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MoXRTlI UK, Oil I O,
rilUKSDAY, JAN. 23,1873
Missouri is enjoying the lux
ury ' of;;'pemocrallo"' manage
merit and pays for it, of course.
The AIwbouti iatentiry, in
atead'of being itlf-ustaining
like that or Ohio, costs about
t90,000 a year and a heavy
lost ia ' entailed upon the peo
ple every year by the reckless
issue of warants over bonds
depeciated to 75 and even 60
cents on the dollar.
At an electioa held in
essenine county, Ky., on the
12th in8t.,iion. Wm. Brown,
Republican was elected to the
General Assembly by 337 ma
jority over his oponent, Judge
Lowry, the strongest Democrat
in the county. This is a Re
publican gain over the Novem
ber 'election of 130, and is a
greater triumph than the Re
publicans anticipated.
A Fort Wayne, Ind., special
to the Gazette aays the Catho
lic priest of that place lias just
received, as a present from ex
Emperor Louis Napoleon, a
magnificent gold and silver
chalice to be used in the
church of that city. It is en
ameled ' in lour colors. The
autograph of the Emperor ac
compained it The priest was
a personal friend of the Emper
or in bis early days.
There is a law peniing be
fore the Ohio Legislature which
divides the State into ten ag
ricultural districts, and au
thorizes the farmers of each
district, at the time they
choose the officers of their
County Agricultural Fairs, to
vote for one man to represent
them in the Board. This
gives the iarmers of every part
of the State a local representa
tive in the Board which now
might all be located at one
point ..
According to the Columbus
Gazette 36,000,000 brick
hare been manufactured in that
city this year, exclusive of those
made in yards in connection
with the Public Institutions
A pretty good evidence of the
growing condition of Columbus.
Before the building of the Hock
ing Valley R. R., Columbus was
one of the best cities in the world
to move away from. It is now
one of the best to move to, slive
and progressive. Public sbirit
brings prosperity.
The total debt of Athens"
county is $23,000, the unpaid
balance of the bonds issued to
the M. & 0. R. R. Company.
The collection of tho present
duplicate will provide the
means for the. redemption of
the outstanding bonds.and thus
leave the county, for the first
lime in twenty years, free from
Athens Messenger.
Vinton county had no rail
road bonds to pay, but we go
deeper and deeper in debt each
year. The Court Rouse clique
the people have had to sup
port can oat up money faster
than the people can pay it in,
and have proved more expen
eive than two railroads. Shuf
fle Ihem off.
Has Noble County Republi
can says: Before our county
was formed, and under the old
constitution, Guernsey county
Toted to take $100,000 stock
in the Central Ohio KVulroad.
This amount was taxed over
the old territory of Guernsey,
and, of course, Beaver, Wayne,
Buffalo, and Seneca townships,
in Noble county, paid their
quota of the tax. As a county
Guera&ey holds this stock and
draws ths dividend upon it
when any are declared. Mr.
bpriggs has introduced a reso
lution ia the Legislature, to
authorize the Commissioners
of Guernsey to transfer to
these townships their pro rata
of this stock, and the dividends
which have accrued and been
pajd into the Guernsey county
Wm. Rule, . a Republican,
has been elected Mayor oi
Knoxville, Tenn.
Hon. John T. Wilson for Governor.
[From the Ohio State Journal.]
HILLSBORO, O., Jan. 7, 1873.
To the editor of the Ohio State Journal.
t To the liext Republican Con
vention of this State Southern
Ohio will present the name of
the lion. John T. Wilson, of
Adams county, (or the office of
Governor. Mr. Wilson has rep
resented the former Eleventh
District in Congress for the
past six years; is chairman ol
the committee on agriculture
of that body, and made ft most
gallant but hopeless contest for
Representative from the new
Seventh District reducing the
majority of the opposition by
some three hundred votes.
In olden times, when'McAr
thur, Worthington and Trimble
were household words among
Ohio politicians, this section
could not complain of inade
quate represent ation in the
honorable offices of State; but
fort? years have passed since
Governor Morrow was from a
Southern county, nnd in All that
time we have had no repre
sentative in the Governor's
office save such as Cincinnati
Ohio's stock in trade for
United States Senators has also
been from the north; I can not
recall the name of a Republi
can Senator from Southern
Ohio since the organization of
our party. Sherman, Wade.
