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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 06, 1866, Image 1

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gfa'.frt u 1 j u.:: fttaxA.
At Bruttpn's Building, East of the ,.
Cburt-llousc. :, ' .
onoycAr, ...'..l.I,...;.L.:,:,.:...:.. $1 r0
Eightmonths,-. .J. : . . ;-. , ., , 1 x
Four months, i,. . . ()
-Payment in advance in all rases.
t. H.J3. & A. MAYO,
MoArthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
I "tlX attend promptly to nil If Ral b iihiness
jT entruMtcato.liiin. OIHm in Cuiirt llouso.
A T T O B X 13 Y . A , L A W,
, -. . i i 1 1 . . ; .'lit,
Mc : Arthur, Vinton County, Ohio,
WILL ftttonj to all legal bnslneetintrnstod
to hi ore in Vinton, Athem, JocKann,
Ross, 'looking, andadjniningcounlies. 1'nrlio
ular attention g'ven to tb oolleo(ion of soldiers
claim for poimlcim, bounties, arrears of pay,
etO.acalnnt (he V S or Ohio, inthidl. g Mor.
gan raid olaims. ; jun S8-tf.
MoArthur, Vinton Comity, Oiiio,
ILL attend pTCPjt.fb nineis uVrust-
cu ,u cum . . ollinli ..
ltlien, it-
Mo Arthur. 0.
Co stable and Constable.
;:ATiui:sEYa at law,
MeA thur, - - - oiiio,
Wit ii aiiuiiu proiupuy 10 ail OUtillieHK 111
J'.t Jstod to their euro, in Vinton and Ath
ens com lien, or any of tho courts of the 7th
Judicial 'lirtt;,nnd in the Circuit couits of iho
U. B.fui ihoSouthcin dlstrictof Oiiio. Cluims
apamtllr le Uovetcmsut, pouiooa, boui.ty an
ntuk yu) WIIOUUIUi r - . Hl)4tt
iy o ta rjr.;' Public
T"KPuTY t -ilector yf Intornnl Rovonno
Muin struct MoArthur, Ohio.
XJ Ullice ovej. ThoH. II. Davin & Son's Rcore
joaeyH niiADi vttr. "
WtljtlAM 1IA11K
CATT( tiXEYS at i aw;
llcAitbiu Vinton Couuty, Ohio,
I7IMi aj,tr ot tiromp'Iy to all basinesa cn-
r iruHod to their care, in Vinton and A'h-
ni oimu9, .. -. . , apl2.')tr
Will bo collected promptly by
Edward A. lira Hon,
' ai'ahtiiub, oiiio.
ALL soldiers, who a, e by law, entitled .(o
1 Back 'Puv.. ISnnntv ami Prn.(il l
ws, futhe)s, mothorti, biothotn. and risers of
deceased soldic'rs claiftis will bo promptly at-
u'ducu to. jySutr
pum ionTa BOUNTY I
T WILL-.illcct the 100 additional Bounty
A granted hy Coii(;rt'BS to equalixo bounty;
ninu, inuren a pt'nMons to wiaows una cinlarcn
tf (fcocajei ; olclm, nnd all oilier ;
i CaJJ on m. at wy office over Tho- -B. Davis
Oi Son's sto 3, .Hum street, Mc Arthur, ( bio
aujrlOmS ; JOSEl'H J. McDOWELL.
Btick-P( y. Bounty tt Pmnom.
iLr- cCnnlnin 18ihO. V. 1.1
Attends V .oniptly to the collection
Biroot, No th of J, K.
MoAr'hnr. O.
-OFFICE Lo cran
Will's roBiiloneo
Ijnly VIA mo,
; " i 11 ill t:' '
t"Twy Qxtragtcd by the use Of LAtau-
j. woiiTz, ;
jwa'tcu es,, clocks; ;
j'M rsial Instruments,
MAltTHUK, '- "VWv- - ' ; OiUo.
n't ' i n . -i i ;
K)(teniveilanutflc,'uri;rs6 Importers,,1... ;,
-il uJ'' ANP NICKEL .,.
Ataricab,EulisU & Swiss Watches,
C A 8 E D . B T O V-tl IE1YSB,
- And Eviry de'bcrlption of'
-niFonflw1' Qbodt' and Yankee- JVoWon
JT SPECIALLY tdapted inD-'designedr for
-Hi, Sddtiibbh: and Wistbsk Tbadi. I Cironi
Jarsnld fnlldesoriptive Frice lists free. i :!
