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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 23, 1873, Image 4

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McAKTH lilt, OHIO,
TIIUKSDAY. JAN. 23, 1873
' On andalter Bunday. November Sd, W
nuns will rim aa tollow.: Th Ht. Louis
Express run daily; ll other trama daily Sun
eaya exempted. ,, . ,
1 h Fast Line' end F.xr-rs will Hop only
at Loveland, Greenfield, Clullrolhe Uainden,
Athens and Scott's Landing. Faal.Lin going
w.,l al itop at blaacliajter, alia. Utt-r
Mains Map at nil stutious.
Stations; Mul.
tnnriimtLi -..S 1in H '"
y Uimi
1 win
8 UOitn
S 4-un
1 51am
3 oiain
a uu.iui
3 I7aro
ft iOum
Chillicothe U .uu
Jtichlsod Fur...12 SApm
Hundea ......12 'M
fttoAirui'S..... ... 1 Mpw
Viowo . - I t-pin
tsla.Hi... 1
u..n. lT.irn. ... 1 3t'Ul
21 nt
S 4"pm
3 tSplll
3 &.'plll
Parasibura 'Pm
Fast L.
U &tpi
3 ilipm
3 3-1 pm
8 4"pm
1 47rm
3 Mpw
t pm
4 5Spm
9 UOpin
ParkMsltirg....-' J""
r.. uu 1 Slum
9 Omul
ll :iuiui
U 3111
U .im
11 Sittti
J vuiu
12 lapm
1 OOum
r ibwum.' .
WoAaTI"".""' 1 4Jl"0
"SnJ' i.1?
Men- i ,-
I uupm
Th ZrOo-kt Accommodation goincc
" . i . w - .. H m llnvMUi InT fell
. R?lnanVi.ruac, ,0- Hainden arrive 8
i 7Mii lUS. Ooing west-ZuleS'ii 4 0U.tu.,
V 4 W, McAith'irS 00, UHiiitlen, arm
--depir4 ' 6 60, Richland F'jrosce, f IW,
0,-arill, S 40, Chillicothe.S 25.
?rsins on the 1'OR TSM0U7H BRANCH
.ill leaf Hamdea at 6 15 a.m and 4 f r-m
rrlTin at Portumoulh at 11 11 a m. d 7 Wp.
m, Returning traius ill lean) Porwinoulh al
' S 41 a.m. and 12 W p.m., nrrivinifat Uamen
. ami Mt Bynimmtr "l ......... " "
at li; a.m. and 20 p.m. .
Trams ennneot a: l.oveland tr all poinia en
ha Little Miami Railroad, andat the Indianan
olia and Cincinnati Railrod Jn" -n for all
u'.,i. iik.n.. with the Columbu
t V. 7, B, R., at PKrlirtmr, wilh me B.
O. lt.R. W. W. PEAHOUY,
Mutier of Transportation.
IWlLti run a hvk from WIIk9ille to
Hainden and return eterv Moniluv, Wednea-
, tiv aod Friday, for ilia amimiuudiuion of
paasengera. niHKing ciorcoiun,.:iion wuii mr
, mad trains on the M. A C. K. U. 1 will alo
arry ezpreia paclcagea shipped to or from
thou point, by the Adiims KipreM Co.
: OHABLES . BAMETT, Proprietor
"IXTILL run rejuiarly to MoArthur Station
W to meet nil mnil traini..
Mack lenvea McArthur post offlca aiV2.oii
" o'cloult, M. each dny, to connect with mail
Orders left at the pout office, MoArthur, er
TJundm. nruiDtlv attended to.
2m y
' . . . . . . ... n , hvniw.
C11.IKL.C3 W. OAn.Lll,
1 Hamden, Wilke.iTille and Middleport
' TTAVINO the contract for carryini; the mail
Xl. between the above puintH I will he all to
1 urnish conveyance for pnssengert and their
baggage to and from xald point on the follow
inxdnya: From WilkMVille to flamilen and
bark on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridiiya;
and from Wilkesville to Miiidlcport, MeiK"
Co,aodbaclc on Tuesdays, Thumdava aii
Saturdays. M)1IN LEVIS.
Vinton County Stock Sales.
The following 6tock was sold
by Luther Bolen, Auctioneer:
Benson Dunkle, 6 two-year
old steers to B. F. Johnson,
at $29 25 per head, 175.50.
