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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 06, 1866, Image 3

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Official .Organ of Yinton County.
t3T Advertisements to appear on Thurs
day morning, must be handed in not later
han Tuesday evening
One square, ten lines, . J. .' .' $1 OO
Each additional Insertion, 40
Cards, per year, ten lines, 8 00
Notices of Executors. Adniinlstra- -
tors and Guardians, . 2 OO
Attachment notices before J. P, , .. U OO
Local notices, per line, . 10
Yearly advertlsruents will bo charged
$00 per column, and at porportionatc
rates for less than a column. Payable in
One year, ..'..-.i.; $1 fiO
Eight months, ....... 1 00
Four months, :. .. 60
Payment in advance In all cases.
Religious Services in McArthur.
i V, . CiitBcii. -Preaching Sabbath at hutf
pat ten O'cUck, A. k., and balf-vaat tlx
'clock, P. M. Fabhath Echool, 2 r". M. ,
FREtBTTKRiAN Cbobch. Services at U o'cl'k
A. v., and t o'clock r. m. Sabbath School at 9
'clock a, M., every Sabbath. .- - -
Cbribtian Cnoiton. Services at 11 o'clock a
M., every Sabbath. ' -
Robert Sage.
Has, erected a new meat shop on tlio
North-eastern comer .of Slain and Logan
Steets. .,
Robert Sage. Ben Quick.
Or, '-Quick Ben," the quickest man on
record, has removed his meat shop to the
building "fornUt" the 'Magnolia" Saloon
Mrs. Maggie Dodge.
Is prepared to furnish patterns of almost
every design" for embroidery, &c. Give
her a call. '
On last Friday night Aaron Lanbr, w hile
engaged in a friendly aculllo with a com
panion, M as thrown and had his leg brok'
en between the knee and ankle. '
Accident. C. J. Billinghurst
Has removed his Photograph Gallery
from his rooms on the South-western cor-
ncrof Main and Market Streets to the room
formerly' occupied by Daniel S. Dona as
a" law office.
Another County Seat.
Wo understand a move will Lo mailo to
move the Scut of Justice for this Couny to
Dundas; better known as McArthur Station
There Is no finer location for a town in our
county than at this place.
Dry Goods, &c.
,The attention of the pubic is called to the
(act that Mr. J. A. Fkltos is In receipt of
& large and choice selection of dry goods,
groceries, Ac, which he purposes to sell
as ctycap as tho cheapest. Givo hint r
call. ; . '
Sisson's Drug Store
Is the place to buy your medi
ciaes, pure liquors, fine perfumery,
and toilet articles, oils and paints
ot every description, tobacco, snuff
and cigars of the linest quality, at
toe very lowest rates.
Another County Seat. "Have we a Bourbon Among us?"
Whaether we have or not, makes but lit
tie difference to the general public. One
tljlng is certain, we have intreduced a com
plete Dodge on the aforesaid public, that
' is, not a detiimc.tal dodge, but a dodge pro
per lu short, Edward D. Dodge, dealer
In dry goodi, groceries, &o. See ndvertis-mentr
Railroad to McArthur.
We would suggest the propriety of cull
ing a meeting of our citizens and appointing
a commlttle to open np negotiations witli
the IT. & C. It. K. Co. nnd to open books
loir subscription, for the purpose of exten
ding the S. & II. V. Railroad to McArthur.
We ask tho co-operation of Portsmouth
and Chllllcothe, both these Cities arc inter
ested. The Portsmouth Trains could just
wwell run up to McArthur as lay over nt
Ilamdcn. We hope our citizens w ill act
at once in th is matter.
WINTERS EA KIN. On the 4th instant
,;by Kev. Carson at the residence of the
- bride's father in tills townshp Mr. Farris
v B. AVlnters to Miss Armlndr Eakin.
This going into "Winter" quarters is a
very sensible move. '
S. M. Pettingill Esqr. of N. Y. to
Miss Georgianna llolt of Brooklyn.
Mr.Pettingill is well known to the
,Pres3 of the U. S.. From our busi
ness connections of over six years,
we can endorse him as one of the
most reliable and . worthy .Adver
tising Agents in the Union. We
wish the happy pair all the
blessings that can attend the mar
flage state,and a boy for every Presi
he represents. ;
"Messrs." Doddridge & Slsson are engaged
Hi erecting a business house, on Uie South'
western corner of Main arid Market Sts.