Agents frnntedevervwhitre. 'Address, (!)
'novBrni SI Dorrance St., l'rovidonco, R. I.
YOt' '
r .--r , t -": ' ",.'" ' -'ji'nt:i r Oil! v r"! , ! . . .i.;i:u-n c.
; - ; ! : . A-
Hit, nutl 85, 'Pearl Street, Up Stairs,
C i if c iN.xi'f r, Qhio;:
an uqnsnally rich aionmeut of '
At Lowkm Kiw Yoni I'mcti. Wo1 al man-
uiucturo i'i ,: 1 :
In all llio Kiw TATTtiiNg'; Special attention
will bo giveq to KILLINjU C-RDKljS for persons'
wboennnot viiilt the i-itv. :'- .
"KTAny goodi tent ooofdof may hi returned.
u no-. Buu&iaoiory 10 if e onyot . ,
. DEVOU & .CO. ,,
ngl8m$ . 63 IS 1'tarl t.. up stain,
L., E N E L P HE C HT?
' ,l AND ''' ' ' '' '
Comer of Front and Madison Streets.
PortHinoulIi.Ohio,' '
BUY all' kmda of foundry 1'rcJu
. . " ' . 6vl5n.l!
'.''',' ' "' 1 ' : t'.-l
McAUTlIllt, O:
Has now On hand a very larire and woll vyi
liMtcd Btoclj of all kinds of (iroccrle and
Liquors, oontltiiig in part of Ta, oiHuo, sut,
gar, Tohncco, cigars, whito ri'ah, jia.ckottilrood
i .n,.o.vunuu reiit'iiuB, uiivcHjrttorj. rep-
por naugo, catsup n. o. wollusecs, cidur vinegar
avuuuius, runuoi, teua, mot, Oft,pS, j
.; ' . I ! , -i . . I; i : : ,1
;MpKin(l8 . of Dye: Stuff',,
a general asor icnt of pcrfumorins,xrmtodo-
ru iiumiva .rranwa to color the liuir a ot
u iuim injury 10 ma quir or ecaip , lios
tetter's and Hobiuli's slomneli nlftnrn
trated tye, soap, a gonerul-' aseortmer.t of trun-
tlomeil s winter glovos from tin fipat bucl. to
uie common wooun, all kinds of Liquor- from
the fluent rreorh Brandy and old Boitrbort whis
ky to common corn whinkv wbo soM from ono
pint to ar-u hundred gidluns, or any other quan
tity donired, all of wldoh ha .propoci to sell'ks
low, ii not lower (hall other bow-,, , In Uie tfoun-
ly. in Kimuor country produce, taken In
ChiMron can get goods as' clieati Hi
Hs Ihcir. p.
rents.' ; . 'i (: : , , ,
Sept. 27-Om. J. 0. SWETLAND.
Mc A-RT II U,R, 0 II I O-
. . i : . . 'i. '
Jnst opened bj . : .
..... M ; I .
' ... , ,
W1IE1E will bo constaiilly "kept, at nstoiV
Ishinjly low prices, u ccmploto assort
ment of '; '.. I..
'.. " .; ,v i, .v.: .... ; ,..
seen as
Xails, Files, r,a.t)?. Locks. rTatclicte. limn
ninrs,AxM, Hand sitwWpod saws,' Aiigen,
y rnsLis, j;raw-Kiiivi, iJutts, . St'ieWs.
Wrnclics. Bolts, t'urrv combs. Pnint nnd
Wall brushes; Bntchi'rVi kiilvcs. Table and
rocket ciuiorvt Uim locks. Tnbps. PoWdi'i.
Lead, Gun caps, Shot, etc, etc. i i !
aio, VOal sna woort tookmg Stoves, Heating
jSlovoa and Gral.s, Together wttu- a fuli aa
sortmentof , , , , .
;;' .TIN- WAR Ijl.' uv
Ail of which will be sold very low for cash, l i
To conviccq. the people (hat we salt chetnar
than any other esubliaomo nt, in town, wo, ask
luuiil IV(IV0 DDI Call, j
Booiri oilo door east of E. t). Dodireii storo aiU
oppwlto Bruttons block. : . i
novlym. ; , STRONG & GIBBPNS.
