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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 27, 1866, Image 3

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.8kf Sittt0.ii.,gf dt
f Official Organ of Vinton County.
IV A JtxrtimmU U mtar on Uwrt
4ay morning, mvtt b kanatd in not later
han Tuesday eeenntf
LlttUglom Senries la Mc Arthur.
a it, X. CasacH.-PrtechJaf Balbalh at helf-
pest Ua oVkck, A.' If., sad half -rest six
4V:loek, P. M. fibhilh ifclcol.S?. 1.
... , rutTTnUH Oracn. FerTleesst II a'clTi
, A. and clock r. u. Sabbath cbol at J
"O'clock a. w., every nabhath. , -
- CiimrriAK Chiiuoh. -Service at It o'clock A.
it, every Sabbath. , '
Firearms. ..,;
Mr J- G.Saetland He juil received in
, other raM of those Belgium Musketa, just
the thing for killing inbbile, quail,, etc,;
To Subscribers.
Club tor 4(Jodey' and tlie "New fork
Ledger" are not yet complete. Money for
thew publications will be received up to
the 30th of this month. - - i . -
Delinquent Land!).
fc.' .'Tliq sfentioij or tax-pvers is called (o
; the Tin surer'! list of delinquent lands end
town lots, edveitised in thii paper.
Arrived in Town.
.-. One day thif week, from his - borne at
Clay City, III. . our old friend and form-
'er townsman,. Mr. Alex. TJothwell. He;
brings cheerirp; reports" f.-orn the Great West.
. .Tbia bejiig holiday week, and llief Mcold
ianap" being ao cetera aa to almost impend
work in our office altogether , we bave ken
neceiti lateri to ir-sue our paper at rather a
lute day In the week. - We ihsll be up to
time hereafter. '-' -.A
.Slsson'e Drujr Store .-Vr .'Y -v
. Is the place to buy your medi
cines, pure liquors, fine perfumery,
and toilet articles, oils and paints
of every description, tobacco, 6nuff
and cigars of the finest quality, at
the very lowest rates.
New Year.
, A, happy New Year to all our patrons.
.'May the New Tear just ushering in, bring
Tor you ell ihe choicest of earth's blessings
mbii iu the full enjoyment of the same,
may you be reminded of the neceaiiiy for
'supporting your1 borne paper '
List of Letters
f Keuialnlng In the Poet Office at McAr
tliur, Ohio, on January 1st, 1807 :
Curtis James i Maley Richard '
Denljr Miss Anna E. Majtruder H. a
Dawson Mls L. Newton John
Evans David , , Thomas Mua If. F.
Hays Michael " Thomas Mr. J. E.
Hutchinson Mrs Hester VorheeaMn. Susan
Hook Abraham Welch Miss Sldua
. ' Keeten Artherv
Strange, if True.
A few evening! tlnce.we stepped Into
sloon In thw place, where we lound a num.
ber of our townsfolk in convocation. They
were discussing. the pigeon) question."-
Bam one,'"ihere is'iio.trouble'now in catch.
ing pigeons, at the roost. This cold snap
has frtirn them fast to the limbs, and all too
hare to do, ia to walk up and pick Jhem off
AJbyeisnJer corroborated this statement by
taying "Yea, that, ao. I lire at Via'ou
Furnace, and the other morning I ta wr fleck
of pigeons, flying over, carrying a hugs
'white oak 'tree. The supposition Is, that
;their feet had frozen fast to the limbs of the
tree, and in their efforts to leave the roost.they
-tiiduproooteri itj However,we wish onr read
rs to distinctly understand (hat we do not
vouch for the f ruth of .this fellow's story,
cJthcugh ShVpeare says
' ' There are stranger things
la earth and baen," die.
Dyspepsia, or Indigestion.
