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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 13, 1873, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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TIIUItSDAY, FICU. 13, 187a
0 ilftr Sunday, November M, 1871
tram will run lollowa: The HI. Loma
Kapiwe mil' daily; all olhr trains daily Sun
day. eepid.
Th Faat Line' and Erpreaa will atop only
at boveland.tireentteld.Chiili-nthe Haniilrn,
Athene and fcolt'e Landing. Kaat.l.ine f ling
west will atop at Manchester, alto. Oilier
(mat nop at .ill uuoaa.
Stations. Miul. Faat
Cinainoaii..4 iamti 10 joam w JUput
Ghlliiitith. I aoum Jlipm 1 nm
Richland Fur .11 .ripm uspro 1 aoam
rlaindeu Ii 49pm 3 41pm 4;im
BnATr.... 1 uipm S :ilpm 1 Mam
Vinton 1 Mpm 1 t"pra S Warn
talr.ki.. I t.1pm S 4Spm 3 ottai
Hnpi Pornae... t 3tpm 3 Upm 3 I7.ro
Parsiborg...... 4 Upm 4 S'pio 6 5uam
001N0 WEST.
Utiom. Mail. Faat L. M.I..EX
Perkerr;rg. ..... &Oam '"urn H Mpm
Hop Furnace-... nSoin 11 :tom 3 xspm
taltMcl. 1 Upm II J m 3 :upm
f'"'"T ,i i n 1 Hp re II m 3 4upm
McAavHce I 4tpio II iUm 3 47pm
Ham len ........... 1 Uro 13 unit 3 65pm
VichUuil Fur..- I ni'ni U lupm 4 ipm
Cliillicolha..... 3 ISpm 1 "Upm 4 Mpm
6 t
Cincinnati.... .. lupm uipra UUpro
BALXSX1 aecoaaoDivioa.
The ZaleaKi Accommodation going east
leave t:iullicotha al ua. in.. ttavavilie? o
Biehlind Furnace, t 1. Ilatnden arrive I 4
depart U, McArthur, M, VmtonluSo,
liloilti K M. (loin; weat-Za!siti 4 00p m ,
V mum 4 3. M''ilh'irn no, rimndeu, arrive
I SO-depvt 6 M', nirnlADd Furnace, 4 So.
R.irlll, 4 M, ChHlloalhe.4 XV
Trama on tba PoR I'oMOUTH BRANCH
will last llamden at 4 It a.m. and4l'pni
arriving at Portsmouth at II 10 a m. and T cup.
m. Raturoingirain aill leave Portvmoiith at
3 41 a.m. and Hi" p.m.( arriving at llatnHen
a; ll.V) a in. anna xu p.m.
Train connect at Loveland for all pointa on
he Little Miami Railroad, and al the Indianep
olla and Cincinnati Railroad Junoti n for all
point Waal; at Athens with the Columbus
A K. Y. K. K.i t ParkeMhurg, with fit b.
O. R. R. W. W. PEAHOliY,
Matr of Transportation.
IWl,'j ru a riv-lt from Wllkearille to
Haimlen and return everr Monday, Welnea-
lT and Frid.v, lor ihe wronimodalion of
paeni(era. making clou connection with me
mail Iraina on the M. a C. H. K. I will alao
earrjr expreaa parkaiiea ah pped lo or from
thone points by lh AJxma Kxpreaa On.
ap? iriAAO W. MILLER.
CHASLE3 W. BAEHETT, Proprietor
WILL run reyuiarljr lo McArthur Station
to meet all mall traina.
Hwk leavea MrArihur poal offlca a.lion
o'clock, M. each day, to connect with mail
OMera left at the pint office, McArthur, or
Vumiaa, prjmptljr aiinirt in.
Hamden, Wilke.iville and Middleport
HAV1NO the contract for earnrlnj the mail
letwean the ahore pointa I will b able to
I urimh eoneyanca for paeaengera and lhaif
baiMag to and from aald pointa on the follow
logaaye: From Wilkeayilla to Ha-nden and
baek on Mond), Wedneadaya and Kridvya;
and from Wilkeayilla to MMilleport, Meiita
Co, and back on Tueidaya, ThuiailaTa and
Baturdata, iiiHN LEVIS.
TaB 13r uk' Sewing M.ohiut)
Co. N. y.,sent us an advert ije
ment and request at to publish
one year, drawing on them duar
terly. We are not doing that kiud of
bssiness. Thej iity the pre
fer dealing with the proprietors
of ne Alp .pars rather than with
advertising agents, knowing they
can get better terms. We pre
fer to do business through our
agents, Biwel & Pettingill. No
Datter t .-rins can be obtuiued at
this office than of thein. The
only way to get lower rote
than the agwits will offer is to
repudiate your bill.-, .ud you
can't do lliut at this office, for
we enforce advance payments
from all perions when we are not
personally acquainted with their
responsibility. It all newspa
pers would keep their readem
from being swindled out of their
money iu many cases, and would
themselves be richer at the end
of the year, besides the satisfac
tion of knowing that a good
many rascals had waited a good
many postage stamps. We
think we are at least two or three
dollars ahead of the New York
sharps on last year's business in
this one item of stamps alone, to
sy nothing of their pnuting and
Tub big boy of a rural icboo.
in Illinois was fined by the mag.
titrate for kissing the school
marm. She didn't complain, bu
the magistrate keeps company
with her, and wasu't plucky
enough to l.ck the boy.
