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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 23, 1873, Image 3

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IflcArthur, Ohio.
Farnetlar tttnilon given lo the treatment
of the natural teeth.
No Busixiss Dos oh Satuidati
J. X. TOW ILL, PorUmeath, Ohio, offers
it lh Merchants wd Furnacemea of Vintoa
eeaaty, 4 superior stock f Pry Good. and
Blioas,ea Urmi the aaost hvorable. Joha
billalauq,Tratsling Agent.
Bpi. M y.
J. 8. MACkET.
Crockery.Chlna & Glassware,
Cutlery and Plated Ware,
Gas and Coal Oil Fixtures,
Notice to Teachers.
TBB BOA Rl'-tl Softool Examiners for la
ta Coanty will moat at the I'uloa School
toouse, lu MoArthur.on tha lat and Srd Satur
lay el March, April, May, September, October,
lid November, and tha 1st Saturday a Janu
lry, February, June, July, August, and De
cember, lo esoh year. Kiamlnaiiona to eom
mtace at Ua o'cloek, A. M. Satisfactory ti.
deeca of good moral eharauter will be required
a all eaaee. A lat of 60 oanta if raquirad by
aw from aaah applicant.
M. K. HAKNEd.Ch'a, "I Board of
J.8 HUHM, V tkhonl
L. O. PERl'UE. Clark, 1 Examiners.
Howard Sanitary Aid Association.
for tie Belief snd Cura of tha Erring and Ua
lertuusle ou PriBoiplaa of Christum
' ' Philanthropy.
Eaaay ea tha Error, of Youth, and tha fol
liaa of Ana, in relation ta Marriage and Social
Kfila, with saailaiy aid for tha affliolad
'Stat free, In .sealed envelopes. Address,
(baa. Pa.
NO. 115, 1. 0. 0, F.
REGULAR Meetings ofthis En
campment will herealter be
F-t. .1.1 , ... j
saaatb. ratnaruli. atlier eiicampiiirms
who may ba visiting oin own are invited to
attead. , JulIM P. liUNbiLE, C. F.
Jus a T. Rsrsa, 8
Mcuthiir. Keli'v 17. 1170.
M L5!
f s
2 ft
sr I
aZ!av '
Valuable Presents
To be Dlafrlbufed t the
jlfCBts and Iat.os of the
Popular Family Newspaper,
Fabllabed la tha Vailed Statea.
1 taring Iha thirtieth year of it. publication,
under h inoat I'roiiiiHinjt auapioaa. All 'ha
popular frauirra tl.Mt hif harrtoforr dii-'in.
icuivhed it will ba i-ontinutd, and arary cfliirt
made to render it atil more deaervingof pub
iia tavor.
I la emtoiiala ara aplrited; Ita eorreapnnd'
-enoe cxlanairr; ila newa tuned and from at.
ary quarter of the jriure, Ha airnrultiiral de
riartnientfullot pnwtaual inforiuation; while
ta atona , liie akeU-hea, and miaceHany, ara
dapud to hoih young and oli; and ila re
port ol iha markela, ol live slock, grain, gro
ceries aud dry good., are alwata reliable.
very Patron of tna eeily fnnes
la peaented Irae of charge with a copy ot the
Illustrated Times Haudbook
' Aa elegantly printed volume of 10 aeientille
and niiacelianaoiie article, illuatrated with
-flftv of ilia nneat angmi iga. It alao eontaina
a diary for the year 1873. la value and at
tractiteneaa it a anperior to any preeeut ever
tielore oOerad by Dewapaper'publiabera.
la eompeaaatrd foy hia aervicee, either with
n extra paper, a 4eairable new book, gold
pen; ilr ware, muaical inatroment, ora Mi
ter or gold watch, according to the aumber
Single iibMriber, per year, i ! Clnb af
flte eubecribere. per year, each, II 7S; Club of
-ten and upward, par year, eacb, fl W-
Send for liat of premium., epeeime'neopAa,
tr.. to
way, M. V ,wiii9M IW PIANO
6 BOSS, vUOrgniuef mm fir etam mmh
tut Wmkrt'i at Tar law wrlera far eaafc,
r part tk, aad tWaaejt'a tmull moKtklf laatiU
nemU.' Nrtc l ttar rmt clam PIANOS, awdara
impwmmtt.for till fmk. Norn ready a i)0N
CEBTO PA SLOB OMQAH, t mal kmuUfiU mrl
mmd fttl mmt aar mAt HtvaWad aataJaraa,
ewritod. Mmm vU Mode Mwtdi- Hue,
A LIT.XT a4rrtiaeaent coat no
more thin dnll one.