While we are pleased to note this evidence
of enterprise and thrift, in the growth of
our town, we are also constrained to lament
the absence ofthattrue spirit of enterprise
that proposes to excel, as well in outward
adornment as public convenience not that
these -gentlemen do not fully appreciate
the necessity for keeping up with the age
in which we live, but a disposition to
mistrust the character of .those whose
Interest it-is to secure a place of pub
lic resort, for theatres, concerts, parties, Ac.
A public hall is much needed in McArthur,
Such an Institution would pay a big in--
trest on the money invested in its construct
ion. We hope to see this matter . acted
upon at an early day, by those who have
BufflClent enterprise to risk the expenditure
lof a few dollars lor the benefit of tbe general
public..,,.,., ' ! ..
Improvements. Dan. Will & Bro's.
This firtu eniovs a rcoutatlon for honcstv
anu luiruess tn ueiiiin, not. excelled by
any other in our town. Close attention to
buslnessand an evident disposition to ob
lige, have won for them a run of custom
not to be excelled, fieliving, with the old
axiom, that nothing Is gained by ,'liidlng
the light under a bushel," even though it
be placed upon tlio hill tops, they avail
themselves of the benefit, of printer's Ink ;
and, in so doing, make known to the world
that they nro selling goods at fabulously
low prices for casli and country produce.
To satisfy the public that they are really
ofl'erlngjjreat inducements to purchasers,
we would advise our readers to give them
a call.
Roback's Preparations.
The oprine months. March, April and
May are the months to purify the blood.and
pre par the system to guard against the rav.
ges oi dispose. The voice of nature calls
on the science and skill of man to prepare
the remedies, and we have tlicm in Roback1
Blood Pills, Blood Purifier, end Stomach
The Human Hair.
A recent writer has no nation
bestows les3 nttentioa on the human hair,
than the Americans. If this be said in re
gard to (he oils end greases that ere used,
(hen never was greater mistake made. We
are pleased to know & Remedial MeJicintl
nreuaration is now ofleied in the market
It is not one of those clear colored liquids;
whose only monc consists in their beauty,
but of intrinsic worth, wh ich cures all die
eases of the scalp, restores the hair to its
natural color, when gray, end causes new
hair to grow where it bos fallen out. This
is Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Benewer,
We speak of ita virtues from actual use,
INort hern UuZette.
Strange but True.
Every young lad) end gentleman In the
Unitd States can hear something vert mneh
t? thoir advnntago by roturn mull, free of
ciargo, by addr'ssing tho undersigned. Those
having any (cars of being bumbng cd will
oblige by not noticing this card. All others
will please address their olicdlont servnat,
jell-ly. $31 Broadway, N. Y
Know Thy Destiny.
Madamo . F. Thornton, the great English As
trilogist, Clairvoyant and Pxycliometricinn who
has astonished the sclent! fio classes of the OM
World, has now located herself al HudRon.N V
Mai'ume Thornton roecesses such wonderful
iower-iof ccond lght. as to enable her to im
jnrt knowloilge ol' the greatest importance to
thi siunle or nmrriod of either sex. Whilo in
state of trance, she dulinoaies the vert features
of the person. ou are to marry, and by the aid
of an instrument of intense power, known a
the lsychomotropo, gnarautees to produces
.life-like picture oi the future husband or wife
of the applicant, together witl date of marriage
position in life. leading truitsof cburactor, etc.
This is no humbug, as thousands of test.ruo-
nia's can assert. . She will send, w hen (IchI re-It
a certiued certificate, or written guarantee, the
the picture U what it purports to bo. ly cn-
cloMng a small lock of hair, and stating placo of
birtn, ago, aispotiition ana complexion, ana
enclosing 50 cents aid stamped envelope ad
dieted to yourcclf, you will receive the picture
and desired information by return mai.. All
com nnioa'lons Mcrcdly conlidmliul. Address
In co naence, Maunme x.. jr. Mliornton, r. U
Itox SV. lludion.K. x. novSmt
. Qclicnek's Seaweed Tonic.
fT 1 ! .. , !!..:. ! 1 ,.1 V.. T-- 1 TT '..-..,...
J Ills llicuiuino luvontuu ujr til w. it. uiiicpuk.
of I'hilad'.lphia, is inUiiided to dissolve ho food
and make it inij chyme, (he tnt pre cess of di
gertion. By cleaning the Wuirnch with
Scliunck's Mandrake l'ills, tho Tonie soun ro
tores (he appetiio, nnd food that could no( he
oaten before usini it will be easily digested.
