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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 20, 1866, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Official Oigaiy of Vinton County,
BT Adttrtuementt to avvear on Thar.
toy morning, mist be handed in not later
nan a veiqay evening
Religious Services in McArthur.
It, X CuuBCH.-Prnchirg Sabbath athalf
at ten o'elcok. A. k., tod fcalf-taat aix
v ciuuK, mt . mi. reDnam rcrroi, a .r. Jl.-.
TliUBTTiBUH Ctfraenv-lerv!ceat 11 o'cl'k
A. ., and ( o'clock r. if. Sabbath School at 9
t'oiock A. si., every Sabbath. ,.
n Yi . ' .
vnaiailAS IHUaCB.'-ocrviCC 11 11 0 clock A.
., every Baobatn.
To Subscribers.
Clubs for "Gmlev" and Hia vi.
Ledger" are not yet complete. Money for
thews publications will be received lip to
hA until ... .l.
mv yj.14 VI U119 JI1UI1UI.
Fanu for Sal. . . i . -
Mr. H. C. Jones advertises for sale, a fine
iiiruj in tuts county, see advertisement
Oysters 40 ets. a Disli,
V-At.l'earce IButton's. ' " ' , - -
Notice to Teachers.
to the advertisement
of the School Examiners, in another col
umn ofthisissne. ' -
Oo to A. Pearce'a .-'.; i
And sec his Toy Menagerie.
Furniture Establishment. ;,.
Those in need of anything in the furni
ture line, would do well to call ou Messrs,
Wykoff & Kalcr. Bee advertisement. .- ;
Oysters i 40 ctsa Dish, ..
itt'Peitrce-A Button's, t . .
. HirMtvare, &c; ' . 1 1 ' ,J-
Tuq Rttantwu of the public is called to
the ucw.liaruw arc establishment of Messrs.
Strong-' Gibbons. They are in constant
receipt of everything iu their line., Give
thenl a call.
Co to A. Pearce's "
. And see his Toy Menagerie.
The Urethren of Delta Lodge of F. A. M.'s
w ill hold, their annual instalatlon ou Thurs
day, 27th Inst.; and the wives; sisters, and
daifiJljtcrs of the Fraternity will give a
sifppi'f, after the Instillation, at B A. Ji rat
ton's. It is requested that the Brethren of
Deltalll all attend. '
Ousters 40 cts. a Dish,
IAt Pcurpo & Button's. . '
Jloiner C. Jones, Esq., is the regularly
authorized agent for tho Homo Insurance
C(mpaiiy of Clnolunatl. This Company is
composed of some of the most influential
Hinl wealthy merchants and business men
of the West, and offers superior induce
nifots to those wishing to insure their pro;
peifi' in ft good, reliable Company.
i " .
Goto A. Pearcc's -
Add Bee his Toy Mcnngcric. ; .
' "
The 1 Place to Buy' Oysters.
Capt. Henry Lautz, the gentlemanly pro
prletov of the "Magnolia Saloon," Informs
ustlia't he receives .fresh Baltimore Oys
ters dully, for sale by the can, half can,
and dish. AVe recommend tho lovers of
thTii valves to givo bim a call. 'He Is also
receiving a fine lot of fancy confectioneries
fop$he holidays.
v f
Oysters 40 cts. a Dish,
AtPearce & Button's.
Zaleskl 'Foundry. -
jYVd Are Credibly informed this morning
that new Foundry 1 about to bo started
iitZafesitl, and buildings are In process of
ejection for tho purpose. Also, that the
contract Is made (o start a new I! oiling
50) In' the sprlng.'and that the machine
ry for the same is principally made. '
Go, to A. Pearce's
Atid see lis Toy Menagerie,
Ir ' "
Dry,' Goods. .
Winter is upon us. Every one should be
prepared for a sclge by cold weather by
lnyUig- in their stock of Dry Goods, Gro
ceriee, and all (he other necessaries of life.
Cheapness' and excellence are he things
locked for by those wishing to buy. That
is.lhc reason why J. A. Felton's store 1 so
cdustautly crowded with customers. It Is
plate, of all others, to buy excellent goods
a.very low prices. Do not take our word
fox It, but call and see for yourself. L '
Oysters Forty Cents a Dlsli, '
At Fearce & Button's.
