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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 29, 1866, Image 3

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ftht . Mint tin' MtA
Official Oi tran Vinton rn.,.
1 HT i!derMetnnff to appear on Thurs-
,tay morning, must be handed in not later
i a i vet aay evening . . i
Religious Services in McArthur.
1C,; R CHBBOn.-Preaching Babballi at half
wit ten o'clock, A. it., and half-past nix
oiock, r.u, Sabbath School. 8 P. M.
" Prisbttihtan Chubch. Serviceaat 11 o'cl'k
A.- v.. and 6 o'clock p. u. Sabbath School at 9
oioca a. ai., ovary Sabbath.
vninA iuuBUH. cervices at u o clock A.
., every oaDbato.
New Advertisements. ; .
' TLe following are the new advertisements
Id thia week 'a Record, 1
'.: Drugs &Books Dr. J.& Strong.
, ' JViatre8es-James Henderson.
Settlement Notice Eli Hill . :
- Administrator's Notice Horace
SisHon's Drnar Stnm
Is the place to buy your unedi
cines. pure liauors. fine nerfumerv:
and toilet articles, oils and paints
y every uesunjjuon, ItDacCO, 8nUll
unit cigars oi tne nnest quality, at
me very lowest rates. .
Braid andnibrqidery Stamps.
jjnio. juuggio vouge nus received s new
and splendid machine for Braiding and
Embroidery. The ladies of McArfhur
And vicinity are requested to call and ex
amine samples, by this nev process,. ( her
-munucry establishment, on, Market street,
nor.Hot Ueurt-liouse, McArthur, Ohio. ,
strong's Drug and Bookstore .
' Is th . place to buy cheap Books and
iauouery Drugs, pure Liquors, fliiercr-
iucry aim toilet articles, , Diaries for
1867, Toy Books. Note Books, Blank Books,
nymn nooks, Miscellaneous Books, in va
riety.? political works, various author
and everything and any thlnj usually found
lnaurugoruooicstore. Call and see. It
Cheap ClAthlng.
Purchasers, wishing to buy good cloth'
Ins and chean clothing will An -.n n.fn
'on Henry Kichman, at the old stand of
aonn r. uunkie, m McArthur, where thev
will flndnt very generous and acconimo'
dating gentleman, ready to sell at prices
that defy cowpetitlon, of like goods In the
market. Sir. Itlchnian cau sell you goods,
of, the ame grade, high or low, for a less
mm of money than other merchants af
the cpunty can buy the same goods in the
city oi Cincinnati. Give him a call before
v - I
purchasing elsewhere.
Dr. Everett.
...This able and dlstingnlshed lecturer has
commenced a 'scries of lectures In oar
town, which, judging irom his well-earned
repute mid the nature of the topics
which he prop-scs to treat, can not fail
to be a source of groat Interest and advan
tage to every class in or.r community. Dr.
Bverctt has a well-earned, reputation.
wherever ho has lectured, he is spoken of i
in terms of the highest praise. Ills quali
fications as a lecturer, consisting of a fine,
clear intellect, an easy and prepossessing
manner, and a thorough mastery over his
suDject, give to his performances an Inter
est which Is its highest enconium. The
Dr. his given three free lectures, which,
taking Into consideration the very disa
greeable weather, were very well attended.
Those who bave heard him will not fail to
Attend the remaining lectures. To those
who have failed to attend, our advice is, do
not miss another opportunity.
Dr. Everett. Tosso.
' This d p, dreary, drizzly, disagreea
ble weather is peculiarly fitted to make
on believe that
1 "This world Is all a fleeting show,"
and, to make the aforesaid one feel that he
don't care a "contineatal " how fast it
fleets. "Let her fleet!"
