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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 31, 1867, Image 1

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m kkmj) -lutwn tttxa.
At Brattons Btiildinjr, East of- the
p year. ...'.. .....v... $1 bo
Eight months,. . 1 (XI
lour mont lis, v... 50
Payment lu advance in all e.i.e.
. :'; r. A. llrntton,
will attend to ll loial bui-tncwi cntiunlc.1
to. )iis caie in Vinton, , Albai , - Jnolrs-u,
licsss, (locking, niidadjuiningennrtlit-.. "Purtic
tilar attention a'veo to tli cullorliim of soldiers
'intra lor pension, bounties, arrears 01
uk, aguinst me v BcrvMno.1rn.nu1 g
gan raid claims. - j,- ,-. jaiiS
Uncle Pay, llomily and IV 11-
' Mious .
i7ILL !. collected promptly 17
. m'ahtiiub, ojiio.
All soldiers, who-tie hy law, etititlod to
IWk r.iy, iJounty and Pensions, and wid
own, futliei. mothers, blethers, and Mslert of
leered soldiers' claims will bi r nitly at
tended to. ' ' juyStf
1 -7 ' ' S-n '
IX. II. fc A. Ha jo,
1.TT,iJUIYS..A.T.I.AW.)Ji;ARi: MR, 0.,
V will attend promptly to all lep:i I business
i-urniriii to intm. umco in Conrt H0110, Mo
Arthur, Ohio.- ; .' ' juii8y
"Arehibold Mayo,
pUlM AGENT.-lkck Pay, B.inly.
i cnn n.9 will be protit.tly cIIc;tuti.
an d
iwb in ini;iurl llonio, mo vrtlior, ti.uo
i who art t nti.Uud by luw '.o trukpcT,
oud pvn'mn, and tlm cluiius of id-
orA wl
, futliors, moUiorV, jrohota uudrltor will
to t lcmillv a tin did to
J. J. HcIom II,
win pniviicuui v iniuti at un ijoining eon n
ties. AIko, Deprty Jolioctor of InU'rii il Kcv
nine. Ollieo In tho Vinton Co. Bvik. j.iti21
Homer V. Jom.
Wil I attnnd protr.pfly t all business cntrns
Wd to bin. euro. , , ,tl , . jUU24
8 ,
II O ii tt I? H S
jacksox; C. II. OHIO.
tSTcelh cxtrat tcil by tho use of I.Aron
is.;A.q . jy:,y
.T w. j. iyoiinr
Btiildintr, McAr(buri.,0)ilo.; -. ..
Wati'lioH, Orok, Jewelry. Ac.;!, always on
baud. Kepairing Hone to orJor. j-in3y "
Salisbury, Ilrothcr & Co.,
Eztensirt Manufacturers and Importer of
Gold, Plate & Oreide Jewelry,
fiofjl) AND mfKEL
And Kviry description of .
Fiiix; Goods and Yankee Notiom,
17Sl'hCIALLY rdBp'.od and dosigncd for
U Soctiikii and Wkstern Trade. Circu-
!' nnd full doscriptive Frice ListH scr.t free.
A fonts wanted every where. Address,'
novOaS Al Dorraooo St., Providence. K.I.
Yinloii Comity Hank,
' " ' IVnincoriwr'attd,) ..'
Tli"oARTnUB, OHIO.' SToocnoiDUia i
XIX. ilUBLtli J. McUUWLL. l"reaide;it.
JAMES W. LKLY. Cashier.
It. S.Bnndy, K. I), l'odge, Andrew Wolf,
II, K. Austin, 1. V. Kanncls, ?mnk Strong
' . .i A! A. Austin, j , , i .
Itnnk of DLicoiuit. and
ill bny. and soJI. Govornmiuit
ins, nonuKr oi ' - '.'4
t-sfColloo ions made at the bbujI rate)
Chanc of Time.
M. & C. It. It.,' TIME TABLE.
IjMtOM and alter Sunday tbo Uth day of Dec.
1866, Trains will leave BtationB namod as
'!. ...I .
v iiii-iiujiMi,. r
it - & 15 a 111
niiiiicothe,,.l;.i 57 Pm
llanitjea, ;i - v j a 30: p in
McArthur, .. 3 62 p m
4 13 p m
Marrletta, ; '
Zalfskl, ; .
