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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, January 30, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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"McAKTliuK, Olfi 0,
TIIUU8DAY. JAN. 30, 1873
Oa aadAr Suaday, November U. !S7t
kr.aa.will run lollowa: Th Hi. louii
. raa ran. daily, oil tbr train daily dun
Tb If ,-i Lin ' an I Etnr Will stop only
at Ln.lin I.OreemMd.Chuli -oihe. Ilaiu.lyn.
AihB.uJ soil . Loading. rt Line g nug
we will stop at H n.hdie-ler, alo. Ctber
tra.oa not" t all iitiou.
Btiheoa. Mill. Ktl.. l.l.T.i.
CWliuuuL.... i . an HUB J w
riniVuibe U um xtnni 1 4"m
kchi.nl rur..V -;piu inpio iw.m
flm.ln .-.U 3 iipm JAm
aloAtrura. I tJpin 3 3lpm 1 i:tain
Vmtud - I 13pm S 4yn 3 mam
fi Li t M.im ISnin Si'Jitu
u.fw l .irnnr. .. I 34nm -1 Slum 3 17 in)
S jtnip
l'raiburi ...
FUlion. Mail. Fault.. Al.t.Kx
Prk..i"rir ftunn "aim liSipni
Hon Fiiruao..... . iw.nn li Dm 3 i-im
ZaleaaU .... 1 iJpm II Jiam 3 .t-tpui
olon. 1 3:pra 11 'am 3 40pm
te.tavHi 1 tn 11 Kim
fum ten .-. ...... I .Vim 12 'm 3 tipin
'.pLI.ipJ Fur.. t ipm 1- I';"" 'P
Ctitilicolt 3 l,pm 1 v'H'in 4 Mpm
"" tul"D
Pi. uiii ...
(.it'll 4ccoaouim.
I'll Zil.iHi Accommodation gams;
I. .... irii.llu.n'.liciii u una in.. Itav.villeT "
II, .blind Fi ruAce, I". Hionden arm 4
-depart JS. Mv.lrlhnr, M, Vinton 10 ,
.Umi 'i V). U.iio we.t-7. de.m 4 ta'p.m ,
Vinton 1 i. it Ailli ir i mi. H:nnWo. arrive
It 2u -depart 4 KiehmiM niruace, v,
Kay.rille, C W, Clullirothe. S 2 V
Tram on in I'uKlsMUl'TH HRAVH
ill la iv llnrndeo al 15 a.m. and 4 imp. in
arriving nl Pjrt.ruouth at II la m.andT cop.
m. Ktiirttmtriiim ill le Portsmoiitn nl
I 4i i ra.and i7 p.m., arming l Uamden
. I1.4i m.niJii' p.m.
Tr n. is nawt : l.oTflnn l wr nil pomti on
h Uit(lt Mi.iiiii Kilr.).l.nuUuli Indmnap
ami Cincinn'ili Kailron I JnnHi n for ll
point. Vi: niAihrns with tl" Colnmbn
U. V. H. ., it FirUrihur. ilh 1i B. A
O. U. B. W.W. I'EHiUV,
Miui.ruf Trun-portiilion.
TWII. tun i h-k fnim WilkfUTille to
ll.i,i.ln.nl rvlnrn l'r Mon.lBV. U'inM-
! unit Friday, lor ih 'ommollion of
rMi,n)jri innkmit cliweconnmiion witn in
m ill trHiim on Ih M. C. H II. I will U
rnrrjr prf pwkiKii li PP'' ,0 nt 'roln
thoe jioliil. lijf III A Jam Kiprcan Cn.
,,r ISAAC W. MlLI-kR.
0HAELE8 W. BAENETT, Proprietor
JM.L rnu rmiiprlr to Mi-Arthur Station
I V lo inert nil mail train.
Il-U Im McArtlnir pot oltl.- n.U.flli
oVIouk, M. cik'Ii ilx, to connect with mail
nr lrr. Ift at ill po.t oRioc, Hclnhur, or
lMin.,pr)inplly ttnHdl.
Hamlan, Wilko.iville and Middleport
HAVING th ciitraol for carrying th mail
hetucm Ihrahnv piiinla I will li all to
liirni.li cunv)'iii' fur panr anil theii
h.ii( is to arnl frmn until point on the follow
inn d.iv.: From Wilkniville to Hnn.l-n and
bwk on Mondnyn, Wdndy. and Fnriajra;
and fiom Wilkrarill in Middleport, ilfiK'
I'o ,and b:ick on Tucidnya, Thntsdava .nd
B4turdm. "HS LEVIS.
A precious Chicago boy of
fourteen, named Delaney, has
confessed himself the murder
of Mr. Larren, who whs found
dead in the streets of that vir
tuous city on Monday of last
Tub new jail building at Wa
verly is finished cud will be
ready for occupation by Sher
iff Sailor and lamiliy as soon as
it is accepted by theCommls
eioners. It is built of brick,
with a substantial stone foun
dation. The details ol Mrs. Sher
man's confessions fill ten col
umns. It shows that she mur
dered eight people, and that
two others lost their lives inci
dentally Ironi her poisoning.
At Superior, Midi., recently,
Mr. Joslyn, in digging a well,
atru k a rock and drilled
through it, and a poisonous gns
rushed up and suffocated him be
fore he could be drawn out.
