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She $1ut0tt Qtttxb.
E. A. BRATTON, - - - Editor.
-JAX.il, I87.
Democratic County Convention.
The Democracy ot Vinton coun
ty are respectfully requested to
meet at the Court House, in Mc
Arthur. on Saturday. January 5th.
at one o'clock, for the purpose of
resent them in the Stato Conven
tion which'convenes at Columbus,
on theSth of January.
By order Dcm. Cen. Com.
H. C. MOORE, Pres't.
D. B. SHIVEL, Sec'y.
Tho Rkcoud the ensuing year,
will bo published by Mrs. Bratton,
who I as purchased the press.
will be responsible for the positions
taken by the paper. It will, as
heretofore, continue the organ of
tho Democratic party of Vinton ;
at the same time, its columns will
be open to receive communications
from our political opponents, for
tho purpose of honorable discussion
and interchange of opinions and
views, that are free from personal
abuse. . We want a county paper
that will make a respectable ap
pearance, and ass.st in increasing
the business, and developing the
resources of our county. Commu
nications upon all matters of public
concern, as morals, education, tem
perance, and in fact all subjects
that will tend to improvement and
enterprise in every department of
usefulness, and to the good order
and well being of society, upon
which republican forms of govern
ment . must depend for support.
"The right is always expedient,"
was the motto of Thomas II. Ben
ton, one of the noblest sons of this
Republic, and if every man would
live up to it, the general peace and
prosperity of our country would
soon be established.
One word, reader, in regard to
sustaining yourjeounty paper, both
parties have tried it effectually, at
this place, and two papers were
never sustained. They have been
a bill of expense. We now pro
pose to give what time and atten
tion may be necessary to the edi
torial department of the Record,
without hope of reward therefor.
All we do insist on, is that our cit
izens will lend a helping hand, to
aid the paper to its legitimate earn
ings, and by economical manage
ment, it may pay its way, and Mrs.
B. for her time and labor in its pub
lication. Our citizens know that
we cannot, for our professional en
gagements, attend to the office, or
lose time in looking after its finan
cial matters. We never run the
paper a year, but we had to charge
about $500,00 And this we had to
charge on books, much of jwhich yet
remains unpaid, wWle we had to
advance the money to pay for what
we charged. This paper, will
therefore, go on the pay-as-you-go
principle. No booka will be kept
in the office. We will make no
promises of what the pap er will be,
Negro Celebration.
Kichmosd, Va., January
negro populace are celebrating the
third anniversary of the emancipa
tion proclamation.' All the color
ed military and civic societies, with
delegations from Petersburg, Dan
ville, and Manchester, are in full
regalia, with banners and bands of
music. Ihey marcnea to Capital
Square, where an address was de
livered by Rev. Hunnicutt He
denounced Governor Pierpont and
the State Legislature. He said he
only wished that freedaien were in
Congress, as they would establish
Provisional Government in all the
Southern States. The celebration
passed off without any breach of
the peace.
A Washington dispatch says a telegram
from Missouri to tho President, received
here asks for ft suspension of action as to
United Suites troops in the State, until he
receives a statemeut now coming by mall,
which, it U alleged, answers Governor
Flechei's dispatch to the United States Sen
ators and ltepresttnatives from Missouri.
It is understood that the President has
ordered the Military Commission at Rich
mond, Va, before .whom Dr. .Watson was
on trial for killing a negro, dissolved, and
that no trials of civilians be had before Mil
itary Commissions. This action is taken
in accordance with the decision of the Su
premo Court in the Indiana case.
It is surmised that the1 desperate mil un
lawful proceedings of Governor Fleoher,
and his myrmidons In Missouri, are in keep
ing with a plot concocted at tho famous
Governors' meeting, of which he was an
active member.
