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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 23, 1867, Image 1

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. u
, At Bratton'. Building, Jast of the
, , 1 1 Court-llouae. . -
One year,: ",.,. ,'.' $1 60
.. Eight inouUis, ...... ....... , 1 OO
lour months, 60
Puyuitmt in advance in all casts. ;
i fflVu brolliot klttjlill.ii. lu Mil k-irat Iiiim.
inen KhtrtlH'.bd Lu their out In Vint....
SUd adjmtil.g OoUUlles. llUtjg
Back Pay, Mount and Peii
' ". ious
WILLI) collocled UlOIUOtW b7 .
Jldwahu a. Bft.V! iOJJ, '
,", . M'AUTIIUn, OHIO.
' All soldlera, who a, e li) in. eimilctl. lu
Back l'uj, Bounty and Pentium-, and i,
a we, falheis, mothers, biolltrra. ami timers ol
cefed soidiera' claim will bo prtmptly at
tended lo. in3if
J '
. Mil.
Akoiiiblu vavu,
II. 8c A.
iioAii riiui:. o..
iX. will altt-nd promptly to all leum business
entrusted In hern
.Artlinr, Ulilo '
Ulfloa 'u Coon, ili.u-e. Ik-
I , Archibald Mayo,
C1LA1M AGKNT. Buck I'-y, It ,u icy un .1
J i'euiioi.S will be promptly VulUvlea Ot'
Ice io the. Court House, Mc .rijiiir, (Hum .ul
aoldiMwlio ar ontillej by luw .o buck ps,
bounty and pensions, and the claims ol wid-
, Owe, lather., wethers, jrotlieis and si-tern will
" Tl'inpllJ h undid to. -
J.J. McDowell,
will bikciicein Vinton m da.lioluioir
. 'Alio, i'Ci'iiy.colkoiur i.r.liiU-iiiil li'v
Oftlce in the Viuteu Co. Hkiik. jaiiSt
ilomcr C. Jones,.
will attend promptly to all buinus julrns
UiS to-his oar's.
Offloe over T. B. Davie' 8tora Mnin rcct,
Xo.lrthur, Ohio.' '. ' jaii24
. U. W. J. Woll, "
lililbeit's building. Me.lilliur O.
Watches; eloeks ; jewelry ; dec-, iihvnvs on
. Mud. : Repairing done to order. jaii3y
'. t ''. .. LNIN'CUltl'OlIATEI). l: .
JOSEPH J. McDOW ELL, 1'ret't.'
H. 8. Bcndt. K. I). Dodge. A. Vii.r,
II. F. Afbtis. D.V.Kanm.i 9, K biuo.NO,
T'r- -' ''A. A. Avsris.v - -"
Bank of Discount mid Deposit.
Will buy and sell Government Setuii
'fcioB, Bonds. Ac ', j - ' ;
'Collcctlong made at the usual ratca;
Z. Thomas,
BOOT AND SIMEMAKEK, Muiii Ktrett. op
0'i.ita tho Kuler llone, .McArdi ir, Ohio
;mBufaotnro- o ordor ill wok in hi lino.
Repairiug uli-o don with lfalirm ami ill
patcn. Kalinluoticu guiiriir.teiH j,j iificia
wadaraf. I . Mri&mt
Change of Time.
VROM iiid itflor Sunday t)ie ltli day of Ioe'
lBtiA. 1 mini, will l.i.v.i
Mali or) tamed ar
aoixo EAST,
i Mail.
9 15 a m
1 57 p in
3 30 p m
' , ,3 52 p in
A 13 p in
8 03 p m
ooins wkst,
6 40 a in
10 10 a in
. 10 33 a in
10 45 a ui
12 2S p in
- 6 00 p m
Harrietts ,
Zaleski. ,
Night Ex
i 35 a n
. 6 05 a n
0 a n
G 41 a i
? 01 a
10 48 -u m
Xoiht Ex.
7 05 p in
11 OG p in
11 31 pin
11 4 p in
1 20 a in
6 50 a m
. .' Chillicothe 0.
J. A. Scott, - - Proprietor,
: Formerly ti koLtr Vtart, WheeMnj, Va. '
MMy , ,. . U. J oLi,i Citrk.