Bingham, Garfield and Shella
barger make up the roll "in es
se" and "in posse" as it is
It is true that Democracy is
rampant in these secluded re
gions, but those who fight in the
Republican rauks down in this
bill country stand shoulder to
shoulder, and no better soldiers
nor more worthy of reward are
to be found in any portion ol
our land. Perhaps a little
more recognition ,of their de
serts might have a good effect
upon their neighbors.
Mr. Wilson is a farmer. He
was brought up to the hardest
of daily labor. By carelul in
vesting the product of bis toil,
and by able financiering he i3
now placed above the necessi
ty of manual labor, but in in
tervals of absence from Con
gressional duties, he is to be
found upon bis farm in his old
home superintending the culti
vation of his fields.
The Republican party of
Ohio has never placed a farmer
in a State office. The class
which gives us three-fourths of
our votes is ignored when the
honors are to be distributed.
This is not because they lack
intelligence sufficient for our
offices why is nf
The "Captain," as bis neigh
bors called him, raised a com
pany and marched to the field;
bis son and only child fell fight
ing for his country, lie left
the service at the call of the
people to represent them in the
councils of the country alto
gether no better, truer, nobler
man can be offered to the
people of Ohio for their suf
ragea when next they meet to
elect their Chief Magistrate.
One word more. Is it fair
that Cincinnati after going to
the enemy by default as she
did last fall Is it fair that she
should have a controlling in
fluence in our State Conven
tions hereafter, until she "bring
forth fruits meet for repent
[From the Pike County Republican.
Mr.Wilson has been a Sena
tor in the Ohio Legislature, a
member of Congress for six
yars, has filled other responsi
ble positions in years gone by,
and has been found equal to
every . occasion. Last tall be
was forced into the candidacy
for Congress in this (the Sev
enth) District, and expended
his time and m eans in a can
vass in which he .no more ex
pected to be elected than he
expected to fly. Now if nomi
nated for Governor next fall,
he can be elected. We there
fore, are in favor of a vigorous
attempt for his nomination. lie
is sufficiently . well known
throughout the State, and if
nominated and elected- will
prove one of the most faithful
Governors Ohio has ever had.
Year before last we were in
duced to leave ' both Mr. Wil
son and Mr. Bundy in the lurch,
and helped nominate Govern
or Noyes, with a view f heal
ing the breach In the Republi
can ranks ia Hamilton county.
But the attempt did not heal
worth a cent. Yet he was
elected. We now feel under
no further obligations to Gov
ernor Noyes, though we must
say, and say it with pleasure,
that we have no personal or po
litical olfactions to the Gov-
ornor only our first choice for
a candidate to be elected next
tall is John T. WilaW, as it was
in 1871. To nominate him.
work is to be done open, fair
and honorable work. '.What
say onr brethren ot the press
in Southern Ohio? Shall the
name of John T. Wilson of Ad
ams county, be proiented to
the next State Republican
Convention for nominatidnTor
Tax Payer Again.
Editor Vinton Record: I
thought that you pretended to
give your readers information
on general and particular sub
jects, and especially when ask
ed for by a reader of your pa
per. Well, I see I was snlstakeu .
I knew you were not a warm
personal friend of J. B. Ran
dall; but I supposed you would
try to be fair with a person
who asked a fair question in a
lair way. But instead of that
you back down and refer the
matter to the Prosecutor. You
may be excusibh for that, but
it is a question whether you
are or not
Now, look at his answer to
my inquiries. It runs about
this way: "Who is Taxpayer"
(That question I do not ask.)
