OF SALE, issued
from said court, in said 1 cause, and to him
directed as such Special Master Commis
sioner, at one o'clock P. M. on the
Zd day of January, A. D. 1867,
offer (of sale, at public auction, at the door
of the Court House. In the town cf McAr
tliur, in said Vinton county, the following
real estate.
"The east half, and the east half of the
west hall, and the north- west quar
ter of the north west quarter of Sec
tion Number Gne (1), tbe east half of the
northwest quarter of Section Number Two
(2), the southwest quarter of the northeast
quarter of Section Number Three (3), the
aouth half of the southwest quarter of Sec
tion Number four C4). the south half of the
southeast quarter, the east half of the
southwest quarter of Section Number Fire
(5), the northeast quarter of the northwest
quarter, the north half and southeast auar
ter ol the northeast quarter and tha north
east quarter of the southeast quarter of Sec
tion numiier Eight (8), '.he northwest auar
ter, the north half of the southwest quarter
the north half of lie southeast quarter, and
the south half of the northeast quarter of
Section Number Nine (9), the north half of
tne soutnwi8t quarter, the southeast Quarter
of the southwest quarter, the south half of
me northwest, the northeast quarter of the
northeast quarter, the northwest quarter of
uie nortneasi quaiter of Section Number
l en (10), . the northeast quarter of the
northeast quarter and the northeast quarter
of the southeast quarter of Section Number
Cieven (11), the north ball of the north
half, and the southwest quarter of the south
west quarter of Section Number Twelve
(13), ill in Townbhip Number Nine (9) and
Runge Number Seventeen (17). The north
east quarter of Section Number Thirty-four
l)4j, tne normwest quarter, the southeast
quarter, the east hail ol the southwest quar
ter and twenty-five acies off of the south
side of the southwest quarter of the north'
east quarter ol Section Number Thirtyfive
35, the west half of the southwest quar
ter, the south half of the northwest quarter,
the southeast quarter of the northeast quar
ter, and the northeast quarter of the south
east quarter ot section Number Thirty-six
ano an in Township Number Ten (10)
ami Kange Number Seventeen 171, all of
tne foregoing described lands situated in
Jackson county, in the Stale of Ohio.
And also the following premises, situated
in said county of Vinton, in the Slate of
unio, and bounded and described as follows,
to wit,
"The west half and the aouth half of the
southeast quarter of Section Number Thir
ty-one 1 31 1, ihe west half of Section Num
ber Twentyfive (25), Township Number
Nine 9) and Range Number Sixteen (161,
the weal half of Section Number Thirty
(30, the northeast quarter and the north
ball of the- southeast quarter of Section
Numbor Thirty-eix (36, the undivided two.
thirds of the northeast quarter ol Section
Number Thirty 30J, tbe undivided two
thirds of the west half of Section NiiTihar
Thirljsix (30). of Township Nurr.bflt Eight
5, Range Number Sixteen fj6.
a." Knowing tract, Beginning at
the northwest corner of the northeast q uar
ter of Section Numbpr TwentvfiwA nil
Township Nine 9, ai.d Range Number
sixteen lie , thence east forty rods, thence
south one hundred and sixty rods, then
WMt orty rflj9' ,hence north, one hundred
nuu oiAij ruus. 10 me oeginning.
Also the southeast quarter of the north.
east quarter and the northeast quarter of the
southeast quarter of Section Number Twen-
tysix (2b), the southwest quarter of the
southeast quarter of Section Number Twen
ty seven (27), of Township Number Ten
10 and Range Number Seventeen (17).
ijiso me luuowing, to wit. Beginning on
the section line, dividing Section No. ai
and Section No. 25, of Township No. 9 arid
ivungc j.iu. iu, aiuresBio, wnere tne state
croises said line, thence south fourteen
chains and forty two links, thence west 20
chains and thlrtyfour links, thence north 8
cnains and six links to the State road, thence
wun tne State road north seventy three de
grees, east twenty chains and seventy two
inks to the begiuuing, and also ail other
lands belonging to the said Iron Valley
Furnace Company, situated in said Vi
Jackson counties, by which said gener
al description are included, in addition to
lands hereinbefore particularly described,
following lands, to wit, The northwest
quarter of tue southwest quarter of Sectiou
Number Twelve (12), Township Number
Nine, of R nge Number Seventeen, con-
taining forty acres, and the southeast quar
ter of ihe norlhvvrst quarter ol Section No.
