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THURSDAY DEC. 20, 1800.
'; I The holidays, tho season of fes
tivity; of mirth, of genial good fel
lowship, of happv reunions and
'joyous social gatherings through
out the entire Christian world, will
soon' be upon 'is. But very little
is known or thought, by the gay
revelers of this happy season, of
"the event which gave to the day
.we call Christmas, it-: distinctive
.feature, and made it to be forever
marked as exempt from the cares,
the bustles and the worldliness of
its fellows. 1'irs.t associated to us
with stories of. '.'Kris Ivingle," his
wonderful sleigh lull of good things,
Bhd.his excessive .partiality for
good children especially those
"Who mind iheir mothers and of
stockings to bo hung close, to the
jchimney-place, so as to be handy
for Kris when he comes down, all
in a hurry, of bright dreams of the
morrow, of early wakings, of eager
curiosity, of quick scramble, and
of happy hearts, full of gratitude
for the "goodies" which the day
had brought u Then, as the
pleasant fictions, which we all re
member, gradually wore off as
sociated to us with other joys and
pleasures, not so unalloyed per
haps, maybe not eo innocent, but
yet joys and pleasures, good and
healthy to heart and mind. To
every one there are bright pictures
of this kindly season. In England,
'more than with us, it i3 a time for
family re-unions. The absent lov
ed ones, scattered wherever they
may be, re-assemble round the fam
ily board, and in the merry-making
of the time and season, the ties of
affection,- and of kindred are
strengthened and renewed. These
festive gatherings, with their pleas
ant memories, lend vigor to om
b?st impulses. They cleanse from
the dust of worldliness which set
tles upon the spirits. Selfishness
becomes ashamed of itself in this
time of, bounteous good fellowship.
Nothing worldly can withstand the
genial and mellowing influence of
the ever-present "egg-nog," or the
more fashionable, and decidedly
better, " Tom and Jerry."
( i We have too few holidays among
us, and what we have, excepting
Christmas time," are too poorly
observed. Notwithstanding the
Opposite opinion, maintained by
bid fogies, we assert that in holi
day times, the business of the Dev
il is decidedly dull. lie win con
verts by appealing to their selfish
Interests; and, in holiday times, the
man who can be won in that way,
ought to go to the Devil 2
i. For Christmas, "ear, drink, and
be merry" is our motto, coupled
with " every' one to his taste."
HV(e take 'Tom and Jerry' for
In the course of prayer, at the
opening of the House, on the 14th,
Mr.' Boy n ton thanked God there
'was one place under full control
and Jurisdiction in the United
States where all men had been en
franchised, and he trusted this was
but the beginning of the good work
everywhere. '
- .'... 1 .
P A Fortress Monroe correspond
ent says of Jeff. Davis, relative to
"the capture of Surratt, that every
.feeling of bis nature revolts at as
sassination, and particularly of such
'a man as 11 r. Lincoln, who, al
rihbugh bis apponent. in a contest
, of arms, he respected for his integ
rity and - unyielding devotion to
:'hat he considered right. '
' What : motives have railroad
trains for running! Locomotives.
Wendell Phillips is out in the
New York ,AntMSlavery Standard
in favor of Fred., Douglass, t rep
reseni me oiaie oi vxsew xors. in
the Senate of the United States.
Though jilwayt in advance of his
party, Phillips is constantly im
pelled to higher ground by its pres
sure upon his heels. One of those
men who can not fight with the
majority trained, through a long
life, to battle against numbers, no
sooner does the party, whose piin
ciples he is consistent enough to
carry into practice, come up to his
position, than he abandons . it, and
takes another step in "progress."
He is now advocating the putting
into practice the theory that a ne
gro is as good as a white man, and
that, in our Government, no dis
tinction should be made on account
of color. In all the legislation of
the past five years, the Kepublican
party, though denying it, have been
steaailymovmg towards a recog
nition of this doctrine. The peo
ple have not accepted it, nor will
they. They believe this to be a
white man's Government, and that
it and they will he degraded by
the admission, as h, part of the
Government, of an inferior race.
They recognize, 1 in making up
their judgment,' other distinctions
beside that of color. They know
the negro to be of an inferior race,
and with none of the capabilities
they possess. . The politicians of
the Republican party know where
the people are on this subject, and
dare not avow their real 'position.
