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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 27, 1866, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85038222/1866-12-27/ed-1/seq-4/

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f.I TOT. " -I.T BTI
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H.wrM; nwM,M 4ip 'aW;. i M
rloir' trriidlrirrfln "JlnlTrstriTtiur
tlic purtaS. CX inimufui hiring
.HiVHrUJl flIAH :
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And .engaging inthfl DplKdeterwlnudnr-ss,
I ttike fhbJ ihethod of calling theutti'ntion
. of the people of MoAriliur atd anrround
ita -counti-v tomvtwk. .'. i i.iiv
I'liees to' suit thMitlieS. -..I d: ': i
Jtepflirinff doit rantfltir.
Hispeellulhy .
'"M. C'.; K. l.V;TI31i: TABl, t
I.ROM aula'fcr Si.n,l tji'.a ii th ilayofjuiic
I? fl.lrnlirf will !c' f!!!ouF named oi
follows : ' , ' ."''
U ' 't .'C0IN6 t.Atix r ' '
liiliirUlii-. , ,1 17 h, til, T.. 5 10 a ill
Mi n". "2 M i m 6 2S a in
MAhlir,V'" . 'i .Vi Ii V'6.41 a in
Man-ii tta. . . (J 13 i H. 1D 48 a'ui
.)ulrl.i. ! . .! - 10 1(1 a! til , 11- W in
McArtliiir.' ;v i jn tn 11 1 n in
Hiumleii. lO i-lX m'.VJn Jilpin
rliillicillif,ri.viV 42-'Wiliw j.f.W2Uf in
t iui'iiiiiiiti, j; , .x, . 3 OU ,l; .fc W Jll in
7"HEHB will bt eonstahtly lept', 'at aton
T.I Ubliifly low pruej a ctniplutt uort-
- - l . ' - ; I n' I
v i
i -seen -w-r
Xails Flles. Rasi)S,.Lock9J ITuMietf, Ham
umnAxes, Hand axJ,Wood saws, Angera,
( htclii JJriiw-knlvt'f, ; iJutts,.S bcrtws,
WrVndies, Holts, Curry combs-Taint and
Wnll brushes, Hntcheri kulveav'TtfulQ and
Pocket cutlery, Gnu lockn.rube l'owder,
LeiKrv tluu caps ShoW.oU;i'te.. v ,
Alwj Coat and Wood Cooking BloVaa; Heating
ijloveaand GrKesl ' 1'cgcll.or wttli-a full as-
aorlmeatof " i
Ail of which willta ao) J .very lor (brcseli.
w T'eovir.oe ths people' rlmt wSJ.'clt-chevpor
nun mivmuer ((abiiaiiraent in town, weaas
ihem to aiva nn a enll.! v ' M i V
lloom ouo dor Sat f E, It. DodgMtora and
opposite orattons block. 1
novlyin f. , ,S'l yOKQ & aTB$OKS.
latest rjsmox&i)kvAyi
T,W,;Uradlcy'.s Cclcbrittetl JPatcnt
i. , X.. , - J -'i-i v'x".- . iS I
- (orDoiillo Spring) " i. !
' S K; 1 II '15 .
r'-lfe Wofldsrfu! Flctiblji Ind great comfort
1; and pleasnre to nby jaayj wearing' the Du.
ilox-Hitie Skirt will blxp4rlMced partl.u
larly in all crowded Atnmblies, Operas, Carria'
K-e) liaflroad oara, ClMireh rewa, Ajm cliairs,
lor lromanda and llonbo dreae,- tha Bkit,
jtau be tblded wbile if Bo to occapy a rmall
space as ossily" aud conveniently - as k rilk or
mnsJin dreas, an. Invaluablo analit in erlnoj
line, not found la any SiSg'.a FfriD Skirt.
A lady luting atijoyodkba ploaauro, -comfort
and great convenience of wearing the Duplex
F.ll rpiio Stae) Spring Skirt for atiogle day, will
naver attarwanta -willingly -mai
nre-With tl'oir
. Far ehildren, Miseee am
iiiy are mperior to ail ciner. '
Ihay Will not bead or break like Hi 8lngl
Sprlnir, bat will presetta lliolr perfoct aat grace
ful shape wheb three or four ordinary skirts
will have been . thrown aside as useless. The
hoop are cover 'd wllj) ianbls and (wiated
thrcadaod the bottom rodaare sot only double
springs, but twica (or double.) corend: proven
irUs; them front sariag"i arfu;wbsa dragging
down stoops, iiirs.ete.-ni M ' b"
Tb Duplex, tlllpti I la great favorite with
nil lndiersnd is nniversally racommaa'ded by
t lie "Fashion Msgazlrwa as the Standard Skirt of
the Fashionable World. ,v
To enjoy the following -tneerimabl advan
tages la crieolioe, vis :J Superior Quality, l'er
lecttiannfaettir, 8iy lisb Bhape and Fuieh.flex
lbilftTflorability .comfort and economy, enquire
forJ.W JSridlesDuplexUllpUc.orDcubleSi'g
Skirt, add be sure you got Hbe (rennine'article.
Cadtiom.--To guard against impwilion be
band- fona efbfrs'are cueuins. Atao notice
that every lieop will admit at pin being passed
throngli-the tentre, tbca ret'caliog" tha two (or
doiibfa) rpriegs braided together thetein, which
is;Ue seoret of tl eir flexibility and atrsngtb.and
a cr-rabination not to be found in any other skirw
Fon lUiE In all stores vrlstre flrelJe skirts
. are sold throughout the IT. 8.' and eleewbere.
Alaoniae'd by the solo awnersi of (be pati ' t.
8n 9T Chambers- 19 i Eesdosts. N.