Sisson's Drug Store '.
h the place to buy your medi
cine&pure liquors, fine perfumery,
and' toilet articles, oils and paints
oi every description, tobacco, snuff
and' cigars of , tho finest quality' at
th very lowest rates.
Oysters 75 cts. per Half Can
i4trA'J, Pearce's. ; ; ; ,
Defletent Annetit.
At,iees from a disordered 6tomacb. and is
brt;tniprcTed bjplentrof exercise and mild
purg&tives, of Roback's Sugar Coated Blood
PHli. Roback'i Stomach Bitten will alio
prove very beneficial. ' i'
..... I ,' .
Go to Ai Pearce'a J
And see his Toy Menaeerleu'' ' '
Christmas Gilts; . (( .a
Of "all our gifts perhaps not one makes
an impression1 so lasting as the gift of a
Good Book. At the time it may not be
properly , prized ; but time adds value to
thQ ; article, and la following years the
dotior Is ftmdly cherished In ' the memory
of h recipient. J
If you desire to perpetuate your name,
or that of a- friend, call at Dr. J. S. Strong's
Dbahd k Store. '' 'He Is In' receipt
Oi.r.nne,;'stbok of Christmas Tokens.'?
Qy and nyr and dispense with a liberal
hind ,J'' !" '' L 1 " ' V""'' "'' i- TH-irj
V7JTO'jTt t r ,... f '- i-.i ! (.' tor
but M!w-.i i '..''.',':. t;,.v.,;;j:
Oyter 75 itvtu 'u i 1 i .. tv
Per Half Can at A. PearcVsV 1 X
List of Letters
Remaining lu the Tost Office at McAr
thur, Ohio, on January 1st, 1SC7 : ,
Curtlg James 1 ' - . Maley Richard
Dentg MIks Anna E. Magruder II. C.
Dawson Miss L. Newton John
Lvwis David Thomas Mta II. F.
Hay a Michael - Thomas Mr. J. E.
Hutchinson Mrs Ilester Vorhecs Mrk. Suuan
Uook ADraham , Weleh Miss Sldua
neeton ArtMcry
Oysters 75 cts.
Per Half Can at A. Pearce's.
Godey's Lady's Book,
For January has been received, and Is
splendid number. The Plate and faHhions
are indespenslble to every lady. Now
the time to hand In your names and club
with the Ukcobd at $1,00: this u morecx
cellent reading matter tnau you can ob-
iiu ior iiib same money,
Oysters 75 cts.
Per Half Can at A. Pearce's.
Shocking. i
A man died a few weeks since in
extreme agony. Some short time
afterwards his afflicted wife visited
Ainediutnior the purpose of ascer
taining what had so distressed her
poor husband in his last moments
the table was put in requisition
ana uie astonished wile soon learn
ed that he had refused to take Ro
back's Stomach RitterSj and failed
to pay the printer. '
Oysters 75 cts.
Per Half Can at A. Tcarce's. ' . 1
A New Book bv Mrs. Soutliworth
T. B. Peterson & Brothers, Philadelphia,
have in press and will publish ou Satur
day, December 15th, a new book by Mrs
i.mma D. E.X. Southworth, entitled The
Bride of Llewellyn," which will, beyond
all doubt, prove to bo the most popular
ana successful work that has ever been
written by her, for she Is beyond all doubt
the most popular female writer lu. Amcrl
ca, if not In the world. No ono ever read
a chapter of one of her works, without
wishing to read tho wholelbook, and none
ever read ono ol her books w lthout ad
miring the rare genius ot its author, and
ishing hat she might soon write another,
Iler scenes are life-pictures, her incidents
arc founded on facts, and her sentiments
are characterized by a singular purity of
conception and expression She has the
rare faculty of saying what sho means, and
of saying it In sUch a manner that her
meaning cannot bo misinterpreted. In
short, she possesses In an eminent degree
those qualifications which are the peculiar
prerogatives of a gooa writer; and while
she delights the reader's Imagination with
her descriptive beauty, sho applies home
truths to his Understanding with the force
of rational conviction. The "Bride of
Llewellyn "will bo welcomed by all such
readers especially; and those who have
never read the works of this sifted woniau
should not fall to buy and rend this new
novel by thU gifted American authoiess.
Three white men were kilJed'and
several negroes ,. and and whiles
wounded, in a riot at Portsmouth.
Virginia, on Friday. Dour build
ings were burned, also.
Dr. Schcnck's Mandrake Pills..