Ax applicant for a pair of
boots at one of our stores was
asked wbat number he wore, and
replied, an soon as he could re
cover frojn his surprise, ''Why,
Vo, of course."
Everybody, is' saying that
thisis tha most extraordinary
winter he ever knew, and
'what everybody siys must be
Pwoxd's, i'liuiographer. Chillicnthe
gives careful attention to milking cop
ies of other p:u;ures. Picture muy be
wade 09 lurne a life from the tiniest
Jacket picture, and in ad a in every wuy
aatisfuetory by enreful and judicious
coloring. Pliotipmpln from nnture or
from other picture colored in the best
ttyles in oil, water color, crayon, pits
tel or ink, ut rate to suit all rircum
Expsriexcb will teach any man that
it is advanUu tt patrooiie those
who advertua ia newspapers;
In Zaleski.
TH B Zaleakl Company, with a view to the
derelnpmen! of Ilia I oral intereata of Ja!ea.
ki, to aet'iire it permanent pioeperiljr. aad lo
add to iu population and wealth, are now
nnrriox to actual aettlei a, town Iota anditrra
land at low pnrea. and oa liberal terma.
Hrjaona deairing to examine the proparly
ad In hue rheap hooaea will apply at Ihe
Company' oWuea to
K. THOMPSON, Maoager.
Zalaaki. Ohio, I'y IS, 1471. (f
the new pnetal law wa are aupplyinff the peo
ple wilh our nna uiekel while nietal war, of
triple eleriro-ailyer plate, pot paid to an;
part of tha country dirrvtlrom our maaulae
tor. .
Notwithtanding a large ad ranee In nirkel
we atill oiler Ihe gnoria, both plain and fancy
palierna, al former faviory ratea.and will mail
anr quantity al Itie.a pricei, on receipt of th
Butter knlrV. pickla fork, sugar ,noon and
nana in una. earn a,
Tea epoona and nut plcka. halt dog. t an
ne.arlklivi.lorkaandannnna.hairdoa 1 KI
Tahla ' " ' S 00
Keplatingnf nlj war ia the beat manner, at
one half or theae price.
We will mail lo any ad 're.a phntngrapha
and prico Ii.t. of Jnr riSIE MILVKat
the manufacture ol which ia a ipecialty with
it ia our privilege to refer to th ed'lore ol
all Cincinnati relig mua weekliea.
In what paper old yoa e our adrartirt-
M fountain iquua, Cincinnati, Ohio.
JloctliTi Ut
One door w$t of Dan. Will at ro'$.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Peraona iihlog to purchai tanda farroa or
town Iota lo Vinton o- adioioing countwa will
find trarta to aim them by railing.
Paraona wi.hiog to aell'landa Atrina or town
Iota will hay a good iTiani e of doing ao b
leaving deavtiplinn, etc. in nor hand
Wu 1 uikkki l .a r-n
Mvn Street, MuArlhiiri O.
Dr. llnponco'a O'olden
They never fail, and may be depeaded npon
in every naae where the monlhly flo ha
been obstructed through raid r diaeaae.
IiUP'IMIiM MOLI'KN IMLIalwavagoe im
mediate relie. A lady riie: "1'ukiihciV
Ool len Pit la relieved me in ou day Ilk mag
ii'." 'Ihe genuine are now put upm large
wnile taixe cont,.innii double th quaulii) ol
pills a d upon rail Imix you will rind in
'I'ritiitr U. 8. Revenue -Itainp." Upon thi
tionp aee llieworda I UI'OiNOi'VUULIiEN
PILL-1, iu whit Idler., without thai none
ate genuine
rt-iiii'miirr the g'niiineia in the ahite hoxr
Kill I and explicit dirictiouaa"ci)iiipHiiy eadi
box prii-ff 41.1.1 per box, ail laixea o
'oil by on druggiat in every loan, village,
citv and It unlet throughout ihe world. -
dd in Mi-Arti.ur. ii ,
lly 0. W. SISSOX. Drvu'jUt.
Me Ayentfor Vinton Vounty.
Hv aeii.liug Hun f l.w thranghlhe vii-Arlhur
ii , 'ot I irn -e, can have the pills aentronH
ileiilnilly. Iijr mini, to any pa. t ol the rountry
iree of poaiage.
. Ii. .in WE. Proprietor. New inrk.
Trees! FLwers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Nursery Stock, Fruit & Flower Flatts
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
hOO aerea; tUt year; 12 '4reenhnnaea.
Apple, 1,000 1 vr., ; lly Mo; 3 y 4o; 4j. W
4 cautlogiiea, 20 ri:t 3iixm
The New York
A Journal for all True Bepublioans,
for all True Liberals, and all
True Democrats.
Th New York Evening Posd, edited by
William "ullen Bryant aud Park Itodwin.
aaaiated by the alrongeHl lal t that can or
engaged, has for more than half a century
maintained, the aanie prin.il plea ol freedom
und pmgieas, through all chMigea of partiea
and iiolicie,.
ltatanua forequa; righ'a; for the dlatribu
lion of power; for honeaty and ei-onomji lor
the aeurity ol the glorinua renult.of manci
paiion and enlranchiaemenl won by th war:
and all practicable letnrm.
It ia oppnaed to injuatice and apollatinn.dia
ginned under the nmn of proteaticn, and to
all corrupt pany combinationa which ea:ridce
princii lelo mere auccea.
II will nippoit Hrant and lleen, beeaoae
it helievea thai under them th gnvernment
will be mora table, and thechancea for r.
greaa and reform more certain, than ouderany
alliance of incompatible elemvota.