4 -
f Trrfl-Tr'TTT1t-Trr T.1-Tnr"f', ; ii gilT
! 'r. ii J. '.i GO TO ,TH1J !t lmH
vi !". ' l." '..ii a..i n-.il 1 it il'id.l s,lh!
. . .'. -.'Wi ' IN
particular to notice lliataxiru otnsred as-ua-
Isx 'avetne red mnaump, yis: v. w.israa
.v'aEUiDtlo fitcel "?8DTinia.'IUDofi ttie waist-
Eliza Redd' Estate-.
OT1CE la hereby given, thiit "til
e u n-
I 0ersi4 hsbwuptoljjtiltTjddii-
itfnlllled Hi hdndbistnttoVa tlie Estate
of Elixs BwldMofjGfByieetAity.Illinois,
decensed. AH perjops itidebbpd la Uie es
&tctt rtquetd .9 Aalitf iintticiata pay
ment; and those .Laving claims aealnst
lhs6Jun wllliwwBt Ufirmrlw fafltlientl
tated; to the uiidtrslgned for allowance.
gira9,'6-3ir J.TlIOLfCB BEDD.
vnVrffe not'pafdseotsdBrJob
work with leatntft alid fitftti. Qire ui
aeall. .
Jr. I
,01110. tlWteiIAM
LN Ihn nmlermitnlkil ki(lJLMilii'fXA. -
laissioTier, appointed by the rourt of corn-
.fn!n Hiram G.I)niel .sd, William Pv
Kllibuirf.,!rTifrt,''fioii'ir mitirru umlri
Ihr nunc tnd ttvU of Uonif! d Ratiituiiil.iLi.am
C. mnaii mil olhftia. bin drfttiidmit I. w ill.
b, fiiiue of -pRDJCBiaFlSAtK,- Iwied
ruin maiu i uuit f in oaiu iinci ph" iw hihi
a.iJ aa il ... . .iA ai .wl I A h t m
ofiVr let .t, U public, kiiatwq,: at 1ie Hoof
of the Court House, in thi town if MeKft
thur, iu itiil-ViniimicnjTny, the following'
rpal stl
"Tbrjri.LKir,ra(iil rW"J bal(aflie
ter or ue norm wen quarter oi sec
tion Number One (1), the east half of the
orlhweit quartet 6f Section Number Two
(2), the routitweat quaif-r uf the northeast
quirterV Station 'Suflif Tliice (3), the
loullt half oi the (oulhaeit quarter oi See
CS), the iinrihcost qiwfter of the nurthwest
quarter, tjie north hall, and tiul(.aet (J''-J
Vei oi the northeast quarter and I4t itfofh-l
east aiiinter l tie toulheasl quirtpoi, ieo-
tion Number Eight (), Ui ,hhwtel quar
ter, tne hofth half of. the southwest quarter,
the WtlK half of hii suMlieuat qiBricr,aml
oecrioii numaer i. r.e,V.;'J. y'e iivn"ri-w ui
the Boulhwest q'uarttrV.lae fvutbeMifluVrte'r
o tha southeast quarter, lli uutls Imlf lol
Uie nocthnvet) the rurtneaM quarter OT the
northeasf q.larterpibe tio'tlinesf qiiiVtep'of
the northeosf tiuaiter of Section Ntimbr
Ten (10)( Urn iilheaHnquaner of . the
nortneast quarter and v. nnrtnessi ouarirr
of lhBtsuaihtast.iuirttfiDflVtlbA Number
Eleven (11). the., north ball of theUtoanti
half, and the sduthivesf quarter of jhe'sdutli
west qUarWr 'or Heciton "Number 'Twelve
(12), kit ln,Tdvnbl)lp rnoerlihelt9) ajid
Range. Kunibtf Seventeen; 07). . TN .north
east quarter of Section, Number Thirty-four
(34), the',h'olihwrjH,,4uSrKi Vhtj southeast
quaner;'the eaf ti'ai.f of the!, fcOqthWept. oar
tet anj twe.iit)vfilq ecjes, o'Ef.iotpei .taoHth,
siJe'ot the foulli wast quarter xl th norih-'
east quarter oi tbaiNwnlwr Thiitjfive
35. (hewest half 6f tlie '.mlliwest- qulr
ter, the south ha,lf yf Jba nprUiwesl quarter,'
the o6he'as qu'aV le' o ibe norii'eas qiuir
ter; and the Qorlheat.qt'iaf Ur "gf hesotl.
east quajter of , aeptjon Numbf r, Thnty-iix
(36), and til iniTownsliipNaniber Tea(IO)
and Range Nambe'r Sentpen 1 17 altol
the foregoing described Itimis i?nteiL in
Jackspr) county, in the gtple,p.Uah.ijJl
u( And also the following, prf inisea,ittitfd
in said 'flountjr pr Yintn'ji.Vthe:Siafd of
,Ohio, bi4 bpunfled aud dtsenhed as .follows,
.tO tvjtu ii .1 .!i')-ii1iiH .- tf. til !!'-1- 1I
'. "The1 west half arid 'the Ibuth'hatf of the
southeiist qSiAit of Section Nurrlber 'Tlilr
ty-one 1 31 1 th,a weat ielf. of Section Num
ber Twentyflfi (35), Township Number
Nine 9) and Banco dumber-, PtxtW Ubj.
thofwesf barul jp'ectid Kulbet; Thirty
(30 the) norheat 'qiwrtee erfd tW loTth
hall of the southeast quarter of Section
Nuinbor Thirty six (86, the undivided two
(birds of the northeast quarter ol Section
Number (thirty J80J) thejuiidivkledjwo
fhirdg of the wesf half of Section Number
Thirtisix (36). of Township Nun.ber Eight
18, Range Number" Batten I6.