WI80t8 t It form thooi'izens of this eoun
ty ibat he is now reooiving
' In".'
IVew and Beautiful Styles
of all kinds of . ,.
TUB HE St Bit aim d s
- ;-- v' of All kinds of ' .;, .
Staple Domestic Goods!
-6iJ ! i I 1
AIho ft full lmi of ,
w.oolen o dons i
e.l .ii.'iil.'"'. j:- . ' -l
BeiidN fan wpply of Boots,' Bhoea,. HiU,
C.?PV S?Tl'wT'r QuDwre tnd Groreriee,
U of which will be sold at th. very lowest mai
ketrl."' All are Invited tn call and exumiu
forshemnelTea.-, wyiy JOHN 8. HAWg. : ,
8l386n8Drus: store ......
It the place to buy puremediclnea. pure
r - j uUla i ,
liquors, pne perfumery, and tolJc fcrtjulei
ouAioTpaliiti o Mtjr' deacrlptfott.tobst:.
co, muff-rand cijrars br-th, finest quality,"1
it tM mj Knmt rates.
L i i -i ; -- ' " av1, i-.l I a ii'i . . - " -- . tjiiitJi .'.:.,..... '-.'f. - ' T i ' i
' Ml
NO. 21.
Excelsior ! . Excelsior !
UAin ,i.Tii;uii(n;
For KenioTiug Superfluous Hair.
To tlio ladic. t.oiiali tbii- invulitiildi.de
pilulor roiiiiiuuiid iicelt a? beinir all almost
imlihp'iiible article tn temale Kant) , ' euily
up, 1 i 1 d'lta not hie n cr lnju e tin' akin, hn'i
acic dim l) on i he romB. It la war.nnied 'n
lemovr n i illiio'ia l air fn ni low t. rrl iait ni
tn-ni at J pan of Iib l dy v ni leiely . Inlalli
and rmliciill) rxtii nliiig ilu- utim. Iih' g tin
Hkui m I'i aniiiix n and natural 'I Id-i Ibf on
ly an id" iiM-d l l bo h ikiii'Ii i nd i i lit- i,nly
ri-a I illic i.m! .ilrpiluii r in e. I'rice
7S .riila (it pai-kare. wl.t pn-i aid. it. any I
druM. i n i' !. ipi ni m t rnn.liv
Br RtiEU. bUl'TTS ,v i O', I ht-mit-N.
iimi'.'ly .. . SSS K.vi-r ct , Troy, N. Y.
Anburn, Golden, Flaxen
and b ilken Curls, ;
1"JR..- hi) i.v
i . n-r ti rr..t. nr. ,.ki-.i "
t'lll'.VKrx. Out. , .,.!.
linn wnriiinu'ii In curl llm innrl siruivrbt anil
fUhhorn liuir nl o MiiTh-k inmriivv r.m' iN.
i r .leavy ninsi-ive ourlc. Una been nid bytho)
lufhionubliit nt' I'i ri r nil LoiidnD. nllh 'lie I
nii ot irratifyin reciilH. 1'm'n nu injury t" w '
hair. I'i iw by mail, uMiled and pOHipiiid. 1 I
Desi-.iptive t'i iuli.ru mailed Inn. Addri'i-
liKKliKU.CIIl' S .V CO., I'liamisU, No. M
KisurMt . irnv. X Y . rola Alh-hIh f. r iln I
I'niifd StultM. ' niAr'Jl y
Any one who can Pay
$10, $20, $80, 8 IO or $50
a .Hoiith,,
Chm I'lirvLane n
Melodeon, Organ or Piano,
Uy ibi ry lulu.
I will aoll any of in larj and etrufu'.ly no
Uotd look of
riano, Organs & .llclodeons
OU lilt) MIoAiliK ttny teilliHt
l'er month
vutil j.aMjtir.