From their "professions you can
prove nothing on" them, It ..is to
such men as Phillips that we must
look for the views of the leaders of
the party. lie is the exponent of
their ideas ana principles, lie is
the brains of the party. He nofti
inates Fred. Douglass as a. candi
date for the Senate of the United
States. Why not? Douglass is
man of intellect and culture. The
"why not" 13 simply this: the Re
publican leaders dare not advocate
Ins election for fear of the people.
The Democratic party will not, be
cause it holds that this is a white
man's Government, and that an
exceptional instance of ability is
no argument for confounding, all
distinctions between their own and
an inferior ,race, and subjecting
their institutions to the test of an
additional element of weakness.
; Roberts, the Fenian President,'
has written to Colonel Lynch: "I
regret to tell you that I do not be
lieve you are to be hanged." He
believes Col. Lynch's execution
would result in the conquest of
Canada by the Irish. This is car
rying patriotism to an excess which
Colonel Lynch will scarcely appre
ciate. The Fenian excitement is evi
dently at fever-heat in Ireland.
Meanwhile James Stephens is sup
posed to have landed somewhere
on British or Irishsoil, and a large
reward is offered by the Govern
ment for his arrest.
John Bright, in a letter, says : If
Ireland were 1,000 miles away from
us, all would be changed, or the
landlord exterminated by the ven-1
geance of the people of the place.
This is a frank and bold expression
against any plea that Ireland is as
well treated as England.
A New York paper says that
Ben. Wood, State Senator, on Wed
nesday night, won of Hon. John
Morrissey 140,000 at faro. -
A petition, fifty-two feet long,
containing the names of nearly all
the prominent citizensof New Mexi
co, has been forwarded to Washing
ton, praying for an increased mili
tary force in that Territory as being
absolutely necessary to protect the
lives, and property of the people
against the Indians, who are plun
dering and murdering with impun
ity. .
A few nights after the hanging
of Crowdus and others at Lebanon,
Ky., a number of suspected citizens
of Marion County ten white men
and four negroes were notified to
leave Kentucky. These men are
making preparations to obey their
The following Democrats are
spoken of as suitable persons to fill
the respective offices named, at the
8th ol January Convention, viz :
Governor Allen G. Thurman,
Geo. W. McCook, General Steed
man, Wm. P. Noble and John H.
James. . . . ,!-'.
Lieutenant-governor Hon. Geo.
Rex, Chilton A.; White, Geo. F.
Dawson and John IL Putnam. ,
State Treasurer Dr. C. Fulton,
of Crawford.
Supreme' Judge Hon. Wm.
SamDle. cf Coshocton. " . f
Attorney-general-f General Mc-
Groarty, of Hamilton. - ; : ;
: The Georgia Legislature adjourn
ed on Friday. The opinion of the
Legislature favors Territorial Gov
ernment rather than accept the
Constitutional Amendment.
. , Washington, Dec. 14, 1866,
.Mr, Wade, of Ohio, moved to
take np the bill for the 'admission
of Nebraska under a suspension of
me ruies.
Mr, Sumner was opposed to the
bill referred to by Mr. Wade. 1 The
Constitution -of Nebraska-had a
clause containing the word "white."
Ii was a constitution . creating
white man's government. tIIe said
he was against any such. ' govern
ment. He entreated the : Senate
should not undo the . good work of
yesterday, of enfranchisement in
the District of Columbia. He ar
gued in favor of a' bankrupt bill
which would carry repose and tran
quility into , the. business of the
country.. '
Mr. Wade said if the Senator
from Massachusetts was the sole
judge in matters of this kind, he
should have no more to 6ay, but as
lie was not authorized to deckle for
this body he could not defer jo him
at this time. Some ' men w .uld
6train at n gnat and swallow a cam
el. The Senator had committed
himself already upon the merits of
(he bill, and .no Jesuit could draw
the line of distinction between : his
vote on d former measure and the
vote he was asked to give upon
this. When the Constitutional
amendments were up during last
session the Senator voted for them.
He would ask whether they com
pelled a State, before it came into
the Lnion, to abolish slavery..
nNo;, the only requirement was
that those who were excluded from
representation should not vote.-
Precisely t e same case as it would
be in Nebraska if this pass, except
tna;. in one case lie vo ed to admit
a rebel State, while in the other he
voted to admit a loyal State. -.
Mr. Sumner No, sir, I did not.