A'.y. following,.. tract, Beginning at
the northwest corner of the' northeast q uar
ter .of. Stioij uroberTweptyfiyU,
TownabiD. Tinefl91. 4 fRatitalNirftber
Uleeii (la; tberic tit Jot $ Ul itieke
south one hundred and sixty rod?,1 thence
west fmiy rodal1 thenco north 6li6'' nuAlf.4
and sixty ods. 1Ue begtnulA'ft.rt' '
Also the southeast quarter of the north
east quarter and Uienorlheast quarter oi
sbif Jieait quarter of Seci(A) tmr 'Bwln
tyrtxiaCvf tne-aobinwear flurtr-oT fhe
southeast Quarter of Section Number Twen
tyseren (27), -of-' Township Number Ten
101 and Banee Number Scveuteen (17).
irlco the. following; to wit. Beginning tn
the section line 'dividing Seotiotv' No, II
and Section! No. 25, of Township No.-fl i-br)d
Range No18. afoTesaid'wherf Ihe" HtaJa
road crofeet said line. "thenceVo'Jth fourteen
chains arid fort) twqi ljnfcat, 'theiitfi .'1vesC. 0
chains and Udrf) four links,, thence north 8
chains and six links. to theSlato road.tbance
wit'ii (he S'ate road north Ecrenty three de
grees, east twenty chains and seventy two
links to tlefgtiuriY. amy afoi'all other
lands belonging to the soid Iron Valley
Furnote Company, situated in said, Vinton
and Jackson .counties, by which said gener
al description an included, ia addition to
the lands hereinbefore particularly described,
tho follo'Ving,i!andai;to wit,' The northwest
quarter of tlie sou thct quarter of. Section
Number Twelve (12),' Township Number
Njn,fcia hge.KdmtJb0ain;ton
taining forty arnsr-and the southeast quar
fetphttrg i(kfqts,iteii'otlSealoniNo.
No. Seventeen,iontiniiig forty acres, more
or less, situated iu,.tho said ooan'.y of Jack
son aud also th s)orth half of the noith
weat quarter of Section Number Tbirtyfour,
TownsliiBj JIurnaer.Ten, of.-Rarpc Nuinbor
Seventeen, containing eighty acres, i nor or
lero, situated iu said county of Virago. yv
M Tlie said premises, ao described as afore,
laid; lb bo rold as; fln entirety, but subject
to a.leate.giyenby'aaldjron Villey FurrjaTe
.Company to William1 McGhae; and' expir
ing May lit, t. d. 1867,'wUh tbe-pritllego
to the1 purchaser, at any iime 'hfter'.ihe tale,
to enter upon the premises Icr the purpose
of- cutting' Wodd and digging'Lore','tr doing
suy otber tbing riflcetsary to providothe
raw material preparatory; to'Operatirtg fald
furnace for bias! '.'next1 following "Mid
May.lat;l857,butielf,entVyVahd the par
llal poaaeailon ot aaidpremlsea for said pur
pbses shall be1 sd aiaije end held arlot Yo
Interfere with, the fosseaalon, in4 ' beneflctal
use of laid premises by the said lessee dur
ing, MiiOflntimianoe,ifi.akl,karaiiA shall
' L . i. ' . a - . i . : f n
atlonnf taioele by seia court, but, io the
event of 'jflfa safe nafbeing cpiifTrmed,' hen
(be sail Svooxf o other ra oia(er(al.so pro
rided by such purchaser, shall inure to the
benefit of aid Iron Valley Furnaao Corn
pany, sad beidisposednf vnddr '.the- order
and direction of eaidemrrt, bot said parcti1
tserhn tt,ve a lien thetepvj) ' prior1, (o,1!!,!
others for bit actual trtU add expenses in
curred in ike procuirneat aod prepartlion
Said premieei ire appraised as an entire
ft! jiJo1Ui.,H.W(J1 AQJn)(4. must ignf
n-xl !oi
h! Teiaia bfliriMi"" " '''
I 'i.' JJOKRKH J:irrt)AVT.T"ol,
P .M.I- . I f bffl, tf. .Wjl AfiuUZ
CalJ1n .IlattlC riClld ifllKl
Ui . mIUO, 110HPIItlJ iTf
uiLa-ji 1 'o-
l4llTlVami. I fJUflUU OA
0 .. . Grf&t -lt(rbclltiA 7'i,
, ' n ti rr ajj. a
J-1 ulls work foi g-il liurooryViwet pa
i JL ihos, startltMit iiHioie'At,) and ltractive
beliuly, stands paela8'aiid avluii amoriall,
ili'coinnetitrtra.i'.The 'Valiaiit ''B'AI
VVflrnn:Matfern6s. tltilTrn.b tfi'i l'
tlietic.'' The -'Boll .of ..Fame and' Stort,
iCBip Picket, Spy, Sci;ui..iCiMiit.oiiii
man, and the whole l'inoriims of the War
are here thrilliilgly portrayed ir 'i ntatterly
manner, at once histcrkhl and rnmantio.
iiindilvil f 1 h Tm t hi t4 ptef, i 1j r i jliii A. and
readuble book that the wur huS calitd forth.
Amflsemj nt as wBiLag-iustnii tioiIt0.b
fofiidSileij ft!?, Ijcipidrnillil
Haflt "wifiahJ luffientic liimfflraie sMilTil
lyinterwoven in this wirk of literary art.
Thia aroik'WIW' '?Pe1f. "llie people aie
tired of dry details end pirtixm work.', and
want spHir.tbiifRiliujiiofdi aiui,nin.intic
We'hnve agents clearing ever $200 pur
month, v Send for iiituJure, and teo our
lorms anil'jJr'ooTo th above osiierlloii.
