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McArtlitir, Ohio.
Particular ntteniion given to the treatment
of the natural teeth.
No Business Doira oh Saturdays
J. X. TOW ELL, Portsmouth, Ohio, oilers
to the Merchants and Furnacemen of Vinton
county, a superior atock or Dry Gooda and
Notions, on terma tba moat favorable. John
fcillelauo. Traveling Agent.
Sept. u j.
Crockery.China & Glassware,
Cutlery and Plated Ware,
Gas and Coal Oil Fixtures,
Notice to Teachers.
THE BOARD 6t School Examiner for -on
County will meet at the Uuion School
-Bouse, in HoA rthur, on the lat and 3rd Satur
day or March, April, May, September, October,
and Korember, and the lit Saturday in Janu
ory, February, June, July, August, and De
cember, In each jear. Examination to com.
raeace at ten o'clock, A. M. Satisfactory evi
dence or good moral character till be required
. all cases. A fee or to centa 11 required by
aw from each applicant.
M.R.BARNES, Ch'n, 1 Board or
J.H HUtiN. V School
L. 0. PERDUE. Clerk, ) Examiners.
Howard Sanitary Aid Associa
tion. For the Rslief nnd.Oure of the Erringnnd On
fortunate on Principles of Christian
Essays on tho Errora or Youth, and the fol
ties of Ajje, in relation to Marriage and Sooiul
Evila, with aanilniy aid for the atlliclej
4.nt free, in sealeJ envelope. Address,
phis, Pa.
NO. 115, 1, 0. 0. F.
"OEOULAR. Meetings of this En.
W-ST&Aicampmeiit will herealler be
t&j? liHcl " ",e aeeoud B
Wednesday cveulims of encli
enentu. Patniirvhs m other encampment
who ma V be visiting out .own are invited to
attend. J'HIN P. DUNKLE, CP.
Johk T. Rarss, S.
Mi-Arthur, Kei.'y 17. 1870.
rn if a will pay fur tho Child' Friend.
UJ vLn.(e,nl.mnnit,yi for one year, a
beautiful tlltintraird pirr for the children.
CI f(lwil1 Psv fnr ln' hilil'a f riend, ami n
Jl.UV;nne (;,romo. The l'am.ieawoith 12.
CI finwi" P-1 for VVeefclv Hrtclit Side.
ifl..Jlin g M(je paper, the beat in the wci ld
fnrchiMrrn ami youth, anil aflnechromo,
the Crdla Lilies, p iue 12
CO O-Twill pay for both paper and both
CI flfl'11 l",T f,,r 'i" IWrfi
pmvPiritnis', ufj, llhoa, and a large
chromo 12x18 iwlien, Easier Morning, whiuh
alone i wrih ti.
CI TKmll pry for bntrupper and the;hree
(p. "th-nmna wnrth in nil fri.
Both papeia are siieh n parent and teach
era may wWv reenmend therr children or
pupil, and Ihechrnmoa are of the choice!
kind. Nothing better can lie found for rjhri-f-ma
present Ploaae any where you saw ihin.
Agents Wanted.
IIRIGIIT SI lE CH Ci l.-ago.
Q p3 (A
A o
op3 5 S3
iJ $ U
g- i Hi S a
P -H tat
W g I -
o m
Work on the Railroad.
Air. Uriiusley, started in with
ten teams on the railroad work
it Nile's Summit .on Mo ilav
uni 11) e force is goon In lie in
crease J. The rest ol the IWs
es are t work with email
forces at laager's Summit,
Bowman's, and at McCarley's
near G!en;i Summit, and the
Messrs. Lawless and Carroll at
Evergreen Summit Mr. Ilea
,ry Joachim started ouWedues
.day morning to gather up a
orco for work. The prospects
jiov ii the railroad building
will be pushed with greater vie
AX than it hag ever been. We
predict the whittling ot the lo-
We have no doubt tho Odd
Fellows ot Marietta would take
it as a special luvor if the
Times of that city would quit
.advertising Dr. Culverwell's
Marraige Guide," and other
humbug', under an emblem ol
Xbat order.