We note au exception. Tosso has been
with us. His "show" was the best thing
of the season. AVe feel genuine pity, for
any one who, navlng an opportunity, fail
ed, to attend his exhibition. The lovers of
music, of fun, of wonders, of surprises, of
ft good hearty laugh, were each and all de
lighted with the rare treat which their ac
complished entertainers gave them. Out
. oi the would, because away from a railroad,
such entertainments are to us like angel
visits,' few d far between." Tosso was
assisted by Prof. McCann, the accomplish
ed-ventriloquist and magician, nnd by
juiss Jimuy loung, wnose singing was
not the least pleasing feature of the even-
mif s periormauco. ine attendance was
not near as large as. from the character of
th$ entertalunicnt and the repute ef the
performers, could have been reasonably
expected. ; If we can't build a railroad,
establish a bank, start a woolen factory; 'or
show any good claim for the county seat,
Wfroxroght, at least, to have enterprise
enough to patronize a good show when it
us with '
Perhaps, the .first really pleasurable
emotions of an outward kind, to which
the bereaved heart is awakeaed, are to be
found in the deep and simple enjoyments
of nature. Even on the barren mountain
and-. dreary moor, on the ever-lowing
ater,' anI the ever-changing clonds
5 " No spot so narrow, be but nature there,
; No waste so vacant, but may weU employ;
j; Each facul ty of sense, and keep the heart
: Awake to love and hentro t
To those whose eyes and hearts have Ions-'
, . u . I g
heenclosed, whether by sickness or soitow.
hut are again opened to the soothing in-
puenoe ana genue narmonv ot natnrA
:i' u The' meanest flewret of the vale; ' f I
; .The common earth, the air, the skies," ')
.are, indeed, to them "as opening paradise,"
ftdrinseiasihly,'-' they "feci that they are'
PIir.jWian mey Know.;. .. - -, :; , j '
Very Plenty in Town
lor wholesale houses.
To-day , being thankserivine. all
work in our office is necessarily
suspended, which will account for
the late appeal ance of our paper
una wees.
We are informed by the Hockinar
Sentinel that J. W. Stinchcomb, for
merly editor of the Athens Messen
ger, has located in Loean. O.. and
intends to practice law.
We call the attention of the pub
lic to ' the advertisement of James
Henderson, ' in . another column.
Persons wishing to purchase any
thing in his line should give him a
Mr. T. B. Davis has commenced
the erection of a fine building, on
Mr.in street, east of E. D. Dodge's
Cure for Debility.
When, this arises from a diseased action
of the stomach, the occasional use of Bo
back's Blood Pills, followed by Roback's
Stomach Bitters, Is the best treatment; they
will never full to do good.
Zanesville Trade.
We are pleased to learn that the
merchants of Zanesville are open
ing an extensive trade in the gro
cery business, in this place, It we
but had a railroad connecting us
with Newark, O.j Zanesville would
stand to us in the position that the
Queen City has all along occupied.
the attention of our read
ers to the fact that Col. R. E. Phil-
lips, of Zaieski. has alaree stock of
goods, which he intends to sell
very low. Persona living nearZa-
leski should give u Bob " a call, by
w means.
Cotillion Party.
, haa the pleasure of attending
a cotillion party, given attheLinds-
ley House, in Zaieski, on Thursday
eveniner last, which wnn inrlppd
d 1 "
nice. Mr. Jinant. the proprietor o
ii , '
me aoove nouBe, is in every way
quaiihed, and :'fenows how" to
keep tavern.
Another Show.
Messrs. Dan. Will & ' Bro's are
still receiving new goods every
aay,which they will sell lower than
any establishment in this county.
Persons wishing to purchase should
give Dan & Bro's a call,' as they
will not. be undersold.
The Chillicothe Advertiser says
that M Mr. Geo. Wiggins and a Mr,
Haynesj of Vinton county, brought
to this -city six fine deers, which
they killed in Jackson county,
few days ago. They were asking
as high as 30 cents per lb., but
finally came down to 15 cents,
ieer ana other Kinds ot game are
said to be very plentiful in Jackson
and Vinton counties." .
We understand that Mr. Adam
Snyder, formerly of Praltsville, is
prepared to do all kinds of Gun
smithing, at Mr. William Gold's
blacksmith shop,-in this place, on
High street, near the Christian
church. We have seen specimens
of Mr. Snyder's work, and can
recommend him to those needing
anything in his line.
Gunsmithing. Married.