"It is no part of my official
duty to try criminal cases out
of Court (Lie don't make much
headway trying them in Court)
"Taxpayer fooV
ass lied, he is
not a taxpayer coward
like theiflike as
sassin like dd fool
senseless liar sim
pleton . coward thing
fool him.'-' '
I give the emphatic words
those printed .in" italics. Of
course I can not ask you to re
publish an article three-fourths
of a column long, when the
substance of it can be so easi
ly gathered. Then it would be
useless to reproduce the re
maining words; for I hey were
only used to connect the black
guardism together, and it reads
just as wll, and conveys just
as clear an idea, and is as good
an answer to my questions
standing alone as when en
cumbered with the omitted
words. Any one who has read
low, vulgar slang, or heard
fish women brawl, cau easily
understand what there is in an
article of which the above'eon
cise gentlemanly expressions
form a leading part Any one
can readily understand about
how muddy and filthy a stream
would carry that kind of drift
wood. In place of telling your
readers about what it has cost
this county to try the Randall
Stottsberry case, you refer it to
Claypoole and he embraces
the opportunity to satisfy the
public that he is as deficient
in the elements which make
op a refined gentleman, as he
is in the elements which make
a good Prosecuting Attorney,
and that he has as little regard
lor the good sense, morals and
refinement of the community
as he has for the pockets of the
taxpayers. If you would refer
to my last and give the public
a little information you would
greatly oblige the undersigned.
I remarked that the little as
sault and battery case had
been twice tried and that both
juries had disagreed the last
jury standing eleven for ac-
quital and one only for con
viction. I learn since that by
some means there were but
eleven jurors and that two
were tor acquittal. This proba
bly is tbe grounds for Mr.
Claypootg's abuse. It was my
mistake, but the fact remains
that but one man was for con
viction, and as to the cost, I
said it had been estimated at
1400.. Now, I suppose that is
below, but I am not a good
judge, of those things, never
having (been tried and never
having tried any body.
A plausible rascal, calling
himself C. W. Stallman, repre
senting himself as an agent for
a patent cutler bar, for mow
ing machines, has been swind
dlicg a number of farmers in
Noble and Guernsey counties,
by obtaining their signatures
to blank notes, which he filled
up for sums ranging from $125
Jo $250, and sold them to a
man in Cambridge, named Da
vis. The notes were given for
a sample cutter bar, which
were enly.to cost a dollar or
twk. Farmers have been
swindled so often in this man
ner that we have almost ceased
to have pity for them. Tie
man who takes and reads a
county newspaper will, most
likely, he forewarned of such
Marietta Times.
It is reported by a Washing
ton correspondent that Presi
dent Oranf, in a conversation
in relation to the Sumner reso
lution providing for the oblit
eration of names of battles in
scribed qpon regimental flags,
in order to concilate the South,
sarcasticallyremarked that per
haps it would be as well to
lock lip our crippled and
maimed soldiers, lest their ap
pearance might awaken un
pleasant reminiscences.
It is said that one coal train
on the Pittsburg and Marietta
Railroad,, running between
Marietta and Caldwell, a dis
tance of 35 miles, is paving the
interest on the bonded debt of
the company. This is a new
road, crossing the Pan Handle
at New Conierstown and con
necting with the Tuscarawas
Valley Road at Canal Dover.
Newark Advocate.
$12,000 were paid . into-the
treasury- of the Gallipolis,
McA. cV C. Railroad Com
pany, on, Monday, by those who
were behind in the payment of
their installments.' A consid
erable sum was also paid in on
Tuesday and Wednesday, but
we were unable to get the ex
Gallipolis Journal.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Adverting will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising makes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows pluck,
Advertising means'biz,'
Advert:'se or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Adverii.se well,
THE undersigned m assignee of Lewis C.
liar, wil) tell Hi publio Ml at
, ON
Thursday the 27th Day of
February next, 1878,
The goods, merchandise, Ac., lately belong
ing to Mid assignment, comprising
And the osoal aasoilment oi goods in stores o
general merchandise. Bale will be t ihe fur
mer place of business of said Lewis 0. Ijr,
nd will commence t o'clock, A. M. and
coniione from at; to day until the Mock n
sold. Terns cash.
January J3, 1A73. ot.
Assignee's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby giren that the under
signed bee been duly appointed Assignee
or Lewis O. Day. ot Kalesm, Vinton county,
who assiana lor the benefit of hie creditors.
