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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 20, 1866, Image 4

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The President to-day sent a mes
sage to the House transmitting de
' tailed information in regard to the
rebel fJeneral Pickett, asked ior at
the last session. Inclosed is a let
ter froto Attorney-general Stanbu
ry transmitting all papers on file
relative to Pickett's application for
pardon. 'J The Attorney-general
Bays : r
"No action . ha8 .been taken on
these papers,' and he has no infor
mation of any proceedings institu
ted againo Pickett for cruelty to
prisoners, or any offense against
the-hWs of wcr." -
It will la recollected he" 'was
charged with hanging a number of
United States soldier for alleged
desertion from the rebel army
Pickett's application admits having
approved sentences by court-mar-
tiai 01 deserters wno were unmis
takably Identified, and says his ac
tion was sanctioned by the Con
federate Government, and saya he
willingly renews his allegiance to
the United States. -
General Pickett's letter to Gen
eral Grant is of the same tenor,
and is endorsed by Urant as iol
lows: ' - . "
" Respectfully forwarded to His
.Excellency, the. President of, the
United States, with the recommen
dation that, clemency be extended
in this case, or assurance given that
no trial will take place for the of
fenses charged against G. E. Pick-
'eth Durinrr the rebellion" belhff
erent rights were acknowledged to
the'eriemies cf our country, and it
as clear to me that the parole giv
on by the armies laying down their
arms protects them against punish
iint for acts lawful for any other
belligerent. In this case, I know,
it is claimed ' that the men tried
And convicted, for the' crime and
convicted of desertion were Union
men from North Carolina, who had
found refuge within our lines and
in, our service. . The punishment
was a narsn one, dui h was in
time of war, and where, the enemy,
no doubt, feltit necessary to retain,
by 6ome power, the service of eve
ry man within their reach. ,
i.. General Pickett I know person
ally to be an honorable man, but
in this case hisjudgment prompted
him to do what cannot be well sus
tained, though I do not see how
any cood, either to the friends of
the deceased, or by fixing an ex
ample for' the' future, can be se
cured by his trial now. It would
only bring up the question whether
or not the Government did not dis
regard its contract entered into to
secure the surrender ol an armed
[Signed] U. S. GRANT,
MARCH 16, 1866.
Secretary Stanton reports that
the examination of the rebel ar
chives' for the proceedings of the
Court-martial alluded to' has not
yet been completed. The record
required not having been found in
July; 1866, the Adjutant-general
submitted to the Secretary ot War
a statement by a reliable person,
recommending the arrest and trial
of General Pickett. ' A
Taking into consideration the
action of the Supreme Court ot the
United States in the case of Milli
can and others, who had been tried
3nd convicted by a military com
mission, and the doubts cast upon
the jurisdiction of such tribunals,
the Secretary of War has not felt
authorized to pursue the course
recommended by the Judge Advo
cate General until the opinion of
the oupreme Court should be form
ally promulgated. The magnitude
of the offense alleged against Pick
ett il such that there should be no
person to contest the jurisdiction of
the. tribunal, to .whom the trial may
be committed. ',
[Signed] E. M. STANTON
r . , ,t, ,
' Bcndiin'O. A young husband and wife,
recently married, residing In Athcns,Craw
ford county, Pennn gave a party afeweve
nrngrngo. During the evening it wag pro
poswfto revive the old custom of "buud
. nog,1 and all present assented ; the follow
ing being the result as narrated by a cor
respondent of the Meadville Republican :
' ."The next day the wife, cither because
her jealousy was aroused, or because she
wanted to cet rid of her husband, went be
fore a magistrate and preferred a charge of
iuuuujuv againsi mm, preliminary to get
ting a divorce. She accused him of bund
ling') with one of the girls at the party -The
evidence was deemed sufficient to re
quire him to give bail for his apsearance at
court but while the . bail-bond was being
filled out, he slipped cut of the justice's
office, jumped on horse, and' 'traveled.'
He. ha not sine been - heard of in those
parts. .And all this trouble came from an
ancient and vulgar custom."
How like the, shadow upon the
dial, thought is ever , returning to
the pjace of Jbeginning-where we
first Tbegan, to, live,, where,, we first
began to 'love ;.io the homestead
and Jha trystrng: place, ..the. 'play
ground; aathe grayeyarcV
Tin purest Uat: bf.Tpve is the
beart of a mother,
. rA7t.
