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Til U It SUA DEC. O, 1809.
Six hundred dollars worth or
goods were stolen out of i
freight car at Athens lust week
Blind Tom, the wonderful
musical prodigy, gives two
concerts in Chillicothe, the 15th
and 16th inst
, Xuey are having the Email
pox at Hanging . Rock, Law'
ranee Co. Four cases, one
death. .,' ' .
3,8(73,000 bushels of coal aro
on their way down., the. Ohio,
and the people rejoice at the
prospect of cheap coal.
:Jauk& W. JJayarc has been
appointed . Postmaster at
Athens, in place of Win. Gol
den. . . , .
Limestoxe- Furnace, in Jack
son county, has been appraised,
preparatory to sale, at thirty
eiit thousand dollars..
Judge Dickey was lobbed of
$55 In "money and S300 1n
notes by a burglar' iii a hotel
a'ti Washington, Ohio, last Tues
day. Tub Democratic Conimis.
sioners of Franklin county
were indicted at the last session
of the Grand Jury for malfea
Bance in office.
R.O. IIoffman, formerly of
Jackson county, and in 185G
the Republican candidate for
Congress in this district, has
permanently located at Colum
bus, O., where he will engage
in the practice of law.
At Middleporr, Ohio, last
Thursday, a little daughter of
Jlichael Feeney went to the
fire : during' her mother's brief
absence to wash some potatoes,
and her clothes taking fne,was
ed burnt that she died next
Tub Young Men's Christian
'Association ofCircleville,Ohio,
will hold a grand fair,' for three
djys and nights, commencing
JanuarylO, 1S70, the proceeds
to be used for the purchase Oi'
2 circulating library.
i John Stkoubk, Hocking coun
ty, ten miles east of Adelphi,
has struck oil by exploding a
torpedo in one of the aban
doned oil wells of that region,
.audas a consequence' the oil
excitement is, again at a fever
heat in that locality. .
, , Tub Ironton Register says
there is a woman in the lower
end of lhat county who became
the mother of her tenth boy a
few days ago. . Resides the ten
boys, she has also, three girls,
What is more, the oldest child
is just twenty-one years of age,
.Peter Rose, late of Adelphi.
.and who was confined in the
tRoss County Infirmary escaped
one night last week, and in her
wanderings fell, through the
trestle work at the railroad
bridge ovr- the Scioto, and
was seriously injured, having
ieveral ribs and her jaw bro
ten. ' -
' Athens Messenger says', there
are two little chaps' in Ames
intvnahin that have two Craild-
pas and two : great-grandpas;
;two grandmas, three great
, rgrandmas, and one great-great-
grandma, making ten in all-
V aav. - - - I?
; IVho will say that ' Eddie and
Johnnie have not their full
fbare of 'grandpas and grand
mas? Who are they?
r'! Our readers )''11 remember
j't . - m '.'' Hon
mat, over iwo years sl!n..'..u,y"
Logan charged upon the flooJ
. of, Congress that a million or
. more of dollars in -notes and
c bonds had been 6tolen, lost or
mislaid by the criminal care
lessness of A. Johnson's Deiu6
'"cratio Treasurer A committee
was appointed rtd investigate
lle cliarges." " Their labors are
now complete, and it is shown
that over two millions of dol
" lirs are not accounted ion So
' ir.ucli for a ' dish'ojiest adminis-
A Rublisgton (Vt.,) paper
thus closes a marriage notice;
No cards, uo cake, no West
ern paper need, copy."
Walker's History of Athens
We have noticed the prepar
ation of this volume hereto
fore, and several days 6ince re
ceived a copy of it from the
publishers, Robert Clark & Co.,
Cincinnati, and have been
much interested in its perusal
It is a book of peculiar' inter
est to many of the citizens of
Vinton county, containing as
it does, biographical sketches,
incidents, anecdotes, ect., of
the early settlers 'of our im
mediate neighborhood, a part
of Vinton having been taken
from what .was in early times
Athens county. So full and
complete is" this history that
there can scarcely be on of
the; old pioneers who is not
mentioned, and upon nearly
every page we una some la
miliar name. The volume con-
tains-. COO pages, beautifully
printed on fine paper, elegant
ly bound in cloth, illustrated
with 6teel portraits and maps
of, the Ohio Company's pur
chase, and will be sent by the
publisher, free of postage, on
receipt of $5.00.