The Kvroing Poat ia equal to any other ae
a newapaper, and ia complete in lit political,
it. literary, it acientiflc. ita agncul ural and
ita commercial department
Hingiacopr one year, ft in; flyeenpiea, one
year, 37 ui; ten copiea, noe yaar,llo; twen
ty copiea, on yenr, fiio.iaJ.
Sing' copy, one year, S3 un; hv enpiea,
one) ear, 2.40; ten copiea, on year fiO.00
Thoae uhcnb ng now for on r willre
celye the paper until January I, .
r w will nd thef dlowing p diealeto
.ubaenbera, in connection wi.b KVtning
Pott at the price, named i
Wi'h With
Weekly Bern, Weekly
. . ... EwningPoat. hvealngPo-t
ITitrper's Wect-aly.. . . $4 50 g 00
I 1 1 1 . 1 . 11 . , .n . r, r.
ai,ui b onnr ou 0 uu
Harper's M.ijfuilne. ... 4 60 6 00
hvery Saturday ..... 5 00 6 60
Aiiannc .Monthly 4 00 6 6"
uur Xounjf- Folks 3 00 4 50
m-noner? Woptiny ., , ou 6 00
Old unci Nw ... 4 50 6 00
The Galaxy'. . , . 4 00 6 60
Piire.'iohiglcni Journal 3 60 6 00
The Ajjrk-ultUri-t ... 2 SO 4 00
Ileartli and Home . . 3 75 6 25
Utxle'i Mvlnir Afe... 8 00 9 50
A ppleton'c Journal .' 4 50 6 00
Wood' Houaehold Magasine 2 OO 3 40
lloinn Jniienfll 3 11 inn
........ .. v wu W W
The lirlstlair ntelll.
gencer, with Chromo 3 73 5 23
agh M I Ka PI Ifllka n a i
.... ,w klr wjiiiiik ro'i inn
Chrlximn lntHliftrntr mil b seoltbe beiiu
niMiifurviiivi ijf) j icmirrBj,
For 25 centa we will aend the Weekly Even
ing I'Oft for two momha. or for 6o ceata
will tend the r-emi-weekly Evening Pual for
ine -aioenine. riiecimen numiwrkaeniire.
Addreaa, VV M. U. HKYA.N T 4.0
atoct New York.
Done Neatly and 1'ron ptly a
Read Dr. Holland's New Story.
Read Dr. Holland's New Story. SCRIBNER'S MONTHLY.
U .
Th publ'.her or Bcaima's Maivaiv,
promiae fur the mailing year a mora brilliant
array of contributor, and an incrvae in th
varieti ana oeauiy 01 lUilluetralioaa, already
conceded by the entiea to h "jUe (Aaa aa
" " ""'' ia aoj aintncan
Ir. Holland, th editor, will write th aerial
atorv oi in year, wnicn will oeauinhingraph
urn i. iiitih, uu win o HiuairalaHl by Mile
Uallork. Iliaajtilled Arthur Bonnicaatl,and
win ueai wnn aoineni in roo.i rnmcull prob
lema of American life. It will b oummenoed
la the November aumber.;
Ther will be a nw a'orf by Sax Holm,
Th on legged Uawera.
Bret Han, th beat wntar f abort atonea
now living, will eontribui a characlanatle
atorv, entitled Th Epic of Piddlalowa.whicb
will be illustrated by dheppard.-
R. H. Htoddard will wn a aerie ot cater,
tainmg papera about authera, their peraonal
characlenalica, ham life, rami Ilea, Meade,
whima and waya. A aariea of poriraita of liv.
lag America writer ia alao promi.ed.
Clarence Cook will writ a out furniiure,
ani lb decoration of American home.
Thea papera will be eminently practical a
well aa arti.lic, and will b illustrated wilk
deairaa and aklU.hea.bv numeroua arii.ia ia
a idiiiun to thtfae which th peopl will fur
Amonif Ihoa who will contribute ar t
liana Andera. Bryant. Bu.hnell. Ea.laa
ton, Krouda, Higainaon, Biahop Huntington.
Bret Harte, John Hay, H. H , Macdooald,
Mitchell, M aa Phetpr, Stedman, rttocktnn,
olodnard.Caha Thazter, Warner, WUkiaaon,
lira. Whitney, beanie boat of other.
. The editorial control and direction of th
Magann will remaia ia lha handa of lr.
Holland, wh will eoatinu to writ "Thv
Topic of th Tim," which the N. T. lad
peudenl aaia "ar mora widely quoted than
any aimilar paper ia any American mag,
Walton flilder will writ "Th Old Cahl.
neti'' aa hitherto. Prof. John O. Draper con
ducta lb department of "Nature aud Sol
eace." The rtepanuienta of "Hom and fo.
eily"aiiU "l iillilr and Progreaa," will en
gage ihe conlribaiiona 01 more than a acor
I pen oa both aidea of ihe Atliintio The
Wab hman and H8eWor aaya: o,,,n,ner'.
Monthly for kepttmbtr ia belter than uaual.
which indicatea a needleaa aaale of editorial
hrama and xiblial,eia money, for the Mag.
axiuew s goolaimugh before!" Aod yet the
publiabar praioi.a lo niak it atill Iwtterfor
III enmiat year.