To Om iicrs of Horses !
I .... .'-j -.1 r i il :iiv. !!.)
rEC undersigned wonld ak thismothod Of
informing owners el hrseaand the nuiilic
gonorally that he iajiropared to ramoye . ,
. .... ..t-rORr-v- : ..-'M
Any Enlargement on ; a Iprs9
' .v. . .. moni ,..,
Six lo ; Wine 3, Days;:;!
7'He can be contnlfed at all limotin McArthnf.
where he wilt be pleased to have those whhinir
W Wsjices, (o tail npon him. ' . ; ... .
"A Ctite y no Charge,
nOTL5rnl.'- .ia: i 'i' J. 0. BTKIN(JUAI.:l
QC( A MONTm-Amnta wanted for six en
tDtJKt tirelr ,new artLilM i',it. nut ' lH,lro.
O. !'. Gabet, City Btiilding, "Biddcfbrd, Me.
JUUVI IITW IJ - ' ' ' - It' ,
:We' are n.QW.preparedsto. do Job.
or k with neatness i4id dispatuh.. i Give us
.. .
What fs a year ? '-TIs but n wave'
. Ou lilies' tlark rplllug stream, : '
' Wiilclrlsso quickly gone that.we
, Account it but a dream.- '
;. t ! i f?- t y ', .
;"Tis but rt single cavnesf tbijob : ,
Of Time's old iron heart, .
Which fear'.css.is, ami strong as ybc
, It flrsc vitli life dkl
" ' . ' ' '.' j ' .. j . .I
What is a year P.is biit a tilrn. ', i
;!: 'Ol Tlaie-sold biazmi .wheel,' 1 o ; 1'
n.Orbutiv buge, Miwi the Ixiok ir,; Y
Vblch death must shoatly sen. .
'Tis tnt'a ftciJ tVon the roaiV' ' '
Wfiii.-h we ninit travel o'rr ;
A few more steps mid wo shall walk
1 1 Lil'o's weary romid no more. : : I
' Henry Field was a Sunday schol
ar. One bunuay morning his teach
er taught th6 boys in his 'class this
verse " thoushalt Jove thy neigh
bor as thyself." ' And 'afterwards
he ,read twp or tlireo short s-tones
to snow tnem now many, ways
there aro ju which poor childrpri
may biiow uieir love,, ior,oniers
Then he asked thiu to tryaid see
during the coming week,' what' lit
tie deed of kindness tbey could da
Harry -tail I161110 : ni'ter school,
and sat down ;by thchearth to
wnfm Ins foetv for it was a 'cold
d;y.'Hdga?c(l thoufehtl'iilly into
the blazin'g fii-e.' ''His' graHdnio'ther
was seated at lief femall'tablo with
tlio liiblo befoieher; but' sho; : no
ticed Harry's serious face; . ' '::!
141 What a'ro ' yoit thinking about:
my Doy ? 'saiu snei . i : " i
-: HafTy lookd'-'tin irtd blushed 'a
littlo, as though he had rather not
fell Tsb" shB'said ftothinrr further:
Harcy w.as careful to .do everything
he could lor his grandmother s com-
fot't; llerdrewthe wator.'snlit tho
Voo'dj'aiitt rwny kindlted the lire
before she was up in tho morning ;
and i'J'she 'was'ill no ono could have
been more kind" than ;hei i:Therc
was notlnnir he codlddo mrtfe than
.... .1 . . - 1. 'L. . -
he did already for" her1.'1 ) i .'; v .
iile weht to ;bed that night afraid
thalj he Blronra ttot 'und a way to
helpan'y oneidurli)g'' tlfe coming
week : but he was quite mistaken.
Jlonday mornfiig iii wis bitter cold';
but Harryvas up earlS? 'arid about
Ids' work,1 and' at half past eight
o ciock ho was on Jus way to (lay
school.' : !61d ' Roger's' coage t as
an hurtble place1.' biit ' it - M-ris-verv
1 s 1 . ' T .
dear to him ; because'' i'ts was tho
home, where he1 had lived ever since
ho1 could 1 remember. Old Roger
man : but God had seen
fit tQaunpjt lu'jnin many ways. His
wile and children had been taken
away by tho-hand of death, and
now he: was left aloiio; often stiller
ing greatly from pain and not very
"able to olk for nis daily bread'. .
