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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, February 20, 1873, Image 4

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MoA RTH U It", 0 11 1 6T
THURSDAY, FKU. 20, 1873.
fin and.ifter Sunday, November M, 1871
trim sill nin as lollnna: The St. Louia
Kxprras run daily; all other trains daily Sun
data txoeptad.
The Km l.ine'nn I Rypreaa will stop only
al toreland,Grronlielil,Uhili;.'"lhi. Hnnnlen,
Allien-and Scott's l.nacii ns- Ft l.ineg'ing
at will atop at Blauchester, alio. Other
mat nop at all stitioas.
Stations. Mail. Fact I,. Ft I. Ex.
Cin.-innail....H tUin 10 ao.im itfpin
I'niilkruth II o.iin i 2lpm 1 ftim
H viiland Kur..li .lupin 1 uttpm 2 ;i0.im
Hainden -..-......! 40pm 3 21pm i l-tam
McAarai's I Hp m .1 31 pm J.i.im
V'nton I l lpm S t"pni 3 iiiia
Zdraki.M. .......... I 2.1pm S 4 Spin 3 isuia
Mont Fiirnaee... 1 :.liim S Mum 3 I7tih
I'armitiorM itpm 8 DVpin 5 Warn
aoi.va west.
Ptations. .Mail.
Parksri'.-jrg ..... Mim
Hop KnruHc. I (Minn
EsJdskI.. I 'Jliim
Kuat i..
9 oftam
11 Willi
II jHnm
11 iam
11 Si.in
I'i UUllI
li l:tpm
I uopm
5 uopm
li noiim
3 iipni
S 3.1pm
3 4opm
3 47 pm
3 Mpin
4 iwpm
4 Mptn
fmion . 1 3ipm
McA aTHL'a 1 4'ipin
llamden . ..... I 3pin
".chlund Fur..- S 13pm
Chilhcollie....... 3 1.1pm
Cincinnati... ... I lujim
lMum accoaiioDATioM.
Tha Zileiki Accommodation gun? ml
lenyes un income atu una. in.. itaisvineT
Kit'hlmd Fi.rnnee, 1 in, Hninden arnra I 4
.Imparl 9 ii, Mi-Arthur, " , V niton 10 3A,
Kila.ki In W. Homg west Zidesiu 4 Oiip.ni
vinton.t J", M,-Aitn,irs nu, llmnilvn, amva
( -lo-depart VI, Kichlnnd Furnace, ti W,
Knyarille. 60. Chillicnthe. 8 21
trains on Ilia fOK I SMOOTH BRANCH
will lama Hnindan nt S a.m. nnd 4 onp.m
arriTinn al Purtsmoiilh at II 10 a m.aml 7 (tin.
ni. Kattironiztrain ill learr Portsmouth al
I 41 a.m. and Utti p.m., arming at llaimleu
ii a m. ana o p.m.
1'rainaeonnei't a: l.ovrland fur nil points on
ha l.itllr Miami Railroad, and at tha Indianap
oil. and Cmcinunli Railroad Juiiuti n for nil
point (feat; at Allien., with thn Colnmhua
a. II. V. K. K.. al ParkerburK, wilb ttia U. t
Mailer of Tran-portntion.
T WILti run a hvrk from Wilkcurille to
XHamdrn and return every Mondny, Welim
lar and f'riday, for ilia nct'ommodation of
pnaaanKera. innkmg clnaeeonneminn with the
mnil iraina on the M. A (J. K. K. 1 will alan
cany ripraaa piickan84 alvpped to or from
. inoae point uy ineAunma M press t;n.
CHAELE3 W. B AENETT, Proprietor
TTILL run reguiirlyto HoArlhur Stntion
11 to meet all nmll iraina.
ILvk leaves McArlhur post ofTloe a.liw
oVIouk, M. each day, to conned with mail
Drdvra left nt the post office, McArlhur, ar
Linndai, promptly atirndrdtn.
Eamilen, "Wilko.iville and Middleport
n AVISO the contract for carrying the mail
between the above points I Mill be able to
I urnish conveyance for passengers and Ihcii
baggage to and from said points on the follow-
mguays: rrom wiiKeavuie io namuen and
back on Mondays, Wednesdays nnd Fridays;
and from Wilkesrillo to Middleport, Meigs
Co, nnd back on Tuesdays, Thursdara sr.d
Baiuriinjs. iurl. LIS VIS.
Great Britain has trebled
a .a
me consumption ot tea per
head in sixty years. It would
1)3 interesting to know whether
the consumption of any other
laparaa Una illnn r I. free
,u6 uao laimu u.a in yiu- j
TiArfirtn Tn 1 C1 1 tl.A
I'" iwii ah iwii uig tuuoui ju fi
L r ... :J
per head in 1871 it was sixty
J aan.
inree ounces, ine average
price per pound was $1.60 in
1811, and 45o. in 1871. Duty
in 1811 wa3 80c. a pound, and
in 1871 it was onlv 12c.
Hon. Wm. Stasbery, oi Lick
ing county, one oi the oldest
and (in his time) one of the
most distinguished of Ohio's
citizens, died on the 23d ol
January, at his residence near
Newark, as we learn from the A
'American II o was a r..pmhpr
- - a
oi Congress during Jackson's
I residency, and was probably
over 80 years of aee at the
lime cf his death.
Oakes Ames is the most pon
derous member of either House.
TT r. I n .1 1 i r . ..