MURDOCH ULLUM. On the 2Gth day
oi govern oer, at tne resiuenee or Mr
Morrison, by S. C. Case, Esq., Mr. Pat
rick Murdoch to Miss Clorlnda Ullum,
au or una county.
Strange bat True,
Ever? vonnff ladv and irentleman In the
Unitd States can hear something vert mneh
tt thai ulvtntin Kv VA.nwn mail . n
charge, by addressing the nndorslgned. Those
naving any tears or Deing nnmbnj'.ed will
ODlige by not noticing this card. All others
will please address their obedient servant,
831 BroadweytN. T.
Know Thy Destiny.
Madame E. F.Thornton, (he crest English As-
trclogist, Clairvoyant and Psychonietrioian,who
oas asiomsnsa toe soienuno ciatnvs or the Old
World, has now located herself at Hodaoo, N T.
Maoame Tnomion possessea anon wonderful
Mwersof eeoond eight, as to enable her to im
part knowledge of the (rreateat importance to
the aioele or married of either sex.- While ins
state of trance, shedelineaies the vert featnres
the perkon yon are to marry, and by the aid
am ,in-trn(neat of intense . power, 'known aa
Psvchomotrope. eoarantees to nrodnce a
life-like bictnreol the future husband or wife
Pfbli"t! iof?,tlie7 itl ot
position in life. leading tra?tB of eharacter, eto.
ffhisis no. rhnmboir, aa thousands of teetimo-
nials can assert.. Bha will aend. -mhnn dnaimtt
certified certificate,' or written guarantee, tba
'cloture,-Is what1 It vwrDOrts to be.. Bran.
closing small look of hair, end atatina place of
virtu, Bjv, uiDvDiHuu auu cumpiexiOu, ana
encloslna 60. cents aid atameed anvelnna
eased to Vowrseff, yon will receive the piotnre
desired information by return mai,. All
oiiioations sacredly eonadeiAalAddnsa
" i v -?. inorawn, r. u,
BoxSi3."Hndson,N. Y,
Marriage aud Celibacy.
r. T10N FOB YOUNO MEM. Also, Diseases
and Abaaea whioh prematurely Prostrate the
Vial Powera. with aore meaoa of relief. Sent
rrea or Charge, In aealed leUer envelopei. Ad
draaaDr. J. BK1LLIN HOUGUTON, Howard
Dr. Schenck's Mandrake Pills.
A Stiiustltute tor Calomel.
caving the power to relax the eeeretioni of the
liver aa promptly ana effectually aa bin pill or
morvurj, ana wunoai j roauciuff any or t note
uieagreeaoia or aangeroae ettacta which oilea
fellow tbUM or the latter.
Ia all billons disorders these Pills may be
need with oonfldoHoe, aa they promote the dis
charge of vitiated bile, and remove those ob
atsuctiontfrom the liver un J bilisrjduoU which
are the cauae of bilions affections io general.
Souince's Makdbaki Piili cure Sick Head
ache, all disorders of the liver, Indicated by
iiuw u, wnsu tuDinie, cosuvnesa, Qrowtl
ness, and a general feeling of weariness and
lassitude, showing that the liver is in torpid
In short, these Pills mav be naed !ti Jvn.
tags la all cases when a purgative or alterative
medicine is requlaed.
Plojseask Jor'Ur. Schenck's MandraVe Pills'
and observe that the two likenesses of the Doc
tor re.on the Government stamp one when in
the last stage of consumption, and the other in
his present health.
Bold by all DroggUte sad dealers. Price 25
Bouwper box. rrmctpai uinoe, Mo. 1J North
via meet, rniiuaeipbia, m.
Ucneral Wholesa e Avnt: Dnm. R.ra.
Co 81 Park Row, NY; 8 8 Punce 108 Baltimore
st Baltimore lid; John D Park N E corof 4th
and Walnn at Cincinnati Ohio; Walker Tay
lor, 184 and 188 Wabash Avenue Chicago 111:
CollinaBiotbira8 W corofSooond and Vine
sis oi Lrfuie MO. r4a5weml
JMew Uountv Bill ami Ppmnlnns.