'This complain, of all othera, ia nf th
most common occurrence, and pervades ev
eryrank of society. The usual symptom
are, want of appetite, sudden and transient
distensions of the stomach, frequent eiucta
tions, heartburn, stomsch - pains, and fre
qnsnt cos'lveness and 'diarrhoea. The
causes sre numerous, ths most common be
tg luxuiloua diet and want of sufficient
exerciee, excessive mental anxiety, want o(
pure sir, etc. To effect a certain cure, it
ia necessary to adopt regular habits, use
moderation la eating aad drinking, tod re
. atore the tone of the stomach with Roback't
Stomach Bitters. If the bowels are coni'i
pated, use Roback's Blood Pills In moderate
Woees, sufficient to produce slight evacuations
. eveyday. i - .' -r
- Schenck's Seaweed Tonic
''ft,!, .,l(Mn V. Tl. 1 XT r w
Of Phili4fclphi, Is Intended to dbaolvt Iba food
and ke if into erijrroe, (be flni process of di
reflon. By oleaniiDg; the . itomaoh .with
Bohenok'a Mindrake Pills, (he Tonie soon ree
tores (he appetl(s, sod food thai eonld no ha
eaten before nalnf It will be easily ili tested.
jConsDmprion canm t be cured by BebcDck'a
ralraonto Byrup antess thastomaob and liver ia
made heaUhy and (m appetite reefored. hence
(be Toolo and Pills are required in nearly ere
ryeaseof consomptlca. A btlf dosea bottles
of (he SEAWEED TONIC and thmor four
boxes of (be ANDBaK PILLS wUl rare say
ordinary ease of dnpopaia.
DK Bchenok makes pro'eelont vMtetn New
.York,Bof(on, and si bis principal Offloe in
PaiUdelphia every week. See daily papere o
ch place, or bis pamphlet aw oonsainpUon!r
All dye of t Wution. -
Pleue observe, when parobasloc, tbat the
wo Uaeneaaeaof the Doctor, one wheat i the
Ust atage of oooiampUon, and the other aa ka
now U, In perfeot health, are on tbe Oovam
nn(mp. Bold by all DnifrgleU and Deelers.price IM
par bottle, or $1m the half doten. AH letters
?or advlae ahonld M .dJrenwd to Dv.Bobenek'a
Principal Otfloa, No. 14 NwU ith ak, Pbiladel-
pbla,Pa . j , -,7,...
. Oeaaral Wbolewle Atentas Damaa Barcea
. Jk CoH N. T. 8, 8. Baaoa, Baltiaam, Md 1 1.
J. Park, anciaDstt, Ohio; Walker Tavtor.
.CbJoo.lll.i Gollisa Bros Su Lia. M?, ,
; (tat w. a, ato. -, ootUy) . -. .
New Bounty Bill and Pensions,
Aa paeae) . by Coarraa July 87, I860,
gives llOO addcional bounty. ; '-:-i, ..
To every honorably discbarfed soldier
who enlisted in tbe error of tbe 'United
Sutea since April 19, 1861, for three reara,
and served his term of enlistment ana who
has received or wja entillr to recieve bet
100 bounty. , , t : , , v .
To every suck soldier who bsi been dia
charged on account of wounds ; received in
the lino of duty before, bis term of enlist
ment expired. . . j! .' . , ,
To tbe widow, minor children or parents
ii, the ordrr named, of any suck aoLlier, who
died while In the service or rom Wjunda
received or disesse contracted while in the
service of the Uuited Statea.
(. t60 AOUITOHAt s icnT.
To all honorably discharged soldiers who
have served two yeara under oneenKstmenl
and who have received but 1 100 bounty.
ia iicasias rusioi
Has also been granted by .a recent law
To widows of soldiers h bave died In
the army, or to the children if the widow
has died or re-married per month for
each child under 16 years of age. ,
To aoldjera who have loat a loot or a band
or been diasbled equal to tbe lues of a band
or foot, 110 per mouth.
