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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 18, 1867, Image 1

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CVniliWlr nrr.RTTHrRSDAy, by
At Brat Lou's Building, E.ist of the
TEIOIS of stiwciiirTiox.
Oue year,-?-. . . .-.v. ...... $1 50
Eight month 1 OO
JTaur months, 50
lWJuui i'i-niU-4jicQ in all ewes.
-. ... J, A. Itrattou,
will attend to nil legal bntinet entrusted
to his cave in Vioton, Athers, Jacla"Q,
-Ross, Hocking, and adjoining counties, l'nr tit
ular attention g'von to tbs ciilleiiitui of soldiers
4lairai foY ponslons. bounties, arreara ot 1'uy ,
ta., against i ho U S or Ohio, imliidi g Mor
faa.rajd claims, j -ii ;i
Hack Pay,' llotmty and a'Cll-SiOH
WILL hi collnctcd promptly b
- edward '"'a. hrattox,
.m'ahtiur, oiiio.
' Alt loldlers, who Brfl by low, entitled to
Hack Pay, .Bounty mid Pensions, and wid
Vwe, fatheis. mothers, bfoiheTs, and floors of
dceacd soldiers' claims wi I bo prcmp'.ly ut
Unded to. jnjlltf
M., MAI0. AlltlllULO MATO,
; II. II. & A. Mayo,
will attend promptly to all legal biiMiiens
strutted to thorn. Uill.-a in Conn Hi use, Me
Arthnr.Ohio jun3y
Archibald Mayo,
C1LAIM AGENT.-Huck Pny, H-m ity and
J Pensions will ba irowi.tly o.lkcted. Of.
ilea to the Court House, Mo Vrtbur, Ohio. All
toldiarswho r entitled by luw to buck pev,
bounty and pensions, and the claims of wid
owa, lathers, niotkors, jroihoia aud histora will
ba I'Tintptlv allu ded to. jtn8y
J. .1. McIJowcll,
will praclicoln Vinton ardadioiuing cun
lite. Also, lepty Oolleelor of Iutorn.il Kuv
nne. Otlice in the Vinten Co. Bank. jHSl
, Homer (J. .Tones,
i jrkwi)l Wnd promptly t all bminos atitrim
. 1d to lfiji.jirW - - .
Qfllce over T. B. DavU'.Stor a, Main a'rect,
" MoArUiux, Obio. . . T jan-2 1 .
r : .
it . JACKSOX, C. 1) HIP.
' IST'Teetli extracted by the tia- of Lai oii
TNQ Gas..&J J ")
, . W. J. Woltz,
Jlulbcrfa Huildlng, Mc.lrthttr O.
Watches ; clocks ; jewelry ; &e. always on
hind, itepitiiliig lit'iic to order. janlly
' ' UN'lXfpKl"OlIATi:U
; .'! stockholders;
JOaFJ'n J. MeI)0V KI.LyiWf.
; " JAMKS1V.DKLAY, Cash.
1T;-H'. BrsD-V. I' 1odok. A. Wor.F,
ll! IVAvsriXi ;.V.1!anxki.8, F. bfuo.vo,
. . - ' A. A; Acstis.
Bnnk of DUcouiit am! Uejiosit.
W1U buy "ml 'all. Government Seciiri
H?s, Jiomls, &-.-. ,
. Collections made at the usual rate?.
Janjttf; j ; '-f ; ' ;
' Change ol Timt'.
fat Jaflc. Jt. U, jtime ;taijle.
FROM iaX alter Suifi'.Xv'thd ltli day of Dep.
18)16, 1 rains will lea'vo Statlonr. named ae
follows I""';.'
Stationi. Mail.
Cincinnati, 0 15 a m
Chillicotlic, 1 f7 p m
llauplen ; . !W p m
MoArtliur, ' f A;'' 3 62 pni
Zaleski. 4 1:1 p in
Marrlctta.-r"r W P '
Xiijlit Ex.
12 it.) a m
5 05 a m
( 24 i m
tt 11 a m
7 01 a j:.
10 IS a m
- aoixu west.