John Llarold, 4 yearlings to
13. F. Johnson at S1G.25 per
head, 65.00.
Sold by A. J. Swaim, auction.
D. Mahew, 11 calves to Dr. A.
"Wolfe, at $6.30 per head,$69.30.
D. Mahew, 65 sheep to Chas.
Truphagan at $4.10 per lead
266.50. '
D. Mahew, 21 yearlings lo
Swaira & Johnson, at $14.55
per head, 5305.55.
Chas. Traphagan 3 heifers to
E. Fisher, $72 00.
Mrs. Hunter, 1 cow to Wm,
Bray, 25.00.
E. Ilunter, 11 hogs to Eli
Reynolds, 29.64.
Henry Uuhn, 1 cow to John
Bray, 25.40.
Henry Iluhn, 1 cow to Eli
Livingston, 25.00.
E. Hunter to Chas. Trapba
gan, 1 bull, 25.00.
Elijah Harold, 25 hogs to Al
fred Wilson, $101.75.
U. Green, 1 steer to Swaim &
Johnson, 18.00.
J. W. Martindill, 1 steer to
Swaim & Johnson, 18.00
Mr. Slotterback, 3 steers to
Swaim & Johnson, 3450.
Several sales have not been
reported. Sales regularly on
the second Tuesday of every
month. J. P. DUNKLE,
Try It Once.
Somebody wrote to the edi
tor of a paper to inquire how
he would break an ox. The
editor replied as follows: "If
only one ox, a good way would
be to hoist him, by means of a
log cham attached to his tail,
to the top of a pole forty feet
from the ground Then hoist
him by a rope tied to his horns
to another pole. Then de
scend on to his back a five ton
pile driver, and if that fails to
break him, let him start a
country newspaper and trust,
the people for the subscriptions
One of the two ways will doit.
Henby Ward Beecher says:
"Don't whip the children if
they snigger and laugh during
prayers. I don't think it hurls
a prayer to laugh."
IT oils. Diacaa, pouxnea uu
soaks at ins taaie lime Hut
up in lart au small aise boxes,
Hliafaeiioo. bend wnnpbrtor WAVERLV
Addr. i K.Wml SfcY CO., 69 Milk Bt.
Boston, Mass. novlUwdd
Contains no LAC SULPHUR
Litliargei Nitrale of Sil
ver, and Is entirely free from
tho Poinoi8 IIcaltli-le
stroj insr Dratf uhccI iu other
llair Preiiara'.lous.
Trapnred( and ( !eur as crystal, it will not
soil die Hnl fitl.ii';, perfectly bArE, I I.KAN
an' EFFIClEy C-deideraluins LOMd
It rentores an-. prexnts the Hair t.om bt
comiug (irav, t li imparts a soft, glosny ap
peiraiii:e, rei titi liamlrulf, is cool and re
freshing to ' 3 bead, vliM'ke tha Hair from
fillins oil, f 1 restores it to a great extent
when preruav -rely lost, prevents Headaches,
cures all Huinoia, cutaneous erwpliuus, ai
unnHliiral heit.
1)1!. O. SMITH, Patentee, nrolnn Junction.
Mass. Prepared o.ily by PROCTOR BROTH
EK3,GlniK'sler im. The Genuine is put
up in a panel botlie, made expressly for it
withthe name of the article blown in the glao
Ak your I'ruggirl for Nature's Unit Ki-slura
liye, and take no other. mav5Um
JOHN I). PARK, Cincinnati, Ohio, W holesale
GEO. W. SISSON, Agent,
In Zaleski-
THE Zaleskl Company, with a view to the
development of the local interest, of Zales
kl, to secure its permanent pioyperity, abd to
add to its populaiion and wealth, are now
ottering to actual settleia, town lota and farm
lands at low prices, and on liberal terms.
1'erxons dexiiing to examine the property
aod to buy cheap houses will apply at the
Company's offices to
. R. THOMPSON, Manager.
Zaleskl, Ohio, May It, 1871. If
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nursery Stock, Fruit & Plower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
600 acres; 2Ut year; 12 '.reenhmisea.