December 14. Mr. Wentworth,
of Illinois,'6poke at length on the
message, the result of the recent
election, and the pst and present
action of congress. 1 '
He commented on the action of
the President in relation to the ad
mission of the Southern represent
atives, and said that instead of do
ing his duty in the premises, and
leaving Congress to do theirs, he
bad gone so far as (0 denounce Sen
ators and . Representatives, by
name, for their fidelity in carrying
out the wishes and purposes of the
people. He had used every means
to have his views and policy un
derstood by the people, and ,the
people had recently uttered a sol
emn condemnation of them. ;The
President had said that he had
done alLthat he could for the ad
mission of the representatives from
tna disloyal btates, and what re
mained to be done by Congress. If
he had performed his duty. why
could he not be quiet? ',, ..
The Constitution, which defined
his duties, also defined the duties of
Congress, . and Congress had per
formed its duty, and could not now
cnange its policy without nrovinff
false to the expressed will of the
people. The President had com
plained that the Southern States
were taxed without beinc rem-e-
sented; but he' could not see that
their condition was anv worse than
that of the people of the District
of Columbia, of Colorado, .of. Ne
braska, or of any of the Territories
who were taxed without being re
presented. The State? could all
come into the Union when they
bad complied with the terms pre
scribed by Coneress. , and , triers
was no real cause of cotnnlaint,
When these States should rntifv
the Constitutional Amendment he
would bo willing to give universal
amnesty for universal suffrage.
11- Ti: t- . . 0 .. '
iiistr, 01 lveniucKjy men
briefly addressed the Houseiin dn.
fense of the President. lie be
lieved him to . be actuated bv hih
and patriotic motives, and that the
doctrines of policy recommended
in the Presidential
other communications to Congress,
were characterized by such mod
eration and wisdom as. were pecu
liarly needed in the present cir
cumstances , of the country. He
said he had determined to discuss
somewhat , fully the bijl to take
away the appointing power from
the President, but he felt be could
not proceed far, before the hour of
adjournment, and he would there
fore move, that the . committee do
now rise. The motion was adopted.
.Said a gen tleman,'on: presenting
a lace collar to his "idolitrada :
" Do not let any; one . else rumple
it.'; "No, dear; I'll take it off,"
said the naughty beauty; "" "
The Russian' ' telegraph'' line is
growing in lengh," passing through
pathless; Pastes , and '. deserts,
through vast regions where the hu
man voic was 'never heard before
to bring the civilized ends of the
earth together." ' ' "y,f ; buy
Adrtrtlse la h REOOR9. ',i.-
The editor ot the Wheeling Intel
ligencer was told the foll6wingsto
ryr not Iqng ago,1 by a gentleman
who had just returned irom rar
kersburg: He had hardly got to
bleep when he was awakened by a
"lite." Upon lighting a match,
he found a bed-bug , about half ; an
inch in diameter. 'He threw the
bug with the match into a bncket
of watei, which stood -at the head
of the bed. Ibis process was re
peated several times. 'At last he
was awakened from a sound sleep
by what he thought was some per
son singing. He threw up his win
dow, but could not find the' cause
ofvthe sweet sounds; but at last he
happened to look into the basin
when he found, that the bugs had
constructed a raft out of the match
es he had thrown in, and were tow
ing it around the basin, singing:
A life on the ocean, wave,
A home on the rollingdeep,"
Marieta Times.
JAMMH. wTocorr.
ourn v. iaiib
'"' Manufacturer 1 mi Deilan la '
f .r. , V.
. mais street,
Opposite Dr. Wolf Ofllca,
. 1 '
Me Arthur Ohio'
rpHEITt itcclc consist in ; of
BUREAUS, - '! ' '
bedsteads, ,
chairs. "
fcAFIS. .
- ' ' ' LOUNGES,
IvtTt on hand or fumLod on liort notice, tt
low fitfurei.. Turmi-Btricfly Cmh n51
Admioistrrtor's Sale
' j OF--' '; , ' ;
The Stah o Ohio, Yinton Co.:
Robert Buclc"orf Jmr 'of 1
114111 IKC'U,pJII.t
' VS. i
Mary tewh, wljow.et 1
the Mr at law of dto'd
On TiUr of 6b 0.
IN purcoance of an order of Mle, granted by
the Pmbav Conrt. within md for the aaiJ
oaoty of VlntoD, ami direoUid !to me. i will
ofl'nr for tale, free.aud oneocambored hj dower,
at publio auctioa, on . i i
Tuesday; January 15th, 1867,
Between the hotira of 10 o'clock a 31 and 4 o'-
h!k praof M daj npon the pren.ieea. Ike
lowine dcKcribel real ectate silnaUd In the
townnbip of Clintob in aald county, to wit:
ine nonn-uasi qunrter or (he aonth-weit
qnartor of 8 ctiun humher Nineteen ( I 9),- In
lownrhlp number (en (1C) of ranee number
wenteun (17) 'eontalnlnc furlV eluht acre
moreorlera, aubjeot to aula at C'Lillioutba land
office. ' -
A lo,ln-lofa number fonrteen MlWnH nnm.
bor thirty Mcn(87 ) in the town ot lUrodon,
hi siorcrma iuwonip ana.connty.