7 oiatiua eiuoui bix ieec tnree
inches, and weighs well on to-
1 nnn yy .
wuru ow, ue nas immense
n,r, e .l j i .
arms and tcet, and hlS long 1WS Wl"
O J 1 v CIVI.
and stupendous nose constitute
, - r, 5
vj mr me greater Dart of h n
j 6 Val" U1 US (li
jurauu aoove ine Droad, round
Di..: t 1 3 ' I
""'"S suouiuers.
A fat family in New Jersey
art jtd a solemn warning to peo
ple addicted to obesity. They
nave been dying from sheer su
perfluity of flesh. One of the
children, thirteen years of age,
lately returned to dust to the ex
tent of one hundred and eighty
A SUIT W83 begun in Easton. Every
Afio0onl...o... : iot . ...
,uoc, , 100J) ,n ff ftch 0()r
the matter in contrnvAraw ...
- J " 111,1
r 1 nil n.i I. . r 1 j 1 -
- nwnu ui iuiiu ana a lew
cords of wood. Out of this
thirty different suits have grown,
some of which are still carried
A SENSIBLE fihopmatror k
nUV y....r,m
m ifln a nrln,ul r.. i... .1 .
...ubcijr luftuut) uy me
saio 01 an extensively adver-
tisei shoestring of his own in
vantion, wrote this stanza
which now adorns his rrpi.
On at ffrpnk van., J L r.00d
b. .aj,5U0U uiuuti Home
bitterness of feeling T,,e
" . .!"
3 1 oct
"If you are wise nnd wish to rise,
Then pitch right in and advertise;
If you are not, then sit down sot.
And let your business go to pot." '
Dn. BowR,. DentisL MAr Done
l r 1 1
wjur, v. I -
Iii Zaleski.
'T'HE Zuleski Company, with a view to th
X development of lha local interest of sales
ki, to nr. ui its permanent pioeperily, "Lit to
sn-i io lis popmaiion. ao'l weaun. are now
orteriug to actual settlei a, loan lota ami farm
lanua al low prices, anil ou liberal terma.
Prrtoua deairing to examine Ills property
and In huy cheap houses will apply al the
i oinpany omces to
R. THOMPSON, Manager.
Znleaki, Ohio, May 18, 1871. it
tha new pottnl law wa ara iiDulvina- tha nsa
pie with our Hoe nickel white nietal ware, of
inpie rieciro-anvrr piate, poal paid to any
ui me ciuuirr airrvi ironj our munuiac
Notwithstanding a large advance In nickel
we still oiler the good, both plain and fancy
patterna, at former factory ratea.and will mail
any quantity at tlieau prices, ou receipt of the
Duller knife, Icklo fork, ausnr rpoon and
napkin nnji, each f I oo
Tea apnnna an.l nut picka, hall dos. J Mi
riesntrtknirea,lnrksandepoon,lialfdoi. 4 l
Replatinff nf old ware in the best manner, at
uiif nan m irjHse pneea.
We will mail to any addresa ,hntogrnpli
an t price li.ls nf Jmir FIXE NILVER
the manufacture ol which is a ipecialtj with
It is our nrivileffe to refer to tha adii nr. ni
all CiiicinnHlt religinu weeklies.
in wnai paper md you tea our advertise
M Fountain square, Cincinnili, OMo.
310311871 81
Vf3l. J. R 4WLLLS & CO.,
One door west of Dan. Will & Lro'$.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Persona wishlns to nurvlinsa lands farms or
own ints in vintnn o' adioining oounties will
Bud trnc-ls to ami them liv calluix.
Persons lehiim to sell lands larms or town
lota will have a Mood chance of doing so by
enfiuK uvaeripiMin, etc. in n'lr llanos.
oct2l Mini Street, McArlhur, O.
of postage.
H. V. HOWE, Proprietor, New ork.
r-i inn.. . .
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs! Seeds!
Dr. Dunonco's (roldeu
They never fail, and may lie depended upon
everr caaa whera the monthly ftn has
been onstrtictail through c.old or disease,
UL'PONOo'SiiOLliKN lMLLHaltrnvs give im
mediate rehe. A ladv Hrues: 'liiniiincn's
uoinen ruiareiievea me in one nay like mug
The genuine are now put up in large
wnite boxes cnnt-iining double the nuuiiliit ol
pills, ai d upon each box von will hud mi
"Private U.:8. Revenue Stamp." Upon the
stamp see the words l.UI'UNCO'8 UOLt'EN
PILLS, in white letters, without that none
Remember the genuine la in the while boxes
Full and explicit dirtciinus accompany each
Price fl.oOper box, six boxes I3.H9.
by one druggist in every town, village,
and hamlet throughout the world.
Sold in McArti.ur, O.,
By O. W. S1SSOX. Druggist.
Sole Agent for Vinton County.
By sending him $1.00 threngh the McArlh'ir
Post Office, can have ihe pills aenl conti
dentially, by mail, to any pa;t of the country.
Nursery Stock, Fruit & Flower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
600 acres: 21 H rear: 12 Jrenhnn..
pple, l.OUO 1 yr.. 2U; 2y. t?,0; 3 y. 40; 4y. J
cniaiogues, no centa. 8iiuj4in
The New York
Journal for all True Eepublicans,
or a lru6 Liberals, and all
m t
irue democrats.