Consumi(ion canm t be cured by Schenck's
Pulmonic Syi up unices the stomach and liver is
made iicnirny arm rre nppotuo resrerca, nonce
(ho 'xouio and hill are required in nearly eve
ry en. i of consumption. A half dozen bottles
of (he SEAWEKI) TOIS'IC and thro or four
boxes ot (he MANDIUKE I'lLLS will euro any
ordinary case of dytptpsia.
Dr. St'henck makes pro'essinntl vi-ifiln Now
York, Bi(on. and ut his principal Oltieo in
Philadelphia every week. See daily papers o
each place, or his pamphlet on coonaumptionatr
ins clave ot visitation.
l'uaso observe, when purchasing, tlint the
(wo likoneteosof tho Doc(or, on9 when i" tbe
last stage of consumption, nnd tho other as he
now is, in perfect health, are on the Govern
ment xamp.
Bold by all iTtipgiKtsan-l ucalors,pnce Jl.au
per b'oUlo.or IT.5U the half dozen. All lei tors
tor advice slioiilu oo sodressed to tir.r-cnen.-K's
Principal Ollleo. No. 15 North C(b at.. Philadel
phia, Pa.
uencrai wnoiccaie tgonts: uemas imrnes
& Co., N. Y.i S. S. Hhiico. Bultimore, Md : J
I). Parke, Cinoinnatl, Ohio; Walker & Taylor,
Chicago ill.; Collins iiros., M. Louis, Mo.
1st w. ca. mo. octzDyl
Dr. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup.
'This meat medicine ourod Dr. J. II. Sehenck,
the proprietor, of Pulmonary iwosumption,
when it had aasumed its most formidable as
pect and when speedy death appeared to be iu
evitublo, His physicians pronounced bis case
incurable, when he commenced tbe use of this
simple but powerful remedy. His health was
restored in a very abort time, ana nr roturn ot
the disease baa been apprehended, for all tho
syn.toms quickly disappeared, and his prosont
wcigbf is more ibaa two hundred.
' Si toe his recovery, he baa devoted bis atten
tion exclusively to the cure of Consumption,
aud tho diseases which are complicated with it,
and the cures tffectcd by his medicines have
been vory numeroussnd truly wonderful. Dr.
Sehenck makes professional visits to reveral
the larucr cities weekly, whoro he has a large
concourse of patients, and it is truly astonishing
to see poor consumptives that have to bo-lifted
on; of their carriages, and in a fow months
healthy, ronuBt persons. JJr. schenck's Pulmo
nic Syrup, Scavced Tonio, and Mandrake Pills
a;e generally all reanired in curing Consump
tion. Fail directions accompany each, so rhnt
anyone can take thorn without seeing Dr.
Sehenck, bnt when it is convenient it is best
see him. He gives ad vico' fiee, but for a tho
rough examination with Lis Hesplrometer his
fee is three dollars.
Ploase observe, when purchasing, that the two
likenesses of the Doctor one when ia the last
stag of Consumption, aid the other as he now
is, in perfect health are on tbe Oov. stamp.
Sold by all Druggists and Denier. rricel,60
per brittle, or $7,tO tbe balf dozen. Letters
for advice should always be diieoted toDr
Schenck's P-incipal Office, No. 15 North 6(h
Street. Philadelphia. Pa. - v
General Wholesale Agents: Demas Barnes
Co., N. Y., H. S. Hance, Baltimore, lid.; John
D. Park. Cincinnati. O : Walker Ss Taylor. Chi
cago, III.; Collins Bros., St. Louis, Mo.8dearay
Vinton Probate Court.
OTICE. Eli Hill, administrator of the
estate of Joseph E. II ill, deceased.
has filed his accounts and vouchers for In-
ejection and final settlement, and that the
same, will be for hearlnsr in the Probate
Court of Vinton countv, Ohio, on Satur
day, the 15tb day of December, a. d. 1806,
at V2 o'clock m. of sold dav. "
nov29 . ., Eichard CBAtoJt'robate Judge.
C&ftA A MONTHI Agents wanted for six en
flp7v tirely new articles, just out. Address
0. T. Gabit, City llnildinj, Biddefori, Me
Marriage nud Celibacy,
Also, Dlaesaes
and Abuses which pre ma lu rely Prostrate the
Vifal Powers, with urn means cf relief. Sent
Free of Charge, in sealed letter envelopes. Ad
dress Dr. J.SK1LL1N HOUGHTON, Howard
Association, Philadelphia, fa. agUyl
Dr. Schenck's Mandrake Pills.
