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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 06, 1873, Image 2

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MoAlt'fllUK, omo
THURSDAY, FEB. 0, 1873.
County Infirmary.
ferred the letting ol tbe con
tract oq the Infirmary building
until the 10th. We understand
they ire now satisfied that the
plans and specifications under
winch the bids were made are
weak"and defective architect
orally, and are uot such draw
ings as are contemplated by
the law. If the plans are weak
and defective, "Ihey 'may de
pend upon It, the building' will
te weaker, and they ."will be
called upon to psy extra for a
thousand different thijig? ac(u-.
ally necessary for the strength
and beauty, of tue. jbuijmng.
There is jio rore, q9.rnm9.r1 wajf
of "setting ,W a, jpty? th.an by
defective drawings ,ot pnblio.
buildings.pdi it (s to. Jje hoped
they will throw the whole thing
aside, and employ A competent
architect. The present draw
ings are ncjt ia data&.jsqh.rJ
would be furnished by an
architect, and .moreover, are
made in lead pencil, instead
of, India ink or something
which can not be erased by
handling, or with arubber, if it
should suit the fancy of. the
contractor to make a change.
If any of our business men
were going to erect a 10,000
building they would employ an
architect, and tbe drawings
would be so full and complete
that no question could arise
between the owner and build
er on the smallest matter,
which the drawings would not
settle beyond dispute m a mo
ment. Such drawings are what
is contemplated by (he law
and would cost more (first cost)
than those now on hand, but
would be cheaper in the end,
secure a substantial building,
and would prevent any claims
for extra pay for a door, a clos
et, a cornice, a spout and a
hundred other little things
which tbe contractor would
claim were not in the plan.
With full drawings a contractor
would know just what he was
bidding on, to the very last
nail that went in the building,
and the Commissioners would
know exactly what kind
of a building they were going
to get for their money. If the
work goes on under the present
bidding and plans there will be
no end to the misunderstand
ings which will arise, and the
county will have to pay lor
all in of them in the end.
At a municipal election
held at Lexington, Ky., last
week, th'a Democrats who held
the offices refused to let Re
publicans voto who had not
paid their taxes, and the Col
lector of taxes refused to re
ceive their tax, while Demo
crats were allowed to vole re
gardless of whether they had
tnx receipts or not Steps
have been taken to prosecute
the Election Judgep, City Col
lector and City Council.
Maj. Addisoit Pearson, of
Chillicothe, a gentleman well
known in Masonic and Odd
Fellow circles, died of apo
plexy on Sunday night of last
week. Tbe Major was a public
spirited gentleman, eminently
social in disposition and uni
versally beloved by a large ac
quaintance. We know of no
person whose loss would be
more generally felt by Chilli
The Democratic Court IIous6
clique at Columbus have be
come so bold in their opera
tions that the Statesman, a
Democratic paper, has been
compelled to open war on them
as common thieves, who must
be exterminated for the public
Conobess has abolished the
franking privilege, the bill
cutting oil all office! s of high
and low degree, by a vote of
143 to 48.
Uesht Hastings, of High
land Co., O , died at Frankfort,
on the 13th, Kansas, aged .107
The investigating' t&mmk--
lees of Congress appear to bo
doing their work thoroughly
and exposing the rottenness
and corruption of some ot our
latter-day politicians,-bringing
to light 'matters-which will as
tonisb -people who remain at
home and earn their living by
honest industry.
In the Caldwell investigate
ingVoramittee it has been
proved beyond .-doubt . that
Caldwell bought his seat in the
Senate by bribery of the Kan
8as Legislature. We have no
doubt the committee will so
report, and he will be expelled
Itr the Credit Mobillier com
mittee Oakes Ames says that
several members of Congress
dabbld'ir the stocw. Amonz
the number are Colfax and
Kelly. BothTwear positively
that they iBever -owned any ol
ihe-stock, while Oakes Ame
swears positively that they did.
The committee will be likely
to sift the thing down till they
Ascertain the truth. Brooks,
ot New York, Democrat, is-said
to be the only member who re
ceived stock without paying
for it.