Apple, l.uou 1 yr (Jo; 2y. I Jo; 3 y. f4i); 4y. :.0
4 catalogues, 2U cents. baugJm
Dr. Diiponco's Volden
They never fail, and may be depended upon
in every ease where the monthly flow has
been obstructed thrntixh cold or disease.
bl'POMJO'd iOLLih'N 1'lLLSiilwnysgive im
mediate relie. A Indr writen: "Uuponco's
Golden Pills relieved me in one day like mag
ic." The genuine are now put up in large
white boxes conLiimnit double the nunntity ol
pills, and upon ea h box you will rind my
"Privnte U. Revenue Srnmp." Upon the
stamp see the words MTONCO'S GULDEN
PILLS, in white letters, wilhout that none
are genuine.
Remember the genuineia Inthe white boxes
Full and explicit dirt ctinns accompany enrh
box. Price 51. no per box, six boxes dMO.
Sold by on drnsirist in every town, village,
citvand hamlet throughou. the world.
Bold iii McArtl.ur, O.,
Vy G. W. ISIS SOy, Druggist.
Sole Agent for Fi'itfon County.
by seudmg him ll.oo threngh the .McArthm
O.. Post Office, can have tiie ;:!' enlcoi
dentmlly, by mil, to any part of the country
free of postage.
8. 1. HOWE, Proprietor, Nework.
vrn. j. uavclls & to.,
One door west of Dan. Will Bro't.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Persons wishing to purchase lands farms or
town lots in Vinton o' adioinmg counties will
Hud tracts to suit them by railing.
Persons wishing to sell lands, (arms or town
lots will hsve a good chance of doing sob)
leaving description, etc. in oir binds.
WM.J. KANNKl.l.i A CO.,
oct2$ Main Street, .McArlhur, 0.
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ce3 a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Gases
always on hand. Will
attend funerals with
hearse when desired.
Corner of High and Locust Streets,
the new postal law s are; supplying the po
pie with pur In nickel white metal war, of
triple eiwiro-siiver plate, post paid to any
part of th country dirrctlrom our nwuufao
wry. , , , .: . .
Notwiihtanlin a large advance in nickel
w atill orler the goods, jolh plain and raney
patterns, at former faclorv rates. anJ will msil
nv quantity al lha prices, on receipt of tne
luuuar. , k 4 t ', i. ...
Butter knife, pickle fork, sugar spoon aad
napkin tine, each -flOO
Tea spoons and nut picka, halt dns. 60
Desstrt knives,lorks and spoons, half dos. 4 uo
Table " " " " " 6 UO
Krplatine or old war in the best manner.at
on half or thee prices.
We will mail to any address photograph
and price lists of 'our ITXE NUVlS
the manufacture ol which la a ipecialty with
It is our privilege to refer to the editors ol
an imicinnan religious weeklies.
In what paper uid you so our advertise
M Fountain iquar. Cipoinnati, Ohio,
JloctlS7 8t
Prosspectna for 1873.
PETEHSON'8 MAGAZINE hss the best or
isinsl stories ol any ol the lady's hooks, lb
belt colored fashion plates, tha best receipts,
the best steel engravings, Ao. Every family
ought to tax it. llfirm taorrorlAs moioy lAua
an fa (As awWd. It aillcouigiu next yar,in its
twelve uumbers
One thoupand pages!
Fourteen splendid steel piatest
Twelve colored Berlin patterns!
Twelve mammoth colored fashions!
Mm hundred wood cuts!
Twenty-lour pages ol music!
It will also give five original copyright jiov
elets, by Mrs. Ann 8. Stephens, Frank Lee
Benedict, and others ol the best author of
America Also, aeurfy a A(rd ikorttr tori,
all origiDA.. lis superb
are ahead of all other. These plates are en
graved on steel, tw.ee th usual site.
TERMS (always in dvance)$2 a year
i copies for $1.60, S copies for f 4.50, with a
superb mezzotint ('.'Uxlil) "Chris! weeping orer
Jerusalem" to the person gettingup the club.
4 copies for ltt.60, tf copies lor 19 OO, 10 cop
ies for f 14 (iu, with an extra copy of the mtg
aiineforthe year 1873 loth person getting
up the club.
copies lor 113.00, 12 copies for $17.00 with
both an extra copy of themagatine and (he
premium rueuotint to the person getliugup
the club.
Addresa, pol paid,
306 Chestnut it., Philadelphia, Ph.
WSpecimens seat gratis If written for.
