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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 13, 1866, Image 4

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Mast$ JrkmWionts Sale
rjproltTnlleyiriirnacc Prop
iJOTiqS"lS HEREBY. GlVEl, that
AV,tiifc nwrlersigned Special Master, Con.-
ibie6ior.er, appointed hv lite rourf -crt" com
BiflHeW, jjhir. and foiyintori county,
, iMo, In ale!ufel pending in '- said; court,
I wherein Hiram G. Daniel mid Yiljtam I
4 Itlbbuin. partners, doing , business .under
'tbCnsm and st I e of Daniel ct'KatnDurn,
n plaioufjs, and tbeJronValley Furnace
Comoroi i(idT.ol.es. te, defcuilitits, will,
byWue of wfORDRR Of SALE, issued
Jtom said .courti in said cause, :pd -to.bim
directed s e,uch fcHpecial Master Coinmls-
iioner, jJ)i)btp'tlurk: P. J.Jon l!
effezlor iilsval pub,lic auction a.t the door
ffie CQuitlUivEeynjilif jrijr McAr
ind fn rfald "Vinton 'couny.-the'followiiig
, Mil estate, .,
."The t ha1T ind' the et' half of the
' wilt half. ' and ' lt nonh- weit quar
,,,,11, of -the north west , quarter of Sec
i tiorxNumber One (1), the eait half of lli
northwest quarter of SecticyiNym'jer Two
(a)',1!!! butli-pst ff Of the liorlhoast
...quarter-of, b'ewtioa - Nuu.ber Three (3), the.
I south bslf. of I lie southwest quarter of Sec
tion Nowber Four (4), Ibe south half of the
southeesl ; qasrfer, she-east half of the
southwest quarter of. .Section Nuniber.Five
l()Vllie'nofibe6t quarter of the northwest
r Quarter; th north half and southeast quar
ter of the nuithent quarter and the north
Ctf Mat fiuarter af the toutbtaat quarter of Sec
tion Number Elfchl (8), the m.ribst,quar-
lit", liie north half of the southwest quarter,
tlii north half of he southeast quarter, and
Oltha SoUth '6lf or the' northeast quarter of
Beclidfc Naaibei Nine (9), the north half of
.4he teulhwttt quarter, ike southeast quarter
of ifie southwest quarter, (he south half of
the nbitliw-fiut; tire northeast quarter of the
uortueuf quarter,' tlte northwest quarter of,
tTUenontieait quaiter or Bee tioir Number
Ten (10), the northeast quarter of ' the
j! noriheait quarter ind the northeaet quarter
' ' el the souiheast quarter of Section dumber
Eleven (11), lite north halt of the .north
bin, ma uie eouwiivrsi quarter oi we eouin.
wesl quarter of ISrciion' Number Twelve
V:j.i2);in i Township Number Nine (9) and
, .'jUnge Number Seventeen (17). The uortt
bkir, aim Uie eouttmrtt quarter ol ttieaoutli
i north
rial quarter of Section Number Thirty-four
-"(34), the northwest quarfer, the southeast
, quarter, the eit baif of the auuthn ot quar
' let and twe'nty-flve 'acies off of ihe1 south
tide of the southwest quarter of the north
nat quarter of Section Nomber Thlftyfive
- 35, (he went half of the snuthweit quar
trr, tlfttittl MtlfMjftiinortfweet quarter
the (qpthepl tjibrler of Mbe'tjorttieaef quar
ter, and the 'northeast quarter of the south-HtuTTlrrof-iicHujr
36)Sr(lajn TawmliinNuihirTeii (10)
UiabjfivJluniber Stkinteu U), allot
the foregoing described lamia' eifualed iu
ckeonicQunljf.in thrSuteof Ohio.
Wnd also (h following? premitteiEituated
inlaid (oTStj"ftf.VintuU, hi the State of
Ory6ind bounded and dtscrthed af (ollows,
tOit, i I , '.. - - ! '
"Te wtst half and thi soutlj.half of the
VUthoastiquartcr of Section Number Tliir
ly;one,l3f 1, the wen half ol tiecfion Num
ba'TerJyfiv '- (5), TownsWnvAumber
Nioe'p) and' Rang NufcWr Sixteen (16,
tlie neat half.af Section Number Thirty
(JO, Hie nortiieasr' quarter and we north
til of the aoutlity, quarter of Section
umbor Thirty aix (3tj, the uudiuded two
Ibiida of the nortbeaA quarter -tit Sectiou
Wurnber' Thirty l30J,ftbe undividVd two
Ihtirdi'of 4j weit- half of SecfioffNtttnber
Tbirtrsix (88). f TrBah(p Nuff.lKr Eight
18 Range Number Sixeen 16). '
'.4'" following -tract, Beginning at
the.norlhweat corner of the norllitrJit q uar
tr V.Sefctfotf Number;' TwentyTiye 12 1,
Townshin Nine. II), .iui.i.Range uuitwr
Sixteen 16, thence cast forty rcda, iltence
Mu ill One hundred noV sixtjr rods), thence
West forty rods, thence north one hundred
pnUaixty cods, tu the beginning.-'
Alia thJsoutlteist quarter of the north
ait quarter and the northeast quarter of the
southeast quarter of Section NumbefTwen
tyeix (26)x the southwest. quarter of the
suutlieaat quarter of Section Number Twen
ttsererf (27).. of Township. Number Teu
110 knd Kimee .Number Seventeen (17).