A substitute lor Calomel.
These Fills are composed of varlom roots,
having the power to relax the secretion! of the
liver at promptly ana fenectuaiiy as Dint pin or
mercury, and without i roduciug any of (hose
disagreeable or dangerous effects which ofteo
follow the use or tlie la-tor.
la all bilious disorders those Pills may be
rased with confidence, as they promote the dla
chargo of vitiuted bile, and remove those ob
structions from the liver und biliary ducts wliloh
are the cause or bilious anections in general
Scuenck's Mandrake Tills eure Sick Head
ache, all di-orders of the liver, indicated by
sallow sain, coated tongue, costivnena, arowti-
nes, and a goneral loeling or weariness ani
atsiludc. showing that tho liver la iu a torpid
or obstructed condition.
Ia short, these rills miy be nod with advan
tage iu all cases when a purgativo or alterative
medicine is requiaod.
Please aids tor 1 Dr. Schenck's Mandrake Pills'
and obierie that tbo two likenesses of the Doc
tor are on tbo Government stamp one when in
the latstagoof consumption, und the other in
his present health.
bold oy an urtiggists a.ni dealers, rrice V3
cents per box. Principal Office, No. IS North
fitu elreci, rinludelpliia, Pa.
Ucnerul w liolesale Agents: uomaa names
Co 21 Park Row, NY; 8 8 lnce 108 Baltimore
tt Bali! mure Md; John D Purk N E cor of 4th
and Walnut st Cincinnati Ohio; Walker & Tay.
lor, 131 and 138 Wabash Avenue Chicago 111;
Collins Brotlnrs S W curofSecoud and V ine
ats St Louis Mo. 4a5weamlv
New Uouuty Bill and Pensions.
As passed by Congress JuW 27, 1866,
gives 91U0 additional bounty.
To every honorably discharged soldier
who enlitleii in the armv of the United
States since April 19, 1861, for three years.
and served his term of enlistment anil wiio
has received or was entitled to recieve but
6100 bounty.
To every such eoliiier who nas Dcen (lis
chargfd on occount of wounds received, in
the lino ol duty belore his term or enlist
ment expired.
To the widow, minor children or parents
ii, the nnlfr named, of any such soldier who
died while in the service or from wjunds
received or disease contracted while in the
service of the United States.
To all honorably discharged soldiers who
have served two years under one enlistment
nnd who have received but 100 bounty.
Has also been eranled by a recent law
To widows of soldiers vh have died in
the ermy, or to the children if the widow
has died or re-married--&2 per moutli for
each child under 16 rears of age.
To soldiers who have lost a loot or a hand
or been disabled equal to the luss of a hand
or loot, 815 per month.
Has been granted every officer who was in
commUaiou March 3d. 1365, and resigned
or w as honorably discharged after April 9,
lobo, which is promptly collected by
ii. A. BKAT1UJN,
Authorized Military Cluim-Agent.
Aug. )6, If. . McArthur, Ohio.
To Coiiumittlves.
Tbe adverllsr, having been restored to health
in a few weeks by a very simple remedy, after
naving fullered several years with a severe
lung iircctu, and that dread disease, Con
sumptp is anxious to make known to bis
leiiow-futlerers tne means or cure.
- To all who desire it, he will send a copy of
tbe proscription used, free of charge, with tbe
directions fi r preparing and using the tame,
which (hoy will find a Miro cure for Consump
tion, Asthma, lironohitia, Coughs, Colds, and
all Throu( und Lung Affections. Tbe only ob
ject of '.he advertiser in send ng the Prescrip
tion is to Dentin toe stutctcd ana spread intor-
mution which he conceives to be invaluable,
and he tipper every sufferer will try bis remedy,
as it will cost thorn nothing and may prove a
Parties wishing the Prescription, vrib, by
roturn mail, will please address,
William iburgh, Kings Co., N. Y.