AOCMTC WASTED-Everywhere for
nUCniO our Great UMrottd Hart oUm
By nun. W. h. Wtbtt.ul 1'opfKa. A pvrtect
Ceiipniio of the facts and romance of Ininlier
lile ijfUudidlji UMratetL Htrongly indorsed Ind
praised by the Gov. of Kansas, all leading pa
pers, 4j. Best of ah, osKlfin? all tltr, as the
penplear esaer to buy. Agents' reports sre:
"0 in I day, 6a in 3' days, 74 in 3 davs, Ac.
tfnttilnW .KM t.Fin. L'n. nn.lim.l.. . . .
.. .. . . n...... wi mil., nun
arts and fqura, address E. HANNAFURU A
I', l U..L I .i ,,r.. n i
ruutisuers, am wesv rourtn sireet, uin
oinnnti! 17ocl3m
It is not a phvsic which my give temporsry
relief to thasrflerer for the first few doses, but
which from continued i.se brings pile and
kindred diseases to aid in weakening the in
vhd, nor la it a doctored I quor, which under
the popular nam of "hitters'' is so extensive
ly palmed or) on the public as sovereign rem
edies, but is a most powerful tonic and alter,
anvo, pronounced so by the leading medical
authorities of London and Pari', and has ben
long used by the regular ph; sicinns of olher
countries with wonderlul remedial results.
retains all the medicinal virtues pectiliarto
the plant and must be taken as a permanent
curnliv agent.
la there want of action in your llrer and
splr enl UnleM relieved at once, the blood
becomes Impure by deleterious secretions,
producing scrofulous or skin disenses, blotcN
e, felons, poatules, canker, pimples, Ac., Ac.
Take Juruheba toclea we, purify and restore
the vitiated blood to bei'lhy sction.
Have you a dyspeptic stomach? I'nleasdi
gestion la promptly aided the system is dfbil.
Hated with loss of vital force, poverty of the
blood, dropsical tendency, general weakness
or lassitude.
Take it to assist digestion without reaction,
it will impart youthlul vigor to the weary nuf
lerer. - '
Have you weak ness of th Intestines? You
are in danger of chronic diarhoea or the dread
ful inflammation of the boweia.
Take it to allay irritation and ward off ten
dency to Inflammations.
Have you wea k nesa ol th uterine or u n nary
organs? You must procure instant rebel or
you are liable to a suffering worse than death.
Take it to strengthen organic weakness or
lire becomes a hui den.
Finally it should be frequently taken lo keep
the svsiem in perfect health or you are in
great danger ol malarial, miasmatic or con
tagious diseases.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Plait 8t. New York
Bole Agent lor the United States.
Price P dollar per bottle. Bend for circu-lar-
Abont $2,000,000 Acres
Iowa and Nebraska
On Tin Yiaas' Csidit at C Pa Cam IntiIist.
No part ol principal due for two years, and
alterwards only one ninth yearly. Paomicrs
will pay for land and good improvement
much within the limit of this generous credit.
On these liberal term every capable and en
terprising man, having only small means, csn
soon acquire a good farm and bom for him
self snd family.
CIRCULARS n ring full particulars are sup
plied jjratii; and any onewithing to indue
others to emigrate with them, or to form a
colony, are invited to ask for all tbey want to
A SECTIONAL MAP ehowingexact location
of landa in Iowa is sold for 20 cents.
Apply to O. 8. HARRIS, Land Commissioner
Burlingion Missouri Utver R. R. Co.
For Iowa Landa, at Burlington, Iowa, and
For Nebraska Lands, at Lincoln, Nebraska.
P. W.WILCOX. Anient, Portamoolh. O.
Notice to Hunters.
NOTICE is hereby given that hunters trea
passing on my premises-fsrm and vineyard-mat
north or McArlhur, will becroae
cuted to the full extent of the law.
WILL attend to all business entrusted to
his care.
It EE D' 8 JVMLL8,
Ex-Sheriff Grosvenok now
lives in the oldest dwelling
house in Ohio, we mean that
venerable old frame, on the
stockade, once the home of
General Kutus Putnam, and af
terwards, for thirty or forty
year1, the residence of Judge
Nye. It was part of the fort,
built in 1790, and is all that is
left of that structure. Across
the way is the Ohio Company's
office, long used by J udge Nyo
as a law office. It is in good or
Marietta Register.