Offiolal Organ of Vinton Cosnty..
WuESKVKtt you hear any
newt, tell it to the editor,
that is to say, if you meet him;
otherwise, write it out and
send it to him.
Grand Balloon Ascension.
Prof John II. Boley will
make hit tenth daring ascen
sion atZiIeski on January 25,
Eagle Furnace.
A Jetler Iroin this place
iiaj f : Eale Furnace is a love
ly spot. I think this place
must hare been the Garden
of Elen we read about in the
good Book; and the forbidden
fruit is being eaten here yell"
Logan Republican.
Somebody says, with truth,
that "it is not high crimes,
such as robbery or murder,
which destroy the peace ol
society. The village gossip,
laniily quarrels, jealousies and
bickerings between neighbors,
meddlesomeness and tattlii g,
are the worms which eat into
all social happiness"
The standard gallon mess
ure is still tuissing. We bear
it reported that Thos. B. Davis
has it in his possession. As
the Auditor is too modest to
ask liiiu to re urn it we re-'
specllully perform that duty
for him. Bring it forward,
Thub. B, if .vuu have it. Wlmt
right have you to take such
liberties with public properi.i?
You don't belong In me ''ring.'
Taxpayer is alter us tlii?
week Tor referring his query to
the Prosecuting Attorney. We
preler to let him and the Pntc
ecuting Attorney fight it out if
it takes all rummer. It is
none of our mix, but we can
assure the Prosecutor that
Taxpayer is none of the hard
names he calls him, but a re
ppectablo gentleman in search
ot knowledge, is a taxpayer,
and as lie helps foot the coun
ty's bills, he should ba enlight
erred. .
A j-BEcocious McArthur
youth who is a member of a
moderately sized family, has
been carefully saving his odd
change, probably for the next
circus, a pair of skates, or
ome other youthful pleasure.
Shortly alter the advent of a
new brother l.e missed five
cents from his store ol nickels,
and straightway informed hit
mother ot Hie lart, tnd Nbked
if she knew auyllang ol the
missing treasure. She replied
that she had used it lo buy the
baby. Thereupon lie assumed
a plnlosopl.ic air, and alter
considering the question ol
profit and loss with due gravi
ty, he said: "Well, mother, it
was cheap enough; but I don't
think you needed ill"
Tue election of a Board of
Directors lor the G. McA. & C.
It. R. took place at Gallipolis,
and resulted iti there-election
of the ticket headed by Mr.
Langley, which is substantially
the old board except Mr. Bun-
dy and Mr. Davis, who were
uot candidates. The lollowing
gentlemtn compose the board
elect: W. U. Langley, W. U-
Eagle, J. J. Cadot, Lewis
Muenz Cornelius Earns, J. M.
Kerr, John Huhn.
The election was an exciting
contest, the most favorable fea
ture of it being that most ot
the subscriptions are now paid
up, and the company has the
money to push the enterprise
Vrilh more energy, and pay as
they go. We hope prompt
steps will now be taken to
commence work on this end of
the road. VVe believe our peo
ple will then meet the calls on
them for their sauscriptions
cheerfully and promptly.
Tax latest name for the
poorest brand of Cincinnati
whisky is "fried lightning." A
reporter of the Commercial
(who is supposed to know)
says it barely gives a man time
to cry "murder before laying
him out." .
Transfers of Real Estates.
N C. Grandstaff to A."
Conner, 80 acres, Swan town
ship, $1,700.'
A. M. Morrellto John D.Tal
bott, 80 acres, Eagle tp , $600.
Christian Moler to Joseph
Uowell, Jr., 41 acres, Swan tp.,
Wra. W. Hoone to James
Mawhorter, 77 acres, Jackson
and Richland tp, f 1,000. .