Jannary 11, lSftfl-ly.
ni f trnn
ttfla tJUv ery where to sell our Improved $2
bowing Machines, lliree new Kinds, unde-
and ucpor feed. Sent cn trial. Wairunted
five years. Above i alary or large commissions
paid. Tlio owLr machines rold in the United
mates for less than 40 dollars, which are fully
lieen-eJ by Howe, w houlc A Wilton, Grover
& Baker Sir per & Co., and Bacbelder. All
oher cheap, inacbinea arc iufringemon(s and
the seller or user aro liable to arreat, one and
imprisonment: Illustrated circulars sent free.
Call upon or adliesi, Shaw & Clark, at Bidde
f9rd,Maino, or Chicago, 111. juneT-lrwly
li'ois ol Youth.
A Gentleman who suffered for sears from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
tho effects of youthful indiscretion, rill, for
sake of sufferiue humanity, tend free to all who
need it, the receipt and directions for making
tho simple remedy by which be was cured.
Sufferers wishii g to profit bj the advertiser's
experience, can doao by address ng
joll-lv. Wo, 18 Chambers St., N. Y
Publishod as a benefit and as a caution to
tocno hen and others, who suffe' from nervous
debility, promaturo decay of Manhood, &c,
snnDlvinr a( -thosamo time The means or iilf-
ocbb. ay one wnu nas cored nimseu auer un
dergoing considerable quuekory. isy enclosing
a post-paid addressed envelope, single copies
iroe or ennrao, may no naa oi ine auiuor.
NATHANIEL MAYFA1K, Esq., Brooklyn,
Kings co., new xorK. ieDi-iy
T N rolls Tead to be nailed down, adapted
1 llou?e, Faotories, end buildings of all kinds
construetodof materials that have stood the
test of fifteen years, and manufactured on an
entirely different and better plan than any oth
er composition roofing in use. Secured by pat
ent. Very durable auJ at low price, circu
lars and samples seat free by mail Liberal
terms to agents. Bbadt K otino Co.,
, juneTy V.o. 13 Maiden Lane, New Y rk
Just Fuldished, in a Sealed Envelope.
A LECTURE on the Kature, Treatment, ard
Radical Curo of gpermatonhcea, er Semi
nal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual
Debility , anu impediments (o Marriage genor
ally. Nervousness. Consumption, Epilepsy
and Fita; M r-ntal Hnd Phvaioal Incanaottv. re
suiting 'mm Self-Abuse, &o. By KOBEKT
t'ULVKWX,ii,M. Autboror tbe "Ureen
Book," &o.
The world-renewned author. In this admira'
ble Lecture, clearly proves from his own expe
rience that the awful consequences of Self-
Abase ma be effectually removed without
medioine, and without dangerous surgical op
erations, boogies, instruments, rings, or cordi
als, pointing out a mode of cure at once cer
tain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
.. V - . l I ..!.! I . '
mr.r won iiib cooaiuon may d, may caie
himself cheaply, privately and radically. This
Lecture will prove a boon to thousands and
thousands. ' '
Sent under seal, to any address. In plain
sealed envelope, on receipt of six eents,
two post stamps. Address tne publishers,
CH AS. J. 0. KLINE CO., 127 Bowery,
x ., roet uinoe dox v&e.- '
wfatk I
w I
Smiths', Carpenters', Ma-
cliinesfg' and Coo
pers' Tools.
full Supply of
Also, agents for nil kinds of
fUTEarenow rooeivlng a large stock of
VV aooda usually kept in a Hardware
which we will sell at the loweBt possible prices,
Special Attention raid .to Orders.JSl
J. Doddridge & Son,
ilain Street, (opposife Hawks Store,)
.r ; " - McArthur, 0.
November 1, IS66-tm.
t Bin inducement lo Manufacturers, Me-I
8 an inducement lo Manufacturers, Me-
chaniea and Store-keepers to settle in Z
icsai, and to supply the daily increasing de-
mard fur arricleauf domctttio manufacture and
consumption, the und-raigned offjra to thoso
l.urcbaMug lots of thi Company ( lor the pur
pose of erecting business houses) the following
materials at greatly reduced j rices, and upon
time to suit purchasers :
uaic ara ropier .Lumber in oo per a:
Sningles... 6 00 per M.
Jtli 3 00porM.
Hilck i" qaantit.es of 25.000-. 1 50 per U.
I."U0f 6"xl50 ft, sold at lloOstid upwards.
Also, a mini Let of nicely fii.i l.ul. roinfnra-
ble cottagex, with eviry conveiiiciiee attached,
WKIi enclosed loufoxisu, at 7-o nnl upwards.
norSinS Managing Director Zulerki Co.