Wo take the liberty of pub
lishing the following biograph
ical sketch of our old friend,
Uncle Pearly Brown and next
week; will publish a narative
of Joseph Robo, uncle of our
Joseph Robo, and, webehevet
the father of Jarvis Robo, of
of Knox Tp., which are only
two of many, published for the
purpose of giving our readers
an idea of the local interest of
the book. Here is the first ex
'Pearly Rrown, oldest son of
the preceding, was born in Mas
sachusetts, July 24,1793, and
was four years old when
brought to this country. In
the year 1819 ho married Eliza
Ilulbert (who is still living),
and settled in Ames township,
on a new farm, given him by
is father. A hard working
and energetic man, ho soon
improved his circumstances,
and laid the foundation for a
competence. To afford some
idea of the prices that pre
vailed when he was a young
man, Mr. Rrown states that he
worked a Teek for Judge Cur
rier, in Athens, .' ,1823, at 31i
cents a day, and at Saturday
night was paid in tvo tin cup4
at 25 cents each ; a quarter of
a pound ot tea, 50 cents; one
pound of coflee, 50 cents, and
37 cents in money making
$1.87 with which valuables
he walked home ten miles.
While yet living with his fath
er, in 1814 or 1815, he was
hired to carry the mail, with
two other riders, between Ma
rietta and Chillicothe, the dis
tance being about one hundred
miles, and to make three trips
a week, or two hundred miles
a week lor each rider; for
which service he received $6
a month. He cultivated his
farm in Ames till 1829 or 1830,
when he removed to McAr
thurstown (then, in Athens
county), and engaged for many
years in selling goods and
dealing in live stock. In 1839
he and his partners drove
across the mountains to the
eastern markets 2,100 cattlei
l,30O hogs,' 1,800 sheep and
20 horses.' lie was at the same
lima quite extensively engaged
in the mercantile . business
with his brother, Samuel H.
Drown, well , known ; in tho
eounty for many years, and
till his death' in 1854, as an un
tiring business man. Pearly
Drown has held the positions
of county commissioner and
justice of. the peace,' and is
-f unswerving integrity. He
!, ,-ared a family ot tliree
sons, ano .", "-o;
oldest son, Pincey Brown, is
-ir naiiirnrpr.il. iiih
A fir f Ana XT a . rlonW. in Jive
(111 CAtOMOtlV
UITCIIC0CKS tfEW rnuaiuL,!
Magazixb is the title of a new
magazine, the J nrsi numuer oi
winch is on bur table "It con
tains four nieces of Mrdcal
music "J with piano : aticom
paniments, together with orig
inal art.and musical criticisms,
and a variety" of miscelaheoqs
ruadinir. It is published by
Denj.W. -Hitchcock, New York,
and i3 well worth the subscrip
tion price, 3.00 per year.
Court of Common Pleas.
-The case of ..Henry Packard
against Joel' Boleu and David
Martin. Thi3 was a suit for
damages alleged to haye been
sustained by plaintiff by rea
son of the building of a dam in
such a manner as to back wa
ter upon tho mill of the plain
tiff, and has been pending for
a considerable length of time.
The jury found in layor of de
fendants. State vs. David A. Lawrence.
The defendant was indicted for
burglary at the last session of
the Grand Jury, charged with
breaking open and entering
the barn of Robert Comer, of
Eagle township, and stealing
therefrom two bushels of wheat.
The jury found the defendant
guilty and ho was committed
to jail to await sentence. . A
motion was made for a new
State vs. Ivory ,' Thacker.
This ca6o. was upon an in
dictment, found at the last ses
sion of the Grand Jury, for an
alleged assault upon Ellen Nor
ton. . Verdict, not guilty, it ap
pearing that Ellen had made
at the defendant with a pitch
fork and that he had disarmed
State vs.. Americus Leroy
Brown. This was upon an in
dictment for alleged illegal
voting at the fall election. The
prosecution claimed that the
defendant had lost his citizen
ship by reason of removing to
Illinois, but failed to produce
any evidence that defendant
left the State with any inten
tion of remaining, while the
defendant alleged his visit to
have been for a specific pur
pose and without any inten
tion of changing his perman.
ent residence; and in support,
of his allegation he produced
the evidence of a number of
citizens to whom he had so de
clared his intention, before his
departure. The jury was not
more than two minutes in re
turning their verdict of not
The case of the State against
Job W. Lucas for illeeal voting,
was called. The defendant
was ready for trial but the
Prosecuting Attorney again
asked to have it postponed. It
is ontinueu from day to day
awaiting tb? statement of the
Prosecuting attorney a to his
reasons for asking a postpone
ment. The case of U. blavins vs.
