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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 11, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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UUtil.ltVTll 0 lilt AT TON,
M ioVf uuuuing, East of the
On. year, $1 50
1UUI11U8, , 1 OO
Jour months, 00
inymeiu in advance in an cases.
'., A. Vratfou,
, , , , r 1 11 v n 1 i'iiiu.
WiU attend to all legal bnsineas eiilrualed
to hie caie iu Vinton, Alhera, Jacrsn,
AOII. llOtiklllff. anil Ailinlninff AinifiiidH 1'..,;.
Ular attention g'ven to the collection ofsoldiera
viaiaie lor penjtiGii. oountiee, arrears of par
ato., sgaineub U 8 or wblo, iniludi g id or
fan raid ultima. - - ,Jn
Back Vay Bounty and i'cn
ILL be collected promptly bjr
M'AlTlirH. mnn
.All soldiers, who are by law, entitled to
Back P. linlllltv unit l'An.i..n. ..J
uWS, falhaia, mothers, blolhtira, and sinters of
uovca.cu vuiuiurs iiaiiua unii oo promptly at-
inoeo to. Jnj3tf
- II. II. & A. Mayo,
will attend promptly to all legal business
tkambeyi umue id umrt House, Mc-
Archibald Mayo,
CLAIM AGENT. Back Pay, Bnuityiland
Psnaioks will ba prom it It Oullcted. Of.
lloa IB th (,'nnpt HniiRfl MnArll.nr Dliln All
soldiers who ar entitled by law '0 book pa?,
bounty and ponniona, and the oluiina of w id
owe, fatliara, inothere, urofheis audaiiters will
r jnmtpm auu uioto. jensy
' -' J. J. McDowell.
'i WokKEy at Law is claim ahent,
AUo, Oeprfy Collector of fiiteru-U Kuv
Amu . I In il l VIA. U. ..L I .... i .
r r Homer, . Jones,
twill attend promptly to all biulnoai isujrus
tsd to his oar a.
OMeaoverT. B. Davla' Store,' Main reot.
VsAfthar, Ohio,;-,. . aaM
B O ii U ESS
, . JACKHON, c. II mo.
. HTTfcth extracted by the use of Laugh
mo GAH..ft . iv5r
'.. .W. J. Wo II., 1
Hulbcrt' Jtuiliiin, Mcdi-tlmi- ).
. VHtelieH;cl(KliK;ji'iclr'; Ac. always on
hand.. K!itirii)jf ilim to oixlcr.t jimily
8 T O C K II 0 L D K R S :,
josErn j. Mcdowell, jv'(.
U.S. Bt7NDY,"l'J. 1). DolMlK, A. W01.K,
II. K.Arsm, D.V.Raxnkis, F. Stuo.no,
A. A. Arsn.w
Bunk of Discount ami Deposit.
VI1I buy and sell Government Securi
ties, llonds, &c.
Collections made at the usual rates.
janaitf j 1 v -').
Change' of Time.
M. & C. It. 11., TIMIi TABLE. -
FROM and alter Sunday the IRth day of Doc.
Uti, Trains will loava btatioo. nauiod ai
follow :
i , ' Mail.
0 15 a m
, 1 57 p in
. ;. .Vafl pin
3 52 p 111
: iii pin
8 03 p 111
' Mail.
C 40 a 111
10 10 a m
. 10 33 it 111
10 45 a 111
12 28 pm
- 5 00 p 111
Willi t Ex.
12 35 a 111
6 05 a ni
,6 28 a m
6 41 a 111
7 01 a n.
10 48 a 111
Xight Ex.
7 05 p m
11 06 p m
11 31 p m
11 42 pm
1 20 a m
6 50 a 111
Cincinnati, '
Zaleski. i ;,
Marrlctta, ,
Corner of Iront and Jludiann Mrects,
Portsmouth, Ohio.
BUY all kinds of Courjry prodtico; " '
nnraniR .