M. & N. Rijhmond to A. L.
Hunter et al, quit claim, right
to quarry stone, $1.
Wm B. Duncan to Elias P.
Dans 160 acres, Vinton tp,
Sheriff of Vinton county, to
G. W Brunton, part in-lot 45,
McArthur, $145.
Joseph Garret to S & II. C
Shoemaker, 40 acres, Richland
tp., 200.
Sarah J. Finney to Alvin
Finney, quit claim. 2S9 acres,
Swan and Brown tp., $500.
Alvin Finney to John Swift,
Sen , 88 acres Brown tp.. $1,400.
John M. Sperry to Abel
Sperry, 40 acres, Richland tp.,
Humphrey Anderson to Ed
ward Arrington, part, in lot 62,
Wilkesville, $67.
Edward Arrington o Wm.O.
Cline, part in lots 61 and 62,
Wilkesville, $200.
Samuel Hutchinson to Wm.
C. Cline, 80 acres, Wilkesville
p. $1,300.
Joseph Wolf to Purley J
Wol', 20 acres, Madison tp
A Hard Question.
Ed. Recokd: While you
have your hand in on the x
Ira vainer and carel-snoss i;
the Court House ring, will you
inquire of the public what be
comes ot all the chairs that are
bought for the Court llou?? 1
suppose, irom observation, that
the Commissioners buy two or
three dozen every year. I live
clore enough to the Conn
House to know that they re
delivered, but not close enough
to know where they go to. It
is certain though that they dis
appe'ar very rapidly and in a
very mysterious manner; for
enough have been bought to
seat all the offices and the
Court room many times over,
and there are not enough left
to accommodate jury, connsel
and clients in t'.me of Court.
Do out industrious, economical
county officers break them up
for kinpling,or do they distrib
ute them to those who help do
tlio dirty work for the ring a
payment for their services at
election time? Pleaee ask the
question and maybe some per
son who knows more than the
general public will give us
light on the t object.
Your, cheeriully.
Tub Auditor ban commenced
looking up the standard
weights and measures. The
half buihel measure, we be
lieve, still remains at the Steam
Mill. At an inspection of those
articles now in the Auditor's
office one of the members of
the Stea.n Mill firm severely
condemned the scales, and said
he could whittle a better pair
nut of wcod. Which naturally
suzgests the inquiry if so inge
nious h person could not make
a wooden half bushel for the
mill, and return the metal one
to ihe county where it belongs.
Vikginia is the happiest of
all the late rebel States, and
perhaps the most prosperous.
A good deal of 'this state of
affairs is owing to the tolera
tion and conserrativism of her
press. It is but a slight thing,
but characteristic, to find the
papers of Richmond praising
Senator Lewis (Republican)
for his honesty, advising the
young men of the State to
sink their pride and go to work,
and inviting immigration, all
in one day.
liov Dix, of New York, in
hia message recommends to
the Legislature the repeal of
the ueury laws Heaving the es
tablished rate ot interest to
apply to all cases in which no
contract or agreement has
been made."
A Memphis paper defines ad
vertising to be ua . blister
which draws customer."
Ax Sparta, Wisconsin, on
Saturday, the mercury congeal
ed, and the spirit thermometer
marked 45 degrees below zero.
A New York doctor says
that no one can use hair dye
or one year and not run the
risk of becoming insane.
Sknatok Summer's ' health is
growing alarming, and it is
doubtful if he can ever take
his place again in the Senate.
Tub Atchinson, Topeka &
Sanfa Fe Railroad was comple
ted Sunday, the 20th ult. Three
hundred and sixty-two miles
have been built and equipped
fince March.
An inheritance of $200,000.
the estate of the late William
Mitchell, of Albany, awaits
J a- a.
the claim of that gentlerrfaVi'
only son, whose whereabouts
is unknown.
Tub largest corn producing
county in Ohio is Pickaway.