Harry FieUl 'alwavs passed the
.qotthk o'niiisitiay'loliicbool' but
had never occurred to him'that
he might;, do fiomethin; for R6gcr
until this, ivery lUoiiday morning.
The old mian was out before (ho
dppr, with his axe, trying to chop a
02 ot iwpqu to build his lire : l)ut
lis poor hands were so cold that lib
often hail ty stop an'd fut them iii
ins coat pockets to get a little
warmth. Harry paused and pull
ed off hjs vCBp,f and; sparkled with
pleasure. . h C .' V- . i
" Won'tyou let me help you split
that log, Mr. Roger?" said he.
44 Bless your little heart," said the
old man, "you,. don't look stout
enough; I'll try and get along my
self." 44 1 split all grandmother's wood,"
said Harry. nnd she-has some as
Lajd g;tht:4'nj gdinjt6 Bchopl
ow; but at noon 1 11 run down
here and try my hand at yours."
"JNo, don't do thai, my boy. I
shouldn't Hke to ,ha.ye you. lose , the
port ot sliding down lull just lor
the sake of an old man like me !
But Harry did not mind that. He
ran olt to school: and when he was
Wt" liberty-; 'while'' -the other boys
were laughing and shouting at their
play, he went back to old Roger's
cottage and went to work with a
right good will.1 1 'that was one lit-
le deed of kindness, but it led to
many others; for all the winter
through, -Harry fpundvniany -ways
ofhejping old Rdger,-OT feaditig to
mm in nis great leatiier-bound .bi
[Child's Companion.
Tr I ,tt i rfTkn ..J.'lxi ... 11. .
Madison County Democrat has
been presented by Mr. James A.
Brock, with a wagon load of ,fine
picked winter, apples, mostly of the
winter pippin variety.
SUFFRAGE. [From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
'(."le fact is, the Democracy have
always neid, with Stephen A.
Douglas that this is a white man's
country, and 6hould always bo gov
erneoyexciusively. by white men.
The vvprd H'hite' has been put in
to nearly all. the . State Constilu
tionsj'in limitation ol tho right of
suffrages-put there for that pur
pose -by the Democratic ; nartv,
whichimade them. 'It is astonishing
itnoaunes liould so doubt so noto
nousji fact. No test of education
has ever found favor with tho De
mocracy.r Cincinnati Enquirer.
'"Trio Enquirer annears to delib
eratefy ally itself to tho Bourbon
element. It ignores' the fact that
what y as true and expedient when
slavery existed is not necessarily
either, now that slavery abolished
-Uoicago, limes
"Tire principle laid down by the
latue,rs or the Kepublic, by the
men ot tho Kevolution,and adhered
to bV the Democracy, that tjie Gov
ernme'ht should always be -vested
excluJively in the white race, had
no reference J Mhatever , to negro
slavem Its removal in no .way
attecti its truth and justice, or i di
minishos the wisdom of its iiblir.v.
more is no- moro reason why wre
snouia nave negro- iroyernors; ne.
gro Judges, , negro' legislatorsi no
gro jMfdrg,'J and liegro votersi now
than there was when slavery' exist
ed.'f p iact, suchbtafes as Indiana,
Illinois,; and Ohio, which ' had jio
slave?, legislated the most sharply
against any policy that looked to a
political or social amalgamation of
the rac-09, and prolubiled their res
idence and sottl.enont within llveir
borders.!, negro emigration into
Illinois , was. undesirable ' in ' 1SG2,
wh'en.thts people, by a majority of
Ct AAA- ' - 1 . S 4 - . i.
iou,uw, so ueciueu, it is .etiaiiy so
now. It is a bran-new idea ot the
rime?, 'that because the necroes
ha-ie'beeti feet free m fifteen-of tlie
States, they blight to;havd political
privileges nnu irancnises in an 01
the thirty-six 'States. The Times.
in its arguments on -this subject Is
progressing wonderiuliy,. and at one
bound takes what was: a'l wa)'s; held
to oe as extreme Abolition -view.