4lio the following, to wit, Beginning on
the lection line OCvidlfig Section. No. 31
nd Section No. 25, of lowmhip No'. 9 and
itanfce Not )6, llorrsaiil where the Staie
toed creEset sail line, tjience south fourteen
chains and fbrtyiwo links, thence west 20
cbaintnd thirtyfuur lyiks, thence north 8
shims and six links io the State road, thence
with he State road north ;serenty three de
grees, east twenty chains and seventy two
links to the, beginning, and, -alao : all other
landi belonging io the laid Iron ' Valley
Furnace Cuiiiiany','iiuted ;n Mjj VinUm
and Jackson ceunliei, by which said gener
al description are included, ia-addition to
Ilia lands hereinbefore particularly described,
the follo'vinft jands, to.wit,.TIie northwest
quarter of tiie.goutbwei't quarter of Section
Number Twelve (12), 'Township Number
Nint, of R ngq Number Seventeen, con
taining forty acres) and the southeast quar
ter of the norihwf at quarter of Section No.
Eight (6)df of; Township No. Nine, of Jlange
No. Strvenleen, containing forty acres, more
or less, situated in the said county of Jack
son, and also the north half of the' north
west quarter of Section Number Thirtyfour,
Township .Number Ten, of Range Number
Seventeen, containing eighty acres, more or
less, situated in said county of Vinton.
Tbe said premises, so described as afore
said, lobe cold as an entirety, but subject
to a lease given by aaid Iron Valley Furnace
Company to William McGhee, and expir
ing Hay Jef. a. d. 1867, with tbe . privilege
to the purchaser', at any liirie after Ihesale,
' te enter up oft the premise tpr tbe purpose
of cutting wood and digging ore, or doing
. eiiytrther tiling necessary to ptovido the
Aw material preparatory to operating said
. furtwee for' the blast next following said
- May 1st; 167, but sucb entry i and the par
Hal poisessrbn of laid premises for did pur
posesv shall be so saade ind held as not to
interfere with the possession and beneficial
use of said premises by tbe said lessee dur
ing the con.tipti.ance pf aid Jrasej.-nud shall
be subject te the contingency of a confirm
. . i6oB 0d'Ali bytoktedurti'uUin the
CTent'Stidish )fct jbeiai.'Criifirmed, then
he laid wood or other raw material so pro
rvllWfclsilcI M'cliaa'er; shall Mreko the
benefit of said Jroo-Valley Furnace Com
.Pf?) ' n,?K"-er.,'f"lrt! order
muu vvetuori.pi tuuevuu, wii saia purcu
aser shall Jae a tiea thereoa prior fo all
.tthera lee; hii icjualccand';eipenes in-
eurM I fM pRrcufteMt iH ereparaf toi
of sal I wooJ, bra and oUih Jaiateiialwlth
fntereei thereon I row the lime of incurring
the same, t " ' V .? r
Said bremisea are appraised as srf enti
at the turn of 8ix(y-tto Thousand and'
iv dollara rr,2.01O 001. and must b
Iwo-thirds ol that sun. i'AV
letnis ol sale. casn. . . , .
'insEfH J.'MfTjtlwn.f. '
, Special Master Commissioner
1 iio23w5 ' i '
Bncknar, adrar.'of 7a' Vjnton oounty,
Willis LaachtdeoM. vlff.. I Uiria.ffobata Oonrt-
i i ; vs. . , , i i'il'etition loacll laadf
Wary Loach, lJiv,'atalV tops; dvbta. ,
trie nair:m law or aoco r ' ' '
doftr.K i l l ''!-
M'AKY LKACll, widowlof Willis Ltxih.lato
of Vinton eorlnty, Ofiro,-deoeaiied,-MarT,
intermarrlod wirh Lewi ftra, Thomas I.aavn,
Khada, intermarried with : Juseph B. Mullen,
Iwia W". Leach, Lonlsa . inUrmarrlod with
Kobcrt Uuckuar, aaJ. Sarah A., 1itarmarriad
with Hubert A. Byrd. all residing In Wood
cconty, West Vl'ijinia; Goorg A. Ltch, Jaa.
II. Luach', MariaiDna A'i InUrma'rUd with
Nllho1as;P. Ptfler', all reld!n fn Vinton tfrtin
ty.Ohlo; aid Loririda C Leach, widow of John
ll. Leacb, doctasdi late of Joparoauptr. Iowa,
and iIm uoknown hoira at law of Buid Joba B
Leacb.'deceiued': . f
r ' . .. . . . i'
That' Robert. - Buck nor, adrniniatrator or said
WilIU Loach, deceased, on the 17th da of No
vember, a, tl. ISM, filed bla petition la the aali
l'robute CodrT, within and' lor Uio sakf tevtly
of Vinton, alleging- that lie poraonal estate and
tffuctsr aaid. tUtudent ara . inefficient to piy
bis debt and the charges of adminiktoriny his
cslaro; that he died acized In foe aimpl of the
following dAecribad renl estate, situ ale lb aaid
coonty of Vinton, Ohio, to wit i
- The nortb-east quarter of. he soath-weat
quarter' of Section Number Ninoteen (IS), In
township number' ten (1C) of range nnmbsr
seventeen (17) containing .forty-eight acree
mora or Ws,'aubjoct to sale at Cliilllcoiha land
AUo.ln-lo niimbor fourteen Mil and nnrt-
ber thirty seven (87) in the town of Hamden.ol
Villon county, lliWi that uud alary Ixiaon aa
widow of uid dtoodonf la entitled tu dower In
said prerulfes aad that above; named hairs at
law bold the near estate of inheritance therein.