Address. S. F. JUNKIN & CO., -nr
v23 173 Rica, Stir.eijiqqupatjii Q
iHVlfJ mudlng. room formerly occupied
'"IIIE undernigued winlioit Uinsy. fo the people
X of Vinljn county tifidtha 'piihfio gener4lly
thai be has openod put- k t
- sr
a ay - iTlaUe.
nis jruummi
of averv description.
I 'I- lirJ-(. P.I.L.'I i' f-nf b-iji-; I
Hats, Capsy Boots & Shoes
for Lndlea and Gonts:
whlbb be b doterriflied 'to aH-rtbr;-tTl .
UMhi Jo
f.,1. u". 1 - I - I ... tl-.
dl'bl I
.i ,.-.'wn-i-..-.i v.'4 I r,i('i''t
Before PurIi wg;EIs
i ii.H I
d.' naiMuiiin !i
i. ..-, ' ' ii'mi ..'i ,lli(t .i 'i'i
A .li.it ia'. '.'v-
HAS Just Votnrned ftdrtf Columbis' wltnsd
ditfonat faoiHUes for ; ' ,
Daguerreotypes, rAinbiotypts,
I' I.' w
and rrlaiirrg IbsrtJiSeirXUFEcffi'is jHeta'res
taken FUOML1FE,. .3 ,
If you w-int any ilnij of a picture, from
Mmur.Bstl Lira iity; go tl Blrln(fhursi's
rhnfgrhfh'and Fine" kit Gallery id McArthur.
Photographs colored In Oil, Watib Colors;
Iwoii lux. and flulehed in the highest aiyle
of art'. ' - ' "-- ;;iu- "
Pictures taken In Wl kinds of weathsf." '"'
His nreeent atoes of Aniua wllj My-oll at
6ot. Phcrtogniphi of Lincoln Grant, Sherman
and ether;, also, Lockets, fine Gold, Feoaand
Finger Kings for sale. '
McArtharObrei AUgrAi7 T9Mtf
fl Hf 1 . ' .'I tt ' I ll ri- .tlfT
L" k sfc lh T. ANTUONY & CO.,
Manufactiircrs ' of Photberauhlc
"Materials, ," - .
' :', 501 BROADWAY, NV.
-.! r.
.1madaiie.lo wrWrtLlBloois 6TiOt5
OKAFlllU HATKlALSwe are Headquarters
for tht following, via : ; ' ' . -
reotcopes &. Sieteoacopicj Vimot
Of Amertoen sad Foreign Cities sod Lac'J-;
tespcej Qroups, 8utry( eVi '""l,-. ..'
From berativea made In the varlona eamhitinii
isnd foriniflg i complete. Pkofographio' history
of the greueontes 1 :i :o 3
St&itdsebpic" Kfa rGh'Gl&ss,
Adapted for either . the VlagtCLintera or' tfhe
SteroacepeofOor t Chtakxaawlll be sent to any
address ca,reeeipf Stampsiiil u -a o-'
We mariuractars more largely than aey other
bouse, about 2(0 varieties from' 00 cents fo 50
ch; 'OnrALBTJafS hae the repnutiotj of be
ing suporlo Ip beauty ,apd durability to ally
other" "'""7 - vi'
Card' Photographs of Generals,
Statesmen, Actors, etc., etc. . 1
OurCaiaJpgoa abraaiear,?lVTUOTj8-:
AND. different subjectavnomding reprodaetioBS
of the most eelebra'ed Eagravlngi, Palntiags,
"BU'ttesi -eto, ' CMogaa) ,Je$? , aeaJaVff
rhotograiV" at'oUeTsjViii1r,;fcei"4.1
riiivuiii nikii tsiwis wa w t
fcay-l he prioissnd quality of onrgoedseaa
aot fall to satisfy. IJuns llM-ly.
- it , l.l.. il . . . i l o r ,
1 . 1 t.. ... - . . . i . V. -MJ' L- '
l .tiono KooU.nd Herbs, with anl.a-
aid i
nilBitlvea to itraimtheo thestomaOh
aner nssTatera. UU a eenain remedy ror
Tonl ir IntliirMtloB. NarTonans, Loft1
at ipp U, Acidity of tha Stomach, Klatu'enoy
Dd Ueblty. u la noi aiconoiic, moruioio
tcularly suited to Weak, hervona and Dys-
rpU Mraon, Faalfcbf UJlfiUtMiim
HAR cured tlmnnundii of ti wor(t casos o
Bllud and Bleeding Pile. ,
It gives iiuineillaie r liof. and eflV-cd'S pcrrr.a-ntntin-a.
Trv it directly It la w rrauted to
cure. For nlo by all irupi-l at id ocui yf
- jjuinr
- Vt - '
3, Wrir 1 f
Greitea aVBol Cireolar
Era MliW!
-'lfttii"a Urga
Ml ! "
3 cent ttaoira. .
BKItr. M. I . Or y UUKN K VF.I.I'K.tU.Jr.
The Xutiumil l)ipeuaij, ruluMinhi-d l&VJ.
1 IX veiint of nnrlvnlled uecian In I lit oM it'.
O ovcry furui of private dijonae liuiJuut to
either svx.
WBfimil.Pliiie pHnif fcl'ft. ei'fllpr ,
rrrfn.lmpJ cii Nncdjruiijn'tl)irivl hgn
Isins Ali4iitfliarto fenWi, ev.
ery form id private diwaso of wliaiovcr inline
or iiaturn SwrmatoTTlKTji or 8t-ll'-wbue, lliut
CriiSrOF Mi'DKKN VANI1UOU, -eadly
ano speedily ciireil and eveiy trace nf Its
terrible eirecW crttdictod from tbo aitnn.
without d'jtonlion from baslficsa. Yomigmon
hoar tliia-ltt.uilnd, that we are In pwexfion ol
the Swrot Mceipls and methods of practice of
Ciilverwoll.Lulleninnd, Hunter, Velpran, Son.