Official Organ of Vinton County.
We are under obligations to
Capt. Wilson, Hon. T. M. Bay
and Capt. Wm. J. Rannells for
public documants.
Nomologists, the country
over, are croaking that the
peach buds am all killed by
the severe weather.
John Mayo has been quite
ill, and confined to the' house
for the past month. We learn
that be contemplates a trip to
the South for the benefit of his
health as soon as he is strong
enough to make the journey.
Tuc measles are prevailing
in .the northern part of this
township. Also, in two or
three neighborhoods in Swan
township, and the family of
Mr. Herman, of McArlhur, are
all down with the same disease.
Miss. Eakin, a young lady in
the employ of the household of
Auditor Belford had a rib bro
ken one day last week, while
drawing water from a well, the
windlass slipping from her
hand and striking her in the
Davy Suurrs was in town
(his week, with his red com
fort, horn of Gabriel, and string
of sleigh bells. Judge Potter
was in tho week before, but as
lie has only progressed out
wardly as far a3 the red com
fort, he didn't alhrd as much
amusement for the boys as Da
Mr. Thomas B. Davh wants
it distinctly understood that he
hasn't got the standard gal
Ion measure, (nor any other
public properly) never hal it.
and does not remember to have
ever seen it. Search in the
ring, gentlemen.
Tiik wife of Mr. Peter Kline,
a daughter ot Mr. Dirst, of
Zaleski, died at Sr. Louis a
week or two since of small
pox. Mr. Kline formerly re
fideil here, and wis in I he em
p'ny of Messrs Richmond &
EdiTi.u Kecurd: Please av
lo your reader 1 hut Elder II
0. Jonee, of I he Nasby Chun li,
haiinsi no lunlier use fur lii-
fiddle, will offir it at ptiMij
auction in Iron t of the Cmirl
House, as soon as lis wherea
bouts cmi be ascertained, he
havi.ig no further use 'or the
Potter is trying to run deep
er in debt than evpr, notwith
standing that account ot five
dollars which still remains un
adjusted at this office. He
wants to invest twelve cnts in
dead geese, not knowing, as ev
erybody el8edoe8, that he him
sell' is the deadest goose in the
Tim Christian Witness has
made its appearance. I' is
made up by taking nut ol the
Democratic Enquirer the low
Hong, personal blackpiiardifin
wh ch refers to the ediir n!
the Record, and inriing
tliprfor the officii I business of
the Njsby church, changing
lie heading, and lo! a paper
appears which in to evangelize
Ihe world.
V J iJVbAa wiqiirD un iir .turn-
T,.Y f tlnlfi n-ioliun lu 1 1 tvlii
por quietly in the ears of his
regular loafers that be has no
room fur them in his shop
They not only disturb his cus
tomers by their talk, noue and
confusion, but prevent them
from being sealed while wait
ing their turn lo shave, by
themselves monopolizing the
chairs, but they actually drive
away customers who look in
the door and think from the
looks of the crowd that there
is no chance for a shave, when
in reality there is no person
in the 6hop wishing work.
Boys, this bint ought to be suf
ficient for you.
Thomas A. Beatoit, of Ath.
en, has been recently married
to Miss Smith, daughter of Lot
L. Smith, Esq., ol Columbus,
A Sensation.—A Colincidence.—
What Does It Mean?
A man who gives bis name
as Hiram Josephs, who is in
jail lor breaking into Nelson
Hoff nine's house and stealing
clothing, money, etc., there
from has been telling the jailor
repeatedly ever since he was
Imprisoned, that Gen. Grant
would be assassinated on last
Saturday night. On Sunday
morning he repeated his story,
saying that Grant had been
shot and killed on that night.