She produced over three mil
lions ol bushels in 1871. Nine
teen counties in the Snte pro
duced over 1,500,000 bushels
A comparative cotton state
ment shows the folat receipts
for the year to be 1,907,203
bnle-; same time last year. 1,
718,632; total exports for the
year, 1.103,809; total export
some time lal vear. 405.81 J,nnd
American notion afloat fur
Great Britain, 231,000 bale's".
Every male citizen ol .Bus
ton, old enough to sit still and
allow r professor of Phrenolo
gy lc feel of Ins bumps, .: has in
his possession a - chart in
which his cranial developments
are depicted with a vividness
that would put to shame the
knots on a maple log.
A dvkrtuino reminds people of
things they had neen wanting -all
ajnnir, urn nan inrgntten an aniiut.
In Mo Arthur, on Sunday, the 19th
Inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Taris llorton, a
DavlJ Rose and Hannah Britton.
Samuel YVoodgeard ahd Marjr Cut
Ell Johnson and Magglo Ullom.
Alonzo Anderson and Eliza Eiker.
. . Thomas-R. Mccre ami France? Jane
McArthur Market.
Flour, per sack ....$2.1.5
Outs 35
Wheat 1-35
limns, country 12)4
sujtar cured -2
Smoked Miles -10
Shoulders 7(3-8
Pickled Pork 7 8
Hocking rfalt per bbl 2.50
Sacks...." 15a25
Kj"rs " -25
Butter 152'l
Lard f'8
Beans ,,..200a2.oG
Potatoes .75
Chickens, ltve 15a.20
Driud Apples -75
Dried Peaches , 3-00
White Fish 7.00
Rio Coffee 2530
Coffee Su?ar
Demurara " 12a. io
Cuba 12J$
New Orleans Molasses...... ..' .80
Sorzhutn 4050
Syrup.. 75a.l-00
Star randies, per lb -25
Tallow " '. . 15a20
Soap, country per lb 5u6
Gteese -20
Com, per bus . ... 73
Hoys, dressed $ cwt 4 60
The True Secret of Commercial
It is a well understood faet that ev
ery man engaged in business desires
succets, and it is reasonable to lap
pose that every business man will era
ploy all honorable and legitimate
means within his reach to inoroaaa his
business. Another fact that is be
coming better understood every day
by the energetio and tboroiigb-going
men of business throughout the coun
try, is that a sjstematio praotioal and
well conducted system of Advertising
will do more toward attaining true
commercial prosperity than any other
agent within their reach. Immense
fortunes are yearly made by those Who
advertise judioioualy. Common sense
and every day experience prove that
the cheapest and most effective adrer
tising medium is the newspaper. It
possesses a greater value than can be
given to any other medium. 1 1 has
been estimated that each newspaper
printed has an average of five readers
for every copy issued. It is a medium
that reaohea everybody. The judicious
advertiser understands tbese facta, and
fully realisrs that every dollar ex
pended in a newspaper will return
more than its equivalent Business
ban hot be done without advertising
and the only question should be, the
best way to advertise. That the news
is the surest ahd best medium is
Cleveland Plaindealer.
... ' ' ' V . ' '
Standard Inks
Always keeps
ey a.
Pure fresh Drugs and Medi-
Pure Wines and Liquors for
Medical Purposes, the very best
that can be obtained.
P hy sician s Prescriptions ac
curately compounded.
South side of Main St.,
Sign of Red, if kite and Blue
and Stationery.
a full stoeki
"CadBe.t loaably the beat enatalned warks
f the kind ia the World."
Harper's Magazine.
XsUSi Frew. .
The everincraanlngeiri'iiMion of thli ex
cellent roonlhl) nioves it. continued adapta
tion to popular neai rea and needa. Indeed
when we ihiok into how many homes it pene
trate, every month, weiniiHl onnaider it aa
one of tha educator, aa well aa entei tamer, ol
the public mind. for ita vaal popu'aritv has
been won by no appeal tn atiipid preiudiuea
or deptaved taate.. Bmto Glut.