The Zanesville Signal says:
There are rumors of a sad case
of "ministerial crisis" in this
vicinity, involving the families
of two ministers of the Gospel
one being charged with the
"seduction of the other's daugh
ter." The offending 'brolher''
has been suspended, it is said,
until an investigation 6hall ei
ther prove him guilty or exon
erate him.
The Franklin County Com
missicners, one of them dissent
ing, have contracted for the
building of a new County Infirm
ary, letting the contract to par
ties whose bids were $15,000
more than others. Mr Geo.
Nash, Prosecuting Attorney, has
refused to approve the contract
on the ground of its not being
given to the lowest bidder in
accordance with law.
The snow storm in Minnesota
was most severe. -At a station
called Kerkhaven, there were
several larmers in town when
the storm first broke upon
them. They left for home with
their teams, and very lew have
been heard frurn. One wagon
was found containing a Mrs.
Doland and a boy, who were
frozen to death.
The Steubenville Gazette
says: One of our residents a
bout to depart west, desires to
sell a sitting in one oi the
most eligible groceries in that
city. The stove is oue of the
most powerful in the market,
and the cracker and sugar bar
rels are in easy distance.
Cable dispatches of Thursday
announce the death of Napoleon
III, ex Emperor of Frence, bis
death taking place at Cbiselhurst,
near London dying, like two
of his name that have preceded
him, in exile, and stripped of
power and place.
There will be twenty-five
vacancies in the United btates
Senate on tho 4th of next
March. To fill these, four ave
been re-elected, five are filled
by new men, and the remain
der have not yet been elected.
The Marietta college classes
number more thau in any for
mer year, with a single excep
tion, and the academy or pre
paratory department has a
large alter dance, including
one Japanese student.
Advertising being an art and
science, why would it not be & good
plan to offer prizes at the American In
stitute Fair for the best and most at
tractive advertisements, each to con
sistofa certain number of lints, the
subjeot to be given out by one of tho
officers of the institution? RowtU't
Toe Democratic caucus of the
Missouri Legislature Tuesday
nominated Col. L. V. Bogy for
United States Senator. We are
glad there was virtue enough in
the Democracy of Missouri to
throw overboard that abominable
Frank Blair.
The bill to provide for the
election of delegates to the
Ohio Constitutional Conven
tion, next April, and for a
meeting of the convention the
second Tuesday of May, be
came a law last Saturday.
A Nashville negro, applying
for a marriage license, and
learning that it would cost
him ten dollars, left the room
sadly, remarking, "Dat,s a
mighty tqnar' price, boss."
Mr. Oliver Ray nor, of Man
orville. L. I., was overtaken by
the recent great snow storm,
anl frozen to death. '
Experience will teach any man that
it is advantageous to patronise those
who advertisi in newspapers;
Literary Duels.
is a well known fact that no
two papers can: establish them
selves, in any hamlet in the coun
try, and have an existence ' two
months, before a challenge will
make its appearance in the one to
be instantly accepted by the oth
er; and from that moment a con
stant warfare is maintained, be
tween the two now rivals in the
most bitter sense of the word.
Although there efn be no par
ticular fault found with a species
of good-uatured repartee, the
common method of hurling double-leaded
"editorials" at each
other, full of vituperation and
personal abuse, is disgusting in
the extreme. If two neighbors
wish to quarrel they have a per
fect right to do so; but for thorn
to call a meeting for the express
purpose of calling each other
hard names before a large and
intelligent audience, would be
ridiculous in the extreme. The
spiteful spats betweeen papers is
a parallel case. If they must
fight let it be in ten line articles;
and if that is not considered suffi
cient let the parties meet in a
back alley some dark night, and
take it out straight from the
Columbus Gazette.
"No w, my young fueud?,
suppose twelve men buy twenty-four
bushels of wheat to be
divided equally, how many
bushels is that for eachonei'
Boldest of the boys ''Please,
sir, we've not gone that far.1'
''ilow is thai? Your teacher
told me you had learned all
the first four rules!" Boy
"Yes, sir, but we have always
done our sum in potatoes or
turnips we HCTEr had whoat."
Dknms O'SuuNiiESaY adver
tises as follows in the Col urn
bus Republican: "1 hereby
give notice that my wile
Bridget has left my bed and
board, and that 1 will not pay
her debts, as we are not mar
ried." Woman is said to have
come to town at Springfield,
ID , the oher day to buy a low
er jaw for her 6on, who had
been blowing down a gun bar
rel. A young man who wa3 cross
ed iu love attempted suicide
recently by taking a dose of
yeast powder. lie immediate
ly rose abvehis troubles.