Wf fvv 91 '- 'J m mm i mm &m&mvwiMt
Master Commissioner's Sale
Iron Valley Furnace Prop
the undersigned Special Master Coir.
Diissioner, anpoimed by the rourt of com-
Dion pleat, within and foi Vinton court,
Ohio, in a cause pending in said couri.
herein Hiram G. Daniel and William P.
Bathburn. partners", doing business under
the name and sty If of Daniel 6c Ralhbum,
art plbin tiffs, and the Iron Valley Furnace
Company and ol hers, are defendants, will,
by virtue of an ORDER OF SALE, issued
from said court, in said cause, and to him
directed s auch , Special Master Commis
sioner, at one o'clock P. M. on the ' , -
Zd day of ''January, A. D. 1867,
offer lor sale, at public auction, at the door
of the Court House, in thi town i f McAr
thur, in laid Vinton county, the following
real estate.
"The rast half, and the east half of the
west half, and the north- west quar
ter of the north west quarter of Sec
tion Number One (I), the east half of the
northwest quarter of Section Number Two
(5) , the southwest quarter of the northeast
quarter of Section Number Three (3), the
outh half of the southwest quarter ot Sec
lion Number Four (4), the south half of the
southeast quarter, the east halt of the
routhwesl quarter of Section Number Five
(6) . the northeast quarter of the northwest
quarter, the north half and southeast quar
ter of the northeast quarter and the north
east quarter of the southeast quarter of Sec
tion Number Eight (8), the northwest quar
ter, the north half of the southwest quarter,
the north half of (he southeast quarter, and
the south half of the .northeast quarter ol-
Section Number Nine (9), the north half of
the southwest quarter, tie southeast quarter
of the southwest quarter, the south half of
trie northwest, trie nortneast quarter oi the
northeast quarter, the northwest quarter of
the northeast quarter of Section Number
Ten (10), the northeast quarter of the
northeast quarter and the northeast Quarter
of the southeast quarter of Section Number
Eleven (11), the nonn nail ol the north
half, and the southwest quarter of the south
west quarter of Section Number Twelve
(12), all in Township Number Nine (9) and
Ranee Number Seventeen (17). - The north
east quarter of Section Number Thirty-four
(34), the northwest quarter, the southeast
quarter, the eatt hail ol the southwest quar
ter and twenty-fire acres off of the south
side of the southwest quarter of the north
east quarter ol Section Number Thirtjfive
JD . the west helf of the southwest quar
if r, the south half of the northwest quarter,
the southeast quarter of the northeast quar
ter, and the northeast quarter of the south
east quarter of section Number Thirty-six
(36). and all in Townshio Number Ten 1 10)
bnri Range Number Seventeen fl71, all of
the foregoing described lands situated in
Jackson county, in the State of Ohio.
And also the following premises, situated
in said county of Vinton, in the State bf
Ohio, and bounded and described as follows,
to wit, . , , , ;. . .
"The weft half and the south half of the
southeast quarter of Section Number Thirty-one
1 31 1, the west half of Section Num
ber Twentyfivt . (25), Township Number
Nine 9) and Range Nam ber Sixteen (16,
the west half of Section Number Thirty
(30, the northeast quarter and the north
hall of the .southeast quarter of Section
Numbor Thirty-six (36, the undivided two.
tl rds of the northeast quarter of Section
'.umber Thirty 39J, the undivided two
thirds of the west half of Section Number
Thirtysix (36). of Township Number Eight
18, Range Number Sixteeu t6. '
A'.yi. following tract, Beginning at
the northwest corner of the northeast q uar
ler of Sectiou Number Twenty five at,
Township Nine 9, aud Range Number
Sixteen 16, thence east forty rods, thence
south one hundred and sixty rods, thence
west forty rods, thence north one hundred
and sixty rods, to the beginning.
Also the southeast quarter of the. north
east quarter and the northeast quarter of the
southeast quarter of .Section Number Twen
tysix (26), the southwest quarter-of the
toutbeasl quarter of Section Number Twen
tyseven (27), of Township Number Ten
10 and Range' Number Seventeen (17).