Z. Thomas,
BOOT AND SHOKUAKKR, Lojran atreet.one
door South of Mra. Uodge'u Millinery a
tabliahraant, McArb jr,-U-i manqi'actnrai M
rder alt wok in Ids line ' " ' '
Bepalring also done with loatn'ss and dia
patcn. SatUfaction guarantoed a td prices
tedarata1. feb23m3
' '412 j?roa(firay, aVcto ' Tori, ' i r ,
Dr;- Goods Jobbers,;
.' ', i . ESTABLISHED 1885.
BPBIXG TRADE., j j. . . . . .1867.
WK teqnect the speoial attention of Country
' Merohants to the large and attractive
took f all Goods in the Wholesale Dry Goods
line, whioii w are bow offering at onr new
Warehouse N. 41 Broadway, Kew York.
- Bnysrs fiaiting the city are solicited to oall
aponwe. ' 'o i.j. iih.
. W(tYSaiArtioiilar atUntiom to orders hy
sasiW.ww " M lined at as low prices a If
ih buys was personally piesenkr Ciroajars,
fith foil part'cnlars, sent on request. " -
it WfAiAftll attantion to tti titvl. hh.iuu
" - , . "t'ln.uuii our
koaaS ha enjoyed for. many years, as d assure
U.wbo raajr.bosl with n cf fair and liberal
trWaant. TBACY IRWIN A C0.7V!
W14al). ; - p :413,BlWdwy)K;r.
( in
VOL. 2.
NO. 15.
Excelsior ! : Excelsior !
For llcintvlng Snporfliious Hair.
To thai ladiea eanepUUv. thi. Inu.in.ki. j.
mlatnrv MMinmnm u (i.uir u i .
indispenslble artiole to female beauty, ' eavily
applied, doea not bum or Injur the akin, but
acta directly on the root a. 1 Ji fa, warranted to
remove aupeiniiona hair from low foreheads, or
ir'ni may pan 01 me noay ctmpletely, totallv
md rudi'
ivally extirpatiiiE the same, leaving the
akin snft, smooln and natural.
Tlii is the on'
ly article used by the French,' and la the only
icki cucvium onpuaiory in exihte
74 cenu per package, sent postpaid,
drera. on rwcint ni an ntdiir. hv
eimtenco. Trios
to any ai
; BEKGEK, 81J0TT6 A CO., ChemlUs,
niar21y 235 Rivor at., Troy, N, Y
Anbura, Golden, Flaxen
ana Silken Curls,
rRODUJM) by tbo UHeof p.-0f. UuiRECX'
,j FBISEK L CllliVKUX. A)i,e anplio.
tion warranted in purl tlm m,u, ui..:.... ... j
efubhorn hair of oitberaex into wavy rinffleta,
or ouavy luuoi-ive curia. . naa Deen Uaed by the
faahionabld of l'rria and I.rimlnn. lih
moat ffritifvin. rsanlts. Doea no Ininrv tn t),.
hair. Price 1 mall, sealed and noatuaiii. 41.
DeMrintive Cireulura mailed free. Addroas
KkKGEK, SliUTTS & CO., Chemists, ho. 265
River St . Trov. N. Y.. Sol Airenta fm tha
United Stutes. . marilv
A ry one who-cat Pay ,!,!
$10, $20, $30, 10 or $30
a Eolith, .
Can Furchase'
Melodeon, Organ or Piano,
ny this r-y torn. ' '
will sell any of my Urge and carefully se
lected atock: of
rinnox, Organs & .Helodeonti
ou mo Ioiioiigoay.p3ims:
r I'm month
vntiliiaid fori'
Organs and Melodcons, worth
viw cr ie88, at . . f 10
do ill) from fiinn tn S'Kin 1-.
l'lnnos aim Oigaiis, worth from $200 to
oiinj, .
w ; . ,
dot tie .' . rto 300 to 840O.V.
do . ; do do $400 to 500...
do do ".do $500 to SHOO.'.;
do do do $600 to $700. . .