8 03 l) m
' : Maih
: -rn 8 40.8 lit
. . 10 10 a m
10 33 a in
. 1045 x m
12 28 pm
ff- 8 00 p m
Myht Ex.
r li 0o ft in
::,'6 05 a m
6 iW a ra
.6 ,41 a vi
, 7' 61. a c'
10 4a m
Mg'ht. Exx
. 7 0fii n.
11 00 p m
11 31 pm
11 42 pm
1 2U a m
; ? I 60 a m
Jutt rvhliahed, in a Sealed Envelope.
A LECTFKE on the Nature, Treatmont, ard
Kadical Cure of Spermaton hoea, or Semi
nal Weakness, Involuntary Eminslone, Sexual
Debility . and Impediment! to Marriage gener
ally. Nervousness, Conmmptlon, Epilepsy,
and Fits; Mental and PhysicaHncapacity. re
sultinfjr.im 8elf-Abne, 4e-By ROBEKT Ji
CULmtELI Authiro) tb "Greet
'l'he world-reHDwaed adthof, in'thfe Admira
ble Xeetvre, clearly proves from his own expo
rienonithat the awful eonseqaenoes ef 8elf-Abntt-izaat
efleotnally removed without
mediom, a4 withour dangerons snrgioal op
erations, bougioe, instrnnients, rings', oreordl-
als, pointing out a mode of enre
talnana anctdal,bywhloh every, suffereri no
matter what hia condition may be, may cure
himself o'neaply, prlvaMly ndvdlcelly . This
Leiture will prove a boon to thousands and
thousands,. , rri y , ... .
Bent nnacr seal, M any address, in a plain.
two post stamps. Address the publishers,
CrfA8. J.C. KLINE CO., 127 Bowery, N.
frVi ' ' ' i -; .... . , , . - .-'.'
: ." v .r-t- , : 1 , ;' ; : 1! iJ , ! j ,
NO. 5.
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Oh ! lUtn to Iho miiic swevt
Of tho villiigoU-ll, mh through tho street,
In joyous glct
, in. . Anil linriiiony, .,
Tin! sonn; of jjl;uliie(i sttrrs forth :
Its iH'ulinjjs now hut tll of mirth;
. i ., Ami ere tho sun i:
I . His yoiii'MO has run . . i. ..
Swift ilownw urd to the wnll of nlj;ht,
,Tvo loviiii? henrtri,' with futures bright,
, . Will J.lj iiK'ii chilui asonu.
Ah J list, njifiiu lis low, (leei penlinjf
Tho moiiriiltil note now softly stealing
.' ."Allow ii the iU, . ,.,
r .' Of sorrow toll, , . , ,
Or IirarU inftilo pad, n home mmlo ilrear,
Uy the tlt ailt of one to its mo?t dear,
t '. .; t Amid the gloom ' ' -j -
Of the silent tomb,'. , ,
Sho sleeps In the mossy dell.
But, sect the bright sun, plotting, wnrnf.
Chines o'er tho plain 'tis Sabbath morn;
And aa the swell
- Of the village bell . .
Falls soft ami sweet upon the ear,
To the. village church fond friends draw
' ' ' , ' near, . ' ' ' '
' And kneeling there," ' '
"' ' '' An earnest pravtr: . , .' :
Is breathed, thjit thoso who've gbno be-
. . for . . ! ',
.Vt'UJ meet us on that8lnle?s shoro
Where none but angels dwell.
BY PIXIE. Miscellany.
BY PIXIE. Miscellany. Letter from Mr. Vallandigham--
Power of Congress to Territorialize
Power of Congress to Territorialize a State---A Convention of
Power of Congress to Territorialize a State---A Convention of all the States---A Newspapers Organ
DAYTON, O., January 3, 1867.