Or-junsaud Meludeons, worth
binder at ... $10
lo do from $100 to $200. 15
rianosaml Oraiif. worth from $2mi to
$K 20
do ' do do 31 Kj to $100 25
""do" do 'doSinOto S.'dKi . . 30
do do (lo."ilili to titi'KI. . . 40
do do do SOW toSTOU. . . 50
By !l)in fymeni of vuy .Imtjlhly l'u monla.
muiiy p rnuk w ho i.ould find ll illipom-i'i u '.n
1'iij tliu lull price ol n n iiiruiiur.L nl nine, iir
unuldud t- piiK'l.ase uiid pay lor ore a itln iii ti e
leant ricnii vi nmuee
Kur full jinriieulaiH. addrena
6fi Went Poiirtb al., I ineiimati, O.
Wholeralo and Ko'.nil ripenl lor
'I iik KNituk' Gold Mid At I'iamii.
Sciiuaiiit.mhj.iut iB Co.'a ttrKiiion I'ian
MAroN iSc IIamun'm Caihnkt Ohoaxk,
HiioM.NOkk'a GtM Omuaki..
And various utbor guod fiuinn., t rgmt r ml
'itelodeon. inui2iiu3
I lieracoinpth glad tiding ol' joy to all,
To jouiik imd i old, to ruttl uud tonnull;
Th beauty whi.b once wua bo prtciou. urn
la free for nil, und ull runy be fair.
By the use ol
For Improving uud Humi ityiui, vhu Complex
Tlio mo-it vlu.Me und pi rfiot preparation in
u-e, Inr giving the akin a beiint'lul pi ar I like
tint, Hint U only found in yntti h. It quiekit
reniiivim 'Pan, frenkleh 1'iniplon, Ulutobea.
Until I 'iite lies, tNillownOita. Kliiptiniis, .ind kll
inipuriiica of 'be akin, kindly liuuliritf tl,e
miiiio lebvinjj tbu akin wliit unit clciir in. uln
hn.ler. It i- ilio only nriiclo ol' the kit.! iih d
by the French, an I ir C"li-idi rd ly I li.i I' .ria
inn - indinpnu ublu to a perbci toi lo. . t'p
wards nl HO.Ui O Imit les ware sold durinir tU
pnl yenr,n Mttllidcn; (tutiratuM u of its elllekc.
I'neo only 7n ui llts. Sent by liuiil, po.-l p iiil
on n-i t- p; of an nlor. by
liKlKi Kit, SIIU tft CO.. Cbfini-ts,
n.urvily i!S i R v.'i St.. Trf y . Y.
Ambrotypes, Opalotypes,
Or Any Other Kiiul ol Pictures,
(. J. lilLLIS(jlIlltST.
lie Is lotlor prepared than ever for Eniai(thi((
rlctiires to au nzo.
'I'ukc your old In Jed, Hcrulehed . and defiict-d
piciures to biiu. and cu tau have iln- flno-t ol
pictun a made In m iheru. .
If vml wnnt Htiv llitwl fif t.illlrn. frttmud
Inro or small he is alwaya prepared to do that
kind of work.
It inn wunt a FINK GOLD li'.KO, or other
JKWKLKY.euli and tee him
It you dou". want anytuiug, oall and toe his
pictures. i "
lie will alwaya be found at his rocni dining
bunincs titnra. 'n T. B. Davis' building, up
stairs. muril
i ; i
' Ohl b was beautiful md fair.'
With atsrr ores and radiant hair,
, Wlmae vnr ling tendrils soft, entwined,
, Euohaiued the very hear: and niiud.
For Curling the Uaiw of either Sex into
H'aey ail tiliitsy Hingkts or Heavy .
. .. JUattive Curls, .
BY using tliitt ankle Ladies and Gunllemen
can besu il'y then solves a llioosaud fold
the only aniule in the w.irld tna will onrl
avainht hair, and t the same tim ftive it a
beaulifnl, nloasy appearance The Ctiaper
Coma not only carl the hair, but invignraies .
beaaiiflus and cleanses it; is highly and deliaht
fullv rjerfumed. and is ihe most cimilete arti
of the kind ever offered to he American
pnhlio.- The CrispcrCoina will he tent to any
address, sealed and i oat paid forl.
Addrts all orders to
W. U CLARK A CO , Chemists. '
Ko. SWeat Fayelta at., Syraenae. M. Y.
mar21y .