Kiror.l und olhc great I frMa In inudern mcdir
eal sclvnve; lor it in a fact of tlia very g.cck
Importanco, and wo wiiuld ask ary man i f a t
erags common seiirt bow can the thnnhindand
ono slialliiw protetido'S of tbo day, with thnir
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olnru y t n a kind, dlrcreet dixpilcil i.iiinr.
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rcsuliiriliea, Price 1 1 per box.
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and alar rii' k Guide, and an Explicit key to
Love and BennfTT t'ontalnlnaT 9V pages and
100 platen. ViTt his U TUE book yuu waut;
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fend for cur splondld clrenlur cnntnin'ng
mt re in quantity und of fur superior quality to
any of the so-called "pamphlota." Ueiimnibor
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BHiallr atlunUJ fo.a,rriit!iar-ossaiwi,ocr
fevfisiilctntlrfh, 3tni")n 1 nttnrp' tf tliluga
each ossadlftnVatn eef othesiJ
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jmnuAsand di'ainilty,
and Ti-jnv
sua ea orirnus which bavo lain
dormant tor
many yours.
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tlon. ft U the only sure sud safe pravenrntiva
airalnst contracting dieease ever Invented. -
Fries l each, pa half dozen ft, and per dor--1
i i . ..m i
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Compound, mi unfailing romedy fur inteiuper
once; write for particulars,
MAilii.ins anrl insttuctlona sfint nromntlv to
any part or tee etinptTy.i' uoirwuitiiiif Koonis oi
the Dispensary, fo. 107 pyesmors street, Lin
clnnstl, U.
V. 0. Uox, Ko. 486.
Send for cir-
jnncTy i
It I I 9 $
nUAY-IIF.ADFT) naonle have their locks ra
J stored by ,it ta toe-dark, f lustrous, silkoo
tressos of youth, and are huprv I
Young people, with light, laded or red hair,
have these unfashionable colon, ehangej to a
oeauniui annum, ana rejoice 1
People whose heads are covered with dand
ruff and humors, uso 1;. and have clear, coats
and clear and healthy scalps 1
Bsld-hesdeoVroteransr have their temainlng
locks tightened, and the bare sposcovured
with a luxuriant growth of hair, and dauce lor
joy I
Ycung gentlemen use it becausa it Is richly
periumea 1
Young ladies use St because it keeps theii
Lair In nlacel
Eveiybody most and Will' nte H, because It is
the elenest ami beat article in the market I
For Sale by Druggists Generally.
Pi om Hot . WarrcM-Cliase. the Lecturer.
My hair and whiskers have boen many years
Lvriv.'.'kRiav'a Vairntabia AmhrariaHthM te-
i.irw isiim ineir oriajuiM wviiMn iaa
covered tbs baldness 03 the top of my head
with a floe growth of black Lair. I have sev
eral friends who have used it with the same
results, and I cordially recommend it as one of
(he few medicines that will do what Its labels
and ciro nlars olaira for it.
October, 1865. .Warren Cuasi
E. M Tubbs b Co., Proprietors, Peterboro
New Uarrmahire. A B Meirlam A Co.. Whole-
sals Agents, Cincinnati, Obio. Dr J 8 Strong
Agttnt. MeA, thur. Ohio.
pS, and 85; ftertyti&tiVj'QtWt,
O. r -lr 0 1 sr n a t r, O hf i o v
an anusually rich assortment of
At LowxaT Nxw York Farcss.
We alsi man-
jdacture... . , ... .. . .
In all the Nxw Patterns. Special attention
will be given to FILLING I'RDEKS for persons
who eannot visit the city.
Id Any goods sent on ordei may be returned.
if not satisfactory to tbs bnyot .
aglltoa A nyieaSItpii
a tain.
- .1. i'.ii , 1 lexi an . mi.
Corner of Front and Maditon Streett,
all kinds of Oranfry dro
QOfX A MONTHI Agents wanted for six en
OtA tirely new artlolee, just out. Address
0. T. Garst, City Haildiog, Biddeford, ate.
. " ' 1 -
11 111 U i VUM
I . :r ,t.T..V.in Tl .sta il,a
i.'UIi tl UU
1 I it lJ 1
VtU.h Ur,r.' Unit In'
9 a acl i-'-mi I
I to tTTn'esWted 'ubli'ciich
nna nr thm n (veil riir.-iecj wiiii..uum
r'aiKeaJ',de feet1, wlilcTi 'rjetracta Yrorri 'gneraf
otility. " Warned- bf the", experience of hie
Aredecftsors.'the ihventofor,' the "Empjrai
BlScliItie n- tromrcn on ins'rumeni. . .no
biniii" all ihrf-b.r.r:i.Vf.r'tt'l!iiliUii'r'
iniHrii h mi" i irridirm! i-vtrv u
VM I ll.'L.I .ll.U.. .1
Md."h ciVif t,5! " a rr ri ti il-1 " i.i iT.. iii" By th
Th-'R,l.oli4 Md'crmfe T"J rn'HrvellrTuiU
t i 1 1 u '. i t uo r Vl ri i V 1 1 J i f r r5 i 4 rtV, Hi d perA-ei)
wo'r!tmbsh?i,1)etiig-,diir4blR',TreVfi-iii ' Ii-
bDlty tp gyt'ci'iit'ol f.Tibr!1iiif?eleH7, Vlfid,es
try '61 iiitt-ratirrri;" in menncnirai . coniu
Vdin'rt("i! siich'-a' tu secorVi!i'f(i'jty,Yfi I
ilnm fim'-eWent,'antl "srriiT.Tfr ,S to
vnrlimf.lfl flv'lllf
Vi'irftlfa-flri1 Bfra!il,"'ril,i'fllo '"i fnbti'us' ' e
stitch. nl.i.-h csrr 'hemier'l f?o r.t)r"ruW -
wliileJM th'fariie'trifte rlrVn piraie
' fetHtttifufOV' 'ere yr 'fftrfei bf -m lie'rSal
troiii f,.Her,loJi-mir1',,VitH',tliie'f9 ' 'nl
p ... .,. . t-. Lin. ..;o.i .?... ..,..