Colonel Carrington, who was in command
ofthepostof Fort Phil Kearuey at the
time of the recent massacre of nearly ahun
dred soldiers, has been relieved, and will be,
probably, ordered under arrest for trial on
the charge of carelessness In the perfor
mance of his duties, it seems that thede
tachment were cutoff from all chances of
retreat to the fort and overpowered. It is
claimed that Colonel Carrington could have
prevented this.
Wilmington, Del., Doc. 31. The Dflla1
ware Legislature meets to-morrow. The
Democrats have two-thirds of each branch
It is said the Constitutional amendment
will bo rejected.
Washington, Dec, 81. The President is
said to have confereii with the Judges of the
supremo court in reicnco to tne position
assumed by Congress toward (ho Southern
States. W hen he announced to Commis
sioner Weatherly, from South CaroHna.tliat
the Supreme Uourt would declare the
amendment unconstitutional, he thought
ho spoke advisedly. -
Congressmen are divided in expressions
and opinions upon the subject of amend
ments na a sine qua non to the admission
of the Southern States,
A large number of Republicans assert
their willingness to make this basis of ad
mission to all duly loyal members, but
those embrace chiefly the Conservative
wing of the party the more extreme mem
bers being opposed to committing them
selves upon the question. It is not impro
bable that a caucus will be held to consid
er tho propriety of offering an amendment
W lllc T5UUII1 US t liliuillj.
The Court of Appeals, at Albany. N. Y.
yesterday announced its unanimous decis
ion, nlllrining tho constitutionality of the
excise law.
Ex-governor Marvin, of Florida, who Is
in asinngton, mere is not remotest pros'
pect of Florida ever ratifying the Consti
Uitlonal amendment.
The Washington correspondent ol the
Baltimore bun gives as an "on Hit" that the
advocates' of bouthern territorialization
have been canvassing the Houses, and
doubting their ability to carry it this ses
sion, have concluded to pospone the matter
until next session. We suspect It was the
Supremo court mat they canvassed.
During the hist two weeks no less than
twenty-one persons have been burned te
death In the fires that Uave occurred in the
various tenement houses In p,ew York.
The State of Louisiana will agaiu, at the
present session, ask congress to guaran
tee six millions of her bonds, for tho pay
ment of which she will pledge her public
lands. In order that she may repair toe
Mississippi levees. Congess will proba
bly comply, as the Improvement will be
of advantage to the entire country.
Tho Greenville (Alabama) Advocate
states that two sons of Dr. A. Cheatham
quarreled a few days ago, and one struck
the other on the head with a singletree,
killing him instantly.
Tho White county (Arkansas) Record,
states that immense numbers of small
snakes of the thickness of horse hairs,
were seen ou the 7th tilt, near tho town
of Searcy. Where they came from
whether from the clouds above, or the
"waters under the earth" is a mystery.
A young lady named Ellen Alcorn was
killed in Brooklyn on aunuay by kerosene
explosion. She was pouring oil.cn the fire
from can.
A young lady named Cox disappeared ve
ry mysteriously a few weeks ago near Cory-
don, 1ml- The bodv whs found lodged in a
Iree near that place in a creek. It is sup
posed she destroyed her own life while un
der aberration of mind.
Beu. Wood, with his recent faro win
nings, and some other pocket money, hat
purchased a handsome row of alOres on
Bennett, Jun., of the New York Herald,
whose yacht won the race across the Alan
tic, challenged all Europe. The challenge
has been accepted by (he Duke of Edinburg
whoso yatcn, the viking, is said to be one
of the best iu the English squadron.
A robbery of Government bondi and se
curities to the amount of half a million of
dollars was perpetrated yesterday in a banking-house
in Philadelphia.
The Ufeel ad rices from Mexico convey
the intelligence that Napoleon gave orders
to the French Commander to aid Maximil
ian to the utmost of his power. This does
not look much like a speedy evacuation by
the French troop.