The New York Eremnm Pnol o.llt. h
William Mullen Brvant and Parka llnilirm
assisted by the strongest talent that can be
engngca, nas mr more than hair a century
maintained the same nnn.'inles nl rro-.in..,
progress, through all changes of parties
stands for eounl mrh's! for tha .li.i.ik..
of power; for honesty and economy; lor
-..iMt,vj ui .no ninrioua resiiica ot emanci
pation and enfrHnchiaemenl won I,, th.
in, pinu.K-iiiiie leiorms.
is opposed to. injustice and innll.lini, Hi
under the name of proteeticn, and to
corrupt party combinations which sacrihee
principleto mere success. .
win support Grant and filsen, because
believes that under them the imvrmm.nt
".V"0" ,n"1 nuaertnem the government
e more stable, and the chances for pro.
.nil Mfn.m n,AM ,1 .. . . '
Ml'"ncof,ncomi,",he elements.
lheEvening Post is equal lo any other as
;: '"ir,"m. '""fpi'Mnmpoinics ,
literary, its scientific, Its agnculiural and
" uepanmems,
terms o, suBscRipnoa.
Pingie cot. 1 one year. (1 BO; H msI...
17.00; ten conies, one year, sliili; twan.
vvpics, uuq yv.it e;u.uv.
sing'e eopy, one year. S3 00: h.a Mr,,..
(m, a i. sn. . .....'
j , .cuuupiee, one year, 9-u.uu.
r will res
Atlantic Monthly
Yo F
hcribner's Monthly ..
n.wl . ...
1 1 U J. s w
Those stibscnbinir now fne m.
Ihe paper until Jnnuary I,
we will send tha r,.l!n. I.
subscribera, in connection wub
at ine prices named :
Weekly 8emi Weekly
FlAninn Dat L . . Z
. '-a iti.. c-TCDina rot
ntrpers n ecekly $4 50 8 00
pui a i;i,ir
Harper's Magazine. .
dicals to
Phrenological Jotirnnl
Agriculturist . . .
11 and noma... .
Living; Aire...
Appleton'c .Touriinl. . .
4 50
4 50
5 00
4 00
3 00
4 50
4 50
4 00
3 50
2 50
3 75
8 00
4 50
6 00
6 50
6 50
4 50
6 00
6 00
5 50
5 00
4 00
5 25
9 50
6 00
3 60
5 00
S 5.-
iJV!? iwPoi
..,.r,,,Kr,nr w, oe aentiha hesn
"""Utromo, The Gleaners.
Hoaseho Id Mugaaina 3 o
Journal. ... 350
fhrlstltm Intelii.
. . , . vla vll , i,j,j q I j
K. Sent" we wl" J ,h Weekly Even
ing Host for iwo months, or lor 60 t eats we
eend Ihe bemi-weekly Evening Post for
sHiiie time, c
pecimen numbers scntfree.
wa. li. dki Act f A CO
New York.
NeatIy and ""P"?
or B
t 20
Read Dr. Holland's New Story.
axmoaDiSiax lKiCKtrs to tviacaiaiae;
600 PaTe for II ! Ac.
Tha puhP.hera of Bcatsaaa't MoIthlt,
promise for the ensuing year a more brilliant
array of contributors, and an increase n the
variety and lieauiv of its illuatralione, already
coocrded by the crillca to lie a
irate Iwrt hitherto appeared lo any American
Itr. Iloilaud, the editor, will write Ihe serial
story of tha year, much will baiiiobingnp
teal in form, and will be illustrated by Mm
Hallock. It is entitled Ailhur Uonipcsslle.and
will deal with someofllia mnalditflciilt nrnh
lems of American life. It will be commenced
in the November number. J
There will be a new a'ory by Saxe Bolm,
1 hi one lecged Uancera.
brel Hane, the beat writer of short atoriea
now living, will contribute a characteristic
atory, antitlod The Epic of Fiddletowu.wbicb
will be illustrated hyHheppard.l
R. II. Stoddard will wn.ea series ol enter
taining papers about authors, their personal
charscteiisties, home life, lamilira, friends,
whims and wnys. A series of portraits of liv
in American writers ia also promised.
Clarence Cook will write about furniture,
and the decoration of American hoinrs.
These papers will b eirnnenily practical ns
well aa artistic, and will La illu.irairil r,ih
draiyns snd sketches by numerous arhsts in
a Pinion to those wliuh the people will fur
nish. Among those who will contribute ara :
Jlana Andersen. Bryant. Riishnoll. tul...
Ion, Frouda, lligginson. Hishnn H untnwinn.
Hrel llarte. John llav. II. II..
iiinniiii, :.i as rne'us. aisiiniin. Kinnbmn
Siodoard.Celia Tluxier, Warner, Wilkinson
rnr. nnuney.oesiaes a Host ofolhers.
ine euiioriai conttoi and direction of the
Maganne will remain in tha hands of lr.
Holi.ind, who wil continue to write Th..
i o pica oi ine nine, wincn the N. Y.lnda
peudenl saja "are more widely (pint. d than
"iinniir papers in any Ainencnn magn
Wntaon Gilder will writa "Tha ill, I r-l.i
net;" aa hitherto. Prof. John V. Iirnnnr .n.
uu.-.n .leiiar'iiien. ui "nn mini hi
ence." 'Ihe rieparlmentaof "Uo.ne nnd Bo
ciety"nnd Culture and I'roiress." will n
gage ihe contributions ot more than a score
oi pens on both suies of tha Allantio The
vreunman ana rtmeetor says: "Scnhner's
Monthly for tievtember is ta-tter than ,.,,!
which indicates a needjeaa waste of editnril
brains and publishei'e money, for the Mm.
anne w t gool aanugh before!" And yet the
publishers promise to make it still better for
inr coming year.