M. M. Pomeboy. Esq.. La Crosse.
Wis. Dear, Sin Yours of the 31st
wit.; with the card inclosed, I have
just received, and. will answer i
impromptu. i'l'J ' : "
i As to-your .firsfinauirv:. Con
gresl, in ny opinion, Jiaij no, more
alize" . the., "seceded States" (so
called) Ihdrt to make Territories bf
vuiu wi jstuiistii. -neiuieriias
any other .departDienfc.' of, the,: Fed
eral uovernment nor all three de
partments combined." The States
made the Federal Government;" in
the beginninci but now the fable
01 Saturn is reversed, and the child'
ueyours mo parent. , , j ;, ,
'As to your second inquiry the
prooaoie "result if the ;lMica
scneme'be carried out or "attemnt
ed" pardon me a little Latin: " n
vurwaaine miius est .silese auam
jua um aicesc." uniy general re
sults, at the most, can be foreseen
by the wisest of mortals, and . in
these dark times, when every les
son of. lustoiy, and every law of
Ood, of man, of political economy
anu oi nnairce, seems to bo broken
wiiu impunity, ana wnen every
folly, or treachery, or .cowardice, o'r
an mree together, th wart the wis
est, most honest,' "mo'st patriotic
plans for thek public good, I have
ceased even to speculate as to the
future; much' less do I venture to
prophesy. Yet think that had
the programme for the political
campaign, oi itbo, a3 agreed upon
lormally at Washington,' in April
and May last, been honestly, cour
ageously and' vigorously, carried
out,' Instead ot being set: aside for
that combination of procured aber
tion and accidental miscarriage,
the. . Thiladelphia ' Convention of
August U, we should haye.had as'
great a victory in the fall elections
as we; suffered decisive defeat.' As
it is, I fear that the last hope of the
reaction perished then; and ; that
the "Great American Revolution
of .18fll'must now go on uncheck
ed, till either it shall have over
turned totally in form, 'as alreadv
substantially in fact. Uiat grand old
Federal Republic which our fath
ers set up; substituting in its stead
imperialistic despotism under the
shadow ol the name and form and
the ; can.fr oX .free. institutions; or
have preoipitated a counter-revo
lution," through Which, bv the expi-
auoif tu nre anp mooa, nc sufler
ingit may bej 'them'ericanpeo
ple shall recover: jthatf light, "frtee,
cneap system oi government which
they si) eagerly.an'd recklessly have
thrown away. "AU this, iudeed,was
implied by the late cmlt war-j-'ffor
the Union-"when it ' commenced;
and I,' for briej liavet no iim quarrel
with Radicalism "and j itiexpenens
for striyingo attain.; ihe? natural,
legitimate a j'xd inevitable rejults of
changing biir system from a govern
ment' Consent to a 'gatetnme'nt,
of 'coercion' and force.:? "At the
same'time' I am not prepared to
compete with them in the race of
Radicalism and if. I ware, I should
aim at, that whioh alone could com.
mand success-toiiut-Herod lie
rod," and go at one bound so far
beyond its present , demands that
even Republican Radicalism would
stand aghast. I sheuld cut nnher
so deep that no "lower deep" coulcl
be found or fathomed. For.in giod
sooth, I am not one of those ho
delude themselves with the' vnin
notion that by yielding One-1 alf
the other can be made s'ecun .
Such "sops to' Cerberus" nevei Si
lence the tripple-headed dojg ,ot
fanaticism, And therej'is but oe
way to deal with " a; rev6l'uti n ;
either to go with if totally", 'tnd
ahead of it, or light it every 'inch
and crush it. We hitherto have
not bo fought the' battle, find, by
consequence, we KaVe gone' dWn
before the bold, dashing chanAf of
il. - T1 . .L If I . ..... t . m
uie DiacK Kmgnt with his visor fin.
And so it. has ever been; and sdrif
ti.Jll ' . -.r v. j ,
au not add 'Amen; it "stick inV
tnroat.'; t or still I Would .reiaqpi
her the snblirhe old Roman hiaxlm,'
and r.e.yer despair of tho Repub ic'
for even now, with 'more than eij ;ht
hundred millions of paper moi y,
having no other basis, than ; ere lit,
upou credit, four-ply, aud a' .ta! sl..