Mr. J. R. Stone, of the firm
of Stone & Stewart, of Cincinnati,
.made an attempt to coir m it, su
idle, on Friday evening last, by
rutting his throat.
A Chicago paper says that it
is wonderful bow quick the
blind beggars ol that city can
tell the difference between ten
cents and a quarter.
Fiiame & Stalder, of Cool
ville, Athens County, slaugter
td a hog a few days since
which weighed 1,130.1b?, was
skinned and will be stuffed.
Advbhtisiko being an nrt and a
icience, why would it not be n good
plan to offer prizes at tlie American In
tilute Fair fur the bent and most at
Irictivo adcertisementa, each to con
ist of a certain number of lints, the
subject to be giren out by one of the
m . -
Simosd's, Phutogrspher. Chillicntbe
gives careful attention to making cop.
ies of other pictures. Pictures may be
made as large as life from the tiniest
l.'cltct picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, erayon, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all circum
Experience; will teach any man that
it is advantageous to patronize those
who advertise in newspapers
Dr. Bowers, Dentist, McAr
thur, 0 .
IdTertliencat Inverted at fair Prieca
In Zuleski.
riMIS ZnlMki Company, with i lath
A urrlapm4nl of tli local int rn-uof J!
ki. to wur it pnnannl piriiy. ul lo
a 1 lo lU popiiUiion and WMlth. ar wow
i.iWnut lo fiulmi. town lot aad&rm
bind. low pnef. and o liberal Itrau.
P IHim aefinnf In riamio Ih prorlf
a ad lo buy rhp hnu-w wiU pplv at Ih
Coiniamt'a oroi-r lo
K. THOJIP'Ofl, Maaar.
talwa I, Olilo. Ma M. IS7I.
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nariery Stook, Fruit & Flower Flatti
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
i no , r.: 11. 1 tear: 11 4rnhonaa.
Apple, LOU" 1 vr., &; if SSo; I j HO; 4y. 150
catalogue., sv cecui. kiuih
Dr. Diipoitro'i Crldeii
They nrr fail, and may Ix depended upon
n ery ram wher Hie mo.iihlf flow ha
liern oh-ln.fte.1 ihriii(ti inld or Iimm.
liLIMMXi'.-t iiULUKN l'lLLilalwyKiTim.
niediiil relie. A lady wnl.: I'iimomw'
Uolden PilN rrl arcd m in od uey lik max
li-." The geniiin aia now put up lo I:iih
anil box. conUinin doulji th niianlily ol
pill., a d upon ewb box voti will And my
"Private U.;M. Bni' Stamp." Upon ll
t:im e the worda 1 UPUNCO'S GULDEN
PILL", in whit letttr, wilhoul llialion
are gonnin.
r.'inemhfr (lie j-enuioi in tha whit bote
Full and explicit dino.iout accompany each
box. Piic Sl.iio per box, an box J.o.
-Jul I bv on rlrnx-fiat in eeiy town, Villax,
cilv and li unlet throi'Sliou'. lha world.
Sold i-i Mi-Aili ncO..
JiV (1. W. S1SS0K. Druggist.
Sul9 Agent for Viaton County.
By Men. linn him 11.00 tbranf.lt Ilia McArlhur
0.. 1'nnl Office, can hat th pill eentconA
dentmlly. by mail, to any pa;t of the country,
lice orpoalnxe.
H. I). HOWE, Proprietor, Hew lark.
One door wt of Dan. Will t Dro'i.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Perron, wi.hinf lo purchaa lam' farm or
town lota In Vintnn o-Hloininy eountiei will
Snd tract to ami Hum by calling.
Peraona wishing to ell Innd form or town
lota will liava a good chance of doing o by
leavioir deaenptinn. etc. in oir handa.
WM. t. KANNKLI.-t CO.,
octTS Miin 8treel, McArlhur, 0.
ton tai us no LAC SULPIIUlC
Litharjfe N Nitrate or 811
vcr, nnt U entirely free from
the PoIhoiioiis llealtli-ile-atroyiiiBT
Drii used iu otlier
lluir Preparations.
TranKparent nnd rlenr a ervatal, il will not
oil the tin cm filiri'., perfectly FK, I'MIAR
and F:FFICIEf .'-ilcideinliima LO.Vi
It relorea an' orexnl. th ll iir t.om b.
coming Grav.r J imparl, a ofl, glon.y ap.
peirance, rei' I narririm, l cool amir,
freahing lo ' mend, check, th Hair from
falling off, I :itnra it to a great extern
when premn. tly In.t, piaveot Headache,
curra a'l Humoi., cutaneou rupliout, and
minntiii-nl hf-il.
VH.ii. 8.MrrH, Patentee, Groton Junction.
Ma. Prepared o ly by PliOCTOR I1K0TH
KKS.GIouce.ier The Genuine ia put
un in a paxel Imtlie, made expre.'ly for it
wilhthe nmneoflhe article blown inthegla.a
Ak your Iiruggifl for Natur' Hair Ke.lor
liye, and Ink no other. mnvSam
JOII N V. PARK, Cincinnati, Uluo, Wholataif
ULU. W.SlSSUiN, Agent,
The New York
A Journal for all True Bepnblicans,
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
Th New York Evening Poit, edited by
William "ul'en Hrvant eud Parke Godwin,
aaaiated by the alrongest talent that can be
engaged, nan lor inure man nan a eeniury
maintained I lie) snine principle, ol freedam
anil prngiesa, thiouh all chanje. of parliea
and pnlicie-i.