By '.his avstum of eav 1 Mnntlilv . P.im.ni.
many pa rxons who t.ould find it iippotwiblo to'
unv the full Drloa nf an InHtpmnpr.i. i nn.. ..a
enabled to puichase and pay for one without tiie
icn. nwuvcillfllKQi m
tot full particnlars. address
A6 WflHt Vnurtli . I'l,ii.inn.l fi
Wholeaalttnud Rutsil Agosr ibr it H-.': '
TllK Knikk (Inin Mvn.f Ptimv-
'.MAAOlliX lfHN atMBlMltUllUS, ;
shwiitala'a (
' Anil varimia atliaJ ui.ral. I
lUelodeonH. - L- 1-'
10s. f fgr ind
I'here comoth glad tidinga of Jot to all.
To Young and la oW, io gr.at uud tOHmull;
The beauty whi'.ii Mse was so. precious and
Is free for all, and nil may bo fair. .
By the use of
For Improving and Beautifying the Complex
The mrwt vnlunblo and nerfoot Drrnaration in
UM), for giving the skin a beautiful pearl like
tint, thai is only found in youth. It quickly
remove Tau, freckles, fimplen, Blotches,
Moth Patches, Sullowneas, Eruptions, and all
impurities or tha skin, kindly healing the
same leaving the Bkin whit and clear as ala
baiter. It i tbe only article of the kind used
by the French, and ia contddored by the Puris
iau aa indiapen able to a perfect toilec. Up
wards of 80.1MO bottles ware sold during the
pnat year, a sufficient guarantee of its efficacy.
Price only 75 cents. Sent by mail, cost raid.
on rvce.pt of an order, by 1 ,
UtKULK, biiu 1 1 x L'u.,ehemists,
mar81y 885 River St., Troy, N. Y. !
Ambrotypes, Opalotypes,
Or Any Other Kind of Pictures,
&G0 I'Ojb '
lie la hetter nrenarcd than -Over for Enlaririnir
Pictures to any t-ize.
Take your old, faded, scratched, and defaced
pictures to him , and you can have the .finest of
pictures made from them. .
If viitl vmt inv kind of nWti.A. fr.mAit.
large or email, ho is always prepared to do that
kind or work. ,
ll ion want a FINE GOLD' RING. or other
JEWELRY, call and see him.
If you don't want anything, oall and see his
pictures, : ,1
lie will alwAVR ha fnnnil At. hi. nvmt flntiniv
buniness hours, :'n T. B. Davis' building, up
stairs. mar2l
Oh I sb was beautiful and fair,
With starry ejes and radisat hajr, ,
Whose cur ling tendrils soft, entwined,
. Enchained' the very liear: and mini. 1
j 1 i".nu
i - Tl.li (
a. 1 ..
For Curling the Hair of either Sex into
navy and Glossy Rmglelt or Heavy ..
1 Tlfnaaina (Stt .lit-
T)T using thii
Y using this article Lsdies snd Gentlenrm
J can beautify then selves a thousand fold
itis the only article in tha world tnat will ourl
aVaigbt hair, and at the same tima give it a
oeautuui, giosay appearance.. ine vjtisper
Coma not only curls the bair. hot invigorates.
beautifies and eleanaes it; ia highly aad delight-
fully perfumed, aDd is the most complete arti ,
ols of the kind ever offered to the American
pnblio. The Crisper Coma will be sent to any
address, sealed and postpaid for fl. , ,
Addrsssiaii orders to- . '
W. L. CLARK & CO,, .Chemists,
No; Ws raystta- rt.'i yracose;lt. Y.
maxSly 1 -.. 1 .'.;. ! ,v.l H i i '
1 ' 1
; . v .i"i". :i :. j ,
Manhooa and vmtf.hfnV vi onr
m isgajnetf byHslBVolf'i Ittrsci' B.i:oa.
I loe to look oa a scene like this,
Of wild and careless play, , ,
And jiersuade myself that I'am not old,
And mv locka am nnr vof .
For it stirs the blood of an old manVheart,
A...1 n.nli... I.I. ,
, To catch the thrill of a happy voice,
And thelightof a pleasauteye.
I have walked, the world for three-score
And they gar that I'am old
That my heart is rlpo for the reaper Death
And my yenrs are well iiiKli told.
It Is very trueIt k very true
' I nm old. nml I til.lo ... ;...'
But mv heart will leap at a "scenellke this,
uiui renew my prime.
riay on J pla on ! I am with you there,
In the midst of your merry rinari .