nun, Qtate anu u euerai cor lmfiQt
rial),'quite equal in , amount. I
not sure,,that a "blessed strandii
in tiiQ.way ol.hnajico might not, at
any hioment, prove the' Veryj salva
tion. of the s'np in her last lurch -X
lor, as M.Guizot, in his IIIsfoHof
Cromtoelli profoundly observes: J'lt
is by exhaustion and necessity tiat
God imposes justice and good seise
upon nations." . ',, J
. Mea u,t i in e,ho we ver jdei;i vin gNsu c
satisfactip'n-and. it is iboth crtat
and sweet as springs from the re-J
i J--f r -I. O L: J
cum uecisions vi uie iaupreme
Court of itheJ ;Unitcd States, .con
victing Abraham Lincoln and.-pis
Administration of. high- crime
against the Constitution andpulic
and private liberty, I confine' ay
self now chiefly having ho cjtb-bage-garden
to cultivate, 'especal-!
ly during the present cold snafP:
to. the studies 'and labors; of iiy'
prolessiori, ' and 'am "content jist
now. 'toi loot on in; politick, and
await with faith- arid ' patience'1 tfie
work of "time, :the Corrector iihd
avenger.?' ' v. i.ni.i.i iu ! ',.!. 7. '
Two i siiggestioha only ' I wduld
make mostrespeotfully:1 - " ' V
1.') Ought we f not forth'wrfliio
begin to ngltatd'fdr ff-convent'ion of
all the States, to meet and adjust
upon tno basis ol the fundamental
principles of the old Constitution
and (he Union, the new and mo
mentous questions, and the alter
ed condition of things arising out
of the late wari and if the "bar
gain" which our fathers made for
the sake of securing a Union and
Federal Government at all, a to be
set aside under pretense of estab
lishing exact justice and equity,
and Stat(8 are to be dealt with as.
the mere creatures of the Federal
will and pleasure, and divided.1 con-
11i-'-w ....
6onuaiea ana moulded to suit the
fashion of the hour and the inter
est of those who can secure and
hold the power, is it not a ffood
timnow to demand that tho gross
iniquity of the , present senatorial
representation 6'hould give way to
'equality before the law,'? and that
re-settling the great question of
suffrage upon the ' theory, of "im
partiality," three millions of 'Yan
kees" shair.no longer be permitted
vole twelve Senators, while three
million of "Buckeyes" are cracinus-
allowed to vote but two! ould
New England, think you,' see Tthe
point? - ; :r -
: 2. Without a sihgle representa
lv'e niari to Whom all defer, i n nnv
department of the Federal Govern
ment, or any State Government in
theJNorth or West,! and without
even a general comriiittee always
session, and haying . the confi
dence of the party, and therefore
without any means t6 give ; unifor-
mity, concert and promptitude to
the opinions and : actions of the
Democratic' party. upon the sud
den and very crave rmestinna
which, in the midst of
every day . brings forth to perplex
and.divide, what that party needs
most now, is it not, a first class
daily newspaper, say .at Washing
ton like the old Washington
Globe secure on its pecuniary
foundation, totally Democratic, in
politics, controlled by no clique,
dependent only on the Democratic
masses for support, the reflex of
their sentiments.; devoted heart.il v
their interests, ' and edited bv
or more of .the statesmen of
country, having an established
National reputation, and.; in whose
ability and integrity, alike the peo
ple have, full confidence? ..Cut off
fanaticism: and revolutionary
hate lrom every other public 1 em
ployment, what, but ivant of capi
tal, can forbid the representative
public men of the Democratic par
ty, 'from connecting themselves
with the "fourth estate;'' a depart
ment in politics quite as honorable
and as full of dignity, more poten
tial, too, and far more lucrative of
tentimes, than any official station,
even when fairly gaiied, and,' as
to the last especially, when honest
ly filled.-a J. i rn-. I ;.. ,
Very truly, &c,
Young Love's Sixth Dream.
Mr. Zipp was brought before tho
Justice yesterday afternoon on the
charge of chastening his wife. ";
1 With a broken. voice she had a
sore throat Mrs. Zipp said:' Mv
iiuip uiiuiii airs, jivv saiu:
bath in beainar me. lie knocked
me dowh with a piece'of iron, say
ing,1 ironically, thus does; a mart
iron, lie beat me' with" his fists."