1 lie prayer of said petition ia for'the align
ment of dower to said Mary Leach widow aa
aforesaid, an for the rale of aald piemlaes,
aubjoet te ruch dower estate, for the payments
of the debts and charge satorcraid.
Said petition will be for hearing on the 15th
day ot Decembor, a. d. 1866, or aa soon (here
after as counsel can be heard.
of Willis Leach, deeoasod.
, E. A.Bratten.atty. forret'r.. ,.. 'nov82w4
J. W. Bradley's Celebrated Patent
(or Double Spring)
Tile Wonderful Floxibill'y and great comfort
and pleaMire to any lady wearing the Du
ple Kliptio Skir' will be exporioiicod particu
larly in all crowded Awnmblies, Operas, Carrie
ges, Kailroad can,, Church rews, Arm chain,
for l'romende and House dress, as the Ski't,
can be folded while in cso to occupy a rmall
space -as easily and conveniently asasilkor
nmslin dress, an invaluable onality in orlno-.
lino, not found in any 6ingle Spring Skirt.
A lady having enjoyed the pleaaure, comfort
and grout coavonlbuce of wearing the Duplex
Lllcptio Stocl Spring Skirt for aaingle day. will
never attorwanfs willingly dispense with tbelr
uo. .JTor children. Muiaes and Young Litdlea
they irs snperio'r t all ether. .,- j
They will hot bend" or1 break Tike the Single
Spring, but will preserve (heir perfoctand grace
ful alupo wher. three or four ordinary skirta
will have been thrown aaido as neelens. The
hoops are cover d with double and (wmtod
thread, and the bottom roda are not only donble
spring, but tvice(ordouble)coreied: preven
ting them from wearing out when dragging
down stoops, sliilra. etc.
Tbe Duplex Elllptlo Is a great favorite with
all Indies and is universally recommended by
the Fashion Magnzineaaa the Standard Skirt of
the Fashionable World.
Te enjoy the following inestimable advan
tages in crinoline, vis : Superior QnaHty, Per
fect Manufacture, Stylish Shape and Knifh. flex
ibility durability .comfort and economy, enquire
for J W Bradley'aDnplexEllipticorDoubleKi'g
Skirt. and be anreyou got the gonuino article.
Caution. To guard against imposition be
particular to notice that itkirta offered as 'Du
plax' have the red ink stamp, vis: 'J. W. Brod
Uy'a Elliptic Steel Springa,! upon the waist
bandcone others are genuine. Also notice
that every hoop will admit a pin being pasned
through the centre, thus revealing the two (or
double) springs braided together therein, which
is the secret of their flexibility and strength. and
a combination not to be found in any other skirt.
Fob Kalk in all stores where flrtt class skirts
aro sold throughout the U. S. and elsowhere.
ManumcM by the sole owners of the pati i
8nS 97 Chambers a 7!) a 81 Roadests. N. 1
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the lloNpital,
Lights and Shadows of the
Great Rebellion.
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Tragical. Splendidly Illustrated with
orer 100 fine Portraits and Beautiful
ri"HIS work for genial humor, tender pa
JL thos, startling interest, and attractive
beauty, stands peerless and alone among ill
its competitors. The Valiant and Brave
Hearted, the Picturesque and Dramatic, the
Witty and Marvelous, the Tender and Pa
thetic. The-Roll of Fame and Story,
Camp, Picket, Spy, Scout. ; Bivouac, ' and
Siege, Startling Surprises,- Wonderful Es
capes, Famous Words and Deed) of Wo
man, and the whole Pjnorama of the War
are here thrillingly portrayed in a ViaUerly
manner, at once historical and romantic,
rendering it the must ample, brilliant, and
readable book that thd war hts called forth.
Amusement as well as instruction can be
found in every page, is graphic detail, bril
iant wit. and authentic history are ikillful
Ij'inteiwovcn in this work of literary art.
This irerk sells itself. The people aie
tired of dry details and partizan works', end
twain eonietmne humorous aud n-mantie.
We hive egents clearing orer 200 per
month. Send for circulars, and sea - our
lormi and proof of the above assertion. .
Address, S. F. JUNKlN & CO.. '
nov22 173 Race Street, Cincinnati, 0.
Legal Notice.
The State of Ohio. Vinton Co.:
IT-nuklin II. Chidester.) Before 8. C. Clair.