Putnam, Welch & Co, Judge
Guthrie presiding, was decided
in favor of plaintiff, with ver
dict for SGC0.49. Demand
made for second trial.
A. D. Richardson, the famous
Tribune correspondent, died
last Thursday morning from
the effect of the wound inflict
ed by McFarland. Before he
died he was married to Mrs.
McFarland,whohad previously
been divorced from her Lus
band. Mr. Richardson was the
most brilliant, and at the same
time the most reliable ot the
whole corps of regular corre
spondents engaged on the city
papers, never fearing to speak
the truth, and running all man
ner of risks of bodily harm to
obtain his information. Ilis
letters from. Kansas during the
border wprfare, from the far
south on the eve of the rebel
lion, and from the front during
the war contained the most re
liable information that could
be obtained. . .
An Offer.
If the Free Trade League,
Prof. Perry and the Cincinnati
Gazette, would like to have
American pig as cheap as the
British metal, we will giv the
name of a score of our heav
iest furnace men, who wil
aereC to furnish it in that way.
provided that. Jhe aforesaid
Free Trade Leagne, Cincinnati
Gazette &CJ will pf ovide labor,
which - will be satisfied; .with
English'. wages. This, :mearis
business. ; Come bow, all you
frAft-lraders who . assert that
Protection is for the capitalist
meet the - proposal and make
Ironton Register.
Tii Vinton Record says that
about on e-half of the teachers
of (hit county who apply for
certifcates fail. A bad show
ing fcr the teachers of Vinton.
Jackson Herald.
Quite a mistake. It is the
applicants who. fail, not the
teacjiers, and instead of being
a bad showing for them it is a
good showing for the Board of
Examiners, who have fixed the
highest grade in order to obtain
a certificate. We know that
but very few applicants have
made such total failures as
have been recorded by the pa
pers of Jackson and neighbor
ing counties.
Till returns from the Mis
sissippi election indicate the
election ot Alcorn by thirty
thousand at least. The Leg.
islature is believed to have
been carried by the Alcorn
party. . .
A Good Book.
Mr. S. S. Curry is engaged
in canvassing our county for
subscribers for Dr. Win. Smith's
Bible Dictionary, and from
him we learn that in less than
two days he has taken orders
for twenty copies. This work
has received the highest com
mendations from the most emi
nent divines of the country,
and is a most valuable aid to
teachers ot Sabbath Schools
and all students of the Bible.
It should be found in every
home alongside of the Bible,
so that those who read may un
derstand. The volume con
tains nearly 800 pages, is well
printed, and profusely illus
trated with engravings of im
portant scenes and places.
Multum in Parvo.
There Is contained in Dr. More'
Pills the principle of health. Wo
have many thousands of testimonials
of their having restored tho sick to
health ;which can be seen at our of
flee. Use Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills, and you will And them not only
a cureatlve ot disease but also a pre
ventative. They should bo used in
all cases of Billioiisucss, Headache,
Liver Complaints, Female Irregular
ities 4c. We make no secret ot the
formula from which this medicine is
prepared. Ask your storekeeper for
tho Ometa Almanac, read It carefully.
Use Morse Pills. Sold by all Dealers
New Advertisements.
Guardian's Notice.
NOTICE hereby given that James Gib
bon, guardian or John Fee. Jr. hu Hind
liia accounts for inspection and final settle
ment and will he for heaiing on the KM day of
December, A. I). lai.
JOSlIPU KALES, Probate Judge,
dee 0 3w
James L. Blakclcy's Estate.
NOTICE ia hereby Riven that the subacri
ber has been appointed Adminiatrntrix on
the rotate of James L. Blakeley, late of Vinton
county, deceased, listed at McArihur, this
6th day of December, A. D. 1869.
JEMIMA BLAKELEY, Administratrix.