COlmn, Iinei" vr ani. mm uit uiicai iu inr,
.nani.l nimk'.V t,uul W I
'AViW ;npire.: Machine, ii cratlually
ni ppla ntl ng ' Hi ', '4rhcirei' 'an ti(ju '""Vi va f i . f no
one In 'want or a more useinr ietrninent
of this dewription'Tie" he" or flic tttilo.i
du aJtlierWiweJtharl 'teVriW Vif these trronMif .
uu vjnieTwiw inan icenreii Tiirspm uij.'u
rctfl ttfj 'I iiiit t a b le",T tn lit Rl acfi;' b Meit p.! i J- C
i; 1 Vi i f ! jid " ; n i h 1 1 p i l f I r i 1 1 bijrpoW.f-r
Tii .office-'ol the.'J Ki(ipii'e0'ianliri;iiiiiiig
Co-ja.ai jCo t30 ilr.oadwtiy, NnYnrk
City, whew thev-'are toot knppU'iii' therf
Emnlrt;Mihin"i'"1af1f rlres.' Jurlbelup1 t.ht
;edt'ts)fu)j;,I tlie'J nt i uint-iiU',N e w Tf'-'
r .r-T III 1 1, . ,. . I i .1 '( 'ri u l'v
f ll liHIlt (
i, ;.,ii jVxrovetiieeiiv.cc; uo.,
i .'.11'if: &)Yk,f ji:i.-i.-i l i
409 I J r o , l n a y v i : r tv - r U i
.' vTh rW riei i ri dt! . f t R ' i"; t'blTc W 1 1 (V X h e V; de
1hvllW" to niir'Nr.V; Su.ti.r.;'pCTAyK
ftQSB.YP9D,( VlM - FOKTliSs wbi. h
for volume and purity of tone1 are 1 uinivoll.
ed.ilsy any hitherto ffoered in this 1 mnrk-t.
Tliata dAiil ntit ull t Sil'trt'iul r A tin nftit'ti 11 A til i.
French, Griind c.tipn'!lY'rp.' fq'Jjl1,,' jrV.n
Frjlna oye'tiinigi Dass ctq kuJ .ic U intiii
liieni iiriiix iiiuiitrsue..prrBuiiau iiupemnou
yf MrrJHOBOVEWBEB' wliOvhns has S
pracliehl typ"r'uu1-f oi'jbepr,; yfaY .f',h-?ir
mftntifadldre U fulW.wirrtht.uViVery;. Par
tjiular'", rtVAi lii ha is'.rof ;
'I'Iiq f:.GroviBtocn t'lrtno Forlea" ! res
celled' tli uwaid of irit.'rit","6Vortftl
others at inocekbrated wor
.l.lnm i noiMiiiiiKitoj
... L.L,i-ill.If . M
Mhere vv'ere exl.ibite.
imtriimi'uts. (rura
lh'eest maker? q( Liiiidoii.P.ari',', Ge,imauy
tsliUaiklpiW.P.aVtM)re)i ButoiD and New
York a aiidaiso at iliei America huKutule
for-five u:rsi'e)year8yrhe-B;olirftit silver
iedt from both 'of w'jilif ijinilrcJiieeri at
, ixiy .uiu '.ijterotivvtioiiuji impcuvrmcjusme
makv Mlill more pefledt PiemttFVtet,ianil
by mamifiK luring J8rlr,v wtth a 'fell Id fly
caslraViWrrlj areenablM't'6 offer these'1 in
B.lrdm.ent5't rjrtVr' vyjuXvilV. prqMde -.1111
"'Vl'VM'.'y"! ooiil . iiinHiuiiw 11 tos i ns ,1.1 'J
P;ciNir."li Seven. Qctitvk rfatifr'lfbfufta
;.,,, ta ?Pven Qiitaye, rmmdcormr,,
! u .".osewopdliesvy riioiiloliig $30ftuh j
hu-jv.iJMo, , isevea Ootavw .roiitid onmers
m M :tloev orHlXduts?lV style 323- a :
Trrm; Ni'i Cnsh lit tiiiVeii i:iiiiei s.
, ; . D ESCWmVB CI 'TOW SLliyj li
J I" II '. .11' 'I' - .. .I'l 1 im . 1 .. .