A Westers journal offers this
inducement: 4;A11 subscribers
paying in advance will be en
tilled to a first-class obituaiy
notice in case of death.
A down East shop-keeper
advertises: "Quart bowls of all
sizes for sale cheap." The
smaller sizes are (o measure
berries with.
A woman is on her death
bed, near Pittsburg, who was
one hundred and seventeen
years old. She has been for
one hundred years a member
of the Baptist Church.
Mrs. Lydu Sherman, said to
have polsoued several hus
bands and children, was sen
tenced to imprisonment lor
life, on last Saturday at New
Liaven. Connecticut.
Tub Town Council of Downs
ington,Penn , desiring to attract
manufacturers there, have re
solved to exempt the real estate
of all new factories from local
taxation for three years.
The Prince and Princes of
Wales will remain in strict re
tirement at Sandringham for
a week, as a mark of respect
to the memory of Napoleon.
'Last 6cene of all" Kero
sene, which has ended 137
strange, eventful histories du
ring the past year.
The people of Waverly are
all supplied by two wells,
which have been dug in the
last two years.
The first Protestant Church
in Rome was consecrated last
The estate of Pike' the opera
house man, is'expected to real,
ize about $20,000,000.
People who sell hay do bu
siness on a "large scale."
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
It you are dyspeptic, languid
feeble, bilious,' suffering from
flatulency or bowel complaint,
fry the pills. Relief is certain
If scrofulous or rheumatic, re
sort to Ihe Ointment. Sold 78
Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price, 25
cents per box or pot. Ask for
new style; the old is counterfeited.
Important To Horsemen.
Prof. "Anderson's Derma
dor" is the best Linament in
use for Horses. This .fact i3
shown by the numerous letters
from all parts of the country.
A late one reads as follows:
We have been experiment
ing with your Dermador on
horse flesh, and find it a very
superior remedy much supe
rior to any olher liniment we
ever used in our livery stable.
Pleaso send us two dozen
large bottles by express, C. O.
Waverly, Ind
See advertisement in anolher
Intellioim people nowadays, in
stead of preserving and hunting up
circulars, handbills and posters fur no
tices of articles they wish to purchase,
look to columns of the best newspa
pers in order to find where their
wants can be supplied. So well is
this principle becoming understood
that theatrical managers of New York,
at a meeting held last week, deeided
to dispense with the use of bi'ls and
posters and rely for their communica
tion with the publio solely upon the
advertising columns of permanently
established and regularly loeognized
newspapers. They consider this both
the cheapest and most effective way
of obtaining publicity, as it undoubt
edly is. Washington Star
Simond's, fhotographer, Cliillicuthe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of other piotures. Pictures may be
made as large as life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judiciou
coloring. Photocrunlis from nature or
from other pictures colured in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or lute, at rates to suit all circum
Joseph LIIrn, opposite Ihe
Court House, Cliiliicothe is
prepared for the Christmas
trade. He keeps the largest
stocks of toys, fancy cakes,
candies, etc., lo be found iu the
city, at wholesale or retail
Parlies furnished wilh every
thing required. Oysters cheap
er than elsewhere, served in
every style, or furnished in
quantities at Baltimore rate?.
Give him your orders.
How to Obtain It!
Particulars and Samples sent on rece p o'
Stamp. No Clipitnl Necessary. AddressM;
IH'TIMN CO., 7u4 Uio.idwny, New York
Catarrh, Consumption A Rheumatism.
Immediate relief and a permanent cure
guaranteed in every case. Particulars sent
Iree. Addiess Clinton Medical Institute. 1A7
East 15thSt.,N.Y.
Errors of Youth.
Rules and Prescriptions that will cure any
eise of Seminal Weakness, Emissions, ie.,
and restore lost manhood to perfect hinlth.
mnt rar.E to all, by one who has sutlered and
i now cured. Address, with stamp, Enoia
Taihaime, Station h. New York. 2j:inly
Love and Matrimony.
Th affections may be gained by following
omipi- ruies, nun en may marry nnppiiv with
out regard to wealth, age or beauty. Address,
with stamp.