The Workings of the Constitutional
The Harrisburg Patriot and Un
ion thus exposes the effect of the
Constitutional amendment It says:
"Some of the Radical organs go
so far (being so very magnanimous)
lis to recommend the Bump to
'make the Constitutional amend
ment the basis of reconstruction'
that is, to let the Southern States
have Representatives in Congress
if they will disfranchise all the
whites who aided the rebellion,and
let the darkies vote. Such an im-
jortant concession (1) will certain
y not be lost upon the Southern
people. ; -
"Let us see how it would work.
In Mississippi there are about 80,
000 voters, more than nine-tenths
of whom were engaged in and gave
aid to the rebellion, and would be
disfranchised, leaving but about 8,
000 capable of voting. There - are
about 450,000 darkies, one-sixth of
whom would get the ballot mak
ing about 70.000 black voters
against 8,000 white ones. Wouldn't
that be nice?' " " . -
We have been frequently asked
as to whether there was any Demo
cratic Central Committee in this
county, and if there is such a Com
mittee, why a meeting has not been
called to appoint delegates to the
Democratic State Convention. : We
are unable to answer and desire'in-
formation. The Eighth of January
CoLventioa is an important one,
and the people of Vinton county
should be alive to the necessity of
being represented by efficient men.
P. S. Since the above was in
type, the President of the Demo
cratic Central Committee has
handed in a call for a delegate
Convention, which will be found
at the head of our editorial column.
STATE CONVENTION. Thanks for This---Opinions of the
Judges of the United States Circuit
The Enquirer of yesterday says:
"In the course of the decision of the
Supreme Court of the United
States, declaring military commis
sions unconstitutional, the majori
ty of the Court say that "the Con
stitution is a law for rulers and peo
ple, equally in war and peace, and
covers with the shield of its pro
tection all classes of men,' at all
times and under all circumstances;
and no doctrine involving more
pernicious consequences was ever
invented by the wit of a- man than
that any of the provisions can be
suspended during any of the great
exigencies of the Government.
Such a doctrine leads directly to
anarchy and despotism, and the
theory of necessity, on which it is
based, is false." Thus the highest
judicial tribunal of the land puts
its seal oi condemnation upon the
whole philosophy upon which it
was attempted to justify the usur
pation of the Lincoln Administra
tion. Who can deny the justice of
the proposition of the Court?"
Wasmkoton, Dec. SI.
The opinion of the Supreme Court in th
case of L. P- Milligan, or the Indiana con
spiracy case, on a certificate of, divis
ion of opinion between the Judges of
the Supreme Court of the District of Indi
ana, has been officially promulgated.
The opinions of the .Judges of the Cir
cuit Court was oppose I on three questions,
1st. On the fact stated in the petition
thibiH, ought a writ of habeas corpus to
be issued 1
2il. On the fact stated, ought said Milli
gaii be discharged from custody?
3d. Whether the Military Commission
had jurisdiction legally to try and sentence
Judge Davis, who delivered the opinion
of the majority of the Court, held that t.V
writ ought to issue,' and that Milligan was
entitled to be discharged, that the trial by
ir.ilitery commission was contrary to law.
That, as a citizen of Indiana, which was
not.in rebellion, and not being in the mill-.
litary service, ke was amenable only to civ
il law, and not military law, that one of the
piciner-f of-constitutional provisions, was
violated, when he wax tried by a court not
authorized and ordained by law, and anoth
er guaranty of freedom was broken when he
was denied a trial by jury. The first two
questions weie answered affirmatively and
theethird negatived Chief ubtice Chase
and three others dissenting i s to the third
question, holding it to be within the power
of Congress in time of danger or invasion,
to determine in what States or districts per
sons may be tried by military tribunals.
In this, however, they were overruled by
the majority of the Court.
In the course of the proceedings it is re
marked that the Constitution is a law for
rulers and people, equally in war and peace,
and covers with the shield of its protection
all classes of men at all times and unJer ill
circumstances, and no doctrine Involving
more pernicious consequences was ever in
vented by the mind ol man, than that any
of the provisions can bo suspended during
any of the great exigencies of the Govern
ment. Such a doctrine leads directly to an
archy and despotism, and the theoay of ne
cessity in which it is based is false.