7 Do iiiii
Zaleaki, i ;
C'hilUcotbej j-?
ft 4o a in
10 10 a m
10 3.1 n m
10 4.". a nl
A'l P )t
5 00 p m
11 00 i m
11 31 p m
11 12 pin
1 20 a m
5 COji m
wiioiESALE mm
Corntrof Front -and Mathson Streets,
Portsmouth, Ohio.
BUY all, kinds of Country produce..
. , , ,, . L0V.")II.?
J i i . 1 i . i .
r a x "Z; Thomas,
tJflOT ANb SIKMAKER, Loijan atrett.ono
AJ door South or Mra. Dodge'a Millinery, ts
tahUahoot,r.MQAUU tt, O.,. loanufattqro-i
order all iro'k in Ida lino.
Repairing alwdono with leatn'sa and dis
patch. Satisfaction guaranteed i,d prices
, : ! f ,1ep2SmB
l.MiJ.i.,1 RV i S. & CO.
iu Mroadway, New' Tork,
Dry -Goods Jobbers,1
tiht. . irVili Va',V ,n 1 '
f A x aUUfOUbi lOUff ( I y j,
rEMQuast thoaswial attention of Country
alarcbanta to : Uie , large , and irtlraotive
Itock'.of U (iooda, la.the VVhbleaala Dry Goods
l'me,'.whlch, we' are, now offering , t' pur. new.
WarahorlBft. No. Krhadwav. Kow York
' Buyer, 'l,itlfi8 tha Ity re solicited 'tcj cf
Wglv 'particular "attention to orders
mail1rtiieb will be filled at its low prioea as
ftaliniei .f, .pcwQnally. nieoont. .Circulars,
with fan'Vt'cSirarw,' seift'on 'request. ' '
--We'catl attontion to.thi high reputatioh'ojir
ear, ana assnre
lh6 may beal "with ns tf
fair and liberal
anasmdnt.-' fKAVX.' IB Win W
: ' 1 ' . . ' 4.... I . ., ... .i-,-,.;.: I.' . -.... r -
' ' l M ! it - i ! I r .... " ' 1
VOL. 2.
Brcelsior! Escelsior!
l'or licinovlii KupotlltK.iis Hair.
To tlio ludiea (Kpcviully. tl.ix invulii'ildu da
pilatnry ro''oinni';ii J itsuif as btinu au ultno't
inrt'n-pein-iMe article tu leinale beamy, V un-ily
nppliol, U-es not bu:n 'or Injure the akin, Iml
nuth direttly mi tbo root. It in wariaoled lo
rcinnxe m nfhiouii l uir frem low l'i.ri'l:ini!a. r
frctii any part of tho brdy, c ii.lote tr. tut ally
i. nd radically extirpating tlia hutnii, leuvirf ibe
likin aft, Hinnolh und natnial. Tbi in Ibe on
ly article tifcd by the I'ri'ru'ri, tnd is tbo only
roal i-flectnal depilatory in exii-tuee. I'rko
75 centa per packauo, nent ptetpaid, to any h 1-Uru'-i,
on P'evipl of an oriicr, by
BERtJEU, 6I1UTT8 A CO., ( liemUta.
mai2ly . 2S3 River at., Troy, N. Y.
Anburn, Golden, Flaxen
and Silken Curls.
I-)ROI)l' KL) hy the nu.f l',-ol. HhilREU.V
FR1SLK LK CHEVfcUX. One applica
tion warranted to curl tlio niont Htraight and
fluliborn hair of cither mx into wavy nnirltta,
or homy muaivo curls. Una hcen u.-cd by tl.o
farluonnblus of I'i ri.-t ci'd London, nith the
mimt pritil'yin remits, tloen no injury to tbo
hair, l'rico h) mnil, xcnled arid poHif.u'M , til
Derciiptive Circuli.rA mailed I'reo. Addrcpa
I'.kKGKK, SI1U1TS A CO., ChomihU, No. ssj
River St , Troy, K. Y., Solo Ajrcnts for tlio
United Suites. inurIy
Any ono who can Pay
810, $20, $30, $10 or $39
a Month,
1 Can t'urvliaso a .
Melodeon, Organ or Piano,
Jiy t'lii:i ay turn.