A Substitute lor Calomel.
. lboM fills art composed of various root,
avlng the power to rulnx tho accretioni of tho
liver ua promptly ana etlcctnully aa bin pill or
mercurj, and without - ( reducing ant of ihnae
aiagrMDie or aaugaront eaocts wliiub onan
allow the nt-e or thu la tar. - -
In all bilioua diaonlora th'ea Piilanuv be
uaod with confidence, aa (hey promote the dii-
vnurga oi vkikicu diio, an i reniqve tlioso ob
euuutiiina from the liver and hiliuiy duct wliiub
are the caui-e or bilious affcotioua in gonoral
SontNcfa Mandraie I'ai.i enre Sick Head
ache, all dl-ordera of tho llvor, Indicated by
nallow fkin, coated tongue, coetivneria, drowni
neoa, and a general fouling of wearinexa ani
latitude, ahowini that the lirer la lq a torpid
or obttruoUd condition. '. ... ; . -
Iu ehort, these miy be nxed with advan
tage in allcasra whon purgalivo or alterative
medicine la requlacd. . .' .
Ploiheaak for.'Ur. 8ohonek'n Mandrake Pills'
and obierve that the two likencBucs of tho Doc
tor are on the Government Mump one when in
tbe latatugoof concuinptlju,and the otbur in
hW prcsont health.
Sold by all l)riif?lat a.id dealer. ' Trlco 23
ccnuperbot. rnnoipal'Offlcu, Ko. 15 Nor.h
6th h'treet, Philadelphia, Pa.
General Wholesale Agentx: Deman finrnea
Co 21 Park Row, NT; 8 8 Tunee 108 Baltimor
at Bultimure Md; Jnhu D Park N K oorof 4th
and Walnut slClmdr.natl Ohio; Walker&Tay
lor, 131 and 136 Wabash Avenus Chlctgo 111;
Collins Brotliirs 8 W oofofSocond and i Ine
ultJH Louis Mo. ; ' ta5weamly
Vinton Probate Court.
-VTUTICE;-Diah B. Cowdery, guardian of
XI Wary U. and Uar'iot UoCannnll has Hied
LU ai counts and voncliera for intpcctlon and
aottlcmcut in tho Probate Corrt of Vinton Mnn
ty, Ohio, and that the came will be for hearing
in r.m cuur u u caiurjaj me jtun nay oi nov
emher, a d 1866. Dated November 8th, a d 18i6.
8w 1 EICIUBD CRIG, Pro. Judge.
QREaT combined Ulen lot
Eurona and mripn am
the men tooonault : Dru. Bon-'
nparte & Kovnnldn. ni 193
Hyuamore atreet, Cincinnati, la tn pnly olllce
in tha city where a permanent cure ,of private
Diaeaaea can be had without the nae of murenry
or change of diet. .W gnaraotco to enre (ion r
hosa, Glt,. Syphilis, lmpouncy, Nocturnal
EmiB8lona, or Self Abase, Iiuri,l Emliu-lnna,
Female complaints, In abort,' qvery possible
form and variety of Sexual Daease, Curoa
rapid, th ough and permanent, and fees moje -rate
Come ono Come all.
Gbiat MDicAt oiBCCLAB tent for two oent
atamps .lr. '
Faanew A-AeureprtvntaSlvlodiBe"as8.
Price. 1 each, or three for f 2, or 7 per doien..
Sent bT.maiL , v
. Dr. B'.'a Invigorating Llniraint, Price. S 00
per botle., r p 1 1 r r I
To HiALTn. Ubdnt-floiaHo all. maft and female
the old and jontit. ahonld read thia book. It
will enlightfcn tkn who grope li.darkiem.
Fric,!5d by maU,raruntiQ of liithtOne'dollar.
VfZ. Ta . TB tADa.rlo Ldr ahonlH ba
withotitludj Wwr Kertabj Mbnihtr-J'jlln
a Mfe and eetua( rtmcdy tor all irregularltlea
and r.trSctL"rjfrnm..,wbatever!an.r. Trlca
one) dollar aboi;ejtr Aim tv .dollarar' Ctm
rnaoloaAioria bj mb antlrt'lT tenflaeptiat. hi
letfra will be answered nnlw they fcontaln a
remUtMifteeri pn'raif J'afhp.:. Call a'dntaA
189 8yiawrort ei bet? Fife aadBiith. eW-.aide'
lVew Bounty Dill and Pensions,
Arpanard by Congreu July 37, IttbS
Rives UU0 iddr.lnnai bounty. .