Haa been granted every officer who was in
com minion March 3J.-1S65, and resigned
or waa honorably discharged after April 0,
I860, which ia promptly colleclec by
. ; 1 : K. A. BRATTON,
Authorise Military CIimAgent,
Aug. l6.it. lt . ( McArthur, Ohio. '
Dr. Schenck's Mandrake PilL
A Substitute ;l'or Calomel. ,
These Pills an oompneod of various rooUi,
having ths power to lnx the ecorelioni of the
liver as promptly ana effeotunlly as blue pill or
mercury, and wiOieut rodndiig any of ih'a
di'igreeeble or dsngeroua cffitou which often
folio the on of the 1 Ur. ,
In all bilioun diiordera thao Pllla may be
need with oontldeiioe, as they promote tbe dis
charge of vitiated bile, an-t remove those ob
atsnotlone from the liver anJ biliary duet whloh
are the oeue of biliona affuotlona In general
ejChsmok's llANDBAaa Pine care Sick iJend
ache.all dl orders of the liver, Indicated by
sallow akin, coaled tongnecoitlvneiia, drove!
new, and a general feeling of wearlneae anl
hwaiiada, ihowing that the liver ia In a torpid
or obrtruoted condlrlcn. . ,, . ..
Ia ihart, these Pills may be need wltb sdvsa
tage iu all oaaea when a purge tiv or alterstivs
medirine Is requlaed.
Please aek lor'Ur. Sohenck'e M aadrake Pill,'
and obeorve that the two likenesees of the Doc
tor are oa tlie Government rUmp oae when in
the Uttetageof coniainpUju,nd the o(her la
hie present health.
Sold by all Drftfrglata ajd dealers. Price SJ
ceau per box. Principal Offloe, No. 13 North
ttb f trees, Philadelphia, Pa. ' .
General Wholesale Agenta: Demas Baraea a
Co SI P.rk Kow, NT; 8 8 P.aca 108 B.ltlmor
it Beltimore Md; John D Park N K oorof 4th
and Walnn(et Cincinnati Ohio; Walker dsTev
lor, !81 and 18s Wabash Avenue- t'hloro III:
OulllneBrothtrafl W or of Second antlae
iti Bt Lonla Mo. taiweamly
Consumption Curable by Dr.
Schenck's Medicines. .
To Coaa CoKionmoM, (he ytem mnat be
prepared so that th longs will heal. To ao
oomulieh this, (bs liver and r(omah mttit Jrt
baoleenedand an appetite created for good
wholeome food, whloh by theae madloinee will
be digested property, and good beaKby bloed
made; thai building op the eonitiiullon.
PcHmcie MiNDiAiB PiLLa cleanse the etomech
of all blllonaor mnoeae aooumalaliona; and.by
aeingtb Sea Weed Tonie In voonacdoa. the
appetite I restored.
bohinoks rDLMeKio BiBor la nitricloni 11
well aa medioinal,and, b. atng the three reme
diea, all imparities are expelled from tbe lye
tem, and good wboleoma blood made, w):lch
will repel all dlseaar. If pidenat will take
tbeea mcdicinea according (0 directions, Con
nmptioa very frequently In Its lac(ntage yieldi
iv sr.eir acuoa. laia ina puia rrequently to
eleanea tba liver and stomach. It doe not fol
low that because the bowels aro not eoetive they
are not required, for aomdraea In diarrhoea they
are necessary. The stomach mat be kept
healthy, and no appetite created ta allow the
Palmonio 8yn,p to act on tbe respiratory orgs i.
properly and allay any irritation. Then si.
tiieds required (o preform a prmanent enre ii
to prevent taking oold. Exorcise abon( (he
room as much ea possible, eat all (be richest
loro ai meat, game, and, In wor, anything
the appeIKe craves; bnt be pur icnlar and maa
tlca(awell. id weamly
Dr. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrnp.
Tbla great medicine oared Dr. t. H.8e be nok,
the proprietor, of Pulmonary Consnmption,
when it bad aasnmed iu most formidable aa.
pact, and when speedy death appeared to be In
evitable, Ills pbvsioiana pronooneud hie ease
ioourable, vbea ka commenced tbSnsSof this
simple bnt powerful remedy. Ilia health was
restored ia a very abort Uni, and an retnm of
the disease baa been apprehended, for all the
sjatome quickly disappeared, and bia present
weigb( is mors thaa two hundred
- Bf toe his recovery, he has devoted bis atten
tion exolnalely to the cure of Consnmption,
and tba diseases whloh are oomplioatej with it,
and tba antss effected by hie medioinee have
been very nnmeronsand traly wonderful. Dr.