I will mil any of my lurgo aLd curofuUy to
luoted UcK ( f
1'iauos, Organs & rtScloocoiis
on tho folloiiigaiii.yVim:j
i'cr M'ikIA
i until paid for.
Organs and Mclodeons, worth
initr Ks, nt $10
do do from ilOO to $utiil. 15
Piano and Organs, worth from Suo to
$;jnO 20
lo do do SHOO to $10t) ..-)
do do do :? 100 to S.HiO. . . . ;io
do 1 do do $:iu toUii'H).... -10
do do do f!00 to !7iii) no
By '.Ida ryetcm of easy Monthly I'u; niei.t.
iniiny po rnuoa who vould Hud it impeiiiblo :o
pay tl o full price of un initlrumcr.t U oiuc, ro
cmtl'led to pmchato and jy lor uro within liio
luuht inconvtmenco.
For full particular. aldrc': ' '
6t5 West Fourth rl.. Cincinnati, 0.
Wholclo and Retail A)tcnt for
Tux Knauk (ioi.n Mkdai. Piano.
SciiBAiiiT, Si.iiurur ifc Co. 'a stfi-KiuOR Puxoa,
KiiiMNoi.ii b Gum OiiOAxa.
And various other good Piuuon, ( rfrans and
Melodeon.-.. luiiilintt
'there conieth glad '.idingH of joy to all,
To jounif and lo old, to great uud tocmull;
The beauty wbi.li onco wa so precious and
a free for all, itnj nil may be fair.
By tlio uso of
For Improving and Uuantifyiug tho Complex
Tbo mot valnblo and perfect preparation in
Ut-e, for (jiving the akin a benut'ful pearl like
tint, that is only found in youth. It quickly
mmovoM Tan, FruckluK, l'iuiploi', Biutcliva,
M ah l'utche.-, Sallownew, Eruption!", jnd all
Impurities of ho akin, kindly 'heeling the
t-uino leaving tho fkn whitn and clear n la
bmter. It i the only article of tho kind us.-d
by tbo French, an 1 is Considered by tlio I'tirUj
in u as indispen itblo to a porl'ect toiler. I'f
war.ls of et',01 0 holtlcs ware sold during tho
past year, a Kullleient gnuruntco of its clKcacy.
Price ouly 15 cents. - Bent by mail, po.-t p tid,
on recoup" of an order, by ' I,
. ,.BKBEK, I? lit ri'8 & CO., Chemi.-ta. C
n.nriily 2S.i River St., Troy. N. Y.
Ambrotypes, Opalotypes,
Or Any Other Kind of Pictures,
Ifo ! fcctler prepared than over for Euiutging
Pictures to any mzo.
Take your old faded, scratched , and defaced
pictures to liim,' and you can have tbo linctt of
picturea ruado from them.
If you w ant uny kind of picturea framed,
large ortraall, he is always prepared to do that
kind of work.
It you want a VINE GOLD RIKO, or other
JEWELRY, call aud eeo him '
If yon don't want anything, call and ico his
Ho will always bo found at his rooms during
business hcurB, 'n T. B. Davis' building, up
htmrg. ,. ; . maril
Oh! sii was beautifurmd fair, '
- With starry cjes und radiant buir, ,
Whose curling tendrils cofi, entwined,
Enchained tho voiy hear: and mind.
For Curliwj thi Ilatr of either Sex into
Wavy ami Glonay Kinglets or lleanf J -Massite
Curia.' '
T-Y iialnir this artido Ladies and 'Gentlemen
Jj can bedniily then selves a thousand fold.
.tis the only ariieiaiu the wtrid tn a' i-t
vaigl.t hair, and at the san.0 time give, it
Konntifnl. irloBsv uPDcaninto : 'tlio Crlspcr
Coma not only curls the balr, but invlgoraiea.i
beauliflesand cleanses it; is highly and delight
fully perfumed, and is the moat, complete aril
ole of Iho kind ever oue.d,to iha Amork-au
pnblio,. . The Cnspqr Coma will be aeijt vo any
address,. aealed and postpaid for 1 , ... , :
Address all orders to
. . , WnI.CLA.RIf ,& CO., Cheralrts.