The subscription price ist4 00 a year.wuh
rpo. i.,1 raise io cierjy men, teacaers and post
The following.
are ottered lo new atibicnbera t
For : 60 the publishers will send, or any
bookseller or newsdealer will supply, the
marline inr one year, anil the twelve ulim
oeraor vols. Ill and IV, containing tha he-
ruining ol Mrs. O n. hunt's Serial. "At Hi.
Gales;" for (7 !l. the Mauaime for nn v ,r
lid llie'ilbick II II 111 llf r Iroin lh lir.n,nn
for lu 60, Ilia Magssine tnrone year. and Ihe
ii uaca n Nin lie r, ouumi (4 vols.,) charges on
bound ols. oa d. This will gi e nenrly ,tsio
pages of Ihe chaiceat reading, Willi the On est
uluatrations, for flu 60, or nearly 6no pngea
for a dollar! nnd will enable every subscriber
m uuiaiu ma aeries troni tnenrst.
npaciai tonus lo Dealers, Clergymen and
leach rs.
8CR1DNER CO., C34 Rrnadiray, N. Y.
"t'uque.tlonnbly the brat snatalurd works
oi ine kind In I lie World."
Harper's Magazine.
KM nf fie Pre-.
The ever-increasing cin-uPitinn of thia.
cellenl monlhl) proves its continued adaida-
lion tu popular nesires nnd needs. Indeed
when we Ihiok into how many homes it
Irnlea every month, wo must consider it as
one ofthe educatorsas well as enteitunera ol
ine pui.iic mind, ror its ynst popu'aritv has
been won by no anneal to slnoi.l nLs,u,li,..
dcpiaved tastes.-ttmtort Globe.
The character which this Mugmhie possess
es forvitneiy, enterprise, wenltii. nnd liter.uy
culture that tins kcnl inice wiih. if , !,,. .
led ihe times, should cause Ms conductors to
regard it with. justihable comphicency. I also
entitles them to a great claim upon the nub.
n.nl !....!. Tk. .. . 1
h'--'i. 1 ,,r '.i"ff;iH. mis none gnon
and not evil all Ihe days of its lile. Brooklyn
tagle. '
A complete set of it tana's M aoakine. nnia
rniina.iig . j voui ines, in peal cloth bind;ng
.., .r, w -.ipies iieigni ai expense nl
purchr.s, r, for i V ner vnlnuie. 1.7,1,,;. -!.
,,,,.1, , puMim, ,1 u. jar cases, fo
uovrms, ny man, postpaid.
lompiete rtctorlnl Iliatory of the
1 ue oral, cticiiiieNt, nnd mnnt
tcnuu rumiiy ropirtu me Luton
Harper's Weekly
A'otcei nf the Prm.
The ITlfy is the ablest and moat powerful
pt-nuiiiciti puntisneu in tins conn
Its editorials are scholarly and eonvinc
and carry much weight. Its illustration,
current eients are full and jrh, and are
piepiirea oy our nest nesigners. ith a cir
culating of i;.0,f ), the Weekly IS rend by at
"' minion persons, auu us iniiuenct
an organ ol opinion is simply tremendous
ne tterify maintains a positive position, and
expresses uecicieu view, on nn ,i . .,,.! -n
prouicms. oniif Lourier jQurml.
The annual volumes of Htaptt's Weeilv,
neat cloth binding, will be sent by express,
ot expense, lor 17 do each. A ,.,..,.
compri.ing 6ira Volumes, sent on receipt of
o iiiv rata ui .3 La ner vni . tninLt mi
peneeof pnrchaMT.
Repo.llory of Fashion, Pleasure and
Harpers Bazar.
Noticetof Ihe Preu.
ina Mirier Is edited w th iim.mui,...i
and talent that we seldom find in any
journal; and Ihe lournal itself ia the oignn of
J.? ' " oi nuniinn.- uotio Trnrelrr
nn iiamr commends itsell to every mem
ui ine nouaenniil in th.K,l. k..i n
pretty pictures, toihe young ladies hyiir
fashion n ales in en,lli. .ariMt. , ,, '
matron by its patterns lor the children's
'lothes, to ynferamiliai bj its useful designs
embroidered slippers and luxurious dress-
uui ine reading metier of ihe
IB uniformly of ureal einell.n,,. n.
has acquired a wide popularity lor the
fireside eojoymeut it affords.-. . ti,
Haapia'l Wimi. Bins, nr lr..,.
year, each, f4 00. '
ertn eos of eitiurOi Ms.!. w.....
sa a, will (m mppluxl gratie to awry dob of K I v a
arn at w cA fa AmiUu ,
mniM Air iNl On .-.L i . . '
bntmentfio to H ARiKt's MaaaHNI, Wife I T.
Baza , to tmt adrirm for . in '
0 narptr't Ptriotlicalt. to on addrtu
Vacknnmbera CM be anplitI at flny time.
IIB II TB TO umpl nt innta'a U . - t
Yntliai IHB. II -71 'T ,! a
in green morocco i lot. i, will h aent by
express, freight prepaid, for 17 00 each.