He chlls it good exercise for his
miiscles.' lie ilungthe bedding all
over the floor. - lie locked up the
bread and herrings, saying they
did not . agree with me. . I took
dinner with a neighbor. I would
depart : from him if he would but
give me back tliQ love gifts I gave
him. 'But he won't, He looks up.
on the bed, table and cooking uten
sil? in a practical, and not a sentk
mental light.' To him "they are'
comforts; to me they are relics of
a lost love.' ' lie almost killed me.
I should not . have been able , to
come here'if I had not thought he
would be punished.' , ' !
" Said the husbaud: Wehave been
iriarried three months. ' For two
months and twenty-nine days I
have repented of it. 1 am her sixth
husband- ' he is an ' unnatural
wife, 1 and has not provided ' any
tombstones for any of her previous
husbands. She says 'they were
green, and that the'grass over their
graves shall be their epitaph., . I
nave already bought a t6mbstone
for myself., , ' My. brother keeps it
forjne;' ; J x, ; -,.' -. ,, '
: 'My; wife takes' no '. food byt cof
fee, bread and bulter, aijd li'errings
She scorns , our national' dishesi
fJul J, ' 1 - It-. .
one is apnrew,; liut beipg a. wo
man, 1 .Suppose if isn't her fault.
All women ate born so.
. .'Many times a day she would be
affectionate, and kiss me. She kiss
edthus:; grasping my ; back hair
with her hands, she. would pull un
lit ray neau went back and my face
was turned up toward hers; ,ven
she kept a pulling until my mouth
opened enough to suit her. Then
would she kiss me. In order to
kiss me again, 6he would repeat
tl e whole operation. Fortunately,
my hair is almost out. Soon I can
not be thus kissed aga;n. I think
she" puts the hair thus obtained
from me in her waterfall. Econo
my, doubtless. '
'Sunday morning I wished her to
go to church, It gives her a chance
to show offher finery, and sho then
comes home gooduatured. But'she
would not, and with, -a smoking
herring iii her hand, she'set down
to read Rin.aldo Rinaldini. First
she . would read a page; then she
would take' a bit of herring. ' I re
monstrated kindly with her. Then
she compared' me with previous
nusoanas..v .. "
'Then my heart becamp sad, for
felt that I must- chastise her. It
was my'duty as her sixth husband.
boat her for the first five hus
bands if they had done it I should
not now" be. here theft I beat her
foruiyself " Having no rod to do
with, I experimented -with other
articles. Tthmk I can conscienti
ously recommend the poker as an
No. 1 chastening instrument.
Solomon must have meant a rod of
iron, and the poker is it. As'a
Christian, "I was obliged to beat
my wife.- I should not be fined for
Is she not flesh of my flesh,and
bone of my bone? Can I not mor
tify my own flesh? Most certainly
thyright hand offend thee, cut
off. : ' v. - '
'If I am fined, I shall pay it and
amartyr-St Zipp. Of course,
my wife must be a martyr, too. I
will attend to it. '.':. .
Fined $5, and recommended to
separate from Mrs. Zippi
A feixow in Chillicothe under
took to steal a hog out of a pen.
The other hogs attacked him in the
rear, and took a nip from the seat
his pants. " t .
A pair-faced flirt Jately jilted a
young man in Iowa.' He tried to
shoot the jilt, but tailing in that,
shot and killed himself.
What a waste of pawder all be
cause he couldn't waist the girl t -
Suggestion to Husbands.
Dear me, "I hope I don't intrude"
when 1 offer a little "advice gratis"
to the sterner portion of humanity.
Unaccustomed as I am to - public
speaking, I findhe present task
frustrating in the" extreme. I feel
like an urchiu wlo meditates an
attack upon a melon patch,; long
,no yet anxious. ' Nowj I, pitch in
to my' own sex regardless ol conse
quences, and because I feel privi
leged to do so,' as I am one of 'em"
But," nt withstanding, inasmuch
as but, - j feel yes, I leel that I
am treading on dangerous- ground
when I "pitch into'' man, the "ho
blest ; work of, God I'' Still, I hope
a few words will, "ike vaccination;
take.' Husbands should remem
ber that a woinahVi sphere of life,
after she becomes . wife . (that's
rhyme, (hough I'm' not a. poet-ist).
is narrowed , to her, own hornej
Custom and ,;society the 'Mother
Grundys of ope's ex.istence exact
that a; wife depend, on her half as
an escort to all places of amuse
ment and otherwise.;, . ' ,
Now that,1 inimy opinion, is de
cidedly, one-sided I don't 'go in'
for ,,6trong:minded-ness, ', women's
lights, petticoat government, or
any such confounded nonsense!