It atanca for equni righ's for Ih di.tnbo
tion of power; for lioneaty and economy; lor
the sedulity of th glnrinua reult oi".mnnci
pnlion and enirnpchiteineul won by lha war:
and ail practicable lefnrma.
It is opposed to. injustice and apol nlion, din
guicd under the name of p oteriien, aedla
all corrupt pa'ty coinbmai'oa which a:ntice
principleto mere eucceea.
It will riippoit firnnt anJ Vi'aen, became
it lielievea that under them the goverom.nl
ill be more Mnule, and Ilia chance, for pro.
ereaa and reform more certain, thau under any
a linuce of incompatible element.
1 ho Kvc ning I'o.t ia equal to any other a.
a new.paper, and la complete in in noiiHcil,
iU liteiarv, it. acientiHc, iia agricultural and
its commercial department
Pingie ropy one yenr.tl ti Ave oopiee, ona
year, 17. UO; tencopiee, oue yuar.lH.M); twen
ty topic, on yerir, f iOMt.
Sine'e conv. ona rear. 13 00: hva cnpiea.
one J ear, '2.S0; ten copiea, on yr. f 20.00.
Tho.e mlwcnb nr now for one r will re
ceive Ih paper pntil Jannnrv I,
dr we will send th following p dk-ala to
aubaenhera, in connection with Evening
foal at tne price namen :
With With
Weeklv emi Weekly
Evening P... Kvenlna Pot
Harper's WeeeKly.... il 50 3 00
Harper's Bazar 4 50 8 00
Ilurjier's Miijfazlne.... 4 50 fi 00
Every 8aiunlitv 5 00 fi 50
Atlantic Monlhlr 4 00 5 50
Our Younjr Folks 3 00 4 50
Scribuer's Monthly .. 4 50 fi 00
Old nnd New 4 50 6 00
The Giiluxv 4 CO 5 50
Phrenolozirnl Journal 3 50 5 00
The Ajfik-iiltnilit .. . 2 50 4 00
Heart n and nom . . 3 73 5 25
Litcle's Ltvlnjr Ajre... 8 00 9 50
Appletnn'c .Toiirnal. . 4 50 8 00
Wood'. Household Magarte 1 no 3 60
Home Journal 3 50 6 00
The Christian Intel!!.
gencer, with Clironio 3 75 5 35
To each auheenber to the Kvening Poet and
Chrlvtian Intelligencer will ba aeuttb beau-
tmu enromo, inv leaner.
For li ceni wa will aen.l lha Weeklv Even-.
id ro ior ivro monina. or lur w real we
will send the r-e--i--wekly Evening PoM for
I no aii,um. epecimen nurrrtieraaentlera.
Addrea, WM. C. BRYANT 4 CO
t.i.et jfew Tork.
Bead Sr. Hrllra i s Yew Story.
UTEAOiauiaai iiarciaaar to cuciiuaa;
OO rmMfa- II I V.
Tha puhl'.kera at Rcaiiaia'i Mtl.
promiM for tit eaaning year a mara bnlliaat
array or ca-iinouiora, e.m aa laerea i I he
variety led beauty of it HIiiMrainae, already
conceded by I ha rnlic la I "JLmrr lUm mmf
waic ear uuneria appeareq ia y amtnrsa
toiaa n."
Ir. Holland. I h editor, will write tb aerial
atnry f Ih year, which will beaulolMogrni.il
ical ia lurro, and will ba HIiiMra J by alia
Uallork. Il it 4tl;led Arthur Baonie i,l,nd
will deal Willi oin of !i mn.tditBclilt prub
lent of A me; lean life. It will b commenced
ia tbo November number.;
There will be new rory by Sax Uolrn,
Thi on legged iMncar.
Bret Harie, III beat writer of ihort atone
now living, will contribute a rharrlriaii
tory, entitled Th Epic of K)ddlelowa,whin
will be illii.tniel byoliepard.,
R. II. Stoddard will wn a terle.ot enter
taining papera abo.u author, .beirperaooal
charMcteiiaiica, ham lit, C.,,,ilip, friend,
whim, ami way.. Aacrietor portiviiaofliv.
ing American writer, la .l-o promi-ed
Clarence Cook will wnl a ut iiirnilure,
n Ih decoration of Amerionn home.
The paper will be eiP'nciiily prc;ieal a
well a a.-tiati', nd will b illanr.ited wilb
dcairna and eket he. by namemua arti.t in
a'lduiun lo tbos wbub tha peopla will fur
Among Ihoa wh will aontrihut ri
liana Aad.ren, Dryant. lSu.hri.il, Eftle
ton, Froud, Higgintoo, Bi.hop Huntmgtoa.
Hrel Hart, John Hay, H. U., Macdnnalil,
Mitchtll, M a Phelae, Btedman, mockion.
indaard.Calia Thaxter, Warner, Wtlkintoa,
Mr. Whitney, be.ide a hoat of o. her..
Tba.ditnrial coouol and direction of tha
Mavauaa will remaia in Ih hind, of I T.