Physician and Surgeon,
TVi"'?.I tlenJ " calls, either in Vinloa or
Y adjoining colli..'.'"1'- Consultation alwaj
free. Especial attend" K".",. surgical
practice. Orrio in Dar.t' "uilding. Keeps
on hnnda full supply of mediclt1 talllimee.
a en u !(, ly
NOTICE la hereby Riren KM tnestooxnoij
era of the .
ill meet at the office of the Zaletki Co., in
Znleski.O., on ; .,
Monday.the lOthDay of January,1870,
for the purpose of electing directors for the
ennuing year, ana iranacving; sucn uuiur uun
neis a may come before the meeting.
THE ANNUAL MEETirtu Of the atocKaOia
era of the.
will be held at their office in
Monday.thelOthDay of January,1870,
for the nurooae of electing di recto n for the
ensuing year, and to transitcl such other bust,
neas aa may come before the meeting.
iiuur. jni'nraun.
Zaleakl, December 4lh, 18fi.
I ftoroaa to mix ih toarr ncai ion II
: 1 AT MIDD4Y.
1 Bdt mi Latin ta or ticitnlrr ePitiTT
well tinbered, abandantly supplied with wster
in a neighborhood which has been settled
lor 60 yean oear churches, school houses
saw and grist miUs miles east of McArthnr,
the county aeat, miles southeast from the
Marietta k Cincinnati Railroad at Zaltaki, i
miles from Kaeeooaktiver. down which atreail
miiliois of feet of lumber have been rafted.
lioaieo WaaT to sak wiva chilis axd
fever, and raise crops without a market; when
such hods as these can be purchased at a less
h.n Waatura lands, in a healthy recion.
and jood BiMketsf your doors, and in the
midst or ne aa too mans siwv.u pbhhu wun
le ' l . '
Taw AUCTION SALE er ra u win
t the house of Christian Moelcr.
un lh old UhilliBOthe road, ft miles east of
Prattsrilla. Title of the land perfect. For
fnrthoj Information.1 refer to Hen, E. H.
nk n. Hiram UulberU McArihur.
I will At Ctmmiaa MoeUre, near the laad,
to slitw It to puft bakers, 4r three days previous-)
the sale. : '
lr to wat a ot cmtir. ron'r srar wit
f. oai his sale, asthe terms will M yery noenu
anM price probably low.
SueoMiori to Cline, Miller A Co 1
Retail Dealer In
Dry Goods, Eata, Gaps, Boots. Shoes,
Beady Made Clothing,
Qneenaware, Hardware, Groceries 4o.
Highest Possible Market Price
' ' AND
Country Produce.
We propone with a full stock and low pncei
to command the trade generally.
dec t I8C9 Wilkearille, Ohio.
Tho Paper for tho People.
Daily, Semi-Weekly and Weekly.
TERMS "FOR 1870.
The proprletnra In announcing the terms
lor the sere ml editions of the (inietta for 1870,
beg leave to Ute that the paper, in the line
ot improvement, la slill marching onward. A
better paper was promised Inst yeai,and the
promioe was rultllleri; and now. (or the ensn
ing year, a still further improvement ia as
aured. Our aim will be to keep the tiatette
in the front rank of popular journals, sparing
neither labor nor money in etforis lojinnke it
acceptable to all classes ol readers. Our folio
form, with lhirtvsU broad columns, enables
us to print more reading matter, exclusive of
advertisements man any oiner newspaper in
the United States, and to furnish it at low
Is printed on clear tvoe. contains an avers
age of thirtyi-four colanins of reading matter,
and is specially aesigne.i lor me country.
News. Literature. Commerce. Manufacturers
and Agriculture are the specialties of this edi
tion, and escn ueparimem win do louna iuii
and complete. Farmers will 8nd the Agri
cultural Uepartment, which is in oharge ot an
editor ot praciicai expenenew in tnmiineui
industry, of great practical value. Tho pro
ceedidgs of the Cincinnati Horticultural Soci
ety are also printed in this paper, and by
special arrangement we will hereafter furnish
a report of the American Institute Farmer'
cluh. !n advance of Eastern papers. A Brut.
class (original or selected) story will always be
round in me weeaiy uaietie, wi.n enuugn
politics and religious intelligence to keep the
reader fully advised of movements in tile
and Uhurch, The world is the Held In which
we lalwr, and nothing of interest will escape
attention. .