An Eccentric Thief He Steals
a Rattlesnake. Truly there is no
accounting for taste, even among
thieves. We have known of the
stealing of grindstones, and we
have heard of the chap away down
East who stole a well and cut it up
for post holes, but we think we
have at last discerned a thief who
is a little ahead of any one we ever
did hear of. This eccentric indi
vidual, having probably tried his
hand at most everything else that
came in his way, visited the show
of live and painted animals at the
corner of Second and Jefferson
streets, yesterday, and actually
stole a rattlesnake, with which he
had made his way to the river,
when he was arrested and commit-!
ted for trial. - If the jailor finds the
key-holei stolen out of the locks
tihs morning, he may know who
[Memphis Argus.
Outrage by Negroes and
Their White Comrades
on a Married Woman.
Ealeigd. N. Januarv 1 A
married lady was violated in Greene
county, last week, in the absence
of her husband. Five negro men
and three low white men are. im
plicated as the principals or acces
series. The five necroes and nn
white man have been indicted, and
mo m j tux. xucio id great, eicile
meat among the people. '-,- ', , '
Negroes Above Whites.
. Senator Saulisbury, of Delaware,
lately introducei'into the so-called
United States Senate the following
petition from adopted citizens. It
is a good hit upon the legislation
of the Rump : .
: Whereas, Uuring the month of
December, 18G8, an act passed
both Houses ot Congress granting
to the African lace the right of
suffrage in the District of Colum
bia, at the same time excluding
from that privilege all emigrants
who have not resided live years in
tho country and become natural
ized, and thus depriving them of
the inalienable and inate right of
manhood suffrage, so highly prized
by our loyal Congress ; and,
Whereas, We venture to believe
the Caucasian emigrant, whose in
tellect, industry, and wealth have
contributed so much to the unpar-
lalleled progress of this country, is
just as good, enlightened, and de
serving f political privileges as
the African just emerged lrom a
state of slavery : and,
Whereas, The Caucasian emi
grant, though white, is a man pos
sessed of manhood, atid, conse
quently, entitled to manhood suff
rage ;
Therefore we, the undersigned,
naturalized citizens and emigrants,
who have declared their intention
to become citizens of the United
States, being all white, of the Cau
casian race, and residents of the
District of Columbia, very respect
fully, and most devotedly, petition
your honorable bodies to amend
the above act in such a manner as
to put all whites, of the Caucasian
race, who are either citizens, or
nave declared their intention to
become citizens of the United
States, on an equal footing with the
negroes, and extend to thein the
same rights and privileges enjoyed
by the latter. Signed by Louis
Scnade, Colonel Joseph Shilligton,
Charles Kloman, Charles Mnded, G.
A. Spnngman, August Koch, Fred.
Iluglo, John Vogt, Frederick Kroe
ger, Conrad Finkman, Joseph Platz,
Henry Will, and many others.
Massacre of United States Troops
Massacre of United States Troops Confirmed---A Dangerous Fifty-
Massacre of United States Troops Confirmed---A Dangerous Fifty-Dollar Counterfeit Legal-tender
The massacre by Indians of ninety-four
United States soldiers near
Fort Phil. Kearney, is confirmed. ;
Col. II. 13. Carrington, command
ant at that post, telegraphs they
were attacked near ,the fort by
3,000 Indians, killing Lieutenant
colonel Fatterman, Captain F. H.
Brown, Lieutenant Grummoud and
ninety-one privates. The bodies,
when recovered, were found horri
bly mutilated. It is not stated to
what companies they belonged, but
it is supposed here they were new
recruits lately sent West.
The Treasury detectives have ob
tained posssssion of one ot the
most dangerous counterleils in cir
culation. The note is a fine imita
tion of the $50 legal-tenders with
the vignette likeness of Alexander
Hamilton, and is an exact counter
part of the genuine, except some
sngnc errors m engraving.