Nb.l8 West Kajetto'st., Syracuse, N-Y.
Tnar21y ""'I ''' "' "' " " -
.Manbdod and youthlul vigor
I an r?ginJ by Jlelmbeldi Exiriaf'Booba
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
Bright fid los tho sun to-day,
' Soil tictl varin the hrecziw blow;
X&ttirt'wni tiv niMv lifn waking,
t'prtii i coining now I known.'
Tlio tender lmd.s arc swclliirjy,
Kach litrivini td bo HM.'. -..To
Sjilcail itV velvet leul)el. . c
In oiieninjrldoom to burst, '
And when he lovely duni-cl Spring,
.oinis triiiii.r jrailv bv,
Thcbnds will turn to blo.
Before her siiiilliug eye.
And then the hhioniiuheniitiei'.
How intieli they'll lr.uk the while,
Like hriht-evpi( little Infanta
When titst they Icurn to smile.
- And they of all the blooming tribe,
Will soon he hero naln,
Kejolciii In the garden
And smiling ou the plain.
. Yes, scon they will bo conilnj?
. Into brlhtitml jtlowiii? birth,
To (ill the air with fnirance,
Ind to beautify the earth-.
ri-:Bitvvir.r.K. Iv'Ym April 3.1S07.
A New Song.
There , is beauty, pathos, and
truth omliincd in the following
song, which. all dolinquent subscri
bers should loam to siu wi:han
understanding heart:
Oil ! how happy nrn Ihey
Who the Printer do pay,
And have ?ni)iii'ed up rheold yearnnd more
'J'onjfite cannot cxprttsx 1
Tiiu urcat joy of tlio PrcA.-i..
When (leliiKiiicnt.-i Intve jtm'urcd tiiQ old
eore. i
1 i PiinteM all iho tlnw lonjr . ,
Labor hard for their noiijt.
Oh ttliHt nil their l.nnl liile could but see;
They havo worked nil flio tlay
Anil of coiiii! want their pay.
To buy b't'ad hutfer and tea.
Letter from C. L. Vallandigham.
DAYTON, O., April 3, 1867.
Leonard H. Miller, Esq., Ottowa, O.
iMYDnAit Sir: Yours of tho:27tli
til t., inviting1 me, on behalf y6ur
Central Committee, ; to address a
mass meeting of the Democracy of
the Tenth and Fifth Congressional
Districts oi Ohio, to- bo composed,
as you say, of "men who are not
afriiid to havo Vallandigham speak''
was duly received. Having twice
fuilod, because! of accident or sick
ness, to till my appointment in
vour county, 1 am fairly under ob
ligation to accept, and I do it most
cheerfully. . isut it can not beat an
early day, as, you request; nor, in
deed, earlier than .September, inas
much as my professional engngo
ments, to which 1 now devote all
mv time and attention, will not
permit. .' '.
But anv appointment which you
may make for me at that period, I
will hold rnysell in readiness to till:
since it will be but payment in
part, of the annual interest which
I.owo to tho Democracy of Ohio,
as well for political favor; and sup
port, as upon that "heavy pecunia
ry advancement," so-called by soma
and by shallow, fellows referred lo
very wittily ever and -anon as; tho
"ten cent fund;" but which I regard
as the most honorable testimonial
ever bestowed upon : any public
man in any country. Meantime,
allow mo a passing word on the
Dark as tho days have been, and
certain as the total overthrow was,
of our original form of constitu
tional government, already badly
wrecked, and shattered, had our en
emies but possessed the revolution
ary audacity to drivo on, I see now
distinct glimmerings of dawn,
which, I trust, will, sooner or later,
ripen into the. perfect day..