J. W. Bradley's Celebrated Patent
(or Donblo Spring)
'T'lle Wonderful Flcxibili'y and groat comfort
a. ana pleasure to any laar wear.ne ine uu
Elox Eliptio Skir'. will be experirnced parti . u
irly in all crowded A asomblies, Uiicras, Carrie
ges, Railroad cars, Church rews, Arm chuirs,
lor i romennuo and llouso dress, us the oki't
can be folded while in r.so to occupy a fmull
space as cattily and conveniently usasilkor
niualin uresn, an ivuIiiablo quality in crino
line, not found in any Singto Bprir Skirt.
A lady having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort
nnd great convenience of wearing the Duplex
fclleptio Mo el Sprii g tkirt for a single duy, will
uevur altcrwards willingly di -peine with their
use. lor children, Miat-ea and Young Ladles
iboy are superior to all dhr.
They will not bend or break like the Sinele
Spring, but will preserve (heir perfect and grace
ful ahupe wber. three or four ordinary skirts
win nave been thrown aside as uielocs. The
hoopi ro cover d with douMa and fwisted
thread, and the bottom rods are notonly double
springs, but twice (or double) coveted: preven
ting them from woaring out when dragging
down stoops, suirs, etc.
Tho Duplex Elliptio is a groat favorite with
all ladles and ia universally recommended by
me reunion Magnziac as the standard skirt of
the Faidiionablo World. .
To enjoy the following Inrclinnble advan
tages in crinoline, viz : Superior uoftty, l'er
feet Manufacture, Siyllah Shape and Fnih,flcx
ibility durability ,comfort and economy, enquiro
for J W Bradley's Duplex Elliptio.or Double Ui'g
Skirt, and be sure you get the genuiue article.
tAOTioM. lo guard agmnsi imposition bj
particular tn nolk-o that skirts offered as 'Du
plex' have the red ink stump, vizt 'J. W. Brad
ley's Elliptio Stcol Sprinen.' urmn the waint-
band rone others are gontiino. Also notice
that every hoop will admit a pin being pasod
throtmh the centre, thus revealimr thn two for
double) epringi braided together thcrein.wbich
is the lecrct of their flexibility and strength . and
a combination not to be lound in any other skin.
xoh dale in an siorea vnoro ursc cirs sairis
are sold throughout the U. 8. and elsewhere.
AlanuiucM by tlio solo owners of tho patont.
8n8 97 Chambers T9 81 Rcadeste. N. Y.
Sheriff's Sale.
In Court of Common rieat
Samuol Carter, llaiitlff.) In Court of
ugainst Com. Pleas.
Robert Ca'ter, et al Defendants, ) Order of sulo
I PURSUANT to the commnnd of ia or
der of sale in the above cause ro me di
rected from the 6Vurt of Cc imnn 1 leas, of the
aforesaid County of Vinton, I will offer at pub
lic sale, at the dror of the Cour t-house, Ic the
town of Mo Arthur, ia aforeiald county of Vin
ton, on
AVcdneslay, December 12th, 18GG,
at tbe hour of one o'clock p.m. of said uoy, the
following discribed lands and teuemontsto wit:
The southwest quarter of section number twen
ty-nlne No. 29J of towuship rmnhorten INo.
I0J or range number nineteen tu. 19 contain
ing one hundred and sixty lCUl acres, situated
in the county of Vinton and State of Ohio.
Tho same to be aMd free of all ineumbrancea.
Appraised as follows, to-wit : Eiuht thous
and dollars 3,000 aud must bring twe-thirds
of that sum.
Terms of SiLx-Ono fhir.l cash In band:
one-third in ona year, and om. third In two
years with Interest oil the dot'erred pamente
Irom day of san, with tho privilege of the
purchaser to piy eald deferred piyments at any
time. JOHN J SI10CKEY.
A. Yaplo, and others. Sheriff V. Co.O
AUysfor Plt'ff. Nov. 8,Jw, pf 1170
Vinton Probate Court.
VT OTICE.- II. C. & T. W. Kobb ns. Exocu-
1.1 tors of tho estuto of Joh'i Itiihhins. dco'd.
havo filed their acrounts and Vouchors in the
l'robute Cour of Vinton tVur.y. Ohio, for in
spection and final settlement, and that tho same
will he for hearing in fuid Court, on Srturday
the 21th day of November, a d 1800, it 11 o'
clock, a m of said day Uuted November 6th,
adl8G. IUCllAKD CKA10, l'ro. Judge.