As passed bv Comrress Jul 37. 1888.
gives iuu eaur.ionai bounty.
io every honorably discharjed soldier
wno enlisted in the arm.- of the United
States since April 19. 1861. for three
and served his term of enlistment and who
has received or was entitled to recieva but
loo bounty.
To every such toldier who has been din
ninrKru on ociouru oi wounas received in
.i j . . . .
tne uno oi duty Doiore Ms term of enlist,
ment expired. ,
To Ihe widow, minor children or parents
ii. the order named, of anv such soldier who
died while in the service , or from wounds
received or disease contracted while in the
service of the United States.
To all honorably discharged soldier! who
haw served two years under one enlistment
and who li ve received but Us 100 bounty.
1 ' an ihcrese; pension
Has also been granlrd by i recent law
To widows of soldie n h i have died in
the ermy, or to the children if tle widow
has died or re-married 3 per moath for
each child uudcr 16 years of age.
To soldiers who have lost a loot or a hand
or been disabled equal to the loss of a hand
or foot, (1Q per month.
Ha been granted every officer who was in
commission March 3d. 1965, and resigned
or was honorably discharged after April 9,
1865, which is promptly collected by
Authorized Military Claim-Agent,
"g- 'f- McArthur, Ohio,
To Consumptives.
The advertisr, having been restored to health
In a fow weeks by a very simple remedy, alter
having suffored for several yeara with a severs
lung alTeot.on, and that dread disease, Con
nmptlon Is anxlons to make known to hit
fellow-sufferers the meana of onre.
To all who desire it, he will aend a oopy of
the proso.lption Ubed, l,ce of obarge, with the
directions fir preparing and nsinr the tame.
which hey will nod a sure cure for Consurap-
all Throai and Lung Affections. The only ob
ject of l lie) advertiser In sending the Prescrlp-
kiwu ib ,u ueucui tuc Bujiuieu ana spreaa lnror
matlon Which he conceives to be invaluable
and he ho t every (offeror will try hiiremedy
in win uubv luuui uuiniDg ana may prove
blesnini. ,
Parties wishing the Preroriptlon, rait, by
ioiiifii uiuii, win umnflv naaress,
Hev. 2DWABD A. WIL805,
William ib'urgh, Kings Co., rl. Y.
Jannary 11, ISSfl-ly.
XI SI I "K "Aal Wo wan. agents ev
(P 1 aiU ery where to sell our Improved (3
Sewing Maohines. Three new kinds. Unde
and apper feed. Bent in trial. Warranted
five years. Above talary or largecommissions
paid. TLe om,r machines sold in ibe United
etaiea ror lesa man 40 dollars, whioh are fully
licence, ry Howe, Wheale Wili-on. Grovor
& Baker Sirger A Co., and Bachelder. All
otborohenp machines ar infringements and
vne minor or ner are naoie to arrest, fine and
imprisonment: Illustrated circulsrs sent free.
Call npon or address, Shaw & Clark, at Bldde-
rora,juaino,or uuicago, ill. jnne7lawly
Errors of Voulli.
A Gentleman who suffered fnv
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
theettects or youthful indiscretion. v.lll. tnr
sake of suffering humanity, rend free to all who
need it, the rooeipt and directions for making
the simple remedy by which he waa cored.
Sufferers wishing to profit b) the advertiser's
experience, can ao so bv address ng
jell-1v. No, 18 Chambers St., N. Y.
j uuiiBnea aa a nenent ana as a caution to
vnnvn vww inj a I. WVA .r.
debility, premature decay of Manhood, Ac,
supplying at tho same lime Tun mians or hlf
corb. By one who has cured himself sftcr un
dergoing considerable quackery. By enclosing
luBir-iio aaaresaea envelope, single copies
free of o nurse, msy bo had of the author.
aiugn uu., iiiw iora, lebl-iy
N rolls read to be nailed down, adanted to
House, factories, and bnildinirs of all kinds
oonstruoted of materials that have stood tha
test or nlteen Tears, and msnnfintnmil on an
entiroiy dinorent and notter plan than any otb
composition roofing in nse. Secured by pat-
eub. orj uurauio ana at tow price. (Jiron
lara and samples sent free by mail Liberal
terms to agents. Kiadt K ernc Co.,
juneTy Ko. 73 Vjiden Lane, New York,
Just Published, in a Sealed Envelope.
