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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 06, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Inua will run lollowst Th HI. Louis
Kiprm ruaa daily; til ether treia dally Sun
day, ei-epted.
The Faal Lin and Express will slop only
I Loveland.Oreenfleld.Clulllmthe. Hamden,
Albaaaand dcott'e Lending. PaaliLiae going
weal will atop al Hlaocheater, alto, Other
all stations,
Hop .
flOWd IiT.
"tatlnaai Mail.
CNaainnaii .... iAam 10 tm ( pm
INilliroih.-. II Kiti 8 21pm 1 m
R.rhUnd Fur....l iin S U8pm t 3oam
rliwn(Wn ftp a S Sipm Hm
MeAaTaca-..... I Upm 31pm t Mum
V I, 1 "p1" S "" S Ulam
laleaki. I ttpm S 4prn lotui
Hoik Furnace... 1 Upm S Mpm S I'em
rrrtorjj 4 &6pra Juptn I 4m
taiisnt. Mnil. Faal L.
11 Mpm
1 6pm
S Upm
3 4opm
1 47 pm
I Upm
4 Mpm
t UOpm
Parkerar-jrg. ..-. &om
Hop FuraacCM... I Mpui
EaleVKl. 1 13pm
II 30 tm
II Kara
11 oam
11 Stem
IS oum
Tint n- 1 kipm
McAavaua 1 4lpm
Michland Fur..- t Upm
CMIIicoihe...-. 1 15pm
Ciiif .1 lupm
I Upm
1 OOpm
o oupm
The Ealeski Accommodation going Ml
Iran Chillicothe at owe. m., RavavilleT
Richland Furnae. ( 10. Hamden SrrivaS 45
depart 8 li. McArthur, 55, Vinton 10 85,
Z.iUtki lu . Ooing wet-2alesi 4 00p.m.,
Vinton 4 sn, McArth-ir 5 00, Hamden, arrive
5 SU -depart I 60, Richland Furnace, i
Rnyavule, 50, Chillicothe, ( i. ,
ill leave Hamdan at 4 15 a.m. and 4 OOpjn
arriving at Portimoulb at II 10 a m. and T OOp.
m. Keturaingtrain ill leaf Portsmouth at
45 a.m. and li p-m., arming at Hamdea
Traiaaeonaoct a: Loveland for all polata oi
ha LilllaMiami Railroad, and at tha lodianap
olli and Cincinnati Railroad Juncti .n for all
Solnte Weal; atAthaaa, with tha Columbua
H. V. R. R., at Prkerburg, with ma
Master of Tranjportanoa.
I WILT, rua hank from Wllkesvill to
Hamdan and return vry Monday, Wedaes
dav and Fndajr, for the aceommodatioa of
passengers, making close connection with tha
mail trains oa tha M. AC. R. R. I will also
carry express package shipped to or from
thoae points by tha Adams Epree Co.
WJILL run regularly to McArthur Station
Tf to meet all mall traina.
Hank leave McArthur post office at 1140
o'clock, M. each day, to eonneet with mail
tinier, left at tha pout offlc, McArthur, er
Duadac, promptly attended to.
Hamden, ilkfr.iTille and Middleport
HAVING tha contract for carrying tha mail
between the above points I will be able to
I uraiah eonveyanR for passenger and their
baggage to and from' said points on the follow
ing days: From Wilkmrilla to Bamilni and
back on Mondays, Wednesday ai,d Friday;
and from Wilkeilla to Middleport, Meigs
Co, and back on Tuesdays, Thumlava nd
8aturda;s, IOHN LEVIS.
TaEjwaj to make a town, says
an exchange, is to help as much
as possible every industry in jour
midst. Judiciously eid every
enterprise that will help the
place. If you are a property
holder, every new house
strengthens yuu, and it is but
right that you reciprocate.
Don't hide a dollar with a penny.
Look ahead. Consider what is
bejt for you in the long run
If you can draw advantage from
an enterprise forwarded by an
enemy, support it if it even en
rich him. Should a man stsrt
up a legitimate business in an
obscure prtof town, whether
or not a friend, or even an ac
quaintance, say a good word for
him whenever occasion presents
itBelf it will cost you nothing,
and may do him incalculable
good -always remember that
"brcal cast upon the waters will
return after many days."
Tug Boston Herald asks
wiiat. sort of a Christian is he
who makes early prayers
and neglects io sprinkle ashe
on his icy sidewalks? Verily,
he is no nearer the kingdom
than he who scatters orange
peel about in the summer.
The employees of the United
States Mint are now engaged in
melting down a million one
dollar coins, to be converted
into double eagles, and this is
said to be merely a first install
ment of twenty millions soon
to follow.
William Todd, formerly
known as the Mboy-speaker"
from his knowledge of parlia
mentary rules, is the private
Secretary of Vice President
Colfax. He has grown bome
what since he was the boy-
speaker of the House.