For iret-h Heed Pnn.- rjT-hii imt'lnn' '
tnl W, go W rWOR LTUg Btur.
he gono to land of no Innjrhte'r .,
'I his man that made mirth for u all?
rrnves death but a silence hereafter
, Fruni the uiuDd that delight. or appal?
Once closed, have the lips no more duty,
No more plensure the czquittito ear;
Hat the heart done o erflnwine with beauty,
. As the eyes haVe with tears?
Nay, if ought lie sure, what oan be surer
Than ihut earth's gncd Ueeay not with
And of oil the heart's springs none are put-
er i
Than the springs of the fountain of
lie that sounds thetu lias ruercedtho heart's
hollows, '
The places where tears are and sleep; ,
For the loaw-fluko lliatdance.in life's shah
Are wrung from life's Jeep, , .. -
He came with a heart full of pladneM '
From llioglad hearted world of the west-.,
Won our laughtei,' but not with mero iund.
noss, , , .
Spake and joked with us, not in mero jest;
Fur the, .Man in our heart lingered after,
When the werriiHtmr died in our ear,
And thoHn that wero loudcHt .n laughter
Are silent in tcuM. . .
(London Spectator.
General Putnam's Duel.
A certain Englisliofficer,' who
was a prisoner on Lis parol or
word of honor took mortal offense,
at somo sharp remarks, in which
the General had indulged respect
ing the IJritish, and chnllenged
him, thinking this was the easiest
way to take satisfaction and cor
rect the General's candid opinion
at the same time. Tut nam accept
fcl. Jiia lraggarlQhalei)e without
aify' h;o6ita'ti0H,lJand "proposed to
meet; hiurbrr the following day.
On the next" "morning they were
both' to bo at a certain place at a
specified hour, and 1 Putnam, who
was the challenged party, and of
course had choice of them, and was
to provide the weapon?.
When the English officer arrived
at the place agreed upon, he found
Putnam seated on a bench, on
which stood close beside him a keg
of what was,to appearance.powder.
A hole was bored into the head,
and a match had been thrust into
the hole, all ready to be lighted.
Putnam removed his pipe from
his mouth,and told the Englishman
to sit down on the bench on the
other side of the keg.
As soon as the latter had com
plied, Putnam lit the match byJiis
pipe, and began to smoke again
with as much unconcern as if there
was no possible danger. His op
ponent sat and watched the burn
ing of the thatch as long as he
could and then began to grow ner
vous. The moment the fire came near
the few grains ot powder that lay
scattered about the head of the bar
rel, the officer sprang up in great
haste and ran off at great speed.
'You arc just as brave a man as
I. thought, you were,' exclaimed the
triumphant Putnam, 'this is only
a keg of - onions, with powder
sprinkled over its head to try your
pluck! I see you don't like the
smell I .
He had the laugh against the
Englishman, who never forgave
him the mock test to which he
thus publicly put his personal
' '
-. .
Got Hold or the Wroxg Com
masdmext. Mark Twain tells the
following funny anecdote:
"Why, Captain, ' you appear to
have a very bad cold." .
"Yes, Madam," 6aid the Captain,
who is fond of working in his gar
dn early in the morning, in his
shirt sleeves, "I suppose I deserve
it. 1 caught it while breaking the
Seventh commandment, last Sun-
day." .
The Dartv.male and female, start.
I I T "
ed, and looked blank; and then the
lady who brought out the remark
said, . as well as .a, choking fit ol
laughter would let her:
"Well, upon mv word. Cantnin.
considering the unusual circum
stances of the case,' and your pres
ent surroundings, it was hardly
necessary for you to enter so much
into particulars." .
When the innocent CaDtain pot
home, he found to his amazement
that the Seventh Commandment
does not say, "Thou shalt remem-'i
ber the Sabbath day td keep it ,
flO'y. ,. . . .' i:- n :....':..,
. l . M . . ' '
Thk lawyer's motto bo brief.
Hie physician's motto be patient,
. a . J ' " a " a u fill '
me pouer moit - rjeware. jne
type-setter's motto be composed,
Things I Don't Like to Hear.
I don't like to hear women talk
unless they have something to say,
and. yet I generally listen when
they talk to me.