The easiesj way to detect coun
terfeit is by observing the margin
al line of figures running around
the back of the note. In the lower
left-hand corner will be observed
the figures 520 instead of 50, as in
the genuine. The mark is quite
plain, and will insure the detection
of the counterfeit. A large num
ber of these notes are in circula
tion. Trusting the general appear
ance of the note will not avail, as
the most skillml have been deceiv
ed by it.
Indictments Against Judge Magruder.
- ;' , .-. -gruuer. ; .
Balbimoe, . January ,1. Judge
Magruder, of Annapolis, was
brought before United States Com
missioner Brooks this morning, on
indictments against him for resist
ing the Civil Rights Bill. There
are two indictments. The first is
for refusing to receive negro . testi
mony ; the second for selling color
ed persons into slavery as a pun
ishment for crime.
, The Judge gave bail in $2,000 to
answer the charges ; before the
United States Court, at the spring
A Question for Dentists. One
of bur friends was recently blessed
with an addition to his household,
which "came like a thief . in the
night." The next day the happy
father took his four year-old boy to
the upper room to see the little
brother, who was quietly enjoying
his hrst morning nap with his little
mouth open. ," With eyes firmly fil
ed on the new comer, and with a
countenance showing trouble with
in fiffor ft faxtr mnmonfa esf eilanna
the' elder brother exclaimed, . "I
should like to know who pulled out
[Boston Transcript.
. S ' , .-" " '
. A V i I i. v.. . L
Ii jx uruutu lauwrjr u uttsu erect
gd at Zaleski. "
Italian to the
Holy See
NEW YORK, January 1.
line of steamers between
Germany, via Southampton, and
the United States is sanctioned by
the Prussian Government, and is to
have the, influence and support of
Bismark. Each of the seven steam
ers are to be capable of carrying
one hundred first, one hundred sec
ond and 6ix hundred third-class
passengers,and 1,000 tons ol freight.
The chief points ot the Italian
proposition to the Pope are believ
ed to be as follows: Florence to be
capital of Italy; the Cardinals to
be created princes of the kingdom,
and their present salaries guaran
teed. The inhabitants of the pontifical
territory are to declare by vote
whether they will become Italian
subjects or remain under the juris
diction of the Pope, and Rome to
be an independent city, under the
absolute control of the Pope, the
Pope to acknowledge Victor Eman
uel King of Italy, and to crown
him as tuch at Florence this ar
rangement to be only binding dur
ing the pontificate of the present
The assertion is made on high
authority that the leading powers
of Europe, except Russia, have re
solved to take measures for tho
preservation of the Holy See.
The representatives of Prussia
and the United States are among
the most determined supporters.
The French ambassador has de
clared that Franco would hold Ita
ly responsible for any violation of
the temporal power.
Attachment Notice.
Amzi G. I'aileieon and Fror.cis A. Mi Vay,
a firm doing business under the iiunie of
1'at'erson & McVuv, plaintiff?,
The Vinton County Coal Oil nml Lumbei
Company, defendant.
Before N, Bimonton, J. T. nf Brown Tp.,
Vintnn County. Ohio.
ON the 26th day of December, A. D.
1866, said Justice is-ued an order of
attachment in the above actiuii fur the sum
i f (.86 91. . PATTERSON & McVAY.
December 26,106. nlu3
Administrator's Sale
By Order of Vinton Prolate Court.
IN purrutm-fl of an orjor" of tlia Probate
Court of Vlnlon conaty, Ohio, l.will otl'ur
tor sulfa, at publio auction ou
Monday, the 28th oJanvarylSGl,
between the hours of ten o'clock A.u. sod four
o'clock r. n.,npon the premUes,tbe following
depcribod real vstat, siluato in the county of
Vin'.on and State of Ohio, to-wit s The west
half ol' the southweat quarter of section num
ber five, (5) (ownxhip uumbor light, (3) lange
number bixteeu, (IS) in said county uod State
containing soveuty-tour (74) aerea.