U. A. Tutsan has been ap
pointed Canal Collector at
Chillicothe, vice . L. Lewis,
imosd', Photographer. Cbillicotbe
gives careful attention to making cop
ies of otber pictures. Pictures may be
made as lurne as life from tbe tiniest
li'cket picture, and made in every way
satisfactory by careful and judicious
coloring. Photographs from nature or
from other pictures colored in the best
styles in oil, water colors, crayon, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all circum
stances. . !
Expkbiexci will teach any man that
it is advantageous to patronise . those
who advertiss iu newspaprr-,v-
In Zaleski
THE Ealeaki Company, with a lew to tha
development of the local telenet af ialee
ki. to aacure it permaaeat pioparity, aad to
add to it vopulaiioi and wealth, are bow
olfcnng to actual Mtllei a, Iowa lota and (arm
land at low pne, aad oa liberal term.
Proa deeinna to examine tha property
and to buy (heap hoasea will apply al lb
Compaay's office to
. iuixri'., jaaaager.
ZaleskJ, Ohco, May IS, II7L
the new postal law we are eupplying tha peo
ple with our line nirkel wbile metal war, of
triple elertro-eilrer plate, poet-paid to aay
part of lb country direct from oar manutic
notwithstanding a largo adrane la Biel
we still oner the goods, both plain and fancy
patterns, atformer faciorr rale. and will n.,i
aor quantity al lb price, oa receipt of u
Burter knife, vlckla fork, sugar spoon and
napkin una. each SI 00
Tea spoons and nut picks, halt doi. S 50
Deuert koWee,lorks and spooachalfdoa. 4 00
TaVia ' 4 " " S 00
Replaling of old war la the beat manner, al
one half or I he. pneea.
We will mail to any address photograph
and prim lute of !nnr riME aiLVKM
th manufacture of fA', ( a specialty wlft
ia oar priTtlege to refer t th editor ol
all Cincinnati religious wklia.
In what paper did yoa see our advert! se
men!? HAMjrixa(aBiwair co
S4 Fountain equal, Cincinnati, Ohio.
lloctlITi SI
One door wett of Dan, Will t Bro'i.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Prona wishing lo purchase lands farms or
town lots in Tintoa or adioining eoanues will
find tracts lo sun them by calling.
Persons wishing to sell land, farms or town
lot will hare a good chance of doing so by
leafing description, ete. in our handa.
oetlS Main Street, McArthur, 0.
Dr. Duponco'a Golden
They aerer fail, and may e deprnded inoa
In erery cae wtier the monthly Sow baa
been obntructaj thniiigh cold ar disease.
meiiinle relie. A lady antes: "'Liuponco's
Oolden Pills reliered m ia on day like mag.
Ic." Th genuine are now put up in large
whita boxes containing double tha quantity of
pills, and npoa each box you will find my
"PriYeteK.TH. ReT.nti. Stamp." Upon the
stsmp the words DUPUNCO'8 GOLDEN
PILLS, ib whit lettoro, without that bob
are geouine.
Remember th genuine is la th whit boxes
Pull and explicit dir otions accompany each
box. Price 11.00 per box, six boxes It.os.
Sold by one drmgist in erery town, Tillage,
city and hamlet throughout lha world.
Sold in MeArti.ur, 0.,
By O. W. 8ISS0W. DruggM.
Soli Agent for Vinton County.
By sending him 11.00 threngh the MoArthur
0 Post Offti-c, eaa hare the pilla eenl eonS
dentially, by mail, lo any part of the oountry,
free of postage.
S. D. HOWE, Proprietor, Mew lork.
Trees! Flower,! Bulbs! Seeds!
Hurler Stock, Fruit & Flower Flstei
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
WO acres; tlsl year; 11 Ireeshonses.
Apple, 1,000 1 yr., h; Sy. tM; S y. 10; 4y. IS4
4 catalogues, 10 cent. laujira
The TJew York
A Journal for all True Eepnblioani,
for all True Liberals, aud all
True Democrat!,
The New Tork Ironing Post, edited by
William Mullen Bryant and Parke Godwin,
assisted by the atrongesl talen I that eaa be
engaged, has for mora lhaa half a century
maintained tha same principles of freedom
and progress, through all changea of parlies
and policies.
It stand for equal rights; for lha distribu
Hon of power; for honesty and economy; lor
the security of the glorious result of manci
pation and enfranchisement won by lb war;
and ail practicable reform.
It is opposed tolinjustice and spoliation, dis
guised under th name of protection, and to
all corrupt party combination which aasrific
principleto mere success.
It will support Grant snd Vilsen, becaos
it believe that under them th government
will be more stable, and the cbancea for pro
gress and reform more certain, than Udder any
alliance of incompatible element.
The Evening Post i equal to any other aa
uc.i)Hiii.uu i" v iMiifin mi I i , w 1 1 . 1 1; I ,
its literarT, it scientific, its agricultural and
lie commercial aeparirneoia.