.1 don't like to hear politicians
say tney don't want office, nor maid
ens say they don't want to get mar
ried. I don't like to hear men de
nounce Women's Kights ' unless
they have been married at least
seven times and then there would
be-some excuse for them. " '
I don't like to hear girls say No
when they don't mean it it sounds
Worse, however, when they do mean
I don't like (o hear a scolding
womanj a crying baby and thunder
at the same time.
A Cockand-Bull Story.
; The Chicago Times has the fol
lowing cock-and-bull story tele
graphed it from Iowa:,
Mr. Meltzar, who lives on the
west side ol Cedar liiver. about
niiie miles from this city, says that
immediately alter daylight yester
day morning, while feeding his cat
tle In the yard, he was astonished
at the appearance of an immense
structure, evidently a balloon, lie
describes the object to be a sort of
aerial boat of mammoth dimen
sions, and supported by threo im
mense balloons. It, was quite low
at tho time It passed him, and he'
was able to distinguish several la
dies and gentleman looking 'over
the sides. One of tliem hallooed
some words which.- he did not un
derstand, and' threw, .overboard a
flask of curious pattern. Mr. M.
says that he' does not suppose any
body will believe his story, but he
is ready to make affidavit that what
he tells is strictly tiuo. Ho says
that the hull of the boat appeared
ten or fifteen feet high, by forty in
length; and ; fifteen or twenty in
breadth. There wero windows in
it, through which.theraysof lamps
could be. seen,' and a Hag floated
from the snv lie could not see
the design.; The ladies waved hand
kerchiefs.' ;lie thinks ho saw ten
or fifteen persons' altogether. ' One
man was high' tip-on the side ol the
center balloon, climbing a ropo
ladder. While ,he gazed, at it in
speechless wonder, a lot of sand
was thrown overboard, and I ho
ship rose with grc'at .velocity ,sween
ing rapidly away ip a westerly di
rection, and in twenty minutes
time was out of sight.
Eloquent Peroration. We give
below the concluding portion of i
the He v. Mr. Caddis' address to the
Odd-fellows of Cleveland:
"We aro writing our names on
humanity, in lines of undying
light. He that engraves his name
on these, through his charitable
works and good deeds, engraves it
on an eternal tablet. Then write
your names thereon, and when the
sire of us all in the Grand Lodge
above calls us to account,1 he will
find our names graven on the White
Stone, and bid us welcome to eter
naljoy. To one and all 1 would
say, ere I close your being an
Odd-fellow .will not, in any way,
interfere with yourdomestic, social,
religious or political enjoyment.
Odd-fellowship sweetens the ties of
domestic life, endears the social
relations of earth, makes us better
citizens, and is the forerunner to
our present and eternal hanniness
Then let us push; on the good work
of increasing the triumph of Odd
fellowship triumphs that remain
forever. For long after time has
mouldered into dust, the noblest
monuments of genius and .art,
erected as testimonials of man's
creatness and worth, those of Odd
fellowship! shall" still remain , clad
in me origin naoniments ot etern
al truth! Its victories are death
less,.and its triumphs destined to
be universal. . Its heart-cheering
songs of Friendship, Love and
Truth, shall never die. They will
be heard above the groans of ex
piring nature, and only lost as they
blend with the soriies' of the re
deemed in , Heaven, as they chant
the nv fif an elernul nulomnlinn I
i. . - r .mi.iiij.iiuu,
The New York Tribune of. April
23,- says : ';,"Men who hold that
none but . whites . riiould vote may
be well enough in their place, but
... .1 . .
I ' ' . '
there is no room, for them in the
Republican party;,' . ' .. .. , u .
I nose wno will not vote lor negro
suffrage are not wanted in .the r
1 I " i fll it '
Aoouuon party, iney are not ioy-,
we suppose. 1
Good Rules for Old Men.
The following resolutions wero
drawn up by Dean Swift, to be ob
served "When I come to be old."
Not to marry a young woman.
Net to keep young company, un
less they desire it.
Not to bo peevish, morose or sus
picious. ' .
Not to tell the same story over
and Tcr to tho same people.
Not to be covetous tho hardest
of all to be kept.