Aiao, w.trty-iour (dl) acres oil the uorth end
of tba east hall of the southeast quarter of sec
tion number six, (6) townsLip number elitht.
(8) range number cixtcen, (16) in said
count; aud state. Appraised at ai.iSS
Tixus or Salk : One-third oath in hand,
one-third in six months, and the remaining one
third in twelve months from tho da; orsulo,
with Interest ; the payments o be secured oy
mortgage on the priMiiiwet,
Adm'r of the estate of Michael Dangheru, doe'd.
Change of Time.
M. & C. R. R., TIME TABLE.
FROM and alter Sunday the 16th day of Sec.
18116, 1 rains will leavt Stations named aa
follows :
Stations. Mail. Niyht Ex.
Cincinnati, 9 15 a m 12 35 a m
C'lilllii'otlie, - 1 07 p in 5 05 ft in
Hiimriun, 3 30 p m 6 23 a m
McArtluir, 3 52 p ni 0 41 a in
Zaleski, 4 13 p ru 7 01 a n,
Marrietta, 8 03 p m 10 48 a m
Stations., Mail. Night Ex.
Marrietta, C 40 am 7 05 pm
Zaleski, 10 10 am 1100 pm
McArthur, 10 33 a m 11 31 p m
llaniden, 10 45 a m 1 1 42 p m
Chillicothe, 12 23 p m ' 120am
Cincinnati, 600pm 160am
J. G.
Has now on hand a very large and well se
lected stock of all kinds of Groceries and
Liquors, consisting in part of tea, coffee, su
gar, todsoco, cigars, wblte risb, vackeral, ood
ish, pickles, canned reaches, cove oysters, pep
per sauce, catsup, K. o. ol lasses, cider vinegar,
Beucoias,rowoer, teaa,noi, caps,
All Kinds of Dye-Stuff?.
a general assorU lent of perfumeries, oristodo--ro'eaairdya
warranted to color the hair a jet
t1ab ftthr ini.i.a t n , V. a 1.1. ..u.l. nt
t otter's and nobak'a stomach Bitters, concen
trated Lye, soap, a generul assortment of gen
tlemen's winter gloves from tne finest bucl to
the common woolen, all kinds of Llquori from
the finest trench arandy and old sonrbon whis
ky to common corn whisky to he sold from ona
Hint to one hundred gallons.' or idt oth-rnnn.
tit; desired, all of which ha proposes to sell aa
iow, ii not lower man otner nouta in tne coun
ty, ill kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for Groceries. '
' Children can get goods as cheap u their pa
rents. . .
Bept. 7-m : . J. O. SWETLAND.
I4XKS of Ta dnww. for sale
old BTtanAoaaiw
easily, without doc
tor or medloin.es.
8ent, post psld, on
recoipt of 10 oenta.
1180 Broadway, '
. New York.
Comfort and Curt
for tht Xuptwed.
Sent final rialt
receipt of 10 cen a.
OOT,- ma)
Broadwr.7, N. T.
Bent in sealed an-
l.tnTr.M Slr. K.B.KOOTK..
WvLAsjyVi'otlior of Ila.li.-Hl
ommon e-iae,H30
ondway, Is. Y,
Main Street,
W1IX at low prices, lor cash, a
large stock of
purchased especially with a. view to the
wanU of
The Western Trade.
Mv ftock consists of
Any House in Ihc Wcsl!
). D. DODttl?,
Main Street.