Vinton Probate Court.
NOTICE.-Diah B. Cowdcry, guardian of
Mary C. and Ilur'iet Mcl'unnll has filed
kis accounts and vouchers for inrpectiun and
settlement in tho Probate Co"r of Vinton coun
ty, Ohio, and that the same will be for bearing
in said oourt on Saturday tbo 24h day of Nov
eraser, a d 16B6. Dated Kovomhcr 8th, a d ISM.
3vr KIUIMKU t'KitlU, fro. Judgo.
Camp, the Battle Field, and
the Hospital,
and Shadows of the
Great llcbellion.
Ileroic, Patriotic, Ilomantic, Humorous, ami
Tragical, tplendidly Illustrated viith
over 100 Ine Portrait and lieautijul
flHIS work fur genial humor, tender pa
JL thos, startling interest, and attractive
beauty, stands peerless and alone among all
its competitors. The Valiant and Brave
Hnarted, the Picturesque anil Dramatic, the
Witty and Marvelous, tho Tender and ra
ttielic. The Boll of Fame and Story,
Camp, Picket, Spy, Scout. Bivouac, and
Siege, Si artling Surprises, Wonderful Es
capes, Famous Words and Deed ol uo-
inan, and the whole Finorama of the Hor
are here thrillingly portrayed in a matterly
manner, at once historical and romantic,
rendering it the most ample, brilliant, and
readable book that the war hi.8 ca llrd lorth.
Amusement as well ss instruction can
found in eveiy page, as graphic detail, hril
iant wit. and authentic history are skillful
lyinterwpvcn in this work of literary art.
Tins oi k sells Uteli. ine people
tired of dry details andptrtizan works, and
want something humorous and n-mantio.
We hive agents clearing over $2UU
month. Send for circulars, and see
terms and proof of the above assertion.
Address, 8. F. JUN KIN & CO.,
nov22 173 Race Street, Cincinnati, J
V Yintou Probate Court.
lVTOTICE.-Samuel- K. D&rby, Guardian
ll Britain" D. Fry and Luorutia Fry legal
heirs ef Henry Jfry deceased. Has meet b.sau
counts and vouchers iu tbe Probato Court
Vinton county. Ohio, Mr inspection and
settlement, sad that the same will be tor hear
ing in said Court on he lTtb day of November,
a. d. 1S6S, at 11 oVlocK or saidday .. Dated
November lsta 4 l6tf .
novlwt BI.IUKD CRAin, Ft; Jndgo
Adwtipe Is the KEOOKD,
The old, the young, tlio middle aged unite to praise)
It It an entirely new scientific discovery, combining;
many of the most powerful and restorative agent
iu the ttjtiablt kingdom.
We have such confidence In Ita merits, aad art .
so lure It will do all we claim for it, that w offer
$1,000 Rcvfard,
If the Sicilian Haib IUkbwcr does not give oat
isfaction iu ail cruet when used ia ttrict accord
ance with our instructions.
Vegetable Sicilian Hair Jlenewer
hoi proved itself to be tbe most perfect prepeawtion
for the lluir ever offered to the public.
It it a vegetable compound, and contain ao
Injurious properties whatever.
. It it not a Dve, It strike, at the Roots and AO
the glands with 'now life and coloring matter.
It rtl! hetp tin Ualr from falUg out. ,
It cleamet tin Scalp, nnd maktl tk4 Boer
No person, old or young should full to use It
It is reenmmtndul and ttieu 4y tit FJltST MD
YjT" Ask for Hall's Veoetablb Siciua
Daik Re.nkwer, and take no otlier.
The Proprietors offer the Siciliaw Hai Bb
iibwbii to tbe public, entirely confident that it will
bring back the hair to itt original color, prorooU it
growth, and ia nearly all cases wber it has fallen
off will restore it tuUett the person It very aged.
It. P. HALL & CO. Proprietors,
Nashua, N. S
tS Sold by all DruggUts.
and are tbe lt Toole
in Hie world.
Costlveneas, and all di
eases of the bowels.
5$ .r
anil all dieaM aris!n
lrom iniur oiooa.
. 4.
Druggists and Dealers U.
, ratent Medicines
' (Saccoasors to Dr. a W. Roback
' ' f 1 eotx PKpPRtETOBs; ' V:
K0w 86, 68,604; 62 EastTlilrdBt.

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