Smgie copy ob year, II. SO; Sve copies, on
year, IT .00; ten copies, oue yer,12 Jo; twen
ty copies, on year, f u.vu. .
Single copy, on year, IJ 00; hve copies,
one year, cu-ov, ten copies, one year, jiv.w.
Those subscribing bow for on r will rs
eeive the oaoer until Jennarv 1.
Or we will send the following p dicalsto
subscribers, la connection with gvening
roil a. tue prices aamco :
With With
Weekly Semi Weekly
Evening Poet. Evening Post
Harper's Weeekly $4 60 t6 00
Harptr's Bazar 4 60 6 00
Harper's Magazine.... 4 60 6 00
Every Saturday 6 00 6 60
Atlantic Monthly 4 00 6 60
Our Younp Folks 3 00 4 60
Scribner's Monthly .. 4 60 8 00
Old and Mew 4 60 6 00
The Galaxy 4 00 6 60
Phrenological Journal 3 60 6 00
The Agriculturist... . 3 60 4 00
Hearth and Home 3 75 6 25
Little's Living Age... 8 00 9 60
Appleton'c Journal. .. 4 60 6 00
Wood' Household Magasine 1 00 t to
Home Journal 3 60 6 00
The Christian Intelli.
gencer, with Chromo 3 75 6 25
To each subscriber to the Evening Post and
vnnsiian intelligencer win oe sent toa beau
tiful Chromo, Tha Gleaners.
For 23 cents wc will aend lha Weeklv Even.
Ine Post for two monihs, or for 60 rente we
will send the eXmi-weekly Evening Post for
tn same time, aitecimen number sent tree,
Address. WM. C. BRYANT 4 CO
Sloct Hew Tork.
Done Neatly and Promptly
.pais on ice.
SeadTJr. HoUaa d's Ssw Story.
UTaaoaauriiT lncciaurs to meoataaaa;
MOracwtWfll dk.
Th puhli.hers of Scaisaaa'a Maweaar,
promt fcr wi canning year a mere brUlwal
array af tenlrihutors, aad aa taeraaae ia tha
tarieii and beauty of it illnesratioaa, already
conceded by tha entice to be -Jm im mm
waka teas hitherto appeared la any Afatfemm
Ir. Hoilaad, tha editor, will wnl ti aerial
ator of the year, which will be aoKbtocTaph.
leal Jb form, aad will be ilhi.trrue.1 b Miu
Uallork. ItisejUUed Arthur Baaaicealla aad
ill deal with aomo of '.he no.t difflcu II prob
Ume of Amencea j, wiU t, oomflseao!
Jb:e srtll be a aew a'ory ky Bale Bala,
T" on legged Dearer.
Bret Harte, lha beat writer of short stone
bow Imng, will contribute a charaet.nsu
atnry, entitled Tha Epic of KiddletowB.wbick
will t illustrated by Sheppard
R. H. Stoddard will wnea series of snter
lalotag'papers about author, their pereoaal
characleiictics, home lias, faaiiliee, friende,
whim and way. A aeries of portraits of lu
lag American writer la also prommed.
Clarenea t-'ook will write about furniture,
and the decoratioa of Americas bomea.
The papers will beamiaeatly practical a
well as artistki, and will be illustrated with
dealras aad sketche by lumerou arti.ts la
addiuoa to those which the peopl will fur
alsb. r r
Among those wh will eoa tribute are t
Baa Aadenoa, Bryaat, Bueaaoll, El.
toa, Froude, Bigginon, Bishop fluatmgtoa,
Bret Hart, Joha Hay, B. H., Macdoaald,
Mitehill. M a Phipe, Stedmaa, Slocktoa,
Stoddard, Celia Theater, Waraer, Wilkmsoa,
Mra. Whitney, baaidee host af other.
Tha editorial eoatiol and direction af th
Maiaarn will ramaia ia lha heads of lr.
Hollaed, whe will eoetinue to write '-The
Topic of the Time," which lha N. T. lade
pendent a;S"r mora widely quoted lhaa
aay eimilar papers la any Amencaa aiaga.
W also a Olldertwill write "The Old Cabl,
act;" as hitherto. Prof. Joha U. Draper eoa.
ducu the department of "Nature aad 8ei-
Th """Stat ( " do.i and 8o.
. aid "Cuiiur aad Procreee," will ea-
gag the eeatriboiioas ol mora thaa a score
of peas aa both sidss of lha Atlantic Tha
wau-nman ana iteaecior say: -scnoner s
which indicatee a needless waste of editorial
km a and adbllakar mono, for the Mmt-
aaoe wa goal enough beforel" Aad yet the
ubiiiirc premise lomaa it sun oetierior
he coming year.
Th aubecrintioB price is S4 0 a Tear, with
special rates to olergymca, teacb.rs aad post.