In the investigation of the
Louisiana election muddle on
Mcnday, the U. S. Inspector
completely turned the tables
on the Kellogg (Democratic)
faction in Louisiana by swear
ing to wholesale dealing in
fraudulent affidavits and lists
in the interest of Kellogg Sy-
pher of the House of Ilepre
sentatives, who was present,
undertook to break the witness
down, when, to the amazement
ofSypher, he unfolded to the
committee Syp'ier's purchase
of a ballot box, which would al
low of unlimited stufling,wl)ich
Sypher used to render his elec
tion to Congress Bure, and
which was stuffed in Sypher's
In the Kansas LegisUture.on
the 29th ult., John J. Ingalls
was elected U. S. Senator by
an almost unanimous vote,
over Pomeroy, the present U.
S. Senator Irom that State.
The result was brought about
by benator York, who in pur
suance of the plans of tbe anti
Pomeroy men, sold his vote to
Pomeroy for $8,000, $7,000 ol
which was paid down. York
exposed the whole thing and
turned the money over to the
Speaker of the House. Pome
roy has long been suspected of
rascality, but has escaped ex
posure until he lell into York's
The Commissioner of Intern
al Revenue will issue, in a few
days, a circular order for the
purpose of doing away with
the offices of Assessors and
Assistant Assessors to take
place on the 1st of March. A I
ter this work is completed
the consolidation of districts
throughout tbe State will be
"In Lutterworth, England,
iwo days before 'Jiiristmis,
three clergymen, sitting as
magistrates, sent a woman sev
enly years old to the prison for
the crime of having broken a
stick from a tanner's hedge,
thereby inflicting damage to
the amount of one penny."
Donn Piatt fought a duel, i 1
1S46, at Columbus Ohio. The
seconds loaded the weapons
rifles with ashes; and after
three "flashes in the pan,' the
principals shook hands. The
lady in the case is now a citi
zen of Marietta, and would not
be caught speaking to Donn.
About a dozen years ago a
boy of fifteen, named Ambrose,
without friends, was arraigned
at Westminster, committed to
a reformatory, and subsequent
ly sent to Australia. Inquiry
is now made for him on ac
count of heirship to a fortune.
Tue congressional investiga
tions are having one good pf
feet at least." Ljind grants and
subsidies are being knocked
higher than a kite.' Members
are looking sharp to their rec
ord on these items.
Four boilers in the Ameri-
LcaimW,lrks, Pi ttsbu ex
ploded, killing seven, persons.
and wounding thirty or ipflyJjnd
A sweet little boy, only
eight years old bless his lit
tle heart walked -3 iBhX'othe
scene of a teachers' exarotnaaJ:nl
tion at Qawego, last week, and
bawled .'ouV'Annip, your tel
ler Is down to the housel"
fiiHfeW. O. Clark has
kef ! ...
oten cxpeuea irom tue JNew
York Conference of the Metli".
odist Church for carrying on a
lottery, ostensibly for the ben
efit 6'f a mission house and tree
reading room. v Mr Clark con.
tlnue's to serve a church of his
own in Brooklyn, and is appar
ently successful.
Tub man who can't live hap
py unless his mother-in-law
lives in tbejsdiie house-with
Him, isn't a resident of New
York .?He Hves in- Lancaster,
tie: says she's the only woman
who can tackle his wife sue
cessfully. They .take up so
much time jawing each other
that Jje jss:B" peaceful life.
Logan Republican.
iWENTY FiyK thousand dol
lars liave been appropriated
for the ' ' Agricultural College
tuilding ' at Columbus and the
purchase of apparatus; also five
thousand dollars for the im
provement of the grounds. In
dividual subscriptions to the
college are $9,000, 'which will
be at once collected. The col
lege will be open the first
Monday in September of the
present year.
Tue Wuuseon Republican
tays-: "The old idea that 10
below zero killed the buds of
peach trees seems to be incor
rect. In the present winter
the mercury has been as low
as 35 below zero in certain
fruit sections of Michigan, and
fruit growers consider the pros
pect ot a good crop of peaches
quite good. It seems that if
the tree is properly matured a
very great amount of cold can
be borne by it.