Madam Inoille Demarre, Bible House
Station. N. Y. 2janly
No Person can take these Bitter Bo
cording to directions, and remain long unwell,
provided their bones are not destroyed by mine
ral poison or other means, and vital orgarn
wasted beyond the point of repair.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Headache
Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the
Chest, Dizziness, Sour Eructations of the Sto
mach, Bad Taste In the Mouth, Billons Attacks,
Palpitation of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain In the regions of the Kidneys, and
a hundred other palnfiU symptoms, sre the off
springs of Dyspepsia. One bottle will prove
better gnarantee of Its merits than a lengthy
For FeinalcCoraplalnts, In young or old,
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood,
or the turn of life, these Tonic Bitters display so
decided an Influence that Improvement Is soon
For Inflammatory unit Chronic
Rheumatism and Gout, Bilious, Remittent
and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of the Blood,
Uver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have
no cqaax Suca Diseases are caused by vitiated
They are a gentle Purgative at well
as a Tonic, possessing the merit of acting as
a powerful agent In relieving Congestion or In
flammation of the Liver and Visceral Onrona.
and In Bilious Diseases.
For Skin Dlacaaea, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules
Boils, Carbuncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Ucad,
Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, ltcn, Scurfs, Discolora
tion of the Skin, Humors and Diseases of the
Skin of whatever name or nature, are Uter
Uly dug np and carried out of the sys
tem in a short time by the use of these Bitters,
Grateful Thousand proclaim VinioaB
bittirs the most wonderful Invigoraat that
iver sustained the Unking system.
Dragglsu and Oca. Agts., 6w Francisco, Cat.
fc cor. of Washington and Charlton fit.. N.Y.
; Twa year of at
llo toaS litt proved Lr.
Crook's Wine or Tar to
nave rnoro merit than
any elmllur preparation
ever olfered to be pntx
Jlo. It IS rich' in U
medicinal qualities ol
Tar, aud meciualfd fot
luA-AA n. i,z
and Longa, performing
i-J io MOMI- UVHlDiriHIJ
W cure. K rrrwrUAi-LT
tajsjjrr ' . Jjfrcures all Couglsa and
-ilwVJtsSr C'olUa. It lias cured so
many cases 01 asidrib
and Brouebitla, tliatil
baa been pronounced a
speclno for these com'
filiUnts. For Pains In
he Hraat, Side ol
Back.Uravel or KM.
nrr Disease, Dlieaae
f Hie Urinary Orleans. Jauuaice, m
iny liver C'osnplalut it lius no equal.
It Is also a. superior Tonic,
iteolorea Ibe Appetite,
Htrenfthens the !". . . V
Restore the WeaUauU U, bill tateeJ.
Causes tbe Food to Ii great,
Removes Ityanepaia assd Indlr-iiu
Prevents Malarious Fevers,
Dives tone to your System.
rlat Pale, Yellow. SIcHy-looWna STda
a elinnifd loone of fi-oalinpsa anil health,
N Clinni't-u iu one "i .tun.,... - ----- .
m. -v i r .... ski.. PlnnlM
I lllHW jriiM-iiw. ... " - . - . - 1
. a..---.- ... I L'ai.nlln... r.
rnsmirs. jn -
removed. Horofnlw.Herofnlnns) Disease!
or llie r.yes, sv pwv, j in r-i
Old Kores nrnny kind of Humor rapidly
I .11.... ........ a.,.,1... It. I n II imiif-M
In fnct itwlllflo yon more good, and cura
you inorospnedily than any ?thel
nn'pnrntloiiH combined, wlitllttl It Is i na
tures own restorer! A soluble oxyd of Iron
rombliied with Iho inedlclnul properties ol
Poke ItiHitrtlvctcdolttlMI)greeuiilequul
itlos It will curonny Chronleor Long-Mmi'lina-
rlcnse whoso reiil or direct
riiusotslMMl blood. ItheumallHin.PnlNa
In l.hnbsor nonei.t'oimlHntlous bro
ken down by Mcieiirlnl or other poisons,
nre all cured by It. ForNynhllls.or Hyuh.
ililic I., nt, there Is nolliinir ennnl to IU
A IriHi will prove ii. r.n ..... .....
Is widely known
as one of tbe most
effectual remedies
ever discovered for
cleansing tbe sys
tem and purifying
tllA hliwl. It bo.