One copy 2.00
Klve toten copies 175
Ten to twenty coplos 1.00
Twenty to thirty copies 1.45
Thirty to forty copies 1.40
r nitv to seveniy-nvo copies.... i.k
Seventy-five to one hundred cop's 1.15
One hundred copies anu over i.uu
A extra copy lo ine getter up ot ecniooi
ten, and an additional copy for every
twenty sunaoriD. n tnereaner. ror otuna or
Hftv. the semi'weekly will be sent, instead of
extra weeklies, if prelerred; and for rlubs of a
hundred, the daily will be aent, ir preferred to
the extra weeklies.
Thia paper ia printed on Tuesday and Fri
day of each week. U ia the same siae aa the
daily atd weekly, containing thirty-six full
colum ns of reading matter. Most of the read
ing matter prepared ror ine dally and weekly
will be printed inhis edition. Persoha who
desire a paper oltener than onco a week, but
do not need a daily, will And this the cheapest
and best paper published anywhere,
One copy, 104 numbers $1.00
Two to rive copies, cneh 3.50
f ive to ten copies, eacn 3.00
Ten to twenty eoples, each 2.00
Twenty copies and upward 2.80
An exira copy win ue sent io ine getter up
of each club often.
As a newspaper, the Daily Gazette la not
surpassed by any publication in the United
Stales. Itcovra the entire Held of News, Lit
erature, Commerce, Manufactures, Agnculn
lure and Amusements, and occupies it fully.
Matter coming under these heads, not found
in theOaxelte, will not be worth reading. In
iia editorial Department the Onielte has all
the excellence thiit a variety of first clasa tal
ent can impart to It. In principle we need
hardly aay that it is Republican.
By mail per annum $12.00
do. for six months 0.00
do. for three months 3.25
do. for one month' 1.25
Club of five or over, each , 10.60
do. for six months.... f.25
do. for three months.. 2.75
do. for one month 1.00
The Second Volume of the Gaiette Annual
Kcgister will be issued on the first of January,
187U. This work will contain a complete his
torv of the events for the vesr 1809 ;omnr.
tive election returns for all the States; the
vole oi unio ana Indiana, ny townships; the
Orgnniiation of National and Slate 'Jovern-
ments; names of the members of the legisla-
jure oi tsniu, inninnn ana neniuuKy; ine con
gre.'of the United States, times for holding
niniriiit or Circuit Courts, and other seiieml
and valuable statistics. It also will contain an
Agricultural and Horticultural Department,
wnicn larmersaun K"rueiieis win nna vaiuaiiie.
The Alinanao and Meteorological and Astro
nomical features wlil be prepared by Prof.
Ahbe. nl the Cincinnati Observatory. Thn
Register,' will in fine, be in the possession ot
every tntniiy.
A copy of the Register will be aent free to
every mail subscriber to the Weekly, 8emi
weemy or Daily.uaxetle. It will be issued on
the first of January, and all subscribers on
our books nt that time will be supplied. The
Register win be sent to new subscribers aa
their names are sent in. Persons, however.
intending to subscribe for the Gazette should
in order to obtain the full benefit of the Regis
ter, send In their names on or before the first
of January. All letters should be addressed to
r Cincinnati, Ohio,
George W. Hawk's Heirs.
NOTICE is hereby given that James Hawk,
guardian of Jamos W. 8. Hawk and Emma
J. Hawk, has tiled hia accounts for tnsnection
and partial settlement, and will lie for hearing
on ine ism oay oi Lecemoer, a. i. ioov.
No. 3 Union Block, Chillicothe, Ohio,
i . Pooler m
Books, Stationery, Periodicals,
' Pictures and Frames.
A specialty in Chromo Lithographs which
can not be distinguished from oil paintings, at
a very low price, eierescopes and views a
fine assortment conaiantly on- hand. Wall
Paper, Window Shades, School Books, Slates,
eto. Everything usually kept in a good Book
store win oe toiiiia at my estaoiisnment.
I have just received a full line ol
Holiday Books and Presents.
nor 18 16 y
And Furnishing Goods,
13 Paint St., Chillicothe,
Keeps on hand a select stock of first-class
Cloths, Cassimerea, Testing and Overcoat.
ings, and makes them la the best style, to
oraer. no wo IftHWy.