nDer7ih "lQ5-'lyr'"i --- A.-a-'o!' j
i. I,, 1,1,1 11 ,', 1 j 1 1 j..', 11. n.! I . 1 -;ii I i;l 1
. 1 . 0 -j 1 ;
- IN-
A'-jH oil. il
ll.;i-J.!L.- '. :. .:."i.,i;i j.i.l, .!.,
4 HIIuetTiHI.i'i1l -I-iiwinii ( -1.. ,' ' - - 1
11118 MACUINErlstenstrsott. e'ehtlrely
. new! priariplexof tiieIianlfttii"ipofitising
many ran inib velualjlo improvcnissnsi;tiavb
ioen oianiinea-nr iiiB niost piorouna -esportsj
ami prontuneed iwes' vUninp ain.n .1 ;
:.!:-";l;;';'Qii uEa::,; ;:u
, : . It bus a straight needle.1 pen pendionlae nol Inn
makes tbo "Lovk or Shuttle etioh'whloli -l!l
.NisiTUMt Kip nor Kvaij,- and far.alika o a" both
sides; performs pcrfecsewing on avoryder1p
tion ci rnuteriel, iYoid Lferiier-lo tho inest Nan
sook aluaiino, with ootton, lnoa or silk thrr ad,
from the cearscst to the; Mneat number, : " '
I .Having neither Cam not Ceo Waixt, and tlie)
luaati possibJo.'friclioD, it-ion aisruoorb b
glpsfjandi'femplMally ki,- q t'.i vi.i ;
i -n-. wnicci ccc m s rmivc i 1
I,.,) . . , I1WIVI.L.L j) lllWllli .aoj 1
air requires i jxtx rxk car; uss powxr io
drive it tnea any etnor mnohins id tbf marker
A girl jlcvta- years of nge ean work it stead liy
without fatiuM or Injrtry t health..: it.i n
Iu strength and wonueuxol. smrtioiTrtf
onatruotlon,'! renders it alnioeti Impossible to
get out ofordor, and. leAMAliriii by the
company te give entire aailnfactioi,.' to ' -
. i Werespeetl'ully Invito all those who may de-J
Birwiu eunpiy vuvuikilti mxn m enponor' arll-
ele to 'come and examine thia cttxiv AtiKl) "Ma
ohine. ! i'- i .I, f.l bli. i.n I-. M T'i
!.. One half tours instruction is s'nfUclent,' 'i
enable any person to .work this maohlne k
tbeirentire aatlafaotion.'' .'si- ii tt ui'iii
(.lEtioloDsand Craritablb iNrriTBnova will
be liberallr dcartwlth '. "... i .. tI u
'-ims-oxsts' WartXd for all towns in the) United
eaiea-wBOfw agents are aea-arfesdy es'iabTrsriet
also, for Cu'ia. Mexico, Central and 8onth
AmerTwohwsBJikefal diiic'0wr, will be
even.Vv-lT r ''t'A
NceKiSif i .'iinieiitx nn'' i at'alWAdilVoss
aitu w Air?
Fneoiple - genciea EstsbUs!. 'id: i'i'feburg;
r,rne sm -pjm .caiurapre, mo.. , nanks.
WheeiingWTa. W.'DiSawiill a Hrul Cii
cinnatK U. Mather & WJIain
Novmbait80thlVo lyy '
An Inrcntloit of Rai
r. -i - .Jrewa'tRi
.Til ir.J
nr a
d ro
f-wrepbreaka E
' ehort.
by 1
. '- toi
on a
1 .11
-No daalev ean vfAm in Km
F . ajruf 1 lot auiui.w
V .VlWara-eall., V.T,
frtitecl s.1dst-
: fy'sly Ie4i re6tioir1ttseir. Jtiti1 M baYe
tiSi'Aw ;rlr.n'i Vw (KtTnaChliiesT'frbm
lJ tn pirn 1 'Mini lie fflnrliitit
' Salesrooptm:, ftfyfflwuy ..-,'350
1 1-3
r -
;r :-. - r. ciiaaatu v-iu"
i 1 i '" . 4. " ! 1
i""" Till Btpwla,
C v f kaowil, ' will Ulor.
i sudily idSTtavmi
' r-,jr.'brolin dowo. mad
' -n i ...i t.u-
1 .h ra i ttamguiui
m rUia
ljd somcl am) ba-
f) a li Ui r ar.
...!, l all Ml.
eaisa tneldeni' to '
ha 1,038 OF APPE-
'tEyERQT.fce. Its
uss )mprot tbs
wind, lucrt&scs
the appetlte-slves
a smooth and
.flossy sklo and
I aitMiaUo ikelatoD into a flnt-looklai and spitiUa
."f.. ;). I 1 i.'.iii'M. f:i;l ' ..-It
To keeperi of Cowl this preparation is'lovataaUa..
Il laenaaea tbs aaaDtitTaad improrcs ilia ouality
01 uie inns, it dm
been proven by
' laal experlntBS lo
loena the auin
tlty' of sillk and
. trtaa twenty far
cent and niaka lh
battar Aria an4
sweet. Intstunlnaj
cattle, It sires theai
an aspalUt, loeM
re i-'kt
ji toaastsses
tr siakes them tbrlra
-n r-t-roi') n:l
of Swine, sued as Coughs, I'lccrska
(as l-ungi, Liver,
ke.J this' article '
aots Nl speclBo.
B, puttinx from 1
one-hair a paper
, Ia a paper in a- . .
'barret of swill the? 1 iV lisf? W. CJ
abort dlieaiea " -.
will be eradicated -w-.
virenUtely previnte4.i If ftv In i s feertala-
nrerentlre and cure for the Una Cholera,
1 Met 23 tents peyTaper, or 8 Papers for L
ill. ad 1. mil aPABZ T i" ;l. .!..!
IV THxna
whoiesais nnio AND hedicixr depot.
No. 116 Franklin Bt., Baltimore, Kl
iiJ-. For Sals br DraSclsU and Btorelteepen tbrutf.
. . . ... . I .. . . M . t
t'BU I It ATT tc BITCH Elfi
: ; C El 3 R ATE MX fiiC.IO I L
Virnnl.J lecssttaf Uli.nmnlhin, Seurslgki, UrulMS
- a.t..- 1. .-...-.. 1 Peine.. '
1, ,
'.ijl ill
ifi o:w 1 bv-.i::,-i 't-i i- 'T v-' i
.11.. r . . . .
llest and llifnppsv llorsc and tattle
Jlwltdhe'.lH.tlic 'World! "i!
Uud.lhrouyhniil Iht-Multr jttri titl CVrav
. .. tiiu$liiifi tht Ji)i$.