If tho'pFmciple that the legislation
of the country should be solely in
the hands ot white men is sound
as. .we:, believe it to be-f-there.j
more necessity of guardihfi. it well
and , looking after it since the'ne
groea were setfreo than before.':
.i It wilL-.be observed; that the
Times has a term of reproach for
those who do not favor negro suff
rage they are, forsooth ! - Bouu-
boxs I It may can them what it
eases names do .not alter things
or change characters. , '
4,' It is a sound and sensible idea
thjat .of opposing any mixture of an
tagonistic races and colors in to
one Government of preserving it
as :a , pure , representation of the
white race, which vastly predomin
atea, an,d if it is Bourbonbsni there
ire. an immense number ot 4 Bour
bons among us.'. A man . had bet
ter be a Bourbon than a fanatic or
fool.- ; ..' , ..
"Our, :, Chicago- : cotemporary
repomniends tho panacea of negro
ullraga; to the Democraic party
because it- is ,30 popular, that we
.pan not succeed without it I. Does
really believe this? Does it
eally believe that the.peoplo ot a
single State out of New England,
North, or South, would vpte;yeabn
ther.question, n subinitted directly
totlem?. Since-slavery wa abol
ished eVen the. State, of Connecti
cut, by a decided lnajo-ity, yoted
gainst conferring upon the blacks
political privileges. Give the peo
ple of Ohio a chance to vote upon
directly and they would .beat it
iuauuu majority, at least,, In
diana would give an enormous -ma
jority against it. Does the -Times
recollect Jiow Illinois . voted, only
ireo or 'lour, years ago, on. the
question,? largely against . The
The Times, evenr has not the poor
plea of expediency in favor ,. of its
policy,; which would connect the
Democratic party ,wUh ,. a.. mos,t
odious, unpopular issue. But we
not ,i place : it upon this low
ground. '..The . , Democracy , never
bartet principle for expediency. .!
,i'Le us say, to the lunes that if
tlie, Bourbons . learn nothing; and
fault of learning . things - which are
true, and forgetting " others
which' are'rnbst' valuable, arid that
ought to tecollect.'"'If the .Rour
b6nk iriade mistakes, they preserv
ed Iheir'Jionbr'-rthe mistakes of the
TJrhes'are etittally fabl, and would
include the loss of hwiior and repri-
talion of the Democratic party; if
it were foolish enough to adopt it."
SUFFRAGE. [From the Cincinnati Enquirer.] FIGHT ON---NEVER GIVE UP.
The La Crosse Democrat says:.
But what are wo to do now? asks
sonio - impatient ' and dispirited
' We answer, on never give
unie,- ami persevering worK
will give us victory, and establish
the truth and justness of pur pnn
ciples. .What vo now want is
Oroakizatios and Pluck!
To both of-these helps- i the
Republican party indebted :for its
success in the States and the lie
public. . Never was party more ad
mirably managed, more ably gen
eralled. By open and secret or-
ganujationsi by, comipUtees .who
work; by papers ahduocuments in
the hands of their" voting thou
sands; by unflagging and deter
mined work, are tho masses held
in fighting condition, ready at all
times to go into a canvass unitedly
and with a purpose to win victory.
Pluck has served them well, too-
dogged persistence in1 achieving
their purposes sending the . faint
hearted to the,. 'rear, ! and .'setting
asjde leaders who swerved from
their standard, or faltered in fideli
ty to tho extreme measures' of the
party. - 1 ; 1
We, Democrats.' - have createi1.
holier, nobler principles to : battle
for; : wo should lack neither organ
ization or pluck-to secure thei'r ul
timate, aiid assured success. We
are striving for '' ' " ' "
Tho Restoration of the Union! !
The Supremacy of tho- Constitu
tion! " - ': ' ,: :'.. . 11 ,. ''
.The Upholding of;the Laws!-'
Tho Integrity of the Republic ! "
The-Rights bf'lhe States!; .. I ,
We war against an . enemy de
termined to destroy1 our' form ol
go vemmenty! and. permanently ac
complish the. work ),of. disunion:
subtle, cunning, unscrupulous, dan?