Tiieke is a less supply of flour
at New York and most of the
grain and market centers cf
our country by some three
hundred thousand barrels than
at the same time last year, and
also less than lor any year
since 1867. Wheat, pork and
pork products are advancing
in the principal markets of the
country. Whether all this
will be sustained rraains to be
seen, but the indications are
that a foreign demand for sur
plus is the chief cause of the
Some time ago, says the
Swiss Times, two youths at
Berne addressed a letter to
President Grant, asking him to
aid them in gathering a col
lection of American postage
stamps. A few weeks ago the
youths unexpectedly received
through the Envoy at Berne, an
assortment of United States
stamps, accompanied by a let
ter, in which the President
said his many duties had pre
vented him undertaking the
collection himself, and that
therefore his youngest son had
taken the matter in hand.
Fathrk Burks say: "When
ever I see a drunken Irishman
on the street, as a priest I. regret
and weep for his sins, hut as an
Irishman I feel as if I couM
strangle him with theae hands of
mine for disgracing so grand a
people, so honorable a race, and
so pure, heroic and munificent,
a history as ours." Ob, that
this spirit would prevail with the
lower'class of Irish men and wo
man in this country, for the sake
of their poor suffering children,
who are reared up on the little
that can be spared from whisky.
The amount is too small to pro
vide food, clothing and school
books. They get more of nei
Fat Contributor
If jou want aged, rusty
goods at the highest prices,
do not fail to call npon the
man who does not advertise.
A Brave Brakeman.
Jjjejassengers besan.lo
A train wa snowed up on
Wisconsin railroad recently,
afl?rT76m hunger, no""pfcvl
sions being obtainable. Intel
ligence ot their condiiion"liav-
inf -, :
Ulooks oheerless and
a lull Willi utt irasi
Iltva grounds
1 awemng. xearawaj
Jthe cost money md
J I mean iences ah at
jruse up as if there was
n its running' iwsy.
be no', less thin an
ior-yard; ten ' will be
d can be no waste, bat
thing of beauty, and
5 beauty is a joy forev
e need not be anj loss
ijful; nature and beauty
imons; goad taste ami
an therefore be made
1 to each other. Set
1 trees in this enclosure
around them wiin a
1 year, and top dresi
, and they will grow
1 the grass will grow
y, and the house will
utiful, the children will
;cnted, the fathers and
Is they grow old will
11? .
lime 10
fpy, the neighbors will
eraul ite and to excel,
jwnship will grow at
md the young women
I up to feel that there
be after all like 'Home,
kme.' "
arn v affmt
nnjr auvbk
r .
last (laV
r s s
rial mwntft-
Were pro
. , ,,
Willi Hie
mv ffOO'l
"V b
I Could
Hinder: t
ill d li
ing , in
III la
lar Alont
py the following card
Auditor of Jackson
Jrom the UeraM:
K. Booth, Esq -Dear
lyou stated in your let-
Uhe 11th insl., many
f education may have
bnuerTOocuiitft L-iT-Armsiaiict'trrs
like t hese, the writer.of such nn
incident can hardly tell which
(o admire the most, 'the true
heroism of the Irakeman, who
periled his own lite to carry
aid to his fellon'-rreaturee, or
the man who so promptly and
generously rewarded the deed
of the hero."
the mvs
we may
that til-
IV MS the
I was
When hi
TliE oWstory-1 of bctra; ol. de
sertion, and suicide comes from
Savannah,' Ga., bat the trade
phase of it is a variation from
the usual routine of such com
monplace matters of news. A
young roan named George Mnyo
wooed and won a respoctablo
and beautiful girl, and deceive I
her fur a year or more, ami
roraised to marry her every
month in tbe jeir, and at last
told her he was going to marry
some one else. The girl felt
that she was an outcast, and in
her frenzy over her fate told
her brother and other members
cf the ftmily all her secret.
The brother provided himself
with two pistols and started vi li
the expressed determination of
killing Mayo at night. Maya,
suspecting that his life wns not
safe, left by the first railroad
train. The brother followed
him on the next. Mayo 'got off
his I rain at a way station, and
the brother passed him und went
on to the next town. '-'When he
arrived there he received a tele
gram from some one who knew
his purpjse, ftatlng that Mayo
was dead, and that he need, nut
hunt for him aiiy -more. Tha
miserable man had first shot him self
through the head, and then
cut his throat, and ahogeihcr
made a clflan j-b of it, and anvcd
the avenger of a sister's shaiue
the trouble of doing a murder
and having the burden on his
mind. ...