.Thepoatagbon Haapts's WiKmrni Bazaa
cents a year, Msoacisb 24 cents, which
b raid a I the nkm-iber; post office
Address HARPEH k MKOTHEKH, itcwYork
For 1873,
Guide is now published quarterly.
h .en".r.w,,,r ,h year, four numbers,
is not half ih-A.i t,
sond money to lha amount of one dol
lar or more for seeds may also order twenty.
" h Mtra-th P''" P"d lor tlia
January number is beautiful, giv.ng
for making Rural Homea, Dea gS f0?
ining Table Decoration. ui,,i r ....! '
. . U.IUfQp,
u i . D",ni,n m"" of Information In.
valuable to tha lo.-r.nr a... : '
SUS?.'." 0D fin9 "'nted paper',
h re hundred emrra.m.. ...i . J. .Jr.','
i... , e- - "upcro
p,niV .no enromo cover.
Tha Drat
? i I""l"ndred 'housandiust ptintad
tnghsn and fcet man, and ready to sand out.
2Sooy JAMES VICK, Bochosler, N. Y.
Adtkrtisino reminds people
they had been Hunting
but had forgotten all about.
Bill Arp on a Bust-le.
See here, Mark Antony-il I
was you I wouldn't take on so
the fashuns. They don't
bother me. It's none ol your
business what the women put
on or off, so they behave tlntn
selves and look just as purty ns
they can. They are a heap
oeiier than you or me, whether
one woman for several
n s I n h ..... I 1 ... 9
they behave or not 1 wonldn'
iNow, see him smile and pat
hat off foot. If women want
to wear bussels, let 'em wear
'em. I thought that panears
was the best because they
stuck out sideways and wasn't
in the way of leanin back when
they sat down but they know
which is the best side to stick
out on, and it's nobody's busi
ness but theirs. They may
wear anything they want to,
bustles, and hoop9 and hang
overs, and convexes and col
lapses, and whiinadiddle and
ttickouts, comedowti8 and any
thing else, so (here is a woman
hid away inside of it all. It's
all sham, that rubber bussell;
there ain't no substance nor
backbone in it. I've
seen 'em
flat and seen 'em blowed up.
There ain't no harm ia them,
tut I never see one on a wo
man that I don't want to hit it
just hard enough to make it
Don. I collv! wouldn't hn in mn
r r- - "" f
high and holler? But I'm r.ot
l've too
going to do it, no sir;
much respect for woman.
Their bussels 3on't hurt no
body, and I do despise to bee a
man always picking at a wc
man's close. If they didenl
wear something to disguise 'em
the men would quit business
when they come about. Purty
women always did wear some
thing lo sheer the men away.
It's been so forever. During
the war I socd one who jest
dressed as naieral as life with
out any paddin or stuffin, und
when she cum along Ihe boya
jest laid down and rolled over
and hollered. They warent fit
or business for a week. But. I
couldent bear to see 'em co
with their laces alf lied up like
hey do in Turkey. That would
mighty nigh kill me. Il I can
look into their blessed counten
ances 1 can put up with their
lore riggin and hind riggin and
all. And a good,sweet, purty
lace speaks for all Hip balance
of the craft. I wouldn't marry
nary girl on the earth till I see
her face, and not then if she
didn't kuit me. It ihe eyes, nose
and mouth are all right, nature an
an endorser for all the bal
ance. Paint ain't nothin6hape U
i i
The can't paint a shape nor
glance of tho eye. You may
paint a house everso white but
that don't signify what's ii side
it. But when vou sea brioiii
- o
roses and posies and blossoms
the front yard and a vine
over the door, and clean, cloar, a
winder glass a shining, you may
betjyour lite on the balance
You needent worry about the
bussel nor tho baok. Women
have been doing that way ever
since old Solomon wrote about
em. If they do lean a little as
they go, it's all right. They
can straighten up when it is
necessary. No spinal disease
about that. Them's the verv
sort what can lilt two bushels
meal without crackin a bona. lne
s only a passing fashun and
will last till something else
comes along. Nature made 4em
hat way, and you can't change
The more you abuse their
bussels, the more they'll stick
at you so let era alone, I
say. They are the same about
fashions, and the last one would
em on if they had their own
way and plenty of money. I
wish I was jest rich enuf to give
every lady ia the land a string
diamonds and ft bat full ol
pearls. Good precious I Imtv
uick that Methodist dissiplin
would be busted on the jewelry
business. Well I do like to see
look purty, and so far as I
concerned, if ribbons and
flowers and flounces and furs
help do it, it'a ail right.
Some of the birdi are dressed
mighty fine, and I reckon are
t,ejr prlco ai n miiCh of R tia
after all. But understand me,
Mark, I don't hauker after bus
about seN, though they do say il
makes the nicest little shelf for
the arm to rest on in the world,
when a feller ii dancin around
with his gal. That's all righ'
provided the feller nint a dan
cin with my cal. It he Is. why
he may lake her and her
There are 150 manufactories
of India rubber goods in Kng
land and America, working an
average of 500 hands each
and consuming over 10,000,000
pounds of gum a year. A
this gum has to be procured at
the rate of about three table
spoonfulls of sap a day from
each tree, and it takes one
man to eight trees in gather
ing. The trees are found in a
belt of land for fivo hundred
miles south of the equator, nnd
statisticians aflinn that 43 000
trees have been counted in a
tract of counirj 30 miles by 8
The trees yield for twenty suc
cessive seasons.