Eight (8), of .Township No. Nine, of Range
Seventeen, containing forty acres, more
less, situated in the said county of Jack
and also the north half of the noith
west quarter of Sectloa Number Thirtyfour,
Township Number Ten, of Range Number
Seventeen, containing eighty acres, more or
suuaiea in saia couniy ot Vinton.
The said premises, so described aa afore-
said, to be sold as an entirety, but subject
a lease given by naid Iron Valley Furnace
Company to William McGhse, and expir
ing May 1st. a. d. 1867, with the privilege
tbe purchaser, at any lime after lbe sale,
enter upon the premises lot the ournose
cutting wood and digging ore, or doing
other thing necessary to provide the
material preparatory to operating said
uroacaior me rjiast next following said
1st, 1867, but such entrv - and tbe par
possession of said premises for said pur
poses shall be so made and held as not to
interfere with the possession and beneficial
of said premises by the said lessee dur
ing the continuance of said lease, and shall
subject to the contingency of a confirm
ation of said sale by said court,, but, in the
event of said sate not being confirmed, then
said wood or other raw material so pro
vided by such purchaser, shall inure to the
benefit of said Iron Valley Furnace Conor
panr. end be disposed of under the' ordat
direction of said court, but said purcb
shall have a lien thereon prior to all
others for his actual craft and exDenaei in-
cuned.in the proctirsincs and preparation
. t3
of sal I wood, ore and other material, with
interest thereon Iron ihe tiaie of incurring
the same. , ...
. Said premises are appraised as en entirety
at the sum of Sixty-two Thousand and Fif
ty dollars 162,050 00, and must bring
two-thirds of ttiet sun.
. Terms of Sale. cash. ' J-..Mi"!T
josem j. Mcdowell, '
' i .Special Master Commissioner. -
nov22w5 ....., i
Robert Bucknor, adrar. of) la Vinten couaty,
Willis Leach, dec'd,plff., I Ohlo.Probate Court.
- .V9, M-itiea.esll lands
nary iaco, wijkw.eiai i io pay debts.
vuo no i rs st iaw oi ueo c
1 1 1
ridow of Willis Lacb,1ato'
ill of Vinton county, Ohio, dweaeed; Hary,
interniarriod with Lewis Pe, Thomas Leach.
Klieda, intermarried with Jossph B.. Mullen.
Lewis W. Leach, Lonloe C., Intermarried with
Robert Buckner, and Sarah A., Intermarried
with Robert A. Bvrd. all reifldineMn Wood
county, Wet Virginia; George A. Leten, Jes.
H. Leaoh, Msnamna A., intermarried with
Mcholea I. Oaiur, all reoldlir in Vinton coun
ty. Ohio! a id Loritida 0 LeacB, widow of John
B. Leach, deceased, law of Japer count T.Iowa,
and the unknown heirs at law of said John B
Loach, deceased: . , ,
That Robert Butkner,'adminltrator of aaTd
Willla Loach, deecaed,nn the 17th da of No
vember, a. d. 1J65, filud his petition in tke aaid
Probate Our, within una tor tho eaid county
of Vinton, allegiuir that the personal estate and
effectacf taid dictdent are insjfflelent to pay
his debt and tlio charges of administering hie
estate; that be died suzed in lee rimple of the
following dencribod real estate, situate In said
county of Vinton, Ohio, to wit :
The north-east quarter of the south-west
quarter f Seotlon Number Nineteen (19), in
lownKh'p number teu flO) of ransa number
fevontttn (17) conia'nlng forty-eirht acres
moro or lots, ubject te salo at Ciilllicothe land
office. . v , ,
Also, In-lo's number fonrtAnn nJ num
ber thirty oercn (87) iu the town of Hainden,
Vinson county, Uhio; that snld Mary Loaeb as
widow of snid deccdon In ntltlit t.. In
said premiHos and thai above named heirs at
law Hold the next estate of inheritance therein.