Not to neglect decency or clean
liness, for fear of falling into nasti
ncss. i.iui in ui: uvLvscvcro wan young
people, but to make allowances for
their youthful follies and weakness,
Al. . 1. " 1 1 .
i-iui, iu y inuueiiccu ny or civo
ear to tho knavish tattling of ser
vants. ' '.'' ,
Not to be too free of advice, nor
trouble any but those who desire
it.' :
To desire somo good friends to
iniorm me which ol these resolu
lions I break, or neglect and to re
form accordingly.
Not to talk much, nor of myself
very hard again.
Not to hearken to flatterers, nor
conceive I can bo beloved by n
young woman.
Not tobe positive or opiniona
tive. . Not to set up for observing all
these rules, for fear 1 should ob
serve none.
: t
i . . . -
Exactly. A schoolnia'amin the
country wa3 taking down the
names and ages of her scholars at
tho commencement of the term.
She asked a littlo white-headed
boy "Bub, how old are" you?'-
lie said "My name ain't Dub,
it's John." v, , . '
"Well," said, the schoolmistress,
"what is the rest of your nanie? 'i
.'"Why, that's all the name. I've
got just John.'? , :
"Well, what is your . father's
name?"' ;
"You needn't put pap' name
down, he's too big to go to school."
"Well, how old are you?".
. "I ain't old at all I'm young'.',
. While a boat was lying at Cin
cinnati, just ready to start for Lou
isville, a young. man came on board
Ipading a blushing damsel by , the
hand, and approaching tho clerk:
4iIsay,"he exclaimed, "mo and
my wile has jus,t got married, and
l m looking tor accommodations."
"Looking.for a birth?" hastily in
quired the clerk, passing tickets
out lo another pasicHL't't. .
, "A birth? thunder and lightning,
no;'gaspeil the young man, "we
ain't but just cot married! we want
a placo to stay all night, you know,
ana a beu.
An old Scotch ladv had an even
ing.parly, where a young maii was
present'who was about In leave for
an appointment in China. As he
was exceedingly extravagant in his
conversation about himself, the old
lady said, when she was leaving:
"Jak' gude care .o' yoursel' when
ye are awa'; for, mind ye, they ea!
puppies in China.' .
"Snt,'said a newly-fledged He
publican to a lellow passenger on
tho Hudson River Kailroad, a short
time since, "are you going to the
legislature, 0r to edit a paper in
Albanvf -No, thank God! neither
one,' was the quick reply, 'I'm go
ing to the State Prison!'
OuiQix of Slaxokp.. Mother
J asper told me that she heard Great
woou s who say mat jonn narq
stone's aunt mentioned to her that
Mrs. TniBty was present when tho
wiaow rarltman said Uapt. Hart-
well's cousin thoueht Ensign Doo
little's sister had believed that old
Miss Orley reckoned that Sam Tri
fle's better half had toid Mrs. Spald
ing that she heard John Brimmer's
woman say that her mother told
her ihat she beard her grandfather
say that Mrs. Uaruen had two hus
bands. '
.'Artemus Ward says; in "His
Book." a female woman is one of
the greatest institootions of which
the land can boste. She is good m
sickness good in wetlness good
all the time. 0,' woman, woman I
You are an angel when tou behave
yourself ; but when you take off
your porper appairal, and (met o-
forically speaking) get into panta
loons, and undertake to play the
man, you play the devil, and are an
emfatic noosance." ' ; ' " :j -; c
: I -in ..Ti-UI
A white man and colored woman
whom the authorities of a parishin
.. I
Louisiana refused to marry have
appealed to Governor Wells.'
ApVEUTISllNG. ltitjia.
innflM tan Hum. ' . ' ' atl fWl
Each additional Insertion, itn..i - 40
fuMla v...' Ml. tan llnu. - - - a. tfaTa
Cards, per year, ten line. : .-..'