First.. Tho C-ounecticut election
is not only full of encouragement,
but most gratifying. It was fit that
the home of -Thomas II. Seymour,
and tho State, of all others in the
East, most firm and radical in its
Democracy, and v here true "Copperheads"
did and do still most
abound, shonld?l first of all, giyo
signs of this coming reaction in
the North. Two years ago tho nia
jprity for Buckingham (Republi
can) for, Governor was .11,035 over
0. S. Seymour ; (Democrat). Now
English .(Democrat), divested
the deadweight -of-last spring and
fall, , beats ,Dawley-.(Republican
sevei hundred, and. we elect three
ont of the four representatives,
Congress. .Verily, there has, been,
a ; resurrection ; and, that "dead
, - i ; . -' -
AVOIilULltlUV I j , E,l o-wuiuko
it ipay bej.and, boupd about with
napkin, has come forth; but refresh:
ed and strengthened, by its,, plumbers.-
i j have long had the: pleas-urei-jOf
"personal ; acquaintance
with Governor lEnglishj .;During
the thiee tessious of vthe,.Thirty-
seventhiGongress, and : throughout,
the.first twoyears of . the war year&
of especial . frenzy, ' he sat by my
side, when at any moment a stray
buHet, aimed at auotlier, might
Live struck him to. tho lloor. I al
vfays tound him a friend; and now,
with peculiar pleasure, hail him as
first of Democratic Governors in
the new era. Let Ohio pow, first
of all States in the North-west, fol
low Connecticut on the roll of Dem
ocratic Stales; and she will.
r.yejel: The failure of Congress to
depose the President is tho most
hopeful omen of tho times. In
the first place, melancholy as have
been and still nro tho weakness
find incapacity, of Andrew John
ton I do not question his sinceri
ljLJuaJjUU a most impending
obstacle in tho way of tho revolu
tionary chariot. But far moro than
this deeper, more enduring, moro
significant the failuro clearly in
dicates thai the fury and audacity
of tho revolutionary party, to
which, more than to all other caus
es, they owed their success, are on
the wane. In revolutions a step
backward is death, and a pause
midway, tho beginning of dissolu
tion. Now is' the auspicious mo
ment for us. Providence lias Slice
more given to us a chance to res
cuo from tho dgslroyers, tho site
a li'd foundations, at loast, of tho
now fallen and dishonored temple
of lree Federal republican govern
ment, and to reconstruct it very
nearly after the model of the old.
Sfyall tho chance . be again cast
nway? No: let us shun tho errors,
tho hefitanciesy tho entanglements
and tho timidities of., the past, and
let the people speak to their lead
ers that the work shall go forward.
If tho men of tho South will but
consent to be patient, learning to
remain passive and to enduro, all
may 'yet be well. Submission to
tyrannio force, to military coercion,
is one thing voluntary servitude
quite another. 'In any event, we
havo 'our own rights, duties and
obligations to free Constitutional
government, from which no act of
any Other State, section or people
can absolve us. . ,;
,' As to tho Louisvillo Convention,
a word The Democratic party of
Ohio,' T3j formal resolution "of the
recent State Convention, has com
mitted itself to a general delegate
convention, suggesting Louisvjlle
as the place for.it. The State Cen
tral Committee lias, therefore, no
discretion in tho matter. Indeed,
the movement originated in Ohio,
by the aclion.of our . committee in
July last, r have myself . in no
other way been concerned in it ;
but am not- able to perceive any"
good reason w hy it should not be
held. It is designed only, as I un
derstand, for consultation and the
expression of opinion, and with no
view, to candidates, for tho presi
dential campaign of 18C3. , Neither
can it bind any one by a "platform."
But why not meet andeontult?
What better means of promoting
concert and organization . than a
general convention? "Warn the
committees," were the dying words
of Jefferson'.' 'Let us first have com
mittees and organization every
where. Suggesting respe3tfully
that the Convention be postponed
till the Fourth of Julv, I trust that
whether "National" committees or
State committees concur or not,tho
district and local committees and
the Democratic masses will see to
it that delegates are appointed,and
that the gallant and lately oppress
ed Democracy of Kentucky, under
whoso immediate auspices the Con
vehtion is to be held they who,
last summer, first taught that Han
nibal might be conquered are not
coldly and ungenerously rebuked
and repudiated by their brethren
in other States. .
Very trulv, &c,
.ine people oi -tne , fooulli can
draw hope from the following ar
tide, and the bloody-minded Kadi
eals learn the lesson that unjust
tyranny is vain. The JeWs, so poor,
so despised, so oppressed, in ;
have now. a Cabinet Minister in the
same Government, add their fin an
eiers hold greater control, over the
welfare of the British 'nation than
the crown itself. , . .