To every honorably dUchargrd ' anldier
wnoeniiktea la the armv ol tbe . Uoiun
Slates since April 19, 1861, for threw vran
ami arrvd his lerm of enlimetit ami wm
haa rei-eiv(l orwai entitled to recieve but
H00 bounty. ,
To every aurh tuldier who has been dia
charged on occount of wounds rereivnl in
kl.iT. aa.a.- . .
tne inn- oi tiuty oetore his term or enlist
ment expirt-d.
To ihe widow, minor children or parents
it, ihenrdfr named, of any such itoldiv. who
AA .l.:l. .1 . " . ...
umu niino in mr arrvice or irom wjunu
rei eivt-d or disease contracted while in the
service of the United Stales.
To all honorably discharged soldiers who
nave served iwo years under one enliatmen
and who nave received but 1100 bounty..
lias also been granted by a recent law :'
To widows of soldiers v h have died in
the army, or to the children if the widow
has died or re-married 12 per month for
each child under u vear of age.
To soldiers who have lost a loot or a hand
or been disabled equal to the luss of a hand
or toot, Bio per month. , .
Hal been, granted every olTicer who wn
rommusiiru Muri h- 3d. 1S65, and. resigned
., nuiiuiouijr uinrrixrgcii urier April
1865, wliiih is nromptly iblle ter' bv
Autliorized Military Cl.iim-Agenl,
Aug. 16, if. . , McArthur, Ohio.
Schcnck's Seaweed Tonic,
This medicine In vented bv Dr. J. II. Scutunr
of I'ln lad- Iphia, la iutuuded to tsolve t'le food
and make it Into chyme, the fir.t pn ces ot di
(rei-t ion. 13) clran. iitr tha ttomaoh with
Bchenek'a Mndrake Pills, the Tonlo aoon roa-
toref ttie oppi'titc, und food that could not ha
eatn reioru using it wiiihe easily di treated.
Lonsnmptlon ianm t be cured by Kchenck'a
Pnlmonle ciyrup uuless the stomach and liver la
maae neaitny and tne appatile restored, hence
tho Tonlo and Pills are required In nearlv eve.
ry ci'an of consumption. A half doien bottles
or the pica w jKI) TONIC and thre-. or lour
boxia ot tbe .MAN OK 'KB PILLS will cure .i.t
A.JI. . - . J
viiioiar,T vnett ui uspipaia.
ur. n:nencK manca pro'esatnnM vMt-itn ew
lork, Bo-ton, and at Ida principal Offloe In
I'tilladelntila every week. See dal v uaMM o
VI. ' LI..
.tn lmiilu. vt ins imiiiiiuioi qq ooonsumpnon.ir
uib unv ui viMinLiuii.
Pl'aeo observe, when curchastnir. that the
two llker.e ecaof tho Doctor one whon ! tue
last stage of consumption, und tho olh'ir as he
now Is, in perfect health, are on the Govern
ment tami..
Sold by all DriitrclaU ant Daiilnrs.nrlca tl ftfl
rcr bottle, or T.W the half dixan. All lottora
lor ,lvico should oe uldrusi-ed lo Dr. Sonenjk's
rrinclnal Ulllco. Mo. 13 North 8h sr . Phit,..ll.
phiu, I'u.
Uoneral Wholesale Agents: Pomns Rurnea
& t'o., N. Y.; 8. 8. Ilanco, BuHlmore. M i ; J.
1). Parke. Cincinnati, Ol io; Walkor & Taylori
11.1 til . II I,,. ' m - . '
viiiLiiii ui., toiuna uros,, Bt. ijouls, Mo.,
Liv w. ca, mo. ootxoyi '
, Consumption Ciirable by Dr.
Scheuck'M Medicines.