The aubauhptkin price ia St no a year, with
apecial rataelo clergymen, tear he i. and pott
ma.ter The following
are nflared lo aew tuliacnbera t
For f i to th puhliahera will and, or any
bonkaeller or nrwadealer will eunplv, the
magaiio for on year, aad th twelve' num.
hereof Vola. Ill aad IT, enataining th lie
finning of Mr. iMu.hant'a Serial, "Al Bit
i.ai.; ror bt an, in Magaiin ror oiyj,j.
aud ihe '.''-!: 5:1m W irotn lha beginning'
ror tin 40, ihe Mag .line tor en yaar.aad the
24 back number. bund (4 tola.,) charge eii
bound vola. '. d. Thia will gi a nearly 4.IU0
I ax of thchioM reading, with th flneal
liloatralinaa, fort 10 40, r nearly 4UI pagea
for a dollarl and will enable every aubacriber
to obtain the lerira from Iheflr.t.
Hpaclal Urma to Tiealera, Clargjmea and
Trachi ra.
8CI1BNIRA CO., 444 Broadway. N. Y.
"VaaacetUaablytbe beat analalaed warba
ribaklaa-Ta Ik World."
Harper's Magazine.
A'Whm a Iht Vrtu.
The ever-iticrelntf circiil tin of Ihlaex
cedent Inonlhl) prove 11a continued adapt
lion to popular deairea and need Inured
when a think into how many boinea it prne
Ira.ea every mouth, we mini oon-nder I. ar
nne of th educnlnraae well aa enteitainera ni
th public mind, for it vaal popti arnv haa
been wnn by no appenl to atiipid prcpUdiuea
or di piaved tMer.-ifcfo Gift.
The i-harai'ter which thia Mfniim pnaaeaa
ea for variety, enterprise, wclln. and liw-rxt)
cullur that hMa ki pt pace Willi, if it baa not
led ihe tunc, ahouM cauae ia conductor! Iu
regaru it with jualin;dde compliicrncv. I alao
entitle them to a great Huiui upon the pub
li gratitude. The ttuijiue haa done gund
and not vil all Hi day oi lie III. Brooklyn
A complete aet of rfaarca'a ManaiiNg, now
I'otniiria ng 4i voluinea, in neat cloth bind'ng.
will lie seat bv expre.a freight al expenae id
purohh'!, r, for IJ 'In per volume. Mug vol
a, by niail.pw'euid, 41 IMI. Cloln uee, for
biudiuj, Mocnia, by mail, poitpaid.
"A Camplet rictarlal Hialary af th
Tlae.-"Tbbeat, ckeapeat, ana aaewl
acceaaral Faaally Paper ia tba tataa "
Harper's Weekly.
KobMt if tinPrm.
The WmH ia Ihe ahieal and most po varful
illoatraird periiKlical published in Una coon
try. Ita editoriala arc t holnrly ami conviuc
iu,, and carry much weight. Ita iiliiaintiuna
oi current eipula are full an t Irerh.andaie
prepaied hv our hi-at ilesignera. ,ih a cir
culation of 1 11,1 ihj, ihe H'Mtfy ia read by at
leat hail a million peraoua, aud ita iuSucnce
aa an organ ol opinion ia eimp!) tremendous.
The H'erifa mtinlalna a pnainve porilioo, and
xnrcaaea decided view' on politic! and ao
Cial problem. UmiteUlt L'ouritr jonrml.
The annual volume of Haapai'a Wxixu,
in neat cloth binding, will be ent by axpreaa,
free or expense, tor 47 uu each, i amyUtttitt.
compi'irir; 1Wi aent on receipt of
ash at th rate of V pr vol ,rtigU i
aaaaa ef arcaoMr.
"A Kapwaltary mt Fahla, Plaaaara aS
Harpers Bazar.
Stticutf rlwPrM,
The Barer la edited with S COntribiitio it
art and latent that we veldnm and iu an;
journal; and lha lournal ilaelf ia th oigaa of
the grent world ol tashlon.- Bvttm TrnnTw
Th fiuar commend itelt lo every mem
ber of tne houaehold lo Hi chili ran by droll
and pretty pic turea. to the young ladiea by it.
fashion platea in endless variety, to th prov
ident matron by Upitra for the children'
rlothas, to faitraiilimt b) it uaeful dreigna
for mbroiderd alipperaand luxurioua dreaa.
mg-gowna. But Ihe reading wialtar of Ihe
Itaaar ia uniformly of great excellence. Th
oaper naa cqiiireii a wnia laopularity for the
fireside enjoyment it aflbrii. N. T. JTveaia
Terms :
Haipm'A Wrmt, Pasta, or M !,
an year, e h, 44 no
Ammmcfy WW4 MaaaiiXI, Wailty,
tr Baiaa. dejoHal grali. ,.4. Kit
. ...... ivraui m t reauouaov; tr,
tu tafia far 2U On, artae! Kra eoef .
chtMiiprwa.le Haapaa' MaaaaiNB, WirxLV.
aad Hiiaa. la a Vrea jar am tear, SIU Mi; ar,
fwo If r-'. fariorfiwij, taa vUram jar am
gear 17 00
Bjk iiatn can b -np,M! at any lima.
The Hv volumta of liaapaa'a Baa. a, lor
h year la-e. '4... 'To. 'Jl. 'Ti. elegant
bound in green morocco Hot.,, will b aeat by
egpreae, freight prepaid, for ST U ack.
Th postage oa Uaapaa'a Wicity ni Hiua
ia 2 cent a year. M 24 cent, wbioh
must b paid at Ih'amW'i poat oflce.
Addreaa HARPEC A KUT bEHH, .aew York
Por 1873,
THE Guide ia now publlahed quarterly.