Crediteis ere not i fled to present tneir claims,
dmy authenticated, within the time i'ecri
bed by law. CHARLES R. HOVET.
January IS, 1873. 4t
Eitata of Jacob Dawk, DeceaMd.
'1' BE has been duly dnalified
J. as executor of the last will and testament
of Jacob Hawk, late of Vinton county, de
ceased. ,
iMted this Slat day ot January, A. D. 1873.
Administrator's Notice.
N NOTICE fa hereby giren that the tinder,
signed hare been appointed adminietra
mrs of the eaiateoi Joel Uolen, la.e.of Vinton
county, Ohio, deceased.
WfHER OLEM!dmiI"rtl:to
January U, 1873, . 31.
(SOO rates, 330 EMfrarings.
A startling expoae of medical humbugs ot,
til. MI and pienent. II tenlilatea quacka,
traveling Uoclr, nuled female cheat, for
tune tellers and medium, and niea interest
ing narraliTesofnole l h)i'ina. It reveals
startling aerrvlM, and is invaluable to all. Ws
gits ei,lule territory and liberal roinmla
aiona. Kor cimilars and terms addrena tht
publishers. J. H. HIKR A MYUE.
Hartfoid, Conn., or Chicago, 111.
Written by to eminent author, ineh'ding
John B Hough, and Horace tirevley,
Thia work is a complete hiatory of all
bram-hea ol industry, and (a a complete enr
cyclopedia of aria and manufaclurea. ue
ot our agents sold l&lcnpiee in eight days,
another 3A in two weeks. Specimens sent
ireeon rereipi oi stamp
I. B. BDKK A tiYPE, Publishers.
Hertford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
ANEW DnoKB'noPoU,,u,n,,r'
IMCW OUUrwllhereadyinafw
weea. agema wno wouta secure (armory,
ahould apply at nnre.
i. n. tv ikk a hiuii, ftitiiisnera,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, III.
James H. Remy, Ellen C. Remy John W.
Remyand Letiria E WyoknlTand Milbery
Roach, plaintifl, again t Patrick McNamee,
THE Defendsnt Patrick McNamee who.,
place of residence is unknown, will take
notice that Ihe ahore named, did on Ihe 2nd
day of November, A. L 1872, fll their peti
tion in the Court of Common Pleas within
and for Ihe County of Vinton in eai't Itate
ol Ohm, asalnsl the said Patrick McNanee,
aeltiag forlh that they, as heiis at law of John
Kemy, decetsed, are Ihe owners in fee einv
file, and are in jioaseraion of the following
ands, situate in Vinton coiinl'.Htate of Ohio,
and deaorihed aa follows, to wit t The nnrlh
eait quarter of Ihe south-east quarter, and
thess.uth-a.it quarter of the south-east quar
ter of section No 21, township No. 9, of Rang.
No. 18; district of land subiect to sale at t'hil
llcothe, Ohio.
That the said Milherry Roach, formerly
Milberr Kemv owaa a dower interest Ihera-
in; and further setting forth that Ihe llcnd
ant, Patrick McNamee pretends lo hold a
iie.ii ror imriy acres ol ea:a laj.is, to wit:
thirty acres out of the north-weat corner of
laid tract of land, and claims an estate and in
tereat therein adverse lo the estate and inter
est of the plaintith, and praying Mint the title
and claim of defendant may be determined
to be null and told as agninaljthe title ot
plaintirla, and for such other relief as Ihe ue
lure of the cae and equity may require.
Ilrfrndanl ia notified lo appear and answer
said petition bv ins third Monday after
Thuraday Ihe U'h day of February 1873. or
said petition will be taken as true.
H. U. .n'HEd, Attorney ror rlaintltn
January V, 1873.
Notice of Intention to Erect Infirmary
i) aiming.
NOTICE is hereby given that Ihe Cnmmls.
sioners ol Vinton eoiintr. Ohio, iulend to
erect a building fur acouniy Inrirmaiy, on the
lands lately puirhaned by said Commission
era of Isaac Ulloin, for fnrlrmary purposes,
situate in Elk township, of said county.