. lean leel the thrill oi thedarllnjr Jump,
And the rush of breathless swlnir.
Ihidewithyouln the fragrant hay j
And I whoop the smothered call,
And my feet slip up on the se e dv floor,
And I care not lor the full.
I am willing to die when my time shall
come ..
And I shall be glad to go i
For the world at testis a weary place,
And my pulse ia getting low; ,
But the grave is dark and the heart will
In treading its gloomy way !
And It wiles niy breast from its dreariness
' To see the young so gay.
[From the Missouri Democrat.]
Female Suffrage—Views of Mark
I have read the Ion ir list of ladv
petitioners in fator of female suf
frage, and aa husband and a father
i want to protest against the whole
business. It will never do to al
low women to vote. It will narer
do to allow; them to hold office.r--
You know, and I know, that if they
were granted these Drivileces there
would be no more peace on earth,
They would swamp. t the country
with debt. They like to hold office
too well. Thev like to bo Mrsj
President Smith of the Dorcas So
ciety, or Mrt. Secretary-Jones of
tha Hindoo Aid Association, or
Mre. Treasurer of something orotln
er. They are fond of the distinc
tion of the thing; you know ;.: they
revel in, tfte. sweet jihgle of . the ti.
tie. 1 hey are always Jetting up
Buncuiieu vwcoiueaerations of all
kinds, and. then running for Presi
dent of them. , ;They are even so
fond of office that they, are willing
to serve without pay. Bub you al
low them to, vote, and to go to the
Legislature once, and then see how
it will be. They, will go to work
and start a thousand more societies,
and cram them full of salaried offi
ces, , Ypu wiH see a state of things
then that will 6tir your feelings to
the bottom of your pockets. The
first fee bill would exasperate you
some. Instead of the usual sched
ule for Judges, State Printer, Su
pie;ne Court clerks, etc., the list
would run something like this: .: .
You know what a state of, anar-;
chy and social chaos that fee bill
would create. Every woman in the
Commonwealth of Missouri would
let eo everv thinff and run for State
Milliner.'" And instead of ventilat
ins each other's Dolitical anteced
ents, as men do. thev would bo
straight after each other's private
moral character. (I know them
they are all like my wife.) Before
the canvass was three days old, it
would be an established Dronosi-
tion that every woman in the btate
was no better man she ought to
be." Only think hbw it would lac
erate me to have an opposition
candidate sav that about mv wifei.
That is the idea, von know having
other people say these hard things.
xs ow, i Know mat my wile isn't any
better than she ouerht to be. noor
devil in fact, in matters of ortho
dox ' doctrine, 6he is particularly
shaky but still. I would not . like
these things aired in a political
contest1, I. don t really suppose
that that woman will stand anv
m6re show hereafter thanhowev
er, she may improve she may ev
ert become a beacon lic-ht for t.riA
saving of others: but if ; she does,
sne wuj Durn ramer aim, ana sne
will 'flicker a cood deal. too. . Rnr..
as I was saying, a female political
canvass would ' be an outiageous
thingj i : ;!;,..
Think of the torchlight proces
sions that would distress our eves.
Think of the curious legends on
some of the transparencies:
"Bobbins forever! Vote for Sal
lit? Bobbins.: the onlv'virtuous can-
diatein the-fieloP . v
'Ahd'.this: " v,- J" : ' :': '
"Chastity; "modesVjiatriotisml
Lbtthe'gteaifppW statta by Maria
jvu uw t5ww mvuio duuiu uj maim
Banders, the champion of molality
and progress1: andJ the1 'only caudi-
date with attaints reputation!'
'And this: "Vote for Judy McGia
nis, the incorruptible! Nine child
rfcn-i-one at the breast!"
T. ii .
, in jnat dy a man shall say to
ni, -What is the matter with the
oauyr And the servant shall re
ply. "It has been aiVtr fnr t,n
And where is its motherf 'She is
mil electioneering forSallie Rob
bins. Aud finch ronvopsatlnna
thee-e shall transpire between la
. .uuwiuiig no
u,M Bcrvuius applying ior sit
UAtlOns: ' 'Can vnn mnhP iV.