They have a minister down
at Piketon who has the right
kind nf grit. For some time
past his flock ha been quite
dilatory about paying up their
quarterage; he frequently men
tioned the matter to tbe breth
ren but they paid no attention
to bis appeals for what wa
justly due him. So the other
Sunday, after delivering his
sermon, he aeain brought the
matter up plainly telling his
congregation that If they did
not "square up," he'd throw
up his charge and lake his
jack plane and go to work at
his trade. It is hardly worth
while to add (hat the preacher
head ov c.vtti.k. 4 siilcii
Sinte ef Okla, Vlntea Coaatyi v
Mary JIutton.l others, Plaintiffj, '
Against -Samuel
Graresjind others, Defendants.
in I !. Uwjji Com rmtm PUai. Ordtr (
UI I IttlUM, ... .
lUPSITAKT to the command of an Order or
OUale ut Partition ian.l from Hie Court cf
. mmod PIhm of Vinton County nn.1 lo me
PUbllShln,' hri 4 tu.l ooumv, I will olUr
ml. .1 lha iliuip Al lh. r.nn u n .
ciNxf Mi-Arihur, Vmto.Vuuuiy.iMiii, oa '
Uudscturday, the 8th day of March, A.D.
lh ho"", ' n'olm-lc, P.'t- ofusl.t ilajr.'lh
lowing aWritxnJ land ai teuemeuu, to
ini, 'iit half ol lli north west' qinrtar of
I,'""11 Ko lwvle,(ii)townhiri N nme.lH)
111 mnao No. ninotmn, (111) Vinton connr ,
, Jio. contmninx rirriitj-eilit boJ nutty four
11 ln.lr..ih. (7 bl) imth.
,. nil ihe-thll of the notli wft nnnrlrr
i.ip, larirr, (iiu.nnnip no nin,
I "nil rMncf N.. nlnrirrn, (Hi) iu mhI conn-
8pr"rl"iiix in iniiiiwiiiuiiAui, Mini 10 'olio
r,J"i hy ml .osfph Hnip : romm'nMnir
01 " '"" w oriiHr or inn nonh-wmi
wrier of nu I nw tion No. twelva. (li) then"
' "jrC") rot. Ilixnc nriu veiny
Mo (72) roili.. Ihni' oulhwet mnng lh
,or,y H1- Inen-niorlh llmtfen
ultH:i)M .1 iheni'n ret frtjr-lhr (41) rodn,
li" or ml I q'lirmr ei'.iion, unit
lUtjcn,.- i m.. aavintv.iinfl tTl r.AJftk tl.
nmi'"1'' of rwnlnmnu IllMininy lhirlfle (io
J ri" nnH forty (4 ) rMl n,..r or Imhi
nineteen (IU)R"rm olf lh wft id nf
eili lortli .nrt ni mid tru t, beinn ninflpen
It') ft" orth wpl idf of tract of Hie
tilting oHn'la'reNiiitri!i taring; .n the
. .'idlrjut twenty Itfnn I thw-foirth. (i'.'il
A 'I her rwintf in .mil flrsl trui'l, pevun
y-eiKht nnd Hixt.t.toiirli'iudrKdthiiiii-ren, nil
mriu,id lxi l iiik Na I I.vIiik in Vininnronn.
y, Ohio. Thi eninv tract CHiimiiiiiiK one
mnored n l loumnd tti.rtv nine huuilielilw
Kl AiimiHe. nt one thoiiBtiml mr hundred nnd
ilnety-euht dolmrH; (f ,H!d.0ii) xulijma to Hie
''' K-'ite of .l ine ilmves wt low of Jo
I -eph Unites an.1 to tiemd.l on order in I rn
man mat"" "" "I'ldo-Hid nof Mury II utt uridniti.
toai.r, nxiinst .lowiihiirireoiiiid other", itci-iira-
n" IO wr" fifunon lenuel mun Hie
,.urt iifcoimnnn Plena of Vinton county,
i '.no, in ii(n- , ri.i muetatllior two-third
anpia ed mlue.
1 One-third cash in hand; one-third in one
v"r' oo'hnd III iwo yenrn. elerred uiy
laOllSIiedneuta to be. em red dy iiinrtiiiK "U the
. retiiie, uud to draw hi her l ent, inter!
Sherillnl ViiiIk. I.'umil-v.l).