24 centa pay. for lb year, lo-ir numbara.
which is not half Ihe coat. T io who alter
wnrda aend money to lb amount nt one dnl
Inr or more for aeeda may also order twenty
Ave centa worth itra th pile paid lor th,
The Jannary number la beautiful, givim.
plana for making Hural Hoinea, W.icoa foi
l'ining Table liecoralinna. Window Garden.
o ., and containing a mse of in'ormation in
valuable to th l-.v,ra of tower. On bun
dred and fifty age, no flue tinted papal
onie nv hundred engrevinga and a auperl
colored plate and chromo eovrr. The Bret
edition of two hundred thousand juai pilnte.
in Kngliah and i.rinmn. and ready In aend nut
nov JAMES VICE, Rochcatcr, H. Y.
ADTKRTtsiifO' remind, people ol
things they bad teen usutiiig all
aloog, but n4 -forgotten all aboak.
Till last number of tht Gal
lipolis Journal, coot aintl the
following uiarriftjce:
"Uou.SamuerFinley Vinton
and Komantj M.' Bureau, Aug;.
I was not touch acqualnled
with Mr. Vinton, although I
frequently saw him. My Fath
er was well acquainted with
him, and I often heard him.
speak of his early history. Mr.
Vinton came to Oallipolis at
an eariy 'day, pel haps irom
one oi the Western States,
lie was a poor young man
seeking his fortune. He pos
sessed no earilily goods sare
the clothes he wore, and a few
articlea tied in a handkerchief.
Lie married a daughter of Mr.
Bureau, one of ihe old French
merchants of Oallipolis. lie
became an eminent lawyer,
and represented his district iu
Congress during a great many
years. lie was at one time
the Whig;c.andidate for Oot
erner of Ohio. He practised
law at Jackson before he went
to Congress, and before my
recollection. . The County of
Viuton it named after him, as
also the town of Vinton in
Uallta county, and 1 am ac
quainted with, a dozen men
The American Tig Iron As.
sociation , reooria that j jgr
this country produced 2046,
123 tuns ol pig iron, and 3,210,
9 IS tons of iron ore. There
port is supposed to be fur from
complete. Some producing
States were not reported, oth
ers rery inadequately. Ac
cording to the report, Penn
sylvania produced more that,
half the iron, and nearly one
third of the ore, raised in the
Union. In Ihe order of pro
duct the cliiel States were,
Pennsylvania, Michigan, New
York, New Jersey, Ohio, Mis
eori. In the course of the re
port an estimate is uiven ol
the number of blast furnaces
built or building during 1S72
s lollows: Pennsylvania, 24;
Indiana, 2; Illinois, 2; Missouri
2; Tenneee, 4; Onio,10, Mich
igan, and Likn Superior region,
5. This gives a total of 53 iur
nacea, to which muy be aded
18 more either breaking ground
or projected since the list wn
made out in August last. I
is estimated tint the increased
yield, when these furnaces
shall lie in operation, will be
about 400,000 ions.
YVuen three Irishmen dug a
ditch for which they 'ere to
receive four dollars, the troub
le was how th divide it among
four and have it equal One
ot them remained quiet and
the other ones at last dotered
to his judgment, and as he hd
been to school, and knew 'ri'h
luetic, asked him to mike the
division. He did it at once,
faying, 'It aisy enough!
Shure there's tiro for you two
and two for we too." Be
gorrie," said said one of hU
co-laborers, "what a great
thing it is lo have a laming!"
"Arid,1 said the other, as he
pocketed his single dollar,
'and know 'rithmetio tool ii'a
the likes op us two'd niter di
vide them four, dollars aqu
ly.rt . A... .
JnuRRALisi; writing from
Beaver county to a Philadel
phia paper, recently, said that
Baden, Beaver . county, Penn
sylvania, boasted that it could
how fin; glnasy, natural hu
man hair on the head of a liv
ing girl tixfut long!
We can beat that in our own
office hero. We can show hair
fine, healthy, and natural, no
. a a a at S
me neaa or a man six rtn one
—Land and Law Advisor.
In the Greeley will case
a . . a .1 .a m m
mnnaay, me win or 1871 was
proved without opposition, the
Misses Greeley having with.
drawn from the contest.
A country paper in Minneso
ta, wants to know who twin
died the Indiana out of "such
an infernal cold . country as
Minnesota is, and who deluded
the white people into it.'
The Public Schools of Ohio.
ine . cumber of school dis
tricts in the State is . 2,029;
n;umber of scbooli, 15,989;
number of graded : qhools,. 4,
908; number of school directors,
13,456; number of superintend
ent, 856; number ol teachers,
1836S; average salaries of
male teachers per month, f 41.-
71; average salaries of female
teachers per month, $3460;
average length ot school term
in months, 4; number of pu
pils, 566,221; per ceoUge or at
tendance upon the whole num
ber enroled 74; average cost
of tuition per month for eath
pupil, II; cost of tuition for
the year, $4,104,273 53; -cost
of building, purchasing and
renting school houses $2,864,
112,35; total cost, including
expenditures of all kinds, $8.
245,072.78; estimated value of
chool property, $18,689,625,
adding the $513,930.52 eixpend
ed for orphan schools to the
$8345,072.78 expenled for
common schools, making a
grand total ef 8,853,003 40 ex
pended for school purposes un
der the direction of this de
partment during the year.