Bobeaok makea proreasional vlaita to raveral of
the larger citlee weekly, where be haa a large
oonoourae of patients, and it la trnly astonishing
to see poor eonaamptlvea that have to be lifted
Ottl of their ftArrtsMa. And In a faw taLnt v..
beeliby, robust persona. Dr. Schenck's Pnlmo-
nie eyrnp, eeaweM Tonlo, and Mandrake Pllla
are generally all required In curing Consump
tion. 1P01I diraetlona aceCmpany each, ao t hat
aav one aaa take them withoat seeing Dr.
Sohenek, bn( when it 1b aonvenlont it is beat to
Ml him . H. 1.m .iIm k. - .v
- - - b w 1 w , vu . jut m kiivy-
R ngh examination with bia Keapirometar bia
foe is three dollars. y
Please observe, when parobsaing, that tba two
rt .Ua Vftm L.. 1 ....
etoge of Consnmption, aad the other aa ha now
Bold by ail DrnratsU and Dealer. - Pries ai.lo
par tK.ttle, or 7.K) the half doaen. Letters
for advioo should alwaya be dliectod toDr.
Scbanok'a P-incipal Offlcsi, No, 18 North (h
BtraaV Philadelphia, Pa.
CN. T., r. 8. Uanca, Baltimore. Md-; John
D. Park, Clnolnnatl, O J Walker A Taylor, CbL
sago, 111.; Collina Broa., Bt. Loaia, Mo.8deamy
rs I g -o
1 ;-.s.7
A4jm ia ill. BEcon.
1 3
r s I m . . 1 1
.re t
1, 1 ,
if. ,
I ' t
' ! !,
i'l .! .!
! l
a son
, t:
dkalkbs a (
! u
Smiths', , Carpenters, Ma
chinests' and Coo-
'7 ",' IKTSi' TOOIS. ;
.. :'. - .,1 : . .in.
r '
. : l 11
.-.I K iir.
r t
A full Bnpply of
1:' :nnvi
V ' 'i! :T ; ,1.1 ... I.
' . . i - .i , J. :
Also, agenta for nil kinds of ,
, U"'
; i V .
s-e) wirw- -j
WI are now reeeivbtg a laree stock of all
goods araslly kept In S Hardware Store,
w hich we will .sell at the, lowest ppesibla pilcee,
T.' v f or :"v:-
l.i '.' ji"- ii ':i .!..!,' rr. .':
2mm muum
mi.i. . vr ..-mi: i M' i i'. Vi.iwii.r , t.
. I rTT.'l
': t.IYi
.T'7 .4 '.
i' llS.l:
3 ', I, '
t. PoIdridtT' Sc 8onf
November t, IlM-lm.
; . "'VvV. ' ". -i y'X ''.p i"'-ii')
:u)iis im . a,-".1; J Aim.
,itl:.ilis v.r
(:t' V'-.' .
t ' , t t '
, ii , : : ':,'. ;. . im !; i m
! -,' i i -if. .n; :.!'-..
l.iio - - 1 :r .' '.'.' I
.. ,:.' ; l ..I I ,-i !, l.'IM
i i ' :. .,i ! :.b t I" '.
v..! . i ' ' .- ! .,. !.W
: .. . 4 ;.' v..f. . &:.
D 33-SVATECi.inn
10K 1867,
Mi n-'i'- r
V In 6 pt; (areu'Kh tun .tin
J TbsOmio Htatha will soi
ns ihd ItorTB.'
eoutinus tin flaw.
iblv Demoorstic . anarterably deveted to an
advocaev cf the nuliitaaaaea of the Cotietltn.
uon) in ( rit r,j m Istior; ani to the preset-'
vatlon of tu Union.' ii i frent this. Tan
BrATuma win bestow psrlioular attsatioa to
Aews, I'tftlaUrt and Congrtuionat i?s.