'I k-.,,. k . I
ii.-nui vuiuiiii-iiiviini. nv ,,uciirru iu
oe mails bran architect. a lull, ooinnl.-tf and
a curate plan of said InBrmaiy hutliling.which
saia pian allows ail the neceary details or
the work to be done, and affords all needful
inlonnation to parties who art expeeted to
bid thereon, and who are herehr invited lo
mnke bids and nronoaals for thefiirnihinsn
sllthe material and performing oil the work
in Ihe construction of said Infirmary building.
iiv ..iu Nnu .mi t.i'iiu'niwn are on nie n
the Auditor's office in said rounly, and are
open lo the inspection of all persons Intsr
ealed in the examination of the snine.
The.aani Commi-sinneis propose lo locate,
lliesiiid Infirmary building iminedia.elv north
ot me iiwetiina house on md Infirmary larin.
The several bids tnat mavha matte fr.r lh
coni-tructmg of aaid lt.tirnmry building will
be opened at the Auditor'a office, in aaid
county of Vinton, on
Friday, January 31st, 1873,
at the hour oft o'clock, P. M; until which
lime said nronoula lor lha same wi'l ha r.
cived at the Auditor's office, and the contract
awarded at that lime, or at a lime thereafter
io wntoh the snid Cnmmiasionart. may pub-
nri Y sujuurn ne conamerauon oi me same.
The said ConimiMaionara will alMo. rn ih
said 31st day of January, A. ft. 1873, before
awarding any contract, hear petitions for and
remon-trances ngalnat Ihe proposed con
atruction of said inflrmarv budding and the
location thereof. W. W. BELKORI',
By order nf Ihe Commtssieners of Vinton
roiinir, unto.
January nth, 1373. td
Oppobite the Eramitt House,
Slireckengauat'i Old Stand,
Fine Gold Jewelry.
Agents for
American and Foreign Watches.
Elgin Watches
U.d. W.
Howard '
Wait ham "
flpitngtteld "
V V. 41
8t a "
Knglllh ,
Gmta' Chains
Klllson "
Beth 1 homes Clucks,
Witenberg "
Tarry - "
a id Sells
. Dlaikood "
Pearl "
Jet '
Gurnet "
Brarals s '
Pina and Studs
Cuff Buttons
llair Jewelry ,
filter Ware
P . led Ware
Fins Cutlery
Agents for
u abie & mm gold i es
Goods made to order and repairing done by
careful workmen. No eitra charge for en
graying conds bought at this esta bliahmenk
x jan ioij ty
. . 0IE0LE
will be published awl's in 1873, better and
urettier than eer, al only $1.60 per Tear, and
s beautiful chroino, the Calla Ltllies, will las
given to eyery siiDscrioer. Agent wanted
everywhere. Liberal commissions. Splen
did premiums. Subacnlw now. Ret up a
ian6w Chicago, III.
A Good Business with an
Established Trade of
Seven Years-
DAVIS BROS, havtngbnaineaa in thefloulh
which claims iheir entire attention
neeire to sell their Boot and Hhoe Biore in
Ainens, O. They have well established
trarie, clean stock, fine room with apartments
wall suited to mi nu lac luring, and moderate
rent. Will sell t a liberal terms, giving time
on part If desired. Will trade lor real eatate.
Aiarees, imvisbkus,
lWeo Athene, Ohio,
IBy Goods
Paint and Second Street,
Is recelflDf large additions to his stock
For Winter Sales.
Winter rioakn,
Winter Shawl.
Cloaking Velvets,
llcaver flails.
Clonk Trimmings,
Drtii Trimmings.
a Urge stock
Blanket.. Flannel; east, CastisMrai,
Underwear, Hosiery Gloves, Nubias
: and Scarf.
6nov - - R. B. BSf AHT.
Bead Sr. Hcllfnd'i New Story.
HTSAOsoiKAar ikdicimssts To svsscaisias;
BOO Pace far U Ve.