Homm C. Jon,:-, .l.tomei fjr PUuiul,
Kehrunry B, lbT:.
visit,JiCju a i3ix.uu.
" ILL nnVrat xiUle auction, al tine late
IroHidtnce of Jacub Hawk, Jr ,
Five Miles North-west of MoActbur,
proceedTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1873,
fo"owiDH property towitt
1 TieO'IIttrst tt'ayou. 1 Ox-Cart.l'lmct
lliiiuia and t'thtr Agricultural
rm "itt mn rtte ft a r n
tUWSj A1,3U A
buckeye nowiaa machine
And a lot of Old Iron.
ll "lima over H Hnll'ira, nix month' credit
wiin npprGTe I aei'iiruy.
J'totl 11 K. HAWK, Executor.-
Al'THP tH'J PVRUllie 1,
601 Krondw.iy, New York,
13 the heat aytem ol modern abort hand
writiuc. Hy lU mil reporters are e tallied
lo write verb itim lt,n n-e ! .e. nf tiie lunM
rapid tiillieia. Willi the iireulext ease. ia n
I'Mncn of htinlv a edv leimelaa any ol
the rommon liranvhea, amli rein I in.', writ
inx, lint, meiiu ni ununnnu-. and in) Iiohc
MUireil by any t'htld lint cun rend .(niiiin.in
limit ren lily. ih charai-tera are aa tl.xd
ami epriiiin in Ih.ir tiieiiiiiii;, na legible, na
iliiln!-iiihiiiil, aa IhiiiiiiIiiI a ii.oae now in
uiiiiitiioii u. r innie ejMeiunlii-, nnd mure
reudily lenrned,
Tbe ureal uiility nf Plinnomphy la hilly
enneeile.l bv leaehera M'ldeiii-, Ini-uieaa and
nolen-inn..l mn. The de-nnud for I'h'-noir.
raphera la tfrent. r'thiin Ibe aupply, nnd cun
Ktnitly ini-reaaini;. It ia n aiire and ensy
.t.pinii etnne for a young mini or annum to
immediate, peruiiinent an I reiientnh'e em
ploMnetil, nl aiihirie-nf from 1 1, .'mi in :t la 0
pel vei.r, ns reporter" for newpaperi. eivil
and linlilnry vnuita. Le'Hlnlnrea, tN.nver.
liona, eti-, (iriii elerka in the nftleea ..f rail
roail.-, leb-uriipha Inwjera. phlc.iia, nier
ill ml uml iiimiki ail ill in h'.ue, son in all
tlii liepiiriinenin of mi National Unverniin iii
and aa eeretane ami aniHiHHHei.' 'flit re i
no Held of Inh .r an t-ertninlv remunerative,
and iimineful art en ea.ily aeqinreil.
To the Inwyer in iiolinu down lealitnonv
ii n I telereni'., nnd in preparmir fliat .Iran ,.f
brielKiiuil mrer leeal pai era it l- invnl mble.
To the i lerjiir.iin,in prepnr.njj h aai-rtnon,
lo the pi.bl.c rpeekei tn le.i.iiliu 11 iiie-I'onr-e.
in any i r-on h ivinvatiidie- oreler
I Jtil mitiea H will aava u percent, of time.
PiKKM'f, why. not have your children
earn I'lmnovrapliy-n ti!-ef. aud beaut. till
trl. a refin'n-t aiuiiae-iient, a iiiiih aeeoni
phah neol. In any voen'inn ol I Te it will' re
juiy intiuy time it coat in money tune nnd
labor. .
eryetjle nf the art entmni ncin with the
an il aia of words and proneediua t I he inn.l
rapid reporting i:vie-in men a form nnd
mnntier, wilh ituili tullnea ., erid in ilinn,
and t-iimpleieneaa nf illn-trniioii. and wilh
uch oiler feature m to fully adapt the worn
lo the uae iifwhoeh nml (oVeli'inatriititinn.
I' nee, ti; by mail ti i.
Mr. Uniliiirfiatheaiilhorofa t'nnnnnranh
te Inctionnrv, Rendera, and other wni k. alao
pnWiHhey.r a iihw. piper palled i" I be tttif
di.'iit'a Joftniai,'' Unvoted lo the atrvanfeinent
Oi Hlinnnjcmphv. Semi lor a e. linen num.
her piiniiiii:ui!f a fnlldeaiT'pla.n of I lie var
ious work ud Phonography whieh nre pub
Injbed by lii.u. .. .