' , Ex parte.) Com. of Insolve'ts
NOTICE is herebv given, that Franklin
II. Chidester or said Vinton countv.
hits applied to me, S. C. ('use. Comutiasioner
of Insolvents for said Vinton county, for
the benefit of the insolvent laws, ana that
he has complied with the requirements ot
the statutes in sucb made and provided;
That 1 will .file in the Court of Common
Fleas for snld county, on or beore Uie first
daypf the nett term ol said court, the
sc1 ueu uics, lnveniorr. onin . ana otner nec
essary papers lu said application. ;' t
tu. A. 11RATTON, . B. V. CABE, r,
Att'y for appl't. Com. of Insolvents.
Not. 22, 1166-dw. Vmtoa Co. 0
iEV CMllG. SI01.E
M' ARTHUR, .0.
In WW Building, room formerly occupied
ty J, r. uxmkit. i .
yllE undersigned wishoa toiay to the people
L or Vinton county ana ira punno gcoerAiiy
thai he haa opened out ', ,
Gents Furnishing Goods,
ot every description,
Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes
for Ladies and Gents; !
trunks; valises, &c, ,
which ha la'detcrmlned to sell at tbe
' ""IIT Is ST'ffCK' 1 ,
Before Purcliasing Else
where! oct25m3 IIENIiy ItlCnMAX.' !
H AS just returned from Columbas with ad
dltioual facilities for
. OLD,
'f t
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes,
x noiograpns, or
and making them as I'EUFECT aa pictures
if you want any kind of a picture, front
MiNUTDBito Lirn Size, go to Billinghnrsi'a
Photograph and Fine Arr Gallery in Mo Arthur.
Photographs colored in Oil, Watir Color",
India Ink. and flnibhed in tbe hiirhest atyle
of art.
(Plotnres,taken In all kinds of. weather-. .
Ilia present atnoa of A bums will be sold at
cost. J'hotographl of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman
and others; also, Lockets, flue, fold Pens and
Finger Kings for isle. ''
Pictures of all silts fraiaed to order.
McArthur, Ohio, August If, 13 8. If
Uulberts Cor Opposite Court-house,
Drugs, Medicines,
and Chemicals,
MISSES Supporters,, and 8boo1der ' Braces,
Glass. Pnrtv. Paints'. Oiln. V.mlihA. .n
Dye Stuffs, etc, Patent Medicines of every vu-
riatV. I'utwr. Pitnolla. Pnpt KlnnlM ln.i. C
lios, Envelopes and a general variety ol fancy
Manufacturers ot PhotocrraDliic
Materials, '
v 501 BKOADWAY, N. Y.
In sdditlon to onr main bnsinoss'of PHOTO-
GRAPHIC MATERIALS, we are Heaoquartera
for the following, vis :
Stereoscopes Ss Stereoscopic Views
Of American and Foreign Chios" and Land
scapes, uronpa, etaiuary, etc.
Stereoscopic Views of the War,
From negatives mad in the various camraigni
and forming a complete Photograpbio .history
of the grei t contee
Stereoscopic Views on Glass,
Adapted for oithet tbe Magic Lantern or the
Sterovcope. Our Catalogue will be sent to any
eddremxn receipt of Stamp.
Photographic Albums. ,
We manufacture more largely than any other
honae, about 200 varietiea from to centa to f 50
each. Oar ALBUMS ha e (he reputation of be
ing snporior In beanty and durability to any
Card Photographs of Generals,
Statesmen, Actors, etc,, etc.
Our Catalogue embraces over FIVE THOUS
AND different subjects. inoludinff renrodnciions
of the inoet celebra'cd Engraving. Paintings.
Bt a' aes, -eto- -Catalogue aea? aa receipt cf
, Photographers and others ordcrlnir a-noda 11.
O. V; will please remit 35 per cent of the
amonnt with their order.
3r7"Tha pria.a and quality of our good scan.
notfalltosatUfy. ... ;v,, (Jun3l,'6-ly,
111 Dlil
Vinton Probate Court.
TOTICE. Eli Hill, administrator of the
I 1 estate of Joseph E. Jlill, deceased,
haa filed hla Accounts and vmrnhon fa In.
spectton and final settlement, and that the
same will be for bearing tn the Probate
court or virion county, unio,on batur
day, the 15th day of December, a. p. 1806,
at in o ciock at. oi sum uay.
Dov28 Rici aw CiuioProbite Judge.
fyAt l&ti frrahf
Iisrit'luW! . .
avrf tfu-a latg
laltar W tor '
1 ' S eant alaoipa. 1
UEBf, M.D .Dr kUUENi WfLPKVU.-lr,
The National Dispeiisarvi blishtd 1859.
LX jeara of uarivallad auoooaa-'u the ere of
kj every for or private Utaeaa incident to
either sex. ,;. . ,. , , IT . ;. ' ,
Wa nfallibly cots SyphiUii. Gleet, Gonor
rlioca, Jmpo ency, Noctnrual and Diornal Era
lsaions rcimplaiuts iculiar to females, and ev
ery form oi private .diaesra of whatever name
or nature Spermatorrhea or Self-abuse, that
. , -cues:: or uodeun l'amiuod.,.
eosiiy'and apeedily cored and every trace of Its
torrlbio oJlegp eraeioiudf,lfora tne system.