The following
are offered to aew subscriber t
For It to th Dtibliahers will send, or any
bookseller or aewsdealer will aupply, tha
magasine for one year, aad the Iwelre eum.
bera of Vols. II I and IT, containing tha be.
ginuing or Mr. Oliphant' Serial, "Al His
Gatei;1' for IT to, the Magaaiaa for en year,
aad the 11 back numbers Irom the beginning;
for ! M, the Magasine lorene year. and the
14 beck number, beuad (4 sola.,) charge oa
bound rol. naid. This will git nearly 4,000
Rage of Ihechaicest reading, with the flaeal
lustrations, forllu M, or nearly too pages
for a dollar! aad will enable et cry subscriber
lo obtain the eerie from th Srst.
Npooial term to Dealers, Clergymen and
SCI1BNBB CO., tl Broadway, N. T.
uTjB.aetlablTtae beat sastalaed erark
f lha klad 1st the World."
Harper's Magazine.
tfonVeietls Preat.
Th ever-lnereasliif circulation of this ex
cellent monthly proves it continued adapta
tion to popular aeaires ana neeus. inueea
when we think into how many home it pene
Irates every month, we inutl consider lias
on of the educators ss well as entrt tamers of
the public mind, for its vast popu'ariiv has
Dea woa oy bo appeal 10 atnpiq prejuaices
or depraved taete. Boelea CWw.
The character which thia ITueaua possess
es for variety, enterprise, wealth, and literary
culture that haa kept paoa with, if it haa not
lea me times, snouiu causa us conmiiors to
regard it with justiAable complxcencv. I also
aolitles them to a great claim upon th pub
lic iralilude. Th Meu haa done cood
na not evu an in asysoi its iiio.-eootiga
A complete act of Starts a Maaaaiax, bow
potnpnsing ii volumes, in neat cloth bind'ng.
will be seal ar express freight at expense ol
purchaser, for II M per volume. SinoU sol-
aet, by mail.awhMirf, li 00. Cloth caeca, for
Diauinf , oenta, oy man, postpaid.
"A Cosaaleta Plrterial nitry mt th
aaeceeeral Faaally f-aper la lha I alow "
Harper's Weekly.
Th Wettfe th ablest aad most powerful
Illustrated periodical published in this coua
try. Its editorials are scholarly and convinc
ing, and carry much weight. It illustrations
of current events are full aad Ireth, aad are
prepared by our best designers. With a cir
culatioa of IM.rnu, the Wfklf is read by al
least bait a million persona, aad its intuenca
aa an organ of opinion is simply tremeadoua.
Tbe Wmklf maintains a posluvs position, and
expresses decided views on political aad so
cial problem. lealeriU UeevwVewraai.
Ttie .mtti.l tAlnm.1 .f II .mnee' Wawf.v.
In neat cloth binding, will be seat by express,
ru,.r.nu i..iimu.Ii t .. -i.f. flrf
eomprif ing 8ii Vthmm. eenl oa receipt of
oaxh at the rate of 14 St par vol ,
peaai efMrcAoser.
UA Keyaeltwry f Faahiew, Pleaaara aad
Harper Bazar.
Xenon e Oe Frew.
Th Baser is edited with a contribution of
tact aad talent that wa seldom Snd ia anv
journal; and tha journal itself is the eigaa or
the great world of fashion. fiotfoa TVnveler.
lha Iwier commends itself lo every mem
ber of tne houaehold to th ohilcren by droll
and pretty pictures, to lha young ladies by it
fashion platea in endler variety, to the prov
ident matron by its patteraa for the chili'ren's
clothes, to pateraaiilias b) its useful designs
loremoroiaereaMippersana luxurious are-mg-gown.
But the reading matter of th
axir is uniformly of great excellence. Tha
Saper haa acquired a wide popularity for tha
reaide enjoyment it affords. M, T. JCveaieg
Terms: .
Biapia'i WiniT, Bin a, or Haaaaira,
a year, each, 14 00.
An era cewy sttAer Oe Misirll, Wllltr,
er Basaa, wM t eappuei frali. te setry eht e Fivb
Botwa lias at 14 U0 eacA is ea. mHaViae; er,
mz eofinjor 1 20 00, wttWevrre eeeg.
Blaiftitmt Hiapia'a MieiaiaS, WltltT,
aad Basaa, ea edeVea er ea year, lie 00; er.
he . Barper's Fvriedwsb, te ea eddrea er ea
gear 7 00.
lecseeauWsean be supplied at anytime.
Tba five volume of Haapaa' Basaa, lor
th yeara lSfS, ', '70, '71, It, elegantly
bound ia graaa morocco clot.i, will bo aent by
express, freight prepaid, for 17 00 each.
The poalageon Haapaa' Wsttiv oi Biaaa
is 10 ceate a year, Maaasiaa 14 cents, which
must b paid at the eMcriter's post one.
Address HARPEH A DROTBEK8, hawTork.
For 1B73,
THE Gnido ia bow published quarterly.