And will ie foithftil Market Rrports fom the
leading I niwr i j Vitr of !ie eunstry
-Uu-lh, f X',! anibor;Taa Waaatv
Sttb-. wl.l w! .'. anlarged. aa togtvetwe
and half : Miii 1 rsl ci.inmns af reading ma'.Ur
weekly. , The !!.(,. 1 s-e the 1
i te: "S'-casu in advance. I
Daily 8t.il sinan- r t year. ,,..,.... f 9 00
do ..-tlo six momha. ; ..4 80
Trt-Weekly Statesman peryenr 4 BO
do - . do six months. .. 1 25
une copy, six months, for..-. $ 1 00
One copy, one year, for. . . . :. .'. J 00
f iveooplea oim) year for. . . . . : . . . 00
leu copies, ene year for 17 00
Twenty copies, one. year for 1.1 3100
Fifty copies, one year for. . t . . . . . 1 , . . 78 00
docttal , Colnnbnr, Ohio.
Muaaa. wveKotr,
osira t. iuii
;uyckoff A KALER,
' mi' : 1 in 1't ii i i: 1. 1 : ! ithi , ' nil
) .,,;, MaBufactorere ans Dealers U t 5.
, . 1 .1 i 1 . 1 , . ... . 1 ..,1 ,; -.
:,. -A5 .'8, TREtT, . r
I" "-V. Ii 1: ! .:.( I... . : 1 :
OppoaiUiDr. Wolf 'a Ofllos, '
'I f VI J , '
Zl,J-.ynlfoArihur, ' Ohio.'.
I..,,.' ,-1.
'J'HEIR stock bonalsuV In 1 ' : 1
BrBEAcsnriiU') :,;;
'- "' L UNGES,
CRIBS, - . 1
:' STANDS,-' i
SASH, '. '
' T". :n.:j',;vD00R3."J i ..
.... BLINDS,
. . . tv 1 .--1 1 .
si wave on band or fornislied on abort not toe, at
low Jgureev vTsrmr.B-.thjly rjh,-' J.ail
r RKaT oomblned laleatot
: lbs men to consult t Ore. Bon
aparte A Reynold, ot 182
Sycamore street, Cincinnati, hi tie nly ofSoe
In -the city where a permanent dura of prima
Diseaaee can be bad without the nee of mnronrv
at ohsnfre- of diet.- Wa gaarantea to tare Won vr
VaV'61ereV8yT'idlis,-lmptoncyr Nocturnal
Emissions, or BelfAbase, Dluiasl Xmisslona,
Female- oowi plaints, In short, every possible
form and variety of Bexual D.'seaee... Cares
rapid, th 4k and perraanent, and fees ssoje
rate. Come ob Coma all. A '" '.
Gbsav na-icL, .cwcoiAif aent for two I cent
etampif .:!.!
Fanrcn sxjis A surs preventative to dlseaae.
Price, U each, or three for as, or f 7 per dozen.
Sent by mall.
- Dr. B.'a Invigorating LfolrrtirttfrU' 00
perbotle. 1 4 , j;. . 'J: j. J! n. '
Td axALTd, It beneficial to all, male ind temale
the old aud young, abonld read this book. It
will enlighten those who -grope In darkness.
frioe.Sfio hy mail, mountain of light one dollar.
N. B.To VHS utiis.-Nc. Lady should be
without Mad, Losiai Vernal Monthly Pills
a safe and eflectnal remedy for all irregulorltiee
and obstruction, from, whatever oue. Prloe
one dollaf abox;tilra Uneflva dothrrs. Cnm
municalions by mail entirely onfldentlal. hv
letters will be aniwered 'nnUea they eontala a
remittance or a poetags stamp, . Call or addresa.