Wash?' Yes. 'Do general house
Work?' Yes.' A11 right: who is
your choice for State Milliner?'
Judy McGinniss W11. von nTi
tramp.' , And women shall talk
politics instead of rl
fashions; and they shall neglect the
aoiie8 oi the household to go out
and take a drink with rnndirlatAB
and men shall nurse the baby while
their wives travel to the polls to
vote. And also in that day the
man who hath beautiful whiskers
shall beat the homely man of wis
dom for Governor, and the youth
who waltzes with exquisite grace
slall be Cheif of Police, in prefer
ence to the man of practical saga
city and determined energy.
' Every man. I take it. ha n ant.
fish end in view when he pours out
eloquence m behalf of the public
good in the newsoaners. and mirth
ist the case with me. I do not want
the privileges of women extended,
because mv wife alreadv hohU of.
fice in nineteen different infernal
female associations, and I Imvn tn
do all the clerk in ff. If vnn itivn
the women full. sweeD with tha
men in political affairs, she will
Proceed! to run for everv ronfhnnrl.
ed office under the new dispensa-
uon. i an wiiinni8h me. It is
bound to finish me. She would not
I Rve time to d any thine at all
then, and the one 6olit: ty thing I
have shirked un to the Dresent lima
would fall on me, and my family
would eo to destruction:, for I nm
not qualified for a wet nurse.
Honor thy Parents.
a -stranger went into the
churchyardof a pretty village, he
beheld . tbf ee children at a newly
ae gra.y3, v. A boyv' about : ten
years- of age, was busily engaged
in blacinfi nlahts of turf nLnnt ir
while a girl, whpj appeared a year
or two younger, held in her apron
a few roots of wild flowers. , The
third child, still younger, was sit
ting on the grass, watching with
thoughtful look the movements of
the, other two. The girl soon be
gan planting some of her wild flow
ers around the head of the grave,
When the stranger addressed them.
'Whose grave, is this, children,
about which you are so busily en
gaged?" 'Mother's grave, sir,' said the boy
And did your father send you to
place these flowers around your
mother's grave?' ,
'No. sir. father lies here too. and
little Willie and sister Jane.'
When did they die?'
Mother was buried a fortnight
yesterday, sir, but father died last
winter; they all lie here
1 Then who told you to do this?'
'Nobody sir,' replied the girl.
'Then why do you do it?'
They appeared ' at a loss fur an
answer, but the stranger looked so
kindly at them . that at length the
eldest replied,' as the tears started
, 'Oh, we love them, sir!'.
Then you put these grass lurfts
and wild flowers where your par
ents lie because you love them ?'
'Yes, sir, they all eagerly repled.
What can be more beautiful than
such an exhibition as children hon
oring deceased parents! Never
forget the dear parents who loved
and cherished you in your infant
days. But remember their paren
tal kindness. Honor their memo
ry, by doing those things which
you knew would please them were
they now alive, by. a particular re
gard to their dying commands, and
carrying on plans of usefulness.
The man who can make his own
fire, black his own boots, carry his
own wood, hoe his own garden, pay
his own debts, and live without
wine and tobacco; need ask no fa
vor of him who rides in coach-and-four.-
.). -
The presence of a person who
has a fixed dislike to one, oppres
ses and constrains a loving spirit,
like the. heavy atmosphere of a
thuder storm,, whose shock disturbs
us less than its approach.
lous or hotMn feul teerryj is) but
half a nsabV'L ..t c.:--- .' - l-
A Berks County Postmaster and
His Opinions.
The following letter was receiv
ed a short time since by the Post
master at Host P. 0., Berks county',
i a., irom a commercial Agency iu
' Dear Sir. Will you be so kind
as to ttive me the names of the Lub
in ess concerns in your place, with
the kind of business they carry on,
on the bacK of this?
If you will do me this favor, I
will most cheerfully serve you here,
wnenever you mav and it conven
lent to call upon me.
Very respectfully yours, ' ,
J .