..Ad.lreaa: , , ANPREW J. KRUiaM.
fib" ?'iS H roadway, New Yor'r.
WE GIVE AWAY $10,000
i Worth. ;
io-eery auWcrlber to Our Plreaide Pnend.
I he lealinj( r'nindy Weekly of America.
Larife aiie eiiht jiaftea. li"isnnl. beam!
lolly illu.iraipd. Full of lehal.le. inatruetive
ant intereatinit ria mv mailer, urwa and
iniecellany, ehorl uoutinueit etoriea, eketi.lie
ami praoncal matter, iit ainted to the wanla
and whea of every man. every woman, ev
ery ebini. Whetner liviuit in city or count ry.
and we give lo each veaily eiibwribvr a copy
of our magnificent oil i Liomo
Pnnted in oil eolnra. 111 timet from aiiteen
atnnee, aise UUi inidiea. The eu' jei'l ia life
ft'. Kxiuiaiie and pleaintf. It can not I
bd i (mm tha original ailitmit. and ia : enllt
worth 110. Ileicrrd.il tar-miy.eiie and :il
lie any pill 1 1 linn Ku inn- lino- red dnllai
picture cun K.ve more leahl.rc 01 be a K"nl
erornam.nt in any l.nu.ehuld .It na la
had bee. and we don't auk Mibajribera lo
wait aix niitlia hr it, but will tend it ni
nni-e. or it can be had id our axent. hulrcri
bera iay on di livi-ry nf piclmi a. N waiting
Pieturiannw reauy, and delveiedby us at
euce. If we hate
in your neiubboi hood, w ant one. We
want only g'.od aeiiie agei,ta, either local nr
canvnr.eiujr,-ae waattmot iue rwaya valua
ble outfit, and tirniih the liet paying agenev
in America, (live excloive territi.ry and the
beet loola tn work wilh. Our agente having
inunene uceeea anri making hoin lo I In
pel ilay, one agent took 40 eubecriptinna in
on day, oiheia report Irom I" to :& per
day. bperimen copter ol paper, lad parlicu,
lara, lerma, ele., aent f'ee to any addreea.
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cago, ill. Cteb
J.. i
Wiint a pituiition.
AVftiitagerviiiit jfirl, ,
' Want to cell pliiuo,
Wmit to cell it cnnldife.
AVimt.tti buy tirinHI it farm.
Wim t 'a board lb jr paee,
Want to coll town property,
AVrinKo sell jtroet'ili'sor tlrttg-, .
Want to cell linnsfliulil furniture.
AVant to cell dry irmxlii or carpet.
Wilnt t Uml ciistoiiiLTH tor uiiytlilng,
AfTverllcIng will gain new customer.
AiIverU-iiiK HI ej'ep iM cuctomers,
Ailvt'i-lM'iK liberully iilwayc pay,
Atlvertlalnjr makes cuecea ettcy,
AilvertHit bejri'ts conllilence, .
. Ailveitlalnjf sliows encrjey,
Adveiiising rlmws pluck,
Advertising raeans'bl,': '
Advt-rlise or "husl,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,'
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has become
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising
.Vo exception to this rute can be
cited! .VuhmW, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to gel his stuck turned into
moi.ey so as to meet' a note. Ar
guing from this that if it teas
gooil for him in adversity, he
could make it still belter in pros
pcrily, he became a persistent ad
vertiscr, ana thus gamed his co
lossal fortune.
Sumo ineroliunU It U not worth
while to uilverliBf; for nn permyp jeml
iiilvcrtiKPtneiit; yet every nicrcluint in
tli ia' uiinnty. will ri'ml tliii advertise'
ini'tit, nml if lie ia wiae he will prulli
ly ita u'!i.ali(in, if he has anything tn
idler w. I tli ndvertiein I low much
nu re then will llmae ritiiil them wlm
tire nut en largely eitpplieil w III ro i'l
inc; mutter, are nc leisure n the even
i i r uml must depernJ un their pttnT fur
their liieal new, the m f t in puriant
item ef whielt ia where they can lin.l
jtiat what tliey w int when they come tn
town to make their purchasea. II yum
clock in en old, rusty, dusty mid nut of
style that it ia worth eis, or it it it run
duwn do thnt you have nothing left that
people would w nt, it is not worth
while fur you to iidrerti-io. Hut if it is
new, fresh nnd sparkling, up to the
time, uml kiicIi as the peoplo want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world Hint yuu have lliem, atd want
tu bell tli out ut u fair price.