: ' PRICE six cents:- .
on the Nature, Treatment, and
Radical Cure of SDarmaton hnu.
Weftknew, InvolunUry EmiMlont, BexntA
iouiui , uu impeaimenis to Marriage gener
ally. Nervousness. Consnmntlnn. EniTarar
and FiU; Mental and Physical Incapacity Ire
sniuni' from Self-Abuse, to. By ROBERT J.
CULVER WELL. M. D.. AuthnvoV tha a,.
Book," e. . ' v4 . . . i .. tv .
The world-renowned author, In this admira
ble Lecture, clearly proves from his own expe
rience) that the awful iMMiMn nt stf-
buse may be effeotuajly removed without
medicine, and without dapgeroue surgical op
erations, boogies, instrnmenu, rings, or cordi
als, pointing out a mode of onre at ones cer
tain and effectual, by-whlch every sufferer, no
patter what his condition may be, may cute
himself chesply, privately and radioelly . This
tare will prove a boon to thonnand ni
thousands. . ; . .,
Sent under seal, to aiiT adrui: liii .1.1.
sealed envelope, on receipt of six cents, or
v "wufM auurvBv tne puDiiBners.
VUAD. ..v. AAjlJQIfi A)
inJv n w
weiy, n.
.y.;l '
V .1
ga tow.
Smitlis'. CJarpentcrs', Ma-1
cninesit' and Coo
1 1 pers' Tools.
A tc.l Supply of
Also, trr.ts for til hinds of
WE are now receiving
goods necally kept id
large stock of all
a a Herd van Ctm.
which we will sell at the loweat possible prices.
tWOpeciol Attention Paid to OrdM.jf
T.' .. - . :
J Doddridge &c Sob,
' :1
li aln Street, (oppoeWHkwka Btere,)
i i.i.Mr. J
McArtTiur, 0.
A n- . ."..',.
.. 'i ?cij ,v-M.; '? ...
, .: t. ..." : ..1
A B an inducement to Manufacturers, Ite-
4 -M. ouamoa ana etore-iaepera to aettle In Za
least, and to
suprlv the
daily increasing do
Li a mannfaAtnra and
maid for articles of domestic
consumpuon, tne nnderaigoed offers to those
purchasing lota of tba Company (for the pur
pose of erecting business hocsea) the following
materials at greatly reduced trlcm, aad upon
time to suit parchaaera :
uai ara ropier Lomber 7 00 per II.
fnioglee 5 00 per M.
?; 3 00 per M.
Brick In qnantit.es of 88,000.. T SO par II.
Lou of JOxlSO ft, sold st 1100 and npsrda.
Also, a number of nloalv 4lnl.h,l
ble cottages, with every convenience attached.
nD enoloscd lou 60x150, at T.W and npwarda.
novSml ilanaging Director Zaieski Co.
I J. W. Bradley's Celebrated Patent
(or Double Spring)
Tile Wonderful Flexibility end great comfort
snd pleasure to anv ladv srin ih. n...
plot EUptio Skirt will be exporlenced partion
larly In all crowded Awmblies, Operas, Carrie
gee, Railroad cara, Church raws, Arm ohaira,
for Promenade and House dress, aa the Sklt,
can be folded while in use to ocoonv a small
space aa easily and conveniently aa a silk or
musun oress, an invaluable quality in crino
line, not found in any Single Sprirj, Skirt.
A lady bavin- enioved the nleamm
and great oonvenience of wearing the Duplex
Elleptio Steal Spring Skirt for aaingledsy. w,ll
never alterwarda willingly dispense with tbsir
use. or children, Misses snd ifoung Ladles
they sre superior to all ohtr.