The puhlirher of Scsisxn's Mostslt,
promise for the ensuing year a more brilliant
array of contributors, and nn increase in the
varietv and beauty of its illustrations, already
conceded by Ihe critics to be "Jtaer Maa any
wau-a tar niiuerio appearea is auy American
Ir. Holland, the editor, will write the aerial
story oftheyear, which will beaiilobingrnph
iriil in form, and will be illustrated by Miai
Hiilloclc. It is entitled Arthur Botinicnetle.and
will deal with some of the moil difficult rob
lems nf American life. It will be commenced
in the November number.;
There will be a new a'ory by Saxe Holm,
The one legged Lani'era.
Bret llarte, the best writer of short stories
Dow living, will contribute a characteristic
story, entitled The b'pio of Kiddlelown.which
will be illuntrnled by rtheppard.
K. H. Htoddard will wri-e a series ol enter
tslniue papers about authors, tlmir nersoual
charactettstii'S, home lile, families, friends,
whims and ways. A series or pnrtriltsofliv
Ing American writer ia lo proimed
Clarence l.'ook will write soul furniture.
ana Ihe decorslinn of Americsn homes.
These papers will be eminently practical ss
well ss artistic and will be illuMrstrd with
designs and skelchea by numerous ariuds in
sdditton to those which the people, will fur
. A mong those who will contribute are :
liana Andersen, tiryant, HiHhnell, hKiiles-
ton, Krouiln, lligsinson, Bishop Hunt'iiglon,
nrei tinrte, junn nay, n. n., siacunnatii,
Mitchell. Mas Plieis, Ktedoian. Htockton,
8todaard,Celia Thiiter, Warner, Wilkinson,
Mrs. Whitney, besides a host or others.
The dilnrial conttol and direction nf the
Msicasine will remain in the hands of lr.
Hollind. who will continue to write "The
Topic s nf the Tune,'' which Ihe N. V. Inde
peuueni saa "lire more wiueiy qnoiea man
any similar papers in any American msga-
Walson Oililer will write "The Did Cahl.
net;" as hitherto. I'rof. JohnO I per con
ducts the department of 'Nstursand Hci
snce." Ihe (tsiarttnentsol "Ho ns and ("o
oiety"and Culture and Progreas," will en
gage the contributions ol more than a score
of pens nn both sides of the AHnnlio The
Watchman and Rfllector says: "Heribner's
Monthly for hepttmber Is better Ihsn usual,
which indicates a needlesa -waste of editnrivl
brains and pithlis,ei'a money, for the Mag
azine w I goo 1 enough before!!' And yet the
publishers promise to make it still better for
the onming year.
The subscription price ia ft no a year, with
speciiil rates to clergymen, teachers and post
The lollowing
are ollered to new subscribers t
Kor 15 60 Ihe publishers will send, or any
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, the
magazine for one yesr. snd Ihe twelve num.
hers of Vols. Ill and IV, contnlning Ihe lie
finning of Mrs. Dlinhsnl's Herial, "At His
(tale;" for $7 AO, Ihe Maxnune for one year,
and i he 21 hack number trom the beginning;
for tflu 611, Ihe Mug nine mrnne yenr. and the
'24 biek niimliei-,. bound (4 vol.,) chargea on
bound tola. a d. Thia will gi e nearly 6, two
page of the chaicest iteading, with Ihe tineit
lilustnitinns, for II" Ail, or nestly Aisi pages
fur a dollsrl and sill enable every subscriber
lo obtain Ihe series from Ihe Aral.
Hpecial terms to Healers, Clergymen nnd
8CK1BNEU k CO., 154 Broadway, N. T.
Kfl fi4.a will pay for tha Child Priend,
Uf v-'LS.,em.non,hyi for one year, a
neauiiiui iimsiraieu paper ior ine cmiuren.
AAwiil pay for the llhild'a friend, and a
v"tine Chroino. The Han
t ies worth tl
flSI (XfwiU pny for the Weekly Bright Bide.
ipi.xjyjHQ a paper, the beat in the world
fr children anil youth, and a Hnecpromo,
the Calla Lilies, p ice 12
$2 257'" 'J or bulh Dir( od toth
it Onwl pay' for the Bright Side and
?'wt hromo, Calla Ltllies, and a large
chroino 13x18 inches, Easier Morning, which
alone ia worth $.
ft J. Tfwl" Py for both papers and the ihree
? 1 "chromos worth in sll flit.