Without dleution from bisiueas., Young men
boar this lu, mind, that we are ln roaseviion ot
the Sccrot kecoiptunnd ruethoila of piaeiice of
i uiverwau,iaiiemana. uunier. t eipcau. eon.
Iiirord and othei great I ghtk. in aiotlern niedi
cal science; for it (a a fact of the! very gruoteet
ImiiorUncQ, and we would ask any ' man of a
e rage common sense bow can Ilia thousand and
one shallow pretenders of tbo day, with' their
feeble inefficient remedies kope io compete with
nsf '
, Ye nnfortucate:ere trnstinc voar naaJih and
money to hoar tl ope chrLiUns, at Ieait writo to
Urs. Jackson. Herbert Co., who win at once
etnrn you a kind, discreet ai,d updcll acswer.
radles, write for nnr olieulnr.- ' '
Dr Jackson's Female Monthly . Pills, for Ir-
resularitlox. . Price I nor box.
The Mountain of Litiht ot Medical Protector
ana aiamnge uuiae, ana an expuo t aox io
Love aud Bean(y. Contolniiig Si'O pages and
loo plates. fiTThls is TilE book you want;
pr ce SSccnt; 8 for tl.
cnt ror cur spienaia circular containing
rncro in Quantity and of fur superior Quality to
any of the so-called "pamphleta." Beimtmber
that we send a written reply to e'very letter,
expoclnlly adapted to the pirlicnlar c.ise under
oonnid()rtloti, becnuse In tho nature of thiugs
each cose differs from every other.'
romovesall onldness and diahllity, and rejuv
en a ea organs which have lain dormant for
mnny years.
Dr. Jackson's French Patent Male Safe,
is peifuctly safeand never fails to give sniinl'no
tlon. It is the onlv sure and aufe prevenfalive
against contracting disease ever invented.
Prlco fl each, pe half dozen ft, and per doz
en IT, sent by mall." ' , '
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reform. but have found It ditUcult to retrain,
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liquor, by using Dr. Ucrboit's Anti-Alcoholic
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anco; write forpartlculars.
meaicine ana insiiucuons sent prompuy to
any part of the country. Conniltlng Rooms of
the Dispensary, No. 167 Sycamore etroet. Cm
clnnatl.O. T. 0. Box, Ho. 480. Send for cir
cular. .. junt7y
It I JSli'S
G RAT-HE ADED people hare their looks re
stored by it to 'the durk, lustrous, silken
trexses of youth, and are happy ' .
Young pejler with light, laded or red hair,
have these nufaHhlonrtbla eolora changed to a
beauiful anburn, ana Rejoice 1 ,
People whose heads are covered with dand
ruff and humors, nse is. end have clsun coats
aud clear an it healthy scalps 1 '!)
iinid-headed yoterana bare tbe(r- ishiaintng
loeka tightened, and the bare epoxcovured
with a luxuriant rrewtb of hairi aud danca tor
joyi. ; ' -- f .- . i ,
lonng genUamcn use It beefcuse iris richly
perfumed I - j ,:!'.-
Young ladles' n?e' It because it keana it.ati
LaiNjn place I - i ' . . '
veff body must and ill use It.beeluse It l
the clesaest ast boat article in the markot I
.'. :.'.(
ForSalo by Drugrglsts Genfcrally.
From Ilor . Warren Chase, the L ofuror.
Wy rac.aiid wjbiskers have been 'ittfeny years
gray. ' King's Vegetable Ambrosia" has re
slored both to their original olor, black, and
covered tho bsldnexa oi the top of my head
with a fine growth of black Lair. I huve sev
eral frlonds who have usod it with the same
results, and I cordially recommend it ns one of
the few medicines that will do what its labola
and ciro tiers claim for It.
October. 1865. , Wabhen Chase.
E. M Tubbs & Co.. Prooriotors. P elflrhnrn1
New Hampshire. .A B Morriam & Co., Whole
sale Agaats, Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr J 8 Strong
Agent, UcArthur.Obio. may3l-ly .
n RKaT combined talcntot
RiirnnA mil Amov-n un
the men to consult : Ors. Bon-
HnnrtA Ar. Pu.nnl.U n, nod
8ycBinore street, Cincinnati, ia the only odlce
in the tity whore a permanent cure of private
Diseasea can be hod withont the use of murcory
or change of diet. We guarantee to cure Goswr
l.oea, Glow, typhilis, Impotincy, Nocturnal
Knilunlnna. nr Rnlf. Ahnu. ltl,,....! Vn.t..in...
' ' ..Mwm., .'I... ii u Ajiiiinniiriiif,
Female complaints, in short, every possible
lurni unu vuiiuiy or eexuoi ir-aeooe. Cures
rapid, th ougb and povmanenl: and fees mo te.
rate. Come one Come all.
Gheat klDicAL oiBCDLAB sent for two 1 nent
t bsncii safes A anro preventative to d!seao.
Plica. SI each, or three for mi! n f . .i...n
Sent by msil.
Dr. B.'e Invigoratinf, Llnlraint, Price; 2 CO
por botle. ,
to uxalth, is beneficial to all, male and female
tho old aud young, should read this book. It
will enlighten those who grope in darkness.