IS eenta pays for tha year, foar numbers,
which is not half theeost. Tnose who after
wards send money to tho amount of oaa dol
lar or mora for needs mav also order Iwentv-
(recent wrth extra tbe price paid lor tha
Tha Januarv number (a beautiful, eivine
plans for making Rural Homes, Designs for
inning isoio iworauons, winnow baroene,
ae., ana containing a me., or information la-
vaiuaoieio ina loversoi nower. una dub
dred and fifty pages, ob fine tinted psper,
some lire hundred engraving sad a superb
colored plat and chromo cover. The Srst
edition of two hundred thousaadjust printed
In Knglishand fteiman.and ready to send ont
SSnov JAa) E9 VICE, Rochester, M. T.
Advhrtisino reminds people of
things they bad been, wanting all
along, bat bad forgotten all about
Something for Business Men.
Her is m letter asking for in
formation we supposed had been
famished yean ago.
Something for Business Men. Newburg, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1873.
Hotu M. 21. Pomroy.
Diai Sriu Allow mo in my
own behalf, to inquire if jou
consider advertising reallj nec
ssarj for man to do, in order
that he roaj b succenful in bn
siness. Hoping that 70a will fa.
ror ma with the information
sought for in a. short time, for
which 70a will please accept the
thanks of yours truly.
Something for Business Men. Newburg, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1873. J. F. VAN SNORT. JR.
It wss God who commanded,
"Let there be light'' knowledge
and progression.
It was tha 8aior who com.
manded his deciples to go into
tha world and preach the truth
to every living creature. To ad
vertisa new ideas, new principles
and new theoriei that mankind
might receive benefits. "Hide
not 70UT light under a bushel"
was another ' order from those
lips, which moved only to bene
fit humanity.
If man would deal with the
publie he must let peoplo know
white he ia and what he wants
or haa to offer. The man who
has a store, places a sign thereon
so the one who would pass by
may step in to purchase goods.
That is an advertisement, sign
which is only seen by those who
psss that way. An advertise
ment in a newspaper ia a live,
traveling sign, going from house
to house from tjwn to town,
from State to State, always giv
ing information. We notice in a
paper before as that watches are
made in Elgin, Illinois, and as
they are said to be the best
manufactured in the country, we
would purchase an Elgin rather
than a Swiss watch. In a Mag
azine printed in London we no
tice n advertisement of Wilcox
& Gibbs hewing Machine for
sale there and feel a pride at this
evidence of American thrift, in
ventive genius and energy. In
another London Magasine just
picked op we notice sn avertite
ment of 11 olio way's pills, then
remember that by advertising
in this country over twenty mill
ions of dollars worth of them
have been sold in this country
within twenty-fire years. How
long would it have taken the ma
ker ot those globules to have
sold that amount of medicine
by goinj out with a tin trunk,
knocking at door after door to
inquire ef some slip-shod ser
vant girl, or half scared old lady:
"Would you like to boy a box
of physic!" "I dont know?"
One fact is before u. A man
ck not succeed in business now-a-days
if he doea not advertise.
The man 'who advertises forces
himself and his wares before the
eyes of the public. As the pub
lio reads of him, thinks of him,
remembers him, it can not well
think of another at the same
moment, therefore buys the
most of the one who advertises
most. Of course much depends
upon the' mode, manner and
style of advertising.
A nan named Cobleigh in
Morrison, Illinois, was one day
presented a pair ot ox horns, as
a joke. He at once called his
the Ox Horn Clothing Store.
The novelty of the name helped
it to popularity, tilt now the
man and his store are known all
over the 'west, as people say,
"What a funny nam e," and the
owner has made a fortune from
the trade following hia advertise
ment. Helmbold made a fortune out
of hia Bachu, not because the
medicine had merit, but as he
always said, because it waa well
advertised. Then the poor fel
low became a drunkara and op
the ereek went like a tip up.
The great rules for business
success from which fortunes
come are
Have something to sell.
Advertise tbe faet.
Deal honestly.
Here ia the law upon which
Who was tba straight est
man in tbe Bible? Joseph, for
Pharaoh wanted to make
rater of him.
Josb Biluhos thn. speaks of
a new agricultural implement,
to which the attention ot far
mers is invited: MJohu led
gers' revolting, expanding, an
ceremonious, self-adjusting,
self-contracting, self-greasing
and self-righteous boss rake is
now and forever offered tew a
generous publik. These rakes
are as easy to Jceep in repair
as a hitching post, and will
rake op a paper of pins aewed
broadcast in a ten-acre field ol
wheat atubble. These rakes
can be nsed in winter for a
hen-roost, or be sawed op In
stove wood for the kitchen fire.
No farmer with good moral
character should be without
this rake, even if he has to
steal one."
An army chaplain relates the
following story:
Seeing a dirty-faced butter
nut urchin at the fence in front
of the house the preacher said:
'Is your father at hornet''
"No, he's gone to church."
"Iiyoiir mother inP
fcNo, she's gone too."
''Then your are all by your
No, Sam's in thar hugging
'Yes it's bad, but it's the
best he can do."