Dh UoLHEssays: u A thought
threatened with publicity has
a strange way ol shrinking to
ward mediocrity, as a great
pumpkin, the wonder of a vil
lage, seems to lose one third
of its dimensions between its
native fit Id and the table ol
the agricultural show, where
it reposes beside the enormous
pumpkins, irom other wonder
ing villages.
Dr. WiMet, lecturing in B
ton the other night, told a
droll story about himself, lie
at one time, when he was a
condoisseur at bird-stuffing, hi
used to criticise other people's
trird blulli.ig severely. Walk
ing with a friend one day, be
he ktojied at a window wliTe a
gigantic owl was exhibited.
You sen," said the Doctor to
uiagtii icent bird utterly ruined
by uuski lint suitli ig N h c
lite in milting! Execrub'e,
lau't iif no liv.nj ovl evt-r
roosted iu that position. Am,
the ej ej ure a third laig r th a
auyoivl evor poiseiacil' t
this tuouieut the btu.Ted bird
laised one loot and solemnly
OlinKed at his vritie, who sui.
very luMo more that after
noon about tli ffi birJs
Tub Zuiesville Courier sat:
"A coteuiporary saya a miuia
tor iu tlili city is compelled t
subsist on crackers and ch es
and sleep in the bateiueut
th church because Ihe con
;regtiuti neglects to pny hiu
ins salarr and he u toe timid oi
too dilEJent to pubb up tht
members. This monotony o
his diet is said to b relieveu
occ soic.ll by a tojthbom'
blind rutin,' but no ray o sun
shine ever illumines the gloom
oi his cheerless abode. Is thi
tatement true j''
Tub great lion a i Catholic
Cathedral tf New York,
commenced by Archbishop
Liases befjte the w. r, ha a
iseu mi Oi a wove the l i.i.
ueafcs ot its lotty Gothic win
dows. Its walls are white
uarble, covering the wh t
e Irt.m 51 a 1 son avenue t
i'liih, and Irom Fiity-tir.it to
Filty necoad btreet The cos
ot the building is estimated at
live millions.
A Lakqi Urm near Poin
Pieasatit this county, which
was offered, two years ago at
$40 per acre, was recently
told at $65. The M. & P. rail
road did that, and the man
bo told the land relused to
subscribe a dollar lo the road.
—Guernsey Jeffersonian.
Thi United States owni Jin
real property over $30,000,000
worth, and in public tuildiug
about $50,000,000. The
grounds dedicated to public
use, in parks, sqnaret, eta., are
valued at about jl 9,000,000
ItOCK ISLAND, llliuoiS, hlS TO
ted a tax of one aud a hall
mills on the dollar to establish
public- librM; , 1
A.f AHKjWho wished to in
vest tht aceumalation of hie in
dustry'in United btatet securi
tiee, want into a broker's office to
obtain iqmt fivt-.twsnties..'' The
lerk inquired: -''What denomi
nation will you have them in tirT '
Uaving never heard that word
used excepting to distinguish
sects, the farmer after a little de
liberation, replied :' 'Well, jou
may give me part in Old School
Presbyterian, to please the old
lady; but give me tht heft on't
ia free Will Baptist."
Whi it a pretty well made.
fashionable girl like a thrifty
housekeeper? Because tht makes
a great buttle , about a ; small
waiit. , -
All efforts to make hay by
gaslight have failed, but it is dis
covered thst wild oata can be
town under itt cheerful raj.
Holoway's Ointment.
Discharging iorss, indolent
ulcers, abcesset. and hard swell
ings of many years' atanding.are
daily eqred fin all ptrts of the
world bj ibis invaluable prepa
ration. Sold 78 Maiden Lane,
IS. Y. Prise, 25 cents per pot.
Ark for new style; the old is
Whooping Cough.
I find your Hive Syrup and
Tolu an exocilent remedy for
Whooping Cough and Cronp, e.
pecialy for the former, whioh i
prevailiag in a neighborhood
south of us. I must not be out
of the Syrup; please forward
me a supply without delay.
White Pigeon. Mich.
The Mjt Desirable Bes
denes in Moirthnr.
I OFFER for tale my reaidrno on Nort
street. It cousial of a splendid riwellin.
mils, well llnl.hed, lusnlr and out, ili
cilit roo'ii. and a g-md c liar. A goon ortl.
oiillding, stable, wood and I'oal houarandoli,
er necessary out. building. The praniise
nniain t ncrvt, in. ludiag I acre of vioeiarc
II Ihritty oe iring vines; there ar also thi, I
bearing ap Ir Irrea la-si varisly of graflc
Iron, twenlytve beating psach tree lie.
iiiul ted fruit, rhrrriea, qninvea. plq,,, and
yariety of ni ill Irult ; attrt hi r particular
.in",-: m me nlhc4 of Una paper, or at lb
preunaca. 'leriuaeAay.
leesiwin b. a. iull!o.i.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co
VI I, partiea having enlenl.ed loibe cap
ilil aiork ol ihe Ii.. MeA. A I-. S. U. ar.
;. rby nqui.e.l lo mike payment t ih-i.
' laryofihe Company,! his office em t!-i
'uMic .ipiare, in (i d-i-olia, nhin, ni ifr io
litroiHnl. lo I'aui.d Will. I'r.'.i.l-nl of llo
Pinion I'nuniy Bank, ai Mc int.or, i hi", .
insrnllment nl Ave d..ll.ira en nri ,
o aohsrrihed, within len ilntaof Ihte rt:ite
Allgu I 111 1471.
WW HOn .R.f..'y
i MeA . t C. K K ('
de S l7t.