Joseph Dixon's Heirs. .
VTOTICK Is hereby given that Jesse Brown
1 guardian of Margaret M. Dixon, Joseph
Dixon and Emsa . jjiion has filed his ac
counts for Inspection and final settlement of
ine said Margaret ai. ana josepn vixen, ana
Kruat settlement ler a.maa a, mxon, ana win
for hearing on the llth day of December
!. jootf a a.ALa.tt, t-rooaie juuge.
Georsro Shirely's Heirs.
fJOTICE is hereby given that Wm. Vander
ford, Guardian of William Snivel, Henry
H. ShiveK Craven Shively, Wes'ey 8htveiy
and HsryH. Shiyely, has filed his accounts
for inspection and partial settlement, and will
be for hearing on the J4th day of November,
aovUirw . J'fVPMt Judge.
" Dealer in all kinds of
Iron, Steel, Horse Shoes,
Silrer Plated Ware,
Saddlery nd Carriage Trimmingi,
Spokes, Hubs and Felloes,
. Anvils, Vices and Bellows,
Lochs, Hinges Paints, Oil
Tinplate, Sheet Zinc and Tinner's Stock,
Circular, Mill, and Croat Cut Saws,
Agricultural Implements of All Kinds,
Meat Cutters ind Sausage Stutters,
Table and Carnage Oil Cloth,
Best Counter and Platform Senile,
Woodland Willow Ware,
Knives, Guns and Pistols,
Brushes of Every Kind,
Counter and Platfu'm Scales,
Foranleat Wholes le and Retail at the
84 Paint St, Chillicothe.
nov II y
Jewely, Silver Ware and
(Successor to E. P. Pratt,)
Has replenished hla stock from the best ard
most popular manufactories of the country,
and has but lately received large and haud
some stock of
Watches and Diamonds,
Among which will be found1 the celebrated
American Watch,
Of the Elg'n, Waltham, and Howard Facto
ries. Also,
All the latest styles of Jewelry, Silver Ware
and fluted Goods.'
Gold Pens, Cutlery, Barometers, Thermom
eters, etc.
order and repaire
Watches, Jewelry and surer ware maue to
nov 18 H m
28 Paint Ht., Cbillicotke, O.
was cured of Deafness and Catarrh by a ilm
Lple remedy and will send the receipt free.
MRS. M O. LEUUET'l.Houokeo, N,J.
novll 1694 w
We will send a handsome nrosDectua of our
any book agent, free of charge. Address NA
TIOHAL PUbl.lriHINU CO., FhUa., Chicsgo,
Hi., oral, thorns, mo. noviow
HTHUtstililw THlUOIf unur
Written hy himself. In one large octavo vol
umenearly 800 pagea-printed in English
and German. S3 Elegant Full Page Engra
vings. It embiaces forty years Recollections
ol'his bnsy life, as a merchant, manager, bank
er, lecturer, and showman. to book pubs
lished so acceptable to all ctlassea. Every one
wants it. Ageuts average from SO to luo sub
scribers a week. We otter extra terms, and
pay freight West. Illustrated catalotfus and
terms to agents sent freo.
J.B HUKK& CO., Pub's, Hartfoid, Conn,
nov U 18U9 8w
SevenHundred andFiftyPages
FOK $1.50.
THE BEST READING. Attrrnclibe, enter,
laming, amusing. No magaaine for young
people nas auainea so wiue auu wen aeaerveu
a reputation as -
The author of those popular books, "Ragged
Dick," "Fame and Fortune, to.,
Hoairio naia, J a.
commences a new story In the January num
ber. Forwnra yourauiwcriptions at once, ine
October November and December numbers
will bs aent free to all who lemiltl .60 for 1870
before December 16th. A Ane photegrsph of
Mr. Alger will be presented to every sutwen
ber for 1HTU. J08KFH U. ALDEN,
novll4w Publisher, Boston.
and Behind the SCENES.
By Olive Logan. 8he lets things out, exhib
iting in vivid colors the ahow world,. as aeen
from within and without. From puppet shaws
to grand operas; mountebanks to menageries:
learned pigs to Lecturers. Mich, racy, and
high-toned, it is the great sensation and all
wantit. Contains U60pagea,rose-tinted paper.