Th Rev. G. W. Miller, of
West Milford, West Virginia,
is a Methodist preacher, whose
circuit is scattered over that
and two adjoining counties.
During the epizootio period his
only horse was stricken down,
and his only alternative was to
walk to the different churches
or miss his appointments. The
latter he bad never done, so he
set out on foot, and arrived on
time at each place where he
This is the way they do up
an Enoch Arden romauce in
Oshkosh, Wis. The Western
Arden did not come back and
gaze through the window at
the felicity of the reconstuct
td household and then go into
the green and yellow melan
choly business; not any. He
KicKea me new husband out
sorted over the children and
sent his brats after him, and
then, after thrashing his wife,
settled down into a peaceful
and happy head of the family.
It was Daniel who said:
"Many shall run to and
fro, and knowledge shall be in
creased." He clearly referred
to reporters in this remark,
and this suggests the idea that
Daniel was in that line himself;
it is certain at all events that
he was allowed to pass in free
to see the lions.
Patient "Doctor, I have
terrible cough, and my chil
dren are all down sick with
sore throats and colds. What
shall we dof Doctor "Take
Dr. Ransom's Hive Syrup
and Tolu, or Honey Syrup. Thia
will very soon relieve and cure
yoa and all the children. It is
an excellent family medicine.
Full directions are on the bot
ties. You can get it at any drug
store tor thirty-five cents."
Got the sick headache
and neuralgia! take Dr. Mil
ler'a Magnetio Balm and get
well. It will cure as if by mag
ic. Only 25 centa per bottle.
See advertisement in thia
Holloway's Pills.
Mark this fact, attested by
the first medical periodicals of
Europe, that eases of confirmed
dyspepsia, abandoned as hope
less by tbe faculty, yield to 1
abort coarse of these Pills.
Sold 78 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
Price 25 cents per box. Ask
for new style; the old is coun
A pebsive man, with a bas
ket full of new bats, was pass
ing the Wooster House, Friday
when a quarter ot a ton 0
beautiful mow slid 'from the
roof into his kasket Not be
ing a profan man, bis suffer
AaVtrtlMaant taaetta! at fttby ft tone
A cietaih little damsel bar.
ing been aggravated beyond
endurance by her brother,
plnmped down upon her kneea
and cried: "O Lord! bless my
brother Tom. He lies, be
steals, he swears; all boya do;
Mart MoAkdli lately died
at Fenghat, Ireland, at the age
of 115 years. Iter strong pontt
was that ahe worked with the
reapers last harvest and kept
up with her son, a frisky youth
of 77.
A Trot youth made his be
trothed a holiday present of
a piano, paying for it with a
check which went to protest
on its presentation. Tbe piano
was reclaimed, but the young
lady makes as much musio as
he wants without it
Mary Ralston, an Iowa girl,
is fascinating all Washington
with her hair, which is sixty
two inches long. How blessed
are we men, who want but lit
tle hair below, nor want that
little long.
The Ohio Iusurance Co., of
Chillicothe, has not lost a dol
lar by fire during the last six
months, which speaks well for
the care exercised in taking
You will help us very much,
f, when you write about any
thing advertised in this paper,
you will say you saw it in the
Vinton Record.
When a business man won't
put bis 'shop-front" into the
newspapers, be bas nobody to
blame for bis experience in
dull timen but himself.
The Host Desirable Sis-
denes in If elrthar.
T OFFER for tale my rtaideac North
litre!. It consists ef a splendid dwelling
house, well flnished. inside and aul, with
eight rooms and a good cellar. A good office
building, stable, wood ana coal nouse ano em
ar aecervarv out-biiildinas. Th premise
contain ', acres, including l acre el viasvara
ell thrifty oearing vines; there are also thirl
nearine anr-ie irses oees vsnsir araiieu
fruit, twenty-Ire leering peach trees best
budded fruit, cherries, quinnee. plums, aad a
vnrielv of small fruit For further particulars
Inquire at tha ofhee of this paper, or al th
premiaes. lernia easy.
aeceuem a. o . inubiovn.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Ga lipolie, IJcArihur
ft Columbus JUilroad Co.
A Mi parties having auheenbed loth p
XK.uai iev w ina u.. bjca. a u. u. k, are
hereby requited to make payment to theSec
retaryofth Company, al hi office ea Ih
Public Square, in Gallinnlie, Ohio, at if more
convenient, to Uaaiel Will, Preaideat f the
Vinlea County bank, a) McArthur, Ohio, a'
aa installment ol five dollars oa each share
s subscribed, wuhia la day af this data.
agui t, iii.
Hlt.SC, R. R. c.
dee t OTl.
Particular and Baronies sent oa receipt of
mam p. w Capital wcaceeawy. AdnreasM
uiitfon CO., 7ut uroauway, nw I or.
Catarrh, Consumption 4 Rheumatism.