Notice nf Kxccutora. Adralrilatrm.
tors and Guardians, ........ 9 OO
Attachment notice before J. Pf. SI OO
Local notice, per line, 10
Yearly ttdivcrtbuTtenfj will Be charged
$70 per column, and at porportlonata
rates for lest than column.; faable la
PcFCTtALIt is' Astonishing
how many people there are whe
neglect punctuality Thousands
have failed in life from this cause
alone. It is not only; a truthful
parent of numerous Tices so that he
who becomes tho victim of it gets
involved in toils irom which- it is
almost impossible .to- escape. It
makes the njerchant' wasteful of
timo, j't, 3ap8.tbe. business, ndiTe-putatioajo-the-lawvl'v-.and4t4ti.
jures the propects pf the mechanic.
in u oru uicre is not a proiession
nor a station in life which is not
liable to thq canker of this deilruc-
a a.
tivo habit. Many and many a
time has the failure of ontfman to
meet his obligations brought on
ho rum of a srOrn- of nthAra
Thousands remain poor all their
lives who if they ' were more faith-
!ful. to their word. ,weuld secure a
large run of custom and so make
their fortunes, lie punctual if you
would succeed.,
.w.i'ii. tf
have been troubled "with' hTanu
script that has been written with a
lead pencil, and aftefWai'ds rubbed
or otherwise made illegible, will
remember the following advice,
lately given by a friend, to the edi
tor of the Bucyrus Jouinel : "He
told us to hold it to ouf mouth and
breath on it for a few seconds. , We
did so, and the result .was almost
miraculous, as it brought out the
pencil marks and made them easi
ly read. The same friend tells us
that holding such manuscrjpt over
kettle of water is still better, and
that it will make pencil maris in
delible to hold : manuscript over a
kettle of boiling water, when it js
lir written.
can't endure1 a' person who
never -laughs, or whw thinkilt
violation of the' rules pf propVieiy
to do so. :A person 1 who habitual
ly wears a long face we have rea
son to disliko. . i You ttay be sure
ho is devoid of the kindlhr feelings
of the soul. His heart is callosity.
You'll find him hypocritical, self
conceited and uncharitable.; ; To
such & person we always give a
wide berth. , Wo like .hinl best a
good way froui.,us.ii'.' !.:; ,i! -u i
On the coHtr3fyf'giveii9 en who
believes in a good hearty laugh.
He is tho man true. open, frank.
and kindly. Wit is the champagne
the soul, and laughter is its ever
vescence. Then give tut.' a loud,
uncontrolled laugh.", It does or
soul good; ' and the one who gives
vent will feel : the better for it,
especially if he hns juft eaten a
hearty dinner. i; .i.ji..tr'. '
PiiKNoiiExoN. We are informed
by our friends living near Kelly's
mill, tnat the waters of Little Pjne,
have under gone a great change in
the last few weeks. The stream
has always been muddy and turbid,
but i for somo cause, the fraterB
have recently become very clean
that, now, in places where. tho
depth is ten to twelve feet, f the
smallest obiect can bo seen' at the
bottom. There must be some ver
important radical change, since the
fish have died, or are fast dying.
The horses, in the vicinity, have rer
fused to drink of thewater. There
has as yet leen no licht to suggest
the philosophy of all !his.---Iroh-ton
Register. ! ....i :.',: M
-; '.. .-' :
uiiy the Democratic Part Live.
Why the Democratic party '.Jives,
moves and has a being, and why it
cannot bo killed by defeats or disi
asters, is thus explained by a '.co
temporary: : A . ' -"'
."Tho indomitable' and irort ! na
ture of the Democratic 'organiza
tion, its unconquerable faith in lh
justice ot its principles, and its
abiding belief that they will be
victorious in the end. era 'wail rlia.
played by the energy , and persist-
brings its full - strencth in ftvurv-
contest. Defeats ard , 'disasters,
which ' would have . crushed and;
Prostrated anv ntrior 'nastv ar
known, hare had no effect in disor
ganizing or, breaking up its gallant -
iiu uniaitcnng columns, i, t has a,,
prbtld MstOrV iri the n'ast ' it neenw.
a noblo. position , lo-day, and it
w'ell loolt forward to a hopeful,
bright future;' 'Vhaiever irjay
it's present .disasters, the clouda ,
adversity , will, ere long,, pap's.i
away, to be succeeded by the siia,
light of prosperity. ;--tio iV v'.na-'.ta
V.i, ' "i .'!'! T- fuT5niow t.J .
-Saro. -. wnv am membara At con..
rresT like de fi'sRes f " T dont mA.
wid de subjec,' Pomp.f 'Why, '
don't see nia. dey's fond of dm

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