Profusely illustrated with spirited engravings.
Hells beyond all other books. Sample copy
and proapectUH to agents free. For circulars
explaining, address
PARMALEE A CO., Cincinnati, Ohio,
oov 18 186 iw
Manhood: How Lost, How Restored.
Just published.a new edition of Culver,
well's Celebrated Essay on the radical
(cure without medicine) of spermator
rhoea, or seminal wetkness.involuuiary
seminal losses, Im potency, mental and physic
al incapacity, impedimenta to marriage, etc.;
also consumption, epilepsy, and fits, induced
by self-indulgence or sexual extravagance.
avarpnee in a sealed envelope, only cents.
The celebrated author, in this admirable es
say, clearly demonstrates from a thirty years'
successful practice, thai the alarming conse
quences of self-abuse may be radically cared
without the dangerous use of Internal medi
cine or the application of the knife; pointing
out a mode at once simple, certain, and eBeci
tusl. bv means of which every sulferer, no mat
ter what hia condition may be, mav cure him
self cheantv. nrivatelv. and radicaHv.
ear This lecture should be in the hands of
every vouih and every man in the land.
Sent under seal io a plain envelope, to any
addrest, postpaid, on receipt of aix cents, or
two post sumps. Also, Dr. Culverwell's "Mar
riage Guide," price 23 oents. Address the
ruuiisners, i.uao. 4. j. jvL.ii-.ci m
127 Bowery.NewYork.PoetOfficeBoxAfte.
nov 18 1809 ly
Tor Matthew Hale Smith's Hew Book
"Sunthine and Shadow In New York."
A work of absorbing Interest replete with scec
dotes and incidents of
Being a Mirror of New York, reflecting with
startling accuracy on ine secraur. oi
the great metropolis. -Onr
Agent In Hortford sold so In one day,
one in N.J. sold SRin Ifrdays, one ageattn
Mass. sold sot tu one weec -
No booK ever published lhat sella sorspidly.
rYou wish to knew how Fortunes are made
IT and lost in a , day) how shrewd
men are mined in Well Street) how "Country
men" are swindled by sharpers; how minis
ters and Merchants are Blackmailed; how
Dance Halls and Concert SMoeos are managed;
how Gambling Houses and Ixitteriea are con
ducted; how Stock Companies originate snd
how the Hubbies burst. Ac read thia Work.
It tells you about the mysterieeof New York,
and contains spicy life sketches oi its noted
millionaires, merchants. Ac, A large Octavo
Volume, 721 pages, finely illustrated. Ths
largest oommiseion given. Cur 32 page circu
lar nd a 16.00 Greenback sent free on applica
tion. For nil! particular and terms address
the sole publishers, 1, H. BITRR A kOi Har
ford, a. sot 18 186
5 O' TT4
TO THE WORKING CLAi8.-W are sow r
prepared to furnish all elasaea with constant
employment at bonis, the whole of the umeor
for the spare moments. Business asw, light
and proniable. persons of either sex easily
ears from toe to ft per evening, and a pro-, ,.
portioual sum by devoting their whole ti me ta .1
the business. Boys sad girla earn nearly aej
much as men. 1 hat ail aho see this aotiee
may send their address, tnd test the business, .
we make Ihia unparalleled etler: To such aa .
are not well satisfied, we will seed 1 to- pay
for the trouble of writing. Full partieolsrrSr
valuabia sample, which will do lo eummenee
work on, and a copy of The People's Literary
Companion one of the largest and best aimlly
newspapers published all sent free hy msif.r
Reader ifrou want permanent profitable work,
address E. C. ALLEN CO., Augusta, Malaet
Great Distribution
ISy tbe Metropolltau Gift Co.
Cash Gifts to theAmount of $500,000.
6 cash girts, each ..- I'M.ooo
io iti.oro
so ' - ....... i.uoe
40 - m . . . - l.OOtt
60 elegant rosewood Pisnos, sseh 300 to Tu
73 " Melodeoas " T to loa
si sewing machines, . "SO to l'
6O0 gold watches, 13 to 3U0
Cash prises, silverware, Ac valued stl,000,0O
A etuuice to draw any of the above prises for
23 cents. 1 ickets describing prises are sealed
in envelopes and well mixed. On receiptor
Vie. a sealed licatt ia drawn, wilhout'ehoiee.
and sent to any addiesa The prise aamea
upon it will be delivered to the Itcketaslder
on payment of onedullar. Prises areimme
diately sent to any address by sxprssa or re
turn mail.