Immediate relief and a permanent eure
fuaraoleed in everv iae. Particulate aent
tree. Aiiiesst:iiiitoa Medical institute. U7
laat 15th 81., It. V.
Errors of Youth.
Rule and Pre solution that will cure any
iae of Seminal Weakness, Emianlon., .,
and restore lost manhood lo perfect health.
winv rasa to an, by one who has snltared aud
now cured. Adilreaa, with stamp, Ensaa
Tatuaias, station U. Nov York. Saaly
Love and Matrimony.
The affections may be calned br folio win
simni- ruies, ana an mav marrv nanDiiv witn
out regard to wealth, age or beauty. Address,
with stamp.
Madam Lucille Demarre, Bible Honis
Station, B. T. 2Jnly
Ka Fre aaal tavke the Bitter ae
cording to directiona, and remala long snwsll.
provided their bone ar aot destroyed by mta
ral poisoa or otber means, and vital argaot
wasted beyond th point of repair.
DyaBveweta or Iate1t(atlB, Heaoaeh
Pain tn the Shonidera, Ooagha, Tlgntness of till
Chest, DUzlnesa, Soar Eractationa of th Sto
mach, Bad Tast la th Mouth, Billon Attack,
Palpitation of tha Heart, Inflammation of the
Long. Pain In th region of th Udnaya, and
hundred other painful symptoms, are th off
spring of Drupcp!. ?n bottle will prov
better guarantee of ta nerils lhaa a wngthi
Far raMUCeapUlal,Uyoontorl,
married or single, at tba dawn of womaohpad,
or the tarn of life, these Tonle Bitter disc-lav so
decided an inSnanca that Improvansal 1 aoea
Far Iaaaaaaaatarr aa4 Ctaretail
RheasaaUeaa and Gout, Billooa, Remittent
and Intermittent Fever. Disease ml the Blood.
liver, Kidney and Bladder, these Bitter have
ooequal. Buch lhseaac arc caused by YUaUeil
Tker are a awtlo Patrfatlra aa wall
aa a . poaseaaing ine mem or acting a
a powerful agent In relieving Congestion or In
flammation ot tne uver and visceral omna.
and In Bilious
I'wr BklamMee,EnintM, Tetter. Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spot, Plmplea. Pustule,
Boil. Carbuncles. KlDr-worma. Bcald.Iiead.
Sore Eyea, Eryalpelaa, Itch, Senrfk, Uiacolora
Uon of the Skin, Humor and Diseases of the
Jkln of whatever name or nature, are liter
ally dug ap and carried oat of tbe ay,
iera In a short time by the nae of these Bitter.
Orataftsl Tlwaaa4 proclaim Vixbgab
Brmna th most wonderful Invlgorant that
ivvr i:uBri mo BinBuvg aymem.
!. ML. M.DOMAlji m. Cel.
Drnggutta ami Oen. Agta., 8aa Francisco, Cl
mwttwt tHinuiNin lug uinwn mm, II. I
lla laS haa proreT If
Crook's WsBMor Tar tv
ha mora aurit lhaa.
any eimilar preparation!
ever offored to ib pub
11. It la rich la Ui
medicinal qoaJltlf ol
4... rA lirt an. .""I '
c dleeaaea of taw Tfcremt
Cr ' Bod LeiwS. performing
the attar? aiiasusU
aSW- cure. It krrBCTUAU.
k- 'TSRcurre all 4'wa;taa and)
V -, t'alete. It ha eared ao
many cases of Amsibm
i. kl,l. thai 11
has been pronounoed
aped So rbr lbe com.
plaint. For raJao la
(he r. !) oa
keek, 41 ravel or SttaV
J.. Dleeaaea
af tba Crtamry . lmmt. M
uy Uver jeielaJ- It haa no u.a0.
lrsE'liaa Vit!tjii-s "
rmr." .
BIT l yr .
fhat Ple, Tsllow. KeUr-Iol STda
a clianrl to una of freelineaa and lieatta
rhoae Biaea mt "
Pssatnlra. Blotrlars and t.rnptlwoia art
emoved.Merrnl,Serefrli. "?""
af the. Kyea, WI ) Swelllnir. tile.
Odd or any kind of Humor rptly
twlmlle nnd disappear under It Influence)
In fnct It will do you mor good, and M
you moroapewllly than any an.l all other
preparations combined. Will U 111 It Is ne
lure sown ri-atorerl A aolubl oyd of Iron
roiiiblued with tlio medicinal proDertlaaol
Poko Rootdlvealedofalliliaagreeaolequal
Itira It will cure any lirwsale) or
Mnadleisl lllaraar whiwe real or dlrn-l
eanaclsfcemblwenl. msimllsei.l)lia
tn S.:lMnr llsir. alllitli
. ,.H 11 I u I nr nther noleona.
arenllciirol hy ll. For My f hHU.r JIjIi.
fs.TCHVVSKi-- aikir tf
rM Ar.