They will not bend or break like the Single
Spring, but will preserve hir perfect and grace
ful shape whet three or four ordinary akirts
will bave been thrown aside as useless. The
hoops are cover d with donble and twisted
thread. and the bottom rods are nntAnlv .m.
springs, but twice(or-double) coveted: proven
ting them from wearing out when draejrlntr
down stoops, stairs, etc.
The Duplex Elliptic is a groat favorite with
an ladies and ia universally recommended h
the Fashion Magazines aa tha Kt.n.tuF Rt;t nr
the Fashionable World. -
Te enjoy the following Inestimable advan
tage in crinoline, via Hnnarinr On.lll. P..
feot Manufacture, 8,y liah Shape and Fnish'.flex-
1 . . rBU1" v icmiori ana economy, enquire
for J W Bradlev'a Dnnle Klllntln n, nk. u, i-
Skirt, and be sure you get the genuine article"
vaotion io guard against imposition be
particular to notice that skirt r,ffui.A in
plex' have the red ink stamp, via: 'J. W. Brad
ley's Elliptic Steel Snrin
band none others are genuine. Also notice
that every hoop will admit a pin being pasned
throuah the centre, thus mMiino ii, m .
double) springs braided together thereln.whioh
is the secret of their flexibility and atrength.and
a combination not to be found in any othrr skirt.
balm in au stores where first class skirts
are sold throughout the U. 8. and elsewhere.
JHanmac'd by tha sole owners of tho patent,
8d8 97 Chambers 79 81 Beadest. N. T.
Sheriff's Sale.
In Court of Common Pleat
Samuel Carter, Plaintiff,) In Court of
L . "K'n . uom. fleas
nooeri vater, et ai ueiendanu.) Order of sale
PURSUANT to the oommand of an or.
der of ssle in the abora esnaA in ma 11.
reoted from the Court of Common Tleaa, of the
aforesaid Countv of Vinton. I will nff .1 r,k
lie Bale, at ths dcor of tha Conr t-hnnu l. ik.
uwu ui aiuaruiur, m-aiore'Ma conntv orv n.
ton, on
Wednesday, December 12t1t, 18C6,
tne hour of one o'olock r.u. of said day, the
aw auainwo-i quarter or section number twea
'ty-Hiue No. 29 of township number ten No,
10 of ranife number nlnataen fn 101 ...;.
ipu. :t . - : ,, wiw
Inn one hundred and sixtv nanl .n.. .in.,.j
1.11,. ':vjr-v;,."?",j
ui Tiawn and State or Ohio,
The same to ha nM fra at n 1. 1
Apnrmsed as follows, lo-wlt T;k. ii,.
and dollars 48.PO0 and rauBt bring two-thirds
vi wan vuut, ... 1
TlBKB OT SiLI On lr on.l. I. V.-J
ooe-tnira in one vear. anil nn. kt.j 1. ...
, , .u u , li imnu
jo.ra wim lnierosv on tne aerorred paj meats
from day of sale, with the privilege of the
purchaser to pay said deferred payments at anv
tie. , JOHN J RHtuwirv 1
. . 1 , ' : - - - M wv
A. Yaple, and others, Sheriff V. Co. 0
At,t7s,tor rit'ff. Kov. g, 6w pf 117a
Vinton Probate Court.
runU!,.-H. C. & T. W. Bobbins, Execu
X' tors Of the fistatA nf.Tnlin Rnhhln. JM
i,.v. .!,-!."::.: .rv" """"r
... iumuw ana voncners in the
Probate Court of Vinton Conntv. Ohio. fn in.
spection snd final settlemont, and that the same
Th a, krJ he,ln? Court, on Srturduy,
clock, a m of said day Dated November 8th,
w.w m tii unr ui iin vni nHr . m. n inish a. 1 1 n
Vinton Probata Court.
lVTUTiU!.. Diah IS. Cowdery, guardian of
ii mary u. ana lis mot met nnn 11 hn.fli
his acoonnts and vouohera for in
Battlement in the Probate Conr ofVi nton iAnn.
iy, unio, and that the same will be for hearing
in said court on Saturdav the Uth dav at Nov.
emnor, a a ise. listed Kovember 8th, a d 136.