No attention was paid to his
talk as it was believed that he
was trying to play off crazy,
but in connection with it has
occurred a remarkable inci
dent in another locality. On
Saturday night a telegram was
received at Columbus convey
ing the news of the President's
assassination, sent by Borne un
known hxnd. Now, what does
it mean? Was there a plot I o
assassinate, of which Josephs
was aware, and the telegram
was only untrue because some
person failed in its execution;
or was it merely a strange co
incidence? Here is what the
Journal says of the receipt of
the dispatch, in Columbus;
"Some one who.deserves a sea
son in a horse pond, sent over
the wires Saturday night the
terrible words, 'Prest. Grant,
has been nssasinated.'
"There was only this bare
statement, and as it came just
about the time citizans were
n their way to supper, it cre
ated intense excitement. The
telegraph offices were besieged,
but without effect they could
give no satislaction. Govern
or Noyes, upon hearing the
news, came up street, and this
only served to whet the appe
lite of the public for informa
tion. Persons who disbeliev
ed the story, were convinced
of its truth when they saw the
Governer with anxious lace
bending over the table in the
telegnph ofH:e scanning the
evening press dispatches. The
story flew like wildfire, and
many a tear was shed by those
who believed the story true,
and recalled the terrible days
ol years a gone, when the tele
graph cave out the words,
President Lincoln wis shot by
Wilkes Booth while a'tcwlinsr
Ford's theater this eve iinf.'
The news was f-pnt from si reel
to street, from hoinp lo house,
und ilinre was mourning in ihe
city In about an hour niter
I lie firsr disp Ui-h wa3 received,
a second dispntch was bullet
ined to the effect that Mlre
wis no foundation for the first
repor', and in a word, Hie sto
ry ol the murder was si m pi v
a concentrated lie. The crowd
scattered, eyes were dried and
anxious people who thronged
the stree's went home to
spread the good news, feeling
'all's well that en Is well' but
inwardly desiring to kill the
rascal who originated the sell.
Transfers of Real Estates.
Ezekiel Burns lo A. 11. Tur-
vey, 166 acres, Harrison town
ship, 700.
Simuel Graves to Isaiah
Tujker, 40 acres, Harri-im tp.,
J.iltn Pal ten to Vinton Pur
d.v,23 acres, Wilkesville, $400
Oran Buc'unglum to Lorn
Levis 24 a- r s. Brown, $540
Win. A. McGliee to Jacob
and John McCarty, 131 acres,
, Vinton tp, $1,200.
Sheriff of Vinton County to
Miles Uatcliff, et al, 2 acres,
Eagle tp., $50.
C. F. Randall to Lizzie Ran
dall, it -lot 1, New Plymouth,
A. Ii. Beach et al, to O. S.
Wadsworth, 80 acres, Harrison
tp., $1,600.
Nancy Hammond et al, to
Rebecca Brewer, quit claim,
118 acrf s, Madison tp., $135.
George Uoldren to Amos
Holdren, 89 acres, Knox tp.,
George Uoldren to Amos
Holdren, quit claim, 30 acres.
Knox I p., $500.
Zaleski Company to Jacob
G. Will, 6 acres, Madison tp
Grant's popular majority in
1863 w as 369,583. In 1872 it
was 759,137, a gain of 389,549.
The corporate offlctrs of the
village ot McArthur appear to
have the prevailing weakness
in the backbone. They en
deavor to preserve their popu
larity with such scrupulous
care, that it has become so
that individuals obey or disre
gard ordinances just as they
are inclined. Take, for instance,
the paving ordinance: the
Council, in a great splutter,
published a notifications to the
individuals who bad failed to
comply with the ordinance,
and wero going, to pave them
selves unless the individuals
complied with the notice. A
few thought they meant busi
ness and paved. The time
mentioued in the notice came
and went, and those who had
cheek enough to refuse to obey
the notice were lett alone) in
their glory.