Jo Curb Consumption, the avatem nni ha
prepared so mm the lunvi w hral. T an
coruiilisli this, tho liver and rtiirnauh mnar drat
liO cleaned and nn appetite created lor B ind
whnlsoiiio fond, whluli hv tln,s iiio,IIaIi,.
ho digested proer y, and good healthy blood
maun; tnua building tip the ooi.sutmion.
fCUBNCRS Mandbaki I'ill. ol.nin.a tl, nr.
of ull billons or niueous accumulations! anj.h
nsingthe Koa Weed Tonlo in connection, the
I''ci .in lumtiruil. .
bcniNois Pulmonic fian la nnirlMnna
we l as meuiuinal.and. b l)ia thr r.,n,
uioa, an impuntiea are expelled from the iva-
tem, ami guud wholsom h ood maH lh
will repel nil disease. If nt u. lil i.kn
these iin dkiiiea aconrdinir to dlreotions. Con.
sumption very frequently in Its lastatre yields
iu .i.oir action. J aKO 11)0 pills frequently to
ii iiT ami Momaeii. it a,'e uoi fol
low that became tho bowel. sro not costivu thov
are not required, for aomtimca In diarrhoea hey
uvvcfiij, i no mnmacn inul DO Ri l'l
heulthv. and no annaLita nrlil i iu tl..
1 niinonlc MruP to act on tha raniralnrrnrir i i.
properly and .allay any , irritation.- Then al
that is required to preform a pnrrianent enre li
to pro vent .taking oold.. Exercise about ih
room aa much ua nosMhin. sat .11 .n.i.a.i
iooa-faf meat. game. and. n fan .anvbinir
the appolitj craves; but be cr Icular and
ticatewell. 2d weamlv
Dr. Schcnck's Pulmonic Syrup.
Tl. Tl'Ut meJielna l-llroi! Dr. .t. II. RMiunnW
the proprietor, of Pulmonary Consumption,
when It had ,aa9Uin3d he m t formldalila aa.
pe-t, and ) en HH'criv death antmuroH tn ha In.
evltable, Ilia phyaioiuna .proiiouncud liU case
incorulile, whou lie commorced tha n of thia
imple but powerful remedy. Dia health waa
restored in a very short than, and n , mtnrn of
iiiedis-.a.a lias bsen . apprcben Jed, for all tha
ayn.toma quickly disappearet,1, and hia present
v'a . i iiiujo iiidu iwu uunar.'a,
' Si ice hia recovery, lie has davotod hia atten
tloa exclusively to the cure of Consumntion.
and tho dlseaaea which aro cf mnlicateJ with it.
u,i mo cures tuooieu ny nis mediomea havs
.l.l A . I ... . r
rieon very nuineruusand trulv wniuluiful. llr
SJienck make profussional visits to nvoral of
tne luritur cttiu weekly, where he nas a larira
ooncnurso of patierts. and Ills truly ahinihing
io sue poor consumptlvas that have to lie lifted
on-, of thi-ir -earriagias, and In a few month
healthy. rohnat herwina Drchonck' Pulmo
nic Syrup. Scaaeod Tonle. and Mandrake Pilla
are generally ail required ui carina; Consump
lioor till direttions BL-compaiiy each, so r hut
anyone can lane thorn' without seeing lr
ocnenoK, nnt Whe It is convenient it is bee. to
see bim , ilo givca advice ' liee,hut for a tho.
n ngb txamlnatioG with hia Respirometer his
fee ii three dollars. , '
Please observe, when rnrehasinor. that iba two
likenesses of tho hector one ' whan In the tut
stag or Consumption, ai d the other as he now
la, in period health aro on the Gov. alamn
Sold by all Drnriate and Dealer. Price tt.fio
per nr.ttie, or 7 w the hair dozen. Lotters
for ad view should -alwnve. be diieoted ,teDr.
Sohenck'a Pincipal tlrllce, Ko. 15 h'orth th
8treet, Pbiladolphiaf Pa; ,.;!.
General Wholeaala Atfen: Dvaaaa Tlamaa At.
U.., N. i ., . 8. llance, Baltimore, Md.j John
ijin, viucinua&i, u. , w mi xe r cE t a'
i... ri.i
cairn, 111.; Collins Broa.
8 Lnnl. Mo rsdeamy
A MONTHI-Agenta wanUd fbraih-
t'rely new artlalaa. tnat nut. i,AA
GaBBT. Cit MallJtn.. UAAtr-A U.-
r (''' r"M 'm - "
3 S .-. ' -2 -
2 at o P"" ,0
i "5 '"a ::' ' 5"' ' .
MeHairly '""
i r -,
. AND'
1 1.
mill mi
j h . ;ir..:'i;'."") -:. ,k
Smiths', Carpenters'. ITIa
' chlnests' and Coo- .
per' Tools.