181Brearoore St.. bet. FifUi and .Sixth. aislU
1 une nnai. uj ,'sjmce npars;,; 6 AJM.,t art M
LPauBoxISlu tin A OiihiUv'
To Owners of Horses !
'pIIE undersigned woaUl Sbe (his method cf
L informing owners qt braenand the public
generally thai hs Is prepared to remove
Any Enlargement on a Horse,
' Bs cae be con lulled at all time. In MoArthar,
where he will be pleased to bave (hose wiahing
bia servioaa, to. call upon bins. .
A J'dntivd'Curt or tool Chhtge.
""nbvliml " 1 " '; . j. 0. BTSInQTJM.;
Vinton Probata Court. '
N OTICE.-H. C. 4 T. W. Bobb ns. Execu
tors tba estate, of Job Bbbblns.deo'd,
hsve'QIed their aejonnts and vouchers in th
Probaui Vtart of Vmton CounryOlilo. for In
spection and final settlement, and thai the same
will be tor heating In Mid Cer(, en Brfurday ,
tbetlthdav of November, a d 1888. ai 11 o'
clock, a m of said day Dated November 8th,
ad 1888,--' RICHARD CKAIoJPro. Judge-
Notice to Bridge Builders.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Commis
sioners of Yintoneounfy, Oblo, will meet
at the times aed place hereina fter aientioaed.
for the turpoeeof kttine to the lowest reenon-
sible bidder, tbe eoattaota for bnildine certain
bridges , hereinafter described aad designated,
to-wit:.;, . . . j -4 . . :. .. -i
In Barrisoa townseln aeroaa the n Mdla-f k
of Saltaraek, on the Huff road, oa :: 1 ,
v Thareday, January 8d, 1837
at two eViloek P. M ., of said day. ' -t : ' nf.- a
Also, let Klk towrshlD. acroas the'eraalr ha.
tween tba Madeira and Sherwood fsms, on
irioay, January 4th, 1867.
at two oViock p. .V; , ; :f ,
Terma and ipeaillsdtlons ttav known oa the
day ef sale.; . . , ,., .,. ,.',..
' ' By Order of the Commlsrfonera ,?.
Vinton Probate Court,;
MOTICE-Joel O 1 8 wetland. admtnlstraUr
l of tbe sUto of George Nixon, 'dee'd, haa
I'ed hli aeeobnta and vouober. for irjspacUoa
and partial eeulement, and that (bs same win
be tor hearing on the Id day-of January , 186.7,
deeSO XWBAED tRAlQ, Pro. Jodga
.:. .! .rtsr- 'tj ,'"'!' lirji I il'f oJ l'"t I i
" ' 1
PS .Ja. thiS ' - O
.albarts Cy ftppovto Conrt-iaf t ,
McAKTiicit, OHIO,
i ll 'i L'n ii.
-1 - ,T.
'i.r e
' and Chemicals,
l; II
I 0
: -a
-i.i .uTOJL JiSOArj,
ID . 'II- -', 'I '-'ii " 1-1 1 ' ' ' 1
i l.l ". il ,-": t.'l !. . , i. . ' ' , .'
fjf ISSES Bnpporteri, fc-id ' fihonlder' Braces,
1U Qibm, PaiW, I'altrta. Oils, Tamlelies, and
Dy SlnfTt, eta., Fstant Madieinae of every va
riety, Paper, Penolle, Ports Monies Porte Fo
lios, Envelop sad a general variety el fancy
artielea, , , ..." ,-, .. i,j ( :
A-- u; '..:. ' "ALSO i .
I i t o ,.i fl t.- ) ,-' .;. '" "
hi '...'I, '' "' AND J' ; t .'
J'EWOE I II Y; i:;'.'.
Notice to Creditors of
Thos. A. Martin, Assignor.
. i " ,
IN the matter of the assignment cf Thomas
A. Martin. 1 will on Mm 15th dny ofJan
aary.1367, pay it per cent, (being the flist div
idend,) on eluxoa allowed. . .
; -j.;-.. ' i H- ft Jones,
deeCOw ,. Assignee of T. A MarUa.