Hollind, wh will (oulian to writ Tha
Topic of tha Time," which Ih N. T. lad
p.udenl . "are moie widely quoted than
any aimilar Pi.par ia any Ani.ncaa maga
sia'a." Wataoa Gilder will write Th Old CaN
ael;" a biiherta. Prof. John 0. Piapercon
uct ilia department af "itatnr and Sci
ace." 'I b department of "Ho.i and So.
entty"anil "Ciillure and Progre.a," will en
rag t:i. cootrihuilona ol mora than a acor
of peat oa both ida of lb Atlantic. T h
Watchman and Rrlacior y: "Hcribner'.
Monthly for eeptember ia better than uaiial.
which indicaie. a neeile.a waela of editorial
kraiaa and piililial,ei'a monay, for tha Hag.
axine w gool a lough brforel" And yet tii
pubimli.r. prelum lo mak ilatill lititarfor
Ilia eomiag year.
Th ubripiin price it ti fa) a year, with
pacial rat to clergy mea, tacbr and po.l
motera. Th lollowiag
arot1rd lo ew ntiicnbar t
For l u tha publiahtr will nd, or aay
liookaeller ar newedaaler will aupply, Ih
mag.tia for oaa year, and tha twalr aiim.
baraof Vol. Ill and IT, containing lb lie
ginning of Mr. Uliiihanl'a ferial, "At Hia
iateai" for 17 AO, tb Magann (ir n yaar.
nd ih.'.'l Inek nuniban Irom Ih beginning,
for SI" W, Ilia llag'itine lor on ywr.and Ih
H back number bound (4 tul..) charge oa
boned tola, no d. Thie will gi a nearly S.UUU
ago. of lha chalcet t reading, with the flaeal
liluelrationa, far tin , or nearly tui pegea
for a dollarl and will enable every aubtenber
to obtain Ih eenea from lb Ural.
Hpaclal farm lo Dealer, Clrgymn and
Teach, re.
BCI1BNIR CO., tI4 Broadway. N. T.
l'B4allaablyihbet aaatalard wrorka
f lha kiad la tk Wart a."
Harper's Magaxiae.
Xotkmi; Ik ltt.
Th ever increating circiil dinn of thla ex
cellent mnnthl) ninteaiivroniinued adapta
tion to opuliir neirr and aeada. Indeed
when wa ilnak into how many home.it pene
trate, every month, wainii.1 eon.ider it aa
one of th educnloraaa well aa entetlvner. ol
Ih public irii.id.for II. va- t popu'ariiv haa
beea won by no appenl lo n.iiiM.l projudluea
or drpt avert inel e.. Bcult (iluU.
The character which III Kngaxiiu noest.
m forvnnely, euternr so, wenlth, and literary
vulture that hna kept pac with, if it haa not
led Iba time., .hnnpl cnii.e iln condu".ou lo
regara it with jiimfinble com incencv. I alio
enlilleathem In ajrenl c'rim upon die pub.
lie gratitude. The Vofazim haa done good
end not evil all Ilia di'jaof lis -'e. BiooWja
A complete aetof rlaaraa'a Mi(i'.i, now
rmnpr.a.ng 4" vo'imie.. in ne:H cluih bind'ng,
will na aeat bv expre.a liei-rlit at expenae ol
purch.'.vr, for t per v.nuin. sieafe eof.
mm, by ninil. jto-rjwirf, tl INI. Clotq c;iie, for
biudmg, Ucenia, by mail, poll paid.
"A Canaplete rictarial lllatary mt tb
Timn."-MTbe beat, ekraaeat, and aaaat
aaeeemfal Faaally faprr la Ik I aiaw "
Harper's Weekly.
Sclien "j th Prim.
Th WI7 ia the abieat and mini powerful
illuatrnted periodical piibliahed in tin ceun
try. Its editonalaara n hnlarly and convinc
ana enrry mucli aeiglit. lie iiliunra ion
of current aienta are full and Ireth, aadar
prepared bv our beat dengnera. ,ih a cir
culation of l'-U, bO, lha HVty rend bv al
leavt h:il a million per'nna, and it. influedce
ai an org in nl opinion ia aiin il) uemendop..
The B'erWjr inainlaina a poi 've noriuou, and
expieia decided view, on political and eo
cial problem. teauri'e Vomitr-Jounwil.
Tha annual volumes of Hupaa'a Waxxur,
in neat cloth binding, will be aent by expre.i,
fre 01 expen.e, lor ST 00 each. 1 tmupkttM.
compri-ing 6'urea Vohmn. aent on receipt of
a-li at lha rat of6 2A pr vol ,ni)U ml m
jMaia f fnrthamw.
"A Rapaallary of Faeklaa, PUaaar aad
Harper's Bazar.
Xtlictnf lk
Tha Eaur ia edilad with a contribution af
tact and talent that we eeldnm And iu any
jnuinnl; and th journal ilarlf ia th oigpasif
the great world ol faahinn.- ifcwtoa Tmttlm,
Th Baaireommend ifell lo every mem
ber of Ine liou.rhnld to til chili ren by dioll
nnd pretty picture, to the young ladiea hyitt
fa.hioo plntea in endlca variety, to I he prov
ident mati on hyii pailern. lor the children'
'lothea, lo falrrumilim 1J II. ui-efll deaigne
for .mbroidereil -hppcra m nd luxnrioua drea
tng-gowna. Hut lha reading mailer of tlie
htm ia uniformly nf gre.tt excellence. The
paper haa aeon id a wide popularity for the
Areaide enjojmeul it afforda. .V. J. Xiwu'm
llaapxa'a WnaiT, Pai.a, or Maan aa,
on year, each, $4 no.