Br. Caxa Mlro (Craaf Sa hat ,.
ft 9 r w ;
ileal prafeaaioa
f tor Colds and
n known and oara DV ib meiuci
over 100 years, and a a remedy I
Coughs has sn older and bettor repntatka) thaa
aay other Cough medicine aver offered to tha
public It Is knows a the Compound Syrup of
Squills . and a formula Bay b found la every
medical aispenaaiory.
wa.. u..ubIi niwa Rwraa SB
Tala, In addition to the logredlenu (it Coi'a
hit. DTiup, . ----- - - , ,
BknnkCabbag Root aad Lobelia, a combination
that most commend it to every one a a superior
remedy for , WkaaplaK CaagM.
Aalkaaa, at-raachsli, , iaacka aael
CaUaTludeed for all affections at tha Threat
and Langa where a Cough Medicine la necessary.
Tfcla Ryrar la Carcfally 1PrPar
under tbe persccud direction of a regalai rbyai.
eiaa of over twenty years' practice, whoa signa
ture I attached to the direction on th battle.
Bin la to la Try aleaeaal sad cjuldrem
Kwerr laaallr should keep It a a ready
remedy fur Craaf, CaleU, cU., among th
children. . .
D. Ramsom, So k Co., Propr's. Buffalo. W. T.
TH 1TB Mils
It rare aa It ay RIACFIBTIO
ItFLTJENCK, Neuralgia aad all paiu. and la
therefore very properly termed "Magnetic
Balm.' It Is purely a vegetable preparation. It
ha no equal as a remedy for -i( .
Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Dlsrrhata, Bytaa
lery, Colle and all Bowel Complaints.
Ita timely a a will cure Colds, Croup, Dlph
tberia. Ouiusy, and all Throat affections.
Wkra properly aaael. Fever and Ago,
aad other ewnplaima Incident lo onr western and
southern climate, ar easily broken ap.
Narwaaa rata. Sick-Headache, and Bhta.
matlim araenred by this medicinewhea all other
have failed. Toothache, Earache, Burn. Chil
blains and Braise sre relieved at once by its ise.
Tke aeaalae kaa B.Maaaafca.a
rvite Kevcnu Stamp oa the outside, and Dr.
R. Miller's Magnetic Balm blown in the bottle,
Kxamlo closely, and buy none but th ga
Sold by all Drngglit. Price SS cent per
D. Baxsoh, Sox t Co., Propr's, Baffldo, W, T.
Muxu n iciMiif," "iocs xeinis," -
maa nowma, "itrnwam rxowaas,-
aWAsatAiar,- ,
iyruk mt lcurrw wrniT mt wimt rannvi
TIAI al wuaa y.mnnim), v-
1t ef mCbmm f "
aana ItmlfM AT OS
. vria.wiyi
$SOO Pa ret, S30 Ettgrarlngt.
A startling expo of mdicl humbugs ot
the past and present. II ventilates quack,
traveling doctors, noted female ebeau, for
tuna tellers aad medium, and givss inlereat
ing narralives of noted physiciane. It raveala
startling secrets, and is Invaluable to all. Wa
give rluive territory and liberal commls
sioaa. Far circular and terma address tho
publish. i. B. BURR HIDE,
Hartford, Cona., or Chicago, III.
Written by in eminent author, inrli'ding
John B Uuugh, and Horace Greeley,
This work k. complete history of 1-bram-hea
of industry, and I a complete me
eyclopelia of aria and manufactures. aa
ot onragenta (old 13.1 copies ia eight day,
aaither wt ia two weeka. Bpeeimea teak
Ire on receipt ot stamp
I. B. RIIRH A mTDE, PaMi.her.
Hartford, Coaa-.og Chicago, 111,,
week. Agent who would secure territory,,
should apply at onr.
i. B. BTRB HTDE-, Publisher,
Hartford, Cona., or Chicago, HI.
JaatM DanKlc'o Eitafc,
Pr6of Cowrf, Vinton. County, 6to
NOTICE is hrehy giva that Mr. Cyalnla'
Dunkla, administratrix of the aetata of
Jama Duakle, deceased, haa Sled her a,
count with raid etlffor Bnsl ttlmat
and that tha tame I set for hearing on the Ita
day of February, A. D. 1STS, at 11 o'clock,
A.M. - H.B.MATO,
rrobjue Judge.
J.a.ll.llTJ. , . . tl
A dmV9t Jennings rain.
If- fcl aae mile neHaaeel
Vaf't'lWiOf kUrndea, adjoining
-Jmm JLm. hwa af HB. T. M. Bay,
eonlMaiag ISO acres, IS ere'i graaasud
nawBca ib simoer. a new rwoiry frama
house, barn, smoke-honse end olhei neeena.
ry ont-houe ar among th Irnprovemeata.
The larm lie aU, is wall watered, feaelac
aad everything eeaaecled with it ia goad ra
palr.' For farther Informatioa inquire of
iap H.8.WIL0OX , ntn.

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