A popular man is one who
has the happy fucully of never
presenting any sharp coi ner ,
and never run ning against olli
er people's sharp corners. He
n wot necessarily very good,
nor very wise, and is rarely
very great, uis character is
.. . .
ai-imguwuea Mr negative rath-
er n P03ltive qualities. A
man of strong points is sure to
get into collision with other
people's strong points, to tread
on other people's strong point',
and to create more or less gen
eral antagonism.
Tug experienco of Muino and
Masstchusetts really does not
look as if the drinking of spirit
uous liquors can be stopped by
legislative enactments. The Bos
ton Advertiser says that there
are 2,768 placos in Boston where
intoxicating liquors are sold in
defiance of the prohibitory law
of that S ate. Notwithstanding
this fact the prohibitionists urr
applying to the Legislature to
forbid the sale of malt liq-iors
ulso, and to enlarge tho provis
ions of a new law which is a
dead letter on the statute books.
There was once an old wo
man who, in answer lo it visit
ing almoner's inquiries a9 lo
how she did, euid: Oh. Mr,
the Lord is very good to inr
I've lost my husb nvl, anil n,y
eldest son, ami my youngest
daughter, and I'm hull blind,
cant sleep or move
about for the rheum uie-; bit
ve got two teeth left in my
head, and prais and Uess U;b
"0,y nain9' Ul0' re Pl"He
each other."
A Frenchman lately recov
ered $2,000 damages from some
Iriends who cut off his n.m
tache in a drunken spree.
This is a prettv good once foi
mustache. There are many
young men in this city who
nave been struggling with n
mustache Itr years, and if lhe
were to receive S2.000 upiecv
Iheir hirsute appendage--,
would be equal to about
$500 a hair.
man. Waverly Watdi
A political orator, speaking
a certain general whom he
dmirea said he was always on
fiU of baitle, whtre the
bullets were the thickest.
"Whero was that?" asked
of the auditors.
"In the ammuniiiou wagon,"
responded another.
It is reported that General
Burnsides will be appointed
commander of iho United
States Marine Corps.
While the hated Saxon occu
pies the green fields of the Gem
the Sea, her rons have inva
ded England in rather an odd
fashion. Ic is stated tint since
civil service examinations
introduced into England.
a v
giving every one a chance to ob
tain a position under Govern
ment, fully 66 per cent, of the
entire appointments have bcen
by Irishmen.
Boos keepers and chickens
to scratch for a living.
Wije a m in sils down
the icy pavement with sudden
suddenness, he is more apt to
break the third commandment
th a ii his bones.
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
Sufl'erers I to in disease, these
preparations are indorsed by
half the world. With such tes
timonials, are they not wurlh
trying? No internal or exter
nal disease can 'resist them.
Sold 73 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
Price, 25 cents per box or pot.
Ask for new style; Ibe old is
Ransom's Hive
Tolu or Honey Syrup.
No cough remedy has ever
arisen so rapidly into public
favor as the above medicine,
and it well merits this popular
appreciation. It is an excel
ant mi-wltniiiis tianllv mil. nn
bll. ... V. . V. .. W, U 1 1
.heap and just the thing for the
million. No family will be
without it when ones oc
quainted with its virtues. Only
35 cents per bottle.
Cholera Morbus is instantly
cured by Dr. Miller's Magnetic
Balm. No person should be
without a bottle on the road,
us a timely dose inav save life.
23 cts. per bottle only. ice ad
verlisement in this paper.
Simond's, Phutcgrnphcr, Chillicntlie
gives careful attention to making cop
ien of other pictures. Pictures may be
in n do as lario us life from the tiniest
..cket picture, nnd tunde in every way
satisfactory by careful nnd judicious
ilortn. IMiotnj'riinlis from nature or
from other pictures colored in the bent
styles in ml, water colors, crayon, pas
tei or ink, tit rates to suit tut circum
EN'CB will teach any man that
t is advantageous to patronize those
wlio aiver.'iHS in new-ipaiers-
Tha Most Desirable Ees-
dence in McArthur.
IriPFEB for ml.- my residence on Nnid
street. It cnnsisis of u siilcudid ilwalliii--
ioiisp, well Ihiisheil, inside ami out. uui,
ight ron.-iiMiud a good cellnr. Affnmirlllc.
hiiilding, stulde, wood nnd coul house mid otli
r iicce-snr.v out .iniililingH. 'I ho premises
nnliiin i' acres, im liuiini! I acre ol 'vnivinrii
II thrifty nciring vines; iheie Are nlso thirl
lenllnx it le llees best viili'ty nf glidii-i
iuit, twenty-live hearing neach licea-lm.
hud led fruit, cherries, iiiinces, plums, and
ninety of sin ill Mini l-or luitht r purticuliir
inquire nl the iilltce of this paper, or at tin
pieiiiises. 'terms easy.
decWHitn 8. 9. riOI.LIsO.t.
Notice to the Stockholders of
the McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
Vl.l. parties having sulwribed toihe cap
iUI sini-kol Iheli.. McA. C. K, It. nu
hcreliy rcqui.eil lo make pavmpiit lo Ihc-ec
rwiny ol ihe torn puny,, it his ollice on tin
I'lihhi! Siiinrc, in t.il.ii. nlis, Ohio, oi if mnr
"liveiiicul, lo hnnicl Will. President of li.
Viuloii l.iMinly Hnnk, nt Mc trilmr, t'hin, i
nn in-tiillinciit ot live dollars on em h shn-.
siilis.-iihed, 1 1 In ii tin dys of this dnte.