Both pspers are such aa parents snd teach
era may safely reenmend lo their children or
pupils, and the chrnmos are of Ilia choicest
kind. Nothing better can be found for Chrit
mas prevent. Please any where you saw this.
Agents Wanted.
are mads by Tns 8ATSDy Evrsiso Post and
Thi List' KaitXD. A beautiful chromo of
worth IA 00. is given with the nsper (aubk
scrlption price 00) or with the Magnsine
(price f t 60.) Do not fail to examine into this
otter, it it
Address for circulars, dimples, Ac, Dmecni
PtUnam, 3 19 hVotaal trraef, ykiladtlpKn.
hagneilu Tune-Keeper, Ounpass and Indica
tor. A perfict GEM for the pa diet of every
traveler, trader, boy, farmer.and lor EVERT-.
BOliY deairing trtliabU lime. keeper, and al
so a superior compaa. Ust al watch-size,
steel works, glass crystal, all in a neat ORtl
11E rase" Wairstited to denote onrreetniss
and to keep in good order if fairly used for
two Tears. SoMg tits ill This perfect tn.
umph of mechaoi-m will be sent in a nest case,
prepaid to any address for only t; 3 for tl
Circulars sent free. Try one. Order from the
Bratlleboro, Tt. lldeclm
Attachment Notice.
William Bauithman, plaintifl, against Martin
Funnady, d.tendan;.
Before Henry Robertson, J. P. of Madison
township, Vinton county, Ohio.
ON Ihe lath day of November, A. D. 1873.
said Justice issued an order ol attachment
for the sum of til W.
Madison township, December d,,W2.
Attachment Notice.
William Bs jgman, plaintiff, agsinst Charles
Kanray, defendant.
Before Henry Robertson, J P. of Madieon
township, Vinton county, Ohio.
ON the Uth day of November 1ST2, aaid
Jmlice issned en order of attachment In
the above action for the sum ot 111.80.
Madtsne) township, December 8, 1871.
flAiLfl rj Kudnr." u in nounn,"
tnuag rtowns," "itrtfn n tuawtaM,"
Awaaj-aaa- en sr, -twuk
ww rLBmc mtnit mi wruiT mxa-i
TLAl at wuaa (uniiniiiii),t s-- -
Ltw sf a an is. aa. sf "Wlasi
W . LaiXWiAwi'soiks M
Irtannasi vanlisa AT OltC
wMS asUua wlli7 i
Was, ,
For 1873
THE Guide if now publiiHSd ojusrterly.
M cents psys for the year, tour numbers,,
which is not half the cost. T.ieHe who attes
wnrds send money to the amount of one do.
lar or more for aeeds mar alio orcerMwenty
Ave cents worth extra tbe ptice paid tor Ihe
The January number is beautiful, giving
dans for makint; Rural Homes, designs for
lininffTahla Derarations. Window Gsrdeas.
As., and containing a mass of information ia.
Taluableto Ihe lor era of flovrtn. One hun
dred and fifty pages, on fine tinted paper,
some lire hundred enttravinn aad a superb
colored plate and chromo cover. The Ira
euuion ot two nunnreu inousanu ius. pnoiw
in r.ngiisn snn i.eiman, sdo rrsnj iopvou
gunor JAMKSVICH. nocnesier, n. i.
Guardian's Settlement
Probate Court, Vinton County.Ohw.
NOTICE Is hereby glren thst Robert O.
Couden, as auanlisu nf Mary E. and AN
meda Heskelt, minor h-ir of Hamnel f.
llA-LMtt. itieaMH. ha. Ala his apsminla with
said warda, severs'ly, for psrtisl ettlement;
snd thai the hearini of the ssme is set for Ihe
lath day of lisc.nilier, next en-uint, at 11
o'clock, A. M. H. B MAYO,
rroDsie judge.