For Ihe eurs.iir Lhv viiilm'iH-i' lo whK
tJIrw-s utiil ('nlilf, iiMiH-l : hiii'Ii e
"Fmiiidi.'lllirniiUH'r, llfilo HiiiiikI. Uma s4
Aip,llt,liiwiirsltvi,liia, Vhm' WaUrr,
fiatulii. I'ull K yj I . ej H i-1 (tat. . , ttr . ia
arriwe. liliic. Ilihilififiiiilluh crf'tlld ,fi
,. J-i,.ui wii:iMri . illorO) tbf
also. ' Klii'iilniitlKiii. ii-niiiiiiiililv
.Hi Will rKlHitliU1.iirJirln nn.vrt nfi llll I
so many valimlilo llnikej 111 liiii. -.ii
.11 ,11 u Hill v.i
1.; ii iu ib r "
10 l
.ll4ln- l ii L-.l mill- "f .u.v. .Il'.rw u.fl l.'.itllr kUillrlae
1,1 fti llila A.iuiltr. HlW'ip lsi'il .'I'lirfli. .(IM I...U. nn4
t . Kii-,tiiililtii-.i.iab-i v. t-niii' aii.l i iri.aftUiii-M. .Innds
pre-eiltiut-tiiiy' si tlm lu-.iil "f tlio i si
rPi! ': n ni'i- id. t toi v.'.
h II ranif nil Mil trmi. lilltni.rH. liri'lnt. lii.riM rrnn
bfcVenmiliiX alio 7f".i'l-rliiK.!iitillrHMi)l.sl. Ins
Hie skin, aiiti fl-? il iui.,il, nti. -1..v eiinian-e,
Uirlciwx lli Mali-riiMil sirriiinUi'iM rvr Hit uf ttat
Uly II Is sli. a suit- iiitil,i'i-rl;ihi ri-iiir.lv fMr.r,Hlel
.1 lnl ulJ., eltii B',S",r aJilaj filsl illinun. ' -
fcllM : JrvR
Tlie Ciw rnjiiinn tth-siiiilliil slilisu tilMiiiibiieef
' "'Ihoel tuf in lii. .it.- hi-flil-4l.il l nol iWmil.l,' nl to
. lf)i up ri'iili fil,i"ii-,( H.llli,k. all .f tw ef
euwa will rlii.i l.v' Kiin i hi-ni ' '
" ikoacts coNrymoM owt-UH
.t4wlee a.wi-sk.a lain lacrrsw. Jn jmmjIHv jhI' aaalUf
ef iuilK nft'l i-ri'.nii." U rnnli-ii lt nil 'fi-vr' sml Iiw
ii ! puritl.-e.jr.rtuhl'.Kt. flli-,.'.r rl I..1-1 ll.n-, .lnul the
I.KIHIII l.v a 11. 11 soil Ni'iiiMi.ihi ni.s ui mint
id iTIie aimrr tslieMlioiliv In lw mitt-l.f UiX tahUUds
prupeTlirs.i.r fyuxtn'l t'lmttltiun i'mrtt. r, 11 pre
'1 Bo(iiiw1lie'AtnAli.ii nr-hm feheipNii'nrtrfislia ueutf
s( tha dissais.u( all Uie duwcetiiMed uulj "Us. .,.
lAUHmlfVL. I, .JTrl$..T, ISa-i,
hil-LSjsi pny eovt WKKsae pi nee", f tenree
MTnvnrr mi iniu a imrrwi 01 swin is urr tiina rw,
baxliels of oorn tu nilieu a Iiok. aiwl a jeerule pre.
h?nliYe.iiiflwlUiHi C)m1ri MMiLfiUfceBi r"d Tl w
dlseesee coiiniiun alilung Tis,. -
.-Del ii ii xini-x.
M ' fl'VJflV f- .. t ... ......! -...I .1,..L,U
"'A. I..::... . .... K.. ..LI ...l-.l... ttA,
nuill yviiif. iuii.cg n"uil n.ifiaim hiiih.iuii mm
;, Iremiltie 1ll (.enr tht fite Iimi7c lipintu t of the Pre
i: prletora eft Ilia-wrap' .ii ..-.j .oil It uua
J "lot Mlel.T VrnEflJts tad Merelianta r.
Hiei a wn Hiii'Ii u..v ,'it 1 1 .
l.,l Sun I !.m-,ZSI.
... . . . - -
.(srt- H vfl vd
i. Jhwtf ,92. , .1iMn, tn,,.. ..1 : ...rri
!Ul,it,rt boUrata sy ,T -nn , h'l hut ; . ertl
k!AJ .dUUiliOJ. FAKK..i-rn-T . 1 -,o Tfl
!,. fflli.; In C7tiW!ni1sh 1. flhia: e.'il lo
K''At RetrYifW --"."A!. s... iJe..xt
I . - . e. ni 1 'l 7f.ll rV
LeVf at UU, v,r d;-
ja . -c. il
-ufi-i .
18 warranted to be the only pieparauoji
X kaowa to'eara ,ogB4)dld7noareae(s,
Astbtnay Whooping toagln Ctoofclal.Cengaa,
ConanmatlAn: , fLrannhltia and 'OauoiliiBrdng
'prepsfi rem Hoaey Snd Herbs JtaaheaBBg,
softenine. and ekneetorating, ea.1 paittcularly
suitable for all" affectiona of the Throat and
Lnsgs. ' For sale by all Drag;lstf ereeywhore,
Jaouwry 19, 188,17.
F , -Ul liim'l
ri hp : r.
a a
I . 1 A. ..'. V J
ft I "i . F
'fTsaWaaTLI Wl, MRJl.Jl U . Pl-avT?- "'P

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