Alto the following, to wit. Beginning on
the section line dividing Section No. 31
and Section No. 25, of Township No. 9 and
Range No. 16, aforesaid, where the State
road crosses said line, thence south fourteen
chains and fort) two links, thence west 20
chains and thirtyfour links, thence north 8
chains and six links to the State road, thence
with the State road north seventy three de
grees, east twenty chains and seventy two
links to the beginning, and also all other
lands belonging to the said Iron Valley
Furnace Company, situated in said Vinton
and Jackson counties, by which said gener
al description are included, in addition to
tha lands hereinbefore particularly described,
the following lands, to wit, The northwest
quarter of the southwest quarter of- Section
Number Twelve (12), Township Number
Nine, of R nge Number Seventeen, con
taining forty acres, and the southeast quar
ter of the northwest quarter of Section No.
Eight (8), of Township No. Nine, of Range
No. Seventeen, containing forty acres, more
or less, situated in the said county of Jack
ion, aud also the north half of the noith
west quarter of Section Number Thirtyfour,
Township Number Ten, of Range Number
Seventeen, containing eighty acres, more or
less, situated in said county of Vinton.
The said premises, so described as afore
said, to be sold as an entirety, but subject
to a lease given by said Iron Valley Furnace
Company to William McGhte, and expir
ing May 1st. a. d. 1867, with the privilege
to the purchaser, at any Jime after lhe safe,
ta enter upon the premises lor the purpose
of cutting wood and digging ore, or doing
suy other thing necessary to provide the
raw. material preparatory to operating said
furnace for the blast next following said
May 1st, 1867, but such entry and the par
tial possession of said premises for said pur
poses shall be so made and held as not to
interfere with the possession and beneficial
use of said premises by the said lessee dur
ing the continuanee of said lease, and shall
be subject t the contingency of a confirm
ation of said sale by said court, but, in the
event of said sale not being confirmed, then
the said wood or other raw material so pro
vided by auch purchaser, shall inure, to the
benefit of said Iron Valley Furnace Com
pany, aid be disposed of under ' the order
and direction of said court, but said purelH
aser shall bare lien thereoa prior Jo , a 11
other for hit actual ersts aud expenses in-
A - . . I . .
currea in uif rocurearent ana prmrarion
! m ai
JttMt-vfMmRi. vs!tvmttji&
of sal I wood, vtj and other material, with
interest t hereon Irom the time of incurring
the same.
Said premiers are appraised aa an entirety
at the sum of Sixiy-two Thousand and Fif
ty dollars 162,050 00, and must bring
two-thirds of that sun.
Terma of Sale. cash. -
josEi-H j. Mcdowell,
Special Master Commissioner.
'. . rokxHt . .... ' .
Camp, lhe Battle Field, and
v the Hospital,
Lights and Shadows of the
Great Rebellion.
Heroic, Patriotic; Romantic, Eumorovi, and
Tragical: Splendidly Illustrated with'
orer 100 trie fortraiti and Beautiful
f"HI8 work furgtnial humor, tender pa
JL tSos, startling interest, and attractive
beauty, stands peerless and alone among all
its competitors. The Valiant and Brave
Hearted, the Picturesque and Dramatic, the
Witty and Marvelous, the Tender and Pa
thetic. - The - Roll ' of Fame and - Story,
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Siege, Si artling Surprises, Wonderful Es
capes, Famous Words aud Deeds of Wo
man, and the whole Pinoroma of the War
are here thrillingly portrayed in a matterlr
manner, at once historical ami romantic,
rendering it the moat ample, brilliant, and
readable book that the war h&s ca lied forth.
Amusement as well as instruction can he
found in every page, as graphic detail, bril
iant wit. and authentic history are skillful
lyinterwevcn inthis work of literary art.
This woik sells itself. The people aie
tired of dry details and pirtizan work and
want something humorous and rfrrtunlic.
We hnve agents clearing over $200 per
month. Send for circulars, and see our
terms and proof of the above assertion.
Address, S. F. JUNK1N & CO.,
nov32 173 Race Street, Cincinnati, O.