Am erfra copy . eilAcrrte Maaaaut, Vt'mn,
r Baits. tciliUnppliKl grmtii It errry club of Flva
8csca aa at 14 IV earA im .m roaia.ua,- r,
air ceaiffw $20 On, without mwtrm may.
hikteiiftem tm Haapia'a Miuaiiaa, Vlill.T,
ead Ba(a. at w ee'drna or mm year, lie Ml; ar,
two . Harprr'i Periodirale, te eae mdilrtm tr eat
par f7 00.
edtMmcn be aitjiphed at any time.
Th rlv volume of Hiapxt'a Hai.a, lor
he year. 1SH, Ti, "70, '71, "fx, elegantly
bound ia green moroeco clot, i, will ha aent by
exprexa, freight prepaid, for $7 00 each.
Th po.tagkon Haipaa'i WaaiLvni Ria.a
l t peat a year, M aaanai 14 cent., which
mn.l b paid at I he eatwrierr'. pout a lice.
Addre H AltPEf 4 KUTHEKH, .e?ork
For 1873,
THI Guide ia bow publiahed quarterly.
V5eai pay lor th year, loir anmbara,
which la not half th teak Tni who after
ward Rend money to th amonnl nt oa del
lar or moi for ' nray alao erderlweaty.
Avaeent werlh aura th pria paid lor lha
Tb Jannary aumber 1 heantifwl, giviag
rlana for making Rural Homea, Jiga for
MniogTalil. l)coraliona, Window Card..,
Ae , andconulning a maa. of iaformatioa ia.
valuable la lha lover of lower. Oaa hue.
dred and flfty page, an An tinted ppr,
anin bra hundred engraving aad a auprh
colored plrt and ebramo cover. Tb Srat
edition of two hundred thouaaadjual printed
la Kngliahindfteiman.eud ready to aend eat.
SSnov JAMES V1CK, Rochester, N. T.
Adtkrtisixo reminds oeonla of
thfngi they uto! been wanting all
along, Ijut had forgotten all about
Farmer's Homes.
Frank 1). Curtis, in his ad
dress before tha New York
State Agricultural Society, iaH
sereral good thingi iq regard to
farmer' home, bat none more
to the point than the following
in regard to - the location and
arroandingi of the dwelling:
"A KouSe on a bill with no trees
arouod it looks oheerless and
unhotnelike. Have grounds
around the dwelling. Tear away
the fences; they cost money and
are useless I mean iences shat
ting the house up as if there was
danger of ita running' away.
Let there te not less thin an
acre of door-yard; ten will be
better. It can be do waste, bat
it will be ft thing of beauty, and
'a thing of beauty is a joy forev
er.' There need not be any lots
to be tasteful; nature and beauty
are synonymous; good taste and
economy can therefore be made
handmaids to each other. Set
your fruit trees in this enclosure
and dig around them with a
spade each year, and top dress
the whole, and they will grow
finely, and the grass will grow
luxuriantly, and the house will
grow beautiful, the children will
grow contented, the fathers and
mothers as they grow old will
grow happy, the neighbors will
grow to emulite and to excel,
and the township will grow ai
tractive, and the young women
will grow up to feel that there
U no place after all like 'Home,
Sweet Home.' "
e copy the following card
'o the Auditor of Jackson
county from the lierald:
"J. II. Booth, Esq Dear
Sir: As you stated in your let
ter ol the lllli inst., many
boards of education may have
levied the lull five mills on the
dollar of valuation of the taxa
ble property of their township;
but the Auditor, it he places
the same on the duplicate, vio
lates the plain provisions of the
law. The amount received by
a lawful levy, in many instan
ces is not sufficient to meet the
wants ol the schools, hut such
is the law; we .can only exe
cute Its profusions. The codi
fied bill whilt was before the
Legislature last winter, when
passed, will give ample relief
Until then, school boards will
have to limit themselves lo tha
amounts raised by the rate ol
levy fixed by la. Yours, dec."
Farmer's Homes. THOS. W. HARVEY, Com'r.
per J. M. TIBBETTS, Clerk.
A writer in the Western Ru'
ral sm: "Take boiled linseed
oil and stir in pulverized chnr
coal to the consistency of paint.
Tut a co it of this ovrr the tim
ber, and there is not a man who
will live long enough to sec it
rotten. I discovered many
years ago lbt wood could be
made to last longer than iron in
the ground, but thought the
process so simple and inexpens
ive that it wsj not worth while
making any stir about it. i
have taken out basswood posts
alter having been set seven
year, that were as sound as
when first put into the ground.
Time and wetther seemed to
have no i fleet on them. The
posts can be prepared for less
than two centa apiece." They
should be well seasoned brforo
the oil and charcoal are applied.
The Terre Haute minister
who surprised a female parish
ioner in the act ol leaving a
covered basket at bis door on
New Year's Kve and admon
ished the woman of the torrid
future in store for unnatural
mother?, did not have that fat
turkey for hia New Year's din
A Yale College student late
ly went through a civil service
examination, and after passing
triumphantly astonished the
examiner! by felling them
that be did not want any office,
but merely wanted to see what
the examination was like.
JosKPQiXK Makhfirld, through
her counsel, has attached the
property of Nathan Appleton
at Newport, R L, to the amount
of $20,000 for the loss of $12,
500 whrch he deported with
Bowler - Brothers just before
their failure.