No, indeed 1 ,. B.ut I do , wish that
females cqulj exercise, more free
dom of action., than the starched
principles of propriety will allow.
However, i suppose tney can't, so
that's a useless wish, r.The only
thing to be done is for thi husband
to be thoughtful and attentive on
an all occatians. ' Uow'many wives
become' heartlesst in behavior
through neglect on, the .part of the
half. It is too true that with some
husbands' possession' 'spoils the
charm, and the fair recipient of the
lover's attention'is often aneglect
ed wife before the first "year has
passed. j;Why.is this thus: ' Be
cause Jovers are too apttolopk
upon young ladies whom they in
tend honoring by a change of same
fi'i.!. ;ii...! j. i .'i..
ua unguis, i ins musiua is painiui
ly dispelled after niarriage.
' They find the 'angel! only a wo
man of ' fitsh nnd;.-,bl0od,r: who re
quires yards of- "material for drap:
ery, lio.op-8kirts,,waterfalis, aiidjriu
merbTi ootiTrets during the season,"
and v ho can talk nonsenso' and
'gossip' as fast as '. 'Pate-lien' can
trotl Women, are all angels' in
man's estimation before marriage
hence the re.v on than their ..j-'s of
tentimes wish them in heaven so
soon after. , 1 Now I think the mak
ing of a good wife depends quite as
muchi with the 1 husband as the
training oi a husband does, with a
wife. In the Hirst place, jt is the
duty of the to confer with the
wife on all matters of importance
pertaining to business and other
wise,. ,:Now I dare say some men
will turn up , their noses at that sug
gestion; for man labors;. ;tjnder the
Eleasent delusion that a, woman
nows nothing of business. Gran
ted. But like the anxious servant
girl who applied for the , situation
of wet nurse can't she learn ? Of
course she can. Sit down with your
wife and talk to her. Let her see
that you really look upon her as
your companion. Remain homo as
much as possible in the evenings.
Talk to your wife sensibly, and
truhfully at all times.. ' If matters
go wrong at your place of business
don't Vent your wrath upon the in
nocent watcrfall-ed head of , your
wiie.; lie Kinci ana gentle,, to her.
If she is, inclined to be ugly and
snappish, try' not to mind it": re
member she may have, household
annoyances to encounter which of
ten rullle tho best of tempers.
Watch your opportunity, and talk
her gently and kindly: show
her in what way she can please
you most, anail she loves vou.
shell do as you require!
ue attentive to your wife in the
most trifling thing, for trifles go to
make the most important matters
our lives. A good wife depends
solely on her husband for attention
and if you are wanting in that, the
result is . genarally . one of two
things : she seeks attention else
where, or home is rendered intoler
able by domestic broils. Dear me,
you men would take, the same
pains to, ' please your wives which
you did to please your sweethearts.
the tasK,vl rendering 'home' happy,
would be as easy ' as rolling down
stairs. There is one thing I must
speak of, and that, is: some hus
bands 'rile' their better fs by pay
ing more attention than the law of
marriage allows to' others of the
sex. Now, if there is any thing
that will rise awife's. dander, U is
see her spread himself, and put
'Toematum' on his hair.for any wo-
One squarr, ten linca, $1 OO
F'ich additlotia) kinertiont i: 40
tarda, per tear, ten llnfa ....... . 8 OO
Notices of Executors AdmJnUttu-1 f
tora aud Giuiriliiuifc ,' ' 2 OO
Attachment hotiees before J. P, . . -2 OO
Local notices, per Hue, '.,...,..-.."' lO
Yearly adverttmcntti will oocfirjed
$70 per column, and at'jxJrnortionata
raids' ior i
le? ttian a column. . Payable in
men ercepting heneft , Oh, would
not I like tocatch Thomas James
taking . sweet to any' thing- that
wore .hoops - and. :a ."waterfall!