In WilVi Building, room formerly occupied
' ! by J. J'. Dunkle. i ,
rlE nndemignad wtshaa to say t the people
of Vinton oounty and tha public geuorally
that he has opened oat
Ready - Made CLOTHING,
Gents Furnishing Goods,
of every description,
Hats,;Caps, Boots & Shoes
for Ladies and Gents;
' ; ' TRUNKS, VALISES, &c,
which he Isdotormhed to sell at tha '
Before Purchasing Else
where I
oct25m3 , HENRY HICKMAN-.
HAS just retorted from Colombas wlta'ad
ditional f aoillties for
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes,
Photographs, or
and malting them es FBFCT as pictures
taken FKOM LIFE '
If you wnnt any kin of a picture, from
MmiATOBito Lips 8us, fro to Billlnghnrst's
Phofojfrarh and Fine Arc Onllerr In Mo Arthur.
Photographs colored in Oil, Watib Colors,
India Ink, and finished in the highest style
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Pictures taken in alt kinds of weather.
His present stc of Arbams will be sold at
cost. Photographs of Lincoln, Grant, Sherman
and other; also, Lockets, fine Gold Pens and
Finger Kings for sale.
Piotnrea of all sizes framed to order.
McArthur, Ohio, August 16, 136s. tf
P1I OT O G It A r II I c .
E. & H. T. ANTllONY & CO., '
Manufacturers of Photographic
. , . . 501 BEOADWAY, K. Y.
In addition to onrmain business of rHOTQ
GRAPHIC MATERIALS, we are Headquarters
for the following, vis :
Stereoscopes ds Stereoscopic Views
Of American and Foreign Cities and Land
scapes, Groups, Statuary, etc.
Stereoscopic Views of the War,
From negatives mad in tha various campaigns
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of the grei.t contea
Stereoscopic Views on Glass,
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Steroseopa. Our Cttalogns will be sent to any
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Ehotographia ..Albums.
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Card Photographs of Generals,
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yfThe price and quality of our goodscan-
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mm mmo.
rrxm tt l-.
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' January 18, 1366. ly.
CfMiwl Iwlira Ciralir
A JCl ' ft ?MMl
I ri I awrifteen-W large
a Vfy letter sage tor two
S cent staopi.
The National Dispensary, established 1850.
O IX years of unrivalled success in the eure of
O every for n of private disease incident to
either sex.
We nfsllihjy ouie 8ypliillU. Gleet, Conor
rhoea, Inipo.ency, Nocturual and Diurnal Bm
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ery form ol crlvate disease of whatever name
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cal science; for H la a fact of the very greatest
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erage common sense now can the thousand and
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Te unfortunate, ere trusting yoar health and
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removes all coldness and disability, and rcjuv
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Br. Jackson's French Patent Male Safe,
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RAT-I1EADED neotila hava their locks re.
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at '
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October. 1865. . Wabbsx Ouasi.
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new uampsiiire.: A a tlerrlam dz Co., Whole
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i nng . .SEW N MA HNk
1 JLUUDU UOHUiU JU 11 Villi u
riTrnm tha New York Herald-1
Prominent among the mechanical tri
umphs of this most Ingenious age, com
mon honesty compels ua to notice the Env
pire Sewing Machine, commended as just
ly styled pei lection itself. Useful as have
been the various sewing machines, from
time to time presented to the public, each
one of them nas been cursed with some
radical defect, which detracts from general
utility. Warned by the experience of his
predecessors, the inventor ot the Empire
Machine has produced an instrument, com
bining all the advantagea for which others
sre vaunted, and obviating every defect
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The Empir Macnine is a marvellous com
bination of simplicity, economy and perfect
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bilily to get out of order, noise len, and ea
sy of operation. Its mechanical contij
vance is such as to secure stability, free
dom from accident, and accuracy ; aa to
workmanship. By the ue of the patented
shuttle and straight needle, if makes a
stitch, which can neither rip nor ravel
while, at the same time, il can operate
perfectly upon every species of material
from leather to cambric, with threads of
cotton, linen or silk, fiom the finest to the
coarsest number.
A the Empire Machine is gradually
Supplanting its more antique rivals, no
one In want of a more uselul iestrument
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dn otherwise than seeure of these econom
ical and inimitable machines, suited alike
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The office ol the Empire Manufacturing
Co. is at No. 536 Broadway, New York
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Empire Machines at prices lar below the
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Herald. . .