A pound was rented at an
extravagant price, and the
Marshal especially . charged to
enforce the ordinance to pre
vent stock from running at
large, impounding md charg
ing the owner a fee for all stock
so impounded. Quint, law
abiding people whose stock es
caped and fell iuto the hands
of the Marshal walked up, paid
their fee, and redeemed their
stock as the law directed. But
one night a gentleman waxed
wroth at the capture of his
cow, broke the lock, bptned
the gate and drove his cow
home. The Marshal reported
the fact to the.SoIicitor, Mayor
and Council; but no action was
ever taken. The ordinance
was violated with impunity
and iorce, and there was not
backbone enough in the whole
corporate authority, individual
ly or collectively, to attempt
lo vindicate the law, or even
make him pay lor the damage
he had inflicted upon the pub
lic property.
This week Mr, Nelson Rich
mond's mules, which have been
enjoying the freedom of the
town lor sometime, to the in
convenience of citizens und
danger of children, were im
pounded. No'wyff there is' an.V
set of stock in McArthur that
is a first class nuisance it ix
Richmond's mules both from
the number and character o
the animals They follow ever.v
man woman or child they find
mi the street wiih a bucket or
basket, and it o:ly needs fir
i hem to get after some woman
o.' child who is a little timid to
c.tele a genuine' sensation. In
these dayn ol carrying water
from neighboring wells there
are few women in McArlhur
who will venture on such an
errand before stopping at lh:'
gate to survey up and down
the street to see it Richmond's
mules are in sight, and the
Marshal has had frequent com
plaints of late about them.
As we said, this week the
Marshal mcceeded in impound
ing these slippery customers.
N sooner. was il. done than
M . Richmond goes to the May
or and Council and complains
about it, when they straight
way (except Paris Uorton and
Alex. Ward) iuter;ere to break'
down the ordinance, and write
an order to the Marshal direct
ing him to release the mules
without poundage The Mar
shal's backbone wilted, and he
Now, this 13 all mighty men
for Mr. Richmond, and we don't
blam him for getting out of a
bad box as cheaply as possi
ble; but we would like to
know what authority our cor
porate legislators have for en
acting a law in Ibeir official ca
pacity, and rendering it nul1
in their individual capacity?
What right they have to malt
Mr. Richmond an exception t
the law? It a poor widow wo
man must draw on her scant
means to pay the poundage
when her cow is caught rut
ning at large by Ihe Marsha
why shodld Mr.' Richmond b
allowed to go scot' free whe
his stock is captured? Do
our Council call this justice?
Do they expect the people i
approve such partiality?
If we have a corporation ana
laws tuey tnould be respected
and euforced. If we have
nothing of the kind, it is about
time we would quit "playing
town." This thing of making
fish of one and fleth of anoth
er, to use the slang of the
street, is about played out.
Will somebody inform tba editor of
tha .M oA rthur JSoqmrer tbat tha
Preaideutial election U over? Ha hat
tha tame editorial eqoibe against
Grant that ha had in October. Bro.
Ruper, are you equal to tba totk?
Gallipolii Journal.
Yes, we could tell him, bat it would
be lubor thrown away. He will never
eomprebood the fact.
Wt will furnish tha Record and the
Cincinnati Gaiette to lubacriberi at
$3.50 per year.
Wb will furnish the Record and the
New York Times one year for $3.
Any of our subscribers wishing to sub
scribe for any of the leading newspa
pers or periodicals can get them at the
publisher's lowest club rates, by sub
scribing at this office.
[From the Ross County Register.]
Walter C. Hood.
The Marietta Repiater says: "W. C.
Hood, who sold the Marietta Times on
account of severe illness, has been off
duty now for two years. Ilis health,
pnrtially restored, promises to return
to hira fully. He is now on regular,
though light duty, in our office, assist
ing us in striking sundry irons while
they are hot.'' . .
It is to be regretted that Mr. Hood
does not resume his old position on Ihe
Marietta Times. When he was its ed
itor the Times was a paper to be wel
comed, but under its prosent manage
ment it has degenerated fearfulW, and
is now about on a par with the McAr
thur Enquirer.