aw -- KIL'UKU VKA B. Pro. JndM
Camp, the Battle Field, and
- tne uospitai,
Lights and Shadows of
Ureat RebellioD."-:
Heroic, Patriotic, Romantic, Humorous, and
dragicaf. . optenawy Illustrated vith
over 1CD fine Portraits and Jieautiful
HP HIS work for genial humor, tender pa
JL, tKos, startling inlerest, and attractive
oeauty, stands peerless and alone among all
ita competitors. The Valiant and Brave
Hearted, the Picturepque and Dramatic, the
miiy ana warreious-, the Tender and Fa,
thetic.; .The- Roll of Fsme and Storv,
oamn, riOKei. Opr. Bcout. Bivouac, and
Siege, Startling Surprises, Wonderful Es
capes, Famous Words and Deeds of Wo
man, and the whole Panorama of the ' War
ere here; thrilling-ly portrayed in a masterly
manner, at oace historical and romantic,
rendering it the most ample, brilliant, and
readable book that the war has ca He'd forth.
Amusement as well as instruction can be
found in every page, as Trophic detail, hrir-
iant wit. and authentic history are skillful-
ly.interwoven in this work of literary art.
Ibis, anaik sells) itself. Ths Dennlp aia
tired of dry details and paitizan works, and
.want something humorous aud romantic
We have agents clearing over $200 per
month. Send for circularr, and see our
terrni and proof of the above assertion.
Address, rvS.F. JUNKIN & Ctt,
BOV33 173 Race Street, Cincinnati.!). -
Vinton Probata Court. u
NOTICE.- Samuel S. Darby, Goardian 0f
Brltaia D. Frr and ' Lncratia Fr lr.i
heirs of Henry Fry deceased, has filed b.sao
connta and vouchers in the Probate Court of
Vinton county, Ohio, for inspection and final
settlement, snd that the same will be tor hear
ing in aaid Court on the ITth dav of rTovstnhar.
hs.d. 18M, at II oWock of said day; -Dated
November lsta d 186. (''! m ',. .... .
scrlwt , : BI .HARD CBAIO. Pta, Jrt.'
AaatifW In the KECOKD;
its ettict 13
The old, tba young, the middle aged nniU to praise
mm . . tl
It It an entirely new scientilte discovery, combining
many of the most powerful and restorative aganta
in the ttgtiabU langdim.
We have snch confidence In Its merits, aad are
so sure it will do ell we claim for it, that we offer
$1,000 Howard,
If the SicTUAw Haw Rikkwir does not give sat
isfaction In all cues when used in strict accord
ance with oar instructions.
Vegetable Sicilian Hair Itenewer
has proved Itself to be the most perfect preparation
for the Hair ever offered to the public
It Is a vegetable compound, and contains no
injurious properties whatever.
It la not a Dye, it strikes at the Boots and fills
the glands with new life and coloring matter.
Jt will keep the Batr from falHitf out.
XI eleamet th Scalp, and mks the BaW
No person, old or young should fall to nse It,
It it rteommttuitd and uud ty fas FIRST MD
IMT" Ask for Hall's ViorrAaut Eictuas
Haib Bbdewkb, and take no other.
' The Proprietor offer the SictLua Ham Ba
Kbtwzb to the public, entirely confident that it will
bring back the bair to Its original color, promote its
trrowth. and in nearly all casee where it hastallen
off will restore it unless tha person ia Tory aged.
B. P. HALL & CO. Proprietors,
Sold by all Druggists.
v 1
vS . e.
and are the bant Tenia
io in worm.
- 4
-.. A
' V
. a.
Costirenesi, and sll ill-
seues oi ins Dswels.
V :
ftbil all dlseis ftristng
irom Jaipur moou.
i . cj-
Drusrsrists and Dealeri In
n Palenl Medicine i ;
; V9ecessorstoI)r.aW.Kobaoh.);.,.,.t
,j rr SOLI PROPRIETORS, , ,..;',, ;
H"0. 60, 58, 60 ft 92 East Third Bft, 1
- : 1 CINCINNATI, OHIO. 1"! "''

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