PrlioiH:ira ami "ainnle aenl no receipt i.
amp. No Capital Necewaary. Addre-sM
't'TroN tu., 7"4 Brolway, New Vol
z.n niziy
Catarrh, Con4umplion it Rheumatisrr.
Immediata relief and a nermai.eut em
iu irauired in every .. Parnciilar ari.
r. Addiesa f'liutna Medical li.tlitnte, 14'
Kiist lAth rt N. v.
Errors of Youth.
Kules an I Preacrintiana Ihi'. will ror an.
Oise of Bemlnal Weakness, Einti'.n, Ac.
tnnj restnr lo.l maannnd to perfect health
aarrataro an. by one who h aiitleredai,
a now cured. Addris. with alamo. Kirn.
rcMK. xtation V. New York. !l) .illy
Lovo and Matrimony.
The affertiona may lie gains t by Mlowin,
imnl' rolea. andalf ,... I..nli u.,i.
out regard to wealth, age or beajiy. Ad ireis
will, aiiaiiiu.
If a 1am Lucille Temarre, Bible Honst
BUtion. H. T. 2jnly .
a Pcma aaa taka 4ha Blttr so
eerdlnt to dlrceUooa, aad rcmala long aawclL
provided thtlr boa an aot deatroyed by mlna
ral polanm or other naaa, and rltsl orgaai
vatd beyond th point of repair.
Dyiyipil aw Ia4lllwB, Haaaacna.
Pain la th Sboaldera, Co ugh, Tlgitneaa of thi
Cheat, IHgslneaxv aonr Brsetailoaa of Ik ata
Biach, Bad Taaia la th Month, BUlooa Attacks,
Paipttadoa of th Heart, Inflammation of tb
Long, pain la th region of th Kidneys, and
a hnndrad other paiaxal aymptom. are ttM en
prtnga of Djapepal. On botoe will prov a
better rnaraato of Its nartls Uaa 4 Usatky
Tar raaliCwaUla4, la yonaj or old,
arrM or single, at tie dawa of womanhood,
or th tarn of life, theae Toale Bitter dlaplay a
Jeodcd aa taoaeac that Imarovaaaeal la aooi
rear lal a ma tar? aa4 fkmlt
aThaaaMtlaaa aod Oout, BUtoaa, Remittent
and lotcrmltlent rarer. Ill nl th riami.
Urn, Kidney and Bladder, theae Bitter have
MjnjaL tuoli lteaaea are canaed by VlUtid
Tkea ar a ratl FarwavlV aa well
aa a Taak, poweasUifl ties merit of acting as
a powerfm agent lowilevmg Conation or In
aammattoaof the Uver sod Vlsoersl Orgua,
re Sbta DUeaee, EnrpHons, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spota, Pimples, Postal,
boll. Carbonrica, tUng worraa, ttcald-IIead,
Sore Eye, EryMpelaa, Itch, Scurta, Dtseolora
tlonsof lb Skin, Humors tat Diaeaae of tb
4kla of wvtatav name or natara, ar llter
tily dnaT P and carried out of the sya.
ntoa short time by the oa of the Bitters.
Ora4f.l TfcwwMwda proclaim ViarsoaB
jiitkhs the moat wooderfut Invuiurant that
jver soatalned the sinking cratem.
SB. St. b0.1IALS 4T4V
Drnffftsu and Oca. Ats Kan Fraociaoo, CI
ror, of Washington aad Charttoa 6bt, SJ.Y,
tout bt all vaioaibia a deaxbr
M voavraear
law baa nrorwd Or ,
(Mak'i wtmi eaf Tat u
bay mora merit ttiao
ay similar pre para Oo
aver offorod to tba prab
L. It U rteb la U
medloloaU quallOea o
Tar. and oneaualcd rot-
dUeea of Ui I braaf .
aud Laaaaajs. performing
th Muerr uatMABif
cures. It scrour
eoree ail fast v
C otaaS. . It baa eared )
many eaaee of Asw
and bravaveaUtt, taaU It
Bawl bean pronouDoad a
spoelSo for Uxtae eom-
fdalnt. For rwawi 1
b araaaaS, Jm OS
Bait, 4irayl or afleV ,
g.y I . IMaeakSet .
fj',aa man
I aad
JiVa gaai
af th Cr4ary naa, tmmmHm, aa
ny Lira tiatalai it baa no equal.
Baa to row llva VSeaiav aasd 4ebUtUtd.
a- r? i
rnyeati liaAawtoaa rerora,
Il44ta4 "7
Dioe niaea ) mt 44 Khtn. rislM.
lea. motehea) and Ka4eMi art
mord. 4Wrrlii,r.rttlaa Klaee
f tkM Fye. Wfc 4a Rwrlllasr. Hea,
Bid Boreal at any klad of Humor rapidly
i . - J Bn il., 1, Inll n.nr.
ITinni' Sim awppr --- , -
III fact It will do yon mure good, and ror
roa more pedlly than any and all 4ht
. - a a 1 MrV . la 14 B I S la aah
prvparaitona eommnwu. waeiieiit
lure a own rcatorerl a soluble oiyd of Iron
. . , . l MUU..I .mMriU.nl
somiuneu wnn ma innuivm.i K"rv -
P.,k IVxil dtveatcdof all dlarjreebla qual.
II ire ia winp.i.Miy '- -aaaadlaa
f'.aama wlinaa real or direct
eaoarlsbadblaaxt. etkearata.4le
la L.'waka or Beaa,t !( Woes
hea daara by AUrettrtnl or other pola..),
are all cured By Ii, tUj rS)lta,e,r ayah
11144 t.. al. llier la nnlhlu cut" It.'