Host Postofflce. Berks Co.. Pa. -
To which the.facetious'P.M. cave1
the loIJowMig answer
Mr. J Dear AVn T nov'u
dentally came across vour'reniipst.
at a late date. We have no busi
ness concerns in our neigborhood,
we live in the conntrv; ara all farm.
ers, or independent squires' We all
nave lots oi money, and don't thaik
business, just now. a healthy avoca
tion. We are all good church mem
bers, with not ft nartiVla of nnri'fan
faith: say our tiravers belore iroinir
to bed, i. e., if we are not out too
late playing "poker," which is" on
ly occasional, always for pastime,
and never for the purpose oi accum
ulating money.
Our nolltiral faith ia in nrmneMrm
" - - - . .u ... I .U I.
alike to Yankee or Southren seces
sion. We believe in Clod and hate
the devil in anv shaDe or form- We
think the Bible and the Constitu
tion, as our forefathers made them,
about the two best books in exis
tence. We revere the wisdom and
purity of our good and great' men
of all parties and all sections, and
hate and despise the charlatan.
North or South, East or West, who
seek to destrov anv Gorernmcmt
' - w? f
for self aggrandizement, . We love
ourselves more then we do the ne
groes. Yet the love we have for
them ii pincere.i; If they pass our.
waV we ffive them food, shelter and
raiment, provided they don't steal,
lie, want to vote, or marry our
daughters. We all think Artemus
Ward a. greater showman than Bar-
num. and his 'wax fiecers" . the
greatebt living curiosity in the
world. We think: George Francis
irain the greatest train we ever
saw without engine, tender or cow
catcher. We believe Thad. Stevens
and Morrissey to be fair representa
tives of the next Cone-rega-ona be
ing a reformed gambler, the other
a practical miscegepator. We don t
believe in vour citv lotteries, cifr.
r. 1 c"-
enterpri8es,Soldiers Home charities
picture ganery distributions, &c.
They are generally intended for the
benefit of the "getter up," who is
always sure to build a brown-stone
palace after the thine ia over. It
is true we ourselves indulge some
times in poker, sevenup, eucre, dec,;
but those are sauare eames. We
fear the Lord, and do not wich a
brown stone Dalace built on sand.
We do not Steal nor rob We think
"coal oil" a good illuminator, but
despise it as a fertilizer for soil,
brain or pocket We have larce
horses, with big tails and long
manes, and think they can go just
about as fast as anv of vour "cliD-
ped" city nags. We think we have
about the best whisky in the coun
try, i. e., we can drink it with a
clear conscience, for we know the
tax is paid on it Our principle is
to SUDDort the Government with
deeds, not with "gas."
finally, we have a rich farming
country, lots of lime-stone, little
gold in the soil, but plenty in our
pockets; raise lots of cereals (no
pumpkins, we are opposed to them,
1.1 C 1-1 1. ,
mey are oi x unian origin, j nave
fine cows, and make good butter.
Our hams are real, and we use
no horse-flesh in making sausages.
Our cocks can crow as loud as any
body's our turkies . weigh , twenty
five pounds each about Christmas
time, our babies are all . cheerful
and healthy,-our women are all
pretty, and when we die we all ex
pect to go to Heaven.
I myself am in the mercantile
business, not for gain, merely for
the accommodation of the neigh
borhood. Albert Yost is a woolen
manufacturer, which he carries on
under the same behovolent princip
les. There are no other business
men who use our P. 0. .address.
Trusting my information will prove
satisfactory, although at a late date,
: I remain yours, with much res
J—B S—R.
f oThe Fortieth Congress is called
by an exchange the :. "Dutch Gap
.Congress. ': :
One square, ten lines, $1 OO
Each additional Insertion, 40
Cards, per year, ten line, 8 OO
Notices of Executors. Admlnlstra- ;
tors aiid Guardians, 2 00
Attachment notices before J. P, . . 2 OO
Local notice, petjlne, . ; . , J.Q
Yearly advertlsm'euU-wllh be charged
?70 per column, and at porportionate
THtes fur li na tliun i.nlni,,.. I-
An Anecdote of Hiram Woodruff
The followine . storV of him w'n
told the writer bv an evn-witnoaa
One fine afternoon Hiram waa driw.
ing a gentleman .over the Bloom
inedale road. '..New York, whan ha
suddenly drew up, and requesting
mm to noia me reins lor a moment,
jumped from the trottine-waeon.
and accosting the'drirer pf a dirt-cart-M
he-following ' colloqny - en
sued; "Will you sell your horse ?t
'les." "llow much?" T wen tw.il v
dollars.". - ."There's, ypur, . money :
tie him "up " behind niv "waron.