;lherfollowing disabilities were,
imposed on Jews, in the .reign
Edward I,1 of England: m
,1. No.' Jew shall come, to or de
part from England without license,
on pain or 'death'.- a h :-"
1 2. N d 'Jew1 ' 6hall :. walk ';. or ' ride1
without a yellow 'batfge ' upon7 hid
or hcr.outward or upper garments,
on pain Of death.
3. No Jew shall condemn Jesus
Christ, nor blasphemo His Divini
ty, on pain of being burned.
4. No Jew shall stir out of his
house or lodging on Good Friday.
5. No Jew shall striko'a Chris
tian -on - pain" of having' his right
arm cat off. . " " . ' ' .
" C. No Jew shall kill a Christian,
on pain that he be hanged alive on
a gibbet, and bo fed daily with
bread and water, till ho dies on
tho same gibbet.
1 7. If any Jew shall cheat a Chris
tian and escape, all tho rest of the
Jews shall make satisfaction to tho
Christian so cheated.
8. All the synagogues of tho
Jews shall be suppressed, and if
any of their Rabbis or Jewish
Priests shall teach or preach
against the Christian religion here
after in England,-all such teachers
and preachers shall be burnt.
9. No Jew, on pain of hanging,
shah transport any bullion or coin
beyond the seas, nor deface or melt
down any Christian coin.
10. The king's judge's shall not
hear the testimony of a Jew against
a Christian.
11. No JeW shall be swoni1 upon
the Evangelists.
12. The Jews shall havo four
judges, two whereof Christians and
tho others Jews, who shall try and
determincall causes between Jews
and Christians. '
13. All thd children of the Jews,
as soon as born, the rector or vicar
of the parish shall take from them,
put such to nurses, and breed them
up in the Christian religion, for
which all tho Jews must pay all
the charges.
14. In the exchequer appointed
for tha Jews, there shall bo half
Christians and half Jews; and both
shall have equal power and differ
ent locks and keys to prevent fraudi
15. Tho Jews shall account for
all the money they lay out, and for
the profits, and return before the
juticiaries over the Jews as soon as
they shall bo required. . ; '
16. It any Jew shall bb convert
ed to the Christian faith, all his
usuribus acquisitions to be convert
ed to pious and charitable uses, but
all his goods, estate and movables
shall be his own, and not the king's,
as formerly accustomed, - , '
17. The Jews shall go to hear
Christ' an doctrine once a week,and
as many English Jews as turn
Cliristians shall be as free of Eng
land as if they were born of Chris
tian parents.
18. No Jew shall cohabit with a
Christian woman.
19. No Jew shall be buried in a
consecrated ground.
20. No Jew shall correspond with
any of tho enemies of England.
21. No Jew's widow shall have
any right ol administration, but
after the decease of her husband
all the Jew's effects and movables
shall be vested in tho king, and the
king ehall be executor and admin
istrator to all the Jews ia England.
22. No Jew shall sue for his own
debts, but in the name of the king
and with the king's license; and it
any J'ew defrauds tho king of his
customs or other rights, he shall
forfeit his all to the king.
Watermelon Extraordinary.
"Ilowmuch do you ask for themel
on ?" asked a crude dapper-looking
chap, of a sturdy darkey, who was
mounted on a cart before one of
the principal hotels in Philadel
''For dis big un ? Why Massa, I
reckon he's wuf tree levies, I does."
"Is it ripe ?"
"Oh! yes, Massa, he lipe shu.
will plugs um, dougn, it you say
With that the darkey out with
his old jack-knife, and was making
the first incision in the melon,when
it gave a long, deep, and piercing
"Oh!" . , ;,
' "What do you stop for ?" inquir
ed the gentleman, s
"Bress de Lord! I tot him hol
ler, I did."
; "Coroer cut away, and seo if it is
ripe.?' M ., .