: McGillivbay and Snivel
through the good graces of the
ring, are still supplied with of
fice rooms in the Court House,
free of rent, for political ser
vices. It the Commissioners
had done their duty at their
last session they would have
ordered them to hunt new
quarters instead ol fixing up a
dummy Surveyor for one of
them to hide behind.
The editor of the Hocking
Sentinel pretends to believe,
that the State Journal has noth
ing original which is worthy of
attention; yet when he wishes
to advertise the business of
the Sentinel he shows his pood
sense by borrowing the won' a
und Etyle of the Journal.
Ah attractive advertisement
not only notifies tha public
that certain goods ire purchase
able, but stimulates the desire
for acquisition, llowel tells
us in one of his pleasant books
of overhearing a conversation
between t'o clothing dealer
One of them, speaking of a
common acquaintance, said;
'Isaac will never do to sell
cloil es. He can make a man
buy a coat when he wants one
but he can not make hnn be
lieve he needs one and make
him buy il when he does not
want lo purchase.'' Without
indorsing this criticism in it
moral bearings, it embodies a
truth which all who desire to
open other people's purses
should remember. Spare no
pains lo secure people's alteiij
tion to your object, and do not
expect them to seek it out
Cincinnati Gazette.
A lively advertisement costs no
more tlmn a dull one.
Alonzo Anderson niul Kltza Eikcr.
Thomas B. Moore and Frances J.
John Hart anil Elnilra Bariilmrt.
Wm. O. McUonngK- And Dibble Mu
Whorter. " '
In McArilair, January 25th, ot
scarlet fever, Mart M daughter ol
Mr. and Mrs. Al. Ii. Bumes, nged
2 years and 8 months.
"Let us be patient! These severe af
flictions Not from the ground arise,
But oftentimes celestial benedictions
Assume this dark disguise.
We see but dimly through the mists
and vapors;
Amid these earthly damps
What seems to us sad, funeral tapers.
May be heareu's distant lamps.
Thete Is no death I What seems so is
transition I
This life ot mortal breath
Ik but a suburb of a life elystan
Whose portal we call Death.
he Is not dead, the child of our af
fections, But gone Onto that school
Vhere she no longer needs our poor
And Christ himself doth rule.
n that great cloister's stillness and
By guardian angels led,
-afe from temptationsafe from sin's
She lives whom we call dead.
Always keeps a full stock of
Pure fresh Drugs and Medi
Pure Wines and Liquors for
Medical Purposes, the very hest
that can b e obtained.
Physician'rescriptions ac
curately compounded.
South side of Main St.,
Sign of Red, if kite and Blue
Standard Inks
and Stationery.
ShoiiU cull At the 4
Where they will Siul it full stock of Ihe Tcrj
Mil oi
C&mittiriR of lit.
La cn at era lid IliM-kejeGrnlii
Drill, Onc-honc nutk
eje urills for Corn Land.
Th Yrjr heet in Ihe market. The
Buckeye Imiirorei mad American Feed
latter, Corn Micllcm, Drlun arc Knrm
Wagons. Fanning Mills, l'arm Delia,
-the famous Union Churn, lb. (.real
Agricultural Steamer,
For cooking food tr.r stncK. Erery farmer
soil stook raianr should have one.
ITorseythot Soales.
For groceries, wsrehrues snd farmers. A
large ssnortment of FA KM
also flill assortment of
Farni, Veretaele and Garden Seed?
In fhorl a mnlireat'.rili'-rieit fBrmer's scorn
mixliHion More, here all ore nniiej to cal
snd sixmine our xtoi-k,
Holloway's Ointment.
n -
THE grand principle that operate In these
Wonderful medicines, is the poer thsi
they posers' in purifying the tnrgiil Mood,
a.id expePiog the corrupt humors from the
"HOLLOWAY'S PILLS consist of a ea refill
and peculiar admixture cf the finest vegels
ble extnt 'ts, herbs and medinsl sums. lns
.en.ini not a a-rafh of mineral In their com
bination, they never exnoe those who uev
them to any dsnuer, at sny time or srasonJJ
hernhildren. and the moat delicsie eootitl-
tion can use them with as great a benefit as
the m-ist vigorous and powaitui trame.