How Magazines are Made.
I have always had a deair to
know how our fireside month
lies were nude, and so the o her
day I determined to gratify my
curiosity, and on casting my
eyes about me, I soon fixed
upon Wood's Uousehold Maga
zine, as the object of my visit.
This popular monthly, as
perhaps our readers are aware
is published in the beautiful
hillside city of Newburgh, on
the Hudson. Could nature's
surrounding beauties in any
way affect a magazine, then
Wood's, indeed, would be the
grandest in the world.
But it is of my visit more
especially that I Intend at this
time to speak. It was on the
last day of the otd year that I
presented myself at the edito
rial tanctum tanctorum of this
noted monthly. The omens
were propitious, and presently
I was enjoying a rocial chat
with the editor of the nngn
zine. A more pleasant and re
tiring man it has never been
my good fortune to meet, ami
I could scarcely credit that the
modett, unpretending gentle
man seated in the cliair before
me had, unaided by either
Iriends or money, and undei
circumstances most discourag
ing, in lesi than ten years cs
tablished on a firm foundalion,
one nf the most popular ' Dol
lar Monthlies" of our day.
Having stated the object ot
my visit, Mr. Wo nl very kindly
volunteered to initiate me into
the mysteries ol tho art, if ru
we may cjII it, and fjrihwitli
proceed 1 to do, by saying
that tho first thing in order
was the gathering of material.
I was not a little surprised
when lie quietly informed me
i hat his matter" for the p itt
year cost him no less ilnn six
thousand dollars. Said be, ''I
payed Gail Hamilton thrt-e
thousand dollars a year; I hav
given Harriet Beecher Stowe
two hundred dollars per ar;i
cle; James 1'artoa fil'lj; Tilton
the same; T. 8. Arthur, out
hundred; Horace Greeley, one
hundred; Joel Ueally, fiity:
Wakely thirty; T. li. Bjechcr.
thirty-six; Virginia Townsend,
thirty; Harriet I'rescott Spot
IbrJ, saventy-five; and Riheco
IJarding Davis, one hundred
and tweu'. -Ire dollars, eic
All of ihtfie articles vary in
length frrm one and a half ti
six pages. Oi' course selected
matter does not cost anything
The material being now al i
obtained, it is sent to the com
positor's department, which,
being in another street, nnd
not in his main building we
did not visit. The "matter''
being "set up," the forms an
tereotyped, and the plates
are returned to the pnsiro ra
sitUutl on the first iliorol
the main building. In thi de
partment we louiid lour large
look presses, valued at from
three thousand to three thou
sand five hu idre 1 dollars
apiece. These presses print
sixteen pages with every im
The paper being now print
ed, it is placed upot an eleva
tor in the corner of the ro m
and with il we acendd to the
fourth floor, where these sheets
of sixteen pages were quickly
folded by means of large lold
ing machines attended by
girl.-; these sheets are then ta
ken where they are gathered,
stabbed, and stitched.
And now it remains only to
paste on the cover, and the
magazine is ready lor mailing,
and ol course it is no little
work to post over three hun
dred thousand magazines. The
mailing . department alone
eives constant employment to
six female mailers. Mr. Wood
informed us that he mailed
thirty bags in a day.
Ia all, the establishment
gives employment to about
fifty hands. The running ex
penses of the house must be
immense, and yet a very large
subscription list, .enables the
manager to send forth a Dollar
Monthly, that is read and en
joyed, no doubt, in thousands
of hemes from Maine to Cali
Tiik late Edwin Forrest If It
diamonds to the value of $10,'
000. -
Should any ol our readers
ever chance to come to New
bur;l), take our advice and see
for yourself what we have tried
From the Democratic
Republican, Hamilton,
N. Y., Jan. 9th, 1873.
Tub rostoflice Committee of
the House of Kepresentatives,
at Washington, unanimously
authorized its chairman, Gan.
Furnsworth, to prepare a bill
to reduce letter postage from
three cents to two cents. In
all probability the bill will
be favorably received.
Oxk hundred and fifty years
ago, a Massachusetts Committee
refused to permit girls to study
arithmetic and grammar; and
a little later a teacher in Ply
mouth county was discharged for
instructing girls to cipher, on
the ground that their heads
were too weak to stand the
'train of mathematics! Cun we
wonder that woman has been
-uch a cipher, when men were
such vulgar fractions?
It h cruel to put your liar
tiess or saddle upon the galled
1) ick of youi horse, when he
ran be so easily cured by the
ipp'icalion ol 1'rof Andersnu'c
Dcrnudor. The galled breast
of draught horses are lie led n
a few hours by this wonderful
iniment. See advi riiSvMneni
in another column.
Holloway's Ointment and Pills.
The progress of scrofula is
arrested. It clears this skin ol
ill disfigurements. The pill
ore astonishing whole district''
by their cures of chills and le
vcr, etc. Sold 78 Maiden Line.
N. Y. Price 25 cents ptr poi
or box. Ask for new sty'i; the
Id is counterfeited.