A n advertisement puhli.ahcd fur a sin-
pip day dues duty beyond that day,
and its elTeet continues in a greater
ratio than most men ita"ine. In the
end it will make a man's ii-itno a per
in inent matter, it piece ut real pn'per
ly built up in tli9 mint's of men until
it becoini's more valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
Ik yuu lose a watch, n due nr a child,
nr if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush ti. your loeil pn.
per. knowing that every one will read
the advertisement lint you will nlnd
alone; in business year after year, with
nut ciilculutin.' Unr mujh yuu are Ids.
ini by not advertising tt Rtporttr.
If those reranns who profess to bt-
lievo that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the public wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
tive publicly to cmnit matter they
would not cue to divulge to the world.
even in the most obscire corner of a
country paper, and sen what notoriety
tliev would soon attain. Advertise
Auvkrtisixo is apt to cive us lh.it-
fpntle jo'ul conscience which tells us
that we want a nevv suit of clothe fur
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
n new dress as coon as the hay was in
I'etluips it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passive and lay
the paper upon ber 'htiabai'd's break
fast plate. Who will cay that adver
tising will not yet civilize (he world!
Ex. ;
iVnv do people. read ndvertiaem-nts?
To see who is enterprising and tu leiirti
w hat is goin on. To see if there is
eny thin new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's style
have come in, and to find out who bus
them. T know' if any une is selling
olT at reduced .rates, nr to watch the
chance of nn auction.. For amusement.
To caiiefy curii'sty. liecnuse they
have read 'nil the elnriea, AiarYinKes,
births, deaths, locals and nceidents.
liecnuse they want tn. Ileeause they
can't help it. Ohio Slate Journal
Thb power or print is well known,
but nut well understood. A printed
sentence has a Wonderful advantage
over one that is written nr spoken.
This ia one of the many reasons which
pives n importance to advertising Hut
advertisers, even those of experience,
Do nut comprehend ns well ns they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution nnd the force of
eloquence, yet even thee, fade awny in
to nothinL'iiess if not catmht in their
(light and printed I'ut there i some
tli inir in the silent language, the quiet
assertion mid the sense of permanence
about printed matter which gives it n
marvelous rorce and influence Busi
ness men should nevor permit them
selves to loose sight of what may be
accomplished by persevering use of
the printing presses, learn to adver
tise, and then the how,.wl)en and
where" ol it, nnd yon will have
knowledge worth having.
Pi3W JFJRJV1. ;iC;
Xy A ..
NNOUNCE to lh poblia that they bavV
t nunhaeri lha .ln.-b. a....... I .
will nl i.nr.nlna llrnwnlnr. .
uew and Ireih kck. - ' lcw
We w II keep conslantl y on band full line
Drus fedicinis PerfjiL-j.
ejy, notions, &c 1
Which we wi(f. nh ratea at will con
tnuod t l.e piroi..fie ol ihc public.
.-.' v . . . ; .
GrIVJR.e.113, A CALI,4
North ida.Main St, two Doors
4 Worth ot Market.
State of Ohim, rinto'u Vountj . t.
Homar C. Jonea, Pla?nt?al"
i OA I HUT ' f
William a'lut.RRchel Lea. Defendanta. .
In Vinp ft;T?ufi ty' Court of Common '
Pleat. Order of Sale. . V 'V
Pt'BSUtT lo the command of an Order of
HnlcVineil from tha Court nf fnmm..