HOLLOW AT & OO-.'Sols Proprietor.
78 Maiden Lane.NewYork
Ho'.lowav's Pihs snd Ointment are sold al
tS cents, Vt'A rents and si per Onx or pot. a
grent savins, is made by buying tne larjieaisrs
An ni for iflan. Inflammatlnn nf sit
kinds, Diphtheria, Wounds, Bruises, Burns,
Sprains, Rheumatism, Boro Throat, bwdiiue or
tho Glands, Inflammation of tha Ejes, Broken
Breast, Frost Bites, Chilblains, Piles, Bee Stings,
and all Sores.
Good for Beaart. Fresh Wounds, Os'.ls,
Foil Evil, Sprains, Bruises, Cracked Heels, Ring
Bone, Wind Galls, Sparine, Bweencjr, Founder,
Lameness, Band Cracks, Scratches, or (iriac,
Mange, Bone Distemper.
This trnly wonderfol Liniment was
discovered tjr HOMEK ANDERSON, A.M., Into
Professor ot Chemistry and Mathematics in the
Clinton Liberal Institute, of Oneida Couutr, NT.
In experimenting for the purpose of nuking
Prussic Acid, by uniting the mdependrntgsseous
bodies of which it it composed, residuum was
left, which, on being applied to bruises and in
flamed parts, by the students of the Institute, was
found to possess the remarkable property i( cool
ing down and carrying off the inflammation nnd
soreness at once, and restoring the parts to soand
ness and health In a few hours without pain or
It Is) not heating; Liniment, bat
acts by its peculiar specific or chemical qualities
in dissolving and scattering the soreness and in
flammation of tha lntnred narL Br a true am
plication, the red surface soon becomes coot,
moist and natural, and Is restored to natural
health, witnoat suppuration or destruction.
As Liniment for Horse Pleab, for
the cure of all the ailments named above, we
challenge the world to and its equal.
Price 25 & SO cent per bottle.
IX EA5S0M, BON & 00., Propr's,
Bee notice la local column.
James UmiU Ic's Estate.
Probata Court, Vinton County, Oh:.
VTOTCE is hereby given thst Mrs. C yith'
V liuiikle. administratrix of the etite of
trtmes Dunk e. deceased, has fi'ed tr m-.
ount with aid -estate fcr fini-l fitmcM;
iid thai Ihe Mime is set lor herwigon i e'ii
Uv of Febrnnry. A. D. l7S, at II aficc.
A.M. H. MAY'..
Irolae Jit'T.
Jan. IS, 187.1. '
Fall Styles,
S4ot 1671
Lebuder ill. Jours' Heir
Probata Court, Vinlou County, Ohio
XTOTirK Is herel.v siren Ibat Levi Rohlnrt
il guardisn of Jonathan B. ami Mary L
Jonee. minors has filed hi accoonts. -ver
ally, with ssitf wrd, and that Ihe same are
set lor nearing on ine eionayoi renruery
A, V. U74, at II 0 riOOK, A. SI
Probate Judge.
January IS, 1171.
FA It 111 FOR; sAI-sK.
Jtf-s l!i.rrrE 7M',-ea rain,
rvfp jiing ert-jl. 1 one i! hrir -t
yfewa.tf jB ?r-"f li-m-Vn. 'i:ri.i
SAm mm, of ttnn 1 M- I j.j,
'Olltullling ISO nrlri. tUfi lTf. .J.RI.
hn:in'S in 'iinler. A new t-jto-m.uv fraino
hou-e. twrn. smoke Imnae F.r.i r:her n.-faa-ry
nut-hni-ea are amniig the iiioirnrtnirf-ie.
Ill rm lie well, i ee!l KKir.,, , . ',tie;
in t everuhmu i'nne'td Himil n a....-.; ri
pair. Kir (unher tnrnrroti.ii. inrt'iifu nf
liitf K.8.WUX0X iiuae.i.'rc4

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