Imi IMC' NT J" I is rivrnduys, in
a tend ill fri-eerviti; nnu liunt;.. u
uirculnrs, luindliilla nnl posters !or no
tices ol articles they vriuli In purithiiac
look to columns of the best iicwspu
pers in uriler to finil where tneii
vitnts enn he eupplieil. Si well ia
this principle lieo.nnin un IniHtotul
that tlieulriciil irmnuitiriuf New Yolk.
nt meeting held ln-t week, di eidei
to di-ipenae with the uae of lii'ls and
punters unit rely for their ooiiiiuunicii
ciin with the tmlilio sululy upon tin
it'lvertiain columns of prriimnciitli
untiiblinlipil nmi ri'fjulurly iecn;i izct)
lewspitper They conaiiler thin hot)
he cheapest nnd inot effective win
of olituininir publicity, na it umiuuut
Washington Star
SlIUIIIIl How to Obtain t!
lid WAXti'LU.
Particular and 8.1111 de. .cut on rrcc pt of
t' p. Na Capital Mcreaanry. A-Vre M.
bl'Ti'ox Co.. 7"4 uvu.iiiw.,), ew York;
t anltliiv
Catarrh, Consump ion & rfnjumjtism.
Irnmeiiiale relief nnd a peiin:.i 11 1 cur,
jiinriiutced 111 every -.-. piri.ciilnr. ecu'
ree. Addie-a I lintou Medical Innliliite, lit
Rial Kith St., N V.
Errors of Youth.
Kjb-aan l Pre.nrlntion.thi' will cure any
i. of Seminal Weakne.a, Emi-I',n. .,
and rbire but manhood to perfect bia lll.
kmt rain to an., by on' who li 1. uile.-(d him'
. no cured. Adilre.., with atainp. Knuia
rsiMtiM. flalion V, New York. '-I nly
Love and Matrimony.
The affection, mav he g tine I by fi-llowinv
"impl rule., and all limy marry hn'ppilr with
nut regard to e.l:li, age or beauty. Ad .resi.
Willi .lamp.
Ma lam Lucille Pemarre, Bible House
Station. N. Y. 2jauly
No Peraon earn take the. Dittera ac
cording to directions, and remain long nnwelL
provided their bones are not destroyed by mine,
ral poison or other mean, and vital organi
wasted beyond the point of repair.
Dyepep.la r Iwdlgeetlan, nesdache.
Pain la the Shonldcra, Coughs, Tightness of the
Chest, Dizziness, Sour Eructations of the Sto
mach, Bad Taste In the Moutli. Billons Attacks,
Palpitation of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain In the regions of the Kidneys, and
hundred other painful symptoms, are the off
springs of Dyspepsia. One lioltle will prove s
better guarantee of Its merits than 1 lengthy
Par FeanaleCwaaplalat, In young or old,
married or single, al the dawu of womanhood,
or the turn of life, these Tonic Rlttera diaplay so
decided an Influence that Improvement ia soon
For Inflammatory and Chroale
IlheaanatlaiM and Gout, VllioiM, Remittent
aud Intermittent Fevers. Diaesuea of the Blood,
Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Hitters have
do equal. Sucb Diseases are caused by Vitiated
Tew ar a areatl Parfratlre aa well
aa a Tonic, possessing iho merit of acting is
a powerful agent In n licvlng Congestion or In
flammatlon of the IJvtr and Visceral Organs,
snd in Billons Diseasea.
Far Skin Dlxaaes, Eruptions, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples. Pustules,
Bolls, Carbuuclcs, Rlug-worma, Scald-IIend,
Soro Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolors
'.Ions of the Skin, llumors and Diseases of the
Skin of whatever -name or nature, are liter
illy dug np and carried out of the sys
m In a short tlmeliy the use of these Bitters.
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vinroar
Bitters the niost wonderful Invigorant that
iver sustained the sinking avstem.
Druggists and Gen. Agts., Kan Francisco, CaL.
a cor. of Washington and Charlton eta., N.Y.
Tea year ar a ttat
ll lewt baa provetl lr
Crook' W In r Tar It
buve mora merit tlinn
any aliniliir prcj aiutlnu
ever ollered to tlie pub.
lie. It la rich In Uie
medlcinnl qualities ol
Tar, and uiiciuhIi U fot
dlacnami of tlielbraal
and liflaia, iKirfornilng
ki. wr ItHH.MVAlll.B
WV W enre. It EKrtfiCTU AX.Lt
sJVr W3tciirc all tow-l-am aud
j;v? ollaj. It hna cuml ao
many eiiae 01 awihhw
and llraurhii.M, tluit II
hus iMt-n piotiouneed a
ancelHe for thewo 00m.
uliitnii. Kor Palna In
M , 1'iia Ureaot. Bkl 01
&&fl!fifi. Iarli.4irael or Kril-
if Ihe Vrlnary Oritmi. Janndlee. ot
ny 1.1 ver r.iaalsial it bus no ei.unU
U U alaa siir.rrlr Ton r,
ilewlarra lha Appetites
Kealarea lha Hak and O. bllllaledl.
Bernave 1J apei"l l4llirl.
yivea one io yowr ej.-.
mt Tale, Tsllow. Sxkly-LeoUns nib
a clinii"! l loon of f.fslincH uml benltli
r 11.. ublu. fliwulea.
Pn.liite. n-a' Urn nml Krnpllonai nrt
iii"Vi,i.aicroiiie, rroaiw. -af
lyra. Wh t Hwellln. V eer.