PrlcejMa by mail, mountain of light one dollar.
- N. B. To the ladies. No Lady ahnnld be
without Mad. Lozier-a Female Monthly Pills--a
safe and effectual remedy tor all irregulnritiee
and ohstractlnn, from whatever oause. Prioe
one dollar a box; extra fine flue dollars. Cum
manicatinna by mail entirely tonfidential. Is
letters will be anawered nnfiwe they contain a
remittance or a poatacs stamp. Call nr address.
ii9, su.uraaii,oE Sinui.UB,
181 Byesmoro St ,bot. Fifth and Sixth. es- sido
Cincinnal. O. ' Office hours. 6 A. M. to f P. M.
An Invention of Itare Merit 1
'" -' - - -"- ' '-' ''-AMawaraiswt'''- -
that will nor bhu ; :
- BT HEAT, r r .'
?.kJL" -moke. !
r fwi bqc not too.
heavy t ia eaeily oleane br
most pereot, Ohltuneyknown
-and i fut auperseding all
there where luta beea in,
troduoed. i , .
without them.
1 1'. y Wartwsa SU, X, T4 :
: I1EMAINING in the Put nffir..r v..
XV Arthur.i 0., October 31, l886i"; i
Blodgelt Cept h L 1 Israel F M ' :l '1"
Dopde V A r ' Lewellan JW";''""' ,
r. .... r , , i ' . . h- t t
Mwyen uavia jncwourt 1,'atrjarine
Hook Mrs Elizabeth' Rhine1 Willie n ;
Hunt! Mrs A ;,;;; ' Vsnbook Mrs Hannah
narueaiy neison,!. vannooa Mr mm ,
" . M. WDD, P.
rFrom tha New York tefiii 1
ilnrntOTgririprhantCal tr i-
umphs olrflii ,'tdosl ifigdntoMs'ge, com
mon honew eomiiels its' Ibnetlee the Em
pire Bevrinj Machine, commended as iiU
' A'i3"I'(1tPtiiilfl fc'JTwfuI as hays
bejjii (.lie various , sewing machines, atom
time to time presented to the public? each
one of them ' has been' i cursed aeth come
radical defect.'n-hieh detracts from genera)
ilillty.' 'Warnetl by 'he experience of hii
predecessors, the Jnyentgr of . the .Empire
Maebiue Iws produced an instrument, com
bining all the-advatttnget for which others
ere fa tinted, and obviating ' every delert
fyhlth cun be' atlributpj'lo' ihern by the
most fastidious critic, , '.',.',' ..' j . , i ! 1
' Thi Empire Macnine i&i msrrellous com
buistion of simplicity, economy knd berfectj
worKmaii3nrp, petng tturaoie, tree rrotns li
bility to get out of order, nolsele'so, and'ea.
sy o operation., Its ., mechanical cqntii
vance is such as to secure stability, free
dom frorai accident, and naerrtracy as Io
wotkmanshiDa .Br the Uie of the nst'ented
shuttle ami straiglit needle if makes,
Sillclt,' whicti can netffler, , tip, nor ravel
v.iite,.af. the jams limet. il.' cun o)erare
perfpetly iiMin-overy Bjiecies of material
Irom leather to cambric," with'lhreuds of
cotton', lined or silkr. fiom the fiaestto the
coarsest' number.'; 1 .'
A the Empire , Machine ..is gradually
mpplaniing iu more antique rivals, no
'ode In want of a more uselij iestrument
Of this description, be lie or the tailor;
roachmaker. dressmaker or'seamstresa,;can
do otherwise, than tee lire of these econom
ical and inimitable ' machines, suited alike
for family and ' manufacturing purposes.
The . ' office 'ol the Empire Manufacturing
Co, Is al , Nq. 536 Broidway, New York
City, whew they art) now supplying these
Empire Machines at prices tur below the
lealv-oliie tof the Instruments. New York
Herald. . ' .
November .30 1 865-1 y . ,
Grovesteen &. Co.,
499 ISrondnay, civ York.
Tus attention pf the Public and the trade
is invited to our N Scalb 7 OCTAVE
for volume and nnritv of tone are nn rivnll.
ed-.-by any hitherto ffoered in this market.
t ney u)niruii ait ,tne . motte r n improvements
French, Qrundvvlciion, Harp Pedal, Iron
Frame overstrung Buss etc and each initru
meht bein mule Ihe personal supervision
of Mr. J. H. Qkovepieeh who has has a
practical experience of over 3 years in their
manufacture 13 fully warranted in every par
ticular. . . , ,. '
Tbo "Grovpgteon Piano Fortes" ns
'ceivetl tho a frurd of merit over! nil
others' at tbo celubrated Worlcla
'.'Pair, -V1;:'"' .' i , ;
'AVIiere were'extilbited .instruments' fr?m
the best, makers of London.-Pgris. Germany
Philadrlphis. Baltimore.' Boston and New
York: and also at the American lnstufute
for five successive yesra, the gold aud silver
meduU from. bbfh, p( wbicli s can be seen it
our ware-rixim, ,i , . . .,, , .-. ;
n Ity the tiiterod uction of Improvements we
make a Hill more perlect Piuno Forte, and
by inahufai jUfing ' largely, , with a strictly
cash system,, are enabled to ofl'er these in
struments it a price which will preclude ull
competition. '
pBtcE-No, l.Siveo Octave, round .cqrners
' ' KofewQod plain case $275. )
i No,. 3, Seven Octave, round cohier,
Rosewood heavy moulding 1300-
No. 3, Seven Octave round corners
'! Ho-ev ood LoiiW XIV sivl ft.las.