' ". Vinton Probate Court. . ;
N0TI6?;-Diah ;B.' Cowdery, guirdlin'of
.Mary C. and llar'let MoCaiiB.il has filed
hla atannts and voaehera for intptotion and
ett lenient la the Probata C'orrt of Vlntoa eodn
ty, Ohio, aad that tbe urn will be for bearing
in said cenrt ob Saturday tbe iith day of Nov
emhr, a d 1888. Dated November 8(h, a d IS it
3w ' EICIURD CBIO, Pro. Judge.
Vlntoit Probate Court, :
NOTICE.- Jasuee Glbbone,! adsiloistrsror of
-the estat ol Jets B. Finaty, deceased,
haa Sl.fl hla .nnnhr. mA . n..l.. ia. i.u-
tion and Jtal ae(tlemeuti and tint the same
win oa rornearinf en tba Sd day or Jannkrv,
18S7. l l RICHARD CBA1G, Pro. Jadge.
" ! Vinton Probate Court. '
NOTICEfred. W., Uaynea, adniinf.trator
of the estate of Jamea Carter, dee'd, ba
filed hla accounts snd vonchers for inspcotlon
and psrtlal settlement, and thai the semi will
be for hesirnw on tlaa td day of snasry, A.D.
1.847. ,n5t KICUABD CKAIO, Pro. Judge.
VIntou Probate Court. ' ,r 1
NOTICE Wmism .'Bowlani, iiardian'.of
Andrew Baits, baa Died bis account and
vouchers (br inspection and partial settlement,
and that the aeir.e will be far bearing im th 3d
day of January ,r 1807. KIOUAKU i.'KAlti,
dec20ws; . . . ... i, . ftf. J,.'
Reason' B. ; Kteirs' Estate.
IVTOTICE 1 i hcrebv, given that; the un
dersljrrled have beeri iappoltited bud
oiily qnalllled as executor Of the etate of
Reason B: Stclrs, cler-eased, lute of Vinton'
comity, a Duted McArthnrv. December
vm, a. a. Diea, disuij , UABX BTKIHS.
J . . I .'I',.'.-
:-lv '
: ;-e-.'v" i I'f rrj.u
I IN. '('1,'ii'!' ur, ,:-,:'
M 0 A,R TH U R, h0,II I 0,
i 1-
Just opened bv '
j.iii i.. i i .,,.u i '
'.I i.o,I:
WHEBwIIlo aonatantlr kept, 'at Baton
ibialy.law,priva, a complete assort-
!,vi'i -j:',: -,t..,a-i ii..- .,(.,; ', I
T i"
X .
,:.'! i -i !.. : i'l
11'tiH A
Xall Filed. Hasps, Locks, Hutcheta, nam-
man, Axes, Uandaa
sawsVood saws, Angers,
thlsels, . Draw-knives, Botta, Screws,
Wrenches, Bolts, Curry combs, Paint uml
Wall brushes, Butchers knives, Table and
Pocket cutlery, Gun locks, Tubes, Powder,
Lxau, wuii caps, onoi, eic, etc,
' Ales, Coal and Wood Cooking Stores, Heating
Stoves and Grafts, Together wtth a lull aa
aortmeatef .; . . i . ;,.
.; v'i ? ' I ' r.u:-iii ' ) '..
all of witch will be sold verv low fir cub. 1
i - Teconvlr.o the kmdI that wa srll che
ii. .'. ..'. -. . r-.-
maa unj mam cKaousnmani in wwu ' wa ass
thera to give ns a sail. i -;. !,!,' ..I i :
Knnm nn. A...m .... r Tk n.J.. . ..I
. - - -w. vvutl nwW BPtl
oppoeita Brattons block.'
I'll OT Q tt II A P II I c .
E. & II. T. ANTUONY & co..
MaaufttcturtrH of PhotojrraDhic
i-ii: . -i '.' Materials.''-'
j '.l .. 7' wnousAin aw axviit. - '
;;,;,'n . !", nil broadwat.n. t.