Wouldn't I, though?. I think there
would be small places o skull and
hair laying round if ever found out
any thing of the kind.'. But Thom
as James is all right u I can trust
him as far as any woman can trust
her 4 which is just as long as I can
keep uiy gim.et'eye on bim. Ls
a parting LenediutIolir'I would sugV
gest that wives getjjjvan clpventk
commandmeritv'Iiich they shalfr?
peat to'tlieir 's niorning, noon;anl
night, in order to impress? ;it. fully
on their minds, 'Thou shall love no
other woman but rae.'A :
Suggestively yours, ; .
An Ominous Prediction.
Tlie late Lord Macaolay.in May,
1857, wrote a letter to II. L. Ran
dall; of New York, in' which he ex
presses his earnest convictions in
relation to the future of tho United
States. He said: " . i-.s:-.:
It is quite plain that your Gov
ernment wjll never be able to res
train a distressed and discontented
majority. For with you the major
ity is the Government, and lias- the
rich, who are always a minority,
absolutely at its' mercy. ; :!
1. seriously, apprehend! that.-yom
will, in some such season as I have"
described, do things which will,
prevent prosperity lrom returning;'
that you will act like a people who.1
should, in a ycar .of scarcity, de-
vpur all the. seed . corn, and thus.'
m.ake the next year a year not of
scarcity, Jaut of absolute famines
( There will bo', I fear, spoliation.''
The spoliation .will increase the '
distress.. The distress will prodaco '
lresh spoliation. There is nothing
to stop you. Yonr Constitution is '
all sail and no anchor.'1 As I 'said'-'
before, when - a society has entered
jon this downward, progress, either
civilization r liberty must perish.,,
Either' sonfo Cu?s'ar or Napoleon
will seize the reins of Government
with a strong hand, or your repub- 1
lie willbeas feafniHy-plundered
and laid waste- by. barbarians :in ;.
tho twentieth century as i tho Ro- ,
man Empire was in the fifth, with
this difference: That the Huns and"
Vandals, who ravaged the Roman :
Empire, came from without,'-' and "
that your Huns - and Vandals will '
have been engendered within your
own country by your own. institu
tions. : " :
What One Glass of Wine Did.
' Tho influence which an apparent
ly insignificant circumstance often
exerts on the ' affairs of life, waS
well illustrated in the history of
the eldest son of Louis Phillippe, '
who was the heir apparent ' toNiis-
father's throne, and regarded'as
one of the most promising young'. i
men in France. Not given to dis-1 '
sipation, of a lofty and noble char
acter, and an officer of distinction
the army, thef hopes of his fami
ly, his friends, and his country, '
were centered on him. One morn
ing,, being about to take, his de- ;
parture from -Paris to join his reg-. .
jment, he invited a few compan
ions to breakfast with him, and in
the conviviality of the hour, drank . .
vi lllo IUU U1UC11. JilU-
ding adieu to his companions, he '"
stepped into his carriage.;' Had it "
riot have been for . the "glass too
much," he would- have remained
saated; as it was, he sprang out , .
But for the ''glass too much," vHe.r
would have alighted on his Jfeet; as
itwas, hisjiead; struck the pave"- ..'
ment. Senseless and bleeding, he '
was carried into a beer-shop, and
soon expired. . . ' v .
That- extra glass of wine over-
threw the Orleans dynasty, caused '
confiscation of their- property,' -worth
100,000,000, and drove the ..
family into poverty and exile.- .
Napoleon has a kidney, disease, '
Victor Emanuel a paralyzed right vi
arm: Bismark is sick"; the Empress0,
Carlotta crazy; the hair of both the
Emperor of Austria and the Queen : ,v
Hanover has .turned gray with
in a year; the Pope weeps day and
night, and Victoria still broods or-.. ' '
the past wish profound, melan
choly. Who. -wouldn't -wear. a "
crownf. .
Ii'jl V"si
CtNGRESSMEN , have , instituted :
prayer meetings'. "If 'th'eyv get say- "
we feaf it will exhaust sarva
tion, so much that there will Via .
nono left for tho more righteous,

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