You will know what your prise Is bslbre yo
pay to r it . Any prise exchanged for another
of the same value. No blanks. Our patrons
caa depend on lair dealing.
Kirsasacss. We aeleut the following from
many who have lalel drawn valuable prises,
and kimlly permitted us to puUiahthem; An
drew J. Burns, Chicago, IO,ooii; Mrs. Clara 8,
Walker, Baltimore, Piano. fuu; Jams M,
Mathews, Detroit, A,cooj John T. Andrews,
bavnnnah, fM'OU; Miss Agnes Bimmoo.
Charleston, Piano, ItiOO. We publish aa
names without permission. , .
OnsioNs or ths Paul.- "The firm Is relia
ble, and deserve fis'cess." Weekly Tribune,
May 8. We know them to be a fair dealing
firm."-N. Y. Herald, May 88. "A Mend eT
oura drew l&iio prise, which was promptly
received." laily News, June I.
Bend for circular. Liberal inducements te
Agents, Satisfaction guaranteed. Every
package or sealed envelopea oonlains one can
gilt. Hi i tickets lor Hi 13 for If, S3 for Ut
110 for fIS, All letters should he addressed
nov 18l2w 104 Broadway New YorSI
HAS quit the practice of medicine for the
winter (excepting such calls as he may be
favored with In Town) and give Dentistry bts
whole attention. ' ilis
Long Experience in Dentistry
has proven that he It
Th Doctor Hill hold himttlf jr
tonally reuppniibleor the good jtr form
anceohit Work.
Ths best
Local Anffiathetics
used in extracting
Office One door west of Gill A Richmond's
Hardware store room, formerly Billisg.
hurst's picture gallery, MoArthur, Ohio.
novll 18uu
Stoves, Tinware and Plows I
DEALER IN. . ' .
Cooking &HeatingStoves
Ot all kinds, suitable for Kitchens, Parlors,
Halls, Stores, Churches and School Houses,,
Parlor Gratet, Fine Finish J ' l!
Portable Grates, all Slzoi I
A good assortment, well made and sold low.
The best and cheapest In the market.
Gill Combl i ation bteel Plow,
TUttburg do. do.
These Plows are strong, well made n4 do
good work, plowing sod first-rate, and doing ,
all kinds ef work satisfactorily and with little '
araii. Agent tor ine -
t ' .
The largest, heaviest snd most reliable Stove
in ihe market. .
Dodge's Patent - Stores and Grates!
Considering their advantages, they are the
cheapest stoves manufactured, the saving ia
fuel will soon amount to ths price; then eon
aiderina Ihe sure heat from an open Ore In
contrast with the deleterious iron heat trevn
other atoves. It is the only method bv which
the amoks snd gas csn be consumed in an
open fire. It is the only open fire thai will
heat a room comfortably in the eoldesl weath
er. It will produce donble the heat with half
the fuel. It Improves the draft.
H. HOWSON, Chillicothe, Ohio,.. -
Bole Arenl for this section of Ihe State.- ,
oct its 186 ly
MRS. E. B. PUGH announces lo the ladies)
ol Vinton eounty, that she eooaiaally,
receiving additions to her already kwsw and
select assortment of
? ;,
Bonnets, Hats, Ribbons, Flowers '
leathers, -Yehets, Crapes, Laces,. ,
Trimmings, Veils, Veilings,
Artificial Hair is Coils
and Switches, EtCvt- v- H
All ofwliich will be sold ' ' "' " V
Than at any other Establishment.
Old Style Boneti md 2tat$ rtnoddti
in lAe latett Style. , , r .. ' T, f
I)BE88MAKfNG-Hsvlnsj sajragedesVii.
ices of an experienced asststaas, she is also
prepared te make- . .i. J
Dresses and Cloaks
In Ihe best Manner and NewestStylw, : ". t
rAu Wosa WiaiASTss to ssrr, oi is
Csaos wiLssaaa. '
8 TORS V Millstreej next to M.E.Church.
Terms Cash. J

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