I V . ' N, T I' '" " ' ., i
... 1 .., ....! .
A full Supply of
Jt.ii)il. I: I i
t : r..M ". 1 . ' ' I - i I- :
'.li! I '
i : '. . u I 1 ii.i
Alio, agents fbr all kinds of ., "'.
! (. I, '
. v ,i .-.;...(
A. i,
W Kara now receiving' a large slock a fall
(tonda tvaaally kept In a Hardware Stare.
which we will aell at the lowest poaaible prlcea,
'A -V. '.;'.".rA" ! ,(.., ,-.
ty Special Attention Paid' to OraJerii.jp
.'..; .-.-, It !,
V ' , -I.-!: v.!r .!... ; ,; j. ' .i
J. Doddridge iV Son, ,.
:,. Uarti fitreat, ( oppofla BMrka BuarVt)
ty :.J i! i-, j'M ; ;;j w ,-, . , w . i ;,-
Kdveabar 1, lMm,'' of,Ti
!"'--'i'i A V I i 1 .l ( ll.1-!l, . . ) , o
;'"':' ,: 'oi. : r,n,! ; i:i,i. L.ti'1;
,i ii '
.' .3 Mn.'i !.! :-A "i iri . v ; .-d'l
il l.i '.iti : li limn ".-'; '. ,.! .0
.U') T.nf t :!;iw "ri:o-'ri
-.i ; ,-r, il)1 l0,?i;O.'p i ;rs oi . "x.-l
To'TnE People of Itfc-
HAVING open ad np a shop In Ma
lone'a building, on Main street, fur
the purpose of manufacturing
Matresses , of. all Kinds and
Sizes, . .
1 1 . .. . , .
And engaging in the Upholstery business,
I take this method of calling the attention
of the people of JlcArthur Mild surround
ing country to my stocks ,
Priecs to suit the times.
Repairing done to order.
Respectfully, JAS. HENDERSON-.
nov29m3 ' . .
L & C. It. It., TIME TABLE.
FROM and alter Sundaj the li thdaj of June
18, 7raiua will leave . Station, named as
follows l
8 25 a m
1 17 pm
- 2 36 pm
j 2 62 p m
. , 3 13 pm
, ii 43 p tn
001NO WK.ST,
' 6 40 i m
10 10 am
10 33 a m
10 45 a m
11 28 p m
0 00 pm
Stattont. '
Chill Icothe,
McArthur, ,.
Zitleskl, ,
Marrietta, ,
Cincinnati, ,
Nillht Ex.
12 35 a in
1 10 a m
8 2d a m
6 41 a m
. 7 01 an.
10 48 a m
; Niyht Ex.
7 (J5 p ni
11 00 p m
11 31 p ni
1 1 42 p m
i t 65 a oi
' .'. . . , in- .. ' '"' , '
'' ' ' Just opened by
WIIEtEwlllbe conatantly keptataaton
iahinf.y low prices a complete aarort-
." ,; .. . SUCH AS .
Nail. Fllna. T?nana TiuiLa 11tr.hnta lr..
, - . - , -.v , . (i 1 1 j -
marS.Axo. Ililtlil AAWa.Wnnrl anu-a Au.r..a
v-MioLio, ivihw -Mines, ijuiis, screws,
WnIMhna.. Ttntf-a f'urrv nnmh. Dl... I
Wail brushes. Butcher's knives. Table and
rocket cutlery, otiu locks. Tubes, Powder,
Lead, Gun caps, Shot, etc, etc.
Also, Coal and Wood Cooking Stoves, Heating
Stoveaand Graiva. Tniratlin. aiirh . r..n ...
tortmentof : ; . , .
i TI i - W ARE!'
All of wLIch will be sold very lor for cash.' '
io convince tne peor.no mat we sell eneipcr
(ban any other establishment in town, we ak
thorn to give us a call.
Room oua tn.,r u.t , V Tl Tl.). 1
. - - " " Mv,vwu.gDuiig aiai
opposite lirattona block.
J.W.Bradley's Celebrated Patent
fi ; , (or Double Spring) , , ; ; .
S K 1 R T .
rn Wonderful Flexiblli'y and groat eomfort
and Dleasnra to nn IrHy aurni ih n,i.