Said flrt denorilxj(l .reitl tate amrnined t
Five tho ind del Ittu ( 5 ,000.)
Said in-tot Hi 14 appraUd at Six hundred
do)lr.(60C ). ; . , . .-
. And Mid in-lot No 37 apprainedat Two linri
dr.d and flit) dollar (z5u)j i:d must biing
twn-thirdnf thuM rcapvviive auma. -
lEUHt vt ZAii:- Uie-lhiM in hnnd, one
third in one yeor. and one-third iu twoyeura
itvm ttio duy of nale. with future!: iu '.U(r-
f pay n enu to be seen red by mortipgo upon
tut j'ioiuto0 xtm.
; f.'t of Willi Leach, deouaaed.
E. A.Draltan.atty. for pt'r. dec0w4
Vinton Probate Court, ;..!'.
JOTlL;E.-JaM.e Gibbon, admlniitruror of
thecntato ol Jen sa R. Fin
hit Bird hi account" and vcher lor innpeo
tion and partial ai-tltmeut, and thattbaaame
will e fur herin cn the id day of Jarinnry.
18"7.- n 1 RIOIURD CRAIG. lW..ln,lr
' Vinton Probate Court.
NOTlCE.Fred, -W. H.yaea, admluirator
of the estate of Jimn :nr A.n'A
filed hm accounts and uochera lr Innpectiun
nd partial Mttlemeati and that the aami will
be for hearmj op tb 8d day or . tnuary. A.D.
iwmi miu, rro. iuagt.
; Vinton Probate Court.
, . -
NOTICE Wnimrn Kowlanj, guardian of
Andrew Salts, ha filed hi .,.
.tiouohets for inspection ond partwl aettlemenL
acu iii4v iuim:i.i win do ror ueariniroatha 3d
dy of January. 1867.- RICHARuT'Ha hi
- J '"Vinton Probate Court.
NOTItK.-Joel 0 Hwellaud, adu.inl.tralor
of iho tsuu Df GeorKe Kixou, Oeo'd, h.i
S ed bis account! and voucher for infciion
and partial seitlement, and that (he some will
b for hearing on tb 8d day of January, 1P67.
acca; . JttyUAltUCKAIO.Pro-rJ
N V -Brh v- Andrews, whoa place
fled that Bulb ft. Andrews did, on the Mnh day
l December, adlbOt, fil hU petition in tbe
office or th Cerk ot ih Conrt of Common
rioia wltlila and lor tbv count) of Vinton and
BtaU of Ohio. i charging th said Sarah V. An
drews with adultery, with oneT. D. Norton,
and akiug tliatbe-tn.y bed orctd from her,
fba rail Sarah ,, and for. other i-ellei.wbioh
rwtltion will be ;Ior heaiing At the neat term of
aid cenrt. ! SB ni K, ANDKKW8, 1
, de208 - t , by U.Q. Jones, hUtt'y.
' M ..ucmi i onaaown. u nerisD noti
Notice to Creditors of
Thos. A. Martin, Assignor.
1 ?r.
1' K ti'e matter of the JkigoAeni of Tbomaa
A: Martini .f ' willoa tlK lStn tiay ofJan
"arj lMT. psy 8f pr eeniUmg tb flxdiv
idendj on la.m a. lowed,
" r '' y"j'rtf-'c.joNEdr!"
de80w4 A nlgn of T. A' Martin.
dsnily, wltboul doc
tor or medlcloes.
Sent, post paid, on
rocoipt of 10 cents
1130 Urosdwsy,
New York
Comfort and Cure
for tM Jtupturta,
Sent post paid on
receipt of 1' eens,
Addrcus Dr. I. B
FOOTE, 1130
Broadwi.y, N. Y.