T7rmt: Net Cuatt luCiirreii Eituds,
' Dec. 7ih 1865-lyr
A. ft C,
' - IN x I
ewing machines
liint- !nttllc .TJachiat'.
Salesroom, 536 Broadway N. Y, 250
II 'uHhinglon St. Lonlon. 921 Chestnut St.,
Philadri'pkio. '
1M118 MACHINE, isconntructed on entirely
. now principles of mochanlnm, poi-sosslng
many rare tnd vnhiublu iniprovemoms, having
jeen oxftmlnvd by the most profound expeits,
and pronounoed to be r
It has a straight needle, poi pendlcnlar cl lor.
make the "Lock or Shuttle Stieb,' whioh will
Niitukb Rip nor Rvkl, and ia alike on both
sides; performs perfeu. sewing on every des. rip
flo of materfl, from Leather to the 6net Nun
sook Musilno, with cotton .linen or silk thrrad,
from the coarsest to tbe finest nnmher. 1
Having neithor Cam nor Coo Wmii, and the
leant . poiwiblo friction, It runs at smooth aa
gluaiidiiomphalicelly a i
;. I requiree Fitt rxs oent. ttae rowxn to
drive it then any other machine in the marks",
a girl eleven years of age can work it steadily,
without fatigue or Injury to health. ,
Its strength and wondebvol1 simplicity of
construction, renders it almost Impossible tr
get out or order, .and . is ooarbanted by the
company to give entire aatixfactiou.
We respectfully invite all those who may do
sire to supply themxelvKS ait ha superior arti
cle to come and examine this UNBiVALLkD Ma
chine. . ' ' . i
One half hours instruction is sufficient, t
enable any person to work . this : machine U
tbilrentire satisfaction. : .
Kii.ioioDsnnd Charitable institutions will
be liberally dealt with i " ;
oims Wanted for all towns In thu United
fitatos where Agents are not already Sstahlinhtc
also, forCuja. Mexiuo. Central and South
'America, to' wboni a liberal discount will be
fie consivnments made at all. . Address
lpire Sewing Machine Ml g
; .company, :: . ; . i
ao... ... BKOADWAY N.Ytf-
Prinsipls sendee Established: Piruburs".
r.rnesi sin eini Baltimore,. .Thos. BUanks.
nneeung, w.va. w. i):Hawaeu uro.-.cir
cinnatl, 0. Mather fe Wllsan . , ' ' , .
- November 80th Itfep lrr J, ; '
- I
HAB onredthonsandeof tna, worst eases b
Itglvaa Imrnsdists Mief..and efTaeU a perma
nent cure. Try it directly . It ia w.rranUd to
eure. ,Por sale by all Druggists at SO centa por
....... -.- I- . '.-; U, . .!,..!U Ulul.t
BLANKS of evert7.i0tiawA, aWyta
9& tfw0 wHJkw
i if ; i
r i ' .
Jtt r l ir.rliti L
VrxxVi J :t- a
Thla Drenarauoo.
long aad nuierably
knawo, , will ,Uor.
ouihlr relsvisoral
nrokendown So
lowsptrtte- kenca,
fy . (Uenf tbaotnt
nd - oleantlrrf the
tAmuk And InUa
lines. : . r
It rj'a'tors
. vtntlva o all
rare Ira-
all il
tMsnll, tuch as LONO fEVtB, GLAMim,
0d0H8, DI3. iJit".:-,.-1l::it-- ''f'
TaMrlK, s .;-i-,.-f. ' -i i i. 1 'I: I
Tnjaii vr ni i a-
-aNGROY.ke. Its
. Hum Imprerea tba
' wind, Increases
1 the appetite-sires
iMnsInrnt t ft h -a4liKl.l'
mlMnbio iVdeton into fln-loolclof. ad pifl4
- kAPei an. .
It iacrtasea Uie ouaatit and tmpro"e th t)ullty'
i:ll in K-ullt of iheatllk.' Uha ,
Mi: I 1..... in H Jil i
, , Been praen ST ar
increase the aua
1U1U experiment v
ity at. ' anllk ac4
areosB; twenty p
rot and Bvaka.tk
utter Ira imt
sweet. In fattening
: cattle, It gtvea lh
i an sppetlu.teeHBS
4 make thim Ihrire
aaaoa cuter.
I: l!if. .!ri
Ia all dUeases of Swine, sueh as Coaihs, tTlean tt
' the Lann, liver, '
he., tkts article
aets ass loecifle. '
, .By putting from t
' one-half a paper'
to a paper la a '
barrel of swill the
abore disesaea
Will be aradlcated
or entirely prevented. If flrea to Una, a eertala
prerentlra and eure for the llog Cholera, i'l
Pries 9i Cents per. Paper, or 6 Papers for tL
:' rBETAHin bt "
i ) S. A. DtTOUXZ Ac
at ram -. ,rt
Ho. 116 Franklin St., Baltimortv Ml
for Bale by DrnirgliU and Btortkatpars threagr
sul the United States.' ..