gorous, flushed with : the tilumph
of victory but fearful-too, bt cpmr
ing retributipn ! 1 In dealing jwith
Buchj a jfocvtiniidityj vacillatiriii,
temporizing, is certain to bring but
one1 result!'' 0.10!.: iii-.o : -.u)
tJ Woah'fc, we must ' have -bold-
hes,' 1 : courage; the maintainance
and enunciation of sound - Demo
cratic principles openly and at all
times, a return to the sinmle' - and
true faith of ' the founder of the
government, an! the lioblo men
who built up the Democratic party
fronv nothibg to bo '.the govcrm'na;
power ot the land. : '
mi t" 1 1 w!'.,
inero navd oeen uanc nours in
its. history! Thoso were time's that
tried men's souls' and hearts, too,
when birth was given it, and the
alien and sedition laws'of the elder
Adams were evoked to strangle the
infant in its ' cradle. Darker, too,
ahd : more ' trying1 those" stormy
times when battling bravely airiiinst
the giant tpower of England' with
one hand, tho other was 'engaged
with sneaking,- traitorous Federal
ism, the parent of Radical 'Repub
licanism.1 -But Democracy tri
umphed 'gloriously ! And the uTip
pecanue and Tyler too" times,
Know-Nothing and "Bleeding
Kansas' hurrahs, all had their day
Democracy winning glorious vie
tones, and never succumbing to
the enemy till "policy" and "ex
pediency took the 'places in our
party platforms -of principle' and
love of country;'
Stand firm, Democrats ----and
fear nothing! liun up the old Jef
fersonian , and Jacksonian. banners,
and for everyi blow, you -receive,
give the Radical cowards and trai
tors,, two, Be men',' and Dkuociuts;.
There Is a preset ijdion in use In Eng
land fof the cure of tliiinkeiiness, by w hich
thoirsindOre said to have becu .'assisted
In recovering theirisiplvcs. Tlie receipt
canto Into notoriety through, the efforts of
John Vine Hall, commander of tlie Great
Eestern Steamship Ife had 'fallen-Into
such habitual . drunkenness!, that his most
earnest ctl'ortsi to. reclaim proved unavail
ing. At length, be sought iht advice of
au eminent physician who gave liimapre
scriplion which he followed ; fajthi'ully for
se-pn months, and at the cud of that time
had lost all desire for liquor, although lie
h;ftl beeii for many yours led captive ly
niost debasing appctito.. Tho receipt
wjlteli lie afterwards publishciT, 'and by
rwhich so m.tiy other dninkrad3 have been
as'ststctl to reform is. ds follows ; Magnesia,
ten' grains'; pepperbtlitt' Water '-' eleven
drachhiS; spirit of : nutmeg, oiie'tlrtichm;
tk a day.;. This preparation acts as a
tonlo and stimulant, and so partiallv stip
plie4 the moral prostration that follows a
auddc.il breaking oft; lconi the uso of stim
ulating drinks.
One man, ten Hues. ...
?::icli additional Insertion,,.
1:.. 1 . ii..-.I'
,, 91
Curds, imt year; ten Ijiire,
Notices of KxecuUirs. AUlHlniMfH-
tors and uiianliann, . . . OO
Atbiclnncnt notices before J.JrA 2 OO
Local notices, per Hue;", , J.,. JCA R
Ycarlv- ad-(rtimi'nrlwiri !' A'
$U pmt column, aihl i't Dornortioiiate)
tes lor less than a tolumn. PavKblaiu
advance , . w - ?
cow belle a pretty milknfgid.
Warm and Cold HotterjtOts, ahd
Chilians. , '
What part of a ship is like a far
mer? The tiller. V, ,
When liars die and can lie no
longer they lie still. ' ; h ih w"
Door-knobs, bell-ropeg,hd.rras;
cal's noses were niatfe topullt"
- The paper that contains the ipnsi
fine points--a paper of needjeirj
..When is a literar," w;ors;
smoke? When it .comes in' vol
umes. The consumptive man' hftTone
advantage ho always keeps a
hack. f x '
A sparrow can' never bo hungry.
Ho takes a hundred, flies a'day, ,
.';,(Tie whale was Jo'nah'ftutflrt be
cause ho had , 'brin grngyjip pl
The only blusterer from whom' l
bravo man will take a blow is the
wind. ' '! ''0
The man who lately, received a
" lock " of hair is on'the loolt'out
for a key to it. ;' '. ' . '
How can a boy make his jafcltet
last?. By making his Waist-coat
and trow'sers first. -' V.