I' If n of VintoireMrritv. anil la me lUreeiarf !
aa Hhenf) of aaid eniinty, I will nhVr for aale at
Ibeilnorol IheC'ourt House, in the town 0 I
.in-an n ur, viiiion oounty, Ohio, on
MofK),3r4Day.oXMarohJ A.D. ;f
at li-e hour ofl o'Jfock, P. M. of Wid day, tha
Inllowiiitf deacrdied binds and le- emenl-, in
wit: The sinit breast quarter of the eolith weat
icnrter ifl'A.f Br(i) So. Wi UuVu.tawnalii, ,
Mi. (U) en and mntte Nil rfl'ij inwriPen, In
ttie disirlit nf lande Hl ecl to nie ut Chilli,
colhe. Ohio, caiaa a"uMriTjinore
or.leia. Haul lau.ia being in HobkiUK county.
oih,,j ' A 0iZ as:4 . Z
Also; Hie Inllowing land siluated in Vinton
nnituty, lo wit: 'I Re'unrlh-west iiiarter ol tha
north west quaiter of seclii R Mi. (lo) len
of ranye No. (I'J) nineteen, in the di.tnctnf
i.mos aimieci to aiv ati:iillllcollie, Uluu, con
mining (tn) forty acrea, mora oi leaa.
AniTiiii'eil it (li.",) one bundrd and Rlteeen
doll.ira, and must bnnx lao tliitU of that
n I aolitin the pwiperty of William and ....
Hncliel.l.ee lo aaiiefj nu or.er .of aale la-oe.f '
from Hie Court ol Common Pl.-aa lu fa for of .
Homer C, Jonea
I tii.VS of tal.E: CasH in hando I hi day
ofaale. lihullUK KALKK,
fherillo Vmloii county,
llnnma n, Jiia.-a. Arloriief for plsljtitt.
'nun try :.(i, Is7:l.
J. SrMcaQMMO?,"
Oppojito tli" Em mill -House, .
V ;!l e I
- m
SUrcckciigaua's Old Stand?
Firio Gold JewolrT.'"
. Aeoti for
American and Foreign Watches
Ma n
Klsln WidcluV"'-'
U. W. "
II .waul
W..IHiaiii '
C.il iglb ld
K Y. "
0 iiia1 (Jiaini,
K i I lauri -
Oia-ia "
liistihn "
So lb HioiiimCIicIii,
Wiienliaif "
C Id Setti
llliilhOlill '
-3el '
liii'm-t' "
Jl.a ela t '
I'lii. and StHila
4 "uff liut.ouaf
O'IiiiiiIiIm Jlalr Jewtlry
eilver Ware
V (lad Wate
liu tuihry
Attnta for ' '
.U.1BIE-& mm. CUD fS
Hnoda made tn orderand-'fenairiu done hr
careful workmen.' No ctra chTjie Inr en-
grnvn u iud bought at (Ilia eatit bbsl.meni.
z j:iii ism ly -
ifMI K ander-lidted aa aasicneeof Lewn C.
J. lmr, ilt sell al public sale at - . ...
ON . - .t
Thursday the 27th Day of
February next, l$73,
Tn goni'a, mari-handiae, ko., Ik& betoa
ingto aaid Assignment, comuriarng
dry .coods.'" &'
Hardware, ''
And tltauatAseoutai( nl annilain alorea o
general men hsnduie w.ill he j Uje fur
nier ince ol hiiaineaa of Miiil-Lewia !. iNiy,
and witt cnninMrwce at 9 o'clock,' A. M. and
continue 'mm nay to day until the alock la
... 1.1 ' . -
v,u. i vi ill. wii
. Assignee. ,
January 33, 1S7I. 61.
will ha published wi In 1S73,' belter aad
(renter than eer, i only 11.60 per year, and
a 'CBiitili.l chroino, Ibe ('alia l.illiea, will l
airen n eyery, aiibscriber. Ajenta wanted
erery where. Liberal rninmiasiona. Spleh
did (ireiniuma... Bubsenlw now. Ret tip a
' Uianew ChK-a'KO, ID-".
A Good Business "with an
Establifched Trade of
Seyen Years
DATIS BH'is.. narmi Inl-iLi'js itvlheonlh
ahii'h clauna their eniiie attentrbB
ei.ire to sell their Hoot aiMVhoe more in
Ainena. U. They have a well eetabliahed
lra.ie.dean alock, floe room wilh apanmenla
well autted In mtnulaelunne, and anatleYala
ren,t. Win' sell in liberal lermSi jiyjufime
on patlhdaird.vWHI-rd for real aetata.
Addraea, . BROS,
Meo Alheaa, Ohio,

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