.i;f -r-TA
.., t -br , tfafs h 'it' - I
... .T'.S. STKOKG, D-rjopiBT. .
ijy!y ' ' ;i'
.Hi I
ii:t (.1
i sm r it att nrrcnitvi 11 '
Warrauliit la emii ef Klieiunnrtim,ltarafl, kwaaas)
vr Taiua.
1 . '- 1 ' m
Tbq Itcsf nnd Chrnpcst Horse And datOkj
' Wetllcliio1 in tho World! '
Ultil AroiwAniif M Cuiltit ftlalti and I
, aiini minus in inn 43 jtari. ; .. ,
Tor (he cure of t,lii vnrlonn DNpaara to whvsi
JIiilml il.U Ciillle .Ml .nlltpjix-ll audi sat
. , jMiiimu-r, 1 iKi.-Miix-r. inur ii'iiinn, uma a
Fistula, I'oll K.vll. rVritl-li-j or
'II (J111U.K, liiiite, IiiDninrMntion nf ; tbe , ;
Kyin, iiikI Kiilliii fmui lliird lailwrf
alHO, ItliitimiillHiii, (roiiimonly ealleiS
fill ft' complaint), which proves fatal M
SO many vulunliio Homes lu this eouatap
a-am.wrtSV .L-rTT-VA
In tli is rmtiitrv. Ii aniirn jtnenvl of ! mid rwtsM-4
fesr ltillftleiMI. Hrtft t. vrtrtll.l) Miul Uh'rtrtlytlUewM, llMs
irp-fii.ii,ntly ul ill JiKul uf. IIib lul uf Harm mm
CaltU MrUiatui. ' I iM l i'V , T
ll c.trilfatufT 4lt tfriww ItniiKtrs, frffml linrWrVa
IsWmiinx lltl! i-r fUiiiiiiihK- 4ilH4 Uie blwwlju aiimal
111 aik tu. mill tfltret il him ml 1 1 Mini nUy penaav'
ch'iiiiaitts ),t wtttrr mill trnj(llirin trrj yurt f M
uiKif. 11 ii. hi mi 11 aiurt mtu I'rriaiii rriumj mr irsriay
oltlf, wliic gnrait0 tti nmitj fatal dn
Tb C-iwr rNiitn to Isamippllctt wltlmii mtun4m4
lUMi -nol tu iimk o lir lul I I.I U imsI i1flrHl, i m
kp tti a rraiilur Mcrttlon tf ml Ik, ftiitl all Wiitrt ff
; eoya will tlittl 1-jr kItUiic llivm ; -. ,
twin a yi-ek, s lrge lurreiMr In qimnlliy an ' uallAf
T milk ami crnim, ll carrlm off all rt im law
. Biirltini uf Die IiIoiiiL The rffwl la M-rri llirvkkuit kka)
aaaMin liy a rMi arid a1iiiiiUni fluw nf milk . i ' . .
' TIm faiairr I iM-KhmiiiK l In, hwhth c.f 11, valaakk)
properllea nf A;m,' 4 Vif IHon fotntr, la pe
mot Ink Ilia cciihIIIIihi uf liia blieep Mil pntrMillug ataaw
ai 11m diaeaaM uf all Ilia duuieatioaUxl aujiiiala..
. - . . ;...,..'. fl i
'ft SRjr eeirtpackime of Hlotthf Cm
fvtedrr put lulu a laurel of awlll Is illar i
. bnaliela of.ooru to fsltei, a bog, anil ' a eerUle
tentlre nf Ifcig Clwlara, Hllud BlHwa, oa4 aMf
dieeuea cuniuwa aniung boga.
1 1 .' -i i:;., i-- '.,..; r (
,,. t'JVT10N-1a proieet onraelrai aaat UiepaU
1 Xruin being Impueed ttpvii tijr wurtkleae utllalKtaV Sat
' genuine will tear the lie elmiJe algnaln. a of la tray
srietura ea Ibe Wrapper. ,i-: . i.'- -'(,
lot iale vy Progglita aad MerchiuiU eiiiew
jui in . j."
i'-'-l !" ' '' " Ma rearta4rs, amp, A
.. .iIroiwetHas.; i, ,-,,,; i
.1 tit JOHN aPARK,j?iU ; ..;
ii 'i Ciucinnati. Oh'ts., - .
' At Retail, by . ' "
jj y G. W. SSSON.i r
18 warranted to be tffef finry preparatfoq
kbowfl'to oarjk Ccflihe.'o!aaMderipBeea,
Asthma, Whooping Congo, Chronle Coughe,
Qjnaurf ptlon Bronchitis sad CrottpM'.Baiaf
prepared Irons, ileney apd JUerbi it ia healing,
aoftemngiand-expeetorating; ani particurarfr
euiuble for all srTseticne of tbe Throat and
Lunge. (For sale by all Dragjiak) evefraMts).
rtO watsm
iWi'A Y' il'. '-It
VI. - , . I s

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