I' lie gave another poko with his
knife, and this time the melon
Uirieked out, "Oh I murder, you kill
mel" , . " .; . ,
Before the last word waSjOutjthe
melon went tumbling to the ground
oh one ' side of the cart, and the
darkey on'tho other, bellowing,--Oh
I de Lord of hebens." , . ,:
' Picking himself . up, he , half
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celebrated ventriloquist, walked
quietly away, amid the shouts and
roars of the bystanders. .
Oppression. Don't Eat Raw Ham.
The lesson to bo drawn from the
cases of trichinasis reported, is sum
med up in just these four words.
Whjlo i authorities differ; in many
other things with regard to this
new and ugly di.aense; all a'greo'that
if ham .and pork aro, thoroughly
cooked, there is no danger in eith
er. Sometimes the dieaso has
been communicated by eating im
perlcctly cured "dried" beef," but
here, too, nil danger disappears
when tho beef is well cooked.
These, and other facts of especial
interest to the medical profession,
aro admirably set forth in a com
munication to the New York Medi
cal Record, by Dr. Iiistine, of Mar
ion, Iowa, who has treated several
cases ot this disease. Dr. Ristirw
sums up tho case as follows :
1. That symptoms indicating tho
presence of young trichinae in tho
tissues aro observed as early or
earlier than tho fourth day after tho
investigation of t'le triehinous
meat. " ' .
2. That cysts aro formed as early
as tho twenty-fifth day.
3. That, other things being equal,
the severity of tho symptoms is iii
direct proportion to tlio amount of
liichinous meat eaten. -'
4. That an activo. cathartic giv
en While the worms are still with
in tho intestinal canal, is effectual
to a certain degree in causing their
expulsion and mitigatiug the teve
rity of tlio disease.
5. That youth affords no immun
ity from tho effects of the disease.
C. That salting and smoking do
not destroy tho vitality of the par
asite. ' . .
7. That thorough cooking accom
plishes this object.'
Love Making in Olden Times.
In the history of the Troubadors
are very long and curious directs
ions for making love. In the reign
of Elisabeth, thefollowing "prac
tices prevailed :
Playing with tho littlo finger in
amorous dalliance; sitting or lying
at the feet of their mistresses in
ballrooms; looking sugar plums in
their eyes, as they called gazing
closely and amorously into each
other's optics. They also exhibit
ed their passions publicly. A non-
dant lock of hair often plaited and
tied with ribbon, and hanging at
tho ear, was so fashionable in tho
age of Shakspeare, and afterward,
that Charles I, and many of his
courtiers .wore them. This lock
was worn on tho left side, and hung
down by the shoulder, considerably
longer than tho rest of tho hair,
sometimes even to the girdle It
was supposed to havo tho effect of
causing violent love, and was origi
nally a French custom.
Wig3 were mado to obtain it.'
Burton adds to the love-lock a
flower worn in tho ear. Kissing
tho eyes was a mark of extraordin
ary tenderness. In the fore part of
tho stays was anciently a pocket,
where women not only carried love
letters and tokens, but even money
and materials for needdle-work.
When prominent stays were worn,
lovers dropped their literary favors
into them. If a woman put a lovo
letter into the bosom pocket, it
was a token of her affection. Wil
low garlands were worn by persons
disappointed in love, supposed
from the tree's promoting chastity
or tho famous passage in the
Psalms. The liberties allowed to
lovers and even to intimate ac
quaintances, in tho times of Eliza
beth and James, were indecorous.
Joke on Ben Butler.
According to tho Washington
correspondent of -the Boston Cour
ier, Butler is moro . persecuted out
of the llouso .than in it. . All sorts
of jokes respecting him are scrib
bled on the walls of hotels and pub
lic bnildirigs.- He boarded at tho
KirkWood House,' and when that
establishment was closed,- a story
was started that the hotel was shut
up. because one: of the, hoarders
had stolen all the spoons. After
a week:of horribly rainy weather,
somebody wrote on the -wall at'
Willard's Hotel:' "What makes the
clouds so black this week? -Ans.
Because Butler'- hat stole t '4befr
silver linings." ...;. t, '!.! ? E i;;
The Rhode Island .jLeisIattrro
has passed the bill,to prevent and.
punisn criminal Huofiioii,, uuuer.
h'eivy penalties

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