A radical editor asks, "shall iwo
kill tho fatted calf? lie' must W
thinking of suicide. i .'i-. d-jro
"I'll take the responsibility,? i
Jenks: said When he lield out bifc
arm.4 lor the lady. ... ..':...!:!
" 'There 3 a man in thisoitviUvho
has lived so fast that he ift' noTrab
solutcly oldor than his father. i!T
A correspondent' : inquires -jf
BrdwnlOw and Iliinnicut represent
me "in.iernui l(ev.:.Deiartment IP
Marriago is getting! to beireflrtruV
ed a mere cusual tie. and the. -eon
seipuence is it often proves.-a caau
imy. v .!.
What is that which occurs t once
in a ' minute, twico in d rnomenb,
and not once in a hundred Mje'arajl
-4 Sally," said .'afellow t'ofehi
who had red hair, keep away from
me or you'll set me on fireJ? d44Np
danger of that," replied Saliy,jj'ou
are too green o burn." ' i ntr t
The leading! aspirants' tfort.tha
next: Presidency; in otheiRadwal
ranks, are Salmon .'1 'Qhaie,!. Bern
Butler, and' Fred. Dougla3s; . JJat
lor has the advantage ofi his-maJj
in this; that if he caiinot.-gefcfihto)
the White House by the .votes' of
tho people, he can ateal itomKi t
Hanging a Prlest'and a Reporter
will not obliterate FenianismJ.!.K)
Georgia is taking the.leail of.her
sister States in the reorganikallon
of industry. ,
A' regular line of 'packets frdni
Marjcilles, to Memphis has beenes
tablished. ... . . , I r
!' Morrisioy v.-on about . ?25,00d bet
ting 'on the Hoffman ninjorjlyTn
New York city. . . -. . n?i)
;:A railroad-to . Charlestbtr-,' S;C;
much talked ahout atXouisvjlle.
. AVe have hepr,d" ,ia connefttjoa
with the candidacy for Governor
ship the names of IIon 'A,' Of.
Thnrman, of Franklin John: If.
James, Esq;;. of Chamnaiirti ! ' ir"rW
Theodore Cook,of Hamilton; CoL
ueorgo w ,f McUook, of Jenersw,
and General James B., Steedman,
Lucas. ' , ' '
M..I.aboiichere, tlten a, cJcrk,It
the. banking house ol Hope A Co, Amstcj--dam,
was sent by hi patrons to Mr. Baring,
London tanker, to liegotlaU br. loiii.
displayed In the an'airsoniueli abilltr
to entiily win thcestc e:n andconliaencp
tlii -imuit l'llok n.,l,.w.i.. - !,,;i;" t
...x. ,v ,11,11011 1I1IIIIII.IUI
"Faith I-.' said Lnboncherc ono ' dAy" to
Baring, y0ur iliuglh' r is.n cjiarthjot
creature; 1 wish I could persuade yon. to
tiu iiil-iii-r muni.
Young niiiiii' you arc 'joktr!g forsff-
rionsiy, you must allow that Mlsk BdriUg
could never bccou.0 the.w lfa of a fllmplD
''But," said Labonch?rc, "If t were '.In
partnership with Mr. Iloper"' 1 !l :'J''
Oh! that would be quite ri. different
thing: that would ctttirdr make nn for all
other dcficienc.icsl'' " ' '
Rx'tiirnlng to Ariistenliini, Laboi'ilhfiri,
said to his patron: 4Mr, Hope,': you uiust
take me into partnership." . .. r,
"My young ft letur, how" can Von think
sttch a tiling It. s impossible';) you,
without foitiuie, ajiiilr "
"But if I become the son-ln-laW or" Mr.
Baring .'V i . - ' c' '- r ''JUi
uIn' that cas the nflair, would soon be
settled, audio you have niy;word.fi -noi
Fortpilied with.. thoOi two promises, H.
Labouclicre returned to Eirwlatio, and fn
two; months .alter married Miss -Bnrinjr,
becauso Mr. Hope had promif-eil Xo tato '
hiuiintdthe house of Hope-& Go; fi'Vj
SoiDiEit. What " makes ybuso -tierce,
On th6se people down'S"ullV?
The war's-over; r--i Wiol
jVery reason: ! It wasUfii riskr
hgliting.thenj aunpg.,thafwaB.t0I ,
want to take my ,turn. .now pont
yon'suppose f want a chande atem
[Urbana Union.

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