The charai-tar which lliia iliuin pnareas
ea for variety, enterprise, weHltli, and literary
vulture thnt haa kept pace with, if it ha. not
led 'lie time., ahoiild came s conduetora to
regard it with jurtifiitble complacencv. I also
entitles them to a greHt elnlm upon Ihe pub
lie gratitude. The Wofariae haa done good
and not evil ail Ihe da)'S of its itte. Brooklyn
A complete set of diarsa's Moima, now
pninnri.ing 43 volumes, in neat cloth bind'nr,
will be seat bv express freight at ezpense.ol
purchr.8,. r, for fi 25 per volume. Singh wl
m, by mail, p4Mi, H uo. Cloth caaea, for
bjqdMig, lta, by mil, poatpaid,
"A Caaaplete Pietarlal Hlatary af the
Tiiaee."-"The best, cheapest, aad aaaet
aaceeaafal Family raaer la the Ualaa "
Harper's Weekly.
Ncticm oj At Prm.
Tha WtAlf ia the abieat and most powerful
illuatrated periodical published in thia enun
try. Its editorials ure scholarly and convino
iHg, and carry much weight. Its nluatrationa
ol current stent, are full and Irefh, and are
prepared br our beat designers. ith a cir
culation of l.W.cnu, the WetUi IS read by at
least hail a million persona, and its influence
as an organ ol opinion is simply tremendous.
The Wtht maintains a jlositive pontiou.and
expresxea ilecided view, on political and so
cial problems. lonlirilfa Courier-Journal.
Theannnal volumes of Haapsa's Wsssu,
In neat cloth binding, will be sent by express,
free of expense, tor ST 00 each. A compUkSH,
comprising Sizl-n Votumm. seat on receipt of
.ash at the rate of S3 2S per vol ,freiglu ml as
jMaaf of jwrcaaatr,
"A Reaaaltery af Faahlea. Pleas are aad
Harper Bazar.
KoHeurf tluPrtm.
Tha hoar Is edited with a contribution of
tact and talent that we seldom And ia any
Journal; ahd. the journal itaelf ia the oigaa of
the great world of bshion.- Bdafea Tmtur,
Tha Basar commends itself to erery mem
ber of tne household to tils chilrren by droll
snd prettv pictures, tn the young ladies by its
fashion ptalee in endleea variety, to the prov
ident matron br Ita natlerne for the children's
'loth.., to pdrraeuluu bj its useful designs
for embroidered slipper, and luxurious dress-Rig-gowns.
But the rending matter of the
fiaaar ia uniformly of great excellence. The
paper has acquired a wide popularity tor the
nreaide enjoyment It affords. N. T. Zeaawf
Terms :
Haapia'a Wstnv, Baiaa, or Mluun,
oae year,eaeh, S4 00.
An otm com tf til)r Oa Maeasiia, Wisilv,
er Hk,mUotmpplitifrUutanrrtetubt,flrirt
Sna-ca stas si S4 It) MrA ta OM rmuasM; er,
U eopittftr ISO Oi), witkoaf arfre ccpu.
SHbtaipUcmlo Haapaa'a Mauaataa, Waixiv,
aad B.sab. He mm mUrm for tnt fr, SIU (si; er,
om . Harptr'l Pmhodicalt, It tmt mddrem Jar aa.
year f 7 IM). ,
Rack number can be supplied at anytime.
The live volumes of Hia-psa'a BaSib, lor
he years 18, '70. '71, "7x, elegantly
bound in greea morocco clot, i, will fie sent by
express, freight prepaid, for S7 00 each.
The postage on Uaapsa'a Weikltoi Risis
ia x cents a year, Maaasiaa M cents, which
must b paid at ttle tubriber't poit office.
Address HAtlPEV k i.BOl bEKtl, ..cwTork
Dr. Bowirs, Dentist, McAr
Sho ild call at Iha
Where they till find a full stock of the very
best ol
Consisting of tha
Lacasferand OarkeyeGraln
Drills, Oneborse ttuck
eje urllls for torn Land.
Tha very best id the market. The .
Bnrkeye Improved aad Anerleaa Feed
Callers, Cam Snellen, Delaware Faraa
Waaens. Fannin Mllla, Faraa Bella,
the famous I'nloa Cbara, Iha Ureal
Agricultural Steamer,
For conking S6M for s'toesj. .Brery farmer
and slock raiser should Bare one.
FWscytlie Scales.