Sent In sealed en
vclope on receipt of
mthor of Medical
1U vvuid. nuuiiN
i.'ummon sense.) 130
Broadway, N. Y.
m mtumnt mi ! m
L " " " '111 I I iliaWBaFaitfl I IHIi II 1 1 1
FT1IIE reffttlar meeting of tho Bohrd of
X bciiooi jsxniniiii'rs ior v iniou conniy
w ill be lielu Ht me union scmooi Jionsc, in
alRAYtliur. Ohio, on the lsl and 3d Satur
days In the months of Mnrch, Aprll. llny,
Septenibtr, Oclobt-r. and Noveibr; and
the 1st Saturday In the months of January,
Krbrunry, June, Jul v. Aiijrusr, nnu jueccm
Ikt. In t-ach year. Slale applicants are re
nuircd. br law. to pay 60 cts, and female
applicants, 35 ctH. each, as n condition of
examination. ORVILLKOUNNIXU,Cli'n,
dec20'C8-tf J. J. -McDOWELL, Cl'k. .
((IIomc8 for the Homeless."
.v i ',
' FOR- ' ' :
' WILL sell 520 acres of Land; 46 acres mea
dow land. 40 acre mature land. 83 acres
fallow ground, making 171 aorta cleared and
fenced, tt rema'.uder well Umbered.
.There it, on the farm, two sood frame bonnes
on of which Is 2 ttoiles, with 8 sood rooms.
aluo, stable out-nouses,good well ol' water, (So.
jne other la r stones, with 8 good rooms,
good will of wser and gocd out buildings. ,
A Pine Orchard ;
Of 200 apple trees (mostly bearing.) 100 petcb
trees (bearing,) and a lino lot of plum, pear
and cherry tree. This land lie in iiarrison
Township, Vinton eounty, i bio, la on theStoto
road trom Obilioothe to McArtbiir, 4 miles
from tlieM. ifc C. railroad, at Iiaysville, 6 r.ilon
from Londonderry. ThlsMand will b nol i tt
very tow nouns and on lair .terms. ; .
Possession Given Immediately
Aln, tOO shocks of corn and IS tons' of ba ti
on tbo promises, will be sold, with, or sopnrnt'
from the farm.' Tor further particulars. writ
me, or call at my office, In UcArthnr, Ohio, e
. ; 11. U. JUNES,
do18w8 ' ' Agont and AU'y.'
WILL wll nt low prices, for cash, a
lare stock of . t
purchased rspcclnlly with a vtew to the
want3 or
The Western Trade.
. My Ptoek consists of
bUAiv i,t.
Y . 'AS '
Any House in the West!
. Mnin Street
Pookj Store,
(Hulbert'i cor. opposlt Court-lionse,) ;
-v ;i
7 : n i Ble ARTI11JR. O.,
i ( t it
-1 .i u. c i, ' f- ' ' ' ' j .
I-: -
,.- .1 y n-ur .: t:
;..' tt t -i '. ' '" J . C '
mi. j. i mm.
r i iieasou II. Stein' Estate.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the on
dersizned.have bwn nnnnintorf aH
oulT qualified as executor of (he 'estate of
iMjason a. steir, deceased, late of .Vinton
county, O. Dated McArthnr. Dwraber
43th, a.d. 18W. dl3t3J MART 8TKIR8. -
r , p it o sp, sotus
- - o tn '"'
FOR 1807.
A 8 In the past, through sun ihini ssd storm,
Tut Oujo RTiTstMiM will eontinns InHex
iblr UeniOoratlc unalterably deroted to aa
advcHsey of the maintenance ol ih Coutlta.
tion. in smrlt ant In letter, anrf to IV n.u...
va'.l n of lb Union. Aside frm this. Th
SraTtfifAif ill bestow particular attention ta
Kexei, Legislative and Congrttilonal St'
fori, iAoice, jmiruciiv ana
. : .. rieating LUeraturt. .
Anil will fflva fVI rtifiil Ma.Vt MmMria mtM V.
louding Coaimorcial Centers of the oonntry.
On ill I 13th nt TW,.'ik Tm W ..
Staii way will be so . enlarged aa to flv two
and half additional columns f reading matter
wcokly. The following a' the )
Dally Stat scnao per year. ,( $9 00
fin Hn civ tnAntlia A KFl
Ti l-Weekly Btatcsman per year ' .'.'.'! 4 BO
uo uo ' six montns. .v a as
One eonv. It mnntha. fnr v '
1 00
, 2 00
9 00
17 SO
M 00
One copy, one year, for
Five enpiea one year fop. A.. .;; .
Ten copies, one your for
Twenty topics, one yenr for. .
Flftv eonii. one vearfnr
.'. Columbar, Ohio.