EHu Eliptio Skir-. will be exporieneed partin
irly in all crowded Aaaembliea, Operas, Carria
ges, Railroad earn, Church rews, Arm chnira,
for Promentda and House dress, as the Skin,
can be folded while in cso'to occunv a small
apace as easily and coDvonlcntly as a silk or
n.uaitu arena, an invaluable quality in crino
lino, not foupd in any Single Sprics) Skirt. .
' A laay having enjoyed the pleasure, comfort
and grout convenience of wearing the Duplex
Klleptic Steel Spring Skirt for a single day, will
never afterward willingly di-penae with tbolr
use.. For oliildrenj ilistea and Young iLadlet
'hey are enierior to all ttheri. , i ,
They will not bend orbrnvlr ttba Ilia Rir,1
Spring, but will preserve their perfect and groco
fnl shapa wheri three or four ordinary skirte
will have boen thrown aside a nele.s Tb
boops aro cover d with donbl and wited
thread, and the bottom rodaara not only HnnSIa
apiings, but twice (or double) ooveied: proven-
m nium irom wearing out, wnen dragging
down stoops, stairs, eto, 'i
- The Daplox Elliptio Is a great fuvorlts with
all Indies aud la universally recommended by
tha Fashion Magazines aa the Standard Skirt of
the Fashionable World. ,
i Tnenj.iy the following Inrir-timiblo advnn-.
tages in crinolino, via : Superior Quality, Per-fuet-Manutacrnre,
Siylish Shape and ifnlsh.flex.
ability durability omnfort nnd-eoononty, enquire
for J W Bradley's Duplex Elliptio.or D,ublei'g
Skirt and he sireyn gut the genuine article.
viiun. iu gonra agntnsi tin position be
particular tn notioe that sklrU oft"Hred 'Dn-
pies1 have lha red ink atamp, vi- -J. W. BrodJ
Ity'a Elliptio 6teel .- Springy! npoo tha waist
band cone others are iranuino. Alan nntina
that every hoop will admit a pin being paused
through the centre, thu revealing tha two (or
double) spring braided together therein. which
is the secret of tboir flexibility aud strength and
combination not to ba lonnd in oy oihs rikirv.
Fob Bali in all store where first oia. akirta
arc sold throughout the U. 8. and elaewher. -
uannracti by the aole owner of the pab . .
v : , : W8T8 BKADLEY A CART. '
8n8 97 Chamherw A T9 A 81 ReadeaW. N. l'l
' Eliza Kedd's Estate. . : --v
TyrOTICE is hereby given, that the tin
JL l derslgned has been appoin ted and d u
ly Qitaliiled as admiuistrator on the estate
of Eliza Redd, late of Clay counti-.Illiuois,
deceased. .'All persons Indebted to the es
tate are requested to make IfrimecHiite pay
ment? and those having' fclaims aealnst
the same will present themi dnly adthentl
eated. to-the undersigned far allowances'!
nov29,"66-aw d HORACE REDD
.yt: are, now, prepared to, do Job
work with asatotea ana disfaU;, i Qivaos
tll. '
Tha eld, the young, the middle aged units to paalM
It it an entirely new icientlRe discovery, sorahlnldg
many of the most powerful and restorative agents
io tha ngttabU kingdom. y , r
We hare such confidence In It merits, aaJ are
so lure it will do all wa elaifa for It, that wa ofar
1,000 Reward
If the Siciuam Haib Itixawan doe not give aat
lafaction in all casea when used la strict acaord
ace with our instructions. a
Vegetable Sicilian Hair Itenewer
has proved Itself to be th most perfect prepawatioai
fortbelialreyeroneredtothepublle. 1
It Is a vegetable compound, and contain ao
Injurious properties whatever.
. It la not Dye, it strike at the Root and fUIs
tha glands with new life and coloriug mattar.
it wtLL jtESTone an at baik ro
lis OBiamAx, coion.