For groceries, warehouses snd farmers. A
large assortment of FA KM
ana rL.uws of all kisds.
also a full assortment of
Farm, Yeretaels and Garden Seeds
In short a regular established Sumer'a accom
modation .tore, wherdi .11 .r. invil.rf Ia .11
and examine our stock,
Probate Coort Vinton Countv, Ohio'
NOTICB Is hereby given that Mrs. Angeline
Canny, Executrix ol the will of Elmer H.
Canny. deceased, tin hied her petiiion for ft
nal settlement, aud tha aame ia eel lor hear
ing on the 18th day of beoember, 1871, at 11
o'clock, A M. B. B. MAYO,
Probata Judge.
Decembers, 1171. At
HAVING purchased the above Woolen Hill,
would announce to their patrons and the
puhlio in general that this mill is aow prepared
to do all kinds of
Carding; Spinning;, .bating, '
and all kinds of work nAnaily-done In country
ndls With ftrat-claae workman aad machia
an. all nndar tha direotioa of
t. IV. LtfTltlflGE.
, Burn aa
Jeaps. lannls. Blanket-,
Stocking and Oilier Yarns.
Constantly on band and for sale,
which will be. exchanged for wool, at ratea
th.tcan hot (ail to satisfy those suing n.
call and at tha same Urn give yon the satis.
ai'lion nfniitroriaing home institutions.
The hiyhett Market Price Cos A in paid
Tor wool.
Ijfftitder M.Jonra' IIclr
rrubatt Com. Vtnton Ctmaftf. Ohio.
icrmxc. U fcra-y iw a lbl Larl Rr-Mr.t,
IN tuardiaa -I Jaaa H. t.ul Mart. L.
Jon.-, aiiuora ha. Sift hta aeuil. et.r
allr. wilhaaM .rJ. aad llul lh .eeera
aet lor hearten ea the I m ol l.ljarj.
r a.vs II Alfu-b aV kl
..'.-" -jTh.maT'.
i - prataiU lad
aaaart W.
Joint Iinnkle'e Estate.
F,'M CtrU ritm County OMo.
fTR at btaaf 0ren that Mra. Ctalhla
l S.'ki.. aa.aMl. haa rllt her an
Jamaa i.
iounl with AUaMtortMariBirnathaa h
and that Ihe a, b. HO 4, at II a'clouU.
d.rofF.brUk " H. H. MAYO,
A U v a . - .1
anl4 aaiaaa f rarui rr... .
Tretaua Jntlg".
Jaa. If. I aTt
Qooel for Man. Inflammation of afl
fclada. Diphtheria, W.rmda, Jknteea, Buna.
Bpralne, RMamitlira. Sot Throat, Swelling ol
the GUade, IntammaUoa of tha Una, Broke.
Bruit, Froat BUea, CtOibUUia.iHlea, Bet SUaga,
aodaUfierea. -7"
Coo el for Beaet. Treah Weaada, Oalla,
Poll Evil. 8 Drain i. Broiaea. Cracked Kaela, Star
Done, Wlod Oalla, Spavins, Sweeney, foeador,
Lameneaa, Sand Cracka, Scratcaea, of (xeaae,
Vance, liana Distemper.
Thla trwlr wanderfal Linlavailtwiu
dlseovend br HOMEB ANDERSON, A.M., lata
Frofaaeorof Chemlatry and Matbematlce la law
CUStoD Liberal InaUtute,of Oneida Ooanty. H.Y.
la aznerimeatiaf for tha purpoee of maklaa
Praaale Add. by uniting the mdependmtgaaeoui
bodies of whlca It ia compoaed, a realdaiua was
left, which, on bring applied to brnlaea and ta
Darned parts, by the atadeotaof the laatltnte, area
found to poaeeaa the remarkable property of cool-
log down and carrying off the Inflammation aad
eoreness at once, and reatoring the parte to aoaod
neas and health ia a few hours without pain or
It I. nat a heating- UntnaenU bot
acts by Ila peculiar specific or chemical quit tie
ta dlaaohrlng and ecattering the aoreneas and bv
fUunmarJon of tha injured part. By a free ap
plication, tha red surface aoon becomea cool,
mailt and natural, and Is ree tared to natvat
heaiUt without suppuratioa or deatructlon.