Old r are ornny kind of Humor inpldly
. . .11 .....I... ltd litrliit.iic
IWIHOIP Him Mli-,i'r. , -
In fuel il will do yon more uood. nml cine
voiniion aiHv illly limn nnv nnd all plliei
PiviiinlbiMrui'ldiiel. Whit Is it I It l ;na
lur sown r-di,rer! A aolulileoxyil oflrorj
ciioldiied Willi llio iiKMllclniil irorMMtleso
P ike It l illvnstnloinlldliroeiibleiUul
Itiea It wlllriiranny liroii?ror I "'
alandlnT l'-a- wlne en or olivet
. . k.mm ir -iaittf iHtti.Pnlnw
In l.lmlw or I'niif.l (n-lllnllonHbr-
Iten riaan t'V .Mcn-iiriui or ouicr ,!-.. 1, .,
nreull -im-il fivlt. Koriyili'l.or iyplf
lllilr l.i tt.lber' W noililii ' ,,n- i M.
V :' ... ....... 1. imi t oit nn.
miillliN ttmi'lHXD MVKIP o
PUkL' llOO I .
Is widely known
as one of the most
effectual remedies
ever discovered for
cleansing the sys
tem and purifvmg
tho blood. It' hns
stood the test of
years, with a con
stantly growing rep
utation, bated on its
intrinsic virtues, nnd sustained by its re
markable cures. So mild ns to be safe nml
beneficial to children, and yet to searching
as to effectually purge out (be great cor
ruptions of the blood, such ns the scrofulous
and syphilitic contamination. Impurilic,
or diseases that hare lurked in tho system
for years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hcnco its wonderful
cures, many of which are publicly known,
of Scrofula, nml all scrofulous dircarcs,
Ulcers, Eruptions, and eruptive dis
orders of tho skin, Tumors, Blotches
Dolls, Pimples, Pustule, Sores. St.
Anthony's Fire, ltos or Erysipe
las, Tetter, Salt Itlieum, Scald
llcnd, Itlngworm, nnd internal Ul
cerations of the Uterus, Stomach,
nml Liver. It also cures other coin
plaints, to which it would not seem cfjicci
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, I)j npep
slit. Fits Neuralgia, llenrt Disease,
Female Weakness, Debility, nnd
Leucorrlioca, when Ibcy are manifesta
tions of the scrofulous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health nnd
strength in tho Spring. By renewing tho
appetite and vigor of the digestive orfnns,
it dissipates the depression and listless lan
guor of the season. Even where no disorder
nppcars, people feel better, and live longer,
for cleansing the blood. Tlie system moves
on with renewed vigor and a new lease of
Dr.J.CAYER&CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Ckemltt:
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Fever and Ague, Intermittent Fever,
Chill Fever, Remittent Fever, Dumb
Ague, Periodical or Bilious Fever, &o.,
nd indeed all tho affections which arise
lrom malarious, marsn, or miasmatio
No one remedy Is louder
called for by the necessities of
the American people than a
sure and safe cure for Fever
and Aguo. Such we are now
enabled to offer, with a perfect
certainty that it will eradicate
the disease, and with assur
ance, founuVI on proof, that no harm can arise
from its use in liny quantity.
That which protc -.U from or prevent) Oils ills
order must bo of Immense service in Hie com
niunities where it prevails. I'reccntiun is better
than cure, for the patient escapes the rik u hicli
ha must run in violent attacks of this baleful dis
temper. This "Cuius" expels the miitnmlio
poison of Fkver and Auuk from the system,
and prevent tho development of the disease, if
taken on tint first approach of Its premonitory
symptoms. It is not only the best remedy ever
yet discovered for this class or complaints, but
also tho cheapest. Tho largo quantity we sup
ply for a dollar brings it within Ihe reaih or
everybody; and in bilious districts, where
r'KVKit and Aiii'F. prevails, everybody should
hare it, and use It freely, both for cure and pro
tection. It is honed this price w ill place it within
tlie reach of all the poor as weft as the rich.
A great superiority or this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure or Intermittent is, Hint it contains no Qui
nine or mineral; consequently it produces no
quinism or other injurious effects whatever npon
the constitution. Thoso cured by it nre left as
healthy as if they had never had Ihe disease.
Fever and Ague is not alone tlie consequence
of Ihe minstnntin poison. A great variety nf dis
orders arise from its irritation, among which
nre Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Headache,
Blindness, Toothache, Enrnchc, Catarrh, Asth
ma, Palpitation, Painful Affection nf Ihe Spleen,
Hysterics, Pain In the Bowels, Colic, Parnlrsis,
and derangement of the Stomach, r.U of which,
when originating in this cause, put on the In
tcrmittent type, or become periodical. This
"Cuiik" expels the poison from the blood, and.
consequently cures them nil nlike. It is an in
valuable protection to immigrants nnd personal
travelling or temporarily residing in the mala
rious districts. If taken occasionally or dally
while exposed to the infection, that will be ex
creted from the system, and cannot accumulate
in siifU lent quantity to ripen into disease.
Hence it is even more valuable for protection
than cure; and few will ever suffer from Inter-,
mlttents if thev avail themselves or the protec
tion this remedy affords.
For liner Complaint, arising from torpid.
Ity of the Liver, it is an excellent remedy, atim
tilating the Liver into healthy activity, and pro
ducing many truly remarkablo cures, where
other medicines fad,
nrsAXEo or
Dr. J. C. AYEIt tk CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chtmltlm.
STOCK and Ore Scale a good aa new, for
.ale at very low price, ('all on
pavll B.C. JOKES Attarney.
Done Neatly and Promptly a

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