It teUt lctp tht naif from fattUtf mt, '.:
XI cleanse th Sealp, ani ttmkt tk jrA
No person, old or young should fail to dm It
It ii rtcommndeti and used ty th fJJtST MID'
Ask for Hall's Vkoctadlx Sicilux
Ha in RsMswaa, and take bo other. , . ;
' The Proprietors ofTer the Sicimaw Haib Ra
iiiwkr to the public, entirely confident that it will
bring back the bair to it original color, promote it .
growth, and in nearly all case wbera U ha fallaa
off will restore it onles the person is very agad,
B. P. IIALL Ac CO. Proprietors,
; ; , A'cuAwa, iV. U ,
13" Sold by all DroggUta. ' r
years oi sxperiene ana lilal, hara
proYtn to be lhi beat remadjr ax rut
ww nu uuniuaias wnara a loato aaa
slimulaiil ara required. ThsY narar
tail to alrengthcn tha weak, luijiaxl
Vigor to the atrong, end In all reepeota
restore ahatiered and brokeo-down
ronstitiitions. No remedy has boen
, recti red with aa much favor a Ro
sacs's SToaAca IliTTia. Io Chicsgo
VEtl SO,000 bottlea wen So,d by on
drng-houss in Ihe past year. It ia ad.
miiM by our mot Irnmed phrsiciaa
'I K ILS combine the properties of
geutl laxative, an titkisut anti-bilioua
geut, aad th best stomachio known to
Ui world. ROBACK'S UITTEKS should
be used by coavalescenta to strengthen
tha prostration which alwsja follow acuta
, diaeas. In the
II.I0PH dlstrlcta of the West and
Booih there has, fbr a long Mm, beta
much nraded aa articla of STOMACIt
bl'ITKIW, which, if taken in proper
quantities, and st the proper time, ara
a sure prtrentir ot Bilioii Fever,
Fererand Aoiis. T.trrs rimht.!ni rw..
' neosta. Indiaastinn.. J.nnrfi.. vi.tu.
Complaint, and all disease of imllni'
nature; and are belter as a preventive
pur unoua derangement, regulating
liD strsnalliening t, system, and giv
ing tone to Ihe digestive organs, tbsa
ny other known remedy. Now tluit
the war is over, there will he thousands
aeekitw homes in Ilia 8onth. Nn m.
' son who value hi lit should go Ihsra
without daving constantly at band the
H I'l l' E IIS, as a sarei;uanl aKalnst epi.
demlc nnd malailica engendered by mi
asma ami polluted water. Traveler
and all residents of tha rank river-bot-'
torn . . ! . . , . ....
Ol'NTIKS r the West and South, and
(lie vallay of the Mississippi ami iat
nbutaries, should provide tliemMlvaa
with the Birt'EltS. There ia probably
no ou disease with which msnkind are
afflicted which ii the source of so many
ilmenlaa dyspepsia,' or Itlimor
: commonly called Sour Stomach, and
there i no more certain remedy than
: Roback' Btomneh Bitten. 1 Thy ara
, never Known to hul. ' i :..,,, (
.- !,::. I,.
WO CHOLERA ' fiaa 'aiwaye' beat
much drnuled by lha publio, and)
,-u. ni.,- nsoixcn io an manner
i. of medicinaa to arrest the progress,
ww. m.ii ii, uo Biwvvse. a enre otira
and preventive la to be found ia tfaa
VIAN RF.M EDI FJ. Keep the bowels
open with Uie Pills, nd in vigor ihe
Kstem by fr use of the Stomach,
tiers, or, if the blood be thin, uaa lb
: c t. 1 t! I . I :'!.
S tICIt an Invaluable remedy should be
kPt in every family. Keep Ihe svsUm
in full vigor and nothing ia to ke feand:
from disssaa or e hoi era. THB OU
RELIABLE. Do not b deceived by
purchasing any of Ihe quack aoatruma.
-.'U. 'j it j....' ' '.
"' ' Pitreh none other but fr. ROBACK'S
f Mnuipa TjTtrvDo : -l
unaer inai vaiioua name or Bitters.
e.vuinvii v.. i ana,, wuivit mim com
' ;'poiraded of the purest drug, aad' In, V1'
."' which Ih fflicted can rely. - ' V-'' '
i rely.
y.-t il
ml )
, PRnfOE,;'V7ALT0ir COHPiyiT,
J fRnsVMMiTMl fi.Xt. BaOmaV 1 . . w '
, BU.L.JU A-itUf JilJtiTUKO, r .
0 I! k-' ' -A A mJ. a i .. -. .'.''J
iB.iOoiovra Aaniflirsirs
t-'l.i 'j.'f strr-Trvi a n:': -. '' 1
SlqAeSoJa, by: alt Drugglsft'ind
Ditenn P-tent Medrdnen 0T3
-- - 1 - -tf -
,-, ,- ' ' -si awar ,
' 1
LAKKS of every description, for salt
a inia viiht,

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