Augu t In. 1BTI.
dec 0 1971.
li McA. t C. li. R. Co
How to Obtain It!
PnrliiMitirs nnd "ninnies sent on receipt nt
So CiipitnlXrrcssnry. AddreasM,
I'lUTON . CD., 7ut llroiinwuy, New Yuri
Calarrh, Consumption & Rheumatism.
liiiui. .iinle relief nnd a peininr.nl cun
gtniruiiteed in every cii-e. l'.irin-iilnrs sen'
ree. A.ldioss i'linton Medics I institute, HI
Knst 15th St.,N. V.
Errors of Youth.
Rules nn I I'rewiiiiiiiins th i' will cure snv
cuse of Seminal Weakness, Emission, Ac'..
;ind restore lust manhood lo perfect health.
INT ract to an., hy one who h is aulle.-ed line
now cured. Address, with stntnp, Enoiu
rsKSAixr., station l, New York. 2anly
Lovo and Matrimony.
The nflectinns niny lie ipined hv following
simpl- rules, and nil may ninrrv happily with
regard to ae.illh, age or beauty. Address.
Hadam Lucille Demarre, Bible House
Station. If. Y. 2janly
Bio Person can take thatao am... ..
cordlna; lo directions, and remain long unwell
provided their hones are not destroyed by mine
poison or other means, and vital organi
wasted beyond tho point of repair.
.H,'ipI,B ?f l"Rstioi,, neadaclie.
Pain In the buonldcra. Coughs, Tightness ofthe
Chest, Dizziness, Sour Kruclatlons of the 8to.
mach, ltad Taste lu the Mouth. Bilious Attacks.
Palpitation of Ihe Heart. Inflammation ofthe
Lungs, Pain in the regions oT the Kidneys, and
hundred other pniufitl symptoms, are the off
springs of Dyspepsia. One bottle will prove a
better guarantee of ita merits than a lengthy
advertisement. uuij
For FemalcComplalnts, In yonng or old.
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood
the turn of life, these Tonic Blltcra disployS
.loeided nn Influence that Improvement Is soon
For Inflammatory and Chronic
nhennitttlsm and Gout, liilious, iiemittcut
Intermittent Fevers. Ulseasea of the Blood
niVr:,WlL3".a.n,., Bla,,,ler-t,,tK B1" havi
T Diseases are caused by Vitiated
's'hey are a arantla Pn...h..
a Tonic. Dosaesslnir tlm ,rii r ...: "
powerful agent In relieving Congestion or In
lU.jimatlonorthe Liver and VUoeral Orgaii
1 In liilious Diseases.
nZ. 8 mn. ?'," EmpHons, Tetter, Salt
Riu?nV.Biotch.e .P"1- I'lniPles, Pustules,
Carbuncles, Riug-wormi, Scald-Heir
SriW"' Ilumoraand Diseases of the
of whatever name or nature, are llter
t!ly dug up and carried out of the ays--cm
In a short time hy the use of these Bitters.
4'raterui Thousand! proclaim Vinrojs
B.TrKKs the most wotiderlSl Invigotuntl
sustained the sinking system.
, K ItcDOVAl.D CO.
Drrtts and Oen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal..'
"ffKton nl Charlton 6ts., N.y7
Ten year of M nb
lie IMt hna proved Dt
Crook's H Ine of 'lar W
have more merit tlinn
any similar preparation
ever orTered to the pub.
lie It la rich In Uia
medicinal qunlltips ol
Tar, and unequnlt-d for
discuses of the Tlironl
und Lungs, performlug
fefiWEl Wrijtflfc cures all ( oughts ati'J
PKfi'ipiS roHla. It ho cured ho
"V1i,, niiitiv coses of Asthma
and Bronchitis, Hint It
bus been pronounced a
spccillo for these corn,
plnlnts. For Fnlns la
tho BretiNt, Hide oi
Ilack.Uravel or Kid.
ley Dlsrane, Diseases
if Ihe I'rfnnry Orleans. Jamidlee, ot
my 1,1 ver Complaint It litis uo equal,
II la also a superior Ton e,
Itcalores Ibe Appetite,
Strengthens the System. - a,
Bealores Ihe Weak and Dcbilllaitetf.
4'auses Ihe food lo nicest,
Bcmorcs llyaiieiialHiaittd liullgealloii,
I'rovrnta .Malarious fevers,
Gives tone to your system.
riat Pale, Telloir, Sickly-LooHnj Stln
a chiin-'i d to otto of freshness slid Iicilltll
riiosn ItisrnsoH of I ho Nklii. I'linples,
I'nsttilca. Ulol lies und Kruptlosis nr
niiuivi'd.eterol'nlit.Srrornloiis llisenaea
f Hi" F.yrs, Wh te Snelllntr. Iileers,
Uld Kores orunv kind of lliituor tnpldly
Iwltiilli- nml disiippcur tliult-r Ha Influence
(n fact It will do you more good, nnd cur
yon morpspocdlly thnn ntiy and nil othei
fircpniitlioiiM coinhliiod. Whit lj it I It Is nn
ur' aoviii roelnrcr! Arolttbleoxyd of Iron
comliliieil with tlin medlcitiKl pioiierlies ol
P.iho Itool ill veiled id nil ilisiigieeuuloquul'
lllcs It will cure liny Chrou'r or Long.