A trial will terse It. AaK PwW a.
4Miai-H 4eisi-a etasr
NHL' B4Mr.
.-is. I
1 4
mt. Com'o Mlv (Craw) Byraa ha
been known and kaed by tb ncoicaj prof eaaiod .
vrtr 100 yearn, and a a remedy for Colds and
Con (hi has aa older and better repntatioa than
sir other Cough medicine erer offered to tb
public. It Is known as lb Coapeond Syrup of
BqnlUi.snd s formal nay b found la verj
feedical diapeufetory.
r. 4aaBB ! Byraa aa.
Tola, to addition to tba Ingredient fur Cox
Hive Syrup, contains Balaam of Tela, decoction of
SkonkCsbbag Root and Lobelia, a combination
that matt commend it to every one ss s an peri of
remedy for Croap, wTkaowlaK Caasjba
Aaehasa Biraaehllla, toaaha aa4
fold, Indeed for all affectlona of tb Throat
sod Lnugs where a Cough Medicin 1 necesaary,
Thi Siyraa I 4'arefally Freaaradl
nder th penooal direction of a regular PhyaU
dan of over twenty yean' practice, who ai(na
tar It attached to tb direction on tb bottle.
14 taet la Trv vUaaaaS and cbUdrca
Krarr fWaally sbonld keep It a a ready
remedy for Croaa. Col, etc., among th
1). RiKsoa, Son A Co., Propr's. Buffalo, IV. T.
DR. fe Ra MILLER'S '
It car aa If T MACHBTIC
IXVLUBMCK, Neuralgia and all pel", aod Is
therefore very properly termed " MacneUo
Balm." It It purely a regetsbl prtparsUoa. It
ha no equal aa a remedy for
Chlra, Cholsra Borfrut, Msrrhsta, Dyta-
Ury, Cell and all Bow I Camplalnl.
. l4a4Iaaolr will cure Cold, t"ronp,I)lpb.
Isirna, uiut ai uu a4 s amrww wnitvii!
Wti roaerlr aeeet, r ever and Agn.
sad other complaint Incident to oar western and -southern
ellmatea, ar caaily broken np.
nrra rala. dick-Headache, and Hng
matitm ar cured by thia rnedkin whan all other
hav failed. Toothaeb, Baracbe, Bums, CbU
blains aad Braites are relieved at one by It oa.
rest Revean Bump oa th osiaid, and Dr.
R Miller' Magnetic Baba blown In tb bottl.
Kxaaalaa closely, sad bay bobs bat tb gen
tine. Bold by all Drool ts. Price If ecnU per
O. Ruisoa, Sox Co., Propr's, Boffslo, 27. T.
6 CHB0H03
oauo wserar," " seoi xosrat,1
mora nowns," mua rvowM
AW ASM " 4 " ASUUr,"
kwaariarrK rmil aa timt twajB-i
TUX 4f WOO IB I la. Bam
kTw ef maaCaamm n aa aa at -J
Awake m fart ilwi- aa
mrnam asatekat V 00 ,
wtaaat Carxua.
. vitkMtkM vllk aa? j
piOO Part$, 330 Engratlng$. ..
A alartl'ng egpna of medical humbug nt
th past anil prevent. It ventilate auecke,
traveling doctor., noted female cheats, for
tune trllera end medium, anf give miereel
ing narraliveanf noted phyairiana. Itraveala
alartling aei-r-t", and i inraloabl to all. We .
give etnlualv territory and liberal enmmia
aiona. Farciraulariaai terma address tba '
publiehere. J H. BUIIIt "YHK.
Hartfotd.Cnnn , or Chieago, 111.
Written by W eminent authors, melcding
John B (iough, tnd Hoiw Greeley,
Tbia work ia a complete history ef all
hrn--hea ol industry, and ia a complete enr
cyclopedia of art and manufacture.
t our agent sold txicnpie in eight day. '
another JdS. In. two week. Bpeeiniens aat-
J. B. BIIKKYDB, rubliehers.
Hertford. Craa., or Chicago, ill. ..
a air-aae n a a u n. m.i.. ..iw.
Ntw Duuiv;rirb;r;dViT
weeka. Agenla who would aeeiire territory.
ahouid spply al one. ....
J. B. BURR A HYDE, Pnbliaher,
Bantord, Cona., or Chicago, 1VL
James Iiejaklc's Eetale. '
Praoafs Court, Vinton County, 0t.
NOTICR is h.r.hy giv that Mrs. Cytthfa -liunkle,
sdminUtralrig of th eatat of
Jam Duak . deeeaaed, baa Sled her -ae-count
with raid relate for float avtltemoat;
aad that th asm ia aet lor beanng on th lib
day t Ftbruary, A. I). 14T4, at II e'elaak,
A.M. M. B. MAYO, .
Probst Judge.
J.a.lt.ltTS. . a ' -
tit Jewaiag Perm.
an mil north ot
Haul Hea. adioiaiaa
.1 Mm a? a. M - .
containing ISO acre, 1M aerea in graa'aauj
oaianc in timner. A new iwo-atory Iram
hou-e, barn, amoke houand other nee,
ry outhooaea ar among th improvement.
The larm liwll, ia well watered tsaaiag
a-j wverjipmg caaaww wiia trie, go r-
pair, ror tanner lanrmatiea laaajin
ltty B.t.WIMOX laaaaoa,
T I a n i ram
JaaasV aa. rp

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