' Tn addition to'onr main basinets of PHOTO
flBAPHIC MATERIALS. WS are Bead Quarters
for the following, via r 1,1 :;-
Stereotcqpfs '& Stereoicopio Vtewt
O if Amerloan atd Foreign Cities snd Laad
scapes, Qrtnps, Sutwary, et t .. , ,
Stereoscopic Views of (he War,
From begat! vea mada In the varied campaign
and forming a complete Pbotjfrspbio , history
of ths greit coulee . ..' . ..,
Stereoscopic Views oni Glass,
Adapted for either tbe Magic Lantern or the
Stereacopsv Oar Oatalcu will be sent to any
addresa cn receipt of Stamp. , -,; . . : x
. Photographic Albums.
We maaufacwra more largely thaa any other
iotas, about 200 vartotlee from ae eeau to a to
each. Our ALBTJM8ha.(herepitationof b
tngsuporiof In bsspty and durability .tc anv
other. "'-1; " --''!-"''' -
Cars! 'Photograpbs ' Gerjerals,
n,i: BMiesB9eBi,'AcswTi, eve. eie, "
-Onr Pliilm VIVH THlUTlL
i.ND dUffersai sabisctB-lDoloding sapredasli
Of th most wlsvra'ed.EagTiTlag,, Paintings,
"Sla-'aea, ste. ; Catalogue sea', oa receipt of
Btorap. fiu I rtttw-; fi . a ... T .)
rhetearrapbets and el6r erderlnf- geode V.
D , will slew rem 1 1 ft per awat of the
lonrt with tbr ordes.;.; ,,,,i, ,
l la-.iii-. 1,'rs i-tsij iii!''S..:n I .. V. ..H
-e.rt US1,
its xrrsoT is
1 '. . W WWW 41 twrV'AWti
Ths old, ths young, the middle e red unite to pub
It Is an entirely new scientific discovery, aombinlug
many of Ilia most powerful and restorative agsuia
in tba ngttabl kingdom. J
Va hare inch confidence In Its merits, aad are
so sur it will do all ws claim for It, that vs offer
' I $l,opp Ilovvar4 ,
If the SanuAK Hans ftaxiwan doe not give sat
isfaction Iu all ease when wed In airict aeeord-
ance wltn our justructioua. r ,
Tegetdhle Sicilian Hair Ktnewer
has proved Itself In be the most perfect preparation
for the Hair ever offered to the public. . ,
It la a vegetable compound, and eon tains ao
Injurious properties wlmtever. j
It ia not a Dye, It strikes at the Rooto and 111
the glands with uew life and coloring matter.
It Will JtZSTOKB Olt AT St AIM to
.'. JTS OMQIXJ.L coioit. I
i II eWfl Iter tt llalr from fallinl l,
I miemmtM th Bemlp, mnd utmket tl Vwe
-No person, old or young should fnil to as It
A ia rtammewltiiM used y th F1HS V Afi'D.
icu. AVTaomrr. . .
Ask for Haix'a .Vboetabus Sicilust
Haw Baaawait, and take no other.
' The Proprietors offer the 8rcir.ua Rain Ra
StawEB to the pnbllc, entirely cotiSilent that H will
bring back the hair to Its original color, premote iu
growth, and in nearly all cases where it hi falls
off will restore it unless the person is very sisd.
l B. P. nALL CO. Proprietors,
Natkua, JT. U
tT Sold by all Druggists.
"$$1 sad are
the hst Touls
u CURE '
.1 .
m.m. A .11 M.
f Is1) bowolt.
. . . vj I
i'i ,i .
and all diswae arlstRg
i from ImfMir blood.
? sU
1 V
i . - . a
a mtt -win t uv . v ,
WWMW - 1.1111.; I j'lj' ff'
DrwrsUts ana Dclf rt im
Vtcn( laedicines i
; P RlNCr, VAUTON i 'CO.,
vTMors s nr. o. w. Kasaci,j ,.

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