To Owners of Worses !
rllE undorslgned won Id k Ibis mctbo4 ft
-tnfi.vttil n avn.rkAl liulwM.nil tlik hntilL.
gcnurslljr that ho is prepured to remov
, r
Any Enlargement on a IlorVo,
In from . . : : i (
Six to IVino Days. "
Yfat AttH fiat m.rt
where he wiH ba j-lcael. la hav r'hote wishing
ki fvioen, 'to'ciilf upon linn". ,, . ,r
A Positive Cure or no Chftrijt.
uotlBml J. 0. 8TKIKQUV.
' i ; 't i'.'i f.
.. : v- . ' 'r , ,
His now on hand a voty lurpo and well .
looted atock of all. Linda of Groceries and
I.'qnor, eontdstiagin park of tesa, oe ffo'e. an
(far. Tobncco, eigars, whit lish, Muckersl, ocd
nun, ncaies. ouunea roacnes.ooveoystorn, pop
per suuee, catsup, M, o. VollaKSCs.cidor vicenar.
Bedcoidi,rowdart Lead, shot, caps,
All Kinds of l)ye-Stuft r
a (rcnrriil spsor'i lent of perfumeries, onstoil
ro' usirHy warranted to olrth hair jet
black withor' injury to tho hair orrcalp', hoi.
tetter's and liohu k's stomach ,iitteM,'cuneen
tratod r.jo, sonp, a frencrul aviurtmont of jren-
iiemcirs winter gloves irom mo soest unci to
Hie common woclfn. all kinds of liouors from
the finest vranrb nrsndy and old aonrbon whis
ky to common corn whisky tubs aold from on
pint to one hundred gal Ions, or any other quan
tity ileiired. all of which he propose to sell a
low, if not lower lhan ether hone in tb coun
ty. All kinds of country product tkn In X
ohanre for Grccorio , ,. .
Children can get goods a cheap M their M
rents. ,
Bopt 27-6m.
Corner of Front and Maditon , Street.
Portsmouth, Ohio. . h
Y ll.kial of Om tttj til
i ; .
Vintou Probate Court.
V"OTICE.-Samuel K. Duhy, Oordinn of.
Il Britain D. Fry nnd Xucrotia ' Fry legal
heirs uf Henry Fry .leceasod, has filed h,a ao
ftnunu and touchers in the Probst Courtof
Vli ton county, Ohio, for inspeotion and final
settlement, and that the samo mill bo lor heai
ing In said c'otrl on ill 17th day of November,
a.d. 1866, at 11 o'clock of .;d day . :Dotad
November lt a d 186ft. i
novl8 RlHAED CRAIO, Pr Judga.
Vinton Probate Court.
N OTICE H. C. & T, W. Robb ns, Exocu.
torsol the estate of John Bobbin, dee'd,
have fllod their ao:onnt and vouohers in Ih
Probate four I of Vinton Couary, Ohio, for In
spection and Coal settlement, and that the earn
will be for hearing in raid Court, on Snrday ,
the2'lhday of November, a d 1866, 11 o'
clock, m of said day - Pated November tth.
ad 18(1. ItlCn AKD CEAIQ, Tro. Judge.
Notice to Bridge Builders.
NOTICE is hereby given, that th Commla
sinners of Vinton county, Ohio, will meet
at th times and places hereinafter mentiobed,
for the rurposOot letting to tb lowest respon
sible bidders, tb contract for building certain
bridges , hereinafter described and designated,
to-wrt;! ; -: ;
In Harrison township, serous th mlddl f,rk
f Salt orek, on th Huff read, on - .---:-.
Thursday, January 3d, 18C7,
at two o'clock P.M., of said day. - v
Also, in Elk towEshlp, across tbe'crk be
tweta tbi Uadelta and Sherwood fa'ms; on
Friday, January 4th, 18C7, ...
at twoVeleck r. lt.' ! " ' :
Trm and specification niad known an the
4y alevi. i i
By Ordercfth Oommisslonsrs
6eiatr ;iT;rx 1 g ql Ati. y g. o.
83, and 85, Pearl Street, Up Stairs,
1 Cl,NMoitii'ir"AT'?;Ohi
an unqiaally rlofc afortme(it or j ,' i j ,j
At Loww Nw i'om Pbiom. i W lriav
faetm , . , " , ... :Aa
. , 0 L OAK S ....
In all th Niw Pattmks. 8pelat atUnlian
will be given to FILLING OEpEBS forptrsoa
who cannot visit .the city. .": ' ,;; ..;
sTAny good1 sent oa order may b retnrnd x
if not satisfactory tovbtbnvot.
tglfifll ' 18 a 18 Pearl it, apitairi. 1

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