November M I87f.- 41 1
A oertnm imliviiluxl Has attempted l.ere sad
in nei-Lhiatrini placea lotioriow money on ray
name and also to tune, clean and repair pi-"
amis, representing that I recommend him fer
llistwnrk. I wain ine puuiie noi io cm) ee
c.'ved by such fraudulent practices. ,
Den are of Travellar Plaa
untri and Cicuaeri.
i ...
They do more harm than good. Jfr. . Wr
tur ani CAei. ifro iwd cou.pelent men for
tuning snd repairing pianos ami organs are,
tns only persons I recomend for thai tu-inss.
and air w oil aoas uy mem i iu iiv wsrrsni.
bi. atsueri
Iloctlw Vhillicothe, O.
f Rnj your '
hoots and ;
Shoe's ef I. W.
Hamdea.who '.
manufactures ;
eals ex- ' j
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Ga lipolis. McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
LIi parties hnring snbseribed to the esp
LIUl stoek ol Ihe .. McA. A C. R. R. are
hereby renni.ed to make payment te the Sec
retary of the Company, at his office oh the)
Public "nunre. in Gallionlis, Ohio, ot if more
convenient, lo Iianiel Wilt, President of the
Vinton County Bank, at Mc.lrthnr, Uhio, or
an inxtallmenl ol live dollars on esch shsre
so subscribed, within lea days of this dale.
Augul IU. IS7I.
If M. fHOBKR, Pec'jr
(i McA.AC. R. R. Ce.
a 1ST1
The New York
A Journal for all Trus Eepnblieani,
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrat!.
The New York Eremng Post, edited by
William Mullen Bryant aud Psrke tiodwia.
assisted by Ihe strongest talent that can he
engaged, has for more than half a century
maintained Ihe same pnn.ii plea ol freedom
ami progress, through all changes of parties
and iioliciO'i.
It statics for equa. riuh'.s: for the distribu
tion of power; for honesty and economy; lor
the security of the glorious results of emanci
pation and enfranchisement won by the war:
and ail practicable lefnrms. I . -
It is opposed lo. injustice and spoliation, dig
cmxeil under the no me nf protection, and to
all corrupt party combinations which sajrisce
principleio mere success.
twill supiwii urant sou . usen, oecaoaw
it believes that under them the enTcrnment
will be more stable, and the chances for pro
gress snd reform more certain, than under any
alliance of incompatible elements.
The Evening Post is equal to any other a
a newspaper, nnd Is complete in iis political,
its literary, its scientific, its agricultural and
its commercial departments.
. WEEKLY. . "
Ptngle copy one year, $1 60, Are copies, en
fear, Sf -uv, ten cui.ir, wu. iitviiv, ikvs-
ty copies, one year, Ifti.OO. .
Bing'e copy, one year, tl 00; hre copies,
one year, lii.50; ten copies, one yesr, 120.00.
Those subscribing now for one r will res
ceiyc Ihe psper until Jxnuary 1,
Or we will send the following p diesis to
subscribers, in connection wub ironing
Post at the prices named :
With With
WeeklT Semi Weekly
Evening Post. Kveolng Post.
Harper's Weeekly $4 60 f 6 00
Harper's Bazar 4 60 6 00
Harper's Magazine.... 4 60 6 00
Every Saturday 6 00 6 60
Atlantic Monthly 4 CO 6 60
Our Younjr Folks..... 3 00 4 60
Scribner's Monthly .. 4 60 6 00
Old and New 4 60 8 00
The Galaxy 4 00 6 60
Phrenological Journal 3 50 6 00
The Agriculturist I. . 2 60 4 00
Hearth and Home . .3 75 6 25
Little's Living Age... 8 00 9 60
Appleton'c Journal., 4 60 6 00
Wood's Household Magstine I OO - 1 60
Home Journal 3 60 6 00
The Christian IntellW
gencer, with Chromo 3 75 ' ' 6 55
To sack sabacriber to the Evening Pail aad)
Christian Intelligencer will be seat the beau
tiful Chromo, The O leaners.
For K eente we will send Ihe Weekly Evea-'
ing Post for two months, or for 60 cents we
will aend tha ttemt-weekly Evening Post for
the same time. Specimen numbers sent free.
Address, WM. 0. BRYANT CO
--lwrt ' Wew To.

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