Administrator's Sale
The State of. Ohio, Vinton Co.:
Kobert Bnck-.or, admr. of
Willis Leacli, uuc'd,)ln.,
Unrv'Ta ch.w-l.lt.w ntolj
On ordor of Bale.
the heirs ul law of deo'd
IN pumiance of an order of salo, granted hy
the Frohat". Court, within and for the sai l
county of Vinto.i, andj dirootod Jto mo, J will
off. r for sale, freehand unencumbered by dower,
at public auotion, on
Tuesday, January 15th, 1867,
Between the hours of 10 o'clock a m and 4 o'
clock p in of said duy upon the pren.ises, the
following ilwcribe l roal estate situultd in ihi
to-nlupof Clinton in snid oounly, to wit:
The north-oast quarter of tho south-west
quarter of Stellun Number Nineteen (19), In
ipwnhhip - iiiimW teu (10) of range number
seventeen (17) containing forty-eight aorc
more or le.-e, subject to salo at 6'liillicot.hu: land
Also, in-Io's number fonrtccntl4)nnd num
ber thirty soTcn(87) In the town of Jlumdun,
in aforetald township and'eounty.
Suid first descrihod real estate appraised at
Fivo thousand dollars ((S.V00.)
Suidin-lot No 14 anpraited at Six hurdred
dollars ( 6PC )
And said in-lot No 37 appralsod at Two hun
dred aud fifty dollara (25U); and must bring
two-thirds of these respective rums. r
Tekms of Salk: Oie-lhird in hnnd, one
third in oue jeor, and one-third in two yes rs
from tht day of sale, with intercs'; (lie dofor
ed payn enta to bo secured by mortgngo upon
the promises sold.
of Willis Leach, ilccomed.
E. A . Bratten . atty. for ret'r. dei204
Seth N . A ndrews, Plaintiff",
So. a'iV. Andrew, Defendant
State of Ohio,4Vinlon County Civil Ac-
jion remiing in Court of Con mon
Pleas, within ealtl County and State.
NOTICE is hereby given that deposition
will be taken in (he above action, by
fhe plaintiff, before competent authority, at
the office of the Probate udge, in tl e town
ol Rayenna.Tcounty ol Portage, State of
Ohio, en the 16ih day of January, a. d. 1867,
between the hours of 9 o'clock i. it. and 9
o'clock p.m. of said duy, and ihe tjking
thereof will be adjourned from diy to dty,
be'ween baid hours, until completed.
der27'66-3w by H. C. Jonfs, liig Atfy. ,
('Homes for the Homeless."
I WILL sell 620 acres of Land; 45 aorec rnea
dDw lund, 40 acres pasture land, 85 acres
fallow ground, making 170 acres cleared and
fenced, the remainder well timbered.
f here is, on the farm, two good frame bonnes
one of which Is 2 stories, with 6 good rooms,
also, stable , ont-nonses, good wnll ol' water, Ac.
The ether is 1 stories, with fi good rtoma,
good well of water and gocd out-buildings.
A Fine Orchard
Of 200 apple trees (mostly bearing.) 100 peach
trees (bearing,) and a fine lot of plum, pear
and cherry troes. This land lios in Harrison
Township, Vinton county, bio, is on the State
road lrom-' Chilieothe' to MoArthur, 4 miles
from the M. & C. railroad, at Eayle .'( ilea
from Londonderry. This land wibe told at
very low riouaxs and on lair terms.
Pos'scssiou -. Given Immediately.
Also, 800 shocks of corn and 15 tons of bay yet
on the premises, will be sold, with, or separate
from the farm. For further particulars, write
me, or call at my office, in MoArthur, Ohio,
,el) '' ! " ' 1 ' Agent and Atfy.
"VTOTICE Sarah V. Andrews, whose place
LN of- nadenoe is unknown, is hereby noti
fied that Seth N. Andrawa did, on the SOth day
of December, ad 1568, file his petition in the
office of the Clerk of the Oonrt of Common
Pie is within and for the county of Vinton and
State of Ohio, charging the said fciarah V. An
drews with adultery, with oneT. D. Norton,
and asking that he may be d'voroed from her,
hesaU Sarah V., and for other relief, which
petition will be for hearing at the next term of
said court. BETH N. ANDREWS, .
decw4 , . by B.C. Jones, hiaatt'jr.

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