SvxVr ,tood ust f
-vSaw'1r ycars 1,lt Con'
stantiy growing rep
utation Kinsjirl on ll
intrinsic virtues, and sustained bv its re
markable cures. So mild as to be safe and
beneficial to children, and yet so lewrclung
as to effectually purge out the great cor
ruptions of tbo blood, such as the scrofulous
and syphilitic contamination. Impurities,
or diseases that have lurked in the syatcm
fur years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hence its wonderful
cures, many or which are publicly known,
of Scrofiila, and all scrofulous diseases,
Ulcers, Eruptions, and eruptive" dis
orders of the skin, Tumors, Blotches,
Boils, Pimples, Pustules, Sore. Si,
Anthony's JFlre, Itose or Erysipe
las, Tetter, Salt ltheura, Scaltl
Head, Itinjfworm, and internal Ul
cerations of the Uterus, Stomach,
and Liver. It also cures, other com
plaints, to which it would not seem especi
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, Fits, Neuralgia, Heart Diseohei.
Female Weakness, Debility, and
Lcucorrhcea, when they are manifesta
tions of the scrofulous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health and
strength in tho Spring. By renewing th
appetite and vigor of the digestive organs,
it dissipates the depression and listless lan
guor of the season. Even where no disorder
appears, pcoplo feel better, and livo longer,
for cleansing the blood. The system moves
on with renewed vigor and a new lease of
life. '
Dr. J. C. AYER dt CO., Lowell, Mass.
Practical and tnafytieal ChemitU.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Fever and Ague, Intermittent Fever,
Chill Fever, Remittent Favor, Dumb
Ague, Feriodioal or Bilious Fever, fte.,
and indeed all tho affection which arise)
from malarious, marsh, or miasmatio
No one remedy Is lender
called for by the neceseitlet of
Uis American people than a
sure and safe care for lever
and Ague. Such we are now
enabled to offer, with a porfect
certainty that it will eradicate
the disease, aud with ii.ur
ance, founded on proof, that no barm can arise
from Its use in any quantity.
That which protect from or prevents this dis
order must be of immense service in the com
munities where it prevails. Prevention is better
than cure, for the patient eacapes the risk which
ho must run in violent attacks of this baleful dis
temper. This "Curb" expels the miasmatio
poison of Fbver and Aoub from the system,
and prevents the development of the disease, if
taken on tho first approach of its premonitory
symptoms. It is not only the best remedy ever
yet discovered for this class of -complaints, but
also the cheapest. Tho large quantity we sup
ply for a dollar brings it within the resch of
everybody; and in bilious districts, where
Fever and Audr prevails, everybody should
have it, and use it freely, both for cure and pro
tection. It is hoped this price will place it within
the reach of all the poor as well as tbe rich.
A great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of lutermittents is, that it contains no Qui
nine or mineral; consequently it produces so
quinism or other injurious effects whatever upon
the constitution. Those cured by it are lea as
healthy as if they had never had the disease.
Fever and Ague la not alone the consequence
of the miasmatic poison. A great variety of dis
orders arise from its irritation, among which
are Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Headache,
Blindness, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asth
ma, Palpitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen,
Hysterica, Pain in the Bowels, Colic, Paralysis,
and deranpoment of the Stomach, all of widen,
when originating in this cause, put on the In
termittent type, or become periodical. This
"Cure" expels the poison from the blood, and
consequently cures them all alike. It is an in
valuable protection to Immigrants and persons
travelling or temporarily residing in the mala
rlons districts. If taken occasionally or daily
whilo exposed to the infection, that will be ex
creted from Uie system, and cannot accumulate
in sunioicut quantity to ripen Into disease.
Hence it is even more valuable for protection
than cure: and few will ever suffer from Inter
mittcnts if they avail themselves of the protec
tion this remedy affords.
For Uvrr Complaint; arising; from torpid
ity of the Liver, it is an excellent remedy, stira
n fating the Liver Into healthy activity, and pro
ducing many truly remarkablo euros-, waero
other medicines fall.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.
VlsMiiliMlf aaToajf enMVaa-fiuf araV -u.J.
wvwwvww wvww aBvayirsvww u (I VMS 7ls)
STOCK and Ore Scales as good a sew, fr
sal at very low price. Call on ,
nevll B.C. JONES Atlanta.
Done Neatly and Promptly.
utsw onict

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