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ment being made the personal supervision
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ticular. -
Tbo "Grovceteen Piano Fortes re
coived tlio award of merit over all
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No. 3, Seven Octave round corners
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Term: IV ri Cnsli In Curren Eunds,
Dec. 7ih 1865 lyr a, o,
-IN .
Lmpirt; Shuttle Machine.
Salesroom, 36 Broadway IV, Y, 350
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1" 1118 MACHINE, Isconstmoled on entirely
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anu pronounnea ro ds
It has a straight needle. Dornencltoular ictlor.
makes tbe "Lock or Shuttle Stioh,' which will
NEiTnia Rrr nor Eavil, and Is alike on both
sides; performs perfeu. sewjng on every desi rip
tion of material, from Leather to tbe finest Nan
sooa Musline, with cotton, linen or Bilk thread,
from tha coarsest to tha finest number.
Having neither CaH.nor Coo Whsil, and tbe
least possible friction, it runs ai smooth aa
glass, and emphatically a
I reqnlrea Fifty mi oiht. Lies rowan to
drive It then any other machine In tbe marker,
a elrl oleven years of age can work it ateadliy,
without fatigue or injury to health.
Its strength and wondibvol smrLroiTT of
construction, renders it almost impossible to
get out of order, and is quarramtsd by tha
company to give entire satisfaotiou.
We respectfully Invite all those who mav da-
sire to snpply themselves iritb a superior arti
cle 10 come ana examine tuis bnbivallmd tit
One half hours Instruction Is sufficient, tr
enable any person to work this machine tc
tbtlrentire satisfaction.
Riuoioossnd Cbabitabli dcstitutions will
be liberally dealt with ; ; , ,
"bists Waktid for all . towns In the United
States where Agents are not already established
also, for Cn'ja. Mexico. Central and South
America, to whom a liberal dine ount will be
even. - -
Ko oonaitmmenta made at all. : Address
Empire Sewing Machine Mi'g
a. ao. BROADWAY N,T;
Principle genciea Established: Pittsburg;
Ernest atn elm Baltimore, Thoa. Shanks.
Wheeling, W. Va. W. D: Sawkell Bre. CD
cinnatl, 0. Mather & Wilson . ..
Kovamber 80th 1365 lyr f ' , -, 'J1-
An Invention of Bare Bleritl
i. .(
insi WIUROT BhtU
Bnrna no all aa -.i..
MTer breaks Br putting on a
troduoed. - . . .
No dealer aan afibra to K
Horss mil M Mite
Tbls prcpcraUoa.
long and BtvasaMy.
known, wUl tbo.
ooghly ittovlferaw
broken-Sown aa4
lownlritwl harsaa,
by itrengthtnlni
and elesnilnf tbe
atemacfc aod lnta
It is a tors are.
venUvs ot aU dis
eases Incident ta
ts anTrsal. inch as LUNO rSVKB, GLAKLaUU,
coughs, Dia- ai-
nsa improve tba
wind, lnereases
th appeUta-a-lve
nberabl skeleton Into a flue-looking and spirited,
horse. 4
To ksepers of Cows this pnpantioa Is InvalnaUa,!
Ti inaraaMa tha auantitv and improves th oualltr
oi ina nua. 11
been proven by a
toal experiment ta
increase th qua
titj ot milk and
eream twenty par
cent and mak lb
batter Arm and
sweet In fattening
eatUe,lt gives tbtm
an appetite, looms ,
j UJCir mum
makes then thrive.
much auter.
In all dlsoaies of Swlna, such aa Cosghs, UWrs )
th Luniri. Liver.'
o., this article W
maim mm m viicciuq. m jm?t .
BJ puiaa inJDI
one-half a paper
to a paper in
barrel of twill tha
abor disease
will be eradicated
or entirely prevented. If given In time, a sertaut
preventive and sure for th Bog Cholera. '
Trio 24 Cents per Paper, or 5 Papers tot tL
' WHOtmil DBC8 AND MEDinitl DEPOT. ,
Ko. 118 Franklin St, Baltimore, MI
For Bale by DrnsaliU and Storekeepers thrvag a
out th United Bute.