Klniidlntr H'senvo ivIium) real or tllroct
citiiso !x bud b'no I. Itlipnmnlisni.Fiilns
In l.lmlisor I'oiic. ouwlilutlnns bro.
km down by .Mcicuriiil or other pulsoni,
eri'iill 'nucil liv It. Foi-MyiihKis.or Nyph.
litis l.i iil.thein la tioiliiii't e.unl In II.
A Ir'til nlll prate It. AMi KtHlt Hit.
I'KiiniiN ronrotXD Si iui tv
I'dii It Oil I'.
Dr. Cox's Hive (Croup) 8yrnp has
been known and nsed by the medical profession
over 100 years, and as a remedy for Coldi and
Coughs has an older and better reputation than
any other Cough medicine ever offered to the
gubllc. It Is known as the Compound 8yrnp ot
quills, and a formula may be found In every
medicul dispensatory.
Dr. Hansom's Hive Syrnp and
Tola, In addition to tho ingredients for Cox's
Hive Syrup, contains Daleam of'folu, decoction of
Skunk Cabbage Root and Lobelia, a combination
that must commend It to every one as a superior
remedy for Croup, Whooping Concha
Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs and
Colds, iudecd for all atfcctlons of the Throat
and Longs w hero a Cough Medicine Is necessary.
This Syrup Is Carefully Prepared
nndcrtbe personal direction of a regular Physi
cian of over twenty years' practice, whose signa
ture is attached to the directions on the bottle.
Its taste Js very pleasaut Mid children
like it
Kverv family should keep tt at s roady
remedy lor Croup, Colds, etc., among the
1). Hansom, 8o:j & Co., Propr'i, Buffalo, N. T.
It cures as if ty MAGNETIC
INFLUENCE, Neuralgia and all palu, and Is
therefore very properly termed "Magnetic
Balm." It Is purely a vegetable preparation. It
has no equal as a remedy for
Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Diarrhaa, Dysen
tery, Colio and all Bowel Complaints.
. Its timely use will cure Colda. I rnun. ninh.
theria. Quinsy, and ill Throat affections.
When properly used. Fever and Agne,
and other complaints Incident toourweetern ana
outhera climates, are cosily broken up.
Nervous Palo, SIck-ITcndache, and Rheu
matism are cured by this medicine when all others
have failed. Toothache. Earache, Bums. ChU
blains and Braises sre relieved at once hv Ita nan
The genuine has D. Hansom & to.'a
Srlvtte Revenue Stamp on the outside, and Dr.
. R. Miller's Magnetic Balm blown in the bottle.
Examine closely, and buy none bat the gen
uine. Sold by all Druggists. Price 35 cents per
D. BAltBOX, Sost & Co., Propr'i, Buffalo, N. T.
" casio w uiscHiir," " good xosmuo'
AW AMM, " KM A31X.Lr,"
Lwith tht R('I,RrriC WrKKLT m4 WKKKLT ClIEIlJ
TIAS AT ITOItK UfcnU(Utd), for f40O.
Ltwo the Chromoi an tb tlw of " Wlttai
Awui ud rut AtlMp t" tu otan
omtmhal imallcr.
EtiUcribrt faralilietl AT ON CI .
wiw utir fJbmot.
can Btkt better twos .
. with u thaa wlia ally I
law puDluaary,
. AM mm, ,
in BNtnaaai
IB. I.
roa tss
$SOO rages, 250 Engravings.
A slnrtl ng expose of medical hntr.biigsnl
past nnd present. It ventilates quacks,
iriiveling nocture noted female chests, for-.
nine tellers nnd medium", anil gives interest
ing nnrrntives of note I physicpina. It rereals
i.arihng secrets, and is inyaluahle to nil. We
give exelu-lve territory nnd liberal commis
sions. Korcireiilnrsan I terms addresa the
publishers. J H. MUBIt A MVOE.
Hartford, Cnnn , or Chicago, III.
1,300 PAGES & 500 EGHAVIGS
Written by 20 eminent authors, including
John B tiough, ind Horace Greeley,
This work ia a complete history of all
branches ol industry, anil i a i.n.n,,l.i. .. -
cyclepedin of nils and maniifttclurei. One
our agents sold UI copies in eight days,
another 3i;8 in two weeks. Bpeoimens aent
ireeon rerntpt ot atnmp
J. B. U1MIH nVDE. Publishers.
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111.
NEW BOfflffi
weeks. Agents who would secure territory,'
should apply at once. . .
4. D. b'iKR A H VDE, Publishers,
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111. -
James Ininkle's Et.ite.
Prolate Court, Vinton Count, Ohio.
VrOTICE is hereby civen that Mrs. Cynlhls
vDunkle, adminiatrntrlx of Ibe estate 0f
lames Dunlt e. deceased, has filed her ae-
thai Ihe same ia set lor hearing on Ihe Bih
of February, A. D. 187.1, at 11 s'clock.
- H. 8. MAYO,
Jan. 16, 1871. Proba Judge.
rs i IBS
tBE Jennings Fatm,
-.',s j. iiiiiq uurin.-wess
3of Hamdfn, adjoining
containing 180 acrea, 130 acrea is grass sud
,., ,,,,lucr, A rew iwo-aiory frame
harn. smoke house and other neeessa
ry out-hotws sr. smong ihe improveroeets.
.'T we '" r. fensisg
everything connected with it in gootl ret
Kcr further information inqnireof ' -2"P
B.. WILCOX Hsmd.s.Ohi..

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