"Ah!" said Hiram nattin ir tha nM
horse with the utmost feeling, while
his voice. took a most, tender W
"old Ajax, have yos come to this?-
a uirt cart. . 1 have had too many
good times behind von. old eh an.tn
stand that; no one ever took you
down to a wagon. ' While I hava a
dollar you shan't! want a peck of
oats or a pasture. True to Ma
word, we soon stormed at a wavsiiia
inn and "old Aiax" 'was Hven in
charge,with many injunctions to be
runu 10 me "old hoss." Nothing
gave' us the dust cominir homo, anil
Hiram's voice never sounded with
more inspiring cheer than after
what I call his noble act. Manv
will remember Ajax as one of tha
greatest roadsters ever among us..
lie was for soom time .'the proper
ty of Geo. Tv Lyman.
Mrs. Partington on Cosmetics.
"'"That's a new article ibr beauti.'
fyinjr the cbrrfrilexion.'' Rnirl M
Bibb, holding up a small bottle for
Mrs. Partington to look at . Sher
looked up from toeine a woolen
sock for Ike, and took the bottle in
UCl llituu.
"Is it indeed !"said shewellthev
may make ever so'manr rostrmna
for beautifying the complexion,but
depend upon it, ibe less ..people
have to do with bottles for it the
better. My neighbor', Mrs. Bloteie
has been using a bottle for1 a good
many years, for hercomplexion,
and her nose looks .like a rnntnrA
of Mount Vociferous, with the bur-
juinei l uuiuiig Hit. over me
contiguous territory." ' " ' ' ';
.Mrs. Uibb miormed her with a
smile', that this was a cosmetic for
the outside. . and not to be takn.
internally, where upon she subsid
ed into the toe of Ike's . stocking,
but murmured something about
the danger of its, "leaking in" nev
ertheless. Ike, meanwhile, was rgging a
martingale for Lion's tail, securing
that waggish member to his collar
and making him appear as it scud
ding before the wind. : 1
Mrs. Partington on Cosmetics. The Hanging of Mrs. Surratt.
The controversy between Butler
and Binchamis actios-like a r.liarm
in opening closed lips, anddisclos-
ii 1 ,i
ing tne nunerto conseaied opinions
of candid Republicans as to the
taking-off of Mrs. Surratt. The
Mac-a-check Press, a well known,
talented and spicy Republican jour
nal, makes the following confes
sion: "Nearly a year since, after a nain-
ful reading of the so-called evidence
in the celebrated conspiracy trail,
we called attention to the fact that
Mrs. Surratt had been hanged with
out proot ot guilt ; ,. Ave
hold that no thoughtful mind can
read the published proceedings of
that shocking affair and not shud
der over its results.?? :
How is the American character
to be relieved of the stain upon it
by the murder of Mrs. Surratt, by
Holt, Stanton & Co. ? That is a
question every citizen' feels as
much interest in as he does in sus
taining the good name of the moth
er that bore him.Enquirer. , ,
Singular Phenomenon.
There arrived here yesterday
morning, as we learn, , one of the'
most singular animals, probably,
that ever was brought into the
world. It has but one body and
two heads, one being that of a .calf
and tho other that of a mule colt
The calf part, or side, has split
hoofs, whereas the mule part has a
round hoof like the horse ' Both
heads partake of food' and yet: it
has but one stomach. 1 It is. the
product of Bourbon county, Ky., is
apparently about six months old,
and is quite healthy. Mr. Roebel,
the owneij and who is now on his
way to the Paris Exhibition J with
it has placed it in, ;Alf. :Cutlert
stable, on Ninth streetioWhefq. it
will remain to-day and perhaps to
morrow, 'Itis certainly the most
singular 'phenomenon1 the: 'world:
ever sawV-f OJn. Enq.

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