J he prayer of mid peiitlon )s for the astiga
ment Ot dowor to eat.l Mnr I tvli Mnaa
aforesaid, ani for the tale of said premieos,
subject to mch dower estate, for the payments
of the debt mid charges aforecaid. -.
Snid petition will he for hearing on the 15th
day ot Deoembor, a.d. 1864, or ae soon there
after ai oounse I pan be beard.
BUCKNER. ftdmr. 'J
or Willie Leach, deceased.
E. A.Bralton.atty. for pet'r.
If I 2 ft S CT3
Legal Notice.
The State of Ohio, Vinton Co.:
Franklin H.Chidcster.) Before 8. C. Case,
Exparte.) Com. of lnsolve'ts
TVTS3, Is hmi7 Klven, that FranJcHn
11 H. Chidester of said Vinton county,
hits applied to me. S. C. C.ne: nnmml
of Insolvents for said Vinton county, for
the benefit of tho insolvent laws, and that
he has complied with the requirements ot
the statutes In such mado and provided;
That I will filo in the Court of Common
Picas for said countv. on or hpforp tho firs.
day of the next term oi said court, the
schedules. Inventory, onth and other nec
essary papers In said application.
-liKATTUN, B. V. UAK. '1
Att'v for nnnl't.
of Insolvents. '
Nov. 22, 18GG-3W.
Vinton Co. O
Slicrifl's Sale.
The State of Ohio, Vinton Co.: 7
Thomas P. Brown, Plt'ff) In Conrtjof Com.
aguinst V Pleas.
Thomaa.A. Martin, Del ',) On Execution.
PURSUANT to tbo eommand of an execution
in the above cause to me directed from ih
Court of Cemnion Pleai, of the aforesaid Couo
tV of Vlnlon. I will offsr at nnhlln nil .t lh.
stable occupied by Jcmes Lents and Jacob
Bhookoy in tie toirn tf JIcArthnr. in aforesaid
county of Vinton on
Monday, November 2Ctb, 1830,
tha hour' of one e'olock p. ra. of said day
following tooda end chattels, to-wit:
Tbe undiyjc'od one-half of three seM doubla
names ; two bay mares; one chestnut roan mare
bay horse; one vnbulanoe; one-'xack; twe
'fo-horae wagons and one set buggy harness.
Taken as the property of Thomas A. Martin,
satiefy an execution of aforesaid conrt, in la
or of Thomas P. Brown. '
Terms of salj.caahln hand.
8 Dana, Plt'ff Att'y. efieriff V. C O.
NovomberlS, 1866 2wpf 52S
Administrator's Sale
. OF
PURSUANT to an order of eals'from the lrt
bat Court, of t):t county of Vinton, I will
offer for salo, at ptiblio auction, oa ;,t
Monday, December 10th, 1800, i
one o'clock P. M., upon the premise, the
following described real edate, situsted in tha
oounty of Vinton and State of Ohio, to-wit:--
The west half of the south wesV quarter of
section flve(5) township eight (8 V range sixteen
containiig seventy four (74) acre more or'
Also, thirty-four (84) scree off tbe north
of the following described premises situ
ated In the county and state aforesaid to-wit
Tbe east balf of the southeast quarter of sec
tion six () township (3) range sitoen'fl6
oontainingtevenry-tonr acres.
Aspraited si Eleven hundred dollars. "iTerms
sale: One-third in band, one-UitaTln' six
months, and one-laird in twelre mohlha from
day of sale, with interest. Tha payments U
secured by mortgage upon te premises sold.
Administrator of the entate of
. Michael Daugherty, deceased,
Bratton & Mayo, attorneys. . i ; novl wS
REMAINING the Post-Office iC Wc
Arthur, 0., October .tt,lMfti 'ml
Blodpft Capt LL Israel Fit ,
Donde V A .:,r o LeweUairJ W
Dwyers DaviJ ifcCoUrt Catharin
Hook Mrs Elizabeth ' Shaw WilliSrirf- ,f
Hunt Mrs" A N , -JVanhobk Mrsannah
nardesty Nekon Vanhooh Mr I 0 '
H. REDD, P. M.

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