Aa a Liniment for Haraa neek,for
the cure of all the ailments named above, waj
challenge the world to find lu equal.
FHee 24 4c 00 cents per bottle.
IX RAIS0H, BOH k 00, rWs,
Bee aotlce la local eolama. .
Holloway's Ointment.
THE grand principle that operatea In theea
wonderful medioines, ia the poser that
they posse.' in purifying the turgid Mend,
and expelhog the eorrupt humor, front to
' u.,i t nnri via off t o ... . . r..S
and pei-uliar edmixlurb tf the flaesl vrgeia
ble extra -ta, herba and medical gam's, p., a.
ses.lng not a grain of mineral in thein-na
hlnatlnn, they never expo.e those who See
them l ? danger, at any lima or .ea.ow,
No oilier need hMraie to presorib them I
her olnldren. and Iha most delieale con, tup
linns ean use them with ss gresl a benefit sa
the most vigorous snd poweiful frame.
H0LL0WAY & 00., Sole Proprietors.
78 Maiden Lane, New York
Hollowsy'e Pills snd Ointment ars sold at
lb eenls, M'4 cents sod SI per box or pot. A
great eavihgis made by buying Ihe large eiees-
Farms Tor sale by Wm.
J. ICannclls Sc Co.,
Real Estate Agents,
Itlc Arthur, O.
THE Al'lender Ttrr?,,l miles from McAr
thur, 100 acres -100 acrea eultirated, I1
youhft orrtlarris,.)uit bearing, vein, ol coal snd
iron ore nnderlyia. Apply to WM. J. FAK
NLIil A CO.. Besl Estate Agents, MoArthnr
Tne Mebougal hrm, 40 acrea, f milea
weat of MccArteur, 30 acres improved bsl
ance in good timber. A good orchard of ap
ples, cherriea snd neaeh ea. Coal and ircd
ore underlying. Easy ferine.
The Doddridge Ihrm, I f acre., S miles from
ZaleAi, on McArthur and Athens road 74
acres improved, balance excellently timhefSo!
with white oak snd poplar. A comtrrubl
dwelling good new stable, excelltnt otcliarda
of apples, cherriea and peaches, grafted sad
budded fruit. Coal, iron ora aad limestone la
abundance; well watered.
"Shocker Fmrie," il acres, Kfnile frens
Court House; vineyard of 400 sines, younrf
peach orchard, 24 bearing apple trees; lime
stone, iron oie, snd cosl one veir, eight feel
thick, now being worked. Cheap.
In. lot Ko. 70, McArthur, on Main at reel. I
sqnsrei west of Court House; good loralien
for buainess stand. Part ca.1 ; balance o a easy
Ths Host Deiirabls lUt-
d'enc'o in Solrthnr.
I OFFER br vale niy residanoe ea North
street. It consista of a splendid dwelling
house, wall finished, inaide and aut. with
eight rooma and a good cellar. A good efflca
building, stable, wood and coal bouse and oth
er necessary out-buildings. The promise
contain ii acres, including 1 sore of vinej ard,
all thnay bearing vines; there ara also thirl y
bearing apple trees Best varisty of arafteu)
fruit, twenly-flra betring peach treea bel
buddad (run, cherrlrs, quinces, plume, and a
variety of small fruit. For further particuLra
inquire at tha omce of this psper, or at lb
premises. Terms easy.
r decsoem a. s. DOLLtaon.
Foil Styles,
liocl 1872
ri rpBE Jeering. Farm,
IJjueof Bsmden, adjoining
JaW terra of Hob T. M. Bay.
:Jb a a
ana mile north..we.L
containing ISO acre. 130 aeree in gras. aud
balance ia timber. A new two-story frama
hou-e, hern, smoke honse and other neeesaa.
ry out-houe. are among the impmVenseata.
The larm line well, is well waierea, leweiaf
and everything ennnerted with it in Bjnml r
fair. For further Infnnn.ilnii iaqniref
ssea R.S.WILCUX Baatirea. "bio. .

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