For Sals by
.T. S. STRONG, Dbuggist. .
' ... t-
' 'WE PltATT Sc BCTCIIBtl'll
Warranted la case of BhtiinutUni, Keartl(la,
or 1'alns.
The Dost nnrl Cheapest Horse and Cattit
MpiIIcIiio in the World!
Pud Ikrouahniit the Unitttt Slnltt and Cmmm
mint during Me tail 23 jrtart.
For lliecnreof the vnrlnns Dlwnaes towhieti )
Homes nul Cnltle are Kiili.lpot; such M
founder, HlHlp'iuor, llldit llniiml, lw !
AppWIle, lnwiml HlmliiM, Yellow Water,
FlBtllln, I'oll Evil, HiTnU'hPs or , .,
QreuHO, MiitiKO, Inlliiinniiitlon of tli
Eyes, nml r'uili;iie from lluiil IjiDorj ,
also, lllioiimntlHiii, (commonly called
BtlrT coinpliilna wlilcli proves fatal ba ,
so ninny vulunulo HorSca lu this country
fjm the UrRNl anle of any llnraa ami Cattle Medietas
In thin riinntrr. II In coihmiiwI of herlieiiiid rnoU,aad.
fbr InllilmwM. Mift'ly, certnlitly nml tlioniliglmeM, ataad ;
pre-piiilii.nl ly at "llm head of the list uf Uorm mmi
QtilU Nriwinn. " I
It CHrrim nfT all anms hninnni, prevents bnrse fraaa ,
bfcdinhm mlir or foiiiiilorhig. puriflw the blnoil, lonan
lb akin, ami frlvm II a snuiolli and glojr appearaaea
clraitaes the wi,tiratxl triaiiglliine everj juirt of Iba .
body. It at bImi a enfe and crrtaln reniwlj Sir Mgbl
ana ooliu, wiilo.' griwrale eu niauy ratal du
Thl Cow requires to bemppllwl with n ailfttftjaiaattjaf
lbxi--not to iiMtkt) her dit tlili I not t.tlralil, lal l ,
CMp np t reaultr tfjcretlon uf lullk, wit! nil W'.jri of ,
Cowl will Aim ljf KlTlny them
twice a week, a Urge Increiue in qusntlty ami qualUy '
of milk and crmtni. It carrltis off all fttve, and lm- '
pnrltlM of Hie lilnod. ' Tli efToct I seen lhrvnkaout tka ,
saaaon b; a rich and sbuiiiimil flow of aillk ,
Tli farmnr ! befrlimhia to be awnra of Mi Til oat 1
propertleiof Bloau'm ComlUion Jtoam'T, ia pr -moting
the eomlltloti or bis sheen and prvveiiting Bisaf
mt th diieasee uf all lhe duoieelioated auimala. l )
' - ttij eent packaaa et 'Btomi'f Cmndittrnm .
'founder put Into a barrel of swill Is letter Ibaa WW '
bushels of eura to fhttew a hoc, and a eertala pa- ;
ventW of Hog Cholera, Blind Staggers, otk"
dleeeiia eotntuoa among hoga.
r- , .. r i n
CAUTMNrTo proteet oorselTor and tbepabB
from being linposad upon by worthless iiaitailena, Baa
gennlna will bear the he tfsu'it signatinv of lb Fa
pneiors on tne wrapper. . , . .
for sale by Drngglita and Merchants i"ywaer.
M s W
,mm hi-. ,
lets Proorletora. ObMac. Sb ' '
at M Tl ISM 'I ..... 1 1
Sold Wholesale r a ,v,
Cincinnati, Obi, m .;;
At Retail by ... ...
Dr. J. 8 STRONG, -
O. W. SSSONev. p.;..f..-M
18 warranted to be . the only preparation .
known to eare Conghs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Asthma, Whooping; Cough, Chroaio '0nfhs,
CoBsuroptlon, bronchitis and. Croap.r Bela(
prepared from Honey and Herbs it la healiac,.
softening, and ezpetoratinf, an 1 partleolarl1
snlubla for alt affSollcns of the Throat sad
Lone. For sale by all Dragfiabi avsif elsaaak)
tstMf,Wl(jt .4,B r;r,?lfsHiji

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